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    Its funny reading this, and i too have not retired from work and that monthly income. Being here in Europe there are so many wonderful places to visit and stay a week or so, and this can be done quite cheaply too. Maybe i am lucky showing Emma the places that people are talking about and being able to afford to do it too. I am looking forward to seeing many places in the Philippines and not just for a holiday but if its nice why not stay a few months, there is also Australia too, its to far from here but from the Philippines its just like flying to the Canaries i think. Each to there own and what suits one does not suit another, i cant wait to not think about work for 5 full days each week, but for now it takes us both to the places and the future places we may have on our bucket list. Venice, Florence and Pisa this coming October/ November for our wedding anniversary, then New York sometime in the near future as Emma says she would like to see it, and we all know what Emma wants Emma gets , but then again i get all i want too except retiring sooner then i promised her.
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    I thought that was the standard and I always included one.
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    I'm looking forward to travelling around both the Philippines and south east Asia when we retire. We did Rome and Venise 3years ago for my 60th. We have travelled California extensively with a cousin who lives in Sacramento. This Sept we land in Seatle and leave from New York 3 weeks later.
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    Sometimes Steve! Part our last trip across Europe we took in Venice, I think you and Emm's will love it. hope this is allowed.......graphic photos..... Our trip to Europe August 2016 | Flickr
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    I have a 16 year old stepson and this is what I plan for him Finish high school, participate in sports followed by college and a a financially secure future.
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    Yes welcome to the world of the internet, its a scary place. I was talking to a few ladies and like i have said before, " it was like being in the best candy shop in the world" and i could chose everything, but it was my willy choosing not me. I was speaking to Emma for nearly 2 years before we met face to face and seven months later she landed in Manchester and this year we have been married 7 years .
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    I am more active here than I was in the US. Back in the old country I just lived on the internet. Here... well... I still spend too much time online... but I also do a lot of walking. I try to do 3-6 km a day. I go to the beach, the mall, just wander the city. I live on a rice field and it gets boring out here, so I go find something to do. I do a little charity work but money is tight. And there is always tagay & pulutan! I love to travel but am not yet retired. In a year and a half I can finally retire and have a little more money to travel with. That will help a lot!
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    Hi all, So as the time 'till my retirement gets closer and closer I've done a lot of thinking about how I will be spending my time. I've always thought that you need a plan to avoid possible boredom. I've seen many retirees die pretty quickly after retiring and I've often wondered why. Seems to me that retirement should be some of the best in quality of life. And this is something I've been planning for since I got married to my wife 31 years ago. So I thought "what are some things that I enjoy doing right now and what are some things I've always wanted to do, alone as well as with my wife." I enjoy gardening on a regular basis. My wife and I enjoy golf, swimming, reading, working on home projects and fishing. My wife and I both enjoy traveling, both locally and internationally. I've always wanted to write my own books and screenplays. Not so much for personal gain as for my own enjoyment and to see if I can do it. I've always wanted to learn Philippine martial arts such as Kali. I've wanted to become fluent in tagalog. My Filipina wife enjoys volunteering and taking art classes. So I foresee an active, stimulating as well as relaxing retirement. What do you all so it foresee yourself doing or are doing in the Philippines so you have the best quality of life possible?
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    Yes, you both are very lucky. Very fond memories to look back on later in life.
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    Beautiful pictures! I've been to a few of those places and seeing them again makes me miss living in Germany! I'm hoping we can do a Europe trip in 2020. You took a picture of my Corvette! Almost. I think that one you saw was a Z06 and mine was a 2007 standard model. I sold it to a guy in Berlin area when I came home. Great on the autobahn! More fond memories of over 300kph! Here are the pics from when I sold it. https://goo.gl/photos/qYZ4rXmz9WHVHwQR6
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    My stepson arrived in the UK aged 18 months and he is just starting his final year of a masters at Durham University here in the UK. The world will be his oyster, I don't see a future for him in the Philippines.
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    If people have money to burn on Pay sites or pay within a free site, they would be far better off just catching a Flight here and Tour around, They will be found by those that are wanting a man and then people can do everything in person Remembering that old saying " A fool and his money are soon Parted.)
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    Hello and welcome. You've been married to a Filipina now for 31 years and you're in Washington State now. You and her are both lucky. Have you ever been to the Philippines? I assume your wife has family here. Your wife has had the opportunity to see your homeland and now it is time for you to see hers. I'm not retired yet but I am married to a Filipina and plan to live in California when I retire. I want my wife to see my home country and all of its many different places of interest. I want her to meet my family and friends and they are anxious to meet her. Looks like we are going in different directions with the same goal in mind. Good Luck
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    It can be fun even with some of the wrong ones. As for me I met one on there and am now married with a bun in the oven so beware, you just never know what might turn up when you start poking your nose around far from home.
