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    For those of us that enjoy some rather untouristy hikes with nice water falls Guintubdan could be of interest. Especially if visiting Negros Occidental Situated on the foothills of Canlaon national park at about 900 meters elevation. The local government to their credit take nature very seriously and several penalties apply to any offenders. Even carabols are not allowed and pigs are limited to 1 per family. Nature is quite outstanding. Hikes range from a long day taking in 30 falls believe 36 km to modest Hikes around 2 hours or so. We took in 3 of the nearer falls as arrived around 2pm. Mostly reasonable going with some areas quite difficult, falls were very serene lovely for a swim although water was very cold. No garbage and just saw a couple of locals swimming. According to our guide (compulsory) few foreigners visit here. It's pretty accessible from Bacolod vicinity, we stayed at Pavilion where the rooms were basic but sufficient. Cost was P1000 and very cold at night, one must bring blankets. Also there is a spectacular couple of falls below the Pavillion, an easy 10 minute walk, down concrete stairs. I try an upload a few pics
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    Well it’s here after so many false starts , and will he won’t he. Just another 9 hours or so and maybe a little office party thrown in and shaking of hands and maybe a envelope with a nice cheque, now that would be nice. Anyway I would like to thank Jack and Kevin personal for there messages and everyone who has been there to give me advice and listen to all my worries , I have not forgotten to buy those people a drink when I hope to meet you all, I will just keep that date a secret to myself until the last minute so I won’t have to spend to much on to many folk. Again thank you and there may be pictures to follow. Steve and Emma
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    Well KId, ..... If a good and valued friend came to you with this situation and ask your advice.... what would you advise ? We're living in a place where a sawbuck well get you a professional opinion and medical advice. I paid P300 for the office visit in January that led to my colonoscopy. Try pitching that offer at a walk-in med. clinic in our country and they'd either collar you and show you the door, laugh in your face, or call the psycho squad for a pick-up. That said (in good humor), I doubt its the money factor that's the hitch. Don't sell yourself short. Jack P. makes a very good point. If you're reluctant to do it for self, do it for your woman and forum mates. Had an old friend of many years who was adverse to doctors. At 82 with a paunch, and proud of his physical strength developed as a furniture mover, he developed a hernia. When his intestine would pop through the muscle gap, he would stoically suffer and push it back in and tighten his belly band. Despite us telling him to get his hernia treated he proudly tolerated it. One night at coffee he disappeared into the CR for a very long time. When we checked on him, we decided to haul him to the hospital to get his gut packed back in properly. They fixed him up and gave him a referral... which he didn't bother to follow up on. despite having 100% medical insurance coverage. Three weeks later he was found dead in his little cabin. A life-long bachelor, who had no one to over ride his self-imposed, non-sensical strictures. He left an estate of 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS .... to everyone's amazement. Now I know none of us are in that sort of boat, but if a man insists on not tending to his medical needs that come with age, no one else will. Your forum friends value you, so be good to yourself. No sense in checking out prematurely if it can be easily avoided. Sorry if I over-stepped here, but one of the reasons for forums is to help one another, and I don't think you would have bothered to mention your personal situation if it weren't a small thorn in the back of your mind. IMO
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    I am aware that even the smallest things can get complicated in PH, thats why I intend to keep a very low profile when its time for me to make the move. For me that means, no land will be bought , no house will be built and no business. I admire those who do it and succeed but for me it is not worth the risk. I also have an example of Philogic from SM, I was in the line to pay for the groceries in my basket when I see that another line was not as long as mine. I changed line but immediately one of the staff was there and told me that I could not stand in that line because is was only for customers with a cart and I only had a basket! I said fine, and then put my goods in an empty cart that was right there. He just gave me a blank stare and then walked away.
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    Personally I think I can do just fine with the expense of two home fronts, it's my wife that worries me, she watches the YouTube channel "foreigner farming in the Philippines" and she's ready to start a piggery, which her brother would take care of, where in lays the problem, my opinion is that a business like that will not be successful unless you personally manage it which I'm not willing to do, when I retire I don't want to do anything but relax, travel and pursue hobbies. I understand her motives, it's all about setting up her family but we've already given more than enough over the years, it's time to take care of ourselves.
