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    Prior to my first visit here in 2004, I purchased the book "Cultural Shock Philippines". I found it very helpful in presenting a lot of the cultural norms and customs of the Philippine people. Wives/partners are good, but it usually happens that they catch your error after it happens and not before.
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    I received my K1 visa approval on the 1st of July, so now we still have the NVC and St Luke medical and Embassy interview. We are getting closer, so all is moving along. I should have her her near the end of September.
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    The problem is not we feel at Home on this but the Office, I hear what you say Baston but I don't think you have been here long enough yet to understand that we just don't tell Business users How things are done
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    I live in the general area where all these places are. Bear with me while I explain. There are a lot of restaurants that deal with only Chinese customers. We have noticed a lot of vans lately with "Not for hire, Employees only" signs on them. I know of 3 pieces of property that have been sold to Chinese and there are apartment buildings going up, speculation is that they are to house these online workers. What we believe is happening is that the Chinese hire and bring the workers over, the live in housing rented to them by the employers, they eat in these eateries run by the employers and are transported to and fro in vans by the employers. This is reminiscent of the "Company Store" of the early 20th century. There was an article in the paper today about trying to get all these folks to pay income tax. Because right now, very little is trickling down to the national economy. The employee rent is going to the boss, the food cost is going to the boss, transportation is going to the boss and I bet what ever is left over is being remitted to families back in china.
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    I'm not sure we (or should that be I) can really adapt to the way things are done here, rather I am just learning to bite my tongue and work around what needs to be worked around.
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    I see clearly that it is up to us to adapt and adjust - as you say - because this is the Filipino's country, not little Britain or little America, or whatever. I feel that if someone is here who only bitches and moans about conditions and all - they should go home or somewhere else and good luck to them. The only real impediment for me, really, is the language(s). I can speak a few words - enough to show some effort and maybe respect - but definitely not enough for conversation. Other than financial, I have absolutely no ties to USA, which makes it probably much easier for me than most here on this forum? No kids, no siblings, no known distant relatives even, only a few close friends that I correspond with a few times per year. So Philippines is definitely my present and future and I intend to make the best of it!
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    That is the perfect attitude to make the transition and enjoy your life here.
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    It is pretty much a given these days that reality TV is scripted to a certain extent. And they choose "characters" for the roles that obviously have some personality issues. A dating / marriage show that had two perfect humans going through the normal motions would be boring, would it not?
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    If you are here in the Phills and need something to do, go to the American cemetery on the old Clark Air Force base. I stopped there just out of curiosity and ended up staying for a few hours just looking at all of the names on the tombstones and let my imagination take over, very somber experience.
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    I do some of each. But I am having to adapt more because my tongue is getting sore!
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    Anyone who has an interest in burna shoukd watch the movie called the railway man ,theres also a book called "the forgotten highlander " Both help to understand the hardships and the aftermath of being pows
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    Exactly Jack. I got the usual foreigner 'Hit' back a few years ago going for NBI clearance for the 13A. I was told the same thing; inked cards get sent to Manila for foreigners.
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    That's why God created San Miguel Pilsen, Red Horse and Tanduay.... anesthetics!
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    I lost an uncle during 2WW in Burma. RESPECT.
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    Good luck to you. We all need a little luck in our relationships. If you picked wisely in the beginning and she did not change after the 6 month "best behaviour" phase then you have a good shot at it. By comparison, I lived with my ex wife in Canada for 5 years before marrying her. It still ended up in divorce. Live for today. But have a plan for tommorow.
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    foto, Yes, I believe the two should have more than 90 days...but I do not get to make the rules our guvment makes them. We have been dating for about two years, so that is still not that much time when you are doing it long distance. I have watched some of those 90 day fiance episodes, and many of those couples are massively dysfunctional. In most of those 90 day fiance episodes that I have watched I would get away from those women as fast as my feet would carry me...Run Forest Run comes to mind.
