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  1. 15 points
    I'd be very wary of retiring at 45 on such a small budget. Sure it could get you through a good few years living a restricted life but the Philippines has a habit of hitting you with unforeseen challenges. You may start off with good intentions then you find a partner and before you know it there's a rug rat or two and an extended family all chewing at your finances. Your 20yr plan soon turns into a 10yr plan if you're lucky, by which time your home country has pretty much moved on and you've lost all your welfare benefits and probably a lot of your pension. You could end up 55yrs with next to no money but a wife and kids. Chances are you won't have the financial security to enable them to get visas to return to your home country with you and the welfare here for a married foreigner is zero. I'd use some of your money to have extended stays to get a feel for the Philippines and work on building up more funds.
  2. 14 points
    Why go from your country? I love travelling to many places, and I have spent time in many countries, but to me, "there's no place like home." My stay in the Philippines taught me many things. - I don't like being a foreigner. - I don't like living in a place where time stands still. - I don't like matching wits with people who are perpetually thinking like 15 years olds. - I don't like living in a quasi-dictatorship. - I miss speaking my native tongue and having people understand my sarcasm and jokes. - I miss eating out at American restaurants, where they bring appetizers out long before the main dish, instead of crowding the table with appetizers and main dishes at the very same time, - I love having the ability to vote! - I also prefer to buy things (land, houses, etc.) in my own name, instead of my wife's name. - As I approach 70, I'm even reluctant to leave my homeland for a holiday/vacation. With all of that being said, I applaud all of those who have made the Philippines their homes.
  3. 13 points
    Average mental age here is about 15. I fit in well .
  4. 12 points
    Congress is debating whether to use USAF or USN rank-uniform for our future military branch. Majority say to follow Star Trek's command structure and I agree, of course. At this time I would like to propose my own ideas: Rank 7 of 9 (chief) Rank 9 of 9 (Master chief)
  5. 10 points
    I volunteered for the Russian vaccine trials for Covid-19. I finally received my first shot & wanted to let you all know that it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши.
  6. 10 points
    Well, they did seem to like my dancing in the Christmas village 'crazy dance' competition. I came second. For me, it was actually my normal dancing though. lol .
  7. 9 points
    I think Stevewool will confirm that copper wire was invented by two Yorkshire men fighting over a penny.
  8. 9 points
    My Love Driving Warships Although I became qualified as conning officer on other platforms (frigates and missile cruisers), I never had the pleasure of driving an Arleigh Burke class destroyer. I would probably be confined anyway and be restricted from the bridge because I would be walking around with a hard on.....he, he. Here is one slick destroyer, I believe doing a Williamson Turn for a man overboard drill (see her wake). This class of destroyers looks like a very stable weapons platform, even during heavy seas. Many carry the SM-3 missile to knock down ballistic missiles. I would love to give maneuvering command -- all ahead flank, steady as she goes! (2nd photo -- is hard to starboard)
  9. 8 points
    My fellow retired Master Chief, who is a master jet mechanic explained the stages of combustion: Works for me.......
  10. 8 points
    Well I’m back home since last night, landed in Manila at almost 4am and had my Covid results back by 2:30pm the same day, 3 hours in EDSA traffic and another 1.5 home. We have a new maid, I think my wife searched the whole Philippines for the ugliest woman and asked her if she wanted to be our maid, no other qualifications required. It’s good to be back anyway.
  11. 8 points
    It's because you are now Canadian, eh? Remember the old joke about : What is the difference between a canoe and a Canadian, eh? The canoe tips... eh?
  12. 8 points
    I get all I need at home I don`t need my other ear chewed off each day as well. LOL
  13. 8 points
    I can barely afford a wife, much less a sugar baby at 50K a month. Maybe this is why she keeps me poor but happy.
  14. 8 points
    Yeah... the least you can do. I am sooo looking forward to moving to the new home. It is rather isolated, one close neighbour only and there does not seem to be virus out there. The city, here, is wearing on us - too loud, too many barking dogs, etc. It's beyond time to get the hell out of Dodge!
  15. 8 points
    That would be fun for sure, been awhile since I went desert shooting, used to do it in San Diego a lot in the olden days”, used to see the occasional border crossers. I’m getting better at dealing with my stress by just not dealing with it, basically I’ve just given in and it’s actually liberating to say ‘F’ it, I don’t care about the diamond earrings, I don’t even remember buying them, she will never get a pair from me again because I think expensive jewelry is stupid to begin with. I imagine back in the Stone Age some cave dude showed up with a shiny rock and got laid by some cave hotties without having to drag them by the hair, next day every swinging caveman is out looking for shiny rocks and it all started right there, our whole monetary system based on getting a piece of cave @u$$y.
