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    that's all very well, but on a 19 hour flight, what will you do for the other 18 hours 58 minutes?
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    Perhaps. After 14or 15 years, I often get asked that, but its posed with a smile. As usual, I confirm my fidelity and lack of interest in any other woman..... then I run through the rational and emotional litanies of reasons why this is so..... I why I am so content to have her, and her alone as my woman. I think she loves being reassured of my satisfaction with her and our exclusive, long term relationship. Since there are no guarantees to the length of anyone's relationships, health, wealth or life span.... it is not surprising that people crave reassurances to soothe their occasional bouts of doubt or anxiety, so better to quell their fears if and when they arise. IMO the reason why overt jealousy and insecurity among women here might seem more evident is because of their greater dependence on male breadwinners in this economy and the shortage of female earning opportunities to become financially self supporting for themselves..... and usually they children they have borne. 18 year long paternal financial support for children is lax here when a man loses interest in his woman, and since there isn't much of a safety net for the kids, the burden will fall upon the mother to provide despite her oft limited ability to do so. Small wonder that women seem more insecure here and are zealously protective and over-protective of their relationships and whatever sense of physical and emotional security they provide. What I do not condone, however, are the pathological female control freaks that seem to exist here. They are often middle-aged or older and want to lock-in their husbands income stream and access to their wealth by using extreme and unethical measures, such as controlling all joint ownership in only their own name, keeping the foreign husband's passport in their own hands at all times, berating any women who innocently smile at or talk to their man, etc., and oft accusing their husbands of imaginary infidelities or dalliances without any real evidence.... only based on paranoid suspicions. I know of two foreign run-away husbands living here right now. They escaped from their stifling Filipina wives to seek out less controlling women to live and hopefully find a measure of sanity and happiness with. 5 days ago, while at one of my regular pass-through pensions in MNL for 2 days while en-route to my home on Panay. I met a 68 yr. old fellow with a similar sad and pathetic tale of suffering the unexpected horrors of Pinay extremism. An oft-heard tale of an older Westerner seeking a suitable companion to share his golden years with. This overly trusting Canadian failed to do enough homework and due diligence. He said that she seemed really nice while engaging her on-line with video chats for several months and claimed that there was no previous indication of her jealous and possessive nature He set up house with his new on-line fiancee for a month, but when moving to another, not-yet-available apt., she insisted they move their furniture to her parent's during the interim. Things went downhill quickly during the interim with her family now surrounding him. Rows became frequent over her demands and he just bugged out one day when she......TORE UP HIS PASSPORT to prevent him from leaving her. He did anyway and with only the clothes on his back, Took him 2 or 3 weeks to get things sorted with his embassy and immigration and finally getting some money from home. Claims he spent time homeless and sleeping in a PNP offered jail bunk at one point. As I departed he was very happy, having just spent 5 hours at MNL immigration, where they had misplaced his just sent over embassy file for 3 hours. I hoped to be on a plane back to Ontario the next day, he told me. End of story. Yes. From all the stories I have heard over the years.........There are indeed, 'insanely jealous Filipinas'.
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    LOL! I'm sure you're right. Last year I took my wife to a formal ball. During the event I took a photograph of the whole spread with everyone decked out in their regalia. My wife looked at the photo and zeroed in on a woman who was facing away from the camera and said that I took the photo because I was lusting after the woman. The fact that only the woman's backside was visible and that she was on the distant far left of the picture was irrelevant. To this day she rides my case about that photograph and the fact that I have no idea who the woman is and that I've never met her nor even looked at her matters. I'll never win!
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    I have always found the Iloilo BI to be a very friendly and helpful office. They were friendlier back when they were upstairs at the Customs House. Just an open room of desks, no windows, much more laid back. I was just there yesterday, with another expat that needed an extension. In the few minutes were there we saw two people arguing with the clerks. The first said he has been here 7 years and never heard of an ACR card, and did not want to pay for it. The 2nd was arguing over the Express Fee. I really feel sorry for the clerks. They put up with these idiots everyday...
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    "Battle of the Philippine Sea" -- Now there's a movie I want to see! Largest carrier battle in history, and lost some 'family' blood in that one. Hard to believe, that battle was 75 years ago! The number of people who are knowledgeable about the war in the Pacific is getting smaller everyday. Yet, throwing today's stars into new/remade war flicks is a good way to remind today's young of the sacrifices made only two or three generations ago.
