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    I would agree with hk blues. In any relationship, there are many questions to be asked. Add in long distance and large age gap, and there should be more questions in ones mind, unless you are a gullible old guy blinded by a young beauty. Logically, spending a lot of time together before marriage will answer the questions. A short engagement and quick marriage will likely leave many questions unanswered. That doesn't mean a large age gap relationship can't be a successful one. However, I would suspect that the more quality time put into the relationship before marriage will increase the odds of a successful relationship.
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    Of course steve, we are in a peculiar situation at times and can get that extra bit of culture and female view on things, my life is an open book, I hide very little, only my European interests I keep to myself ( the Money side that is) she is a good sounding Block for many things and at times can relate more about us (Foreigners )by seeing how we talk/relate to each other and the many shared things we may have in common with each other As has been said it is mainly the Larger problems like Bigmac but in the main, Marriage is about sharing ones thoughts and to me, sharing stories can make for a happy life, even when our daughter is home she too learns a bit about Dads friends and that can be good for her better understanding of the foreigner
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    I share just about everything with my wife. To the point where she's been known to tune me out. But then, my hearing problem has isolated me for years now from "face time" with people. As for the stories here, yes. Many times I share both big stories and small. You all share the same last name, by the way. It's Fromtheforum. Most often your first names are Thatguy.
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    Spoken like a true BLUE. It would seem like the reason for the delay, is to give the Billionaires time to set up else where! Like in the game of cards, we have been trumped! Latest: For UK residents tonight Channel Four 8pm GMT Dispatches "Those who got rich over Brexit"
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    I keep in shape by doing the 12 oz. lifts. 4 to 6 times a day, depending on my mood.
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    Anyone who marries a woman much younger than them, and an attractive one at that, should be asking themsleves some questions. And, that would apply in any country bu even more so in mixed-nationality relationships. Now, the reasons may all be down to simple practicalities, and that's great all round, but there may be other less great motivations at play.
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    I do like this forum, it’s there for great advice if you are wanting to hear it, plus there is the feel of distant friends that we have made. There has been so many stories on here some sad some funny and some you just can’t be bothered to reply too, but when you do read some of there do you yourself share those stories with your better half and if they come up with advice do you write what they have given. Myself I try to say it as it is and I know sometimes you need to a bit more sympathetic and this is where Emma comes into herself, she can understand more sometimes by thinking about things where in my case my mouth works before my brain engages, so do others share the story’s from here to there partners.
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    Yaya in Greece refers to a grandmother, the person who minds young children while the parents are out (multi-generational households). In the Philippines, the word means "second mother" or the person who cares for your young children. They have a higher status than "katulong" or helper who is the person doing the cleaning around the house. There is also the "lavandera" or laundry woman and "kusenera" or cook. You need to be familiar with the ranking system if there is more than one person in your household to prevent causing great offense and to prevent spats if their roles are not defined. We went around during one recent visit to the Philippines looking at the possibility of purchasing a condo. Every unit had a maid's quarters, the room being the size slightly larger than a closet. This room is for the helper(s). The Yaya usually sleeps in the children's room. She is there to comfort the child who wakes up and cries because of a nightmare. The cook, driver, laundry woman, etc. nowadays are day jobs. While the western sentiment is to share the same food, the household staff may not like it but they won't say so. The preference is to give them an allowance to buy at the market what they want. This is one reason many homes have a dirty kitchen. The Yaya seats with the family at the dining table to help feed the small children and wipe them when necessary. She may or may not eat your meal, perhaps preferring what the others are eating. Let her make the decision. There are employment agencies ready to help. Watch out for scams. Their one time fee guarantees finding another one as a replacement within a certain trial period. The employee remains and departs one week after the trial period. You have to again pay the fee. We know a foreign couple living at one of the Makati villages. Their maid, during the trial period, stole so many household items she called for a taxi. Security guards checked entering taxis, but not when they depart. Some gated communities now have their security guards check the trunks of taxis as a precaution. The tradition is lifetime employment. In the case of our extended family, everyone came from the same village in Negros. When we left, our household staff was absorbed by other family members. One problem was my wife was very generous about salaries and bonuses. Soon the aunties came around to complain that their staffs were hinting for pay increases after hearing from the grapevine how much we paid.