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    I can't find Garys Quote on this so just the words ******We will see if it lasts once we move back this coming September, we'll see how long it takes her to go native.****** but you will know when this happens;
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    If you open a Metro Bank account in the Philippines you can transfer money to Metro Bank in the US with the US routing # and then have it go directly to your Philippines bank account. If you need more details and the US routing # let me know and i will get all of the info needed. Basically, if you are sending a large amount of money (more than $2000) you need to appear in person. If you are doing a transfer of less money from one bank to Metro the fee is $8. If you happen to have a USD Philippine account with Metro Bank you can receive USD in your account. If you have a peso account the rate exchanged is .35 less than the rate posted on the Metro Bank site https://www.metrobank.com.ph/
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    Speaking from experience my condo is perfect. No BBQs, videoke or pets. There's two pools plus a jacuzzi and the resort tends to cater for Koreans. The cost per night also keeps the riff raff away. I only live there part time and love sitting on the balcony at night watching the fruit bats flying out towards the distant islands and the only sound I hear is the lizards.
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    Economic growth can effect population growth. For a very poor country economic growth which results in better infrastructure for water, food, power, etc. can increase population growth. But as the economy modernizes even further population growth starts declining.
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    I see what you were asking.... You are right, not in the city center but in Ecoland - maybe 1-1.5 km from the city center, well inside the built-up area... And yeah... farm noise is a lot easier to take than disco or karaoke... I like your idea, Snowy, but then think about the noise inside a resort? People here party in the resorts and make lots of noise. I was at a resort on Samal Island - yeah, it was one of the cheaper ones, but not the cheapest - and people would start karaoke at 5 am some days during Easter week. Next door to our room the staff had brought in two or three extra beds to add to the two already there and they watched movies until well after 1 am and would be running around talking loudly and laughing as they guzzled their beers. Not a place to relax. And would you really like to swim in a pool filled mostly with urine and chlorine from the dozens of kids - who also tend to be a bit raucous themselves making a tranquil time in the pool not always available. But all that is not necessarily all the time. But it does get back to management. Maybe an adults only resort that caters to quiet, older folks? So you might be onto something after all... I did rent a small condo in a resort nearby and they had strict rules about noise and pool and common area use. But the inside open area of the building itself smelled often of food that was not so appetizing to me. As JollyGood mentioned, you need to be ready to accommodate this life style and, if it works for you, then it could be wonderful!
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    So a good thing then
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    Another option is to buy a condo inside a resort. You get the best of both worlds then. Peace and quiet. Well managed grounds, fast wifi, back up generators plus water, swimming pools and if lucky free transport all for less than 3k per month management fees which includes insurance.
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    Talking about guys like that , i was at the Clan Chattan highland games ,wearing my klit of course ,i had a polite conversation with a much older gentleman he was a small quiet guy ,we were discussing the games ,he was obviously involved in their organisation He introduced himself as Tommy MacPherson ,we had a bit of a laugh together , later on in life i read a book called " behind enemy lines" ,it took a while for it to click ,but that little quiet quy at the games has an astounding story to tell ,i thouroughly recomend the book honestly he looked like a good fart would knock him over
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    Thanks... Baston. I will look those up. I have read other books about and by POW's from WWII and Vietnam. One remarkable book with a number for the title, self published by a former Phantom pilot was very revealing - 2355 Days by Spike Nasmyth. He was shot down over North Vietnam and chronicled all his experiences - mostly horrible, a few even a little humourous, but mostly scary. I met the man and would have never guessed at his history - until he showed me the huge scar in his arm from the surface to air missile that got him.
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    Had plenty of that on Saturday night and playing Some old classics on youtube. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath.
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    Don't forget about roosters, especially in the province seems like almost every house is raising a fighting cock.
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    With my luck I would die the next day and never get my money's worth.
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    I should also say here that I owe so much to my partner, L. She helps try to keep me on the straight and narrow telling me things like, "You need to be careful how you say things." There are so many times that I blunder with some customs - the clothes I wear, how to greet someone, when to shut up and what, when and how to speak. Sometimes it is a bit bewildering for an old poop like me to follow and figure it out, but she is always there to guide me.
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    Sorry, Jack, I missed this post. I hope you get to the bottom of the problem and she gets relief.
