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    I would have put this in Jokes then Thought, is it really a Joke ?
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    Instead of walking I do one situp each day. I do the first half in the morning when I get up and the other half when I go to bed at night.
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    Bust my gut laughing......
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    For those of us that enjoy some rather untouristy hikes with nice water falls Guintubdan could be of interest. Especially if visiting Negros Occidental Situated on the foothills of Canlaon national park at about 900 meters elevation. The local government to their credit take nature very seriously and several penalties apply to any offenders. Even carabols are not allowed and pigs are limited to 1 per family. Nature is quite outstanding. Hikes range from a long day taking in 30 falls believe 36 km to modest Hikes around 2 hours or so. We took in 3 of the nearer falls as arrived around 2pm. Mostly reasonable going with some areas quite difficult, falls were very serene lovely for a swim although water was very cold. No garbage and just saw a couple of locals swimming. According to our guide (compulsory) few foreigners visit here. It's pretty accessible from Bacolod vicinity, we stayed at Pavilion where the rooms were basic but sufficient. Cost was P1000 and very cold at night, one must bring blankets. Also there is a spectacular couple of falls below the Pavillion, an easy 10 minute walk, down concrete stairs. I try an upload a few pics
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    This has possibly been posted before but: You know when you have been in the Philippines too long when you open your mouth wide instead of saying "pardon?"
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    Well I have worked out this.
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    She is one in a million And she says Cheers
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    Well it’s here after so many false starts , and will he won’t he. Just another 9 hours or so and maybe a little office party thrown in and shaking of hands and maybe a envelope with a nice cheque, now that would be nice. Anyway I would like to thank Jack and Kevin personal for there messages and everyone who has been there to give me advice and listen to all my worries , I have not forgotten to buy those people a drink when I hope to meet you all, I will just keep that date a secret to myself until the last minute so I won’t have to spend to much on to many folk. Again thank you and there may be pictures to follow. Steve and Emma
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    I guess most dont read the rules of each forum when posting so I will paste what it says. The World Events Forum Want to have your say on what is happening anywhere outside of the Philippines? This forum has been created to allow our members to have their say on anything that is not related to the Philippines. You may discuss most topics but no Political or religion topics allowed. Please read the rules of this forum. So topic closed. Want to discuss politics do it at the bar.
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    When someone asks for directions you point in the general area with your lips.
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    We gave away all our things ending up with a 5' x 5' locker containing family photographs, momentous, boys' trophies, etc. You learn to become minimalists. For example, cooking with one 2-quarts pot and one frying pan. (The RV has a convection/microwave.) Clothes are purchased and discarded throughout the year. You end with the same number. The RV parks have laundry rooms which we use once a week. How much "stuff" do you really need?
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    Just after some info from members here, probably best suited to British members that have become a parent since visiting/moving here. I became a dad 7 weeks ago, 58 and a daddy for the first time, lol. What are the things that I should be doing? i.e. regarding obtaining British Citizenship for the baby or anything else formal that I should be doing ?
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    I am aware that even the smallest things can get complicated in PH, thats why I intend to keep a very low profile when its time for me to make the move. For me that means, no land will be bought , no house will be built and no business. I admire those who do it and succeed but for me it is not worth the risk. I also have an example of Philogic from SM, I was in the line to pay for the groceries in my basket when I see that another line was not as long as mine. I changed line but immediately one of the staff was there and told me that I could not stand in that line because is was only for customers with a cart and I only had a basket! I said fine, and then put my goods in an empty cart that was right there. He just gave me a blank stare and then walked away.
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    That's the last time that damn seagull shits on my ship!
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    So DON'T! The Phils isn't for everybody and it certainly doesn't sound like it is the right place for you. It's a big world, look for another place that falls in line with your expectations.
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    I can see the resemblance
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    True story: My Filipina wife had been with me in the USA about one month. She had become familiar with the bus schedules and used them to get around the city. At dinner I asked her about her day. She had discovered that one of the bus routes went all the way to WalMart so she went there to look and maybe shop since she had heard it was a "big store". She paused and then in a very serious voice ask me; "Why do all the fat people shop at Walmart?"
