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    One year on, the OP returns! There's a lot of good advice here, and it's obviously still a hot topic. Whether you continue the relationship will depend on many things, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution for everybody. But, having had some problems and worries in my life before I came here, and wanting to relax here with no or only minor problems, I decided not to continue the relationship. I found someone else, not as beautiful as the other one, but honest and not after my money. We've been together for a year now. Love is a dangerous thing! I was really in love with the other one, but with this one, it's a different kind of love, less passionate but more friendly, and maybe that's what counts in the long term.
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    Welcome back Capa, we missed your voice of reason and compassion.
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    If you're coming for '29 days in February' then my suggestion is that you come in 2020 not 2019 because February 2019 only has 28 days
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    At 70 now there are days that can get to me, This morning My eldest daughter (Coming up to 49) posted a new cover Photo and it struck me that she and my Youngest daughter are 30 years and some 6.000+ miles apart and May never meet, I have never believed in the Tooth Fairy or the genie in the Bottle So the Best I could do for prosperity is to put them on the same Page soon 49 and a Mother of a 23 year old 19 and gonna break some Hearts I know. Sorry but today, is one of those days when I just sits and thinks. Tomorrow in the Brownout I may just Sit
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    What does it take for a man, without hesitation......want to face death on a daily basis? For many of the warriors past and present, there are veterans among us that have faced that same devil too. Most of my time in the navy was in a relatively safe place. Actually downright comfortable as compared to a muddy foxhole that some of you diggers have endured. Or take a certain RAF bomber pilot-navigator worrying about running out of gas enroute to a bombing run on Falkland Islands. The waters of south Atlantic can be bitterly cold. How about the guys in a pressurized cocoon at or below crush depth, where you wouldn't even have time to say oh f............ Lieutenant commander McCain was on his 23rd bombing mission over north Vietnam when his starboard wing separated from the fuselage as the result of either SAMs and AAA flak. Broke both his arms and right knee as he was ejected violently from his A-4 Skyhawk. During his stay at Hanoi Hilton, he refused the offer of early release. North Vietnam wanted to publicize that offer due to McCain's father was an admiral controlling 7th Fleet. The propaganda failed and McCain suffered more torture for embarrassing the North Vietnamese. Again, what does it take for a man to face death and endure blood gurgling torture for at least 5 years as a prisoner of war? I know I don't have it. You know.....the right stuff. Such an awesome person with courage under fire that characterizes a true and valiant warrior. I salute your sir! Respectfully Jake
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    I did not want to make this Too long but have to tell the story for Impact So Last evening as we sat on the Terrace waiting for the Power to come back my Wife told me about a nephew who got himself in a problem. Seems while he was living at the "Lolas" House with his Elder Brother and the others that are still around now Lola has passed on. He got involved with the Live in helper and she got pregnant(It happens) Anyway, Azons Elder sister (the Now In charge of the family there ) told them to cease their Liaison [ They said no] So she put the Girl out back Home but the Parents did not want a pregnant daughter at Home. They have ended up at the Brother in laws House and now have a baby daughter to Boot. He is a teacher (BIL) and Money is so very tight. I sat and thought about it and whilst Azon and our Sprog were off to Town for a few things. At Dinner I said OK, babe, Jun Jun does not need this so as I have a pension and Interest from Abroad paid Quarterly and is due Oct I will Donate 15.000 peso to the Bayawan Household for Xmas [not a lot but] NO she said, it is not our problem But Honey it is not your brothers fault either ( I blamed the Sister and elder Brother for not being diligent enough here) This Brother has never ever asked for anything and struggles with Money at the best of times so I thought that this would/could make life just that little bit easier over the coming period. I was shocked a little as it is her favourite Brother and what she said after made me think oh I am getting somewhere here about cash. Her last words last night and a little again this morning was Sweetheart Throwing money at a problem is not going to make the problem go away is it? No I said but JOY ( SIL) will end up looking after the child, YES she said and that will give the 2 youngsters time to get out of bed and look for a job then pay their own way. Final Words she said and repeated something we all say, They made their own bed now they lay in it and suffer or get out of it and be responsible. From my Wife that is concrete believe me. Sorry if it seems melodramatic But i was a little baffled at the sense of it But she is Adamant, NO. 10 years on and I think Azon has finally got what I say about things and realised that treating some of the Extended family with Money is not always the best way to go Jack Morning All
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    A little sailing dingy from the USA just sailed past Puerto Galera this afternoon. Judging by the firepower on deck I figure the Philippines has just found oil.
