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    I like this one. Now people can get an annulment by simply declaring their ex a nutcase, and really, aren't most exes nutcases?
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    I like the Orchid Inn mate, nice and quiet, a couple of streets back from the mess but close enough for a short stagger home. It's the Wild Orchid's little brother which is more expensive but still within your budget but a little bit more of a stagger. Check out my FB from about 14-15 months ago for shots of the Orchid Inn.
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    It is more likely that you would have to file FBAR as it has lower thresholds. I just filed mine a few days ago. Use this: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/comparison-of-form-8938-and-fbar-requirements
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    Beheading comes to mind or create a new religion ie; "Church of England"
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    Ask Henry the VIII how easy these are to come by
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    Heck yeah, I was serious! Dark road, no warning cones or tape lighting around the rocks, which you probably would not be allowed to keep there anyway as that is public property. Whoever has the deepest pockets gets sued. However, if nobody was hurt the lawyers would have to make something up, like "mental anguish"!
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    Luckily I lived in Texas last year, and the state doesn't have a state income tax. As for the W-2 my only source of income is SS and investments and I didn't sell any stock last year.
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    Reading from the IRS.GOV "Taxpayers living abroad" essentially filing electronicly is no different than living in USA. You do get an extra two month extension automatically that maybe worth using if you owe money.
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    when you do make the move make sure that you list the Philippines as your home of record, I did and save a pile not paying California state tax Uncle Sam taxes worldwide income for its citizens, legal permanent residents, and any person irregardless of nationality, who was in the United States for 180 days or longer during the tax year. States are a different matter. Hawaii and California are high tax states. It is best to avoid being residents of both. Property ownership in either states should also be avoided. California, for example, may declare you are a de facto resident and tax you accordingly. If you are an American and have legally moved your residency to the Philippines, you should consult a tax expert. There are tax treaties between both countries. One purpose is to prevent double taxation.
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    I hope you are not suggesting he use a lightning conductor as a grounding conductor. I think if that were done there would be an AMAZING fireworks display in JGF's kitchen the next time there was a lightning strike.
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    I should have taken pictures of the surrounding properties with chained up dogs and roosters!
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    Whist our House is Grounded we have non of the 2 pin appliances Grounded and so far no problems
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    All I would add to that as an option is, stand in a bowl of water! Surely an earthing rod connected to all floor standing appliances would not break the bank and can be easily installed unless your in a high rise block of apartment's.
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    If you want to be extra careful about grounding when using the microwave, stand in front of it in bare feet and hold the terminal attached to the ground wire in one hand, while grabbing the kitchen sink fixture with the other hand. Any anomalies in the current should be dissipated and the microwave will be safe.
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    Sure hope it was posted as 80 km. A lot of Philippine roads are not posted and the max speed on most unposted roads is 40 kph. Here is the chart and the link. Of course everyone goes faster, that is why they are in the wrong if they hit anything/anyone
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    Now I am confused. The original pictures showed the rock pile on the shoulder of the road. Around where I live, in Philippines, the rock piles are right on the road and people still manage to avoid them. If the rock pile IS on the shoulder then it is my opinion the driver IS a dumb ass. This is normal in Philippines and drivers should know that. If the pile encroached onto the road then I would change my mind but your original picture does not show that.
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