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    Which is where my standard answer came from. When they ask if I am married, I say: "I am married, but don't have a girlfriend yet". All the locals laugh, many expats look confused. Just be careful... some will call you bluff ha ha
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    Been making my own bread for the past 5 years! The local breads here have too much sugar(filipino tastes). I used to have a bread machine in which I just dump all my ingredients, Then within a couple of hours, out popped a new loaf! The neighbors knew when I was baking. Nothing better than the fresh aroma of baked bread! Now as far as the ingredients- whole wheat flour, bread flour you can buy 25 Kilos for P750 which is the best buy! The yeast you can get in 1 Kilo bags which will last me for a year if you store in the refridge. The bread machine can even make jams in short order, just the fruit and sugar and the bread machine cooks it up nicely. This year the bearings froze, so now making by hand. The family likes baguette breads so found baguette bread pans at Lazada for cheap The latest, been making sourdough (from scratch) so have Large sourdough breads and baguettes. Also great for making sourdough pancakes with fresh banana jam. YUM! The local priest knows I do this so he stops by with requests to have some with his evening meals. If your serious about breads, PM me!
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    Perhaps she just wants you to move on.
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    Pretty much so... yes ! (Though to varying degrees)
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    Got 3 (three) families visiting us this Christmas all my asawas sisters, brothers and their kids all at the same time. Should be fun, good job my tenant won't be here as he hates noise. Well we won't be lonely this Christmas. Last year we had 14 of Eve's classmates on a reunion, that was fun (not). And just after that my nephew invited 8 guys who were strangers to us to stay overnight WTF. More fun in the Philippines
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    I am reminded of a funny story about weight loss. I have told it here before but it has been at least a few years so many of you have not heard it, Back in the 80's I was working in the warehouse for an express package company, night shift. There were two guys, both Latin, Al & Jose, who were fairly overweight, built about the same and about the same weight. They were both really friendly, jovial guys. They were very competitive with each other all the time, in a joking, friendly way. Criticizing each other in a loud, joking way, yelling across the warehouse at each other. So they decided to have a weight loss contest. I think it was for 3 months or maybe 6, and they bet $100. Usually every week or Friday night, our party night, they would have a weigh in to see how they were doing, with everyone watching. It gets down the last few weeks and it is fairly obvious that Al is winning. They both lost a lot of weight and looked good. The big night for the final weigh-in finally comes. Al goes first, stripping off most of his clothes, and boom, he lost a lot and thinks he is the winner. He is already cheering! Jose goes next. He always wore bulky overalls at work and at the previous weigh-ins, so his body was well covered all the time. He gets on the scale with the overalls and it appears he will be a loser by quite a bit! Wait a minute! There is something in his pockets. He starts pulling heavy iron objects from his pockets! 10-20 lbs I think! He had put them in his pockets for all the recent weigh-ins! Jose won by a good bit! The normally jovial Al was pissed! He ranted and raved the rest of the night. "Cheater"! Good memories of those nights in the 80's. We got paid for 8 hours til midnight and usually were done by 9-10. Then we played volleyball or basketball in the warehouse while drinking beer. The office girls would join for the volleyball.
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    Thought make a mention of obtaining ECC in Iloilo as requirements differ from Cebu. We arrived at the very smart upmarket building, The Market Place, at 11.30am. We're greeted by a very friendly guard whom gave me a check list, after confirming I had all papers he brought me inside with a form to be completed. This was handed in by the guard after checking my papers. Although he was great, the staff although not unfriendly certainly could not be described as friendly, professional yes. After a wait of 30 minutes my name was called, I paid the P500 an told return in two hours. Great opportunity now to do the festival walk an look around, the area is very upmarket, clean and dog free. Lots of small shops and semi heritage buildings. Anyway back at 2pm, handed in my pick up slip, few minutes uses later thumb prints and done. All in all a painless easy experience as I did my homework and had all papers prepared. 1...Single copy of passport bio page. Plus passport. 2...Two copies of last entry stamp plus last visa in passport. 3...Two copies of last visa receipt. 4...Three 2X2 photos. 5....Two copies of outward ticket. 6....Completed application form. 7...Two copies, back to back of ACR card, plus card. Oh....for most of us, eye glasses....Form can be hard to read. This has been covered before how ever I include as regulations do change.
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    This is an easy one. I will love anyplace where I can retire at the age of 55 and my standard of living goes from solid middle class to middle upper class just by getting off the airplane. Are there things here that bug me? Yep, but I can put up with a lot of crap for the quality of life I can afford here
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    OK, maybe not all, but I seem to have known a few Filipinas who were bizarrely jealous and suspicious of everything. Number one among them is my wife, who is so jealous that she will not let me meet any of her Filipina friends for fear that we'll hook up. Just curious if that is sort of a constant among Filipino women.