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    I am set to retire at the end of this year and have been pondering this question for the past five years. I will be set financially, and this could be a curse for me. A life of total leisure would be a recipe for an early grave with boredom and drinking setting in. On the positive side, i could pursue my number one priority - HEALTH. Currently, my work schedule makes it difficult to do my daily exercise. But when retired, i can "eat that frog", first thing in the morning and enjoy the post exercise benefits throughout the rest of the day. Unfortunately, my daily exercise routine, which consists of running, weight lifting and swimming, only takes up at most, 1 hour of my day. As of now, I am contemplating taking business classes, but I am not sure I will fit in with the Filipino college students there. This is a tough question... Be a part time bartender? Seek the filipino culinary arts? Learn Tagalog? Make some babies? still working on it...
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    Retirement is still a ways off for me. First on my list is to get my wife naturalised. Maybe dual citizenship. I have an injury that keeps me from doing anything physical that I like. So, I hope to show my wife the part of the world she has not seen. So, first the continental USA will be a priority. Then, probably some other places around the world. My sisters hint that we could go to Rome and visit the Vatican. My cousin wants to visit Paris. So, travel around as much as possible to put a cap on my bucket list. You will have to decide for yourself if the move to retire and live in the Philippines is what you really want.
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    It would be a lot more fun if you were both working her over at the same time .... Ooops, sorry wrong forum .
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    Internet dating allows one to find someone that they would never find any other way. Some females do not go to the bars or mall coffee shops looking for a date for the night. Some females do not go out at all. Internet dating allows one to filter many to find the closest right one, then skype to further get to know before slippers on the ground. Meeting a girl at 2 AM in a bar or on the street likely will not turn into long term, if that is what you want. A single mum will try to make a relationship last as compared to a young single girl.
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    Hi Gratefuled, I've been to the Philippines many times. I was stationed at Clark AFB for 7 years. I left about one month before Mt. Pinatubo blew up in 1991. She has family in Batangas. What are your plans on keeping busy in retirement?
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    The longer you chat the more you will find out, its fun and when you do find the right one they will be waiting just for you. Dont promise them anything you cant achieve and be truthful to them and yourself . Enjoy
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    Raising a half-American child in the Philippines I am 63 years old and I’m the father of a 9 month old baby boy. This is my second marriage and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be a daddy again at my age. I must say that raising a baby is much easier for me this time around. I have grown children in the USA (from my first marriage) and caring for them as infants was an exhausting experience. However, here in the Philippines, my wife and I have the support of her extended family with caring for our baby boy. I’d be interested in knowing what other parents in a similar situation have done. What kind of future can I realistically expect for my son if I raise him in the Philippines?... or should I plan on moving back to the USA because my son will have a better future there? BTW: I just learned from another topic that I can get a US Passport for my young child.
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    All this talk about making plans for when we retire to the Philippines to keep our minds and body active. So those before us have you kept to those plans that you made all those months or years ago, and if not can you say why. We all make or try to make plans , but as the saying goes " The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry ".
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    After my stay in the US Peace Corps I returned back to the US and my Filipino fiance joined me shortly after and we got married in the US. Within a year we both decided to adopt a child from the Philippines after seeing the many children there without a family. In less than a year we had a new lovely two year old adopted child originally from Davao. He was raised in Rhode Island with us and he later attended university in Philadelphia. We traveled a lot with him when he was a kid so he caught the wanderlust like us, and now lives and teaches abroad in South Korea. He's a great guy and we're very close. Being raised as an American I see a young man who has a different sensibility and set of experiences. Raising a child in the Philippines would have many good advantages too, but also having many differences in outlook and experience. With good parents looking out for a child, I think that there are no real advantages on either side overall though, and in the end we all make the most of our circumstances if we're lucky.
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    Make the plans yourself, not with mice, they will lead you awry. Follow your plan. I did and so far very happy with the results.
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    So cool man. Good to know guys like you. At 56, it keeps my dreams alive to have a family of my own someday.
