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    One year on, the OP returns! There's a lot of good advice here, and it's obviously still a hot topic. Whether you continue the relationship will depend on many things, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution for everybody. But, having had some problems and worries in my life before I came here, and wanting to relax here with no or only minor problems, I decided not to continue the relationship. I found someone else, not as beautiful as the other one, but honest and not after my money. We've been together for a year now. Love is a dangerous thing! I was really in love with the other one, but with this one, it's a different kind of love, less passionate but more friendly, and maybe that's what counts in the long term.
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    If you're coming for '29 days in February' then my suggestion is that you come in 2020 not 2019 because February 2019 only has 28 days
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    Hi Steve, I can put you in touch with a guy that normally drives me everywhere. He's based in Luzon (Pampanga) but happy to travel anywhere with you. He took SAO, her daughter and I from Manila up to Vigan on a 4 day trip for about 12k if I remember rightly. Yep, more expensive than a rental but with that also comes peace of mind. Pays for the petrol and tolls himself. Feeds and accommodates himself normally but he's become sort of part of the family now so eats with us when we travel with him. Really nice and genuine guy. He's a retired chef that worked in Australia for years, he does the driving to keep himself busy. Anyway, just a thought for you. Back in my single days, he'd pick me up from the NAIA with a cooler of beers and then we'd be on our way singing Frank Sinatra at the top of our lungs. Good times.
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    Did i say that there were no horror stories? Just now i know a foreigner who just spent 10 million building a chicken farm and he has just had his right of way to the farm blocked. Calling his neighbour a uneducated dumb ass Filipino with no money has really helped his cause. The owner of the land said to me that if it was my farm he would have giving me access, however this guy has been playing the big shot since his arrival in the Philippines 3 years ago.
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    I just don't seem to be able to get over to my wife even after all these years, that i don't like impromptu Birthday meal with the extended family that are mentioned 1+ hour before it happens. I can't eat the food ( and it is always the same and always cold) My diet is just not compatible which is why I like to eat at home or a restaurant I know when I am there, after the obligatory "Hellos" I get sat in a Corner and my Wife just brings me some food then disappears to Chinwag with those that she Chinwags with quite a lot at night on FB. NAH! say I you go, I know it probably sounds Nit picking BUT when i say OH let's go to So and So's there is always an excuse, She (My wife wanted a Home away from the Family YET! insists on Going back to the Big house at every available Opportunity. Things are just not the same for me now "Lola" has passed on and the family have become Fragmented and only those without Vision are left there. Same boring Food, same conversations that was only spoken about Yesterday on the Phone or FB yet just can't see that I am getting to be a recluse because they [she] will not understand That Variety is the Spice of Life, not Stagnation Rant Over Time for a beer All this is after the Weekly Trip to the Cemetery which for me is also a Big NO, NO, Culture is one thing But...........................
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    Don't hire a car unless it includes a driver. The cheap way is to negotiate with a taxi driver an hourly rate. I try to find out their boundary (how much they pay their taxi owner for a 12 hours shift) fee. You can negotiate a fee using this information.
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    Ok planning my upcoming trip here and was hoping to get any info about Baguio. I will be staying there for 2 to 3 nights the first week in October and wondering if aircon is a necessity in the room? Also is there enough to do there for 3 days time other then shop? any recommendations on places to stay and see while there would be great. Thank you in advance. I am open to anything for suggestions. I will be with a lady so not anything seedy please.
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    After three large Rum's and a mic thrust in my hand the place soon empties "I did it my way"
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    Not to worry she is fluent in all 3 languages English Tagalog and Bisaya(Cebuana). Pretty smart cookie from what I have seen so far. She is also pretty worldly 37 years old and a nurse. So I don't think we will get taken for.
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    Snowy no doubt your quite able to handle a situation if a crowd of unruly kids start a rucas. What would concern me most is not the drove by shootings or what ever but the way the cops would react to a strong foreigner throwing kids around doing. Even knowing their young pick pockets and probably vandals to boot your chances of escaping charges could be very expensive indeed. I would hasten caution here and exercise all self control when these situations rise.
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    Your last sentence is interesting. I didn't think about it at the time (too much in love), but of course there must have been one or more reasons why her husband left her. In many cases, I'm sure, the woman is hardly at fault, but if the husband/partner left because she was always nagging and shouting at him, she's hardly going to tell that to her new foreigner boyfriend! He will find it out later the hard way...
