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    So we had a meeting, as we are all Filipino Dogs and in line with our Human counterparts, we only went for the snacks
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    To me they're all just terms to catalogue groups of people to enforce some sort of lazy rigidity on the individuals in the group. I never liked US VP Dan Quayle but I'll never forget something he said about himself during his run for the VP slot, to the effect of, "Not everyone in the 60's grew their hair long and protested." And it's true. But you never see that side of the "Boomer" generation portrayed. For a while, I was a Boomer. Then I read that I was an X'er. Now I'm back on the Boomer side of the street. Yeah, sure. I was 4 years old in the '67 Summer of Love and 6 when Woodstock dropped. Boomer? As if. If I had to identify with a generation, I'd say I was a member of the Lost Generation that was too young to participate in Gen Boomer except as a number. We didn't have any causes. "Our" President wasn't shot in office, he shot the office. We didn't have peace and love, we had the SLA and the Weather Underground. We didn't go on surfin' safaris, we sat in our cars with our fathers on even or odd days, waiting for the queue for gasoline to move. On the other hand, we had Led Zeppelin AND Donna Summer on the radio. In the end, the terms are just a part of humanity's endless quest to classify things. We humans do love our labels, as Gary Larson knew:
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    To me, a millennial is somebody born from the year 2000 onwards. I have used Facebook since 2008, plus other social media since the late 90s. I have had a mobile phone since the early 80s. Before that, a pager. So far no secret services people have arrested me for any awful secrets I've revealed in cyberspace . Nobody has emptied my (pitifully small) bank account. I'm 67, but like to keep up with the times. I play on my Xbox most days...including online gaming. I download 'current' music... and dance to it when out at parties, etc. You're only young once. Make it last.
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    My GF's sister is one of them. Funny but in a way sad. Knowing they will have to work hard for not much money. At least she's not laying on the couch playing with her cellphone.
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    Only really the youngest millennials who grew up with social media. I'm 28, remember getting my 1st phone at about 12 (nokia 3310), got bebo and myspace when I was about 14 and then facebook took over when I was 16-17.
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    Ok ok. My eldest son (aged 25) is a so-called 'millennial' then . My two Filipino stepchildren are also 'millennials'. All great young people, and successful in their chosen careers. As for myself, well, a child of the swinging 60s. Had the long hair. Bought the music. Didn't take the drugs. I just refuse to be labelled... or grow old.
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    Gen Z. Millenials/Gen Y are generally regarded as the generation that generally "came of age" near the beginning of the new millenium. http://www.pewresearch.org/topics/millennials/ Most Millenials grew up with PCs and the internet, but not social media, which really didn't start to become a huge thing until about a decade ago.
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    I've not seen the poverty in Manila. I know every big city has some. Davao has a lot of squatters. I've noticed a lot of beggars in the streets and in neighborhoods here over the holidays. Wife says that President Duterte has truckloads of Lumads trucked in over the holidays. After the holidays, he has them all trucked out and back to where they came from. President Duterte had over 40,000 visitors at his home during Christmas. He had a bag of rice and I don't know what else for each family. It was in the NEWS. I saw it and wife told me about it. Another thing, wife says that President Duterte is the most famous president ever and Ferdinand Marcos the 2nd. best. She showed me this survey on her iPad last night.
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    My wife (getting on herself now, at 33) tries to keep up, and has insisted I try to stay alive for at least another 20 years. I will do my best.
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    Crisky i have only just found out I am in the Baby Boomer group
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    Thank You and YES, I am very lucky. My wife was not looking for a husband when we met and I courted her. She is very independent and is not insecure financially or emotionally. So, with that said, she does not feel threatened by the presence of other younger and attractive Filipinas. She had a full time and secure job as a unit manager at a local hospital. She is an RN. She also has her own home and had opened up a Boarding Home before I asked her to retire. I wanted her to be a full time mother and full time wife. She agreed and so here I am and here we are. I don't think she has any regrets I don't. She has agreed finally to be with me in California even if only on a part time basis. I wish other expats the same luck.