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    I love it as happened today when these aggressive Locals fail to involve the Foreigner and end up fighting ( figuratively) between themselves. Our Captain gave them 7 days to clear the Road of Glass and Debris, To add insult to injury, they came and borrowed My Grass Gutter ( Strimmer) and Grass rakes Guess who is the best friend this week? Ha! I even gave them 25 refuse sacks for the Job. Many ways to Skin a cat and live another happy week
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    Any foreigner who falls in love with a Pinay of his choosing, should be advised that.... if he also chooses to come here to live.... he will be passing through one of he portals of the Twilight Zone. Google Search < twilight zone + intro > To see where you are and what awaits you. Usually the first thing your ears pick up is the time warped sound of the 1958 Everly Brothers hit 'Problems'. Opener : "Problems, problems, problems all day long. Will my problems work out right or wrong?" Closing Line : "They're all on account of my lovin' you like I do." Hey, Guess what...... my newly rebuilt property access Bamboo Bridge is almost finished after 4 days. My dear little wife's project cost estimate was only off by an additional 200% ! Ako mahirap.... again... and the monthly budget has blown away with the wind. I should have known better (... with a girl like you....), buts it all on account of my lovin' her like I do. So it goes.
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    In my opinion there are two reasons not on the list that could should be near or at the top. The expectation of family/friends/neighbors that if you have "extra" money it should be shared. There is always someone who is sick, someone who requires tuition, someone who has died, someone getting married, a church that needs a new something. It is like the Philippine culture tends to drag down those who achieve some measure of financial success. What is important and what are the priorities. What happens to the 13th month wage? Does it go into savings or does it go to buy fireworks? So often it seems that anytime a family would have a little extra money it has to go for some type of celebration. The 13th month is probably the best example of the "enjoy life now instead of save for the future". I think that reason number two is related to reason one. The thought being that it is better to spend and have fun before someone wants to borrow!
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    That’s the million dollar question ,or in my case the few hundred thousand question. If I only had a peso for every time I've asked this question. It seems that every one has a different answer though. I think I could live like a Filipino or close to it, I'm Chinese so being frugal comes easy. My Filipina wife on the other hand...not a chance! She is way too westernized and would require a lot more money for retirement than I. I think it depends on how much money you have saved up right now. Assuming you will be living off your savings and not a renewable monthly income like a pension. If working another few years allows you to save a lot more money then perhaps that would be wise. However many gents don't have a high savings rate and an extra few years would not add much to the bucket. If that's the case, as it is with most Americans, and you feel you have just enough than pull the trigger. Accept a life of frugality and enjoy the simple things. I use the 4% rule. If you had a million bucks saved and put it in the market you could live off the interest of 4% which is $40,000 per year before taxes. Or another way to calculate it is to figure out how much you need per month. Lets say $,2,000. Multiply that number by 25. That's $50,000. Multiply that number by 12 (12 months per year) and it comes to $600,00. That's you FI number. So if you need $2,000 per month you will have to have saved $600,000. This is conservative and should not draw down your principle and account for inflation. So as you get older and closer to that golden staircase in the sky you can start to spend more and draw down your nest egg.
