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    I retired to the Philippines for the third and hopefully final time, just under 2 years ago. After living here with my first Filipina gf and her two wonderful children who I helped raise we eventually moved to live in Australia....where they are very happy and my ex step children have done well for themselves and are both now married. We remain very close and even though it didn't work out with their mum, she and I remain mates. I then retired here again (with my finances significantly reduced) and eventually met a lovely Filipina (no children) and... yep you've guessed it... after 4 years here took her to live in Oz... 3 years later she left me sadly for a younger wealthier Aussie....and I wish her happiness. So....I have retired to the Philippines for the third and at 72 for the last hurrah After one wrong gf I have settled in Dumaguete with a lovely lady who is almost 33 never been married (CENOMAR verified) with a great little lad turning 6.....and we are coming up to our first year together. To answer the original poster's question... I retired here because of finding a wonderful future wife, cheap cost of living, nice warm weather, many expat friends and the friendly happy Filipinos in this colourful country which I love. So here's hoping this is my final retirement to the Phillipines
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    Well the Mrs was half my age, a lot fitter, and better looking than me. She had more money than me, and had a good brain. She was also great at gardening, clothes laundering, and childcare. On balance, I thought that life as a lonely, poverty-stricken old age pensioner in miserable UK, might possibly be second best.
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    Good progress on the house in the past few days... Scaffolding in place and holes for foundations being finished. Huge rocks that may stay in place next to foundations. Bunkhouse just built for the 10-12 workers so far.
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    I became quite ill after having dinner at a fast food type restaurant in Iloilo City.Although I did not have diarrhea the vomiting was really bad .My friends went to the pharmacy to get something that might help but they recommended that I go to the ER.It was nearby so we went to the Iloilo Mission Hospital.I got checked in and a doctor attended to me within a few minutes.They put me a room and gave me fluids intravenously and anti nausa medicine.Even after a couple of hours there I could not hold down a sip of water.After about 24 hrs I felt better and could eat some fruits but still really weak.I eventually recovered and the doctor released me after 2.5 days.I can't say enough good things about the staff attending to me and my Doctor.They were just great.And the cost including the doctor? $650.00 Usd.They could not file this on my Medicare ins.so I paid with my credit card.Here locally in the US It cost $1250.00 just to enter the ER.And the total cost at $4000.00 minimum.They made sure to give me all the paperwork and receipts so I could file a claim with my secondary health ins co.I was able to make my scheduled flight home 2 days after I was released from the Hospital.I really Enjoyed my 3 week vacation in the Philipines and I will return next year.....
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    3rd times the charm worked out for you. Glad your'e happy. It took me 4 times and I've been with this lovely Filipina for over 15 years. We have a 14 yr old son that I love to death and probably spoil way too much. Love can be had if you wait long enough to find it. Don't get angry with each other for more than 5 min. Yield even if you think you are right. Enjoy!
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    It's all handled by the contractor. They are bringing everything in. I am glad of this - up to them to supply it all and the guys and I just have to sign the checks... I am too old to organize a project like this and too ignorant to source everything here. I am really pleased with the professionalism of the contractor. I just drive out to the site every few days with some chicharon, Tanduay, Cokes... If this goes like the house my ex and I had built back in USA in '83, L and I will still be friends with the contractor when the house is done... stay tuned! So far, so good...
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    Decapitation would be a better choice than prolonged torture. I've actually experienced the prolonged torture with my second wife's constant nagging!
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    Yes Indeed it does I have taken to using ( even at the cost)Schick Medicated Shave Guard Shave gel for sensitive skin from Watsons" ( 389 peso) worth the Cost and has proven pretty good so far. Just a Thought here
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    We're retiring to the Philippines, yes dear.
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    Judging by your attitude on this forum, I have no doubt you will still be friends with the contractor. It is in your nature.
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    Mike I'm pleased you opened up about that sentence, maybe it's not in the right section but I believe it will get read. To all you gents out there wanting to take your new found partner to your home country, Mike has summed it up in a nutshell, your partner is committed to their family more than their spouse. Don't worry, they will cook, clean, attend to a mans needs, just about anything you want, but if the family needs finance back home, the family comes first. So before you take your new found friend home, be aware the PI women are very family orientated and learn about their sense of respect towards their oldies back home before committing. DO NOT bank on them swelling the bank account with their wages, if they chip in, it's a bonus. Mike don't take this personal, it is how we all think a relationship should work, both chipping in to the household budget, not a PI. This was just to let anyone thinking of a long term relation or a commitment back home what to expect.