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    I mentioned this before and it serves as a friendly warning for the new members regarding helping out with the chores. A long time ago, I decided to do some laundry with the "lavanderas" within this family compound in Rosario, Cavite (south of Manila). They all gathered around this single water hand pump, as I arrived with 2 large basket of dirty clothes. Of course I got the stares because they know I'm the fresh balikbayan from the States and was a "bobo" of not being fluent in Tagalog. After several minutes of following their technique, I was already sweating my balls off. And then one by one, they all left and started giggling around the corner of the family sari-sari store. I discovered later from Judy that it was the talk of the compound (tsismis spreads like wildfire). If you use that small and very low profile wooden stool to do your laundry, make sure that your "bayag" is not hanging out for all the world to see. Embarrassing, to say the least........
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    You know you have been in the Philippines too long when you don't even hear the dogs and chickens anymore. The noise is still there, but your brain filters it out somehow.
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    You know you have been in the Philippines too long when you've seen the Filipino dentist way too many times and now you look like this.
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    Any foreigner who falls in love with a Pinay of his choosing, should be advised that.... if he also chooses to come here to live.... he will be passing through one of he portals of the Twilight Zone. Google Search < twilight zone + intro > To see where you are and what awaits you. Usually the first thing your ears pick up is the time warped sound of the 1958 Everly Brothers hit 'Problems'. Opener : "Problems, problems, problems all day long. Will my problems work out right or wrong?" Closing Line : "They're all on account of my lovin' you like I do." Hey, Guess what...... my newly rebuilt property access Bamboo Bridge is almost finished after 4 days. My dear little wife's project cost estimate was only off by an additional 200% ! Ako mahirap.... again... and the monthly budget has blown away with the wind. I should have known better (... with a girl like you....), buts it all on account of my lovin' her like I do. So it goes.
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    In my opinion there are two reasons not on the list that could should be near or at the top. The expectation of family/friends/neighbors that if you have "extra" money it should be shared. There is always someone who is sick, someone who requires tuition, someone who has died, someone getting married, a church that needs a new something. It is like the Philippine culture tends to drag down those who achieve some measure of financial success. What is important and what are the priorities. What happens to the 13th month wage? Does it go into savings or does it go to buy fireworks? So often it seems that anytime a family would have a little extra money it has to go for some type of celebration. The 13th month is probably the best example of the "enjoy life now instead of save for the future". I think that reason number two is related to reason one. The thought being that it is better to spend and have fun before someone wants to borrow!
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    Personally I think I can do just fine with the expense of two home fronts, it's my wife that worries me, she watches the YouTube channel "foreigner farming in the Philippines" and she's ready to start a piggery, which her brother would take care of, where in lays the problem, my opinion is that a business like that will not be successful unless you personally manage it which I'm not willing to do, when I retire I don't want to do anything but relax, travel and pursue hobbies. I understand her motives, it's all about setting up her family but we've already given more than enough over the years, it's time to take care of ourselves.
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    That reminds me of a fight that went on at a party for foreigners that I held at my place in Cebu some 11 years ago. I supplied the food and told the guests to bring some drinks. Well, two Brits got into it after they had been drinking a while. The first one had only brought a pint bottle of Tanduay and the other had brought a couple of liters of it. So #2 accused #1 of being a stingy b*stard drinking other people's drinks all night and #1 blamed me for not spelling out exactly how many drinks to bring. I quit having parties for foreigners after that. Edit: sorry for going off topic again @gaga4 but it was my turn for a rant
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    things were simpler during the cold war, Jake will remember these days.
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    Always amazes me the number of people that swing over for a couple of weeks, go home and want to start the marriage process, move here, buy property, etc. Seems to never end well for them, just saying. Not dumping on you Ryan, just a red flag for you. 2 1/2 weeks is hardly enough time to hang out with someone and to form the opinion yes, I want to be with this person forever. Are you aware of the law can get you jammed up and jailed for living with a married woman? Plenty of other laws and idiosyncrasies you might want to sharpen up on also. Like putting all property in her name because you can’t own it, etc. All or most has already been well documented in other threads. I would urge you to study this and/or other PH forums like your life, financial future and well being depends on it. In some cases, it just might. Good luck to you, I really do hope that everything goes well for the the both of you.
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    You don't carry condoms in your wallet, you carry spare toilet paper.