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    depending on the age of the parent and his income ,university in the UK costs £9000.00 a year ,however if you are in a low income bracket the fees drop , it was £3000.00 a year until quite recently ,i managed to get all 3 of mine on the 3k tarriff .I may be wrong but i think that if you are on a low income then its free ,so if you are retired on money that goes some distance in the phils ,it may be that that same amount gets your kids a free education ,its the hard working familys in the UK pay ,the bone idle do not ,thats not to say that someone on a hard earned pension is part of the job dodger community
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    I guess if money was not an issue I would prefer to have my kids go to school in the U.S. However, for most retirees, we moved here for the lower cost of living. A huge part of the higher cost of living in the U.S. is university costs. Expect to pay at least $30,000 per year at a good university. In the Philippines, a top university will be less than $10,000 a year, and their are a few genuinely good universities. In some countries such as U.K., I think university costs are much less, so going there for school might be a more affordable option than the U.S. The fact is that many of us can't afford to return to the U.S. I retired early at 56 and the only way to do that was to move out of the U.S. My savings & upcoming SS pension are not enough for my family to live my desired lifestyle in the U.S. Healthcare costs are still spiraling out of control with no end in sight. It is helpful that my 2 kids will start collecting social security when I do next year. We plan to save a lot of it and they should have a nice savings account when they are 18. If their dream is to go to university in the U.S., they will probably have the option to do so.
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    Wow that can be exhausting, the equivalent of a 3 mile run. However by the time they are 4 years old, running after them might be a strain!
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    Congratulations Mark! You and I are the same age. Mark you are far from the only man with a newborn at that age. My wife and I have two sons, age ten and fifteen. When we first got married it was our plan that we would retire early and move to Philippines. It didn't take long for us to realize there is very little future for our children living there. So then we thought we would live near Cebu City until they were ready for college then move back to the States. Once again it became clear the advantages of them living here. The Jesuit school in Cebu City would clearly provide an over all better learning experience in most aspects but there are far too many advantages them living in the States. Anyway that was our decision and you and your wife may think differently. One more thing. My nephew is four living outside Cebu City and going to a Chinese school. His mother I think of as my daughter he calls me Daddy (that can be another topic someday) He speaks perfect english with very little accent and is learning Mandarin Chinese now. He can read fairly well and is starting to write too. So there are very good schools in Philippines finding them is not always easy. Good luck! Edit; In regards to the topic HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME IN RETIREMENT we know Marks answer.
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    Hi There's a Chance It's a pleasure to be of any use. How was Santiago City for you? I have a small restaurant there (no name as don't want to advertise on here) and also a Frappacino Concession in the Robinson's Mall. I like the city as have a bit of everything. My house is around 25 minutes from the city near Aglipay. Let me know if you need any help in settling into the area. Paul
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    Isn't this what most expats do here in the Philippines. It's cheap and affordable and takes hardly any physical effort. Oh, and drink San Miguel or Red Horse with other expats or locals.
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    i went over to my best mates place yesterday and hes not too computer savy ,so i got him on DIA at his request ,he was like a kid on xmas morning not knowing which gift to open , we sat in his living room and were chatting to several ladys on our different laptops ,it was funny when the same girl tried to work the both of us at the same time
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    ive been doing my research on the pitfalls of on line dating ,i ditched one site very quickly ,they rang me up offering me discounts on "dating course" and then theres the one at $6.00 an email which offers a discount from its $2600.00 dating tour ,which looked more like a form of sex tourisim. Ive been speaking to some ladys ,and ive discounted a few ,im hoping to put my boots on the ground in a few months for a reccy of the phils. I can see why some of these ladys do not have the time to go out a lot ,i get the impression that they do not have a lot of spare cash ,and i will not send any money for any emergencys that they might have. i will assume that there are lonely guys out there who fall for all this stuff and guys who abuse the system ,if you read the profiles of some ladys ,"please no phots of your package" so i guess that theres a lot of pervy type guys abusing these girls and there are girls who are out for an easy dollar
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    You'll find there's girls that are paid to get guys to sign up to websites that cost you just for emails. It starts on the free sites then they'll message you saying they can send photos etc if you sign up to the pay ones. Ignore those ones straight away. Also be careful of the ones with rug rats. A lot though not all are looking for someone to support them. There's thousands with no kids to choose from.
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    Do you wear a pinny doing those chores John .