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    After the second floor slab is poured the first floor ceiling is quite rough. So most builders use what we would call a suspended ceiling of about 10"-14". A similar grid work of light duty GI that would resemble those drop ceilings with replaceable tiles. But in the case here the ceiling boards which may be fiber cement, plywood, or drywall is screwed or riveted to the suspended grid. That grid is tied to the pieces of rebar that was left exposed when the slab was poured or concrete nails using wire.
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    Exactly right, no matter how much money you have. Most people here in the Phills seem to think that ALL foreigners are rich.
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    I sailed to Philippines back in 2011. I really liked the country, the friendly people and the generally low prices (compared to USA or Canada) for most food products, alcohol. I actually sailed the yacht here to sell it back in 2015 and never looked back. No wife or girlfriend at the time so I joined FaceBook and an online dating site. I met a number of gold diggers and a few nice women too . Eventually I met two who I got along well with online and met both of them in person. One was really a good match but too young for me in my mind - not yet 34. (I found that the younger ones seemed immature and I wanted someone who I could share some interesting conversation, not just a physical relationship and no "high school" mentality. I am not saying that ALL young Filipinas are immature, just that the ones I met seemed to be stuck there.) I met her in person a few times and she was very nice and beautiful too, but just not quite "the one." She now has found an American guy who has paid for her to go to USA and live with him and his kids and she is very happy. I am pleased for her too since she deserved a good guy - better than her dastardly, womanizing, abusive ex... The other I met was L, who is older and mature, smart, beautiful and hard working as a school teacher. When we met the first time in person, we both felt a connection and it has just kept getting stronger and better. That's the long answer. So far, after almost four years, I feel like this is the place where I will grow old(er). Sure, there are irritants here that we have all discussed to great extent, but there were irritants in USA and everywhere else I have been...so what? I may complain a bit, but I am also trying to make a positive difference, no matter how small it may be. So I guess that's also part of the long answer. Here's the short answer... Before I got to the Philippines in '15, I was already tired... I noticed the proliferation of "Vulcanizing" shops everywhere and always their prices are cheap... So I decided it would be economical here to be "re-tired!"
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    I am trying to think how you would do that. Hmmmm, half hour to the airport, an hour until flight leaves, 40 minute flight, an hour waiting for a cab, hopefully only a half hour drive to the city. I can see how it is possible to be in Cebu in 4 hours but an hour? Are you hiding your own private helicopter out there? With a helipad in the city?
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    Ditto. Did that for more than a decade with no ill effect from brushing. Shaving in tap water is a different matter though. If there is any amount of Staphylococcus (staph) bacteria in the water then it gets in through the tiniest of cuts from shaving. Fortunately it is rare, but it happens and causes skin infections from boils to more severe damage. Just a suggestion, but if anyone is getting boils when shaving then do not wash any freshly shaved areas with unboiled tap water.
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    As we get older our bodies get weaker. It just happens. My GF and my son still like the street food once in awhile but I won't touch it. 99% of the food I eat is cooked at home. The rest is at the fast food places where the meat is imported from the US, like Mcdo Shakeys, or Burger King. Glad you are ok.
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    I've been as fast as 250 kilometers per hour on a race track on a motorbike (when I was younger and fitter) and I have to say... I think the rider was doing more than that at times. NO WAY would I do that on a public road... I saw a guy fail to take the turn at the end of the main strait at Philip Island race track and his bike bounced and rolled for a couple of hundred meters before it came to a halt (it was almost unrecognizable). The guy was actually only mildly injured but that's because he slid on the grass for even further and didn't hit anything.
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    I had some bad luck in 2017 while visiting and ended up in the hospital as well. I was satisfied with the treatment and very happy with the prices. Long story short, I had pneumonia and they saw mass in the lung. I was 46 years old and a week away from traveling back to the US. Anyway I made it back to US for follow up care and the mass was just nipple shadow but I was found to have Latent TB. Latent TB means that at some point I was exposed to someone that had TB and was contagious and the disease was in my system but I was not contagious. I Went through the optional treatment in the US and paid thousands out of pocket. The mistake in the Philippines was they never should have let me travel until determining it was Latent TB and not full blown TB. I have many friends that are physicians in the Philippines and they say almost half of Filipinos will test positive for TB (being Latent TB). The determination between latent and full blown contagious TB is a mass in the lungs...... It was actually one of my Filipino physician friends that recommended I get tested for TB when back in the US. He had worked in a TB hospital whiel in school and told me lots of stories. Anyway my Asawa and I are headed back to the Philippines in January for three weeks.
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    Happy to hear you are alive. I believe most people find that as the number of visits increase, then the amount of 'illness' decreases, through tolerance and immunity build-up. Your body learns, remembers, and adjusts accordingly...if allowed to do so... if you're not dead already.