  16. 8 points
    Historical dividend median yield is a little over 4% for the SP 500 with a lot of 1-2% yields in the mix for many years. Yields show high right now due to depressed prices, save the top 5 or so, and dividend cuts may be on the way in the 3rd or 4th quarter. I personally think $2000USD/month allows a decent life here assuming one has no debt. FX rate and inflation can play havoc with that though. With no pension I'd not consider trying to live off dividends with less than $500,000 invested. Unseen expenses WILL occur and eat into your capitol.
  17. 8 points
    I don’t send any money to the Philippines since our return, I have made it clear to the wife also. With this COVID virus we have had a few messages asking for cash as the father cannot work and he needs food for himself and his son , but I just say I will give what ever you lot give and I don’t get a reply , the other day again the wife was asked to send money to her father as he cannot work ( he’s a trike rider) ,but the sister who was asking did mention she cannot send anything because she has to pay the school fees ,plus car maintenance for her daughters , again once I knew I said no. I have a friend over there who is also a trike rider and through our conversations he and others are working still in Marikina, so was asking for cash the way they did a lie . I know it must be hard on Emma but her life is here with me and as so many before me have said ‘ They managed before I was here and they will managed after I’ve gone’.
  18. 7 points
    This is the upgraded F-18 HORNET with an unauthorized hard on: Actually.....fuel tank became loose upon launch and was safely jettisoned.
  19. 7 points
    The "daddies" are setting the bar pretty high. They are paying insane prices for the low hanging fruit that could be had for nothing. Stupid old men and their money are soon parted.
  20. 7 points
    Why you ask? well for many years we from the UK could not send Proof of Life Forms by Email, now because of this Virus ( Covid 19) they are now letting us do this my Email or Telephone in line with most other Countries, The UK has to a large degree always said we are one of the best Yet, they were so very far behind in allowing us ( The Citizen abroad) chance to do the right thing to maintain our eligibility of Pensions The DWP Department of Works and Pensions now allow those on a State Pension to avail the system of Phoning to prove we are still alive. Recently I had the same with my Government of Gibraltar Pension to do the same ( Although that is now by Email) My Private Pension is allowing the Completed and Notarized Form by email but I will have to still return the Original as and when the International Post in (This for Negros for me) reinstated, I am not sure if those in Cebu or Manila have post yet, So I am hoping that when all this is over that the UK will Maintain this On all the occasions and for some reason all 3 have come during the Lockdowns albeit 6 months old. To substantiate my reasons for non return of the Form by Surface/Airmail I sent them this Link so that they can see in Negros Oriental ( Dumaguete ) we have still no Air Travel and Sea Travel. How is it with other UK members ? https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1114307
  21. 7 points
    Today, we both could travel so we went to our new home - approaching completion. Only one photo since the changes and improvements are getting smaller and how many more ditches or holes in the ground do you guys really want to see? Today was also an important and a bit distressing milestone... We started the build exactly one year ago today... In case you haven't followed along, are new to the forum or just lazy...this was day one last year. Now... here's today. A bit of a change to the neighbourhood, I would venture. You might not see without magnifying the view, but the chief welder has been polishing the stainless handrail on the second floor terrace - and it is brilliant! Much of the mild steel has been treated and primered, but more needs to be done. They have been sanding and filling the stair railings and these are looking nice. We are very eager to see them with maybe a bit of stain but then some nice varnish. I have now had two loads of "stuff" delivered to the place and, already, the library, because that's how it will function, with books, computers, CCTV, internet... is getting filled up. Three boxes of my tools already and there might be two more. Plus soon will be my cold weather clothes (really? Yeah... for next trip to Seattle, if it hasn't burned down or been destroyed by virus or insurrection?) Of course L's clothes will fill up their own room... On Monday or Tuesday, I (since L is so busy with school) will shop for beds and mattresses, curtain hardware, curtains, blinds. And on Monday, the new and improved kitchen cabinets are scheduled to be installed - I won't miss that! About half the fence has been painted with the rust converter then the first epoxy primer coat. The three rows of barbed wire have already been installed on the lowest part of the fence at the back of the property. Gates are still "under construction." I learned today online that I can pay the PLDT postpaid service using PNB, pay DCWD (water) with a BDO account and also the Davao Power and Light with BDO - all online! Next week we must pick out a refrigerator. The foreman and a small crew (on our time on Sundays) will soon construct a small lanai off the living room and also make a support for the last and smallest air/con compressor installation. The sparky continues to impress with his attention to detail and very neat work. We are still waiting for a few bits to complete the installation of mozzie screens on all opening windows by the supplier. We are a bit underwhelmed with their performance. The work looks good as does the quality of materials, but it has taken them a lot longer than originally promised to complete their work. I would say the most common issue with the build is that many suppliers and contractors do not do well regarding time management.... Sure... some of it is due to the virus... But some required hardware was not ordered until last week - that was needed "last week!!!" Okay okay... time for a beer and more Tanduay...
