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    Yes at times not worth the hassle. Today the Barangay Capitan was at the gate. Seems the truck we ordered a while back to sucks out the septic tank hit guard house on its way out, guess whom must pay... Useless to use logic here, sure can fight, perhaps even win, in doing so will have a made some rather nasty enemies, more so if I was to win, by chance. Loss of face.... At times my logic says be a coward and pay for piece of mind.
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    When I lived in the Philippines, I always consciously converted the pesos into US dollars without speaking to my wife about it. Now that my Filipina wife lives in the USA, she is always converting (out loud) US dollars into pesos, which confuses the heck out of me at times. Anyhow, she has lately expressed her desire to have a tabo over here… why?... IDK.... but I guess that it’s just a Filipino thing (no matter where they live). So, I’ve been shopping for one and when I showed her the price ($7.99), she said “no way!” …. “We’re not paying 400 pesos for a tabo!”
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    I was there around the same time. Christmas 2011/2012? I don't remember it being expensive but that was when I was still working! And when part of it is consumable, not too bad. We had lunch there.
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    Here are some pictures .
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    Of course it stinks more than your septic tank must have - why didn't they make the claim at the time? But, fight and you win - you lose in other ways.
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    Thank You Mark for bringing the Topic back to the Spirit it was mean to be in
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    Well just got back and I will say that although it was a hectic couple of days it was well worth it. We hired a car with a driver through recommendation and he took us all over the place. We went to chocolate hills then the butterfly garden then the man-made forest we then went to the river cruise but opted out as it looked overpriced(650 per head) and not really what we wanted to do.So then the driver took us to a church with a museum and lastly we want to Bohol beach club and spent an hour there. I will add that not far from Dumaguete is a zoo (Amlan) which we have been to before and apart from tarsiers and the beach has everything we saw in Bohol.
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    So how long do you think our Children have got to find one?
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    I looked at the date on the photos and it was Dec. 27th, 2011.
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    Loads of places give free beer. Buy 4 bottles in a bucket and the 5th one is free.
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    When we went to the beach club in Bohol about 7 years ago we paid around 900 peso and in that price we had a meal voucher , beautiful place , but I would not pay to stay there it’s only for rich tourist and I am not one of those anymore.
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    Dumaluan is nice Monday through Friday. Same as for any public beach in the Philippines, I think. Bikini Beach is further northeast on the same side of the island, and is very nice.
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    You could put this one there
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    Just found these stick on over the Eu part, could not find any with shamrocks on or those little green folk either.
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    @RBMThe Logic is this Bruce, you hired them so they are Your responsibility, same as when a PLDT guy fell of his Ladder, they wanted me to pay for the Hospital treatment Insurance Comes to mind here
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    I try to look at it as if they embraced rational thinking they would become more developed and goodbye $2 Grab and $12 Doctor visit. Fine work of you maintaining the norm!
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    I really hope that you are only joking. With worldwide antisemitism quickly on the rise again, you'd be inviting organized protests and boycotts against the UK.
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    How about having American/Canadian style plates? ... i.e., intead of a separate one for each State or Province, have a separate one for each of the UK countries? sorry but I just can't seem to find one for Northern Ireland. But you could always just go with one plate?
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    For myself I have no desire ever again to live in Cebu, how ever my choice if ever....IT park and buy pre owned as most locals we refer new. Understand something to with bragging rights... A good Alaya built unit a few seconds old sells for a heap less than new. IT has so much to offer one hardly needs to face the horrible Cebu out the gate.
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    Kev mate if I did that here I would not have Limited the damage, see you Thursday for an up date
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    You just described what happens all at once to the average forum member, based on pist* histories. * exhibit A
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    Is that what they are charging these days wow.
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    My first flight was from London to Singapore, back in 1955 (on a 4 prop 'Hermes' ) . Took 3 days, including two overnight stops, and seven for refuelling. I remember it well...though only a little kid at the time.
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    If I were to receive a potentially lifesaving vaccine it would be from a trusted health care provider. The extra $50 bucks is worth it to me.
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    My understanding is that the vaccine is dangerous if given once you have already had dengue. That's why they stopped giving it because of people not knowing they had already had it as it can be like a mild flu.
