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    That was not too bad, my wife Evelyn's family (well some of them) visited us over Christmas, 9 all together. We had a great time, took them up the mountain to swim in the hot springs also we packed a picnic lunch and booked a cottage. Then at night we had a B-B-Q Lechon Turkey, yes another one. I got a 3 cases of red horse for the boys and some Tanduay and some flavored beer for the girls, I drank some Pilsen. The next day we had another visit, a couple of friends from England and their three relatives. We went into town at night (Dumaguete) ended up in a nightclub (WHY-NOT BAR). Watching the pretty girls dancing and the old expats trying their luck with the girls. All in all we had a fantastic Christmas. Good job I have a big house and a guest house. 16 of us altogether. Roll on next Christmas time.
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    @Mike J Here you go, Mike. I know you like to eat. So I just finished making some cinnamon rolls for you... You would not believe how nice the apartment smells now after baking these...!
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    Since we've defined Paradise as just relating to the girl situation, I'll address that. I think it's still sort of a paradise. I base that on a couple factors: 1. As a mid to late 50s guy in the US I was divorced and most of the time single. This despite a good job, decent money, nice house, car. etc. Almost all my divorced peers were in the same boat and I am sure most of them still are alone. 2. Now that I live in the Philippines I have observed a number of my friends change partners. None of them, despite advancing years, have had a problem getting another girl, and often did so quickly. I can think of only one guy who has chosen to remain single and focus on other aspects of his retired life. But I'm confident he wouldn't have a problem if and when he wants another girl. A couple of interesting (to me) dynamics. Since I live in Dumaguete with a big foreigner population, it's certainly different than a small provincial area. That said, based on #2 above I feel confident that if something happened to my marriage I could find someone else, if I wanted to. But guess what; my wife knows the same thing. There's enough foreigners here that I think she knows she would not be alone. I actually think this equality is a good thing. The other dynamic I find interesting is the attitude not of Filipinas toward age but of most expats. Most believe that their younger wife/partner is a good Filipina interested in more than just his money. Yet most of them also say that most Filipinas are only interested in the money. IOW, their thought process is "I have a good one - my friends are with gold diggers." It's a funny dynamic.
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    Or they look and think. He will have a heart attack soon..... Money in the bank..... 😂
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    Well the day has come , it’s been 4 weeks hard work and I must say I have never sweated as much it just pours of you here and you are not doing much work either, anyway we are here in the house the bedroom is done plus the bathroom so why pay rent somewhere else. I will be doing my best to make it enjoyable for myself and emma who is like a pig in sh-t , she’s cleaning everything eating everything and I can see she is happy fussing everyone,
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    Bet that was hard to swallow Steve.
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    That reminds me, a british friend of mine speaks Tagalog. Once said to his wife's sister. How are your 3 baboys, he meant to say Babae (Girls)
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    The Filipino with the black man’s penis and the white dudes sperm. They want it all.
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    Bangers and mash. So that was four eating pigs intestines.
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    The other evening we was leaving the house and it was dark and in the sky was a crescent of the moon and Venus was just below and for the first time I did not have my camera , I was kicking myself all the way back to the apartment. Well last night was was here and I was ready with my camera waiting for the moon and Venus to make there appearance and they did not fail. It takes some getting use to to seeing everything the other way around from the northern hemisphere, the only problem I have no is no tripod with me so it’s hand held or stuck on a rock somewhere safe.
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    So much has happened and if it was not for the father in law being on site and being there to fetch the things the workers need, we would have never been this far ahead, plus the workers we have are very good too, nothing is a problem for them and they give there advice on things that I am not sure about. The only problem I can foresee is Ems running out of cash to do all she is wanting , but we shall see. The first night sleep here went off with out a hitch , the difference from the apartment to the house is the noise , there is very little here even though we live on a street , seeing the stars in the night sky, hearing the dawn chorus this morning and it’s so dark too, ok there was 1 hitch , Emma and her dad went out last night to the shops I stopped here and was messing around upstairs and I thought I heard a noise outside, so I went like a bull at a gate towards the patio doors that was open , but the fly screen was not, and yes it’s got a face print , shoulder print and a hole where my size 12 foot went through.hay ho at lease it was me who did it.
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    I think it depends how desperate the girls are for cash, our youngest daughter is in dumagete at uni, some of her friends are dating older men to get money to help with the costs of studying, one of the main costs is renting a place to live, the ones not needing cash, just think of them as whores and Dirty old men, that's from our daughters mouth not mine, she has told us some weird stories, even her, only 20 years old, getting approached by men in there 60's trying there luck, I won't tell you her reply to them, as trying to keep this clean.... 😜
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    I asked SWMBO the name and she said her and her mama use the same brand. For those worried about using cold tap water the tub soap is antibacterial.