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    From what I had already read and heard I was pretty sure that the Filipinos were lovin there music in a big ( or very loud ) way.And that's ok for me-I am a music oriented person myself.But if I am assalted with the endless barking dogs,singing,and karaoke parties I will attempt to regard it as all part of the PH ambience
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    Very sorry to here that Jim. Well, I am hoping for at least a few years of peace here before I have everlasting peace (maybe... someplace else?). Your experience is not encouraging. Our home will be built in a new subdivision that is being sold privately with no developer - just some guy trying to get some cash. There will not be any commercial activities allowed, however nothing can stop that thud thud thud from far away. I know that travels forever and I can feel it in my chest competing with my ageing heartbeat! It seems as if they find one "song?" and it goes on forever also. Or maybe all the songs sound alike? Now I sound like my Mom and Dad did when I started playing Doors, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones? At least I used headphone when they were home so I only damaged my ears, not theirs! The area is fairly far out of Davao proper so I think it may take a while to develop much... Maybe wishful thinking?
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    Maybe But in all fairness Tom, if we are to believe all we read ( and I don't always) Your own US Senators have a lot to answer For as with many other Countries Prolific Government Biggies The Marcos's are well under Investigation, are Those others I mention?
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    No, there was no mention. Although, the amount I had available was received by my bank from overseas where the buyer of my yacht actually lives and was the origin of the payment. What I sent to USA was a smaller portion of that so maybe they checked and saw? What they did do is ask me where the money came from (as in why are you getting this?) I answered in just a phone call and that was all. They have asked me what I am using funds for at other times when I withdraw or import significant cash - but I don't know the amounts that trigger these questions. They simply ask the purpose over the phone or in person and take note and that's all. Maybe a bit off topic, but I have routinely exceeded the amount deposited here that requires reporting to some agency in USA. I have to do that when filing income tax returns. So far (fingers crossed) no issues with that. I think they are looking for BIG transactions and holdings - as in hundreds of thousands and up? But again... don't know, just conjecture. But it is very true that every government is greatly concerned with money laundering, and for good reason... Think of the Marcos's?
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    I tend to think that a lot of people actually think Life is like it is on TV where we all know I am sure, it is not "Talking the walk is far from Walking it" plus as we have had said to us many times, "You will never know anyone until you live with them" in any sort of Relationship/ Friendship JMHO
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    I found this doing a google search. I did two minor edits to remove links. Solar panels hold up well in high winds Generally, solar panels are highly resistant to damage from windy conditions. In fact, most in the EnergySage panel database are rated to withstand significant pressure specifically from wind (and hail!). The limiting factor for solar panel wind resistance is almost never the panels themselves. In most instances where wind causes damage to a solar array, failures occur due to weaknesses in the racking system or in the roof that your panels are mounted to. When wind blows across a roof with solar panels, it passes through the small space that typically exists between the panels and the roof (or between your panels and the ground in the case of ground-mounted systems), causing a large amount of uplift to the panels. This phenomenon is capable of tearing panels from their mounts, or the mounts from the roof or ground. In the most extreme cases, solar panels may stay anchored down, but uplift from strong winds can tear sections of your roof off. Cases like these show that a well built racking system may be more resistant to high winds than your roof itself. Another source of panel damage in wind storms can be flying debris. Although more unpredictable than wind alone, due to the variety of sizes and types of materials that can be blown around in a storm, solar panels have proven to be remarkably resistant to impact from wind-blown debri in the past. At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) campus in Golden, Colorado, a severe hail storm resulted in one broken panel out of 3,000 in a large rooftop array. While not a perfect predictor of solar panels’ ability to withstand any debris, this case is an encouraging reminder that solar panels are hardy devices capable of surviving varying weather events.
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    I suggest that you be very careful about the location of your condo building and also the individual unit itself. I mentioned before that many condos are owned by out-of-towners and then rented out or used occasionally by themselves or family. On weekends or holidays - especially Easter and Christmas - the place that seems sparsely populated today may fill up with merrymakers - maybe 10 people or more cramming into a 40 sq meter unit - lots of beer and wine and liking to stay up most of the night partying and watching movies. I would check with management to see how strict their rules and also neighbouring areas. We were looking to buy a home in a development here in Davao last year. The realtor was showing us a really nice home and the price was reasonable. However - and this was on a weekday afternoon (no holiday) - we could hardly hear each other talking due to karaoke happening on the other side of the subdivision barrier fence where there happens to be a public swimming pool. It was horrible! Visit places at night and on weekends to see what they are like too.
