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    My GF acts and sounds the same. She only "remembers" the parts of yesterday's conversations that are beneficial to HER..It's kinda funny and cute. Sometimes when I ask her to get me something and she forgets, she will say something like out of stock, or tomorrow. We both know that she forgot and just laugh it off. Seriously we have never been mad at each other for longer than 10 min or so in the almost 15 years we have had together. She's a doll.
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    You lot moan just as good as us brits , it’s just that we cannot understand a word you are saying.
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    Hang about I just moan about the weather and my work colleges , hold on I have no work colleges now so I just moan about the weather.
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    Just wanted to say "thanks" to all of my Dumaguete Friends for your advice and comments on your city and where to stay. We stayed at Bethel Guest House and it was a pleasant and enjoyable stay. I must say, you all have a wonderful city and area, and it became very obvious that there are a a lot of you in this area and you all seemed to be pleasant and happy. Everyone I met was was cordial, welcoming, and very helpful. I hope to see you all again very soon. Cheers! John
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    I have to agree with you here But Today, I found a spark of decency in that particular family. When they brought my stuff back it had all been cleaned up, pretty well I might say, They offered a payment but we said No. he smiled and said OH! and I just patted him on the shoulder and said This is what good neighbours do for each other when needed, even us Foreigners mate, Yep Sir you a good guy. So on this issue even with my somewhat off key comments, All's well that ends well
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    While on about Moaning in another Topic which I had not intended to include us Expats per-say, My mate @Eddie1 was perfectly right just not in the Right place at the time, However his Opinion was the Perfect opinion of us Brits. Mooching about as I do when left alone I came across this I offer it up so that those that never really understood us can see what we are about. It is somewhat out of date in date terms but I am sure it is still in keeping with my Thoughts and I hope Eddies Although there are some I do not agree with and those that know me will know which they are https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/debates/3414682/Moaning-drinking-and-queuing-are-what-make-us-British.html
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    So the saying goes. Many times I have said, Living here is so very different to Visiting. I was at a Birthday Party on Friday and the conversation got around to Driving Now that was something else. The Locals at our table spent a good 1/2 an hours arguing about how bad the Driving was, Of course I was asked what I thought, easy to answer? Yep I just said you can't drive period and you all never obey the rules anyway, Much laughter but much agreeance on the subject. Now this is just one instance where these people actually had disagreements on one subject YET, those that were guilty of such then changed the Subject ( as they do when Losing and argument) the conversation moved on to Kids. Well What a subject, it would seem I was on a table of Debate but for the Topic it starts to show that our lovely people here just love and Argument for the sake of. Now I went down to the Sori Sori just now and there was a disagreement at the store about payments from last weeks credit now payable. So many voices so many differing stories but it goes to show that once it starts they are like Terriers and won't submit. For me, If I am wrong, I will Admit it and apologize where needed. As much as I love it here and enjoy my life and surroundings I am sure that I will never truly understand these normally good even kind hearted people. I am sure many others can and I hope tell their own little observations on life here among the local that is never wrong and will go to any length to prove their point. I am sure that there will be many stories about the Missing Cock ( Chicken that is) and the Barking Dog that mysteriously dies. OH some one must have stolen it or poisoned the Dog. It happens and this is what starts Rifts in Families and communities that my Friends can go on forever (it seems) We as Foreigners are really just here and usually get the blunt end of things but in reality there are more problems among themselves that would ever come to light if just visiting. I could go on and on as I know maybe I could but Hey, let others join in. I won't get started on Money ( or the lack of it) because that is the Basis of many disagreements, Next time you are out in the Malls listen to the Saless girls, While they are not smiling at you or saying Hi Sir and Madam or such, They will be Moaning to or at each other over something probably trivial but could expand into a little war. I don't wish to be unkind to the people here But they are a nation of Moaners among themselves and they moan about just anything Jack Morning All
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    I could be wrong and most likely I am. I know this because my wife tells me this all the time. However, as nice as the cleanup can make things look nice, for a short while, there is a bigger issue. That is to get the citizens to stop polluting, littering, and otherwise not cause the cleanup to be need in the first place. I have seen private work crews as well as government roadside cleanup personal. Their work is good and when finished the area looks nice where they cleaned, for maybe five minutes. I see locals riding in their cars, jeepneys, or just walking right behind the cleanup area with trash being thrown out the vehicle windows, or the pedestrians drop their garbage as they walk and eat. To them it does not matter if glass or plastic bottle, plastic or paper wrap. Somehow this beautiful country needs to educate the citizens of the dangers of all this pollution. It starts on the land and then most all of it will eventually work its way to the waterways and then the sea. As I have said before, this type of pollution is a far greater risk to humans than the global warming/ climate change hysteria. Okay, off my soap box. Sorry if I have offended anyone but these are my thoughts and I truly think it is just a matter of time before it all catches up with everyone.
