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    Just a follow up on this foreigner living on the street. He did disappear for awhile but been back for a month I guess. Looking bit worse for wear. Anyway my GF and I put together some lunch and a few things for him and walked over to give it not knowing what his reaction would be. He was asleep on the bench and I was busy today so did not want to come back later. I said hello twice and he woke up and slowly rose up to a sitting position. Obviously sleeping on a hard surface is causing some pain. Anyway I said I would like to offer you some food if thats OK. He said Oh thank you very much mate. Not sure if he is Aussie. We wished him a merry Christmas and he did the same and I shook his hand. He was shaking a bit, not sure if from hunger or nerves. I said I might come and talk to you tomorrow and he thanked again and said god bless and we left. So he seemed a nice enough guy down on his luck for whatever reason. Put in a couple of bananas after picture taken.
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    So we had a meeting, as we are all Filipino Dogs and in line with our Human counterparts, we only went for the snacks
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    Mate, you did a good thing and it seems it was appreciated as well. Some of you know my background as a social worker after I left the navy working for homeless vets and from where I'm sitting people don't choose to live on the streets but there they are, making you feel uncomfortable and making excuses not to help them. There, but for the grace of god, go I. No one is immune to gravity. Mental illness is not a choice but we send our sons to war and expect that not to happen. 80% of homeless people in Australia are mentally ill veterans or indigenous first peoples (don't get me started on that). There's been 200 Australians die in Afghanistan and Iraq, there's been 800 that have committed suicide since they returned. Mental illness it not a choice, it's as deadly as a cancer diagnosis. Tom's mate may not have served, but that doesn't matter, he's in a bad situation and that tiny slice of humanity that Tom showed may have saved a life. I have a black dog. I hate him and love him. I have an angry midget that gets it, she saved my life. Are you ok?
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    Has anyone seen Ed since his wife read this post?
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    Hmm.....class distinction in the Philippines? No not really, as compared to India's caste system. But attitude in the Philippines says it all. We have all witness it -- the Filipino aristocrats walking around like their shit don't stink, by saying: "don't you know who I am?" Another trait that is quite apparent is the discrimination against the folks from the province (she's "provencia" meaning lower level on the food chain). Don't forget the attitude against the indigenous people like the Igorots, the Mangyan, etc. And finally, the game of "name dropping". Someone else can explain that. I already mentioned our personal involvement in a post a long time ago, where a possession of a certain business card can get you out of a jam. Anyway, my comments are on the back of this bill. I want some change back, OK?
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    Alex, I don't know how to tell you this but "Quiet" and "Filipino" are mutually exclusive can't be used in the same sentence. Filipinos can be VERY LOUD at all hours and thoughtless of others in the noise they make.
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    And the attitude that because they have the rubber stamp you need to have banged on your form, they deserve a bribe? There's a lot of classism that goes unspoken here. People sense it; know it internally. Like the guys who came last week to clean our AC. We feed and water everyone who spends time here. The guys who deliver our BB boxes get a cold Coke. The old lady and her son who cut our coconuts get lunch. And the AC guys get fed. They respectfully declined a seat at the dining table to eat and instead insisted they eat outside on the front patio. I spent far too long in the trenches as a janitor and a maintenance worker to believe that anyone is above or below anyone by virtue of anything other than their character and the idea that people might think they're not good enough to sit at my table bothers me. But what can you do?
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    Top advice, something for all of us to consider..... or even to reconsider.
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    Is there a class distinction in Philippines? While chatting with a lady at a party a few days ago she inquired about life in UK, knowing she was in banking, I explained the difference between the London financial sector and its salaries compared to the cost of living in London. When I informed her that she may not be able to employ two house-maids on a Bank Managers salary in UK her reply....."Well I don't do dishes, does that make me lazy"? There is without doubt in Filipino Culture an air of superiority with more educated/skilled Filipinos, towards their shop assistants and house helpers etc. I have noticed they never seem to thank them, just walk away with their purchases and don't give a second look. House-maids treated with the same contempt, it's what you are paid to do, get on with it attitude. There have been a number of times I have made a point of thanking someone for their help, when I felt my wife's own response didn't quite come over. As a person who was brought up to show manners and respect to others, no matter what their standing, it is something I will never get use to or accept. Jake made a comment about the poverty side of Manila in a previous post, in response, I see that most money is made on the backs of the poor, they have always been exploited the world over and will be continued to be so, it's the way this material world works. Finally I would guess that helpers are more respected and cared for by Ex-pats in their employment, maybe that's why they think we are all rich. Reply's on the back of a $100 bill accepted.....JB
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    The main element that makes up this durable style of envelope is the Manila hemp. The Manila hemp is derived from a species of banana originally from the Philippines, whose fibers are tough. The hemp is then used during the paper making process, similar to how Kraft paper uses wood pulp. So the mystery is solved, the manila envelope gets its name from the hemp in which it is made from. There you go, you're learned something else today
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    There's a reason why concrete is the usual building material. TERMITES. You have been warned. Only po' folks live in wood (or bamboo), because it's all they can afford.
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    I would not bother as you have almost no chance of a result.Put it down to experience and learn from it, don`t waste another big chunk of your life dealing with the system here.
