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    Ak... those are the key words!
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    Just had my BMW Mini done, the first place I went the young lad connected a cylinder like in the video and it showed that it was ok. Took it to a garage with the proper kit who sucked out tbe old gas and put back in the correct weight and it now works a treat. When the system gets down to a certain weight the system won't cut in. Mine only had 186 grams, should have been 460 grams. The gauge on that cylinder only measures pressure, it's not an indication of how much gas is in there.
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    She had old and new passports with her. The old one with Singapore stamps, from when she was an OFW. I'm beyond trying to understand the 'thinking' behind these 'obstructions' though. You just go along with it all and shake your head. They really have much bigger fish to fry in this country, than hassling a grown woman on a RETURN trip to Hong Kong with one of us evil kanos.
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    Yep, I have an old Pajaro that needs doing every 6 months. Just blowing air out like a fan.
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    Were you really in shock or was the Indian guy the one you paid to create a diversion.
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    The interview was more difficult than that for SWMBO and I last year. We'd allowed plenty of time for the transfer from domestic to international but there was the interview (which we'd allowed an hour for). They were very... Strict in their attitude and questions with SWMBO, the interview was in Tagalog (Bisaya is her first language) and I wasn't allowed to be with her and it was more than an hour before it even started. Finally she was allowed to leave the interview area but then we had to get my exit stamp cancelled which took another two hours before we could look at rebooking because boarding for our flight had already closed by the time we could leave. Rebooking at the last minute would have cost us our spending budget for Singapore and SWMBO was already really stressed so we decided to fly back to CDO. It wasn't until later when I tried to claim on my travel insurance and failed because it was an immigration issue that I realised we'd just wasted more than 100000 peso. Not really in a hurry to go through that again...
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    When mine quit (car was 7 years old) I just had it regassed. Worked fine after that. Most "older" cars here need it redoing every so often.
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    Post paid is a set amount. No restrictions. I'm getting 15 kbps unlimited. The landline Phone is charged if I call overseas but at a reasonable rate since I don't call the US that much, and new subscribers with Globe have to wait 6 months before they can call overseas which I think is a bunch of crap! I hate Globe and PLDT but have no alternative.
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    Doesn't postpaid mean you pay after usage i.e. you are billed for your previous month's usage? So, I'm confused why it would be the same every month unless you are on a plan and as long as you don't go over the data cap you're OK
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    2002 I had a BB stamp on my passport. Departing before the one year was up. Got pulled over to the side and had to show a copy of the marriage license. It seems to depend on the particular agent that is on duty.
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    When my (30+) Mrs and I went over to Hong Kong last year, the idiots still interviewed her, despite her having a passport in her married name, AND her marriage certificate. The Phils is a damned prison camp, where in certain circumstances its citizen inmates can get a 'pass-out'.
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    I don't understand the problem. I have post paid with Globe and the cost is the same every month. 3 Adults and my teenager son.
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    Yes AK! To have post paid in this house with 3 adult filipinas it would cost me a Fortune
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    National highway between cities. The arteries of commerce. Clogged with the fat embolism of a trike or a multicab that has no place to be.
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    I am at J Mall BI in Cebu this morning. Even arriving at 0815 they still say that the pickup time for the ECC is 3 PM. I tried the usual "gift" tactics and was told that some big shot was coming today and they could not help me. Further enquiries got the information out of them that an internal memo came through a month or more ago about controlling the long stay tourists but so far they are just observing and no one has decided on a long term course of action. Time will tell. For now they are much more conservative than they were (by my personal observations) in the past, but they are still issuing tourist visa renewals to some of the people around me. I did find the lady at window 6 to be nice. She told me to check back just before lunch and "IF" my ECC was ready then she would give it to me. But she would not put a rush on it. She just said they were not very busy this morning and it might be ready early. The times, they are a changin' but we are not yet sure how.