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    I use navigator app on my android tablet while I drive. Just need GPS locator running. Also best to find where to want to go first with an internet connection. then save them to favorites folder before the trip. Works great! One thing that frustrates me in the PI.... no addresses! Cross streets names if you are lucky. Thats why I say search before you drive on the map, then save to favorites. When on GPS, bring up favorites and say go there! Then while your dring and looking at the maps. you see the name of the roads. You will find many posted physical signs in the city.
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    Ask Emm's to hire a car and driver for 3/4 days, the family might suddenly have a change of heart!
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    Mine is not jealous (or just does not like me? ha ha). I could not have put up with a jealous woman. I hear that many are, but I got a few friends married to locals, and theirs are not jealous either. Keep looking. Takes a while, but you can find them.
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    AM (Angry Midget), still can't get used to the fact that I have female friends, some since school, some from my military service, and some from traveling (PI included). Some have been there for me through some pretty tough times, so they're as much my mates as any bloke could be. She's met most that really count in my life, and knows they have no "evil" designs or any intention of stealing me away, hell why would they want when they know me so well? But still there's always that undercurrent of jealousy whenever they're around or even mentioned. One of my best friends in the world, a woman, has been with the same woman for years and she and AM have actually become pretty close themselves.. Perhaps I'm the one that should be jealous? When the subject rears it's head, the entire "trust" conversation ensues and when I reflect her statements back at her always ends predictably But despite that little quirk, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me and it's a small price to pay and is more than made up by "us", and everything we are as a couple..
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    I think the short answer is YES
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    Another visit to the home site early this morning. Now it's just over two months of construction. Here is the downstairs bathroom (CR). We are making it a bit oversize compared to the "standard" size usually constructed here. Also, the shower will be 1.5 m wide so somewhat wider than standard also. L doesn't really care, but I like to have a bigger bathroom and shower than the standard. Plus both will have windows in the shower wall too. A friend of mine from university has a house with a window in the shower and it is wonderful for the fresh air and also a view when cleaning up. The kitchen is the space to the far left, stairway adjacent the wall at the near left and the living room to the right. The ground beneath the ground floor slab is now filled and next will be gravel and then the rebar and plumbing. Kitchen is front and center-right here and downstairs bedroom in the center far away. Except that there will be an angle-iron fence and gate in the way, this is the view out the front door. It is all old fruit orchard property. Roof deck terrace slab forms being built and column rebar has already been installed. We are making a number of relatively small changes in dimensions of rooms and locations of doors now that we can step inside and really visualize things better. The foreman is a very smart man and is keeping a sharp eye on things. L talks to him for at least an hour on each visit to ask questions and give suggestions. She has a very sharp eye and misses very little. He also gives us suggestions - mostly about how to improve the build. One of the best of these, so far, was to change the location of the horizontal rebar in the walls - when built - instead of one every four rows (files), as detailed on the blueprint, to one every three rows. This will give added stability to the walls. And this will be done at no extra charge. So the completed home will be of Filipino/Filipina design and construction but with a lot of western (my) influences. I have been applying many of the suggestions other members have offered in the forum and most of them are readily accepted by the contractor and foreman. I believe the foreman and workers respect L and I because of our participation and knowledge of many parts of the construction. We both notice they work more carefully now than before - not to say they were sloppy - but they seem to pay more attention, especially when we chat with the foreman about technical details. The contractors are also aware that we are rather knowledgeable about a lot of the construction process and so they seem to be on their toes also. Oh... another detail that might help any others who are or will build homes or structures here: The standard method of laying the hollow blocks seems to be to slop on some of the cement (masa) on a layer, place the next block on top and tap it down without much regard for finesse since the walls will be plastered over with more cement. Then they slop some cement down the holes in the hollow block and go on to the next. I thought about this when watching and realized that this would not necessarily make the strongest wall because the cement does not always get to the bottom of the holes and also doesn't fill them up completely. So I suggested that the masons take small lumber pieces and tamp down the cement into the hollow block holes to work it all the way to the bottom, then add more cement, tamp again and repeat until full. I explained this to L who explained it, in turn, to the foreman and contractor. Everyone thought this was a good idea and so this will be their method. I think they may do it on some projects, but maybe only when requested. I am sure this will result in sturdier walls than many. L pointed out that, in the places where there are gaps in the walls from broken bits of hollow block or sloppy application, the masons again tended to just toss some of the plaster at the gaps or holes then smooth it all over and call it good... "No, no, no," said L... They must first take the regular Class A cement and fill any gaps or holes carefully with a trowel and make sure to shove it firmly into the gaps. Then, after that is done, go back and do the plastering cover layer. L also questioned the foreman about the rebar size and quality being used and knew what they should be. He came up with the right answers so she was happy. All in all, we have no complaints and the progress is finally getting very noticeable.