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    As I wrote about 4 years ago, we are being hosted here in NZ for the holidays. As before, the family here has been unbelievably generous, so much so that I feel very guilty. They won't let me pay for anything, and this trip, it is costing one family much more than last trip. 4 years ago, my wife's brother was living here. He moved to Melbourne about 18 months ago. So this trip, we are hosted only by my wife's sister. In addition, they paid for the tickets of two other sisters to fly over for the nephew's wedding. My BIL from Baguio paid for his own ticket and is also staying here, so we have my family of 5 and those 3 staying here. 8 guests in a small 3 BR house for 26 days! My wife's sister insisted that our family with the kid's stay in there Master BR and they are sleeping in the garage! The nephew got married and another niece flew to the Philippines last night, so now there is some more room. And they were so generous with gifts! They bought me some really expensive shirts. The nephew who got married bought me a bluetooth speaker called Wonderboom II that is really nice and cost a lot! Then the uncle and aunt from Australia bought me a really nice pair of sketchers shoes! Today we are going out to uncle from Australia's farm. He sold it to his sister when they moved to Australia. This same uncle is building a 300 sq meter house 30 minutes outside of Melbourne, so we are thinking about visiting there sometime in the future.
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    Sad to say but It's all about Money NO? well I am afraid people are misguided, if it was not about money Filipinas would be Not be Looking for Older Foreigners and instead Look on an Older ( mature Filipino) and as with a Post or two ago, anyone that would consider a new Lady if all went wrong are to me, Not in a very strong Relationship and BTW I have never considered a Divorced man a Bachelor but Just Single And playing the Field as it seems the OP is
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    A few more... I brightened these a bit. My daughter took this one through the glass in our balcony at dusk. The flower girls Saturday morning before the wedding!
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    OK, finally got the pics from the camera to my laptop. I did figure out how to transfer pics from the camera to my phone using the Panasonic app, but after the first small batch, it kept disconnecting. I don't like dealing with pics on my phone anyway. These pics are all from the first day, last Thursday. Probably 80% were taken by my daughter. They were all taken with IA Intelligent Auto mode and have not been edited. You can see the sky tower in downtown Auckland from their house. On Google maps it is 9.5 km as the crow flies. These next 3 are right after I bought it in the morning and it was very foggy / hazy. Handheld. Another zoom from the house down to a small flower bed. Around the house We went to dinner at my BIL's old house, which is now owned by his daughter, and they have really nice gardens and flowers. It was already 8 pm when we got there, so the sun was setting.
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    Just ignore them and say you are applying for a 13a or retirement visa. Once you are through nothing will happen.
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    Yes, times a wasting! We need to start building warp drives asap! There are so many exoplanets. It may even be possible to find enough habitable exoplanets that every tribe on earth can have their very own planet. Of course, we'll need some type of Federation to keep the peace. Before long, this could be our new reality:
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    This is the point I was trying to drive the discussion toward. On its face, the 'data' can be interpreted different ways, and it IS interpreted different ways -- according to funding, political whims, and those with various agendas. A 'consensus' of science on a particularly complex topic ought to inherently make us realize something is off. Every decade since the '60s has had an alarmist scare, which coincidentally required more tax dollars to solve. Science has flip flopped so many times, it can be difficult to take them seriously. I would LIKE to take them seriously, but I must evaluate a range of viewpoints on any given matter before simply "trusting NASA". These issues which may or may not affect all life on the planet can, and must, be carefully studied and considered. But I do not for one second think that the 'research' on these matters is un-biased. Look at any of the critical scientific breakthrough discoveries that went against the mainstream consensus of their time, such as helio-centrism proposed by Copernicus. The policy makers would have you believe that humanity's only chance of survival is to give them all your money and let them pretty much control every aspect of your life.
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    It is possible to have faith in God and still believe in science (I do) and I don't believe I've ridiculed any one else's faith in the process (if I have then I apologize). But I don't have 'faith' in science, faith implies a belief system and science isn't about belief. Science is about research and learning so yes it changes as the testing creates different results. I could point to Newton... was he wrong? Some would say yes, but most would say not wrong (not right, just not wrong). His theories were correct within the limits of his measuring ability. Einstein has been shown to be more testable and more accurate. Is he right? Is he wrong? Don't know and it doesn't matter. What matters is if the 'theory' (which doesn't mean what most people think it does) produces repeatable and testable results. And increasingly the 'theory' of global climate change is passing more and more tests, agreeing with more and more research being done and modeling is increasingly following real world trends closer and closer. In science that means that even if the underlying 'theory' isn't in all details correct (like Newton) it can still be used to produce reliable predictions. And those reliable predictions say that climate change is being caused and increased in severity primarily by increasing CO2 levels and that the increase in global CO2 level is primarily being driven by Man made influences.