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    Yeah, I sent back a significant amount - the proceeds from the sale of my yacht. In retrospect, it was a stupid idea to send it all in one lump sum, but I was still a bit ignorant about the talked-about non-security of the banking system here. However, it all arrived safe and sound. I had U.S. dollars in the dollar account at my bank here in Davao. They had no clue how to send a transfer to USA, but checked with their head office in Makati (PNB) and got the correct answers. The personnel at this branch are always very polite, not always efficient, but they are always trying there best and making good efforts and eventually always get things right. They just did an international wire transfer - no problem. The most important thing was to get all the correct information from me here (address, phone, name, etc.), and there (bank name, SWIFT code, address, phone, etc.).I also took one extra step and contacted the U.S. bank to advise them that there was a wire transfer incoming and they actually said they would watch for it in my account. Great service on both ends. It took about 5 days, start to finish.Of course there was a fee and I believe it was $25 - but that was cheap considering the size of the transfer... I should also mention that, every time I visit this branch, for any service whatsoever, I never take a number but just sit down with one of the bank officers at his/her desk. Someone asks if I want water - which they bring in a clean glass on a small plate - and offer me some candy and also a newspaper to look at if I have to wait. I don't ever go to a teller to collect or deposit cash. So professional! It is one of the best experiences I have had in any bank anywhere!
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    I came here early in 2011 to see if I could live here, I stayed one month in an apartment in Cebu city. That was enough for me to make the move later that year. You are coming for 3 months and I think that should make your mind up one way or the other. Good luck, if you cannot make it to Dumaguete we accept wire transfers for a few rounds of beer at the monthly meet up.
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    Transferwise has different fees based on how you pay. Debit card vs direct debit vs credit card. That’s probably why you see the $2 difference. I don’t know if they’re the best, but I have used them several times and like them.
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    Over/Under is 3 days max If with her family.
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    When I got my NBI clearance they did the electronic finger prints first and the last thing to do was the manual fingerprints. Perhaps they are transitioning from manual to electronic and have to do both now. Perhaps the transition period is 20 years?
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    Did you go there between 12 and 1? Many government offices have a "No Lunch Break . . we just mess with ya for an hour while we eat" policy.
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    I have been here over 6 years and doing fine - but I was also fine in the US. Most of the guys I know with problems here usually bring their own problems with them. We all have to learn to be happy, and a location or another will not make that much difference. The happiness has to come from within. (I think Nelson Mandela would agree)
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    Well it's like this. Really how much space do you need? If there are only 2 people and you did not bring unnecessary things that you have to store then 22sqm is quite roomy. Before I came here I was living in a 3 bedroom house with ensuite to my bedroom bla bla and only me living there but when it comes down to it, no I never needed it and certainly can live without it all. In fact I had a very large lounge which I never used, one bedroom was my computer room and another was just storage and all just wasted for my needs. More so now as I dont have much and like I say, you get used to living in a smaller place. I see some condos which are smaller than 22 sqm and I bet its enough for most people if they put in perspective of their real needs. Anyway the size of this condo for a studio in this area is about the same but location, location ,location. Soon i can walk more or less across the road and be in an Ayala mall. No need driving anywhere or closing gates. Suits me fine but wont suit everyone.
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    I recently heard from a friend in the USA. He said the gender issue was way too complicated for him and he could no longer keep track of LGBTQ, etc, etc. He says he now just has two classes of gender, "wienered, and non-wienered".
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    I know this is a serious topic but you have left yourself wide open and I gotta say it: Too much money on payday in your right-hand pocket. Takes you 3 days to spend it and then your hips are not out of alignment and the pain goes away. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19544148/why-fat-wallet-causes-bad-back/
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    My friend suggested to take the x-ray to the chiro, so I think I will do that. Can't hurt.
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