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    After 34 years I have never got the silent treatment............WHAT Am I DOING WRONG????? Lol
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    Well, there are a lot of Filipinas in Hong Kong but it just may be as you say, lazy.
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    Social media millenials Funny thing when you look at the military returning from wars and getting spat upon by people who probably had a get out of jail free card.No difference really entitled little tw@ts,.
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    I know the definition but people have different views about it. So, how do you feel about it? How do your children or spouse feel about it? My general overall feeling is that "millennials" are children growing up in the "social media" generation. I don't do Facebook, or Tweet or any other online media except for this one and only when I am here in the Philippines. Wife does Facebook. Stepson does Facebook. Each generation is exposed to more modern technology. Virtual reality is a new good one that wasn't around during my youth. Oh, ok, I still have a dumb phone that I use. I also have an Apple iPod that I store music on. I love my music anywhere anytime.
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    Well, it is a perishable good. Maybe someone who mattered noticed that the new batteries were no longer to spec. No manufacturer would use them in this shape for new battery packs. From what I understand, LG never intended the batteries to be used in vape as they are INR and not IMR. They can give good amperage in parallel or series parallel but they aren't rated for 35-40 amps like an IMR battery, they are rated for 20A and will tolerate 30A for short periods. It's possible I could condition my batteries and regain some of the lost capacity, discharging them with a moderate load of 3 amps and giving them a slow charge but that wouldn't be practical with a dozen shipping containers full. I just charged all mine up, threw an 8A load on them to get them hopefully between 3.8v and 4.1v for long storage, except the 4 I'm using on a regular basis. It is what it is.
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    Once you buy one or even interested in one, search the model on youtube and you should find someone showing you how to use it.
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    This is something I have noticed a lot here and it was the same in Hong Kong - always struck me as a sign of laziness or maybe I'm being too harsh
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    Those that do, sit by a window, face the front and let their hair blow dry
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    I see that almost every day. Wet hair and waiting for the baby bus.
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    I am from the "LOST GENERATION" meaning I don't know where or care how I'm classified. " I once was lost but now I'm found"
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    Sounds like an equitable relationship! <sarc>
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    Joint income, mine is 99% Emma 1%, plus maybe I will have to loan her that, so I will never see it again.
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    Millenials are born 1980-2000 (some charts say 1996). After the millennials we have already had Gen Z and Gen Alpha. As for phone calls - anyone that knows me also knows there are at least 6 ways to contact me without calling ha ha. Who uses the phone anymore? I am a Gen X-er but embrace my millennial side
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    Well, my 26 year old daughter is a millennial, living in the USA , and she is always on Facebook and Twitter, so much so that she is always too busy to answer my phone calls from the Philippines. Instead of her being too busy as an excuse, I'm starting to believe that she (as well as many other millennials) have lost their ability to have actual conversations with their biological voices!
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    When I see a Filipino run ( actually walk fast) she is probably late to work and has wet hair.
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    I am Anti- President but not anti-American.
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    Smart. I bought my 11 year old a smartphone a few months ago, but I maintain strict control, including no Faceborg.
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    You are probably right. My stepson thinks he is a "millennial". That is why I threw in the "social media" comment. I do not allow him to take his smart phone to school. I do not allow him to use Facebook either. He accepts this.
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    You know something? When I read these types of Topics i sit and think are these kids doing different to what we tried to do in our teens and early 20's? no not really are they? it is just a that we did not seem to get away with so much in our days, At 19 I was in the Air Force, at 21 married and a Daughter on the way, Yes they are a hi tech Breed but I am sure we should all think on How it would have been if we had the Technology then. What would have our Parents have called us, just as they did then I guess Youngsters Today, springs to mind. We took some of the family Millennials to Biaz, Tanjay and ended up back at freedom park (Dumaguete) new years day; something I think we should all remember
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    Partying at Christmas... with the millennials: .
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    If you are thinking about Valencia it depends on what area for the internet connection and Valencia does have a water shortage problem maybe some of the members here who live there can elaborate.