  22. 7 points
    From time to time I pull up a language practice video lesson to break the boredom and make a feeble effort to improve myself. I usually work on bits of Tagalog while here only when we have a lengthy brown out because I am not as highly motivated or structured as I once was.... using my old text, 'Basic Tagalog for Foreigners and Non-Tagalogs', 1993, by Paraluman S. Aspillera . 235 pages, it cost me $6.50 in 2004. I do it because I like to surprise my wife and falsely impress the occasional locals from time to time with my meager vocabulary and phrase stock. Its not our local language here on Panay, but its easier for me to stick to just one of the majority languages that is still generally understood here and where ever I travel in-country. 18 years ago when I met my wife, we spent our time on Luzon and Mindoro where Tagalog was used and her maternal relatives spoke it, so I started with that. Most printed language learning focused on that. So I went that route. Now a days, there are language learning materials and on-line videos for most of the other PI languages and dialects available for anyone interested. I limit my local Ilongo/Hiligaynon to a few dozen words and phrases, since its confusing for me to keep them separated. When I am feeling inclined, I pull up any of the multitude of YTube vids to review things for as long as I can maintain interest..... which isn't very long anymore. Most are lengthy and highly detailed; however yesterday I stumbled across a very brief lesson period set of a Tagalog intro series which I found enjoyable. Only 20 subscribers after 3 months. Brief, simple, well captioned and like able. If you view it, let us know if you like it; Or any other vid channels you like to use if working on any of the local languages. I'm always looking to learn a bit of anything new while passing away the long hours of these lock- down days. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH3N7OXvQxPRoOC4MPDWQ8g/videos Entitled: "Magtagalog tayo".
  23. 7 points
    Personally I am torn. Both of you have realistic points. I Just did a quick search and IAW the stats I found https://www.bing.com/search?q=covid+statistics+philippines&qs=AS&pq=covid+statistics+ph&sk=AS1&sc=8-19&cvid=87662D04F8CD4DD0B4A6AE5429F96A49&FORM=QBRE&sp=2 There are 242,000 cases reported with 3900 deaths if I did it right that is a .016% death rate. Out of a total population of 110 million. Now knowing Filipinos as I do, If they give the vaccinations for free most will take it. If they have to pay for it they will pass. Or the government should use a little phycology on the nations....announce it as BUY ONE, TAKE ONE. They will line up around the block
  24. 7 points
    Here is a twist, according to a Philstar article (I read the hard copy so no link sorry) Talks with American firm Pfizer fell through yesterday due to a Phil law that says it can not sign a contract unless the item to be bought is actually developed and finished. I am sure that this is an anti-corruption measure. So basically the government needs to place and pay for the vaccine up front or wait until it is finished and get into the back of the line. So now they are looking for loans or governments who will "work" with them. But will it be the same quality? That's the question. My wife and I have talked about this. Our insurance is at Asian Hospital, which is a one of the better places. If (when its available) they don't have one of the front line vaccines available, we will wait until travel restrictions ease and go to Guam, the US or maybe Australia to get it
  25. 7 points
    After 50 years plus living and working in southern CA (Temecula area, north of San Diego), we finally moved out nearly 2 years ago. I never looked back, as I enjoy living here in Las Vegas. All the above, you can check off but the weather may be uncomfortable for some. It's dry heat of course with triple digits lasting for about 100 days, until late September. The real estate market here is HOT. We bought a 4 bedroom, 2 story home for about 185K, NOV 2018. I believe that same home would go for about 300 in CA. So you can imagine, the crazies from CA flooding the market. It's still reasonable but who knows what anything would be 5 years from now. One thing for sure around here is family and community safety. It's open carry (no permit required) and the Metro and State troopers will not tolerate any violent protests, like other major cities. I have a cousin who is a real estate broker. PM me if you want to research in detail about this wonderful and crazy town of Las Vegas. Remember, what happens in Vegas, goes to your FB timeline......he, he.