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    Mark, great to hear that the move is working out! As you know, after your first post, I put quite a bit of time into weighing the pros and cons of moving back, with emphasis on the well being of my kids. If I didn't have kids, it probably would not be on the table. We decided we can have a better life here in Subic Bay, at least until some things change. For the group, here are our main motivations. Education - As some mentioned, U.S. public schools can be hit and miss. If you want to live in an area with good public schools, you have to pay much higher housing costs. Other areas may have problems with gangs, bullying, drugs, standards, etc. Good private schools are usually out of our price range. Higher education costs in the U.S. have spiraled out of control in the past 10 years. Most of these universities are filthy rich and the administrators are highly paid, yet they keep raising tuition. 200% increase in the last 10 years, I think I read. Along with that, the student loans have spiraled out of control. Another factor that was mentioned is the indoctrination that happens in public schools. U.S. public education is controlled by leftists who have no problem teaching the kids that their view is the right view. I know personally of this as I have no less than 5 lefty teachers in my immediate family. Cost of healthcare and healthcare insurance - If we moved to the U.S., healthcare would become a really high % of our budget. Yes, quality would be better, but the costs are too high. Even when I get medicare in a few years, I would have to pay for insurance for 4 others. Overall quality of life - Especially since my 2 young kids get SS until they are 18, we have a decent income. In the U.S., we would just make it in middle class lifestyle and not have any money for higher education for the kids. And, our travels would be very limited. Here in Subic, we live in an upper class area with extra money to save every month. We can afford to take overseas trips with the kids while still saving for their higher education. The best schools here don't compare to the best in the U.S., but at least we can afford them. Any of these things could change, so we will keep reevaluating as time goes by. If cost was no object, I would definitely move back, but until things change, it is not possible.
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    Just say no........ I had it when I first came here, they wanted a 1m wide strip of land from me to increase there plot next door, but then I could not build the house Size I wanted to rent out (made the difference of a 2 bed or 3 bed) , they tried reporting me and the wife to any authority that would listen to stop our construction , all told them to go away. They have not spoken to us for 7 years..... Great outcome, I just get the odd report from others that the white rich guy is tight.... Good enough for me
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    Our 500 meter Lot was purchased as a 2nd Sale from a much Larger leased Lot of some 2,500 meters. This larger Lot is inhabited by 3/4 families with something like 13 Houses to house all the kids and the like. Whist some do work ( construction, DOA, ,Lee Plaza and Chin Loong)) they have a very enterprising community. The main activity is a Chicharon Frying Area ( which can be a bind if the wind changes) A motorcycle Repair Area and a take in washing ( laundy) Area, The Community will never be Rich but neither do or will they starve We have been here for 7 years now and apart from Wakes and the like, I personally have had little to do with them ( My bad). I took my wifes older Red Kawasaki around earlier Today to have the Brakes cleaned out, while I was there the Elder of the community showed me around and as the Topic Title portrays, I was Both Surprised and enamoured at what really goes on round there, at the time the teenage Boys were roasting a Pig for lechon in the Open area at the Bottom of the Lot ( they do this for the Locals for pennies) In this day and age given the severity of Living for the people. My hat goes off to these neighbours we have and I Can see now why they can but don't always do, walk with their heads held High as being part of a community that will pull together and meet the Hardships that other communities I have seen don't seem to do Kevin (sonjack) and others have seen and met on occasions some of these people and I am sure will agree they are Really nice people. Ok it is a little bit of Trivia from Jack but it is nice when I or any of us can say Well done to our neighbours who are probably richer than we are in Humility/ humanity and family togetherness
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    Well KId, ..... If a good and valued friend came to you with this situation and ask your advice.... what would you advise ? We're living in a place where a sawbuck well get you a professional opinion and medical advice. I paid P300 for the office visit in January that led to my colonoscopy. Try pitching that offer at a walk-in med. clinic in our country and they'd either collar you and show you the door, laugh in your face, or call the psycho squad for a pick-up. That said (in good humor), I doubt its the money factor that's the hitch. Don't sell yourself short. Jack P. makes a very good point. If you're reluctant to do it for self, do it for your woman and forum mates. Had an old friend of many years who was adverse to doctors. At 82 with a paunch, and proud of his physical strength developed as a furniture mover, he developed a hernia. When his intestine would pop through the muscle gap, he would stoically suffer and push it back in and tighten his belly band. Despite us telling him to get his hernia treated he proudly tolerated it. One night at coffee he disappeared into the CR for a very long time. When we checked on him, we decided to haul him to the hospital to get his gut packed back in properly. They fixed him up and gave him a referral... which he didn't bother to follow up on. despite having 100% medical insurance coverage. Three weeks later he was found dead in his little cabin. A life-long bachelor, who had no one to over ride his self-imposed, non-sensical strictures. He left an estate of 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS .... to everyone's amazement. Now I know none of us are in that sort of boat, but if a man insists on not tending to his medical needs that come with age, no one else will. Your forum friends value you, so be good to yourself. No sense in checking out prematurely if it can be easily avoided. Sorry if I over-stepped here, but one of the reasons for forums is to help one another, and I don't think you would have bothered to mention your personal situation if it weren't a small thorn in the back of your mind. IMO
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    Here is my daughter`s interpretation of what they look like. Quite accurate really.
