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    I would not give him the benefit of the doubt or anything else. The problem is that idiots like him give all expats in the Philippines a bad name and also cause grief for those who do have family and go to a Mall or Resto as everyone will imagine the same thing. I applaud the authorities for taking action and I hope others will learn from this and eventually we may be looked upon as proper expats, wanting to live in a beautiful country, with our friends and families and not as sex tourists. Just my opinion. Paul
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    I have put this here because I feel it is an Area that sometimes gets overlooked especially if you want to build in the provinces and the Roads are as mine still earth ( and there are many) When we bought the Lot ( I say we because it is an us thing as in we are Married and share what we have) the Road was quiet, now for a Reason I posted some time ago it has got busy and gets Waterlogged and can be dangerous, the Out Road is now open again so we decided that as it is quiet again we will Repair Anyway Some may remember that some 6+ months ago I applied to Concrete some 60 meters of barangay road as it was getting Muddy and dangerous, I live on a Junction and a hazard to get in and out of our gates. the Application was turned down because the City Council had not made the necessary exact markings of the said Road and there were things to be done, canal dug, Electric Poles to move etc, So we applied again and this time they said No budget We had the Poles Moved at our Expense and Have dug the canal where the Problem was. We asked that we repair the Road. OK go for it was the Captains answer. As Friday (Yesterday) was a holiday here in We went to the Buglasan festival and had a night out before we embarked on Fridays project. They say Pictures speak louder than Words so I will let the Pictures tell the Story. Thank you for Reading and a Reminder to check the Roads in all weathers if you want to buy in the Province where the Barangay Council can be a little slow in the Job they were Elected for Project Completed all safe and Sound ( For Now) Many Thanks from the Captain and neighbours and a job well done by the Lads that worked Hard ( and Fed and Paid well Hope the Weekend is going well for you all Jack and Her indoors
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    Yesterday we decided to have run on the bike so some info here maybe of use to anyone having time to spare while in the area. Although we started from San Carlos of course can be done from some where in between. Rode up eco highway to prosperadad where a friend of mine owns Jillias resto, close to the over hyped Mayana peak. He offers European and local food at very reasonable prices plus magnificent views. After filling tummies up rode on up through Don Salvador where one can choose from the numerous little coffee shops popping up. Some very quaint and sweetly decorated, no coconut trees here, generally around 24c. Arriving Murcia we turn south on the Murcia Bogo road where the pic can be seen of the kids swimming with the carabaos, turning onto the Maao road and on into the delightful little town of La Carlota. One will see from the pic the coffee shop of Norma, the son (manager)of the owner is a friend of mine and tastefully decorated this shop. Great coffee, ambience and low costs. Leaving here after another lunch, onwards to Canlaon national park via La castellana ....Canlaon Rd. Nice sweeping bends making it excellent for motor cycling and offering expansive views of Mt Canlaon and the vast sugar cane fields, very picturous area here. Unfortunately yesterday low clouds so no pics of the mountain how ever still one of my favourite rides. Arriving Canlaon town as always we enjoy our buko juice at F&C but for once did not eat their excellent and reasonably priced food. Often here fresh strawberries are available. Departed here after 30 minutes and like always enjoyed the windy roads down to the main highway, and the run back to San Carlos. KMS done 190.........Total time with numerous stops 4 hours. To the mods....I mention these restos only to advise fellow posters we find them the best in the areas, price wise and quality wise. Although I know the owners I have zero interest financial or otherwise.