  26. 7 points
    This meme exemplifies a ‘false comparison’ or ‘false equivalence’, allowing the writer to push the underlying message that “the media” over-hyped COVID causing “fear” and excessive measures without actually having to make a logical argument. Personally, if a writer has to use misdirection and cannot support their ‘message’ with a real argument, I start doubting the writer’s integrity.
  27. 7 points
    So this guy breaks in........ALEXA where do they keep their guns, Burgalar; thanks Alexa; Alexa; your welcome have a nice day......
  28. 7 points
    Just catching up here. Great stuff as always! Looking good! Regarding the tiles, I will re-emphasize the importance of getting some non-slip tiles for the key areas that might get wet or damp. This is especially important for older people who often have brittle bones! When we did our covered front porch, we choose some tiles that have a slight texture to them and I thought that would be good enough. It is not. They are very slippery when wet. I am careful when there is water in the area, but last week I had done some power washing and got some water on the tiles. I was taking a break at my desk just inside the door, when a Shopee delivery guy arrived. I walked quickly out on the porch, with bare feet, forgetting it had some wet spots. Whoosh! It was like a cartoon, with my feet high in the air, then landing hard on my bad hip. No chance to break the fall with my arms. The delivery guy came over to help me up and the hardest part about getting up was the slippery tiles! I need to get security cams installed so I can post these things on You Tube! Luckily, there was no damage to my old bones, but others might not be so lucky. Knock on wood, I have never broken a bone despite some of the crazy stuff I used to do!
  29. 7 points
    Hard for me to keep a low profile at 6 feet 300 pound white guy with blue eyes and a white beard.
  30. 7 points
    He got off pretty easy compared to most countries.
  31. 7 points
    The Oxford vaccine (Astra Zeneca) is expected to start production by the end of October and ramp up from there. And other well researched western vaccines aren’t far behind. I fully expect the lockdowns and travel restrictions to ease as vaccine take up increases Jack D.
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    Feed up will all the BS. At least the Philippines are trying to move forward, at least what I have seen. I can relate to the mental age of 15, It fits me also.
  33. 7 points
    Welcome aboard Kawanor, I believe this might motivate you more about moving to PI. No more freezing your nuts out as you discover drinking a cold one on the beach is much more healthier.....he, he.
  34. 7 points
    My answer to my wife when the sisters ask for cash because of this and that is , tell them to ask there husbands to go out and get a job to support there family , in all the time I have known Emma one of her sisters husband has never work ,they live in Abu Dhabi and she is a ward sister , the other sisters husband has not worked for 2 years his choice as he misses his family . I have worked since leaving school in 1974 till 2019 and Emma has worked 8 years and all the saving we have made is towards our future holidays, cars, gadgets and anything else we can think off, O yes I forgot also a house that was built in the Philippines too. By the way if they did ask myself for cash I would want to know what it was for ‘ The Truth’ and then I would think about it and maybe the answer would still be no .
  35. 7 points
    I've been going to the home every day or every other day lately because there are so many things requiring decisions... The fence is all done with the steel, except for the gates. They are sanding, applying rust inverter and then painting with the epoxy primer. It is, indeed, two part paint and looks very nice. But we had to remind the painter (not the journeyman, but a "worker") to put some tarp or similar beneath the steel so that there would not be splatters on the cement. Evidence of no tarp here! The sliding gate is taking shape. They had it on two rollers and I suggested they add a third to reduce friction and add support. One of the welders (who is now wearing dark glasses when welding (!)) is lowering the railing on the terrace as we specced it to be too high. Our oooppps... The dirty kitchen shares a sink with the laundry area and L had them put up a wall to help reduce the offensive smells of her fish cooking. There is a cutout in the cement counter, from this side (laundry side), to make it easy to get to the sink and a nice platform on the right to stash laundry needing to be worked by hand (and my Tanduay or San Mig!) The track lighting between kitchen counters and island is in place... ...and the dining table is set up with chairs and ready for a meal. We will get cushions installed on the rather basic chairs. Ah... the air/con in the master bedroom. Somehow, somebody missed the boat and installed the cove ceiling and then the air/con too low. The best fix we figured was to just adjust the cove lighting ceiling and leave the air/con be. It's not the best solution, perhaps, but it will work for us and we can live with it. It's one of those "accomodations" that sometimes must be made... It will look fine once it is painted and massaged into place. The steel on the stair railings has been painted with primer and then "analok(?)" colour and looks very sharp. They stripped the accidentally white