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    I know many of you long time guys can relate... https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1822004994495830
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    I love it as happened today when these aggressive Locals fail to involve the Foreigner and end up fighting ( figuratively) between themselves. Our Captain gave them 7 days to clear the Road of Glass and Debris, To add insult to injury, they came and borrowed My Grass Gutter ( Strimmer) and Grass rakes Guess who is the best friend this week? Ha! I even gave them 25 refuse sacks for the Job. Many ways to Skin a cat and live another happy week
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    I read a few news articles on the subject. Gambling during wakes is exempt from Presidential Decree 1602, also known as the Anti-Illegal Gambling Law. While Philippine Muslims bury their dead within 24 hours, the Catholic practice is usually nine days of prayers (novena) before burial. The reason for the length is to permit family members to travel and pay their respects. To keep relatives, friends and neighbors at the wake, gambling is offered as a pastime. This could be mahjong, betting and card games. Among poorer family, a certain percentage is given to the family to defray funeral expenses. Some parish priests are trying to put a stop by refusing last rites before burial, but it sounds like a losing battle. Personally, my preference is to add a new tradition from Taiwan, pole dancers on jeeps and flatbed trucks as a status symbol for the wealthy.
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    Found this Photo on my FB page this Morning and have had quite a few Local Likes from members here So, for those that don't read my page I thought I would Put up this fantastic pencil art done by my Sister-in- law ( Wife of my youngest brother wearing Glasses they are Me Mam, me Little sister, our youngest Chris, Yours Truly and never forgetting our Eldest Ray
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    50,000-67,000 year time frame? Somehow reminds me of waiting for PLDT to answer a service call.
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    We have made some good friends of some of the parents at our kid's school. One couple has been to our house a few times and we visited their coffee bar and resto in Dinalupihan a few times. They kept promising us and some other parents that they would have us out to their parents farm in Lubao, and today we did visit. They had a belated pool party for their son, who turned 5 a few weeks ago. Wow, what a place! We only saw the area around the main house. They have a lot of mangoes and a few other fruits. Somewhere they have pigs and sheep, but we did not see them. It is a big place! The main house and grounds are amazing! I don't know how they have money, but they must have a lot. The family, especially the couple we are close to, are very down to earth and not pretentious. We met the mother and father, and two brothers. The father has a sister who lives in Torrance, CA, near where I grew up. They bought this house and farm with retirement in mind, about 6 years ago, but they have since decided that they don't like living there. Too boring. So they have a lot of caretakers and just visit when they feel like it. Their other house is in Dinalupihan, about 20 minutes away. They do have the farm for sale if anyone is interested. Some pics of the outside of the house and grounds: I didn't get a good shot of the "front" of the house which is actually a side. They usually enter in the back as that is closest to the garage. This picture of the left is looking from the rotunda in front towards the front of the house. The building on the left is a "party house" that is just a big room with tables, and a big kitchen in the back. The picture on the right is looking from the party house out to the rotunda. These two pictures are looking from the party house to the "side" the main house. Two pictures of a side that has a pond, but they won't have water in the pond until the rains start. Two shots of the pool area. They fill it with well water, but the wells could not fill it in time for the party. However, it worked out perfectly for the small kids. It was probably 1 ft deep in the shallow and 1.5 in the deep. The dry big pond and catch basin. When rainy season starts it fills quickly and they stock it with Tilapia. We plan to go back and let the kids fish. Then, looking from the pond dock to the back of the main house. Kids having fun at the pool! My kids have the hats. My 2 almost 3 year old is quite a fish! She goes underwater without issues and does not panic or cry. When she pops up, she yells "yeah"! She only had one lesson but learned to blow out when she goes under. Hope to get them back into lessons soon.