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    So for the last few days of my trip to the Philippines we headed back to Cebu and Mactan Island. We ended up back at the Crown Regency but found a condo in one of their towers that was cheaper than Hotel rates. Nice 2 level condo with everything we wanted plus more space. Found it through was very happy with the response from the owner and still had access to all the amenities of the hotel. Our time here was to give us time to relax and slow down before I had to leave but we did get in some activities around the city. we visited there casino here and had a pleasant surprise when We hit a jackpot of over $600 usd Better then I have done in the states hahahaha). We spent one day just walking around Osmena Blvd and Osmena circle. The city was pretty vibrant and I enjoyed the hustle and bustle. I was able to experience my first time in a Ukay Ukay to say the least it was interesting seeing how inexpensive things were (but nothing to fit a foreigner). Also at night I had my first experience seeing all the street food vendors hawking all there different offerings. From chicken pork and other exotic things. The girl who I was with tried to me to try Balut but just wasn't enough alcohol for me to be that adventurous. lol. We did find a nice place in Robinson's Cybergate to eat called PHAT Pho a Vietnamese Restaurant We ended up eating here 2 times and food and service were excellent. One night we did the Sky Experience right there in Tower 3 of Crown Regency. It was a pretty awesome experience taking a ride around the outside of the building in a car on rails tipped forward over the edge. Also did a walk around the outside of the building harnessed to a cable the views at night were spectacular and breathtaking. The next day we did the touristy thing and ventured out to Magellan's Cross and Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu. It was quite the experience for me being in this Beautiful and old church. My late wife was a devote catholic and I could feel her presence with me here. Kind of gave me a little more closure and peace when I lit a candle for her here. We then took a taxi to SM Seaside for a little shopping and dinner. This place was HUGE I couldn't believe the size and the amount of stores here. Did find it to be more expensive in there prices even more then what I found at Robinson's Cybercafe. We ended up eating at a place in the mall called Raphael's Sports Cafe in SM Seaside. What a disappointment. Slow service and the food was not up to par. Dry overcooked burger and wings very dry. The next day we again just walked around Cebu and ended up at Maya Mexican Restaurant near The Crossroads, Cebu. Food here was not bad but expected better from the reviews. Might have been just our experience because of a Friday night and the place was pretty crowded. Did enjoy my gin and tonic with an actual lime instead of calamansi. Also the Camarones fajita was not bad. On my last full day and night in the Philippines with moved to a nice small place over on Mactan closer to the airport. We found a nice condo thru Booking.com called A Clockwork Orange. This was a nice spacious condo that someone put a lot of effort into clean newly decorated and nicely furnished. Would definitely re-book here. During the day we made a trip out to Lapu Lapu Shrine and Magellan's landing. Almost bought a guitar there. But didn't have room to bring back with me, Maybe next time I will do it. Did end up buying some souvenirs to bring home for my daughter tho. We found a nice small rest along the road that we able to get some very good food grilled prawns a crab some chopped suey and rice all for under P1200 including a couple of sodas and beer. Later that night we went to Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino Mactan to see one of her friends who was staying there to meet her husband who was returning from Australia. This place was pretty Modern with a large Lobby that you can sit and have a drink or snacks in. Got my second Gin and tonic here served with Lime again. I will have to check it out for my next trip and see about staying overnight here as it being right next to the airport. Actually can walk from the hotel to the Domestic terminal using a bridge so very convenient if flying domestic flight. Sunday October 7th departure day up early to get to the airport and start my 32 hour journey home. Again flew EVA air from Cebu to Taipei to LAX then Jet-blue from LAX to Buffalo. My flight on EVA was nice but Jet-blue was packed again. Need to find a different carrier for my flights inside the US and stay away from Jet-blue. So my first trip was a huge success for me and I had an experience of my life. I will definitely be returning to these beautiful islands soon. Only thing I didn't enjoy was anytime we tried to eat at somewhere that was American cuisine. Ended up really liking all the different foods we ate from Pancit Canton, Adobo, Lechon, all the fresh seafood prepared Filipino style. Even tho I usually don't eat rice while at home I did find it to be something I enjoyed there with vinegar, soy sauce and hot chili peppers. Again as General MacArthur proclaimed "I came through and I shall return". I know this trip was just a vacation type trip and not one to see if I would like to settle down here. But from my prospective it is leading the way in my future home. Sorry for such a long post but wanted to document my travels on here and really could have even made this longer from all that I saw and experienced. I will attach some more pics from this trip in the proper place. Thank you for reading this and indulging me. As they say "It's more fun in the Philippines". Magandang gabi Mark