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    Have you ever been caught out with something you did not know but should have? Our daughter is at home this week from Uni in Cebu for the Silliman Founders Week (she was a Silliman High school Graduate) Last night she asked me what a gaggle of Geeses was. [That I knew] but it led me to believe that these whilst trifling little bits of Information, are never taught here( there were a lot she & Mama never knew. [ or me for that matter] So just as some Trivia I came across this and thought OK! maybe it will be of use to members in case they get asked the same sought of question I was asked. So did we all know all the collective names of Animals and Birds? bet there were a couple of surprises in that list, there was for me
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    Sounds like a load of BS propaganda to me which will be used to justify increasing government interference in the economy. A true free market is much more efficient at meeting market demands than government central planning.
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    I should know better but last week I decided I was going to build an outdoor dog kennel for my two dogs. I casually mentioned itn to my partner who in turn mentioned it to our caretakers wife. It turns out her husband has made them before and knows all about them so my partner suggested I use him just so he can earn a little extra money. Within 5 minutes of agreeing he was at my door with his hand out for money for the materials. He shot off and returned within 15 mins with marine ply and nails. I queried the nails as I was expecting screws for a more secure fitment but was assured it's OK. He got stuck in straight away and I was expecting about a 3hr job. The following day he's still hard at work and I commented to my partner that surely he should be finishing by now. Two hours later she tells me he's off to buy a wood chisel to cut holes for ventilation. I told her I'd usually use a drill for holes but why is he even cutting holes? I'd gave him a drawing of the kennel design with a slopping roof that overhung the sides by a good six inches. I'd even made a card board cut out of the sides with triangular vents cut at intervals along the top so the air could circulate but due to the ovehang rain couldn't get in. These he could cut just using the saw. I stopped him in time and got him to cut the triangles. I'd even explained that the entrance needed a small tunnel leading to the main entrance so rain couldn't get in. Two and a half days later he calls me to see the finished article. I briefed my partner that if I said " her daughter will love this" it meant it was bad. Well when I saw it her daughter would have f@@ki'" loved it. He'd sub contracted the cutting to Stevie Wonder I think. The roof joint on top had gaps all along it, it overhung the sides by about 2 inches and each triangular vent was different sizes. The back of the kennel was made out of 5 different cuts of wood with gaps between each one as he'd obviously measured wrong and tried to make it fit, at the top of the back he'd cut a diamond shaped vent hole that a small dog could jump through along with every downpour. The entrance I could almost walk into and there was no tunnel to shelter from the rain. All in including parts which I got receipts for and his 1,200 peso wage it came in at just under 6k peso. To make it worse he'd used 12mm ply for the sides and 6mm for the roof. It's more fun in the Philippines.
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    Pros usually charge money for sex. Cons usually try to rip you off. Hope that helps
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    After three large Rum's and a mic thrust in my hand the place soon empties "I did it my way"
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    There is no way to explain how airlines price their tickets. The math is way too complicated. First thing to do is login "incognito" or erase the cookies in your computer. The airlines know your purchasing habits and they will try to maximize the selling price. Next. Visit multiple sites and leave an information trail without buying. You will start receiving ads and one might be within the price range that is acceptable. The airlines have to fill their seats and it is better for someone to pay half price than fly with an seat empty. Lastly. Check other options. The search engines play favorites and they list preferred carriers (those paying the best commissions). Others are left out, so search less familiar websites. I would also check wholesalers. For example 65% of ALL United Airlines seats from Japan to the United States are presold to two tour operators. These seats are then sold as part of a package tour through retailers. United Airlines offers very little discount for the remaining 35%. The tour wholesale operator has to sell because the seat is already been paid (probably less than $200 round trip). I don't know who are the wholesalers in the Philippines, but there should be one or two per major airline.