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    Any members with a FIlipina wife or GF have a bit of a temper? (Asking for a friend)
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    Our 500 meter Lot was purchased as a 2nd Sale from a much Larger leased Lot of some 2,500 meters. This larger Lot is inhabited by 3/4 families with something like 13 Houses to house all the kids and the like. Whist some do work ( construction, DOA, ,Lee Plaza and Chin Loong)) they have a very enterprising community. The main activity is a Chicharon Frying Area ( which can be a bind if the wind changes) A motorcycle Repair Area and a take in washing ( laundy) Area, The Community will never be Rich but neither do or will they starve We have been here for 7 years now and apart from Wakes and the like, I personally have had little to do with them ( My bad). I took my wifes older Red Kawasaki around earlier Today to have the Brakes cleaned out, while I was there the Elder of the community showed me around and as the Topic Title portrays, I was Both Surprised and enamoured at what really goes on round there, at the time the teenage Boys were roasting a Pig for lechon in the Open area at the Bottom of the Lot ( they do this for the Locals for pennies) In this day and age given the severity of Living for the people. My hat goes off to these neighbours we have and I Can see now why they can but don't always do, walk with their heads held High as being part of a community that will pull together and meet the Hardships that other communities I have seen don't seem to do Kevin (sonjack) and others have seen and met on occasions some of these people and I am sure will agree they are Really nice people. Ok it is a little bit of Trivia from Jack but it is nice when I or any of us can say Well done to our neighbours who are probably richer than we are in Humility/ humanity and family togetherness
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    Here is my daughter`s interpretation of what they look like. Quite accurate really.
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    I read a few news articles on the subject. Gambling during wakes is exempt from Presidential Decree 1602, also known as the Anti-Illegal Gambling Law. While Philippine Muslims bury their dead within 24 hours, the Catholic practice is usually nine days of prayers (novena) before burial. The reason for the length is to permit family members to travel and pay their respects. To keep relatives, friends and neighbors at the wake, gambling is offered as a pastime. This could be mahjong, betting and card games. Among poorer family, a certain percentage is given to the family to defray funeral expenses. Some parish priests are trying to put a stop by refusing last rites before burial, but it sounds like a losing battle. Personally, my preference is to add a new tradition from Taiwan, pole dancers on jeeps and flatbed trucks as a status symbol for the wealthy.
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    Found this Photo on my FB page this Morning and have had quite a few Local Likes from members here So, for those that don't read my page I thought I would Put up this fantastic pencil art done by my Sister-in- law ( Wife of my youngest brother wearing Glasses they are Me Mam, me Little sister, our youngest Chris, Yours Truly and never forgetting our Eldest Ray
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    Many many posts ago I stated that what might sound negative was in fact very Positive and echoed by some Even You My friend, Most here have admired what you have done and intend to do, but as it turns out many of our Positive Thoughts and woes on things have turned out to be the truth in this case. Constructive criticism and help from those that have done things seems to have offended you, well My Friend you really do have a lot to learn, But if you are not that Interested in Learning from OUR mistakes then you will just have to learn from your own, and you will make them! So if you do as you say want to leave, as I welcomed you when you joined I will say ( with Sadness) But BJ don't be a Stranger, In the Philippines we All need Friends
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    There's a reason I call her the Angry Midget or Short Angry One.
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    Not worrying is the key. It’s hard to do. No one knows what the future may bring. If your gut tells you you have enough then all that’s left is to pull the trigger and see what happens. I did it on 7/20/2018. I had one overriding reason. My wife’s daughter has come to live with us and she brought her own daughter, ( my wife’s granddaughter). The granddaughter was starting kindergarten, and I purported the reason ( to my bosses so I wouldn’t poison my working relationships ) that I needed to be available in case of emergency so I was retiring ( quitting is how I choose to think of it ). So I retired 1 year before full retirement age ( and began drawing SS ) But I’ve gained a virtual lifetime of experience. I’m finally learning things that My Filipino wife of 14 years ( we are living in the states ) has been trying to teaching me about patience and all sorts of other niceties. I liken my plunge into retirement as jumping into a boat and hanging on through the rocking. Side note, my wife and I are currently visiting her family and this trip I’m better prepared than before and this is about my 10th trip. I get a great deal of satisfaction in detaching from the media circus that has become modern life in America.
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    Yes... always best to meet first, before serious... or even hypothetical plans are made. .
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    Hypothetically one would be better off spending some time in person with a woman met on line or anywhere. Something's are not always as they seem.