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    I have witnessed 2 land grabs since living here the one by JP`s house and one in Dalaguete and both have been really nasty with unbelievably the grabbers playing the victim. They have both times come down from Manila and they have tried to take over the area they live in. One of the land grabbers in Dalaguete went to the police haha they had been looking for her involving drugs now she is in prison serves her right. She has been there for 4 1/2 years and is looking at life. I wish Karma would visit people more often and more quickly than it normally does then perhaps they would act amongst themselves more amicably. It`s a shame really as on the whole, these are really nice people who will drop what they are doing and help for no payment but more than a few bad apples spoil it for all it seems. Anyway chin up and hopefully, no expat will get involved to be made a scapegoat of.
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    maybe I will do page on the Jocks Tomorrow
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    I've watched a lot of videos lately of the Manila bay clean up and it extends far from that and many volunteers and groups helping so my thought is slowly but surely the message is getting out there and its spreading but l guess will take a long time. Hard to change habits and more so many people and places have no where to dispose of garbage so they do as they always did.
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    I think being 'British' finished in the 1960s.
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    That's depends where you live........ Joke coming....What's the first question asked at a quiz night in Liverpool. answer....."Who are you looking at!" Not true to say that Liverpool deserves that reputation, as a Scouser myself, I find Liverpool more friendly than a lot of towns and cities in UK.
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    Main reason I love it here, everyone is moody in the UK. Get eye contact with a bloke here on a Saturday night and he'll smile at you, in the UK you'll end up having a fight
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    I don't know. Some of us can speak Polish also.
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    I'm just about to get a new lodger due to bad blood amongst some people I know. I've seen locals gang up on foreigners even when the foreigner is in the right but this one involves locals. My friend had finished with a women he'd been seeing and has a new girlfriend. They currently share a house with another friend of mine and his Filipino partner. The girlfriend of the house owner invited my friends ex to a birthday party in the house even though she knew it could cause trouble. Sure enough when my friend and his new girlfriend entered the house his ex went crazy. Throwing glasses and trying to attack the girlfriend. My mate got inbetween them and suffered quite a few scratches. The guy whose house it is works offshore and his partner phoned him and put the blame on the girl that was attacked. He has sided with his partner and told them to move out. Personally I'd have thrown out the girl who was smashing the glasses and told her never to set foot in the house again, but it appears that the women has pretended to be setting up the guy who works offshore with a very lucrative job. His girlfriend whose party it was has now gone around her family members and got them all to agree it was the girl who was attacked that was to blame. She's obviously kissing butt so she doesn't lose her big pay day. This is the girl that I'm convinced has a baby by a local and is passing it off as my friends. It's my first time seeing locals turn on each other. It's amazing what money can do to a locals morals.