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    Just thought I'd share this experience for those thinking it's the beginning of the year and time to pay for PhilHealth. We went to the 2nd floor of Robinsons in Duma, as we always do. There's a PhilHealth booth there and next to it a place to pay. The place to pay, which we have used several times had a sign that said they were not taking payments. Now I am not sure whether this was a permanent we are not taking payments or just temporary we are not taking payments. "Where can we pay?" I asked and was directed to Western Union. Went to Western Union where my wife paid easily. Went to pay for my foreigner PhilHealth at 17k for the year. The computer came up showing they required another form. I explained I never needed this form before. Sorry Sir, we cannot take your payment without it. Went back to the PhilHealth office and was told I should not need that form; it's for retired employees where employer paid for PhilHealth. The lady was nice enough to close her desk and walk with me to Western Union where she explained that I don't need the form. But their computer says I do, they told her and would not take my payment. Thinking this might just be the girls at Western Union I went downstairs to Robinsons customer service where they take bill payments including Philhealth. They typed everything in and then suddenly said the computer said I needed the same form Western Union asked for. The next day I went to the main PhilHealth office where I had no problems and am good to go for another year. But I thought I'd report this glitch for those intending to go pay at the mall soon. Save yourself a headache and go directly to the main office.
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    But how did you do on the back 9
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    I'm going out on a limb but I think the mayor's office of Baguio is running the midnight oil in selling his approval signature for some of these building permits. Perhaps senator Gordon should look into that. Meanwhile, natural and man made calamities such as landslides and flooding, due to illegal deforestation could result where a whole side of a mountain collapsing and burying parts of the city. It is.....what it is.
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    Judging by some of the reactions I see here to foreigners even if the foreigner Is the victim if it has any outcome affecting a local then the foreigner is to blame as they shouldn't be here in the first place. That said it's not just a Filipino trait. Twice in the UK I've had to approach parents about their children. One pulled a knife on my son and another tried to rob my son. In both cases the Fathers attempted to attack me as it was NONE of my business what their kids do. You just can't fathom some parents at times.
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    I wonder how much it is to have your balls washed?
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    That was really nice of you JGF. As I offered earlier in this thread, holler if you need to band some people together to get the guy on his feet. In the blink of an eye, any of us could be in the same situation.
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    At this stage I do not know his situation but I do now know he is approachable so I will follow up and see what can be done if he wants something done. I already talked to my GF about these mattrest she has stored here, only fairly thin but better than a hard bench. Will see how things are after l talk to him again. Funny thing the other night I was in my watering hole and a Filipina just a tad drunk did not have enough money to pay her full bill. This is a long story but l paid the P230 needed and she was not short of money normally except she did not have her card with her and could not leave without paying. I think I made a friend and I told my GF and she said why did you do that, my answer was that I hope if I was in that situation someone would help me. Now can anyone lend me 50 peso till next week,, please please
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    Wife calls me Hubby and I call her Sweetie. Olivia has no kids and her sisters and brothers call me Ken and there kids call me Uncle Ken. She is adjusting very well here in the United States, except for the cold. She has made a few Filipino friends in our area.
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    Could happen to anyone, I went absolutely mental 5 years ago and got diagnosed bipolar. Just 4-5 weeks of being an absolute lunatic was enough to mess my business up and waste a lot of money. Banned on Amazon & Ebay, website deindexed from Google. Luckily I had a good family and managed to rebuild my business but a lot of people don't have such a good safety net. I never used to believe how bad mental health problems can be before it happened to myself. I'd honestly rather chop my leg off than have another month of that lol.
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    I'll be happy to do this later. Right now, she doesn't' know that I know. More to come.
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    I was talked out of building my Patio and roof of wood, so want for steel, it was also 1000 bucks cheaper for the whole job done in steel instead of wood.
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    Perhaps he can update us on the outcome at school. We had a long offline conversation about this as I have a daughter of similar age and two young daughters who will go to school here. Although I did not start a post about my daughters incident a while back, I did comment on her situation in another post. Like many incidents this is a very long story and I’ll try to condense with the update. Daughter is almost 13 in the seventh grade. Good looking and taller than average student for her age. Of course mixed Phil-Am. First let me state there was nothing physical about her incident. Her group of friends started by teasing her about her American accent and then to calling her racial names. This was done by both boys and girls. Of course she is all girl and a little sensitive and I’m sure when they saw how easy they could effect her, they would continue. She finally reported it to her teacher/advisor on her own without us prepping her. The teacher listened to her but took no action. At this point we requested a meeting with the school principal. After a second request was made two days later it was a Friday and my daughter was so stressed out she refused to go to school. On Monday when she returned to school I sent along with her an absent excuse explaining she was not in school Friday because of harassment and bulling. That finally got some attention and we received a call for a meeting with the guidance councilor. *Note*- I’m still upset that to this date we have never heard a word from the school principal. So after the meeting we were assured the matter would be handled and the students involved would also be interviewed and meetings with their parents. She talked to our daughter later after we left. The next day they talked to several of the students who were involved. Things cooled down and for over a week we thought the issue had been resolved and things were getting back on track. Our daughter started spending more time with other students and avoiding the group causing problems when she could. Then it started again even worse. This was brought on by one of the girls leaving the bullies and confessing to our daughter everything and how they all conspired to lie to the councilor. After a few days the this girl had screenshots of conversations with the other bullies which she presented to us and the school administrators. (Oh, this girl is mixed Phil-Chinese and was also racially mocked and name called until she could no longer take it).This same girl also stated she was jealous because our daughter was so pretty and seemed to have many friends easily. At this point we learned the other parents had never been contacted because the school thought they could handle the issues. After a family friend who’s is a government lawyer made a few calls some action has been taken and the at this point things seemed to have settled down. Our daughter is able to focus on her studies and is doing well. I think everyone has learned some lessons here and especially our daughter.
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