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    If you are willing to sell the Harley..something's not right! I'd choose the Harley over less loved ones any day of the week!
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    Where i am in Iloilo, the amount of development in the 4 years I'v been here is amazing, condos and shopping malls in particular. But, there are not many lights on when you pass the condos at night. The shopping malls are busy, but not at the checkouts. In short, the build it and they will come philosophy simply doesn't work in a relatively poor country. The only way it can work is if you can create a upper working class with money to spend - there is no sign of that happening here with salaries so low.
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    I wonder if she dyes her hair to cover the ginger.
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    Yes they build ever more 'cut and cover' drains, waiting, as the Mrs pointed out today.... to be refilled and blocked with the basura and litter thrown and washed into them by an uncaring population. As with so many (to our eyes) shortcomings here, it's cultural. Basically, they, the majority, don't give a shit. A waste of blood-pressure fretting about things over which we have no control. As for Manila... the (long ago) 'Pearl Of The Orient', each to their own, but I still only see there a filthy, smelly. polluted, overcrowded, poverty-stricken, dangerous, ugly, metropolis . Of course if I spent my days hiding out on the 20th floor of some anonymous painted breeze block high rise, or behind the gates of some wealthy subdivision (but still breathing in the poisonous air), I might see things differently.
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    Ah, you've met my son!
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    In the canine World mongrels are the stronger breed, and in the human World it would appear mixed race are the prettiest. Unless it's an Aboriginal and Pygmy probably.
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    The OP is a new member and unfortunately does not know the dynamic of the forum. Therefore most of the comments are the standard 3 or 4 answers: 1. The wife to be is a scammer. Now it's possible - it does happen - but it's also quite possible (even likely) that she is not. 2. The doctors and the medical establishment in the Philippines are all incompetent. Not true. Some are of course just as some are the world over. As I recall the wife to be went to St. Luke's which is a pretty good place to start. 3. Someone is ripping them off for the cost of B12 injections. Again it's possible, but the reality is that unlike many things, drugs and vitamins are not cheap in the Philippines. It's also possible that the girl went to the source she was told to go to without research as to whether there were cheaper alternatives. My Solutions Based on the Above Three: 1. Have her send to you whatever documentation you can from her chart: diagnosis, blood work, what was prescribed, etc. If the documentation looks legit it probably is - although I've heard stories of sophisticated girls who faked them. Getting these docs will also help the OP in really determining what might be going on medically. 2. Yes, a 2nd opinion is reasonable, particularly since the diagnosis is relatively rare. Again this requires her to go back to Manila or Cebu but it seems worth it. 3. If the B12 is truly necessary, try to change over to pills and shop for the best prices. That won't solve the financial crisis but might slow it down a bit. My best to the OP and here's hoping it isn't Hodgkins.
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    It's a brave man who calls the Filipina contestants mongrels!
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    I’m guessing she’ll remain in the Philippines. I’m only tangentially involved. So, I don’t know the exact desires of the person. But, I got asked for my two cents. I said that I really didn’t know, but that I’d post the question on a forum with a ton of guys who know bunches more than me.
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    North, IMO she really need to decide, is she going to be an OFW and provide a middle class lifestyle for her family. Or Stay in country. If OFW JJ is right. Remain in country, lawyer, engineering, architecture or dentistry or medical doctor
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    Perhaps she could represent Scotland next year.
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    Warning -- rant alert, sorry Kuya The Affluence of Manila? I'm sorry for my negative views about the Metro Manila and surrounding areas. I call it the high rise of bottlenecks in all forms. There are no serious considerations of infrastructure (streets, sewage, public transportation, medical services, police, social services, etc, etc) supporting this exponential growth. You add another natural calamity and tens of thousands of displaced people will migrate to Manila again. Yep, luxurious high rise living and right outside your comfort zone is abject poverty surrounding you. More like Opulence of Manila.........
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    Hello I’m wondering what, if any, degree from a local college/university is the most marketable? The potential student is in her mid-20s and looking for an education beyond what she got in high school. She lives on Leyte and would likely attend school there while living with her family. It seems like everyone and their lost cousin are majoring in teaching or nursing or hotel management. Is there any degree that offers a reasonable chance at employment in a career that would allow for middle class living? Or, is it all just a “who do you know” crapshoot? Thanks so much for any thoughts.
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    That's the company we use for our UK shipment of Balikbayan boxes. They have branches worldwide. Been using them for about five years now. Very reliable service.
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    Nothing, a beautiful girl who know how to save money
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    Mixed in with a bit of Scottish blood what could possibly go wrong?
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    So your considered response, after rubbishing most of the preceding posts by experienced and well-meaning members, is to repeat the 'pros' and 'cons'... the likely and the unlikely,. In other words, what has already been put forward... while offering nothing new . Okay. Are you a politician ?
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    I have to disagree a bit here. We go to restaurants a lot and while I don't examine every Filipino around to know what the percentages are, I do see many Filipinos tip. As to my own tipping, no one has ever glared at me because I didn't tip or didn't tip enough. When I tip at restaurants everyone seems very appreciative. Of course it's possible that old age means I don't notice the glaring :)
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    l used forex, https://www.forexcargo.com.au/
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    Looking back to when the Philippines started entering the main beauty competitions not one Miss Philippines has been full blown Filipino. Usually a mixture of German, Spannish, Pakistani and a few other nations.