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    This appears to have been happening to quite a few people this past year or so. Presumably the Immigration staff have received some sort of instruction from on high to question 'repeat' visitors, for whatever reason. Perhaps they 'd be better spending their time concentrating on the many thousands of Chinese 'tourists' supposedly taking the piss out of the Immigration system ... while busying themselves at the POGOs, or kidnapping one another.
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    I agree that it is an editorial with an anti-Duterte slant, but even if you take the statistics with a grain of salt, they are alarming. I think your downside list is very short. -- Yes, their are trickle down jobs that are generally lower skilled jobs, but the big, big money is going into the pockets of big corporations and criminal syndicates. -- Big money is also going into the pockets of those involved in corruption. Politicians, police, building managers, etc. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. -- You have forgotten that many of the Chinese average POGO employees were scammed and do not receive the promised wages and benefits. Organized crime is probably involved in the entire recruitment process. Some of these employees are treated like slaves. -- The illegal immigration aspect of this is huge and the government really has no idea how many legal or illegal POGO workers there are. -- The tax collection can't be improved much unless the illegal immigration is stopped. Billions of lost pesos that could be used to improve the lives of Filipinos. -- The skyrocketing real estate prices are impacting the average Filipino, who get priced out of the market and then have to rent at higher rates. -- As we all know, the Philippines is really poor at enforcement of laws. They like to make them, but they are not enforced due to lack of resources or corruption. Therefore, everything they say about changing the way POGOs are handled is probably just talk. Nothing will change. Unless.... -- I still think, or hope, this will end with a complete phase-out or ban of POGOs. However, The Philippines has played right into the hands of the Chinese again. The Chinese could pull the plug on this any time they want, but now hold all the financial cards. If the POGOs go, the Philippines real estate market will collapse and the economy will fall into a recession. Perhaps the next administration can tackle it. I could go on but I'm tired. As stated in my September post, POGOs are a big mistake for the Philippines. IMHO.
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    To be applauded Tommy. It has become so noticeable, well to me anyway, that society ( certainly Western Society ) has become what I consider to be the "Blaming Society"....... it's always someone else's fault, never mine. Why cant we just admit we got it all wrong by using up all our planet's natural resources in a wasteful and despicable way! Climate Change is unquestionable, you can argue what caused it or not, but the fact is it's here, the best we can hope for is to try and slow down it's progress! Lord give my grand-children some hope for the future.....Amen
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    Cost of fuel may be a consideration...? If so, that is a shame. I think, for the Philippines, they need many, many small ships to patrol for terrorists, errant fishermen, traffickers, etc...
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    Hahaha....!! Thanks for the support, Intrepid! Sorry again for your diet... Anyone can always pick out the raisins if they don't like them... Actually, L wants to start a small salon here with some available food on the side in an attached cafe. I could provide quality coffee and some baked goods and other foods that are not so common here like curries, Mexican foods, cookies, brownies, etc... We will see what happens... I am currently sort of testing some of the things I can create to see if they will float with Fiilipinos, along with foreigners to see if there is really a market for them.
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    No, they said to me. Filipinos penis too small, black mans penis too big and the white man's penis is just right. Not sure they meant porridge.
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    Are you sure it was "three happy faces," or "three happy feces?" You know how Philippine pronunciation can be tricky? Just saying....
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    They look delicious Tommy, am sure they’re gone by now! It’s funny how a smell can trigger memories, both fond and those not so, lol. But the smell of cinnamon rolls baking always trigger a very fond memory for me ......that of my Aunt’s kitchen as she baked them from scratch almost every Sunday. Even the store bought ready to bake ones from Pillsbury were pretty darn good!
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    My wife gets on a house cleaning tear, and you better not get in her way. I woke up the day after Christmas to find she had gotten up at 4am, taken down all the decorations, cleaned the floor, and re-arranged the furniture! You won't hear a peep of complaint from this Kano.
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    Sounds like Emma's not the only one as "Happy as a pig inside! Steve does this mean that you are staying for good or what? I bet you are already missing the cold and damp weather of England
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    It sucks moving into a new house. But when you own it it's not so bad.