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    Welcome RF! Hope it all works out for you. Your situation sounds similar in some ways to mine (age), particularly that my Asawa is 33 and I'm now 59; met in '07 when I was doing some work in Japan, and stayed in touch along with my frequent trips to PI to visit when I could. We married in 2010 just few days before another trek to "A'poop-a-stan" right after some other work in Iraq ( I was USMC for 5 yrs early on, but left that to work for an "alphabet soup" agency with lot of overseas "stuff" that also landed me in some of the same $h!tholes you likely had pleasure to discover since 9/11.) I too am divorced, but from an American raised Filipina (long story, lots issues, with main one being hoarding...yikes!) Anyway, my asawa arrived US in 2012 after I was able to get back and settled here, before we later went together overseas to another location where I could take my family, just before I retired last fall. Anyway, it all worked out and we've a great marriage and a 3 y.o. son, now settled in Bellingham, WA. We do help out her family some, but nothing excessive. Keep the faith and I'm sure you will find the Filipina "love of your life" as many of us have. Best of luck and Semper Fi, even to a Soldier!....We are all on the same team. Respectfully, James C.
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    Congratulations on seeing sense and moving on even though you were in love. I'm sure the majority here have been through a few break ups since they arrived and if they haven't well done to them. I'm on number 3 and to be honest I liked the others but at my age I'm too old and sensible to believe that some young stunning Filipino loves me from the start. We all know it starts as a security blanket for them and a way out of poverty, for some love does grow regardless of the boundaries though. When it does you know you hooked a good one. For me and some of my friends who are now in long term relationships it's a numbers game. They threw enough darts at the board that they eventually hit the bulls eye but a few darts hit the wall. I'm seeing and hearing about a lot more ex pats happily living with married but seperated Filipinos without any negative consequences so maybe things aren't all that bad. It'll depend on their partner obviously. I've seen two married women that live with foreigners and to tell you the truth I can see why their ex left.
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    This is the Philippines. Your dog getting run over by a trike would be undetectable in an autopsy.
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    I just got pick pocketed last week by a kid or kids in the local palenke (market). they like to poke or tap you with one hand while taking items with the other... seems the mind will focus on the one contact point to the exclusion of others. They took my android. I usually lapse right into indigent feelings associated with being violated, anger, anxiety, etc... I have learned I can do further damage to myself by harboring these feelings so I have worked out a perspective where No 1 I hold myself responsible for keeping my things and money secure. 2 i recognize their desperation 3. I end up considering it an altruistic donation to relieve abject poverty. 4. I take a deep breath and try to let go of the feelings 5. I amortize out the loss referencing all the money I save living here. after all these mental emotional gymnastics I replace the item asap so the loss is not being reminded over and over... Now my impulse is to break fingers as mentioned above but i remind myself that in a confrontation situation I have way more to loose than they do... I will be charged with assault and be extorted. if they even get jailed for a crime they will probably be going to living conditions the exceed their own living situation,,, and finally this time i converted my desire to verbally barrage them with expletives i got my gf to teach me the tagalog for "dont touch me" which goes something like "bwag mo kong hawakin!"
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    I did not want to make this Too long but have to tell the story for Impact So Last evening as we sat on the Terrace waiting for the Power to come back my Wife told me about a nephew who got himself in a problem. Seems while he was living at the "Lolas" House with his Elder Brother and the others that are still around now Lola has passed on. He got involved with the Live in helper and she got pregnant(It happens) Anyway, Azons Elder sister (the Now In charge of the family there ) told them to cease their Liaison [ They said no] So she put the Girl out back Home but the Parents did not want a pregnant daughter at Home. They have ended up at the Brother in laws House and now have a baby daughter to Boot. He is a teacher (BIL) and Money is so very tight. I sat and thought about it and whilst Azon and our Sprog were off to Town for a few things. At Dinner I said OK, babe, Jun Jun does not need this so as I have a pension and Interest from Abroad paid Quarterly and is due Oct I will Donate 15.000 peso to the Bayawan Household for Xmas [not a lot but] NO she said, it is not our problem But Honey it is not your brothers fault either ( I blamed the Sister and elder Brother for not being diligent enough here) This Brother has never ever asked for anything and struggles with Money at the best of times so I thought that this would/could make life just that little bit easier over the coming period. I was shocked a little as it is her favourite Brother and what she said after made me think oh I am getting somewhere here about cash. Her last words last night and a little again this morning was Sweetheart Throwing money at a problem is not going to make the problem go away is it? No I said but JOY ( SIL) will end up looking after the child, YES she said and that will give the 2 youngsters time to get out of bed and look for a job then pay their own way. Final Words she said and repeated something we all say, They made their own bed now they lay in it and suffer or get out of it and be responsible. From my Wife that is concrete believe me. Sorry if it seems melodramatic But i was a little baffled at the sense of it But she is Adamant, NO. 10 years on and I think Azon has finally got what I say about things and realised that treating some of the Extended family with Money is not always the best way to go Jack Morning All
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    Hi I’m new to this forum and quite new to the Philippines, and I’d very much appreciate some advice. I’m a UK citizen, planning to continue to live here in the Philippines with a Filipina woman who has been separated for three years, but obviously still officially married. She is willing to live with me in a completely different part of the country from where her relatives live, and also from where her ex now lives. But I’m still worried that he might somehow find out where we are and try to blackmail me or have us arrested. I suppose the most likely scenario is that he wouldn’t bother if he heard we’d moved to a secret location, but for someone who’s determined to find out where another person is living, there are certain ways. You can apparently find the location of a mobile someone is using. A friend of his could contact a hotel where I was staying to get my passport number and he could then contact immigration and find out the address I put on the form when I get my ACR-I card, or contact immigration at the airport to have me arrested next time I left the country. All this maybe sounds a bit unlikely for someone who has little education and perhaps not that much money, but I just want to live in peace with my girlfriend and feel (almost) sure nothing will happen. Of course there’s always a risk that someone he knows might happen to be living in the same place we choose to live in and recognise my girlfriend, but I think the chances of that happening are almost non-existent, if we’re in a completely different part of the country. Any advice or experiences from people in a similar situation?