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    Iam lost here so I have to ask what’s the 12 oz lift
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    Im beginning to think that this whole mess has been engineered by the politicians of both sides of the channell Lets face it , Theresa May was an ardent remainer , there's most likely going to be an extension past match 29th , this irish border thing is an attempt by the government of ireland to grab the 6 countiee in the North back Perhaps its all been engineered into us surrendering our democracy to europe ,? Since its conception , the eu has been unable to have its accounts signed off by their chartered accountants , you can verify this by freedom of information online Its a corrupt politicians dream job and most of them are corrupt
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    Neither one of us wears the pants in our family. We both wear shorts and flip flops. We have come to the conclusion that we are both geniuses.
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    I do a lot. We go for an hour or so drive every day and sometimes I will tell her about some of the things going on in this forum. Especially the age difference parts and BigMacs story. I tell her about when sometimes I say the wrong things and either Jack or Jollygoodfellow gives me a head slap to put me back in line.(even tho Jack is not a Mod.) She laughs about it. And so do I.
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    Live by the tadger, die by the tadger...
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    Just makes the original glass thicker. It's brown tinted.
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    Yes, it is Ansony Construction of Olongapo that I mentioned in another thread about Steel Beam Construction. I'm not sure if they did the lower kitchen cabinets. The upper cabinets were painted white and had decorative glass or plastic for the door faces.
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    To the Philippines, hope the rest goes as smooth. Yes the Tricycle journeys can be tad hard, Just one of those things us Taller/ Larger lads have to get used to. ENJOY my friend
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    .Been here a week, so far so good. Customs was pretty easy to get through. Learning my way around and realizing I'm too big to get in and out of the sidecar gracefully.
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    It is a Boysen paint product. You should be able to find it at any paint/hardware store that stocks Boysen.
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    I only share the stories that my wife will find interesting, such as the "BigMac" story. She was just as surprised as the rest of us, and couldn't figure out why the American never bothered to travel to the Phils to see his (so-called) dying wife.
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    I find if you share things with your partner it comes back and bites you. I may be unlucky but the partners I've had if you say x did such and such within a few minutes they think you are capable of doing that also.
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    I refuse to fly a Filipino airline unless I have no choice for domestic flights. If you purchase a seat for half price but then have it changed or canceled at the last minute it's no bargain. Don I do wish you luck.
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    I wouldn't put myself in the middle of it if I am not the employee's supervisor. It is the responsibility of management and his direct supervisor to deal with any performance/fraud issues. One exception that you mentioned was if his work was shoddy and resulted in a safety issue, that should of course be reported.
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    How much did he lose... maybe it was worth it ???? But seriously... did he tell her it was his last night? Did he think he getting lucky on the way out? I'd leave it be, and chalk it up to a lesson learned.
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    As more information has come out on this the more I am convinced he just wanted a trophy wife and yes is an uncaring person.
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    Yes. I agree a police report and shaming her on Facebook is appropriate. Even if there is no positive outcome (i.e., you get some of the money back), there is an element of fear once she learns about the complaint. It may help save the next "customer" who checks her profile on line and finds out what she did.
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    Let me put it this way, if you arrive at the Airport with a buddy, and are met by a 19 year old girl, go strait to a hotel and the three of you do the dirty. If she reports it later for any reason, you most likely will get nailed for trafficking. If you hang out with the girl, treat her right, meet her parents and don't treat her like a slut. (just like in the states) I doubt seriously you will have a problem. It is, for most. But when guys show up and act like its the wild, wild west and thinks their poop don't stink, it can turn into hell on earth very quickly. My suggestion is don't take sensational headlines as the norm, again just like in the States.
