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    This week Elizardo, a local carpenter, fashioned us a new bench of his own design out of a heavy duty locally grown bamboo that grows wild nearby. Great craftsmanship and very comfortable too! It's always amazing to me what a talented person here can sometimes make with their hands and simple tools. We;ll get it out into the garden soon.
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    My wife and I live is a small gated compound (five house) a short 15 minute walk from the center of Moalboal. Our place is quiet by Philippine standards because it sits off the beaten path and we have direct access to the sea via our backyard gate. I do some wood working , taking care of the yard, and I have a passion for reading (Kindle Unlimited). We partner with several local churches to work with young people, mostly middle school and highschool, but even some as young as preschool. Yesterday we spent the morning with youth from a local school speaking about the value of recycling, composting, and planting trees. Following the classroom time the students walked the school grounds collecting litter and recyclables, dug compost pits, and planted shrubs. It made for a very enjoyable morning. You can find out more about our ministry work here by checking out our web site. I am not sure if it is okay to post the URL, but you can find us by using Google and search terms "Philippines Blessings of Hope Reach Teach Feed".
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    Great idea. I'll start. I wake up in my tiny row house each morning and come downstairs to make a coffee, thinking how it doesn't get much better than this. A tiny house that is about 20 sqm upstairs (bedroom) and 20 sqm downstairs (living/dining/kitchen). When I look out the window, I see a guarded subdivision full of "entry level" row houses with middle-class Filipinos living at close quarters. I look to my left and see the mountains and I know that walking the other direction will find me on the beach in 20 minutes. Its 20 minutes to drive to downtown Dumaguete where I can find all the shops I need and meet friends. I see floods in Dumaguete every year or two that remind me of the one OMW described recently. Those floods don't make it all the way out to my subdivision so I must have chosen well. I like being a 20-minute walk from the airport and a 15-minute walk from the ferry terminal so traveling is easy. And I am going to stop now so someone else has a chance to write.
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    We had four guys over to work on a project for us. Two of them worked on our house so we trusted them. At the end of the day on Sunday, with the project yet to be completed, my wife approaches me: "Honey, can I give the men your bottle of Bacardi Gold?" "Why?" "One of them is having a birthday today and they don't have money to celebrate because I won't pay until they're finished." "Well, Tata and Jason are good guys. Okay. But you know if you give them a bottle of rum today, they won't be here tomorrow." "No, they won't drink it all." Monday morning arrives. "Menchu? Where are the men?" "You were right, honey. I gave them the rum and they didn't show up." "Well, that's all right. It's not a very nice day to be worki - Wait! I was WHAT?! "Shuddup, honey."
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    Well in the video I posted earlier you can see that my wife and I are quite secluded. We are the only inhabitants on the island and only accessible by boat. We have lived here almost three years as it is the worksite of the lobster hatchery facility I am building. Our closest neighbors all live on lobster huts among the mangroves. We are located on the Northern most point of Mindanao Island 600 meters off the mainland. To say is quite here at night is an understatement, sometimes when the water is calm and there is little breeze it is so silent that you can almost hear the Earth breath. My wife operates a small day-resort which consist of 14 little bungalows and a small sari-sari. The location is quite popular with the locals which feels the air with children laughter and family revelry which give the place a special positive energy. Then as dusk begins to settle in the customers leave and once again the quite of the evening creeps in. Then my wife and I will often sit in one of the bungalows and watch the fishermen pass by as the night moon rises. Sleeps are tranquil as there are no un-muffled motor bikes, blaring speakers and screeching off-tone karaokers. As the dawn sun begins to laminate the sky the sound of returning fishing boats begin to break the silence. Often stopping to display they nightly catch which is special as often the catch is still breathing. We get first choice before it reaches the wholesalers who then deliver it to market. We prepare breakfast and sit either on the open porch or in one of bungalows and drink coffee or hot tea as we eat the morning meal. We simply enjoy each other's company as we plot our daily itinerary. To go to town requires a two-way boat-ride using either a local service or our own boat. This depends on what needs to be accomplished. Example: We live approximately 14 kilometers outside of Surigao City, so if only a short trip into the city which does not require carrying back loads; then we simply paddle boat to the little town directly across from us, and pull out our service motorbike (depends on weather conditions). If I need to go into the city for supplies or hardware (or the weather is foul) we will take a boat service over to the next town and catch a hubble-hubble bike to and from the city. I like the hubble-hubble services as they take you where you want and having side racks and hard-tops allows them to lash loads onto the bike frames. They can also travel roads inaccessible to tri-bikes or multi-cab services and 24 kilometer round-trip for 2 passengers with a load costs only 240php. Now if we are needing to go into the city to purchase restock for the sari-sari or large bulk hardware items we pull out the 34-footer and