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    British caught traveling with minor, nabbed A BRITISH national was arrested at 4 p.m. Thursday, October 18, for bringing a 14-year-old Filipina girl, who is not his relative, to Puerto del Sur Port in Barangay Liloan, Santander, Cebu. The suspect was identified as Sebastian Lai Cole, 33 while the girl hails from Barangay Madridejos, Alegria. Investigation showed that Cole employed the girl as his tourist guide in Dumaguete City. He also asked the girl to accompany him for the renewal of his Visa. The tourist police and anti-trafficking-in-person officer spotted the foreigner at Puerto del Sur Port with the minor who had no relatives accompanying her. The girl was turned over to the social welfare office in Santander. A provision in Republic Act 7610, or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination, prohibits a foreigner in company with a minor who is not his relative. (KAL) https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1769824
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    George Washington, the nation's first president and leader of the American Revolution... Abe Lincoln, who led the North through the Civil War... Alexander Hamilton, founding father, first Secretary of the Treasury and leader of the constitutional convention... Andrew Jackson - "Old Hickory" - fought the British in New Orleans... Ulysses Grant, Union North army general in the Civil War... Ben Franklin, genius inventor, political theorist and leading author of the Constitution... Finally, we have someone to put on the food stamp...
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    laugh I could have laffed me sox off, We got a Late text yesterday, late Afternoon from the errant sprog who announced MA! I have just landed in Subulan can Dad come pick me up ( She is at University in Cebu) Ok so Ma is happy to have said Sprog home for a while, Me ? well silly food is not available when she is not here, so there will be a moan, Internet usage will practaly double, She will spend most of the time OUT! No! says my Wife, YES! say I and I will make bets now it will be ; Home, bags left on sala floor till we move them, Dirty washing in the Bin, Straight to the Fridge for Food nigh on as soon as she has spoken to the Dogs. YEP 500 peso so easily won. How do you know these things said Azon. Easy Honey, been there and done that plus I have 3 other daughters that did exactly the same thing. Moral; Filipino Children are NO Different to any other Children wherever they are from From the Sprog, Hi Dad, missed you. From me. Hi Princess missed you too When are you going Back? So to sum up, although we love to have here here ( on not here) it can be a testing time and as I write this, it has just got up and announced DAD can I go to the Beach with Cousins. another 100 peso won Jack Morning all from the Petersons
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    Only issue I have is my Girlfriend doesn't like me talking to my wife on Facebook messenger.
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    This is only a small scam, but one I would like to share. Many of us buy from Lazada and the site itself is not a scam. BUT they let the shippers set their own price of shipping and some shippers have figured out how to scam the customers for a few extra pesos through false advertising. Here are screenshots of a small example: WOW. Free shipping. We don't see much of that anymore. I double checked to see the location to ship to is correct and yes, it says free shipping to that address. So I click Buy Now. Wait a minute, the shipping now changes to 217 pesos. Its not much, but it is a charge that they add on as a scam. So I corresponded with the seller and they fixed the problem. Here is how: 2 Morals here: If you are caught with false advertising then change the advertising. and TWO: Consumer beware, especially with Lazada Shipping Charges in Philippines. NOTE: The seller says it is a Lazada problem so I did not mention the seller in print. But you can see them in the screenshot. I ordered anyway because it is a small amount but people you really need to be cautious as I have had friends who have seen approximately 1,000 pesos difference once Lazada "adjusts" the shipping price from the one advertised. Buyer Beware.
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    I was googling videos of the US Navy Blue Angels as I celebrate another birthday for the US Navy and US Marine Corp. Of course, they are all extraordinary -- not the machine but the brave men and women operating these beautiful war machines. One video caught my eye, to the point where I had to hit replay several times. You RAF flyboys were the first ones to design sex in your sexy airframes: I salute you Jack P. As they say in SoCal.....hey, nice ride Bra!
