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    Hi all, So as the time 'till my retirement gets closer and closer I've done a lot of thinking about how I will be spending my time. I've always thought that you need a plan to avoid possible boredom. I've seen many retirees die pretty quickly after retiring and I've often wondered why. Seems to me that retirement should be some of the best in quality of life. And this is something I've been planning for since I got married to my wife 31 years ago. So I thought "what are some things that I enjoy doing right now and what are some things I've always wanted to do, alone as well as with my wife." I enjoy gardening on a regular basis. My wife and I enjoy golf, swimming, reading, working on home projects and fishing. My wife and I both enjoy traveling, both locally and internationally. I've always wanted to write my own books and screenplays. Not so much for personal gain as for my own enjoyment and to see if I can do it. I've always wanted to learn Philippine martial arts such as Kali. I've wanted to become fluent in tagalog. My Filipina wife enjoys volunteering and taking art classes. So I foresee an active, stimulating as well as relaxing retirement. What do you all so it foresee yourself doing or are doing in the Philippines so you have the best quality of life possible?
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    If people have money to burn on Pay sites or pay within a free site, they would be far better off just catching a Flight here and Tour around, They will be found by those that are wanting a man and then people can do everything in person Remembering that old saying " A fool and his money are soon Parted.)
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    Hello and welcome. You've been married to a Filipina now for 31 years and you're in Washington State now. You and her are both lucky. Have you ever been to the Philippines? I assume your wife has family here. Your wife has had the opportunity to see your homeland and now it is time for you to see hers. I'm not retired yet but I am married to a Filipina and plan to live in California when I retire. I want my wife to see my home country and all of its many different places of interest. I want her to meet my family and friends and they are anxious to meet her. Looks like we are going in different directions with the same goal in mind. Good Luck
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    It can be fun even with some of the wrong ones. As for me I met one on there and am now married with a bun in the oven so beware, you just never know what might turn up when you start poking your nose around far from home.
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    Internet dating allows one to find someone that they would never find any other way. Some females do not go to the bars or mall coffee shops looking for a date for the night. Some females do not go out at all. Internet dating allows one to filter many to find the closest right one, then skype to further get to know before slippers on the ground. Meeting a girl at 2 AM in a bar or on the street likely will not turn into long term, if that is what you want. A single mum will try to make a relationship last as compared to a young single girl.
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    Hi Gratefuled, I've been to the Philippines many times. I was stationed at Clark AFB for 7 years. I left about one month before Mt. Pinatubo blew up in 1991. She has family in Batangas. What are your plans on keeping busy in retirement?
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    The longer you chat the more you will find out, its fun and when you do find the right one they will be waiting just for you. Dont promise them anything you cant achieve and be truthful to them and yourself . Enjoy
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    Do you wear a pinny doing those chores John .
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    I had a dabble at DIA today ,it was quite the eye opener , i set the bar at 35-45 and the young ones still tried to chat ,i had one young lady offer to go onto Skype ,then Whats App ,i turned her down , ive been chatting to three single mums and no one has offered me anything untowards or asked for money (so far). I will tread carefully,any requests for money and they are gone. I did have some fun though,no rude conversations just general chat
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    I like to get a cab over the Skyway to Alabang and stay somewhere like Crimson Resort. Go when the airfares are on special and the hotel is on special. Certain times of year you can get GREAT deals. The traffic is good on the Skyway and in Alabang and there are 3 great malls, an S&R and a REAL IHOP and a load of other stores all within a half hour walk of the hotel. I say that because the Manila taxi mafia works overtime there and they'll hit you up for 150 pesos to drive you across the street. Edit: Its the shipping that will kill you. Last time I picked up a flat of 24 cans of V8 juice and it cost as much to bring it on the plane as to buy it. So a person may want to figure out a way to ship his purchases as the free luggage allowance on the plane sucks.
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    And it comes in a FREE sandwich baggie WITH straw
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    Hi Paul, many thanks, Isabela is a place on the visit list, so perhaps we can indeed get to meet you and share some time. My good friend lives and works in Doha and he has the same opinion of the place. But it is his retirement plan, so he just puts his head down and ar..e up, works long hours and planning for his early retirement.
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    Mogo51 All the best with the move and I am sure the UP'S will be bigger than the DOWN'S. Would be great to hear how it goes now and then. I have my infrastructure in place but not made the move full time yet. Love to hear how it all goes. I am almost your next door neighbour give or take a couple of hundred Kms!! If you fancy a knees up at Christmas my house is your house as I will be there for 3 weeks. Aglipay, Isabela! Please remember the rest of us working towards our dreams whilst you LIVE yours. Especially if you have a bad day. A Bad Day here in the UAE is a really bad one. Paul
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    As you may know DaveWe, there are plenty of talented Filipinos that you can jam with. Perhaps be a member of a band, you singing with a Filipino accent while the Filipinos are belting a song with an American accent. Bon Voyage!
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    One good woman with a positive attitude can balance the few people encouraging you to be pessimistic. Such is my experience. (I just realized there are members here who claim to have a great wife and yet their outlook is still pessimistic.) So even when you drop the rose colored glasses, as you will from time to time, just pick them up and dust them off and put them back on. It really is more fun in Philppines. Enjoy your journey.
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    If the girls ask me who do I think I'm going to please with that? I usually say "ME".
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    I live in Davao City and Mount Apo is very close to us here. Mount Apo is an old volcano that is potentially active. I think they refer to it as being dormant. There are 2 geo thermal energy plants that get their energy from underground hot water. So, what does that tell me? It tells me that something is brewing under the surface. Something HOT. So, if I am lucky to escape a tsunami and a major earth quake, I may not be so lucky to escape hot molten lava fromMt Apo. Oh well, wish I could say " its been fun"
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    Unless you have a small table perhaps dont allow for the empties to be removed until the bill has been viewed.
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    I can tell you a bar/resort which always gets my bill wrong it is Pigeon resort.One week she told me my bill was for 1smb and 1 sm light.I told her it was wrong and she said no I wrote it down,I said but what about the other 4 bottles of smb I had.She changed the bill and I paid the higher amount.Every week this goes on as they do not pay enough attention to what they are doing.Now they just say to me how many did you have that works for both of us.
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    Have they got a Facebook page? If so perhaps you would share your thoughts?
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    Not overcharging per-say Ron but on both Dave's occasions it was plainly adding beers to someone's Tab. To me I think the Waitress concerned Yesterday had either a Customer do a Runner or not charged enough when they paid their bill and then sort to make up the Difference from Dave, We were all keeping a fairly tight hold on our own Quantity as we were on separate Bills but this unfortunate young Lady got caught out by inserting the cost off a beer that was never ever served at our Table Jack Morning All
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    Trying to get change in some places is like trying to win the lottery,you have very little chance of it happening.I had a bill in a bar in Dalaguete and it was 160.I gave her 200 and she said we don`t have change pay tomorrow. I had no plans to be there the next day so I said if I don`t pay now you will not be getting paid as I will forget.She soon found change.I think she was trying to get a bigger tip but she ended up without one as I don`t like people trying to take me for a fool.
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    Scott H got the bingo. Not price but selection. Such places aren't much cheaper in the US either, there are many articles on what not to buy, but on certain items in bulk you can save.
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