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    Married to a Filipina woman says it all really, they may be small and Petite and beautiful, but just tell them you want to retire to anywhere but the Philippines and see what happens !👹 Seriously though for me it was because of love.
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    In my experience the drivers over here fall into one of two categories. Those who race around on a big ego trip, usually in expensive flashy cars, with a 'me first, to hell with the rest of you' attitude and with no regard for the normally accepted rules of the road. If indeed there are any such rules over here! The second are those who drive at 20kph, in second gear, with no clue as to what they are doing or where they are going. They very probably do not have a licence and have no idea as to what the normally accepted rules of the road are anyway! You will meet both types on EVERY jouney that you make.
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    None taken (well not me at least) but I will make the observation that not all of Mindanao has the same travel rating, the area where the kidnappings took place is as far west into the Red area as you can get and still stay on Mindanao but most of the east of Mindano (including the 2 largest cities Davao and Cagayan De Oro) is Orange (the rest of the Philippines are Yellow, none of it is Green).
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    There seem to have been a lot of foreigner deaths around Dumaguete and Sipalay, lest those of us outside of Mindanao assume we are safe. I for one won't be setting foot in Mindanao...no offense to those of you who live there. When we build, the plan will be for it not to be visible from the road. It will also not just be a house, but more of a compound that can house other family members that will want to live there and farm. We've decided to keep it unpretentious from the outside, and hopefully the presence of other locals at all times would dissuade any miscreants. Even so, one still needs to move around and travel some. We drive a local, cheap little truckster thing, and avoid remote areas that are prone to rebels. Wife has warned me numerous times not to pull out a wad of 1000's when I'm paying for something -- I'm learning. In general, we try to be as local as possible, and not to come across as 'rich' foreigners. Yeah I know, we are all rich.
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    If you are going to spend the next one or two years in captivity then get your head cut off , perhaps a more violent reaction to being kidnapped is the answer Your going to die anyway
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    Yep, that's the way our downstairs plumbing is managed - all the way around the house and then through the walls as required - only waste plumbing is under the slab in our case. For upstairs, we only have 1 CR there and the plumbing is in the cavity between the ceiling and upstairs slab and just pops through the slab to feed the 3 things there - quite efficient.
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    That's something I never though about before, I always use boiled water to shave but them proceed to wash my face with the tap water so could be a problem. I haven't had any skin problems but who knows?
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    Don't hold back. Tell us how your really feel. Care to buy me a meal while I listen to you? Ho Ho Ho where's my gift
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    Well stated. I could say the same, but things change and I have not yet had your learning experiences of packing off a couple of wives to my home country. I should expect a similar result, and yet some people have reported success from doing that. So I can only surmise it is another case of Your mileage may vary. As such, there is a very good chance that I shall follow in your footstep, a few years behind you. Time will tell.
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    This could also be dependent on where one is. Here in Cebu city I brush my teeth with tap water and no problem. For all the times I visited I did the same and as far as I know never had a problem but like I say it will depend where you are. Often I hear dont have ice in drinks but this might be so for some places but not entirely true for others. Now back to the OP. Normally illness from water will cause more than just vomiting so might be more to it.
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    I use tap water here for brushing but I am careful not to swallow and I always use antibacterial mouth wash right after brushing. Haven't had a problem doing that so far.
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    I believe the OP was saying it cost $650, and IF if had happened in the USA, it would be a minimum of $4,000.
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    Please tell me that it is not so.
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    Metal scaffolding, you're spoiling them lol. We used coco lumber for scaffolding. Did you hire or buy the scaffolding? keep the pics coming in Tom.
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    I did just that albeit for 12 years, then she said I wants to go back home permanently. We planned to retire in the Philippines anyhow so weren't a big deal, already built a large house near the sea.
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    Yes it is way too early for us foreigners but it's like roosters and many other cultural differences here ....if you are going to avoid going nuts you have to grow to love these things or at least tolerate them. Part of the fun of living in the Philippines hahaha
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    I would say that it’s more like driving a bumper car in an amusement park.
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    Just drive like you do in London, except when you drive on the left side of the road it is not the "correct" side in Philippines but you will have lots of company there anyway
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    Thanks... Me too... The permits were a bit of hassle, but actually the most difficult part was finalizing the architectural plan. It is a very small house, yet there are so many little things to make it work. We hope it will be right when done...