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    Wife tells me about the times when she was a young girl growing up here. There were those both male and female who would look down on those less fortunate. They were called "mata pobres". Translated loosely it would mean "killers of the poor". Then, there were young girls who were among the common people not wealthy and not poor. They wanted to keep those who wanted to improve themselves, "social climbers". Like for instance, if a girl bought or was given a nice blouse or dress, they would call her a social climber". Then there is the "crab mentality" that most everyone is familiar with. They find fault in anyone who is climbing the ladder of success.
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    You can buy cheap external memory card readers with USB cables that plug into the USB slot on your laptop or desktop computer, you just put the card in to the card reader and transfer the information on the card to the computer. You can get much cheaper ones but the really cheap ones are a bit dodgy sometimes. Kingston is a good brand for this sort of product IMHO. Kingston External card reader - Lazada
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    My GF and son bought the fireworks this year. My son brought home 4 Lumpia size firecrackers. Holy crap! We even felt the shockwave from them. P40 each. Never again. That's just too much. I understand his excitement for wanting to blow things up as I did when I was growing up, but we just had the smaller lady fingers and black cats and the occasional cherry bomb.
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    MY buddy back in Seattle used to use 2-liter soda bottles and dry ice to make bangs on the 4th of July. I guess they'd sound way too much like IEDs here though. I wondered the same thing about roofs. Mine's white.
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    I hear what your saying Old. But like New York, the affluent don't live in areas like that. They live in swanky subdivisions where the riff raff are kept out. My example would be BF homes near my house. Almost 800 hectares of housing with restricted access. It has its own shops, stores and mini malls. And if those that live there want to go out the traffic doesn't worry them. They have big vans with drivers and care givers for the kids, they just sit in the back and surf the web or watch movies on their DVD player.
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    When I slow or stop for a pedestrian to cross the road, all but one time they acknowledge the act by Sauntering across the road. The one man who picked up the pace shocked me!
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    Well this topic just goes to show how everyone's experience will be different. I remember another Lazada topic where all the posters had bad things to say about it. But that is how they stay in business. If they have enough customers then they can do what they want. Some will be back and there are enough of those that they needn't worry about the ones they pissed off. This is Philippines. Its how it is.
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    You are right. We should not tell others how to manage their children. Thats what rules are for. Schools just enforce them. The same with police. They enforce the laws. In the states, parents are responsible for their children and their mischief. As long as a child is a minor, he is the parent's responsibility. Needless to say, there are irresponsible parents. They set the example. You are right that this subject is a lot over seemingly nothing. I just want to respond, not argue.
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    This is very funny because they speak very loud during a conversation, even if one is directly in front of them. This is even on the telephone. I had to break my wife of that habit when talking to me but she resorts to her normal LOUD voice anywhere or with anyone else. Yes, Very Funny, except when I'm trying to sleep or watch television.
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    Alex, I don't know how to tell you this but "Quiet" and "Filipino" are mutually exclusive can't be used in the same sentence. Filipinos can be VERY LOUD at all hours and thoughtless of others in the noise they make.
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    Maybe just as well the groups of glue-sniffers, pickpockets ,street-sleepers, and other assorted HUMAN detritus, put off most tourists from peeking over the sea wall on Roxas Boulevard. . .
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    It will never get clean until the Philippines stops "catch and release" fishing. Catch a fish, release a plastic bag.
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    But hey! I read in the newspaper that Manila Bay is going to be cleaned up. Much like Boracay. Good luck on that. I've seen it lately. 10 years ago the Supreme Court ordered the govt. to clean it up to make it safe enough to swim in. Cleaning it it up is one thing..and expensive. Convincing people who live along the rivers that feed into the bay to stop using it as their garbage disposal is another. I may be cynical but I can't see it happening in the long term.
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    More like effluents of Manila, sorry but I hate the place.
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    I heard that some people have a 2nd childhood. So much for " only young once". Congratulations Did your wife tell you to "make it last"?
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