boat to the city and just deliver the purchases to load them onto the boat. We also use 34-footer to take trips over to the Dinagat Island farm which is only a one hour ride from this little island. I like traveling here as the rides are scenic and has an air of adventurism about them. I get to enjoy plenty of fishing and boating in and around the mangroves and little islands. I also enjoy building this lobster hatchery I designed and the various interesting projects needed for this venture. I have been construction a floating bamboo net platform which is now almost completed. In fact my wife just purchased 13 Algal-juvenile size lobsters from one of the neighboring lobster hut, which we dropped into the 'nursery net' of the platform last night. I need to finish making the other larger nursery net and we will able to order our first batch of 100 or 200 pueruli size fingerlings, which for us is quite exciting because we have waited three years to reach this point. I also just completed a small bamboo prototype of a floating lobster 'Pueruli' trap which will be used to live-capture lobster fingerlings for our 'grow-out' nets. I will be receiving a couple of loads of a special size dwarf bamboo needed to complete four more units of those bamboo traps. I also had two bamboo log pieces delivered last weekend so tomorrow I will be drilling holes in them to make my first two Vietnam style 'Coconut Log' pueruli traps so I certainly have enough to keep me active and productive. I will be adding these additional projects on the threads sometime next week so those interested in lobster production can view them. This style of living may not appeal to many viewers, but for the old horticulturist it is the ideal lifestyle for us.
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    We find it very rewarding. My wife has a masters in teaching and is really gifted in relating to and teaching youth. We were commissioned by our home church, Grace of Christ Presbyterian in Yakima Washington just before I retired and we moved to the Philippine five years ago. We are also both associate staff (non-paid) of Navigators Philippines, CHAI. We work primarily with and through church groups that either have or desire to create a youth ministry. My wife has also gone out into different puroks to bring together and work with groups of children. Doing so is a careful process of first meeting with a barangay official, then meeting with parents, and then actually interacting with the children, followed by monthly meetings with parents. Blessings of Hope has also been able to sponsor children with school scholarships/tuition to include one college student who graduated this spring with her degree in criminology law enforcement. We are very careful not to tell the youth that any one church is the "correct ,true, or best" church, but rather a message that God loves them, cares deeply for them, and has good plans for their future. While we do not hesitate to share the good news of the gospel, our primary goal is to instill within youth the knowledge and incentive to make good decisions about their future and to make it an enjoyable experience. Our inspiration and direction comes from the book of Jeremiah, chapter 29, verse 11 (New international version): "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
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    Sorry to hear of your loss. When it happened to me, years ago, the police told me that the older villains send in kids through small openings like that. The kids cannot tell what is really valuable, they just know what they have been told to look for. That made sense to me as kids are small. At least it did until one day we were locked out and my 21 year old filipina partner said "I can get in through that window" and she proceeded to do a better job than a monkey would do. In my opinion, your small loss was an inexpensive lesson in just how bad the crime can be when we are not vigilant. DISCLAIMER: Living in a guarded subdivision with zero crime for the last 4 years has caused me to let down my guard. I know I should do all the things we all recommend but it just does not seem urgent until someone actually breaks in. Hope the rest of your day goes well.
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    Here is an update on the progress.We were let down by the supplier of roof sheets so the house was held up a bit but we will be moving in at the end of July.
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    I am a retired Army Colonel who spent his entire career in the Combat Arms in the Infantry, Cavalry, and Field Artillery. I returned from deployment in 2010 and my American wife divorce raped me (same thing happen to many of my friends). I spent about five years trying to date American women (AW), and finally decided that feminism and PC, and #metoo movements and all the other American BS has ruined any kind of relationship chance one might have in America. I turned to overseas dating. I first started in Russia and Ukraine, and I dated several women from Russia, and I flew to Ukraine and spent ten days and dated around 5 different women in Ukraine. I never felt that I could fully trust these Russian and Ukraine women because I saw many of the same things in the Russian and Ukraine women that I saw in AW. I came back a year ago from Ukraine, and decided to move my search to the Philippines. Wow, what a difference it is in the Phils. I was chatting with about 5 women and over several months I moved to just chatting with one woman. I am 56 years old and she is 30 years old. She is in Zamboagna and we video chat at least twice each day and we send text messages all thru the day. I am flying to Manila in September to see her for ten days. She works as a nurse in the local hospital there. I find her to be very mature and sweet and kind, and we just click well together. I am very thankful that I moved my search to the Philippines. I found this Blog from Dave who sent me the link. I will keep you posted on how our relationship moves and flows. Thanks for a great Blog to learn from.
