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    I’m sure you have read enough on here about transport woes in Manila to know all you need to know – it’s lousy! You mention Corregidor and the US cemetery -- my two top places when I give the 'friends & family manila tour’. In fact, I’m hoping to hit corregedor again with my son when I pass through in two weeks. I’d suggest touring the rock first before the cemetery visit. The cemetery feels much more meaningful with the tour of Corregidor fresh in your head. For getting a rough orientation of Manila in relation to these two sites, picture the airport at the center. Mall of Asia (ferry to Corregidor) is ~3 miles to the WNW of the airport, and the cemetery ~4 miles to the ENE. Although there are many variables to consider when choosing accommodations -- length of stay, itinerary, wallet weight -- you might well consider the Mall of Asia area. 10-15 minutes from the airport and all ranges of accommodations since area is overgrown with condo/apartment/hotels. Most rooms are walkable (or 3 minute ride) to the ferry port for the 7am Corregidor departure. The USCem closes at 5pm. Unless you are participating in a special service, a couple of hours is enough time there for most people. Add an hour if you are a naval history buff and want to spend quality time with the dozen murals charting the pacific sea battles. The trip from MofA to USCem shouldn't be too bad (20 minutes?) between 10a and 2p, even without taking the tollway. Also, staying in the MofA area gives you a direct shot north on Roxas if you decide to tour Intramuros / Lunita. Touring the Bataan pennisula is a whole different ballgame. Hiring a tour guide w/driver is possible, but pricey. With just a little research, a self-guided tour with a driver can be just as good. If you leave at 5am, figure about a 14 hour day trip to see the main Bataan memorials and return to Manila. I'd say only hitting about 2-3 sites there is sufficient. Still, makes for a very long day. Not everyone considers a Bataan trip worth the hassle (I do), but maybe it would be more enjoyable if combined with an overnight visit to the Angeles or Subic area.
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    What I am thinking of doing is putting the rentals in my daughters name and holding them in trust so (hopefully) if anything did happen I would still have somewhere to live.All of the money I have invested SHOULD ultimately end up belonging to my daughter. Yes Dave we don`t get to hear enough or the whole story just a snippet or what sounds good.
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    With keeping with the topic What I do is offer free SEX as long as you bring your own partner. Works well as everyone wants something for free.
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    Makati would be a good choice. Plenty of nice hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc. The cemetery is in Global City/Fort Bonafacio which is about 1-2 miles from Makati depending on where you stay. A quick search for Corregidor tours found ones that will pick up from your hotel, including Makati hotels. I recommend downloading the Grab rideshare app and getting that setup and ready to use in Manila. It really is a much better experience than trying to use taxi's. And you can get a pickup by Grab at NAIA, I only had to wait 5-10 minutes.
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    Me and my Mrs have a 34 year gap too.
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    I thought all handbags came with shoes and vise versa.
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    Love stories abound in this forum. The Arizon young stud (no longer a kid) is another example of tears of joy. However, you will also find tears of sadness, apprehension and anger. For example, there was a prolonged heated conversation about "Can an X Bar Girl Make a Good Wife??" Often times shit happens upon arrival to PI. You will fall in lust a million times to the point that you ran out of funds and you're already "overstayed".....he, he. So you fly back to the States and return to find out that the woman of your life, comes with a "package". Whacha gonna do? As an older gentleman, or a senior old fart like me.....take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask deeply...... Is this really the woman of your life now with 2-5 screaming kids?
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    Hi All, I’m currently in Cebu but I’d like to fly to Manilla to visit the American Military Cemetery, Corregidor and maybe Bataan. I know nothing about Manilla in terms of neighborhoods, ease of transport, etc. I plan to spend a day visiting the cemetery and another day seeing Corregidor. I haven’t researched Bataan to see if there are any memorials to the “Death March” that would be worth the time to visit. Does anyone have suggestions as to which neighborhoods I should be looking in for accommodations? I’ve read Makati is good, but is it too far away from my points of interest? Thanks so much for any thoughts
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    I have seen this topic, not sure if on this forum or somewhere else, of if it was the same company or not, but the legality was called into question then also. Treading way to close to Fraud in my opinion. If it were 100% approved then many companies would be offering their version.