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    My wife had to explain this one to me... very funny!
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    Find a manual typewriter and try using it. After getting used to a soft touch keyboard, none of us have the strength in our fingers to use one.
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    My mistake. I thought Pilipinos still settled debt problems the old fashion way.
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    Superb service it was too Jack....I am of course still airbourne with the 6 week flight ......landed safely in the land of Oz and was met at Hobart airport by my son Noel in his red E-type Jag...continuing top drawer pick up service! I took it for an enjoyable drive Sunday....magnificent experience!
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    I had a dengue fever last year, too. Very unpleasant ~3 weeks... I've lost ~14 kilos of weight. But thai doctors allowed me to stay home, they just gave me medicines needed, and shared recommendations. Thai people really don't consider dengue fever as something special.
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    And that is why I went to a lawyer over something similar. He told me to pay. Cost me 1000 pesos for that info. I give it to you for free.
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    A friend of mine recently purchased a unit in Talisay Cebu. It's a development of Antara, he was amazed at all the add ons cost wise. Worked out at P160k per square. Yet to come is the cost for the title processing. It's difficult to choose Mactan or Cebu, another friend rents in Mactan, says he rarely if ever travels to Cebu due to traffic, particularly Mandaue.
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    Sort of related to the OP. When my wife sees people here picking their nose she says "they are dialing the Philippines".
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    I retired here to get away from the stress and hassle of the rat race type of thing. No regrets since 2002. I would just pay the dang thing and let it go. Nobody likes to get screwed over, but is it worth it to try and fight a most likely losing battle?
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    Maybe there is a Little truth in This : Just a Thought
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    Just want to be sure you know that the Voltaren gel must be left to dry before you cover it with clothing or anything else.
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    We have to try. But it looks like most countries are going to ignore it until it bites us all in the ass - and by then it may be too late to reverse the damage. The anti-science campaigns are paying off. People deny climate change, and the measles are coming back. There is no help for the willfully misinformed.
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    The EU is socialist not fascist so hammer and sickle not swastika.
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    Been away for a while so can you elaborate?
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    So could be a good saving to wait until I get the the Philippines.
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    "Can we really Save the Planet?" Of course we can! ... Our planet has already survived a giant meteor attack and the subsequesnt death of the dinosaurs. Our planet will always continue to survive (at least until our sun eventually gives out), albeit without humans on our planet. The future of humanity will have to continue elsewhere in the universe on other habitable planets (at least until we detroy those too).
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    Yes... I'm 'talking in general' .
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    Well guys, just got back home from the hospital after getting dengue fever. Amazing bug I must say. I don't get too many mosquito bites that I miss cuz when I do get bit. they itch like crazy, so I know that I got hit. This time though, didn't notice. Went for a drive to Cebu City with my boys visiting from the US. Since we live on the other side of Cebu opposite the city, have to drive over the seven mountain passes to get to the city. Anyway, started up the steep mountain grades, but noticed I was getting car sick. Had to stop and empty my stomach. This drive rarily bothers me. After getting back on the road I noticed a strange red puffy mark on my finger. No pain, no itch, just slightly raised spot. Well I feel asleep in the car till we arrived at SeaCrest SM mall. Walked around the Mall with my grown boys and did some shopping and prepared to drive the 1.5 hours back home. That is the last I remember till I woke up in the hospital 2 weeks later! I don't remember anything. Wife filled me in a little. I had it bad! I remember snippets of arguing with a Doctor,because I was restrained. Kept pulling out my IV's. I do remember talking, more like arguing with my Boys. I do remember the oldest saying if I don't go he said I would die here! Then wife saying that I was trying to chew her fingers! Strange what you do when you are not lucid. So now still in bed rest. When I stand, I get dizzy and have to lie back down. Just amazed that I lost that much time. Unfortunately lost the remaining time with my boys since they had to return back to the States. So I only got to spend a few days with them that I remember. The ambulance ride to local hospital. They didn't know what was wrong with me. Then another ambulance drive back to Cebu city hospital where I was diagnosed. Had tiny white spots all over my body. They had me intravenous, stomach tubes, high fever and not lucid. What a ride! Don't want to do that again!
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