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    Oh it IS a Puppy, I hope my new Boy Grows into those ears: Took a little while but the others are getting used to him
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    Dearest Members I have just finished work for the day here in Abu Dhabi and am now chilling before going to the airport to fly in 6 hours to Manila. Lucky for me I am flying on a Staff Ticket from my Employer, Etihad Airways so Business Class here I come. I can't wait to get to our house and have 2 weeks relaxing. Wife and Mum and Dad are on their way to Manila from Isabela to collect me at 1200 lunchtime Manila time tomorrow. Have hired the van and driver so we can relax (and drink) on the way home. I look forward to sharing some pictures with you all and have bought a new drone so will try and get some arial pictures of the house if I can stay sober enough to use it!! Anyone near Santiago City, give me a shout, the beers are on me and flights too. Paul
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    I've just seen what happens when a Foreigner says something that gets taken out of hand. I'm on a Facebook members section to do with things to buy and sell in the local area. A few days back a foreigner posted that he had arranged to meet a seller to purchase some goods. On arrival it turned out what he wanted wasn't available but the seller had brought similar but not the same items. He pretty much said she had wasted his time and was untrustworthy etc, etc. Well this lit the blue touch paper and within seconds the libel accusations were flying with threats of court action, deportation and some slightly more serious threats. Not just from the seller but her rather large, extended family joined in and before you knew it foreigners as a whole were getting vented at. I recognised some of the locals names and most are in businesses that make money from foreigners. It made me realise that although a lot of people smile at you and say hello underneath there may be slightly different thoughts. Tread carefully out there.
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    Some of us members might write a little more sometimes about where and what type of area we live in while spending our time here. I see many posters, and know that they might also live in Cebu like me or on Luzon, or in Mindanao etc. I'd love to know a little more about members, and where they live in the Philippines, the weather they experience, the neighborhoods, whether they're in a city or town or out in a rural area. impressions about your place, and how one might spend their time. Even people we know more about, could share an aspect of their day or life that I'll bet would be interesting. That way I could visualize where you might be whenever I see your comment or reaction comes up. Anyone who'd like to share some info would be much appreciated by me especially. No big specifics needed, but just so that I could put a locale or setting in my mind when I see your name or face come up. Folks who live abroad but spend time here--it would be nice to hear your impressions and insights too, about the place that you spend your time while in the Philippines. It's a way for me to feel closer to you all in some small aspect. Only folks who care to share though. Even any pics of your place or locale that one might like to share, would be fun to see. Thanks! Queenie
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    Hahaha Thanks for the kind words Jake. Sometimes I think back on all the things that I've experienced here as a woman, and I have to smile about it all.. I think that sometimes I have to be braver than I'd like, but it's all worth it. One of the reasons I came back was because I wanted more experiences I think! No--I don't drink that often, but the locals here in my old place know that I can still hold my liquor better than they all can. (That excludes my lambanog experience of course!)
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    We live outside the city of Koronadal, about 2km. Our home is built in clay blocks with a wrap around verandah. Our plot is one of a few that have recently been converted to residential from agricultural. It's situated around 400m from the road in a two hectare area. Besides our house, we were the first to build, there is a German guy opposite us and over to the side a couple of plots away the vice principal of the local senior high is in building mode as I write. All other plots are undeveloped as yet including the few others that have been purchased. The land is made up mostly of fruit trees, mostly coconut, banana and two types of papaya, native and chinese. There are other trees and bushes as well including mahogany, nara, pepper and some coffee amongst others. It very much has a jungle feel to it that I love, lots of birds in the garden and big frogs with a strange hollow sounding croak, almost like a laugh. We have two Labrador/Retrievers, a golden and a black one, they were 2 back in April and a cat my partner had before I invaded her sanctuary! We have no proper road laid, the nearest real road is around 1km away. We have lived in this place 2 years today and both love it here. We have always used tricycles and public transport to get around but a couple of weeks ago I bought a new Mio Aerox, orange, which opens up more possibilities for us regarding beach visits etc, over 50km away.
