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    Hi all, So as the time 'till my retirement gets closer and closer I've done a lot of thinking about how I will be spending my time. I've always thought that you need a plan to avoid possible boredom. I've seen many retirees die pretty quickly after retiring and I've often wondered why. Seems to me that retirement should be some of the best in quality of life. And this is something I've been planning for since I got married to my wife 31 years ago. So I thought "what are some things that I enjoy doing right now and what are some things I've always wanted to do, alone as well as with my wife." I enjoy gardening on a regular basis. My wife and I enjoy golf, swimming, reading, working on home projects and fishing. My wife and I both enjoy traveling, both locally and internationally. I've always wanted to write my own books and screenplays. Not so much for personal gain as for my own enjoyment and to see if I can do it. I've always wanted to learn Philippine martial arts such as Kali. I've wanted to become fluent in tagalog. My Filipina wife enjoys volunteering and taking art classes. So I foresee an active, stimulating as well as relaxing retirement. What do you all so it foresee yourself doing or are doing in the Philippines so you have the best quality of life possible?
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    Hello and welcome. You've been married to a Filipina now for 31 years and you're in Washington State now. You and her are both lucky. Have you ever been to the Philippines? I assume your wife has family here. Your wife has had the opportunity to see your homeland and now it is time for you to see hers. I'm not retired yet but I am married to a Filipina and plan to live in California when I retire. I want my wife to see my home country and all of its many different places of interest. I want her to meet my family and friends and they are anxious to meet her. Looks like we are going in different directions with the same goal in mind. Good Luck
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    It can be fun even with some of the wrong ones. As for me I met one on there and am now married with a bun in the oven so beware, you just never know what might turn up when you start poking your nose around far from home.
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    I was moving so missed your special day so happy belated birthday.
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    The longer you chat the more you will find out, its fun and when you do find the right one they will be waiting just for you. Dont promise them anything you cant achieve and be truthful to them and yourself . Enjoy
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    You'll find there's girls that are paid to get guys to sign up to websites that cost you just for emails. It starts on the free sites then they'll message you saying they can send photos etc if you sign up to the pay ones. Ignore those ones straight away. Also be careful of the ones with rug rats. A lot though not all are looking for someone to support them. There's thousands with no kids to choose from.
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    I had a dabble at DIA today ,it was quite the eye opener , i set the bar at 35-45 and the young ones still tried to chat ,i had one young lady offer to go onto Skype ,then Whats App ,i turned her down , ive been chatting to three single mums and no one has offered me anything untowards or asked for money (so far). I will tread carefully,any requests for money and they are gone. I did have some fun though,no rude conversations just general chat
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    I have three kids (that i know of) my eldest two are getting on with their lifes ,both have done their degrees and both are in management ,the youngest who is the brightest , sufferers from depression . As a parent its a worry ,ive gone through sleepless nights with it wondering if she will come out of her room in the morning or if id go in and find her dead. i get to the point where i think that she is leveling out then splat , she hits a downer again , as parents her mother and i support her as much as we can , we keep her financially supported . She was a lovely child then it all changed ,after she had her periods ,then the roller coaster ride started ,believe me guys its a tough one to deal with
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    I like to get a cab over the Skyway to Alabang and stay somewhere like Crimson Resort. Go when the airfares are on special and the hotel is on special. Certain times of year you can get GREAT deals. The traffic is good on the Skyway and in Alabang and there are 3 great malls, an S&R and a REAL IHOP and a load of other stores all within a half hour walk of the hotel. I say that because the Manila taxi mafia works overtime there and they'll hit you up for 150 pesos to drive you across the street. Edit: Its the shipping that will kill you. Last time I picked up a flat of 24 cans of V8 juice and it cost as much to bring it on the plane as to buy it. So a person may want to figure out a way to ship his purchases as the free luggage allowance on the plane sucks.
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    Hi Paul, many thanks, Isabela is a place on the visit list, so perhaps we can indeed get to meet you and share some time. My good friend lives and works in Doha and he has the same opinion of the place. But it is his retirement plan, so he just puts his head down and ar..e up, works long hours and planning for his early retirement.