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    I just found myself logging in to a dating site I had registered four years ago. It is a good thing that this site has a button of signing in using my FB account as the way to sign in as I totally had forgotten the password way abck then. I am opening my heart for a new beginning. I hope I'll be one of those luck few to find their special someone thru dating sites and not be a part of the statistics of scamming victims... Wish me luck!
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    I had my first run in with a gang of pick pockets last night. I'd just returned from watching some local boxing including a title fight and decided to grab a bit of food. I was with my mate and when we left the bar to go to another bar the usual child beggars surrounded us. I sussed straight away what they were up to and the second I felt a hand on my pocket I grabbed the shi? and pretty much broke his fingers. He thought he was clever as he was wearing a sweat shirt but had taken his arms out of the sleeves and had then down the inside of his top so you couldn't see them. The method being once close he reaches out from underneath his top hoping you won't see his hands. In short if more than one kid approaches you keep your wits about you as they work as a team.
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    I lived in Baguio for 2 years and have answered this question many times here. Just search this forum for "Baguio". You don't need aircon in Baguio, it has a very moderate climate being at 5000 feet elevation. As someone else suggested, Camp John Hay is very nice and has some nice hotels, some restaurants and shopping. No jeepney's are allowed there. Nice relaxing spot in the pine forests of Baguio. A nice half day trip is to visit the Ben Cab Museum.
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    Pros usually charge money for sex. Cons usually try to rip you off. Hope that helps
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    Ah the all new all singing and all dancing windows10 ! My pc new motherboard, 4gig ram new video card. Downloaded windows 10 after multi emails from MS made 2 bootable disks . Was running windows 7 no problems . Silly me installed windows 10 ! Which was like watching paint dry ! Then wunderbar ! There it was installed on my pc! So booted it up from scratch, which funny enough it kept telling me this may take some time ! When it did finally run, it wouldnt find my printer,nor my backup hard drive , and it said i had no internet even though it downloaded files while installing !😭 i closed it down rebooted the PC and it wouldnt boot up MISSING FILES ! Rebooted and it worked perfectly ! Reloaded printer driver did a test print and it worked ! Even had internet ! But it still wouldnt find my backup drive where all my files etc were stored! Rebooted again ! And MISSING FILES ! Went back to windows 7 again no problems ! However i now use a samsung tablet for everything and my pc is now a glorified storage drive and only used for downloading ! I may again have another go with windows 10 after a bottle of jack daniels !
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    My first Sea shipment now has the status: 09/07/2018 20:55:15 FORWARDED TO OLONGAPO DELIVERY TEAM so it should be at LBC in Olongapo today.
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    I'm considered a low lander because I live near the beach 55km from Baguio for 35 years now. Since you are not a drinker and wish to likely romanticize her I suggest The Manor at Camp John Hay. Camp John Hay used to be the R&R Location for US Military. Take her for lunch at the John Hay Golf Club. Mini Golf, many other fine restaurants & R&R activities on John Hay. Visit Mines View Park, Burnham Park. Taxis are inexpensive & everywhere. You will not need an Air Con Room. Many live bands playing in a relaxing atmosphere nearby. If you were a drinker and a girly bar hopper I could provide many suggestions
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    If that was a rant it was entertaining. Oh boy, what a subject. Narrow parochial lives so they gossip.
