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    Hi everyone The Chinese Cuisines have changed ownership and is now called. el Chibus. The place is rocking with videoki for the girls in the backroom, smoking allowed inside, dinner inside and air conditioning, outside the guys gather and drink ice cold beers and talk and joke sometimes 20 0r more at one time. Our expat club on fb is Dipilog Dawgs.
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    I do the grocery store for a month's worth but I hit the market every couple days... Fresh fruit, fresh veggies... Yes, i even buy my pork and chicken there... I have a couple vendors I checked out and they keep their meat refrigerated while their display sells... My favorite vendor for pork even cuts out lean meat for me at the same price... And no kano prices inside... There's a big board at the entrance with prices for everything..!
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    I've been following this post about education, were as people are saying Baragay's education is not up to scratch. I disagree, I personally know of more than a handful of young PI"s from Baragay's that have graduated in universities in the PI's then went overseas to get ticketed in the country of their choice. Maybe it has a lot to do with the children, not from where they live.
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    Was at SM in Tamiya was sale day, they have a super market there with a small section for home ware stuff anyway was doing a little shopping and as always in the electrical section they have a 50 inch TV full blast with karaoke, this woman large as life with a shopping trolley full of food with ankle biters in tow, stops, picks up the microphone belts out a few golden oldies and is on her way again, no-one battered an eye lid, had a pretty good voice too, only in the Philippines.
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    You will do well. Watch out for scammers. Get away from the airport. Sit back and take it all in for a couple of weeks to see how things work around here. Go slow. Did I say go slow? Have fun!
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    I too am interested in this topic. But from the reverse. I lived over 2 years in the Philippines and moved back to the US with my wife. Now we have a one year old daughter. I will not allow my daughter to attend public schools in the US. They are not like the schools when we were children. Do you support the 2nd amendment to keep and bear arms (guns)... well, your children will be taught to fear guns rather than gun safety. The schools have become politicized and often teach political agenda's. If your son is a bit unruly they will claim he has ADHD or some other disorder and push you to drug him. In a school not far from where we live a mother kept seeing her 2 middle school age children come home with signs of physical abuse. They were being bullied. She spoke to the school about it a number of times, but they did nothing. Finally, to protect her children, she pulled them out of school to home school them. The school reported her to child services and claimed she was neglecting her children by taking them out of public school. Yet it was the school that failed to protect them. Most public schools now have 'resource' officers who really are just police assigned to the school. There are a growing number of cases where these police treat misbehaving children like they are criminals, even hand cuffing grade school children. Regardless of whether we live in the US or Philippines I plan to have our daughter either attend a good private school or be home schooled. The other issue aside from schooling is health care. You better have a good employer with a great health plan... or else you will pay a great deal for a poor health care plan for your wife and children. We are doing ok in the US but our budget will go much further in the Philippines, especially if we want to pay for a quality private school in a few years for our daughter.
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    I had somewhat of a similar situation early on in my marriage. I decided to help my wife with a few dishes that were in the sink. Later when she saw what I had done she immediately showed her displeasure and then began to weep. I commenced to console her and she asked me “ are you not happy with the way I wash the dishes?” I assured her that I was very happy and she explained that taking care of the kitchen was her job and that I had hurt her feelings by doing the dishes as it implied she was not doing a good job. Needless to say I have not interfered since. Happy wife happy life.
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    Early this morning the wife told me she wanted to hire a washing woman since her back was paining her lately. "What.... for P 100 ?", I innocently asked. "No. P 300." was the snapped reply. I was apparently unaware of my state of ignorance in this particular matter... and ignoring the tone of her response, foolishly pursued the matter further. Apparently I had unintentionally ventured into a literal 'No Man's Land', where neither my male opinion or outsider cultural viewpoint on the matter was needed or wanted. The laundry thing must be a sacred women's domain thing with her I would soon discover because the issue didn't seem open to discussion.... she defended it like a Greek Amazon warrior defended their sacred temple of Isis. "Why so much?", I politely inquired. "After all, you soaked the clothes overnight.... we have an agitator washing machine to wash them. Won't the woman just have to rinse them in the tub, wring them out and hang them? You have a hose with running water. There aren't many clothes to wash. We don't really get them very dirty a'tall." "They have to be scrubbed." she curtly replied with furrowed brow. I could now sense that she uncharacteristically upset with me. I was now perplexed by her bizarre and unusually aggressive response .... what sort of button had I accidentally pushed that turned my sweet, always agreeable wife into something akin to a picketing women's Libber ? "Why do they have to be scrubbed ?.... I mean, they're not stained nor have any visible dirt and grit embedded in them? ... can't she just run them through two wash cycles instead of hand scrubbing everything as well? Now a days, most women in my country don't use scrub brushes and scrubbing boards for their entire loads.... that why we have machines with electric motors doing the work." I was trying to offer reason, but was just putting my foot in deeper now it seemed because she said, "OK. I'll just do it myself." Then she went silent on me and stopped responding. Realizing the error of my ways (sort of.... maybe she thought I didn't love her enough to alleviate her aching back by hiring help), I now began to apologize and exclaimed a new-found eagerness to hire a washer woman for her. I wasn't sure, but maybe it was too late. Maybe the damage was done. Seemed that way at the moment. "By the way, honey.... what's for breakfast?" I now cheerily asked, hoping I had defused the issue. "Rice and dried fish." she told me. She let it sink in for effect I guess...... finally after an eternity of scowling at me... she broke out into a laugh. Think I'll keep my mouth shut on this matter in the future. Only a fool picks arguments with the cook. I still remain in ignorance as to the Filipinas' steadfast fixation on arduously scrubbing all the clothes.