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    Many many posts ago I stated that what might sound negative was in fact very Positive and echoed by some Even You My friend, Most here have admired what you have done and intend to do, but as it turns out many of our Positive Thoughts and woes on things have turned out to be the truth in this case. Constructive criticism and help from those that have done things seems to have offended you, well My Friend you really do have a lot to learn, But if you are not that Interested in Learning from OUR mistakes then you will just have to learn from your own, and you will make them! So if you do as you say want to leave, as I welcomed you when you joined I will say ( with Sadness) But BJ don't be a Stranger, In the Philippines we All need Friends
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    That’s the million dollar question ,or in my case the few hundred thousand question. If I only had a peso for every time I've asked this question. It seems that every one has a different answer though. I think I could live like a Filipino or close to it, I'm Chinese so being frugal comes easy. My Filipina wife on the other hand...not a chance! She is way too westernized and would require a lot more money for retirement than I. I think it depends on how much money you have saved up right now. Assuming you will be living off your savings and not a renewable monthly income like a pension. If working another few years allows you to save a lot more money then perhaps that would be wise. However many gents don't have a high savings rate and an extra few years would not add much to the bucket. If that's the case, as it is with most Americans, and you feel you have just enough than pull the trigger. Accept a life of frugality and enjoy the simple things. I use the 4% rule. If you had a million bucks saved and put it in the market you could live off the interest of 4% which is $40,000 per year before taxes. Or another way to calculate it is to figure out how much you need per month. Lets say $,2,000. Multiply that number by 25. That's $50,000. Multiply that number by 12 (12 months per year) and it comes to $600,00. That's you FI number. So if you need $2,000 per month you will have to have saved $600,000. This is conservative and should not draw down your principle and account for inflation. So as you get older and closer to that golden staircase in the sky you can start to spend more and draw down your nest egg.
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    Well after my adventure down to massim , we decided on heading north to suriago ,we stopped off at tinuan falls ,then on to the enchanted river ,we took a boat ride to an island restaurant, the food was excellent I enjoyed the scenery after davao and tagnum , the twisty but good condition roads through compostella valley were surprisingly on the whole pot hole free The falls were beautiful , and the enchanted river my favourite so far , currently at Britania isles , with a plan to catch a ferry to siargo tomorrow
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    When you start drinking coke from a plastic bag with a straw that was purchased from a street vendor.
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    Thirty dollar chef quality, teflon coated, dual layer, air insulated cake pan turned into a 20 peso dog dish.
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    About 10 or 12 years ago we bought land and built a house for my wife's parents to spend the remaining portion of their "golden years". They moved into the house in April and were overjoyed to be living in a beautiful new house with 1200 meters of land. In May Papa ask my wife if they could go back to their old house and live their for a week or so. My wife was shocked and asked why would they want to go back, were they missing their neighbors? Papa replied; "We don't miss them at all, but this house is so nice that people think we are rich and no one is buying our votes."
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    So if your Doc tells you you should have had it done 15 years ago. you're in trouble!
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    Heres some photos of my piggery project it can hold about 80 to 90 pigs and has facility for generating 200 to 250 piglets a year
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    I think I know what you mean. I retired to the Phills to get out of the rat race. Not to join another rat race in a country where I know nothing about how to generate more income.
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    It was my daughter's 5th birthday yesterday and we celebrated with family and friends at Moonbay Marina Waterpark. It has been open for over a year but it was our first time there. It is a wave pool but the waves are very tame, so the pool is very well suited for small kids and families. If you are only adults, I would pass. We toured it when it first opened and the one downside we saw is that they don't have any shade in the pool itself. We had a great time yesterday and one reason was because the weather was a bit drizzly and cloudy when we arrived, thus keeping the heat down. Current pricing is nice at p250 a head (child or adult) all day. It was previously p500. There are several new waterparks in the area and the competition is starting to pay off for consumers. A cabana is p1200 but p600 of that is consumable, which bought me 11 San Mig at p55 each. You can bring in food and drink, but no alcoholic bevs. We were impressed by the cleanliness of the place; they have kept it up well. It is part of the Lighthouse Hotel complex which is now the Lighthouse Hotel, Moonbay Marina Leisure Resort Hotel and Moonbay Marina Waterpark. They keep all their properties very clean. Pics.... Panorama of the pool. Waves are bigger and water deeper in the chute to the left. The left chute The birthday girl Katy The small monkey of our family Sunset They have a lot of animal statues that the kids enjoy
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