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    Wow Queenie that looks very nice. A woman who I have been chatting with from near CDO sent me a picture of some bamboo furniture she recently had made. Looks similar to that. It is amazing what some of these craftsmen can do with limited tools and natural products. She told me it cost a little under 5000 pesos for the whole set. labor and materials.
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    We've got a Vios in CDO and the family have the Avanza in Ozamiz and SWMBO has a Mio 125 so I'm not really sure I needed a scooter as well (ignore the blue scooter in the mirror, that belongs to SWMBO's brother). For a while I thought about buying a 'big bike' but I don't think I'll get much use out of it and I'd worry about leaving it unattended if I used it to go to the shops. But I've been riding bikes with manual gears and foot pegs since I was belting around the farm on a Bombadier 50cc when I was a kid and I've owned almost 50 motorbikes since then, currently my ride in Oz is a 2017 HD Street Glide. I just can't get used to sitting with my feet on a flat floor and just twisting a throttle (like with the Mio), it's easy enough... but it just doesn't feel right. But when I was young and broke I rode an early Honda Cub with semi-auto and it was unbreakable and whilst it didn't have a clutch it didn't feel 'wrong' like full auto scooters do to me. So... to make an already long story shorter... I just bought a Honda 125cc Wave Alpha (underbone semi-auto with 4 gears) which is the spiritual successor to the old Honda Cub. I'm sure lots of HD riders wouldn't be seen dead riding something like this but I'm too old and fat to care what people think of what I look like LOL. Right now I'm in Australia sorting out a lease for a property I own here but I'm back in CDO next week., and of course the bike (which had to be ordered) arrived when I'm not there yet so SWMBO took great delight in sending me a photo of it and saying 'your baby has arrived'
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    I guess you've seen my garden and surrounds somewhat , but I could share a little more about my place too! We live in a house that we had built about 5 years ago, that is in northern Cebu, about 2 1/2 hours drive from the city. Our place is on a rather rocky limestone piece of land that is above the sea but also shares mudflats and daily tides. We live along the old national coastal road in a regular barangay neighborhood, but our neighbors are fewer because of the sea and higher cliffs across the road from us. I love my garden, the natural air and sea and peacefulness of our place, but at find rural life at times rather dull.Besides my garden, I enjoy it most when I get get out and talk with my neighbors a little and spend time with our three askal dogs. I have a lot of hobbies that fill my days happily mostly. I do love Cebu and Mandaue Cities and what they have to offer, so I enjoy getting into the city maybe once a week or so despite the long drive. I'm glad to get home at the end of the day though We used to live the next town over from my husband's family, and even though we get along well, we decided decided that being near the sea and a little away from them was a positive for us. Not that many foreigners in our area, so I don't have too much personal contact with expats. I'm okay with that though. I can't imagine being anywhere but Cebu, although maybe a small studio condo in the city besides this house out here would make my life complete!
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    I'm glad I dont live like that to be honest.
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    Well not exactly. Yesterday she finished work just after 6 and as she entered the lobby the guard stopped her. Mam you are no longer allowed to enter the building. She looked at him and said WTF? He says we have a letter from Sir to say we are not to let you in. My GF thinks for a second like why has Tom done this to me? The guard hands the letter to her and she reads it. Who the hell is John she asked, oh says the guard. Your in unit xx20? No we are in xx20. Oh sorry mam, I thought you were her because you looked like her. So your with Sir Tom? Yes, how do you know my boyfriend? I know Sir Tom mam, he been here a long time.
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    Well it had to happen ,I cracked this morning, it was the smell of everything, the rice ,the hot dogs and some red stuff called ham I reached for the oats ,and made myself some porridge yummy porridge with honey and banana ,all washed down with a mug of pg tips ( English tea ) Sorry if I let the side down guys ;-)
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    Wow. If my wife said that I would think she was the one who drank the bottle of Bacardi Gold!
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    That's a very large bunny.
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    Talking of Animals, as many will know we Lost our Big Boy "Shadow" last year and unfortunately another little Shadow not long ago But on Saturday, we fetched a new kid on the Block so welcome "Prince" another member of the Waste brigade, BTW the Lady is the breeder and is the Wife of a good Friend who has Bred Good Belgians ( this chap is a Belgian Shepherd as the others were Malinois.)
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