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    Interesting... So a child born in the Philippines to an American father can get an American citizenship. If I were not married already, retired in the PI and had a kid. I would definitely raise that kid in the Philippines if I could pay for private school. Then when he or she turns 18 they can immigrate to the States and enroll in community collage and transfer to a University etc and so forth.
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    So! having been offline for some 4+ days the Truth emerges, Since PLDT were told that they must make their contractors Permanent after 6 months many were let go. Robinsons Place here in Dumaguete has an office BUT as the Desk staff were only Contractors both Cash desk and Technical, They shut down on Friday at 7.30pm and you could not pay or report any problems at the Weekend, We have been paying our Bills at the Business desk in Robinsons for 4 months. Now here is the problem I found out this morning when i finally got through, The PLDT Accounts Section had a crash and no money paid from other places was entered on the PLDT accounts which meant our Account was Overdue so they turned me off Shock Horror to say the least, We went to the Business Centre at Robinsons and made a Complaint, YES SIR we know what has happened, So, they rang on what I suppose was a special number and Low and behold 40 mins later I am back on Line. PLDT as a National Company really have to get things sorted, We pay in Advance and Robinsons have all the details, then again I suppose, PLDT said OH My! but I guess, would never accept that the ball is in their Court. So if anyone here has this problem, go to where you pay your account and they will do something we seem not to be able to do. Get them to Listen. The Robinsons Place issue at the PLDT office is getting to be a problem all round Of course when I rang to explain I am back online the Supervisor said yes sorry about that, But was non committal about refunds. All in all we made 15 calls to the Hot Line which BTW has now changed from Smart *1888 to just 171 yet no one ever told us the Problem, just we can't validate your account to help NO of course not, they had crashed but they can't even admit that just kept saying we are enhancing the System YEAH! 4+ days rant over Jack Morning All, Did you miss me?
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    Yep - believe it when you see it. We had all the forms filled in and everything was set up but when the technical team got involved it was a no-go. Hopefully, your case will be different.
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    Missed you too, Jack! I was going to say a bit more but my phone died... I really need to get a new one... To add to previous, I recently bought a new fridge... A whole 5 cubic foot beast..! Refrigerators and freezers work best when they are full... And going to the market every couple days..? Why get anything bigger..? I don't even keep beer in it... The store downstairs sells Red Horse for the same price I can buy it anywhere else and it's good and cold so... Hehe! Nope! The fridge is only for juice, milk, and leftovers... Ice cream and a few others in the freezer...
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    LOL Ha Ha, you need to talk to member @bastonjock apparently his GF is 2 I/C at Water District, I am sure that with the Contacts she has you can get something Sorted.
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    Wow, this brings back many memories to me! Used to eat in City Burger alot first time I visited Dumaguete in 2008. You could get a meal like the one in the picture, including a a San Miguel for 90 p!!!! It was a very popular place then with lots of people and I must say that I never got sick from eating there. Thnx for posting the pictures :)
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    Twice since Christmas the family have eaten at the well known Restaurant called "City Burger" It is mainly Grilled Chicken and Rice Twice we have had problems with Food Poisoning. Saturday we went again and I have been suffering since. Never again. I understand that Quantity is good for Business but Quality is better for my stomach
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    Speak for yourself, the condoms here fit me just fine! (not well endowed)
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    That's the secret, find a busy place and the food is generally fresh.
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    I was only going for a short o/seas trip, probably before you get back, who knows what will happen, I need a visa renewal before then, probably have stickers again next time.
