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    Just a follow up on this foreigner living on the street. He did disappear for awhile but been back for a month I guess. Looking bit worse for wear. Anyway my GF and I put together some lunch and a few things for him and walked over to give it not knowing what his reaction would be. He was asleep on the bench and I was busy today so did not want to come back later. I said hello twice and he woke up and slowly rose up to a sitting position. Obviously sleeping on a hard surface is causing some pain. Anyway I said I would like to offer you some food if thats OK. He said Oh thank you very much mate. Not sure if he is Aussie. We wished him a merry Christmas and he did the same and I shook his hand. He was shaking a bit, not sure if from hunger or nerves. I said I might come and talk to you tomorrow and he thanked again and said god bless and we left. So he seemed a nice enough guy down on his luck for whatever reason. Put in a couple of bananas after picture taken.
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    Mate, you did a good thing and it seems it was appreciated as well. Some of you know my background as a social worker after I left the navy working for homeless vets and from where I'm sitting people don't choose to live on the streets but there they are, making you feel uncomfortable and making excuses not to help them. There, but for the grace of god, go I. No one is immune to gravity. Mental illness is not a choice but we send our sons to war and expect that not to happen. 80% of homeless people in Australia are mentally ill veterans or indigenous first peoples (don't get me started on that). There's been 200 Australians die in Afghanistan and Iraq, there's been 800 that have committed suicide since they returned. Mental illness it not a choice, it's as deadly as a cancer diagnosis. Tom's mate may not have served, but that doesn't matter, he's in a bad situation and that tiny slice of humanity that Tom showed may have saved a life. I have a black dog. I hate him and love him. I have an angry midget that gets it, she saved my life. Are you ok?
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    Could happen to anyone, I went absolutely mental 5 years ago and got diagnosed bipolar. Just 4-5 weeks of being an absolute lunatic was enough to mess my business up and waste a lot of money. Banned on Amazon & Ebay, website deindexed from Google. Luckily I had a good family and managed to rebuild my business but a lot of people don't have such a good safety net. I never used to believe how bad mental health problems can be before it happened to myself. I'd honestly rather chop my leg off than have another month of that lol.
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    Oops, I meant to say welcome in Russian. Well anyway, the current policy for new members of this forum is that you buy the 1st round of San Magoo. Merry Christmas young man! Respectfully Jake
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    Wife calls me Hubby and I call her Sweetie. Olivia has no kids and her sisters and brothers call me Ken and there kids call me Uncle Ken. She is adjusting very well here in the United States, except for the cold. She has made a few Filipino friends in our area.
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    I e got some knowledge about mental illness , I have a close friend who suffers from PTSD, with my job I got to a house ( I'm the electrician) , it's a half way place for people suffering from a variety of problems , I had a smoke outside and got talking to one guy who suffers very badly from PTSD, I was scared I'd say the wrong thing , but just talking to him seemed to lift his spirits . I am a recovered alcoholic , been sober for 24 years , not a drop . I was offered a position at a very exclusive and expensive world renowned rehab , I could have got qualified and ended up charging mega bucks to the rich and famous , but I just could not bring myself to charge money for a program that was given freely to me , I still. Get the phone calls and go an help suffering alcoholics , if it's a dangerous situation ,we go as a pair , once had to disarm a guy with an axe , that was not fun . I have seen and witnessed those in park benches recover from alcoholism, we gets vets coming in and do what we can to help
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    I read about this in the Star this am. I just can't imagine how people like this do things like this. It's unimaginable for me. What the hell brings someone to feel the need to kill someone. Can't wrap my mind around it.
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    Dobropožalovat'! Welcome Alexander! Digital Freelancer? Is that a Russian cyber warfare specialist? Just kidding..... If I may Dan (Old55)......additionally the term "kano" came from the Spanish description -- "Americano". You will also be called Hey Joe, which was a term of endearment for the American soldiers during WWII. I think that some of the lessons learned from the seasoned "kano" is learning or forcing yourself to adjust your tolerance level about everyday living in PI. For example, you have excellent internet connections but noisy interference. And I'm talking about your neighbors, blasting their 4 megawatt speaker aimed at your bedroom window. Or how about you live in a quiet neighborhood but piss poor connections or your connection has been hijacked or compromised. I don't recommend settling down right away. After all, there are 7,000 islands plus that you can explore all the possibilities and then after several months, pick the top three. And have them all live with you, like a triple sandwich......he, he. Udači! Respectfully Jake
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    My gf makes a mean Chop Suey. About 80% veggies and the rest chicken. She says she would make it more but that the veggies are too expensive. I could care less about the price but she has her mind set. She grew up dirt poor so she likes the plants that she can get for free like Malunggay, Kang kong if that's how it's spelled, Pichay and other free or cheap stuff. It's her comfort food that she likes to cook up with the dried fish that stinks up the whole house. I don't mind it though cuz it makes her happy. If only she was that thrifty when she buys clothes.