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    The EC Gas Location near me charged 5,200 per tank. Included the Hose and valve. Then when you refill, they come to the house and you pay 880 pesos and they install a new tank. If you no longer want their services return the tank and get the deposit back. For me, it's worth it. Safety for me and my family is paramount compared to having those unpredictable metal tanks.
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    You are doing so much better than I. There have been friends pass away and I know where they are interred and I often say to myself I should go visit, but it doesn't have the same tranquil, respectful feel as it does in other countries. The ones I have seen are similar to this
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    We were at a market in Olongapo and the wife wanted some dried fish, evil stuff, anyway we aproached a couple of women venders sitting with their basket of fish. The two venders were talking back and forward in visayan about us as the business was done, half way through the wife had switched from tagalog to visayan and it took a moment for them to catch on.
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    Corrective And Preventive Action, that's CAPA for you.
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    I used to do that but I forgot about them too many times and have damaged fingers now. I switched to rat poison. The kids think it is candy and gobble it up!
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    Does that ring a bell anyone?
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    Oh crap, you are right! Right actor, wrong movie! Omega Man was the zombie movie where he stayed in his fortress every night! Based on a 1954 novel, the first movie version was Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price. And then Will Smith starred in the third remake, I Am Legend. I have not seen the first one, but in the last two, there was very little traffic.
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    I carry in my front shirt pocket just enough bills and coins for the item I am purchasing. In all my pants pockets I have set mousetraps. Boy are those kids in for a surprise when they try to pickpocket me!
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    Unfortunately! this has been the problem with many to date. Due Diligence comes into play so often when not taken seriously. Land here, is the Biggest motive for Murder so you gotta get it right from the Start. They know we have the Cash and are happy to help but when bitten, they can turn as easy as anything. Farming is one of those areas that is a Heritage thing to the local and they don't like it messed with
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    There are plenty of them but can be troublesome. My Wife who is Middle aged (52) does not let go of me in Supermarkets and Department Stores. Now I am no Oil painting at all But most times I get to be a magnet for Ladies of most ages, [They Flirt and I respond] when I can get away with it and find it easy to strike up conversations, If and that is a mighty BIG IF I had to do it all over again, That is where I would Start, at the Stores, most of those Ladies are not Stupid, They know what life can be all about if things work out. Now Because they earn (albeit not a lot) they tend not to be the gold diggers, you may come across in the non working Arena Just my thoughts on things Jack
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    If she doesn't know at least you have one thing in your favor, she can communicate with PI's and she will protect you from being scammed TOO much. Just use all the safety precautions about nightlife and back streets, but don't be afraid to go out, just stick to well light areas of a night. You'll be alright mate, an unplanned holiday is more fun, just go with the swing of things, but be prepared to put the foot down a bit if she wants to think of you as an ATM and go on expensive trips. Look up on the internet for cheaper hotels and pick a couple out, most hotels over there are relatively the same, just the price varies and make sure it is a 24 hr desk with bell boys or guards, less hassle.
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    Did you mean to not include you when I said "We are not always perfect"? Sorry about that.
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    Wellcome to the forum. Is this your first visit to Philippines? I like your idea getting out to the country then meeting a nice lady there. I'm not sure how the online date stuff goes but we have members who have met there wife that way. If you have made online friends at facebook then it seems you may have things well in hand already. One month seems like a long time but will pass very quickly.
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    Well, looks like my first sea freight shipment with Shipping Cart is finally in the Philippines. Tracking shows it's with customs. So, we'll see how it goes. Ordered from Amazon 7/25. Items arrived in Philippines 9/4. Estimated delivery 9/11. Will it make it on time? I don't know. Will update when I know more.
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    That would be my advice also.I had them sanding down the ceilings and they were using their hands,so I made them sanding blocks out of plywood and it was a better finish and took a fraction of the time. The problem here is the attitude of "that will do" and they on the whole don`t have much training. You must remember they live in sub standard(to us) houses and don`t really understand how we want it done. 350k is hit or miss wether you will get what you want done to the standard you want.Yes prices have risen here even since we started our building work.