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    Don't say too much Jack, you'll put the mocker on it, Regards
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    It had been Good up till last week, then they had mega problems, All is well at the Moment and low and behold since it is back online it is far better than it was before they crashed it stays that way
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    Feel for you Jack, just had a dose myself and chicken was the culprit, hope you're on the up and up.
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    Just tourist visa extensions. Easy, and nothing to worry about.
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    My wife likes the hot stuff. So I purchased several plants of "chile labuyo" in pots. The small red peppers kept disappearing overnight. It turns out birds like eating them. We had to install nettings. Rather than crushing the peppers, the Philippine method is to store them in small bottles with vinegar. The peppers are ready for use to flavor food. As experienced by "Foreigner" the crushed peppers may get moldy because of the high humidity.
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    Well 8 days before I move. I'm both nervous and excited.
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    In most First World countries, the chickens are raised in commercial farms that are visited by health inspectors. The feed is manufactured at processing plants. The quality of the final product is not as good, taste wise, but you learn to accept it. The safety inspection continues through the slaughter house, frozen storage, delivery and restaurant kitchen. The contamination possibilities are reduce and food poisoning is less likely. In the Philippines, you don't know the source. Some of those chickens served at a Philippine restaurant might come from someone's backyard that has toxic waste. The same with pork. There is a large piggery in Laguna that raises over 100,000 hogs a year. Very sophisticated technology and high sanitation based on the Danish model. Yet the pork you consume at a restaurant may come from someone's backyard feed with family and neighbors' leftover food.
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    I eat often at Mang Insasl but haven't had any problems but it's always been in a busy location so that helps. Jollibee - never had a problem. KFC- hmmm. MacDonalds - hmmm. Ribshack - hmmm, hmmm.
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    We never eat at Mang Inasal did once chicken 50% cooked and they overcharged us ! For Burgers for me it has to be Jollibees its fast food yes and it sells fast ! Hence the burgers are freshly cooked and their champ is my favourite ! Had Tempura a few times which i loved but then had a bad batch , never again. KFC is a big no no for the whole family. We have a GF grill which i use to cook chefs choice burgers from waltermart.
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    I wish i could say the same for my waistline!
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    Let's hope the 3rd Telecom player shakes things up but I fear they will be dragged down to PLDT/Globe's level rather than it bringing those 2 up to its.
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    It took my 6 year old to say to my wife that we have to save for the future for my wife to finally get it.
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    You might want to recheck that information. My wife has paid every year. I believe she pays as self employed.
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    Actually, that was a very deep question with this additional caveat -- would your high school or college age children refuse to go back to PI with their mother?
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    Seems to me to be getting a lot of discussion which is directly related to repatriation. Why lock?
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    Some serious thoughts need to go into the process regardless how you look at it. I'm sure we can all look back on our education and slate today's society. If so imagine the changes in the next 10 or 20 years. Realistically for this current time I'm sure the West has better wages, health care and general education but what will happen in 10 or 20 years? Has anyone thought how the family will cope when we are not arround? I'm sure many go home for health reasons and many have younger wives. Without trying to put the cat amongst the pigeons what country would your wife or kids be best in when we are not arround?
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    Since we have no agreements on where our children can get the best education, maybe (and that's just a maybe) we can agree that our children will have many more career and other opportunities in our home countries.
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    I don’t think I can agree that education should not be up for debate. An important part of the “moving decision” has to do with education. For me this discussion has been and continues to be very informative. I think as others have said the quality of the schools vary greatly depending on location and affordability, but for the moment I want to shed a different light on schools in the US. Since US schools are used to compare I would like to raise a couple of points. In the US we are currently using a system called “common core” which is not real popular with many parents. However the problem I see here is the amount of political reference brought into the classroom. What I see taking place is indoctrination instead of education. If you look at our institutions of higher learning you see ongoing civil unrest and political violence. Crime in our colleges has reached a point where it is now one of the considerations of parents when selecting a school. Statistics show that education in the k-12 grades is on the decline. Many colleges have lowered their requirements for admission because high school graduates are not college ready. As a consequence many of the bright young people working in the US are immigrants who were educated in “third world countries”. We simply are not educating enough students to fill the jobs available. While I can’t speak of other countries and yes I am sad to say it but I think we can no longer assume that because it’s “American made” it is automatically better.
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    If I went back to the UK I would have to retrain in my job and buy lots of equipment and transport before I could start work.That alone would cost around 10k UK.I can live on that for 2 years here and still have a decent life.The building work here will be finished soon and then my wife and daughter will be set up for life without any worries.What can I offer them in the UK ,well maybe a pittance from the Government when I pass,if I could work as a gas engineer again then maybe half of what they can potentially have here. Then you have to think of all the crap going on in the UK killings robberies stabbings how much it actually costs to live there.Lets be fair I could not afford to go out for a meal and a couple of beers 1-2 times a week like I do here.We certainly would not own the amount of property over there that we do here,we would probably would have to rent a house at maybe 1k uk per month.I cannot see any reason to take them back to somewhere I would be unhappy in and therefore they would also be unhappy. Why be a little fish in a big pond when you can be a big fish in a little pond.