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    I could just say a "me too" to Mogo's topic but I'll add a few more details about our own journey to the Philippines. He does have us beat by a week or so. We are due to arrive in Dumaguete August 1st (more or less). Our house is sold and the last checkbox toward the closing process is done; so it closes in a week. Will spend a week at a friends house before we take off. We booked a month to month rental apartment, where we were able to ship our BB boxes. There was a hiccup last night. The apartment people sent me an email detailing what I would need to take care of myself (bed sheets, pots and pans). They also told us the apartment has a LAN cable only. Janet, who has gotten used to fast internet and wifi pouted a minute until I reminded her that I would be bringing my wifi router and having worked in Networking for 15 years knew how to plug the ethernet cord into the wifi router lol. Of course I can't solve the speed issues. Unlike Mogo I don't think a bike is in my future but a car is. Also unlike Mogo, I am bringing my slightly rose colored glasses (Maui Jims of course). I think that both he and I feel pretty optimistic about our moves and that's a good thing. There will be plenty of opportunities to feel pessimistic in the future and probably a few people to encourage me along those lines, so starting out with a brighter tint works for me. I too discovered this forum years ago after being frustrated by the general negativity of a couple of other forums. I too want to thank all of you for your well reasoned thoughts and guidance. Now if only my guitar can survive the journey the trip will be perfect!
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    Living the dream is better than dreaming the life. I made it happen and I feel contented.
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    As you may know DaveWe, there are plenty of talented Filipinos that you can jam with. Perhaps be a member of a band, you singing with a Filipino accent while the Filipinos are belting a song with an American accent. Bon Voyage!
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    Bauang La Union, just out of San Fernando. Good expat community, good medical and all we need ie. Malls, hodpital etc. Nice beaches nearby, great fresh markets, lots of fresh veges from Baguio area. 5 hrs from Manila by bus, so ok.
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    What? Chickens under the deck and a goat on the front lawn. Don't them 'Mericans understand.
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    Well that could depend on what she looked like. If she is 21 mom could be hot and an okay landlady, she could most likely cook too.
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    Glad you straightened that out.........now you can get the next round
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    I can tell you a bar/resort which always gets my bill wrong it is Pigeon resort.One week she told me my bill was for 1smb and 1 sm light.I told her it was wrong and she said no I wrote it down,I said but what about the other 4 bottles of smb I had.She changed the bill and I paid the higher amount.Every week this goes on as they do not pay enough attention to what they are doing.Now they just say to me how many did you have that works for both of us.
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    Not overcharging per-say Ron but on both Dave's occasions it was plainly adding beers to someone's Tab. To me I think the Waitress concerned Yesterday had either a Customer do a Runner or not charged enough when they paid their bill and then sort to make up the Difference from Dave, We were all keeping a fairly tight hold on our own Quantity as we were on separate Bills but this unfortunate young Lady got caught out by inserting the cost off a beer that was never ever served at our Table Jack Morning All
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    Trying to get change in some places is like trying to win the lottery,you have very little chance of it happening.I had a bill in a bar in Dalaguete and it was 160.I gave her 200 and she said we don`t have change pay tomorrow. I had no plans to be there the next day so I said if I don`t pay now you will not be getting paid as I will forget.She soon found change.I think she was trying to get a bigger tip but she ended up without one as I don`t like people trying to take me for a fool.
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    Fortunately for us over the past 4 years, we have experienced only two or three bill errors. But, just the same, my filipina wife grabs the bill when presented, looks it over, gets it corrected without much effort. Also, when I was still fairly new here, she would tell me I was too generous with the tip. These days, I let her decide on the amount - and I'm usually fine with it.
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    I'm in love with S&R Mogo! I can find just about every food craving item and ones I'd forgotten about. I agree that most imported items lean towards American brands, but not all. I find that the imported beef, pork and lamb are pretty reasonably priced, and of good quality. The dairy is excellent, but some cheeses are little more than I'm willing to spend. As far as fruits and vegetables go, I think that their prices are a little lower than other similar supermarkets, and the quality and freshness is much higher. It's good if possible to go in there with a list if you're doing a lot of shopping though, and try not to give in to impulse buying too much. Things can add up pretty quickly. I've noticed lately when shopping at SM Hypermarket or Rustan's in Mandaue City, that their imported items have dwindled somewhat, as has their quality. I wonder if they are feeling the pinch of people buying items at S &R instead? In the same vein, a new S&R box type store has opened in Cebu City, called Landers Superstore. It's 800 pesos to join, but appears to be a little more upmarket. Supposedly there's an in-house barbershop where members can avail of a free haircut. There's a bakery and similar restaurant to S&R too. Has anyone gone there, or are there other branches in other areas of the Philippines? I couldn't really justify belonging to both stores, but I'm tempted.. http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/132202/landers-superstore-opens-cebu
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    Scott H got the bingo. Not price but selection. Such places aren't much cheaper in the US either, there are many articles on what not to buy, but on certain items in bulk you can save.
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    On 31 December 2016 at 1:54 PM, bows00 said: Based on my experience, chances of finding the Filipina of your dreams on the internet are slim to none. My lady and I met via an Internet dating site. We have had a wonderful couple of years and both look forward to many more. I know that I am certainly not alone in finding my partner this way. There are many ways to meet people and all are relevant. To be dismissive about one route based on personal experience seems like sour grapes.
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