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    You have a chance to start over and meet someone who will truly love you and make you happy forever. Many of us here have found that person you can too Bigmac. Best to leave this and move onto much better things.
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    Well as Brian would say " Always look the bright side of Life" Some things in life are bad, They can really make you mad, Other things just make you swear and curse, When you're chewing life's gristle, Don't grumble, Give a whistle And this'll help things turn out for the best. And... Always look on the bright side of life. [whistle] Always look on the light side of life. [whistle]
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    I'm sure there are some wonderful people there. I met some really good folks while there. It's not about revenge. It's about not allowing this to happen to anyone else by her.
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    Whilst I don't disagree revenge is sweet and can act as a deterrent, who is going to pay for the undoubtedly long drawn-out legal battle and also remember there will almost certainly be no money to pay any compensation if/when he wins. That's not taking into the cost of stress etc etc I'd follows the old saying - Don't throw good money at bad money!
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    LIVE and have a happy life,it can be done, most of us come from broken relationships before and have found happiness here.
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    I'm on the side of revenge I'm afraid. As Bigmac has said it can be about stopping it happening to others. Even just getting the ball rolling the jungle drums will start about a foreigner prosecuting and people will talk. The more people thinking we can and will prosecute the better. I could imagine the stress thinking your wife could die and you're helpless to stop it. I can't imagine a more evil stunt to carry out. Let her and her family sweat over going to jail and the public shame.
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    Well in that case I would just forget it as it will take a lot of hearings to sort out.Even if you were to get a lawyer to do it for you it would probably not get done.Save your money and move on mate just be more careful next time.Maybe you should keep reading this site and get more information about what can happen here.
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    I am sorry to hear that you found out you were being scammed, I know how that sucks (personal experience, happened to me with a previous Girl Friend). Just a small piece of advice if I may... don't let revenge become your experience of the Philippines, there really are some wonderful women here.
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    Well I'd be going for revenge. The court system normally isn't as bad here as people make out when you have clear evidence, just takes ages. Even just filing a case and nothing happening will make her and her family the joke of the town and Filipinos hate that. Lying to your husband that you've got cancer to make a few $s? Doesn't get much worse than that, honestly I'd probably of murdered her by now and taken the life in jail on the chin lol.
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    One thing you don't want to do, is start stomping around over there threatening this and that. You may meet your maker before the heart attack.
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    Agree with the revenge, but sometimes them just thinking you are going to take legal action is enough, and ensure everyone knows, wagging tongues will do the rest
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    As far as I am aware, if you have an account they won't close it but you will have a problem if you tried to open a new one. Using someone else's address is problematic unless you happen to share the same name - it's all to do with money laundering regulations. Another option is to open an account with one of the "UK offshore" institutions in the Channel Island/IOM/Jersey/Guernsey. It's a way to have a UK bank and all interest is paid tax free as long as you are not a UK resident. It's not just for the super-wealthy either.
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    I would recommend you buy a dual sim phone, with the correct band coverage for the Phils area of the world... if yours isn' t already such a model. I have a local sim in one slot and my home-country sim in the other. Ideal for if my bank back home for instance, needs to send me a security code, plus incoming texts are free to my home sim anyway. OR, you could have a SMART sim in one slot and a GLOBE sim in the other (the two most popular Phils ones), so you have maximum coverage and convenience.
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    Kodi is also a good option for downloading and watching movies/tv shows and is easy to install on Android boxes as is a VPN. A word of caution on the ones from Lazada though, I bought one 2 months ago and it lasted all of 5 weeks before it wouldn’t power on anymore. China garbage I guess. Might be better to get one at a local store so that you can take it back if it breaks rather then to have to pay to ship back to Lazada. Not really sure how warranty stuff works over here and the price wasn’t significant enough for me to even waste my energy dealing with it. i just installed Kodi on my 27” iMac and am watching from there instead.
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    You will get one on your 2nd extension of your visa.They will charge you for it when you apply.Be careful where you do this 2nd extension as you will probably have to go back to the same office to collect it.If you are moving around a lot you may have quite a travel on your hands.
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    Be careful, be very careful. Wish I could find one of the "good ones".
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    Ok, here is what I did. You decide what's best for you. When I decided that I was going to live here off and on, I opened up a joint account here with my wife. I arranged to have money transferred from my bank in the states to my joint bank account here. I get charged $4 for each transfer. The money is sent in US dollars and received in Pesos. My bank here does not charge me for anything. I have it deposited to my checking account and withdraw what I need when I need it. Very simple. I use BPI for this but I, we also have an account with BDO. Both banks are very professional but the BPI bank branch that I use knows how to do the transaction. The first time, it took a while because the girl had to inquire how to do it. Now she, they know.
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    You better prepare for a long fight with a very slim chance of success For sure, there are some foreigners who have won against their pinay wifes but the odds are definitely against you. I understand you feel like you wanna fight right now but my advice is to put it behind you and move on, its not worth all the problems it will give you. Even if you will win there will be no money left to pay you back. Think of your own Health, its more important than the money you lost. We are not getting younger and getting an heartattack is easy to get from situations like this. Take care of yourself and try to be positive
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    I'll be happy to do this later. Right now, she doesn't' know that I know. More to come.
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    I have read somewhere that in some circumstances a foreigner has won.
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    That leakage is likely related to (now fixed) bugs in old browser versions or possibly one of the WIndows OS services on one's machine It's always a good idea to routinely check that one's browser is up-to-date since some browsers don't automatically update when a new version is available. And it goes without saying that one should always update to the latest computer OS, especially if one is running Windows - No more Win XP folks! Time to move to Windows 10 since Windows 7 extended support (security patches) is ending January 2020 - If one is running Windows 10, you'll have extended support until 2025 Or better yet, get a Chromebook and be done with all the Windows BS
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    "Where to find a good head" Here's me thinking we were talking about a good head of beer! This post has gone down like a wet lettuce (JPEG Image, 164 × 118 pixels)
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    At 93k peso per month you'll be OK as long as there's no sudden medical issues. Work on spending no more than 15k peso on digs. 5k peso on electric and 5k peso on visa extensions including transport to get it per month. Food can be as cheap as you want it or as expensive or more than the West depending on where and how you eat. Standard beer is cheap as are cancer sticks. Factor in your meds for diabetes. Even moving 10km can make a big difference to your budget. I lived in Sabang, Puerto Galera and could spend 90k easily on digs and life in general. I moved 10 km and living a better life on 75k per month.
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    Welcome Hawg. There are many, many, many topics addressing your question on the forum. Opinions pro and con on just about every location here in the Philippines. But if you want our members to chime in with useful information you will need to fill in a few blanks for us. 1. Interests,,,,,,,,,,what do you plan to do in retirement 2. Health needs,,,,,,,,,,do you have health insurance that will work here. Will you need to be near a good hospital 3. Stable income,,,,,,,,,is your 1800 guaranteed, will you have an emergency nest egg. as much info as you can provide will increase the quality of the answers you get. We are really not nosey But here is one thing you must consider, as a single man, you will most likely be on a tourist visa, which will have to be renewed periodically. That will be an automatic, continual reduction of your 1800 budget. Again, welcome to the forum
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    Thanks and, I do plan to prosecute her whole family to the fullest extent. Seems it was all a plan from the beginning and her whole family is involved. Almost 6 years of my life wasted not to mention the monetary loss.
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