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    Following this discussion I realise that I am not alone in my frustration with these people that just have to be in front of everyone, all the time, and after driving for almost fifty years I have never come so close, so many times in my life as driving here. Because everyone here is in a hurry, well in a hurry to go nowhere because that is how they drive I have taken option #2, which is do exactly the opposite to them, which is download some of my favourite music onto a USB drive, plug it in and drive at 30mph, and look in the rear vision at the line of traffic behind me, because here in Daet the tricycle drivers go at 25mph looking for a fare then up it to 28 when they get a fare, let them sit behind me for a change. I reckon, right or wrong I maybe that the faster you go the more chance that you are going to hit one of them, or they hit you, we can get away with sitting on speeds of 100kph when we are in our respective countries but there you have people with half a brain, unless it is Australia where there are masses of those oriental people now driving who are clueless.
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    Funny you should say that because at the end of a journey I say out loud "well I survived another trip without getting hit". Last week I tempted fate and ventured out four times in a week, on the fourth day I nearly got hit 3 times by 3 different motor bikes, they just don't care.
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    Here in Camarines Norte, they don't have to have a license, just go and buy a scooter and off you go. A friend of mine has a UV express franchise and we were talking about this over a few beers the other day, he mentioned that there is a law in the Philippines that if you hit a motorbike/scooter or any other two wheeled vehicle that you are automatically in the wrong. True or false please people?
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    No you dont have permission and if you have a job opportunity then why are you posting from Nigeria ? Banned fuck wit.
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    A good volcanic eruption can make a degree or two change in average temperature for a year or two after the eruption. Pinatubu had this effect and the famous 19th century Chelsea sunsets in London were cause by an eruption in Indonesia.
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    We keep hearing that the Amazon is the lungs of the Earth and environmentalists telling us how much is getting destroyed yearly but at the same time archeologists are proving using LIDAR (Radar) that the Amazon had massive cities where the jungle now is. Considering cooking was done by burning wood etc they estimate that there actually wouldn't have been the same jungle covering many centuries ago. Just look at the average burning of leaves in the province to get an idea what the atmosphere must have been like. Add to this the trillions of dollars invested in green technology yet temperatures and CO2 is meant to be increasing plus sea levels rising. Even sea levels rising is blamed on the climate, yet volcanic activity is producing new islands and mountains are getting taller. Surely all this new land will displace the seas and naturally make sea levels higher in some areas. For me the jury is still out as to how much we influence the climate. I'm guessing a very small percentage.
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    Fort San Pedro. Yes, Oslob is best done early morning. Depart 5AM? Two + driving hours south. Return trip 3+ hours. There is a falls near to Oslob driving north I forget the name worth a stop. Also 1/3 way back a large old Cathedral with interesting museum.
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    "Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife." Seems like men discovered the secret of how to live with the "short angry one" thousands of year ago?
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    Hk... I guess nobody can be totally sure about that - agreed. Saving face is a very big thing in Asian cultures, I understand, so I see your point. Perhaps I should better have said that it appears they respected her for her stand...? As it is, she has worked with many of those same individuals since, advanced in her career and does have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat outspoken. The incident occurred several years ago. There may be some lingering resentments(?) but, if so, they have not affected her adversely so far as she is aware. . I still like her attitude and displays of free will.
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    Neng says if it your idea for a get together and you invite people you will be the one to pay. Pinoy or expat. If you don"t want to pay don't initiate the event.
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    I think that it’s been pretty well documented over the years on this forum and others that, foreigners are by the majority, expected to foot the bill for parties and get togethers. Same goes with inviting a few and the whole family shows up. It is, what it is, set the ground rules ahead of time if you want to deviate from what is considered their norm. If I attend any get togethers or have dinner with folks here, I am already resigned to the fact ahead of time that I’ll be the one footing the bill. With that in mind, it doesn’t happen very often. I also limit the number of any family members staying at my condo to 2 at any one time, along with a set departure date and an onward ticket. 😂
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    As another member recently said: “When In Rome, do as the Filipinos do.” But I guess that you can also apply that to the Philippines as well, so: When in the Philippines, do as the Filipinos do.
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    What's yours is theirs and what's theirs is their own!
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    My wife always pays. Wait. That's my money. Nevermind!
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    Why would you consider it a privilege? Upper class? I'd rather eat with people who aren't ashamed to eat with their fingers off of banana leafs. Much more fun and I can wear my shorts and flip flops.
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    From the get-go I made it clear I was not going to be the typical big-hearted foreigner opening his wallet at every turn. That was maybe hard at the beginning but now we're reaping the benefits as nobody expects anything from us. Luckily, there are not too many foreigners around us setting a bad example!