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    Funny thing that. I know some who lost it all, some who lost nothing, some who spent a fortune in legal fees and got a win, and others who spent a fortune in legal fees and lost anyway.. Depends on so many things. Best advice is: Be prepared to walk away, remember that your mileage will vary from the next fellow, make preparations with the other half before the shite hits the fan and the most important of all: Keep in mind that so many who give advice end up not taking their own advice and losing the lions share (but often do not tell us that part unless we know them well).
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    One way we have looked at is, if wanting to live in the PI's is, let the wife/girl friend buy it her name as long as she is working and contributes to Pigabig banking. If the relationship goes south all you've lost is the deposit. The repayments are her responsibility, don't sing a thing.
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    I loved reading your love story, shared it with my wife and she pointed out we have the same age difference. Thanks for sharing and I wish you and your family continued happiness.
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    I had somewhat of a similar situation early on in my marriage. I decided to help my wife with a few dishes that were in the sink. Later when she saw what I had done she immediately showed her displeasure and then began to weep. I commenced to console her and she asked me “ are you not happy with the way I wash the dishes?” I assured her that I was very happy and she explained that taking care of the kitchen was her job and that I had hurt her feelings by doing the dishes as it implied she was not doing a good job. Needless to say I have not interfered since. Happy wife happy life.
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    Jake, just a brief follow up to your comment. The overwhelming majority of The Philam relationships I’m familiar with are quite successful. I think you have an excellent chance of meeting a high quality lady in PI. However as Jake points out its so easy to fall in love (lust) in a place where beauty and femininity abound.
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    "She must have a different pair for everyday of the month" Yea same here.... Keeping in mind Steve, those are just the ones we know about. At least it's not Handbags! Ya wanna confuse a Filipina? Ask her how many pair of shoes she owns.
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    Thanks everyone for your advice, we are going to be checking out places starting after the 15th of this month.
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    I think the best you can look at is a 50/50 financial split. Have it documented where the money to build came from and with luck a judge will act with leniency. I've seen previous comments where others have suggested that maybe marriage isn't the way ahead if you don't trust your partner. Mind you they were probably already divorced from the love of their life and taken to the cleaners. I'd cover my butt if I was marrying an angel. Time changes relationships here in my opinion. The mask slips or families wield their influence.
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    In theory that sounds like the way to go but a lot of us applied for SS at the Manila Embassy because we live here. I'm not sure if they would allow that. Possibly someone here has done it? I'm already paranoid about not getting the "proof of life" letter due to the terrible mail. I'm also wondering if my two minor kids will get one???
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    There's nothing wrong with the belt n braces approach and fair play to all who've faced the hassle of getting both for their kids.
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    I personally think that immigration laws are just not confusing enough. Got my son a US passport and am in the process of getting the Filipino one just to be on the safe side.
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    In theory, that might be true but the problem comes up when people never get the Filipino passport and try to leave the country. Is your child never going to leave the country? It doesn't matter at what age. Surely most kids of expats will end up leaving the country on vacation or whatever. Read the FB press release and comments. If you go to the airport for the first time, and only a foreign passport with no arrival stamp, and no ECC, what are they to do? You are a tourist as far as they know. You will be denied boarding until you get it sorted. Luckily, in most cases, they let the person get the passport and don't charge them for years of overstay. However, your trip was probably ruined and you lost the cost of your discount ticket.
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    That's exactly the same thing I was thinking..truly. But just to be on the safe side, we will get one anyway. I was thinking that even though he has a US passport..born here in the Phills, what if he wants to go to Hong Kong or some other place? I think it's best to have both.
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    I was on a very crowded bus and an old woman with a zimmer frame gets on. All the other passengers proceed to file on and take up the remaining standing places but she stands close to me, staring me in the eyes. After 5 minutes of this, I kindly ask, 'may I help you?' She replies, "yes, I have been waiting here for 5 minutes now and you have not offered to give me your seat" "Can you give me a good reason why I should?" "I can give you 5. I am an old woman of 86, I have near paralysis in my left leg, a hip that has been replaced twice, my husband died 3 days ago and every second I stand up is pure agony. Can you give me as many reasons why you deserve the seat more?" "Sadly, only one. I'm the driver."
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    This is either the most unfortunate headline ever or the all time winner.
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