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    A Tad sad this morning I must say, My daughter (20 next month) said a couple of things that shocked me a little, Yes shocked me because things are changing, in and around the Circles she ( daughter) is moving in, we often hear, say that the Locals are mindful, respectful and for their own when push comes to shove BUT This morning, I think I just realised, my daughter is becoming a Snob & starting to look down on those less fortunate than her. So, she pops her head in the Door and says DAD I am off to Lola's (Where her cousins live) OK, how will you get there? Oh Ma will take me ( Azon has been laid up 3/4 days now with her teeth problem ( 2 out and a lot of work around the Area) Hmmmmm sweetheart why can't they fetch you NAH they can't be bothered so Ma won't mind she knows I will not get the car out for a 1/2 hour round trip that the bike does in 10 mins and is only a 15 min walk tops I said, did you tell Rachel ( our Helper) you were going out? NO why should I! So Little one then she knows to do your room, well came the reply, it is her Job While I think about it "Trisha" do you ever say Thank you to the helper? NO why should I, You pay her don't you Angry this morning to say the least, Yes I know we have all got kids like that from our previous life But This threw me this Morning, coming from a pretty Good provincial family and is studying a profession that is going to need some decent bedside manner, I do hope that there are classes on this issue or I am afraid she is not going to make it either there or in any people related Employment. What are we Breeding here? I ask myself, Today, I would sooner go shopping and listen to the sales girls with there smiles and morning Sir and the Salamat after paying. Rant over Jack Morning All
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    We were given, had it dropped in our lap, a female Cockatiel so I had to build a flight. She seemed to be lonely so we went and bought a male. She is grey he is white. Oh well if they breed maybe I can get 2k for each chick. I think we will not have any trouble with them as they look to be quite at ease with each other in only a few hours.
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    We were visiting friends in Randers, Denmark located in the Jutland peninsula. At the time, my wife and I were the only persons with black hair and brown eyes. Everyone else had blond hair and blue eyes. Now, the adults tried to be polite and not stare. But the children, especially the younger ones, would open their mouths and stare while pointing their fingers at us. Our hosts explained the children thought we were Inuits or Eskimos from Greenland which is governed by Denmark. So we played along by rubbing our noses much to the delight of the children. The children were taught it is a common greeting among the natives from the artic region. A few wanted to rub noses with us as a welcome to their town. After the Vietnam war, there were lots of black haired children during our visit. Some were adopted. Others were from Vietnamese refugee families who were now residents. Gone were the days of our rubbing noses.
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    On the other hand, how many hotel suites can you stay in if you saved the cost of those road beasts. Prices start at about $100,000 and go to a million or more for deluxe or custom models. And then you have the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, camp spot fees, parking/storage fees when not in use, etc. I am reminded of the old saying about owning a boat; "The two best days of my life were the day I bought my boat, and the day I was finally able to sell the damn thing."
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    The news articles said he was leading a flight of 4 F-35's when he was declared missing. I would assume they marked "last known location" and reported it to their command. The technology shown on a F-22/35 on their visors is absolutely amazing about situational awareness that encompasses a bubble around them that is well beyond visual range. There was no report of a parachute, so I guess the pilot had no time or he was unable to activate the ejection system. The name of the pilot is Major Akinori Hosomi, age 41. He was apparently an experienced combat pilot, logging in thousand plus hours on either the F-16 or the F-15 that the Japanese self defense force have in their inventory. My condolence to his family and his unit. Respectfully Jake
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    Be forewarned. I had 'soft' toast this morn. Wife fried it in the wok. She explained that when she first put it in the toaster oven... there was a very bad smell. Her diagnosis, since his has happened before, was that one of the house lizards was in residence inside when she turned it on. If you're into unique flavors or looking for something totally different, the PI sometimes has a lot to offer.