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    Hi everyone. I am the PI in question here. Many of you know me personally, and many more have known me online for many years. Bigmac was scammed pretty hard. He estimates P6 million, but I have seen some of the numbers, and I would estimate it at considerably more than that. It's just too overwhelming to add up. All of it could have been easily prevented with a little common sense. Who in their right mind would send $100,000+ USD to someone in a third world country that they had only spent a few weeks with, without some kind of verification? He never asked for receipts or verification of any kind, just blindly sent $500+ per week, and often $1000 per week, for 6 years. The girl is sharp, but not unusually so among the scammer community. Obviously though, she is much sharper than him. Many are much better than her, offering fake receipts, etc., but she was never asked for any proof of any kind, until you guys made it more than plain to him that something may be amiss. Even then he did not believe it. He is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that this was a scam from the very beginning, and that the money is gone, and never coming back. Now, she is furious with him for cutting her off while he still has money left! She blames him, of course, for the failure of their marriage, and fully believes a US judge is going to award her half of his income (SS) as alimony. In her mind, it was not a scam at all, because when they were married it was then her money. We have dealt with many hundreds of scammers, and she is definitely a piece of work. No remorse, not even a thank you, just contempt at him for cutting her off, and self righteousness and entitlement. He is licking his wounds now. Can you imagine the embarrassment he must have locally? Where I am sure his friends and family have been telling him for years that it is a scam? It is hard to feel sorry for him. A fool and his money...
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    We went to Pulangbato falls the other week. Entrance 50p Tuna sandwich 80p Coffee 50p. The place was very clean and well run the water is freezing but refreshing.It`s up by the Red rock resort in Valencia.I recommend this for a nice day out watch yer bits lads they temporarily disappear.
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    Listen to all, then make your own decision. A business leader may know how to put more money in his own pocket but will it trickle down to the commoner? A politician may know that support for his position means job security for him. When any organization has a few making the monetary contributions for the many then it will not last long if the ones paying the bills quit. How long do you think the EU will last without any UK money? The only question on my mind is: Who is next to leave? When you can answer this then you have the UK's first European trading partner and the rest will soon follow. IMHO. But I could be wrong. President (name withheld by forum) said the USA did not need any trade agreements that were not favorable to the US economy and the US economy is growing in leaps and bounds. Make UK Great again.
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    My personal opinion of the EU is it is now a very corrupt organisation ! When the UK joined what was then the EEC every thing was fine basically, but nobody back then except a few corrupt politicions knew the real plan behind the EEC! Slowly over the years the EU emerged as it is now, the EU is run or controlled by a group of members from the European Peoples Party, and this party has the most seats in the European Parliament , and its Members include Junker,Tusk,Merkel, Barnier,Weber,Selmayer.Varadkar,Rutte. There is only 1 EPP party member from the UK and he is Anti Brexit. The EU will do all it can to make things bad for the UK, but what they are ignoring is the fact that EU member countries could also suffer through loss of trade with the UK. I used to work at the Eurotunnel and the amount of HGV traffic from the EU is roughly 75% from the EU 25% from the UK ! But the EU Elite seems to be ignoring this fact with the threats of HGV delays , which will eventually meaning the UK will turn away from the EU for many things, and import more from the US,Australia,China and Asia. Oh The poor French farmers !
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    If this works, people can click on here to go direct to your link (fingers crossed) I like your thread. I like your link. I like the examples. What I do not agree with is the "one size fits all" approach. One guy living on $1,000 a month may be fully financed on a 3 million peso house and another guy on the same budget may be living in a "paid for" concrete block house that he built for less than half a million. Pictures tell a story but the story is not always the whole truth. (As an example, follow any photo journalist and see that they only take the "shock and awe" pics and ignore the everyday stuff.) This will be an interesting discussion and I do like that. Those pics give an example of what some people have actually done. For some people there is little choice, (if all you can afford is a nipa hut then that's gonna be it), but for most expat budgets there are many choices to be made.
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    I only tip when SAO isn't looking and then it's just a single note from my change. Normally 20-50PHP. I come from a culture where tipping is only for exceptional service and not expected but having said that Australian hospitality workers are paid pretty well compared to other Western countries. So if the service and food is good I tip, if not I don't.
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