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    As laminate is a floating floor, or even natural wood they need to breath, put 5mm buffers around the edge when laying, to give a gap to the wall, then fix edging to the wall to cover the gap, after removing g the buffers, dont fasten the edging to the new floor, this gives the flooring room to expand and shrink, then will last for years
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    I agree that this new movie was very well done. Lets hope we don't have to go through another war!
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    The stuff that I like about the Philippines is the stuff that reminds me of the way that it used to be in Scotland Relatives would drop in unannounced, they would turn up and there would be drinks and food and a song or two , this was before karaoke, so of you played an I instrument you were most welcome Family gatherings of thirty to forty people , at the beach , games of football with just jackets as goal posts , we kids would make our own fun , a phone was something that was in a big red box My dad and his brothers did not use banks, they borrowed when necessary from each other and paid it back , families supported each other
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    I like many expats have driven and ridden extensively here with out problems. If one is familiar and careful should not be a problem. Have used maps.me plus google maps from time to time, both effective. Last night arrived back after a 6 plus hour drive and was exhausted, it is tiring as the concentration required is intense. Especially at night. As a tip I try to ovoid night driving, limit daily driving time to 4 hours....with frequent rest stops.
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    The lot the original house is on is about 500 sq metres. We are in a small rural barangy just off a major highway. When I first went there was a largish for want of a better word, nippa hut to the right of the house which the family lived in up until we built the new house beside it about 18 years ago. The intention is to extend into that gap once we have finish the new project across the road.
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    I must be lucky in this one , Ems is not jealous at all.
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    Yes. It's the flip side of loyalty, a desirable characteristic also prevalent among Filipinas. When I was in the USMC I heard that when in the PI a fella should not pay attention to more than one girl in the same bar or the straight razors would come out and blood would be spilled.
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    I honestly don't know. The only blood suckers I've been exposed to are mosquitoes. And relatives.
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    1993 I got a last minute flight from LA. To the Phills. Ended up with a middle seat. The 16 hr. trip was torturous. Had to pretend I was asleep for most of it. They had to land in Hawaii first to drop off passengers. Next time I will take my private jet.
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    Well it's been nearly a couple of weeks so thing are moving along. The back half, two beds and the garage are largely there now. The builders have just got to put a beam across the middle of the garage and the 60cm beam across the garage entrance. It's going to be a 4m wide roll-up door. The old store has nearly gone so they will be starting on the small apartment at the front shortly. Our front garden is full of the steelwork ready for starting the roof and is being painted with primer.
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    Whew, I'm pleased you outlined the whole story, When I saw the heading, I though here we go again, another price hick in the airline fares.
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    My wife told me a few weeks ago that her brother, who has been in the PNP for almost 5 years, has been reassigned to the Bilibid prison as part of a large group of PNP to replace the corrupt corrections staff. I haven't heard anything else regarding his new assignment.
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    Way to go. I retired here at age 50 in 2002. Lived very well on my military pension. Not rich but no complaints. When I reached the age of 62 I called the US Embassy in Manila to claim my social security benefits. Life is good here despite how much I complain about it.
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    Flower Pig turned out not so good. Nice flowers but some had teeth marks and smelled kind of funny.
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    I have 60x60 tiles in my house upstairs and downstairs 3 large bedrooms, large balcony and terrace 15x 2.5 meters. Not one single tile has popped or cracked. It's all down to the builder who does the slabs and foundation, and of course the tiler. These were not the most expensive tiles BTW.
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    As I get older I am finding that the increasing regulation and oversight of everything in Australia annoys me more and more. It's true we have to be a bit careful around some subjects in the Philippines but there are many more topics that are now effectively off limits in Australia. And the comments about family are correct in my opinion, in Australia there isn't the single family unit that existed when I was young. My Australian family are spread around a country that takes 4 hours to fly across and don't see each other a lot, even the closer couple are once a month visits if that.there isn't the same large family experience that I have and love in the Philippines. And I know people complain about the heat, and sure it does get hot... but I grew up with freezing winters and I hated them then and I hate them now. And now I'm older I can't handle being out in the freezing cold like I could when I was young, it triggers my angina half the time. So I end up staying inside a lot when I'm in Australia. And honestly, the malls in the Philippines are so far ahead of the ones near where I live in Australia that there isn't a comparison, yes there are big ones in Melbourne and Sydney but I live in the country, near a smaller city of 140,000 and the malls are small too. And wages are high, so I have to do a lot of stuff myself that I am finding it increasingly difficult to do.