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    Don't jump ship due to people giving advice that you don't want to hear. This forum is one of the best out there for advice. Sure some may sound negative but the information is factual not hearsay. Most of us have been burned a little here in the Philippines it's a whole new ball game out here. Logic and loyalty goes right out of the window sadly. Have a look arround some of the older posts and you will see a recurring pattern. Westerners coming here and falling in love within weeks, luckily meeting a great partner who has so many friends in high places that can get them special deals. Fast forward 6 months or a year and he realises he's being royaly shafted and suddenly it's all gone pear shaped. There is a hierarchy here. Family, friends, pets then foreigners. If you catch someone out then the gates close and you are the outsider. We are cash cows for the vast majority here and you've got to play their game. Keep your money in the bank and enjoy a simple life. Almost every foreigner I know that goes into business over here ends up more stressed than they were when back in their home countries. You'll get a few that strike lucky but even some of them a few years later can get bitten. If more foreigners would post their ideas on here before spending the cash I'm sure a lot of pain and money could have been saved. Try not to look on things from your perspective. Look on it as what you would say if you were advising a friend. I'm going through a process of trying to tell a good friend he is being screwed over by his partner but his blinkers are on. I've asked him hypothetically what he would in certain situations and every time he says the person is a fool and why doesn't he do X,Y and Z. I sit back and shake my head as I'm describing him. We are not saying you are wrong we are just highlighting possibilities, stay and prove us wrong.
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    I'm sorry to hear of the issues but sadly us Westerners will find it difficult to get our heads arround thinking here. It's taken me a few years and hundreds of hours of study and first hand experience of how things are done. Listen to those that have been here years they are talking from experience. From my experience you have now come up against Filipino 'Face". You've now embarrassed them and all gloves will be off. Regardless of your good intentions in offering them a deal which they initially accepted you are now in the wrong. The Barangay siding with a foreigner will seriously piss them off. Technically you have a right to have water cross their land but technicalities don't matter here. I'd cut your losses and run. In retirement it's not worth the hastle. Do a deal with one of your partners relatives in return for some payment each month and slowly recoup your money. They'll be less likely to bother a local. In the mountains things can happen and no one will be a witness.
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    Interesting. My wife would also get bored when I was out of country and likes to stay busy. I could afford it at the time, so I usually agreed to staking her in her 'business' ventures. They were all learning experiences. Some adventures and some misadventures. Most a mixture of both. I pretty much knew I would never see my money again ( she did not disappoint me in that regard ), but she did use whatever money she made for her daughter's education. Put her through nursing college here, sent her to older sister (also a nurse) in Sydney for Aus. certification studies and nursing work. Now in medical school. Thank God, I'm not on the financial hook for that ! Ako mahirap. When my step daughter was 11 my wife would try anything to give her the best education possible through her own efforts. She didn't want to use my money but fund it herself. She saw it as her personal responsibility. At one point she tried the 5/6. For Filipinos who don't mind occasional reality drama and can avoid most of the potential risks to health. wealth and peace of mind..... they might want to try it. It takes a certain type of personality to go this route, I would think, with good social skills, business sense and accounting ability. Also the bravery to confront others when necessary, and override the SIR social norms. My wife here is a warrior woman and she gave the 5/6 loan business a whirl twelve or so years ago. Didn't last long since I put an end it. Or shall I say, we mutually agreed that it wasn't worth the trouble collecting money or repossessing pledged security collateral items and dealing with deadbeats or simply people who preferred to buy rice and fish to stay alive on rather than retire incurred debt, despite earnest promises made and signed to in times of stressful need and desperation. I recall that near the end of that run, I came back in country to find an extra refrigerator in the house. I listened to her tale of how she repo'd it with the help of the barangay captain and his council aides, confronting the upper class seaman's wife with the promissory note, etc. Despite extra time given, the woman didn't want to give it up. It was loaded onto the back of a rented jeepney and brought to my rental house in our subdivision and was now ours. I told her to sell it ASAP, but before that happened, her not so bright teen