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    We have built one house and do extensive remodel on two others. Based on your posts I think you are saying the basic structure of hollow block walls, concrete floor, windows and doors are already in place. No ceiling in place, that is "open to the roof". Some things to consider while making your estimate. Plumbing - will you use existing septic/drain system or need a new one? What fixtures will be included in the new CR and of what quality? Electric - will they run wires up the walls, or trench the walls to bury the wire in flex conduit and then fill the trench. Is there an existing breaker panel, is it sufficient for the new circuits. Ceiling - Are you going to use 1/4 ply (very common) for the drop ceiling or hardiflex to prevent termite damage? Floors - Tile has a wide price range. What size and quality are looking for? Wood can look nice but it can become a termite buffet. The house we had built for the wife's parents was completed while we lived in the USA. We were very detailed in how we wanted it built and finished. When I looked at the finished house it did not come up to the standard that we were expecting. The most worrying of the deficiencies were the plumbing and wiring. The two remodels (one complete, one in process) on the other hand were done while we were on site and could observe the work on a daily basis. Being on site allowed us to prevent bad workmanship or require the work to be redone. My advice is to wait until you get here to have the finish work done. You will almost certainly be more likely to meet your expectations for workmanship, quality of materials, appearance, and budget expense.
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    Tim L., I plan to live in Texas. I have my business here, and I do not have the option to jump ship and leave. I still like about half of the things in America, so I will be staying. Someone made the comment about the Philippines is like stepping back in time about 50 years. I will probably like this because I can fit into that old school living a lot better.
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    HI buddy A lot of us have been divorced raped on here , I walked a similar path to yourself ,I did the Ukraine dating thing then I met a woman from my home country that distracted me for a few years , I lost count of the ladies I dated in the UK , im 60 and can still pull the ladies over here. I heard about DIA and went online there , I chatted to a woman for about 6 months before flying over to meet her , I met her family and we went on vacation ,it was not a happy experience . The chemistry was not there and I felt I was being treated like a walking ATM . I returned to the UK and DIA with a different plan , this time it was my intention to line up a few ladies for my next visit to the phils and this I did , I flew out about 3 weeks ago and met lady no1 , I spent 3 days with her and then gave her the taxi fare home , I moved hotels as a precaution , and I had to fill in another 3 days before I moved on to lady number 2 , during that time I went back on DIA and made a quick contact with a lady in DAVAO , I met her for dinner , she started ticking the boxes straight away , I like intelligent women , ones that I can trust ,she was looking out for me from the word go ,lady no2 was politely told that I was not going to fund her idea of a family holiday in Bohol , Lady number 3 asked me for money so that she could pay a hospital bill ,so I dropped the remaining girls I booked into a Condo for the rest of the duration of my visit , you can find a longer threat under second visit , the long and the short of it is that ive more or less bought a condo in Davao , im going to explore the relationship with this woman , I had to thin quite a few out before I met her ,ive been texting and chatting all day You are the second US Colonel that ive met on a forum , the other was USAF and we became good friends after his posting in the UK , I even got invited to the pentagon for his retirement ceremony I wish you all the good fortune in the world , it sounds like you are going about it the right way
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    Well Colonel, I commend you for expanding your horizon, more towards SE Asian countries. As you may know, it is a "target enriched environment".......he, he. On behave of my fellow veterans in this wonderful forum, I would like to call out "attention on deck -- Colonel Redfeather arriving"! As far as I know, you're the most senior among us and we would like to pay tribute to you sir, by announcing......hey guys, 1st round of drinks is on the Colonel! Respectfully Jake USN retarded
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    Little admission time here, I was Sectioned at the age of 8. as you say here life is one bad luck Story. I was one of 9 kids and right in the Middle. 4 above 4 below, Too young for one set too old for the Other so Jack felt left out. I was never an unruly kid but sorrowful day in and day out Yet with cousins and such I was Fine, me Mam took me to the doctor who thought about Autism, but they knew little about this in the 50.'s and 60's So I was sent to Malvern Psychiatric Hospital Youth Wing for 6/7 weeks for observation. Of course I rebelled and was put in for 6 months on Section as I went berserk and destroyed things. One Doctor there was not impressed with the Treatment and sought some Therapy of things I liked. Toy cars was my thing. So I was escorted to Longbridge Austin Works (Car manufacturer in the UK) to see real cars being Made. After this I settled down and they bought me Dinky and Corgi cars (Models) my therapy was to play all day with me Moters It was reported that I was really OK but Rejection was my Problem, So me Dad then started to make more of a Fuss of me. Now this why I asked, could we as Parents, take some Blame and ask ourselves Do we spend enough Quality time with our Youngsters, We were not Kids for very long I will say that after all this I went on to a 27 year career with the R.A.F so things went good for me in the end.
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    Wife - I need 2000 peso, can I get it from your wallet. Me - OK it is in the usual place. Wife - You had extra money so I took 3000 peso. Me - OK, how much is left? Wife - Not much, you should get more cash.
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    I'm a 3rd dan assistant karate instuctor and would like to think I could look after myself, it's the next day drive by shooting that would worry me the most if I'd waded into a bunch of locals. They tend to stick together even if they were in the wrong.
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