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    Look at the Japan Surplus stores. You can find some gems once in a while. We bought a giant dresser thing that is excellent quality. Precision made with excellent hardware.
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    When my mom baked pies, she would bake pie crust cinnamon rolls with the extra dough. I will never forget the smell and they were delicious!
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    Spitting they all do, whether it’s sitting on there own doorsteps or a street market or while scratching there balls, they just have to spit, then you get the ones who’s just walked out of the door sit down and it then becomes a spitting contest to see how close he can get to his foot, then there are the ones who can’t even be bothered to spit it out it falls out of there mouths on there boob tube , sorry rolled up teeshirt . Yes it seems I have to much time on my hands watching these people gob here and there but never in the gutter or road.
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    Now I am not experienced in lots of different foods from around the world, I love the food Emma cooks for me and she knows what I will eat and I won’t eat , so most probably my food taste are boring . Anyway now I am living in the Philippines it’s hard for Ems to cook for me and also the family , take yesterday I came down stairs and Ems has made me mash potatoes with gravel and sausages and the rest of the family was having rise and what looked like pasta in some sort of sauce, well what’s that Ems I asked it’s Bituka , well i have no idea what that word means so I said is it pasta , no it’s pigs intestines, there was three happy faces tucking into it and my happy face with my bangers and mash makes four happy faces, and again it’s you try it’s nice, yes it could but you should have told me later what it was after I ate some.
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    I was writing computer applications for a trucking company. Hundreds of our customers demanded that we supply them letters certifying that our code was Y2K compliant. The letters were easy, just printed off a boilerplate response. The time wasters were a few that hired consultants who would then call and want to start asking questions about hardware and operating systems. The people that made a buttload of money on the scare were consultants and the people who sold generators.
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    I don't 'believe' the predication, a belief is a feeling of truth held without evidence. I accept the strong probability or if your prefer likely hood that the prediction will come true. As for the whole applied science vs theoretical science I've always fallen into the camp that believes (as an applied science technician type) that the distinction is meaningless. Science is science, one type is figuring out what to do and the other type is doing it. They're just different stages in the process in my book. But you're entitled to your views and I would defend our right to hold them if necessary, no matter if I agree or disagree with them. That's part of living in a free country.
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    My GF makes me the mashed potatoes with gravy once in a while. Breaded, tenderized pork slices to boot. I introduced her to the breaded cauliflower once and now her and her mom loves it.
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    Sounds like it’s becoming chronic and if it doesn’t clear up soon it might be best to see a doctor. Can also try the BRAT diet, but for no more then 2 days as it lacks nutritional needs...... Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Hope you get well soon
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    Or drug/ child trafficking, terrorist, I think they need more than one boat to patrol the sea of the Philippines.
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    Actually we can't. Humans won't be on this planet long before the sun dies in about 5 billion years.
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    Yes, that is a traditional American thing to put a train surrounding the tree. Usually a boy, like me, would get a Lionel train for Christmas and Santa would set the train up around the tree for Christmas morning. Then we might set it up in later years for decoration.
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    Sod that, No booze, no sleep. I'd rather do without a VPN.
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    I put the following question to my wife: "You are single and you know you want a foreigner for a husband. 3 American suitors approach you. Each are the same age, with the same amount of money, with the same degree of handsomeness. The only difference is that one looks similar to the white foreigners you find here (born and raised US and retired in the Philippines); another looks similar to the black foreigners you find here (born and raised US and retired in the Philippines); the third looks similar to the filipino men you find here (born and raised in the US to immigrant parents and retired in the Philipines); Which do you choose. I won't spoil it with the answer. Guys who have an honest wife should ask the same question if they really want to know the answer.
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    AK, please could you share your address with us already?! We are all craving for that cold beer!!
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    they look awesome and yummy. recipe please
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    I have never had any hassles when arriving in Manila. They are not always friendly (would you be friendly after dealing with hundreds of tired and possibly cranky passengers?), but have never been nasty or caused issues - either with me or my partner... And customs have never looked at my bag. Customs just has had a couple of sleepy looking agents sitting at their customs area and not looking or interested in incoming passengers. That is my experience...
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    I am sure these book bugs are definitely not silverfish. They are much smaller, very tiny. I've had silverfish infestation before - nasty buggers that bite or pinch with their disgusting pincers and difficult to kill mechanically... Anyway, I hope the new insecticide laden glues will prevent bugs for anyone using wallpaper. I am interested to hear more reports because we are interested to give wallpaper a try when the home is finished...
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