nieces, who never had electricity in their house, decide to help the defrost process along by chipping the ice off the compartment with sharp pointed knives.... puncturing the freon tubes in multiple places and destroying the thing. I told her to drop the business. As usual, her adventure started while I was out of country..... like her business ventures into: running a small hometown carenderia ( lasted 2 months due to friends and relatives who ate but didn't pay) , fish pond leasing ( 3 harvest cycles until the leaser thought we were making actual profit and raised the leasing cost),.... or the multi-cab route franchise venture (2 years).... or the small piggery (3 years). They all made money.... on a Filipino small business level, which often translates into small profit on considerable investments of money, labor and time. Finally she got a regular job with SSS and Philhealth benefits and finished funding daughter's education. I'm not a fan of having a wife or GF running a 5/6 loan business primarily because the expat is put at risk. People may think that the money is coming from the expat, not the Pinay wife or GF's own capital. Few people feel endearment to their creditors, despite voluntarily using them for their own needs. If there is unwarranted resentment in times of emotional anguish over the debt trap they put themselves into, do you think they will logically take self-responsibility for their predicament ? If they are angry or temporarily imbalanced with alcohol, who do you think they are more apt to lash out at if it comes to that...... a local fellow neighborhood Pinoy or Pinay.... or the foreigner who they think might be their true creditor behind the wife or GF they are doing business with ? Just a thought. My Aussie friend here, whose wife is in the business isn't bothered by this. I was. He often has motorcycles in his yard, awaiting repayment for loans. His wife, like mine, is middle aged and has been doing business for quite a while, but she is a respected landowner, small businesswoman and clan matriarch. That does give him some protection. I think the only time I truly resent an honest businessman 5/6 operator is when I have the bad luck of falling into an ATM line at a bank when they are processing all their collateralized client ATM cards for their collection withdrawls. It takes a very long time, but it is interesting watching them stuff the wads of dispensed cash into their pockets when standing outside. LOL
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    Jak my friend, it is not you nor your attempt to raise a proper young woman, it is just that your example is being overwhelmed by the local culture. I remember 20 years ago one of my nieces was sitting not 10 feet away from the water cooler, yet she contemptibly ordered the maid to bring her a glass of water. I somewhat angerly asked if her legs were broken and told her to get her own dang water. She looked at me like I had a third eye. Personally, I call this syndrome the "egomaniac with an inferiority komplex" and in my observation it is pervasive in the culture here. When in a department store I always return the sales persons greeting while everyone else (including my wife, who lived in the states for 20 years) just passes them as if they were a piece of furniture. How many times have you held a door open of a lady, or for anyone else for that matter with out any reaction. Do you normally return a shopping kart to the designated area or just leave it next to your car in an empty parking slot lolol. I could go on and on with examples about driving habits, but the favorite is counterflowing lol, instead of waiting in line for the next green light, many Filipinos will put their personal interests above the safety or feelings of their fellow drivers. So it is not that you are raising the young lady wrong, it is only that your solid middle class upbringing which was reinforced by a long military career is just being overwhelmed by the examples that she sees everyday and everywhere. The hypocritical thing on my part is, is that i walk around feeling morally superior bekause i do return greetings and i do open doors and I do return shopping karts and don't counter flow IMHO it is just a case of "when in Rome......................" Me personally I will just continue to be one of the barbarians at the gates of the city .
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    First trip out after retirement, a day out walking the Roaches in Staffordshire , beautiful.
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    When she starts talking in Bisaya to me then I know she is in a bad mood, that's when I get a beer and go to the top floor out of her way
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    Mine has just said NO now it looks like I am off shopping
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    Heres some photos of my piggery project it can hold about 80 to 90 pigs and has facility for generating 200 to 250 piglets a year
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    I think I know what you mean. I retired to the Phills to get out of the rat race. Not to join another rat race in a country where I know nothing about how to generate more income.
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    That's the last time that damn seagull shits on my ship!