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    Deep thinking Jack The World is getting smaller and many paths cross that we think may never happen. I remember in school being taught French ( well they were trying to ) i thought what's the point I will never go there! hahaha Having travelled across the World a few times I sure wish I had learn't some other languages. Be happy, who knows what tomorrow will bring. Regards JB
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    They should change our wedding vow from I do to yes dear.
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    I'm sorry you feel that way. I started working at the age of 16, delivering newspapers before school and as a janitor after school. I was blessed at the time of going to university that the personal computer boom was just starting in the mid 1980's. I even switched majors to get my BSCS, at that time one was either a Electrical Engineer or Software Engineer. I was also working full-time and going to school at night. I worked hard and paid into SSA for 36 years before my illness ended my career.
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    Hi my name is Chris I am quite certain I saw Mr Jordan several month's ago in MacDonalds in Toledo 40 mins from Cebu city. I was with my wife and children at the time. Never forget a face he was with 2 young women. I do have a friend in B.I he's a master founder of the guardians in the PH of which I am a member. Would be happy to assist since I was scammed big time 2 yrs ago.
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    Hey Duma Gang! I know my wife Judy will be waiting for me with a bolo knife....he, he. PS -- I know the text may be fuzzy but it's your vision that may be impaired.
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    Someone needs to ask. How many Arab men asked you for sexy pictures
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    Unexpected fun activity. My wife and sons are visiting Cebu this month. Our Sixteen year old enjoys music playing several instruments was getting bored until they discovered a local recording studio stocked with guitar drums and more that can be rented. Lessons are also available there. Now he doesn’t want to come back home again. Neat things can be found in Philippines for not a lot of money. 350 pesos hr.
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    Wife sorted it with the barangay, she's doing voluntary work as a punishment. Could have had her put in jail as it just counts as theft and depends upon the value of the asset, makes no difference if it's an animal or not. Theft has much harsher punishments here than in western countries. She wasn't a minor, was 18-19.
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    You have a good idea except for this part. As I understand it you will be here as a tourist, with everything in her name, and you are "helping her". There are 2 problems. First, there is too much trust in your fiance but I'm sure you already came to terms with that. Second, you put yourself at risk for being deported for working on a tourist visa. You can tell the judge your story about how you are just helping your fiance AFTER you are arrested and held at the deportation facility in Manila and WHEN you eventually get a day in court. But it won't matter because if it gets that far then the judge has already made up his mind. This is not meant to discourage you because lots of people do what you are trying to do. But they either do it right or they risk someone coming after them. So how do you do it right? Well, there is the 13A married visa but you must be married for that. There is a work permit but I expect you will have difficulty convincing the DTI that you are working for your gf doing a job that a Filipino cannot do. There is the SVEG if you start a business that employs 10 Filipinos. There is the quota visa that means you are a permanent resident here. There is a partnership arrangement that would allow you to get a work permit if it is a business that a foreigner cannot work at. Every young person who comes to the Philippines has dreams of some way to support themselves. So does every young Filipino coming out of college. The one thing they all have in common is they want to start with a little bit of money. That's the hard part. The rule of thumb is: If you want to make a small fortune in the Philippines you must start with a large fortune. So, the good stuff in your post is: Your gf can do things that you must stay right out of. Examples are Sari sari, Ukay ukay, laundry business, water business and many more. If you get caught with your nose in her business it is grounds for deportation, (as a friend recently found out), but she can do it while you go to work. What are the chances she will make a profit? Slim and none but she can try.
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    You guys are gonna confuse the poor guy. He is going to be here 29 days. No need to go in anywhere, anytime. Just fly in - fly out, visa free.
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    I got blocked on the LRT in Manila, as more people got on they stood between me and the door I'm head and shoulders above them and twice their weight. When we arrived at my stop I got off. And I think some of them did also
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    He was what he was So shall we let him RIP without any Political mumbo Jumbo
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