painted door frames and have been applying varnish. Some places look better than others, but we point out the flaws and they are getting there... The roof-top outside air/con unit looks quite properly located and installed. There is a roof vent in the background in orange that still needs some work... And...ouch!... today, we visited Wilcon and bought three toilets, two sinks, shower plumbing hardware (we have waited this long because it only has a 30 day replacement warranty), too towel racks, soap dispensers and shampoo, etc. racks for the showers.... whew!!! My wallet was complaining after all this... Things are moving along... But we have some issues with the kitchen cabinets - I will update when more is understood. It will all work out, but the "getting there" is a bit of a hassle. We now expect potential begin-to-move-in-date sometime around September 21, more or less... We have begun packing seldom used things (that should probably just be tossed) to prepare for moving things during every visit to the home. Starting this week, we will have two bedrooms where we can place our stuff and lock it up - Yeah!!!!! Oh... I forgot to add some other comments. I am totally lost regarding what value of surge protectors to use and where to find them - I am talking whole-house types. I learned that the ones I found called "Andeli" are pure Chinese and their website is almost not understandable. I don't want those! Any suggestions would be appreciated for any that might be available here in Philippines. I also looked up automatic voltage regulators and cannot find a source or even a brand available here (especially one that I could afford!). I did search the forum for that but could not find brands or models. Perhaps I was too quick or lazy in my search? Again...I would appreciate any suggestions...
  36. 7 points
    We pick and choose when it comes to helping with the education of the families children. What we do is 'cherry pick' the best candidates for support. One of the nieces graduated cum lauda last year and is now a teacher (we supported her) and one of the nephews has consistently finished in the top three in his year for the last few years and we are still supporting him, he finished year 12 a year ago. Two of the younger nieces are doing very well also and we're contributing towards their schooling as well. If the kids really work hard and their smart enough to get the help then I see it as an investment in creating more family members with decent jobs. Sure that's not a guarantee but what other metric could we use?
  37. 7 points
    Sometimes, you've got to wonder why they put so much emphasis on education. I know that some liberals would burn me at the stake, but I have to just shake my head when I see a mother and father who make under $30k in the US take the leap of faith to send all 3 of my nieces and nephews back to PH for a college education. Don't they realize that PH doesn't have the same respect from US employers. Keep your kids here, they went to school here in US, and let them have a chance. Parents just want to be able to say that their kids went to college. Take it from a Parent who fell into that trap. My wife made me felt that the 3 kids were entitled to a college education. After 5-6 years, which I paid full boat for 4 years, they each graduated and I still feel that I got taken to the cleaners. They all have jobs that they could have had thru hard work. I paid for my own college degree years ago, no help and it taught me the value. Things were different 40 years ago. A degree got your foot in the door. Now, we have MBA's bagging groceries. LOL. Right after college, I was an Asst. Manager at Kroger and I bagged my fair share of groceries. Today, your degree isn't worth what it once was. But costs 5 times more. Sorry about venting. I'm just saying, spend wisely. You may need some for yourself in retirement.
  38. 7 points
    It's amazing how they could understand your jokes with a British accent. I would need a program with voice algorithms to decipher your Welch, Irish, Scottish or London English. Anyway, well done blending in with the locals. You know they are your body guards as well.
  39. 7 points
    I think this is one of the wisest pieces of advice in the entire thread. Earlier in the thread I said that I'd been lucky and that most of SWMBOs relatives weren't a problem (and that's true). But we too got caught out by one uncle to whom we 'loaned' money (and it wasn't a small amount either). Now days we only send what we can afford and we send it as gifts or help not as loans and that works out better in my experience.
  40. 7 points
    Hello Greg, You certainly have suffered enough. Amid all other things going on these days, having a short fuse dealing with wife's relatives can really stress you out. Like no sleep, appetite shot, being irritable all the time and possibly your marriage being affected as well. I know and feel your frustrations. I've been through hell and back to hell and I'm Filipino. I should have known better. But in the end, I finally made peace within myself. All those thankless gestures, money and property lost --- please consider all that as a DONATION, rather than worrying whether you will get any of that back. Many of that shit was beyond your control anyway. How about some stress relief Greg? Let's go desert shooting, OK? Respectfully Jake
  41. 7 points
    I can see it now. The auditors show up and the guard's reply "Sorry sir, out of stock".