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    Update on Tarzans hut
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    Well as it's bragging time about one kids , here my grandaughter at 10months 2 weeks , walking her first steps today VID-20181025-WA0000.mp4
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    Are you referring to the "Double Breasted Bed Thrasher"?
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    Hello all. I don’t know if this will help zero persons or twenty so I will just provide the information. Ok? I have an app called “HUSHED”. It provides a local phone number in authorized countries. If you have a VPN active you can sign up for a voip phone number in any home country they service. It is $30 a year. If you are from, for random example, New York, but actually living in Philippines, you can get a New York phone number with voice mail, text. Not just your country but your region. A pretend regular phone number that actually works. Now here is the killer. If you are able to access the “ Groupon” app. first, they are running a special. Instead of $30 a year it offers a promo of $25 for life. Just be careful, the “HUSHED” app has flaws. Read the reviews. Also, I found a possible sneaky TOS. Must use the Hushed app at least one minute every six months not to loose the deal. Just call a closed business or send one text. That covers six months. I am avoiding the easy to find links because I am not sure if they are frowned upon here. Go to Groupon, if you can. Search Hushed. Use VPN to look like you are in a country the service is offered. I used a U.S example but don’t let that throw you. If anybody is interested: Turn VPN on. Access Groupon site. Get Hushed Promo. Sign up with Hushed. $25 one time. You can then send and receive via that number on wifi. Just throwing ideas out there hopefully one is usefull. 🙂
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    That was something I had to explain to my girlfriend... I could not be left alone with her 14 year old niece. After we were married, she is my niece, but not before. She told me I did not need to follow that law, but I chose to anyway. Since we were all living together in a family compound it probably would have been ok... but better safe than sorry.
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    I have posted about this before but it is again that time of year! Our local Halloween house, hosted by an "American", has again gone all out with his display! This year he has added a Halloween maze for a p75 entrance fee that goes to charity. Probably too scary for the little kids so we did not go in. Last year we heard the creepy girl in the swing say something like "I want an old man", which may or may not be correct. Regardless, it stuck in our heads. For the past few weeks, our 4 year old kept saying she wanted to go see the "I want an old man" house, so we stopped by Friday. They must put in hundreds of hours setting this up! Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Cpe1ch8RKf9iQ44V6 .
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    Bantayn Island 🌴 is awful Jack. Never go there. Place totally sucks it’s so bad we plan to spend summers there in the near future.
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    Thank Goodness this is my daughter But it has been mentioned
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    As soon as envelope arrived at Fed Ex Lapu2 the delivery was online for next day delivery. I reached a live person in the office. (Three hours to find real number.) I told them very nicely five slightly different ways I would be very appreciative if they would have a delivery person call me ASAP. My phone rang fast. The envelope got picked from the batch, I assume. One day early and at 1pm it showed up. I learned my lesson in the past—- that the fnal leg of the journey is the weakest link with a glorified hubal hubal driver in charge. Not this time. Smooth as silk. Gratitude expressed to the driver. Thanks for the advice above.
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    In my opinion It's like most things in the Philippines - the population don't like to complain against authority so anything goes
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    The average pinoy doesn't need bliseringly fast internet. As long as they can load facebook all's well in the world.
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    Quick update, just landed back after our honeymoon, and asked the passport control for a year visa as I'm now married, he asked for the wedding certificate. But we did not have it, as we applied the day before we left, but showed him the receipt for the 200 peso we paid to get it approved in the local town hall (it's ready now and will get tomorrow) , which he was happy with, and got a 1 year stamp free of charge
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    Sounds like masonry putty. A very fine mixture of cement and some other ingredients. This is used as the final coat for hollow block construction. It gives a very fine smooth surface and also fills any hairline cracks. When completed by a good mason the final result will look just like a plastered wall.
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    They will be having friends around next maybe
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