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    My wife compared notes with my mother, she calls me Honey......................when she uses my first name I look for a place to hide, because I know I am in TROUBLE!!!
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    I mean under normal conditions and not when she is angry with you or horny. As for your children or step children, do they have a name for you? Not behind your back but when speaking to you. My grandsons in the states call me grandpa. My only grand daughter calls me "Wampa". Her way of saying grandpa. My wife calls me "honey". My wife asked me what should my stepson call me? Should it be "dad" or by my first name or what? Good question. I suggested he call me "wampa" like my grand daughter. It works. He may have felt awkward calling me "dad" and disrespectful calling me by my first name. Now, the local kids call me "wampa". Is that cool or what.
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    At this stage I do not know his situation but I do now know he is approachable so I will follow up and see what can be done if he wants something done. I already talked to my GF about these mattrest she has stored here, only fairly thin but better than a hard bench. Will see how things are after l talk to him again. Funny thing the other night I was in my watering hole and a Filipina just a tad drunk did not have enough money to pay her full bill. This is a long story but l paid the P230 needed and she was not short of money normally except she did not have her card with her and could not leave without paying. I think I made a friend and I told my GF and she said why did you do that, my answer was that I hope if I was in that situation someone would help me. Now can anyone lend me 50 peso till next week,, please please
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    Got it :) Russian language is based on cyrillic alphabet, not latin one :) Sure, as soon as i'll meet someone from here on Philippines! :) Thank you, you too!
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    JD my friend lets is get this straight OK it was hk that first said this so please, do not muddy the waters any more, putting members posted quote to others causes problems this Topic is now getting away from the issue which I am sure is starting to rub many
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    Chinese friend posted this trike, electric I think? JJ.... this rig fits my budget but I can't fit into it.
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    What I tend to recognise here is if one is personally dealing with Filipinos as opposed to casually running into them situation is different. The examples I gave were slowing car to allow pedestrians to cross, in this case the only recognition is the car behind blasting his horn. Also door opening, in your case your having personal dealings, I agree and have same experience.
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    We need to wait for the release of an autopsy to learn the cause of death. If it is an overdose, the two would have been better off reporting it rather than trying to dump the body. Now they face all kinds of charges that will keep them in jail for many years.
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    At this stage I have not seen anything about the cause of her death. Maybe she drug overdosed.
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    If you have money you can get your own private bahay kubo with aircon..tv..etc.
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    It might also depend on the social status of the people you deal with. I do think that most Filipinos express gratitude when you treat them kindly. The wealthier Filipinos are the ones that seem to think they are better. Just got back from my afternoon drive and was held up at a busy intersection with a Wang Wang group going through. No Govt. plates but plenty of police escorts. 3rd time this month.
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    Did you find the bench, I might have to join the line. Everything has become real expensive in the Philippines. But like they say it’s always fun here. I have not found one person smiling yet. Kanu oldutot
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    I know that the post is about finding a good local pizza place, but as an alternative, with the many imported ingredients found here in the supermarkets and S&R, you can make a great pizza to your liking at home, given that you have an oven.:)
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    S and R Robert. Now most SM malls have them also
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    Wait until the first time that you take her to America. There are many things that she will have never seen before like automatic water and dryers in public washrooms. After my wife's first trip, when we returned, there was a family gathering whereby she told them about all the new things that she saw and how she solved them. It was hilarious.
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    First thing I had to teach my wife was to put the lid down. They never had a seat, much less a lid.
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    I don't understand this controversy at all. Doesn't everyone, male and female, put the lid down? So everyone has something to lift up and put down. What's the problem? I keep the lid down even when by myself. Why? So when I drop something like a toothbrush/deodorant/towel/razor/etc it goes 'thump' instead of 'splash'. Maybe I am the only one who is occasionally clumsy?
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    Lately my asawa has been calling me daddy. This started after I got her pregnant. I told her in the USA that will not work seeing as I'm actually old enough to be her father. I could see it now. US holding hands romantically and her calling me daddy while over weight women my age gasp.
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    Neighborhood kids call me uncle, family kids call me tito. My wife calls me honey, or buddy. As long as she calls me on time for dinner - I am ok. :tiphat:
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    My wife calls me "Hun" all the time, our girls call me "Dad", and everyone else calls me "Uncle" even tho I am not uncle to some of them.
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    Poor girl. I pity her family back home. RIP young lady.
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