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    Land theft has caused deep seated grudges in Philippines due to the inheritance rules and lack of law. Our family similar issues as you called out Jack. Three substantial properties that I know of stolen by the Leyte group of brothers and sisters from the three living in Cebu. My Father in laws 2 hectare property in Talisay Cebu had squatters take over part and distant family more. Same with blocked road Captan called in to clear bad blood and threats to the point they smartly sold it and moved into a subdivision. The drama grudges and anger is sad. I first thought this could be an interesting topic but it's just sad. For sure not all Filipinos are all about hating and grudges but it's something that directly affects some of us.
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    Some arguments and grudges go way back. We have all learned when face is involved compromise and reason is gone. It would be interesting to have some insight the drama going on in ones neighborhood. Foreigners are outsiders to most unless unwittingly drawn into it as a pawn.
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    An American living in Davao has attracted a growing following after rolling up his sleeves to clean up his neighbourhood streets. Frustrated with the inaction of local officials... What could possibly go wrong?
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    My ex MIL who came from a worse place than me I used to like to bring her back down to earth.
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    Yes very sad to see such an iconic building get damaged. I did read that 1 firefighter has been seriously injured hope he is ok.
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    In all fairness, the way we have been treated in the UK by our own government for years is it any wonder a lot of people moan.
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    Why don't you use the car wash here in Valencia? Next to the gas station on your right as you get to Valencia proper. Open Mon-Sat.
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    Aren't they all AK? 15 years one wonders why not the Wife
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    Glad you enjoyed it John, I think you picked a busy weekend to be at the boulevard, lots of Dragon Boat racing on Saturday, lots of people in party mood and a good fiesta atmosphere. Please try and coincide our Dumaguete Forum meeting at Chin Loong if you return for another visit, it is the 2nd Thursday of the month at 1pm. I for one would like to hear about your home town of Dipolog, been there once recently and looking to go back again, so your local knowledge would be invaluable. As a side note, I think this is where our forum excels, so many knowledgeable members in many locations able to put forward good suggestions on accommodation, travel etc.
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    Does anyone actually speak their own language properly?
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    There are some good ones on there and like you say some very old ones, number one I quoted in another thread already, all I can add ‘ for now’, is it’s a good job we can laugh at ourselves.
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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Not too sure what snowy will think of that remark LOL
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    Yes Dan it is sad but it is a fact of life, I have often said the we ( as Foreigners) don't integrate enough with the Local but alas those of us that do learn the day to day Grudges of our extended Families and Neighbours to an extent one tends to think, Do I really need this? No of course we don't But we chose to marry our Ladies and live here so we must listen to the woes of them and try ( if we ever can) to understand what the Philippines is all about ( More so I believe on the Islands away from what may be Areas somewhat not so troublesome) I guess we all see things through those Rose coloured Glasses we say we have taken off But have we? Topics like this can help those that have not yet done much Integration and certainly newcomers such as a recently departed Member who maybe just could have had a better insight to the Real problems that there are out there, Great we all get on and when we meet of course we have our Moans But when we write or read about these things have we really got anything to moan about? Personally I don't think so BTW we have no water again today
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    Was that a local find, or shipped over? I have tried a couple of the local pates. They were liver spreads, but not even close to what I was looking for. I am not trying to look for foie gras, but even a simple Braunschweiger would be nice... Hell, just decent corned beef would be a treat ha ha
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    Straight in ( as it is my Topic on your behalf ) Family from Manila moved in to claim some years old squabble over this Provincial lot, said interlopers build makeshift Housing that encroached other family members house and Lots, Captain called and the ROD got involved, Interlopers told to move House 3 meters back ( Bad Blood starts) This is about 6 years ago just after I built my House, More Family plunder more land when the Lola Died. Build 3 Concrete House encroaching the Barangay Road. Captain called and after much Trouble Told to move Posts and such to leave a 2.5 meter Roadway for Traffic BUT a Tree stopped the Traffic so more Bad Blood spilling out from neighbours now. I with Others paid to have this Tree taken out and thus gave access up and down the Road. Cousins come home from OFW's work and decide to build a House on the Remaining Lot. This cut off the Acces from the Highway to the Local Store. Business Lost and much bad Blood all around. Then said 3 House put up Roof extensions for a new roof and reduced the road height so no delivery vehicle over 3 meters high could pass the Road. Fire brigade called to asses. Nope can't get a Tender up so Even More bad Blood, Law and order went out of the Window, which ended up with people being reported for this and that. The Story will go on for ever as the Last remaining Lot was Donated ( by others that owned) as a Play Area for the Kids, Basketball ring erected. Now the family use it as a Carpark for their 6/7 vehicles as and when they feel like it. One Family that are Not Local have come and spoiled the Lives in many ways of People that have been in the Purok for many many years. This is Life here just now, it affects me not nor my family at the back of the Store but each and every day there are some squabbles and Bad Blood which now seems to be the Norm and has surely Split the Community If only
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    Oh so many at times Dan, maybe best for a separate Topic. Perhaps when I get my stuff done I will start one ( unless another member wants to do it )
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    They say that "time flies when you are having fun". Frogs have a similar saying; "Times fun when you are having flies."