  42. 7 points
    I am trying to get the Chicago Ph Consulate to answer the phone, I'll let everyone know how my visa process goes. I'm married to a Filipina, we have two properties in CDO and my wife has a flight on Sept 2nd to CDO. I can't go till Oct 26th, due to my son getting married. This will be interesting to see if I can get back into the Philippines. I've filled out the visa papers, got the cashiers check, and made copies of everything on the checklist. Trying to see if they'll see me in person, or if I have to mail the application and docs in. I know this is not going to be easy, but we'll see. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  43. 6 points
    I think Jake, this is the cycle of many things in life.
  44. 6 points
    Almost impossible to answer your question because the condition could be anywhere from a few pin holes causing leaks, to a roof that needs to be completely replaced. Cost of corrugated metal commonly used here for roofing runs about 500 peso per square meter. You should be aware that you will be taken advantage of it you try to take care of this remotely. You could very well end up paying for a brand new roof and actually be buying a coat of paint.
  45. 6 points
    I find it very interesting about all the suggestions on where to reside after the Philippines. However these days, I guess one has to factor in cities and suburbs that are now considered hotbeds for civil unrest. Think about driving to your kid's school or the local grocery store and your route is being blocked by hooded punks holding baseball bats? What would be the state's gun laws in order to protect yourself and your family? Canada would be a viable choice for me but I would not blame them if they refuse entry for any US citizen seeking permanent residency. Additionally it's relatively peaceful up there. I haven't heard anything about police brutality, antifa or blm movement. If given the opportunity to reside there, I might be able to survive the bitter cold if I had TWO warm bodies next to me.....he, he.
  46. 6 points
  47. 6 points
    Well with in his rights.............but more money than sense IMHO
  48. 6 points
    I remember Julia and of course Queenie. I would imagine Julia being Filipino ( if I'm correct) may well of tired of some comments and criticism's aimed at Filipino's by some Expats. Queenie a non Filipino, contributed some interesting posts but has since decided to step back and just occasionally visit the site. I guess that the Ladies find more interest from sites like FB and therefore choose not to visit or post. As for older men with younger wifes/ GF's there has been a few debates on that subject which boils down to .......each to their own. If the shoe fits and feels comfortable why not...... but it should work both way's.
  49. 6 points
    Also watch how much thinner they add , as it will deteriorate and affect the quality of the paint. Took me awhile to workout how they could paint three times quicker than me!
  50. 6 points
    Well... I am not distressed by EMCOR using the third party installer. He told me he was an employee there for many years and he has proven that he knows his stuff. He will definitely be our service tech for the periodic cleanings. Meanwhile, we paid another visit to the home-site on Thursday. There is progress. The fence steel parts are finally complete. They will need to clean off (wire wheel and steel brush) the steel parts and they have agreed to my demand that they treat it all with rust converter - likely tannic acid - to get into the crevices that they cannot reach mechanically to clean. Then they will paint with an epoxy primer. They will do one section at a time so they can pay attention to their work and keep it simple. Here are photos and brief descriptions of the ongoing work: Ah... the front steps... There were some leftover tiles from the interior flooring so we used them for the front steps. Smiley (so-called because he is always smiling), the mason was installing wall tiles in the CR's. He does really quality work. The foreman found some really nice wood threshold strips that blend with the doors and flooring. This is the "headboard" in the master bedroom. It is plywood set off from the wall to mask the support post on one side and make the space look even. We are pleased with the painter - he does good work, asks questions and is eager to please. If there are errors - and there are - he is quick to address them and make them right. The installers brought in the kitchen cabinet modules and quickly assembled them into the final configurations. They seemed experienced and professional. It's difficult to see in the photo, but they used a serious tripod mounted laser level to precisely align the tops of the counters. I was impressed! The kitchen cabinets are now complete except for the installation of the granite counter tops - that is expected on Monday. We chose a very light grey, semi-gloss finish for the cabinets. We did not want more white, but also did want dark - this to contrast slightly with the wall paint but also to keep the area feeling as open and spacious as possible. It really is a rather small area - at least for me. But there is a lot of cabinet space and that makes both of us happy. I may need to buy a step stool for L, however, since some of the storage is fairly high off the floor! Maybe today, we need to select and purchase the range top and range hood for them to install too. Yesterday, the contractors invited us to one of their personal properties for a barbecue - and they had Tanduay!!!! Also native chicken (lean and a bit tought), rice and kinilaw. L and they had long discussions - I contributed a few times and otherwise just enjoyed the nice breeze and let them chatter away for an hour or so... Edit: I forgot this photo... Upstairs is the master bedroom window, downstairs is the living room window and now you can see the two air/con compressors already installed between the floors.
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