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    @Old55 As you requested, here is a new topic. Your naming idea was just about perfect! I just added "and" to make it more properly descriptive. I am not quite ready to tackle the details tonight, as it could be a bit involved and I will need to think it through for Phiippines vs. USA and Australia, which were my previous sources of information and medicines. I will begin by stating a very important caveat here: I am NOT a medical professional. Anyone reading here should just accept it - or not - as ideas and possible suggestions that either worked for my ex and I while sailing in remote areas, or that I think may now be salient here in the Philippines. Anyone interested in following up on anything should visit with a health care professional - doctor or RN - and NOT rely on any of this information. Please feel free to criticize, add, subtract or augment my ideas - I've got big shoulders and this is not a pride thing - someone asked for assistance and I will try to help, if I can, okay? Also, I hope there are some professionals who are members of the forum willing to speak up and share their expertise. So... with that aside, I will also state my experience just so you may not think I am just blowing smoke out my a**. If this history might seem boring to you...just skip to the next post by me or whomever? Before setting sail, my ex and I took a course in Mountaineering first aid in Seattle. It involved all the normal things taught in standard "First Responder" courses.... Except - they added many things that aren't part of a normal course and concentrated on how to care for someone who becomes ill or injured when hiking or climbing in remote areas. The whole concept centered on - "You cannot dial 911... so here's what you do...." We did the usual classroom training then would go outside at night and practice what we learned. It lasted for several weeks and culminated in "Real Scenarios" in a rugged park, in the fall and well after dark. It was VERY realistic (we had equipment with us and flashlights) - with stage make-up blood, sucking chest wounds people acting quite well as if they were in need of assistance. It was scary and a wonderful experience to prepare for travelling alone, 1,000's of miles from any land or other assistance. Prior to setting sail, I prepared a comprehensive list of equipment, books and medicines that I reckoned should be carried on board. I luckily encountered a physician who also had a yacht in our marina and she invited me to come to her office to discuss this. I asked the price - $50. When I met her at her office, she immediately came around to my side of her grand desk to look over the list with me - what a shock! As we went item by item, she offered suggestions and I made notes. More than once we came across a medicine that she actually said, "I am not familiar with that... I will get back to you." How many of you have seen a doctor who admitted knowing less than God? She also offered suggestions for several books to buy (now-a-days this would all be online books) - everything from tropical medicine guides to easy-to-follow medical manuals. The most complex was the Merc Manual - which, though woefully out of date, is still valid for a number of situations and interesting to read if you are not squeamish. Over an hour later, we finished and I got up to leave asking her - gee, this has been a long time, whatta I owe you, "I said fifty bucks, so it's fifty bucks!" I was thankful and very embarrassed to return to the waiting room that was packed with patients... I am a certified Rescue SCUBA diver. Yeah... most of what I learned concerned assisting other divers in distress. But some of it also addressed illnesses such as heart issues, breathing problems, panic attacks, administering oxygen, using a small defibrillator, poisonings, allergic reactions and non-invasive examinations of ill persons. It was a great course too. CPR was, of course, top of the list too. I apologize for my always long-winded comments here. But I think health is - at least for me - just about the most important thing there is as I steadily advance in age and regress in strength, mind and abilities. So that's how I am beginning. I will try to list some equipment and concepts of things that I feel are important to learn and that I also need to review anyway because I forget so much these days... Cheers all!
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    Filipinos are not even smart enough to realize that Marcos.stole almost all of the money from the coffers. But hey..if they want to pretend that nothing happened..stupid is as stupid people are. Yes let's re elect the sons ,daughters, and wife. What could be wrong?
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    Don't worry, starting next week it's the search for "Lost Confederate Gold". I'd never realised people were so careless with their gold until I started watching History/Discovery channels. Of course for all their faults and hype the "Lost Gold/Treasure" programmes still aren't a patch on "Ancient Aliens". However in a bid to up the ante the History channel is now combining the two - one of the guys from "The Curse of Oak Island" is now joining the search for "Ancient Aliens". The hyperbole will be unmatched in all of recorded history*. * See what I did there?
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    WRONG!! It belong to the Marcos clan.
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    I've hired van a couple of times but for only one day. P 3,000. It's worth it to me when we go somewhere that I don't know the streets. Plus the driver will get the tickets for the driving infractions that the enforcers make up.
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    Thanks, Tommy Sounds like you are well sorted with regards to professional advice and oversight. We are in Cagayan de Oro. Uptown. Very fortunate to have a ridge lot with far reaching views and a great breeze! I take onboard your comments about typhoons and earthquakes! We did think about also buying a lot at the bottom of the cliff.........just in case! I will look forward to updates on your house build progress.
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    My Gf and I irritate each other in a fun kinda joking way almost every day. But when I can see that she is serious I back off immediately.
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