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    Yes. Despite sitting down with my home bank officer before coming over for the last 2 years and making sure my travel locations and rough dates were entered, I eventually get denied entry until I make phone contact to re-establish authenticity. This year my credit card also required the same before the use was processed. Despite the re-establishment questions and access gain.... they shut me off again after 2 months, so I went VIP again to solve the problem they continue to make for me in their attempt to secure my banking access.
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    Not a chance in hell as we don`t do it properly according to the better half.
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    Spent a few weeks in Manila will get masks
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    This is funny. Like you can take the girl out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the girl. My wife is as educated as most but she still likes to wash her own clothes by hand and I let her. I bought a nice new washing machine and dryer long time ago but I'm the only one who uses it. I had to put up a clothes line for her in the back so she could hang her wet clothes while mine get dried in an hour or less. Funny also is that my neighbors can afford a nice new car but will do their laundry the old fashion way. I know, its none of my business, just curious.
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    Wow do I understand your pain and being perplexed in this situation. I have been there with this washing of cloths issue as well as several similar issues. As much as I would like to advise or comment in an effort to help you, I fear all I would do is muddy the wash water and put my feet in deeper along side of you. Well at least maybe you finally got some breakfast..
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    This is a true story , we installed an electric cooker for an African lady , fresh of the boat from where ever , we got a call to complain that our cooker did not work . We turned up and checked it ,all was well , we then asked the question regarding her difficulties, she opened the oven door and said that the fire kept going out , there was half burned bits of wood in the oven
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    So far I have not really seen much of the place as its so hot out. The air pollution is thick and the humidity very high affected my breathing with my copd. I have been to the local markets and am enjoying buying fresh fish, chicken and pork. I have greatly enjoyed the fresh fruits and vegetables. I bought a Motercycle and had to relearn how to drive with a thousand other Asians that don't know how to. LOL so far so good. Looks like we may have found a nice place to rent close to the beach. Prices for renting are all over the place here in Galus. My wonderful Filipina is far beyound my expectations as a loving wife so far and is far more frugal than i am. I renewed my visa for the next 29 days at the Mayors office here in Dipilog. The agent is really nice and very helpful. I have wondered down the road and met some of the locals who are a bunch of drunks who love Karaoke and are more than willing to buy me drinks and laugh at me. The women surround me at the table and all want to talk to me and tell me im very handsome. I love this country. Life is good. Cheers.
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    Most times I'm only in Australia for a few weeks but this trip I'll be here longer because I have to sell one of my houses. That means removing furniture, doing some minor repairs and a lot of cleaning before I can list the property (and it might take a while to sell in the current market). Victorian tax laws (altered a while back, previously it was enough to be a citizen) now require me to stay in Australia at 6 months per year or I cease to be regarded as a resident of Australia for land tax calculations and lose the tax free threshold for the land tax , to avoid that I've been splitting my time between the Philippines and Australia. Queensland was first with this type of tax change but NSW and Victoria have followed, I think South Australia and Tasmania have not (don't know about Western Australia or the territories). I believe that a 'family home' is exempt (but my 2nd house is an investment property) and I've read that 'family home' requires a family member resident in it (not 100% sure about this section, I'm going to seek further tax advice soon). Hence... one house for sale (I've got another one in Bendigo but one problem at a time). So... long story... but the point is I don't think I'll be back for at least 3 months and possibly longer depending upon how the house sale goes and I wouldn't be surprised if we all know the answer to the 'what happens when we come back with a more than 30 day stamp' before then. My suspicion is that the receipt should be enough... but if they've got stickers again by then who knows *shrug*.
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    I have Globe at home- Prepaid Wifi and it's good when it's working which is most of the time, if I need to go to their office with problems the cashier is the go to girl, seems to know what's going on and how to fix, the customer service staff need to learn customer service. Had PLDT when I first came, service was fairly good, moved location and there connection was pathetic, Sky not worth talking about. Having dealt with Aussie ISP's for years it's much the same as local ISP's or maybe worse but much more expensive.
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    If you don`t eat and just drink beer you may still poop yourself but at least you will know why. My tip for today.
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    Well my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don't marry her :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: Reminds me of the old saying "What job will your girlfriend do that your wife won`t"
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