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    Chinese friend posted this trike, electric I think? JJ.... this rig fits my budget but I can't fit into it.
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    I experienced being looked down upon in the UK.Some people would say oh but you`re just a plumber.I walked off of several jobs and left them without hot water or heating yeh who`s just a plumber now then.I made one man wait a week for a new gas valve for his boiler and that winter was cold.We all have a role in society and should be treated with a certain level of respect.I too find it difficult to get workers to sit at the table when we eat I think a lot of it is shyness.
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    Is there a class distinction in Philippines? While chatting with a lady at a party a few days ago she inquired about life in UK, knowing she was in banking, I explained the difference between the London financial sector and its salaries compared to the cost of living in London. When I informed her that she may not be able to employ two house-maids on a Bank Managers salary in UK her reply....."Well I don't do dishes, does that make me lazy"? There is without doubt in Filipino Culture an air of superiority with more educated/skilled Filipinos, towards their shop assistants and house helpers etc. I have noticed they never seem to thank them, just walk away with their purchases and don't give a second look. House-maids treated with the same contempt, it's what you are paid to do, get on with it attitude. There have been a number of times I have made a point of thanking someone for their help, when I felt my wife's own response didn't quite come over. As a person who was brought up to show manners and respect to others, no matter what their standing, it is something I will never get use to or accept. Jake made a comment about the poverty side of Manila in a previous post, in response, I see that most money is made on the backs of the poor, they have always been exploited the world over and will be continued to be so, it's the way this material world works. Finally I would guess that helpers are more respected and cared for by Ex-pats in their employment, maybe that's why they think we are all rich. Reply's on the back of a $100 bill accepted.....JB
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    Convert it to a bunk bed and you may have something.
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    Interesting - Line is rather obscure in both the USA and the Philippines - popular in Japan and Korea only. May mean nothing, or may mean something but it adds to the general intrigue.
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    Apparently, the couple communicate by some means on Line, How I wonder? I don't think there is a Social Media that does not have a way of sending Photos and Documents Up the garden path seems to come to mind here
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    Ditto... and Snowy79 is correct. A Filipino claiming not to have a Facebook account (or not wanting to friend you on their account) is definitely a red flag and I'd advise caution. Many Filipinos have more than 1 Facebook account in my experience, for a variety of reasons, some innocuous... others not so much.
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    I have a tip for you, don`t go to that pool again.
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    I nagged my wife for years to eat more vegetables.She finally started eating them after the doctor told her to.Luckily my daughter will eat certain kinds of vegetables.Vodka is made from potatoes so does that count?
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    I hope things work out for you. It's like a big family here and the contributors genuinely want to help I wish I lived closer and I'd head down and check things out for you or if she has a Facebook put a link here and we can do some delving for you. You'd be amazed what you can find out by cross referencing her accounts with that of her friends. It's like finding a Unicorn if a Filipino says she doesn't have an account.
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    It is okay to consume vegetables in the Philippines so long as it is not raw or fresh. The reason, unless you personally know the source, is small farmers still use night soil and unprocessed animal waste as fertilizer. The problem is similar to the e-coli found in US Romaine lettuce. The suspicion is wild animals wander into the fields at night and their droppings include the e-coli bacteria. You may have observed that most vegetables consumed in the Philippines is part of a soup dish or stir fried. The heat hopefully destroys any bacteria. The lower middle class and up have moved towards a western diet, but the poor still rely on dried fish and vegetables. Physical size and height probably comes from the consumption of plant and animal protein rather than vegetables. You can see that many young Filipinos and Filipinas are growing taller compared to their parents as their diet mimics the West. Same thing in Japan and now China.
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    I never did? That is the comparison I was making, it was only after the !st and 2nd World Wars that the lower classes in UK started to demand justice and rights, prior to that in1800's-1900's they were treated as badly and exploited as any overseas colonies. In many ways the Filipino communities I have met remind me of my time growing up after the 2nd world war. Every working class family pulled together and shared what little they had, a time when you could leave your doors open, ( most people had nothing worth stealing anyway) when you knew your neighbours and had a mutual trust for each other. Days that will never come back....."The good old days" in some ways it was!
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    Reading this seems to be all pointing to you being scammed, but who are we to say so, it must be so hard for you who has a wife so far away asking for your help, but with limited funds you are struggling to look after yourself plus your wife. i have been used before I met my wife and it took a time before I realised that I was being used because all I could see was a person who I loved, but thank god the penny dropped. What I cannot understand is the amount of money your are trying to send each time when if it was myself I would be spending that on a flight to see her face to face to help her while you are there rather being thousands of miles apart, sorry if I do sound not sympathetic for you both, I hope I am wrong in my thoughts about this and I do wish you both a good outcome what ever happens.