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    The three majors provide opportunities for overseas work. Teaching - Potential employers for maids in Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. give preference for someone with a teaching degree to help their children with school homework and English. Nursing - Overseas hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and as caregivers both for children and the elderly. Hotel Management - Workers for cruise lines, hotels and resorts.
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    Since we now have a precedent, why can’t a Filipina (born and raised in the Philippines) with an American dad and a Filipina mom, represent the USA in the next Miss Universe? It would definitely give the USA a fighting chance.
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    Road Check Point probably Finished early in time for Tea Things would be so much better if they adopted stop and Apprehend
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    At least I've now discovered what happens to those who've over-indulged in those whitening products. I witnessed the ghastly truth only last week. .
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    After you wake up you will find that Filipinas are the most beautiful.
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    I do not know the facts - but I heard.... I heard that the OFWs complained enough about the changes that they scraped/postponed them. I just sent some boxes with no problem.
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    We sent several boxes from the UK in August this year. There seems to be no implementation of the proposed new rules. We were not asked for anything other than a very brief description of the contents ie 'misc domestic household items' on the form. Certainly we were not asked to complete a detailed manifest. The boxes arrived as usual, about seven weeks after shipping. They had not been opened by customs. Ken
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    @bigmac Well Mac For me my friend, as you tell us she has approval to go to the US, I would get a Quick loan on one of those thing you have for sale and get her to your side and deal with it there, Yes! I know you say she is too weak to Travel but there is assistance on these Flights and it will only be what 48/72 hours max and she is there, Make sense to you?
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    Cebu full panel STD testing with quick results. That is the topic title, started in 2016. I have a feeling it is too late for quick results now.
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    Cost of living in Manila might be the same as a random UK town in the north. Not if you're comparing like for like though, e.g BGC against Mayfair or Chelsea lol. None of it is good for 99.9% of Filipinos anyway, the money 'trickles down' better in the UK, builders in London can easily make 2-300 quid per day, here they'll be lucky to make 10 pounds lol.
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    I would be interested to see what the occupancy rate is on all those new high rise condos. I suspect it is very low.
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    We had a very nice binman with a tricycle who took our garbage from our house to the dump. He had a number of children to support and seemed to work very hard so we rewarded him quite often with extra cash for extra trash, langka and rambutan from our trees, gifts of food at Christmas, etc. One day a few months ago, my wife had a visitor from the barangay who talked about fining us for littering. It turned out that Mr. Wonderful Binman was no longer taking trash to the dump but dumping it on the side of the road to avoid the dump's fees. The barangay people found a letter addressed to us at the bottom of one pile (have you ever listened to "Alice's Restaurant"?) and came calling about our "litter". I'm right at the edge of stopping any tipping or even caring about locals. Except the Savemore taxi lady. She takes your cart, hails a cab, and loads it. She works all day. She wears a jacket backwards to protect her arms from the sun and she's already as brown as a chestnut. We tip her well and give her a bottle of sparkling wine at the holidays. She works hard in all kinds of weather and always with a smile.
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    Mac....... My sincere compassion to you, your wife, and what you are going through. I've been following this since you posted it and I must say, you have some really unique issues you are dealing with....... If I may, let me share my thoughts with you.......first and foremost, you say the biggest issue for you is the cost of the injections. The simple solution to this is switch to B-12 pills or gel caps. I checked with a trusted Dr (my daughter) and she assured me that they are a suitable alternate to the injections.....and much much cheaper. Also she told me that for some people the pills are more appropriate because the pills release over a period of time and people who absorb the B-12 slower than others can pass the injectables unused or unabsorbed B-12 out. She also told me that hospitals and clinics greatly inflate the cost of the injection for profitability and to pay the bills so to speak.......... But the one thing that really surprised her was how extremely rare this condition is, and that it mainly affects people older than 60 years and those with African heritage. The fact that your wife has been diagnosed with this, considering her age and other factors, makes this even more rare. Her advice and my advice is to try to get a second opinion............ and you can do this with medical records and test results. She doesn't actually have to travel to another Dr or hospital. She suggested you ask the secondary medical opinion......."does my wife have Pernicious Anemia, or does she have a vitamin B-12 deficiency"? Pernicious Anemia is extremely rare in your wife's genetic class, but a B-12 deficiency is extremely common in her genetic class (especially in the Philippines due to the diet most are on here). Remember, the primary source of B-12 is meat, eggs, and milk products.......these things can be scarce in the Philippine diet at times.......... These are just my thoughts Mac.......and what I have collected from checking around. Good luck to you my friend and God Bless your wife, you and your family. I'm in Dipolog, but still quite a ways away.........but I'm on your side.. JW
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    So, if she had done something notorious while visiting Philippines would she be called out as a Filipino or a Foreigner? Funny how that works.
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    So she is 50% scottish and lived and raise in Aus, did she just occassionally holiday in the Philippines
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