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    I had a dabble at DIA today ,it was quite the eye opener , i set the bar at 35-45 and the young ones still tried to chat ,i had one young lady offer to go onto Skype ,then Whats App ,i turned her down , ive been chatting to three single mums and no one has offered me anything untowards or asked for money (so far). I will tread carefully,any requests for money and they are gone. I did have some fun though,no rude conversations just general chat
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    Like yourself I enjoy travel, having visited many European countries since my wife's arrival in UK 12 years ago. When visiting her family in Phil; we always take time out to visit one or two other islands and explore what's on offer sightseeing. I also enjoy photography, walking, visiting national trust properties here in UK. occasional sea fishing, but only when my House boy job permit's
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    I have three kids (that i know of) my eldest two are getting on with their lifes ,both have done their degrees and both are in management ,the youngest who is the brightest , sufferers from depression . As a parent its a worry ,ive gone through sleepless nights with it wondering if she will come out of her room in the morning or if id go in and find her dead. i get to the point where i think that she is leveling out then splat , she hits a downer again , as parents her mother and i support her as much as we can , we keep her financially supported . She was a lovely child then it all changed ,after she had her periods ,then the roller coaster ride started ,believe me guys its a tough one to deal with
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    I like to get a cab over the Skyway to Alabang and stay somewhere like Crimson Resort. Go when the airfares are on special and the hotel is on special. Certain times of year you can get GREAT deals. The traffic is good on the Skyway and in Alabang and there are 3 great malls, an S&R and a REAL IHOP and a load of other stores all within a half hour walk of the hotel. I say that because the Manila taxi mafia works overtime there and they'll hit you up for 150 pesos to drive you across the street. Edit: Its the shipping that will kill you. Last time I picked up a flat of 24 cans of V8 juice and it cost as much to bring it on the plane as to buy it. So a person may want to figure out a way to ship his purchases as the free luggage allowance on the plane sucks.
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    Don't see how you can scrape by on only USD$14,000 every month, you must grow your own food... LOL
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    And it comes in a FREE sandwich baggie WITH straw
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    good luck with your move buddy , im hoping that my house will be sold shortly ,its been one hell of a time trying to unwrap the ex wife and get the house sold ,i first hit on the idea of moving out to the Philipines about 3.5 years ago ,im crossing my fingers that the sale will go through ,i plan on arriving in cebu next January ,first grandchild due in December ,then im planning to retire early in the phills
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    I could just say a "me too" to Mogo's topic but I'll add a few more details about our own journey to the Philippines. He does have us beat by a week or so. We are due to arrive in Dumaguete August 1st (more or less). Our house is sold and the last checkbox toward the closing process is done; so it closes in a week. Will spend a week at a friends house before we take off. We booked a month to month rental apartment, where we were able to ship our BB boxes. There was a hiccup last night. The apartment people sent me an email detailing what I would need to take care of myself (bed sheets, pots and pans). They also told us the apartment has a LAN cable only. Janet, who has gotten used to fast internet and wifi pouted a minute until I reminded her that I would be bringing my wifi router and having worked in Networking for 15 years knew how to plug the ethernet cord into the wifi router lol. Of course I can't solve the speed issues. Unlike Mogo I don't think a bike is in my future but a car is. Also unlike Mogo, I am bringing my slightly rose colored glasses (Maui Jims of course). I think that both he and I feel pretty optimistic about our moves and that's a good thing. There will be plenty of opportunities to feel pessimistic in the future and probably a few people to encourage me along those lines, so starting out with a brighter tint works for me. I too discovered this forum years ago after being frustrated by the general negativity of a couple of other forums. I too want to thank all of you for your well reasoned thoughts and guidance. Now if only my guitar can survive the journey the trip will be perfect!
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    Living the dream is better than dreaming the life. I made it happen and I feel contented.
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    Mogo51 All the best with the move and I am sure the UP'S will be bigger than the DOWN'S. Would be great to hear how it goes now and then. I have my infrastructure in place but not made the move full time yet. Love to hear how it all goes. I am almost your next door neighbour give or take a couple of hundred Kms!! If you fancy a knees up at Christmas my house is your house as I will be there for 3 weeks. Aglipay, Isabela! Please remember the rest of us working towards our dreams whilst you LIVE yours. Especially if you have a bad day. A Bad Day here in the UAE is a really bad one. Paul
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    Yeah, I'm a bit slower in my old age! Look forward to seeing you, Jack, Dave, etc. soon!
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    One good woman with a positive attitude can balance the few people encouraging you to be pessimistic. Such is my experience. (I just realized there are members here who claim to have a great wife and yet their outlook is still pessimistic.) So even when you drop the rose colored glasses, as you will from time to time, just pick them up and dust them off and put them back on. It really is more fun in Philppines. Enjoy your journey.
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    Bauang La Union, just out of San Fernando. Good expat community, good medical and all we need ie. Malls, hodpital etc. Nice beaches nearby, great fresh markets, lots of fresh veges from Baguio area. 5 hrs from Manila by bus, so ok.
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    What? Chickens under the deck and a goat on the front lawn. Don't them 'Mericans understand.
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