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    Ms and all MSG have been banned in this house for 10+ years and you know what? no moans from them
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    I greet a lot of Filipino guests for condos I manage and I think everyone of them have said thank you so it might depend on the situation.
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    Looks like she was hanging out with some real winners. To bad, I hope her folks were notified before they see her passport photo all over the web. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/12/serial-swatter-and-stalker-mir-islam-arrested-for-allegedly-dumping-body-in-river/
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    Yes she is very beautiful, but does she represent the beauty of the Filipina that we are privileged to see every day here in the Philippines? This little sweetie will probably never win a beauty contest because she is not nearly "white" enough and her nose is not "pointed" enough. Sad to know that so many Filipina think they have to measure their beauty against the new winner. Sorry - rant over.
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    Hello everyone! After reading this forum topics for along time i finally decided to sign up. I apologize in advance for possible mistakes, my english skill is pretty poor. And it got degraded after living in Thailand in cause of lack of practice with native speakers... Well, i hope it won't be a problem. I living in Thailand since the end of 2017, on Phuket, but originally i'm from Moscow. As i hate Russia don't really like my homeland i don't wanna go back for long time at all, and now i want to compare living in Thailand and in RP. I have purchased a ticket Moscow -> Manila already as i have to visit my parents before move again... gonna arrive in several months from now. I'm not looking for job as i'm a digital freelancer. I still haven't any ideas about a place to live on Philippines, i've never visited it before, but i hope i'll figure it out soon. Going to stay there at least for 1-2 years, maybe more, or permanently at all. Well thanks to all people here, the information on this forum is really useful :)
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    Chinese friend posted this trike, electric I think? JJ.... this rig fits my budget but I can't fit into it.
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    In my opinion for if we use lettuce for an example. Would not matter where or what country it comes from. You wash it prior to eating. When I was a kid fertiliser was sheep shit because my father was driving sheep trucks and had access to holding yards where it was plenty full. Now could this be any worce that some manufacture fertilizer? I doubt it.
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    There is no credible science to the MSG scare. Don't buy into the hype. It was more to do with racism than science. MSG is in tons of American food, with no ill effects.
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    Isn't the topic pretty much exhausted for new ideas anyway?
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    Watch the scenes when we get a very deserved winner in the 95th minute, apparently so Guy broke his hand lol:
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    Never considered cooking my lettuce and l find them better fresh
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    I think here the local culture does include manners how ever seldom now are they expressed. I notice filipino friends and family of my partner always express appreciation, how ever open a mall door for someone, slow the car for a pedestrian to cross and rarely does one get an acknowledgment.
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    Dobropožalovat'! Welcome Alexander! Digital Freelancer? Is that a Russian cyber warfare specialist? Just kidding..... If I may Dan (Old55)......additionally the term "kano" came from the Spanish description -- "Americano". You will also be called Hey Joe, which was a term of endearment for the American soldiers during WWII. I think that some of the lessons learned from the seasoned "kano" is learning or forcing yourself to adjust your tolerance level about everyday living in PI. For example, you have excellent internet connections but noisy interference. And I'm talking about your neighbors, blasting their 4 megawatt speaker aimed at your bedroom window. Or how about you live in a quiet neighborhood but piss poor connections or your connection has been hijacked or compromised. I don't recommend settling down right away. After all, there are 7,000 islands plus that you can explore all the possibilities and then after several months, pick the top three. And have them all live with you, like a triple sandwich......he, he. Udači! Respectfully Jake
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    Rich Kano = Rich American. Used to be many Filipinos called any Caucasian, American and assumed all were well to do.
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    I think also the poorer people only have extraction as it's cheaper.
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    You've noticed that too huh? That's what my gf and I always say to each other when we come up to a clogged intersection, and it's usually true.
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    I experienced being looked down upon in the UK.Some people would say oh but you`re just a plumber.I walked off of several jobs and left them without hot water or heating yeh who`s just a plumber now then.I made one man wait a week for a new gas valve for his boiler and that winter was cold.We all have a role in society and should be treated with a certain level of respect.I too find it difficult to get workers to sit at the table when we eat I think a lot of it is shyness.
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    I never did? That is the comparison I was making, it was only after the !st and 2nd World Wars that the lower classes in UK started to demand justice and rights, prior to that in1800's-1900's they were treated as badly and exploited as any overseas colonies. In many ways the Filipino communities I have met remind me of my time growing up after the 2nd world war. Every working class family pulled together and shared what little they had, a time when you could leave your doors open, ( most people had nothing worth stealing anyway) when you knew your neighbours and had a mutual trust for each other. Days that will never come back....."The good old days" in some ways it was!
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    More likely the msg that brightens the taste
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    Now here is a true story. I am a sity boy who spent my high school summers working on my Uncles farm in South Dakota. During my first summer there at age 14 my 17 year old cousin said lets go cow tipping. So we stopped at a field, out he jumped, ran full speed, ran into a cow and over she went....it was hilarious. A few days later on the way in from the fields in the dark, my cousin stopped the truck, pointed to a shadowy outline in the field. YOUR TURN he said. Out I jumped, over the fence and going full speed ran into a solid wall of meat and hair, down I went. I heard a load, low MOOOOOO, and a snort and a grunt. My beloved cousin sent me to tip a bull in the dark. We still laugh our asses off over that one
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