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    The first thing I would say is that we are always told how clean Davao is but this story goes against that. If I wanted to do something like I would clean outside my place only. Having said that I do admire the man for taking the initiative but he should know that he is stepping on people`s toes and I think it could well backfire. I wish him luck and hope the locals carry on when they see how easy it is.
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    Shaming his nearby neighbors and business owners, as well as the local govt is like walking the tight rope. However, I do hope he finally sets an example to basically to clean up after yourselves. But unfortunately, the culture of littering, pollution and noise pollution has been a way of life. You can't be a one man crusade but I'm glad he was able to persuade the locals to pitch it.....this time.
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    Well, I'm 67, but only feel about 65 today... .
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    They will try to cheat you every step of the way until you catch them and cut them off. Long ago I gave my bro in law P100 to put gas in my motor for me. I had been letting him borrow it whenever he needed it. 1 day after he supposedly put the gas in the tank, it registered towards empty again. I'm not as stupid as I look so he never got to borrow it again. I hate being taken advantage of no matter how small the amount of money is.
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    AH! so your supplier don't do any maintenance? and let you know when they are going to do it, Thank Goodness for NORECO II then
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    At this moment I act like a big kid ,it makes me feel great and happy plus if it makes others smile then I am doing something good.
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    I'm 66 but when I look in a full length mirror I see what in my mind looks like a 75 year old man. Too much smoking and drinking for sure. Just being honest. I feel more like 50 though cuz I don't have any serious health problems.
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    I am learning too, my retirement is going to be enjoying doing everything and nothing ,keeping all our hard earned cash in the bank making nothing but it is enough to outsee us both. Its great reading what others are doing and have achieved and I wish everyone all the luck in the world , but it all seems like hard work, and lots of STRESS, I am happy with my camera and a view and to watch the world go by for now.
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    Speaking of a 3 story house, I remember hearing that you know you’re getting old when your sweetheart says, “honey let’s go upstairs and make love “ and your reply is, ”can’t do both “ :)
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    For the vast majority of us rich ex-pats () those numbers are frightening, and it would take some size of nest-egg to fund for any length of time. The option of returning to our home country may be the only viable one. It's something to think about.
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    67...look 67. Why kid yourself ? Feel no different to when I was only 66. The Mrs is 33. She thinks I'm a gwapo 'sex machine' Getting seriously worried about her.
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    I had somewhat of a similar situation early on in my marriage. I decided to help my wife with a few dishes that were in the sink. Later when she saw what I had done she immediately showed her displeasure and then began to weep. I commenced to console her and she asked me “ are you not happy with the way I wash the dishes?” I assured her that I was very happy and she explained that taking care of the kitchen was her job and that I had hurt her feelings by doing the dishes as it implied she was not doing a good job. Needless to say I have not interfered since. Happy wife happy life.
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