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    I have experience with "losing" papers that are then found in the printer/scanner! I'm absent minded, as I have mentioned before. They say many geniuses are absent minded. Jack, I think my most recent "lost an found" story has yours beat! I'll try to make it brief. Tues, withdrew p10k from ATM and put in wallet. Wednesday noon went to pay for something and wallet was empty! Looked for money (10k + small bills maybe 1k) all over cars and house. We/I ended up with a few theories: 1. I had only taken the wallet out once during that time, at a 7-11 we don't usually go to. There were a lot of local factory workers having lunch. My wife was convinced that one of them had snatched my cash while I was paying. It didn't really add up in my mind. 2. I had done something really stupid and left the cash somewhere or dropped it. Absent minded me was thinking I did something stupid. 3. Kids. I asked the kids, almost 3, and 5, if they played with the money. Both said no. Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, I looked around some more, but no cash. My wife had me 80% convinced about 7-11. She was also pissed off that I lost 10K+ plus, as was I. Friday rolls around and my wife excitedly calls me into the guest room / play room. My 5 year old had found the money in their playhouse! Strange thing was, I had looked in there twice, I think, and there was a lot of play money on the floor. I think I looked close enough to see only play money. So perhaps it was neatly buried underneath the play money, or moved there at some point. The almost 3 year old was the culprit and readily said she played with my wallet. She didn't really understand when we first asked. My bad for leaving my wallet where she could get it. I keep on a high shelf now. The guilty party!
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    Then my Friend I personally think you are being silly at the very Least, Low Pulse rates in the Legs and feet can be a serious thing Take it from a Stroke survivor
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    I found the Spanish and Portuguese Ladies the same i wonder if it is the Latino Blood? I wonder if we have members with Latin America knowledge to add?
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    On a lighter note Funny and true During the early 70's (could have been Late 60's) I was stationed at Flight Maintenance Wing at RAF Shawbury in Salop (Shropshire) England. One dismal day an uproar came as a Repaired Harrier went missing. It had been parked on the Outer shoulder Tarmac awaiting it's return to the Squadron. On this particular Morning I guess prior 6am the Tower reported that the Aircraft had been Moved and were not informed. Transpires that the RAF Regiment ( Air Force ground Fighting and security Regiment) training squad had nipped down to the Army Ordnance camp a couple of miles away and Borrowed a Centurion Tank camouflage Cover. They spent apparently, some hours Hiding this Aircraft which could not be see after from the Tower or I would think anyone passing within 50/60 feet. The exercise ended with a few on report but much laughter in the Officers Mess and certainly in Junior ranks Mess, when the Scramble egg brigade (Senior Officers) arrived Low and behold it was back in its place having never moved at all, I was led to believe that photos showed the Plane was not there at one time but back at another, Seems while some were on Report for fear of damage to the Aircraft ( There was just 2 (two) I believe ariels missing) But the Training Squad were applauded by there own senior NCO's and at least one Officer for the remarkable job they done on Concealing the said Aircraft. It Transpired that the "Jockey" ( Pilot) had upset one of the Sentries and this was the squads retaliation to the event. Just a bit of Trivia to highlight the need to not always trust what the eye sees ( or Doesn't in this case) Geeze how sometimes we all miss these things from our Early Life ( Well I do anyway)
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    Bastonjock take a moment to cool down. lots of what members write do appear to come across with negative connotations how ever they are not intended this way. Together there are many years of hands on experienced advice on this form, people trying to help.Yes medicine does not taste good. Be that as it may, we are looking out for you and would like nothing better than to see your project succeed. The reality is, as said by members whom have personally dug wells, including myself in rocky terrain that the price quoted does not add up, something is not correct. Take a moment to look at your Barangay captain, sounds also fishy, would not surprise me if he is in cahoots with the greedy land owners. One thing these kind people fear is.authority, why have an attorney visit these people with a document drawn up per the original agreement, I believe there would be a good chance they would sign. lastly I would be very hesitant about spending any more funds here, something about this whole situation just does not seem correct, like when one smells smoke. Keep those hard earned under the kilt for now.......
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    Steve, Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Whatever happens and wherever you decide to settle, I would like to wish you a long and happy retirement. We have put in the hard miles, now is the time to sit back and enjoy. Good luck to you in whatever you choose to do. .