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    It's amazing how good the chicken or pork Adobo tastes with rice. Just a tiny bit of the Adobo with a big spoon of rice. Must be the soy sauce but it sure stretches the meal for the families that can't afford much else.
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    I see it here all the time here. I always kind of attributed it to the Spanish colonial period - the peons, and the dismissive attitude towards them. I know it is more popular here to blame the US but most of what I see, I think, is more of the Spanish colonial influence. When I security guard opens the door for me I always say 'thank you sir'... and always get funny looks ha ha
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    That's the Philippines, near enough is good enough.
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    Hmm.....class distinction in the Philippines? No not really, as compared to India's caste system. But attitude in the Philippines says it all. We have all witness it -- the Filipino aristocrats walking around like their shit don't stink, by saying: "don't you know who I am?" Another trait that is quite apparent is the discrimination against the folks from the province (she's "provencia" meaning lower level on the food chain). Don't forget the attitude against the indigenous people like the Igorots, the Mangyan, etc. And finally, the game of "name dropping". Someone else can explain that. I already mentioned our personal involvement in a post a long time ago, where a possession of a certain business card can get you out of a jam. Anyway, my comments are on the back of this bill. I want some change back, OK?
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    When it comes to driving around here there are a number of rules and things one should be aware of before commencing such an action. I'll try and summarise them to the best of my ability but by the time you've finished your trip I expect you'll be able to add to them. The three rules of driving (in Cebu at least): Rule 1 - There are no rules Rule 2 - Might is right Rule 3 - In case of dispute see Rule 1 Then there are the three main driving types, excluding jeepney drivers who should get their own separate thesis: Type 1 - Ultra aggressive, think the road belongs to them and will push/jump into/overtake into any gap whether actually there or not. My advice is to let them go and not get in their way. They are usually driving large/expensive cars and have a huge sense of entitlement. These are the people who may, if you get in their way, get out of their car and shoot you. Type 2 - The truly terrified, rarely go faster than 30 kph and the most frustrating of all, especially when you realise the road in front of them is empty. Frequently have to be overtaken on the inside. Type 3 - They know not what they do. Don't understand just how dangerous what they're doing is. Nearly all motorbike riders fall into this category. Unpredictable so usually the most dangerous/troublesome of the lot. General advice: Don't be in a rush, attempting to save a few minutes by driving faster/more aggressively will up the odds of trouble considerably. Even if you think the road is clear it probably isn't. Driving up the west side of Cebu a few weeks ago a mostly clear road was constantly obstructed by signage in the road ("Danger: Sign in road"). Actually they were slowing you down because of local schools, which is fine but why leave them out all day rather than just when pupils are going to/from schools?. Stupid question I know, this is the Philippines. Remember DWW (Driving Whilst White) automatically puts you in the wrong. Ensure your car has good aircon and a good CD player (or equivalent if you stream your music from your phone). Apologies if all this in entirely familiar to you.
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    @bigmac sad to say Mac but you will not be the First and most definitely be the last that it happens to. Over the Years we hear Soooo many stories and of course we all have our own little story to tell. No one wants these things to happen but as I say they do, Because of the nature of the Philippine Culture once a story is told it is set and although, it can change mid-course many times to a worse thing, with the inability to admit they are wrong, they continue in the fashion that they grew up with. PRIDE and never losing face BUT as we say, pride usually comes before a fall, I too hope my friend that we are all wrong but the longer you are kept in the dark the longer we will look at at from our experiences to date. Jack Morning All
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    I'm not much of a tipper but maybe thats a bit low considering he came all the way from the US with your mail
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    Funny how there are African Americans, but not Scottish Australians. I could live in the Philippines for 50 years, but that is never going to make me a Filipino. (Oh, and REAL Australians are 'black', which is hardly surprising, considering the weather).
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    I wonder if she dyes her hair to cover the ginger.
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    Warning -- rant alert, sorry Kuya The Affluence of Manila? I'm sorry for my negative views about the Metro Manila and surrounding areas. I call it the high rise of bottlenecks in all forms. There are no serious considerations of infrastructure (streets, sewage, public transportation, medical services, police, social services, etc, etc) supporting this exponential growth. You add another natural calamity and tens of thousands of displaced people will migrate to Manila again. Yep, luxurious high rise living and right outside your comfort zone is abject poverty surrounding you. More like Opulence of Manila.........
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    I dont believe she or anyone claimed that at all. Also I have seen her FB account and there are no friend request button so she does not accept anyone as a friend. No, there will be no FB links here. .
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