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    I have not baked bread since coming to Philippines. But I used to bake bread every week when living in USA. I would make four big loaves, eat half of one right out of the oven, keep another one to share with the wife and freeze the other two. I always prepared these by hand and found it to be therapeutic exercise and fun too. But I can easily see the allure of using a machine that makes it so simple - it's the end result that counts! However I do bake cinnamon rolls around Christmas time. Interestingly, L and her friends love them because they are not as sweet as the bakery bought versions. A great reference book that I started using many years ago is the Tasajara Bread Book. I believe it is still in print. It's a good guide the first time bread baker and offers healthy bread and other grain-based recipes and methods.
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    Bread machine just makes it easier to start until you get the basics down and the baking in the machine is done for you. But just as easy rolling up your sleeves and dive right in. You get to the point you don't even need a recipe to follow because you learn what you need. what consistency of the dough etc. Whats fun is trying new ingredients from fruits to nuts. Even made Pina Colada dread with pineapple crushed and coconut milk. Comes out like Hawaiian bread! Most ingrediants you can find at SM, but whole wheat flower is sometimes hard to find. One caution with the flour. Don't leave any unused containers of flour open, they get these pesky flour bugs in the flour. Nasty things! If you see them, throw it out. But if you keep the flour in the fridge. seems to keep them away.
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    Funny thing there, a long story but I will cut it short, sister in law brought a car on finance ( I would not send the money to pay for it ), this was for her husband to use as a taxi once he finished his work in Japan, well his work has finished months ago so he does not work anymore, so I thought I would pay him for his services and yes the kids would be coming to. It seems that he is afraid of driving as he’s been out of the country , so the sister in law uses it for work, but she is afraid now after 2 accidents front and rear, but not to sure where these happened . So it’s best in my view to keep well away from them .
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    "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun" Steve, you are a brave man to attempt to find your way round Luzon, I would rather risk bus journeys with all it entails, than even think of driving in Philippines, unless I had spent at least a few months there and only in the provinces.
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    I tend to think that my Filipina wife also craves reassurances whenever she has anxiety over my marriage to her. I always tell her that I'm completely and totally in love with her, and that no other woman could ever take her place. I have no problems with telling her these things since I am just being truthful to her.
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    I am planning a hike with friends from the US at Mt Makiling in January and just read that there are so many of these Leeches. Having had bad luck with pneumonia, asian flu, cockroach bite and exposure to TB in my past trips, Do I have to worry about these leeches? Now that I write this and think in the past 10 years I have had all of those issues I wonder why do I keep going back???? According to this article http://www.pinoymountaineer.com/2008/01/limatik-blood-leeches-overview.html there is nothing to worry about.
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    I’m pretty sure that it was a test flight not a normal route, not yet anyway. And I read that if they do decide that the route is practicable then the planes flying the route will not have any economy class seats ( i think from memory they were planning to have premium economy, business and first classes only ).
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    Yeah, we are very overbuilt in Iloilo... and they are still building. But it is a nice looking mall that the BI is in.
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    For those who can't put 2 and 2 together, I was pointing out the topic is about the new movie, not the old one. 2 and 2 is 22 right? LOL
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    All the complaints that frustrate me about the philippines, tend to have the same root cause as the things I love about the Philippines. 1. - the govt here is too poor and disorganized to have created a 24/7 police state like we have in the US. Most of my fellow expats on here may disagree with that assertion, but i stand by it. I love freedom. In PH I don't have to put up with facial recognition cameras, spy drones, or my car sending a data stream to the govt. They probably don't have the resources to store my phone calls, messages, and text data either, although I have no way to confirm. 2. - I love the happy people in general, and I second your observation about kids and playing. I attribute this to a foundational morality rooted in the Christian faith which has not evaporated yet; and a general lack of affluence that has kept materialsm to a minimum. Filipinos are happy in the simple things of life, and I love that. 3. - I love the big extended family unit, which we have kind of lost in the US culture. We are working on my wife's Filipino family tree, and there are 79 first cousins! Holy guacamole! In the US we have been career-minded and materialist for a couple generations already, perhaps to our detriment. 4. - I love the availability of locally grown food, and locally made products. Sure, we have organic stuff in the US. But in PH i can hear the pig squealing just a few doors down the block. The chickens are still small and tasty. The eggs have huge yolks. When I want a mattress or a piece of furniture, I can just have one made. If I really want to live cheaply, we can just knock together a bamboo hut. 5. - Despite the prevalence of ladyboys here, I love the fact that filipina women expect their men to be men. They don't mind being soft and feminine, and for the most part they expect a man to know what to do. Its very traditional in that regard, and I love it.
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