  43. 6 points
    Congratulations Steve. For your assurance, there hasn't been anybody that I know that have regretted pulling the trigger, including me. Personally, I have been retired for a little over a year now, and I don't think I have been happier in all my life. The most stress I have is when I dream about work... and end up pinching myself every morning upon awakening. But I am blessed to have successfully planned to live in Hawaii, where the cost of living is outrageous, so money is never a concern if I were to decide to live elsewhere - anywhere in the world. But life after retirement is NOT all roses. I have decided to spend my first year living in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia using my free time to look within, and find out what I want to do for my next 20 years (I am currently 58). Just one small advice for you... with all that free time, don't forget to put in at least 30 minutes each day to take care of your health... you only have one body...Welcome to the club... you won't regret it..
  44. 6 points
    Steve has left the company.
  45. 6 points
    Absolutely mental. She went crazy at me about twice a week for the first 6 months or so we were together. Now it's just once every few months thank God.
  46. 6 points
    Sounds to me like you want to hold on to it for awhile for your sense of a possible return security and/or potential financial gain. Not a bad idea, since such a large percentage of ex-pats throw in the towel after several years of living abroad. You can sell it anytime, barring a local area real estate market collapse or a major economic recession in your region. If you leave it empty, you will have to be sure that it is secure. Like with a condo or in a very safe neighborhood. Even then, you'd have to have a friend or relative make regular checks on it in case of plumbing , heating or electrical problems that might develop, despite it being empty. Your insurance costs will be ongoing, as might your property taxes (some states have age qualified exemptions).... so you will be paying for those when not living there. Homes require periodic maintenance since time and use wear them down. Even when empty. (e.g. roofs and things subjected to weathering and aging) If you rent you run the risks of having destructive or dead-beat tenants, unless vetted and covered by sufficient deposits, etc. You can hire a property manager to avoid or decrease these risks somewhat. I hear that most charge 10-15% of the monthly rent. It might be well worth it if your asset is appreciating well, and it would simplify rental collection for you. After you do your arithmetic and have run the numbers, you can see if you will financially win, lose or draw. Even if you end up keeping it with an ongoing loss each month, it might well be worth it for your peace of mind, knowing you have a good escape plan to fall back upon in case living in the PI doesn't suit you for the long run. Maybe this will help you a bit in your quest to find a solution to what you're facing. Good luck and best wishes.
  47. 6 points
    My new found days in retirement far outshine each 9-5 drudgery I was putting up with just to eke out a few more dollar$. My 1 year early jump is paying dividends in quality of life. The dollar$ won’t be missed in the end, time is more precious than money.
  48. 6 points
    SO, we had a phone call late last night from the "Princess Sprog" to say that as she had Finished her year end Exams, she would be coming Home for the Summer But as she was on the overnight Ferry from Cebu could we pick her up at the Ferry Port at about 5.30/6.00 am This Morning as she was on her way now. Ok so far But we get a phone call at 4am to say She was approaching Dumaguete now as it was a good crossing and it was Early. at 5 am we get another Phone call to say there were no Porters. No there wouldn't be as the Ferry was so early it did not yet have a berth to Land on and the Porters were still ashore. So my friends, this early Start and Good sailing time meant not a lot as the ferry did not Dock until it's normal time of 5.15 am We love her to bits and when the Dust settles and Dad has been down and bought the all important extra Data for her use up in rapid Bites she is a pleasure to have Home. Of course Mama is happy ( For Today) as I have just seen the Dirty Bring Home laundry in the Basket All in all I say a whinge because Our ladies ( In this house at least) just can't seem to get timings right and still never ever tell us the whole Story ( I stay quiet) Hopefully the rest of this Visit will not end as some do with fraught tempers and higher than Normal Stress levels but have to say it is nice to see me Girls Together Jack Morning All
  49. 6 points
    Before starting a new business, I always try to think about the exit strategy in the event things don't work out the way I had planned. That's a large size, quality infrastructure you are building. One possibility down the road is to lease the premises to a pig farmer. You derive a steady income without the headaches associated with running a business.
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    I was under the impression filipino was the majority nationality in the Philippines
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