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    I've never had the privilege to dine with doctors and lawyers here but I would be upset too if they didn't ante up at bill time. Your average run of the mill Filipino though will always expect that if they are dining out with me and my wife that I will be paying. They might even have been the ones who invited us! You could be the poorest SOB in the Philippines but if your foreign, you are rich! Clap your hands at the sky and the money will fall down. Living here you have to limit who you hang out with and who you go to dinner with or you will go broke. I'm a cheap ?????? and it definitely limits my social life here. And that extends to the in laws too, when we visit there I'm expected to pay for the meals and entertainment basically everyday. Welcome to the Philippines!
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    You think the thread has reached a... tipping point?
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    Kuripot is correct.
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    I thought it was Kuripot? (There is a good chance I'm wrong but I'd like to know either way if anyone knows)
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    That's the problem with paying customs - they become so complex and it can take the fun out of dining out. Years of experience have taught me that it's best to clarify in advance (through partner etc) what is expected. Than we can all relax and enjoy the food without having an eye on the upcoming bill.
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    Ranting or not I agree with this post. You told them you would be here for a short visit. They took it upon themselves to organise a meal at a restaurant. Then they made you pay by not offering to pay part. I would take them off of your friend list because there are users who abused your wallet. In the past, I have been asked by locals who would not let me pay, they asked you to go for a meal but would not pay. If I asked my family out here I would pay.
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    That reminds me of a fight that went on at a party for foreigners that I held at my place in Cebu some 11 years ago. I supplied the food and told the guests to bring some drinks. Well, two Brits got into it after they had been drinking a while. The first one had only brought a pint bottle of Tanduay and the other had brought a couple of liters of it. So #2 accused #1 of being a stingy b*stard drinking other people's drinks all night and #1 blamed me for not spelling out exactly how many drinks to bring. I quit having parties for foreigners after that. Edit: sorry for going off topic again @gaga4 but it was my turn for a rant
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    To come in on this and not to use the "Don't get caught a second time", the trick is not to get caught at all. On Saturday evening a family member suggested we all to out on Sunday for Fathers Day, so knowing what I know now I simply said "No, everywhere will be crowded and it is going to be another hot day, just come around here and we will have a late lunch, just bring some drinks". Now I have been bleating on this forum for some time about people not bringing anything, so I stressed the part "Just bring some drinks". Early Sunday morning I went to the marked and bought 3 kilos of chicken breasts and some onions, capsicum and bell peppers, took it home and concocted a sate chicken recipe, the gf threaded the sticks and got the rice going, bang a meal. The family arrived at 2 in the afternoon armed with wine, beer and soft drink. There is enough booze left over to last me for the rest of the week. So I reckon if you spell it out to people then they should know the drill, if not pull the welcome mat in on them.
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    It is what it is... I found myself facing some quiet questions from a couple of family members after another westerner visited a family yaya, they weren't angry they were honestly surprised (and a bit sad for their yaya). Basically 'he organized a night at a hotel with food and swimming and then he and his girlfriend invited people' and he didn't pay (except for him and his yaya and her son). Why would he do this Geoffrey? He didn't have to have food and swimming with the family? It was left to my family members to make up the shortfall out of their weekly budget. They didn't ask me for money but they did end up having to remove the AC unit from the downstairs bedrooms (selling it I think) and also thereby reducing their electric spend to catch up on their budget. Sometimes the cultural differences create problems on both sides of the divide gaga4, my suggestion would be to say something along the lines of 'no budget' if you're asked for a group outing.
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    Yeah, you might have misunderstood me a little bit. If you are in the states, you are a "dollar earner" also. So when the "poor relations" from the Phil. visit, not only will you be expected to treat but most likely let them stay at your house, unless you want to rent them a hotel room. Sounds weird doesn't it? But yet you have several guys who have been living here, or have been closely involved with Filipino culture for a long time (for me I married into it 25 years ago)(and I still get surprised at times ) so you can pretty much take it to the bank. You mentioned Thailand, I have not been there, but to Japan and Korea where if you are a guest you can leave your wallet at home so I know what you mean. It might help not to think of it as an Asian culture per se. It is a mixture of Spanish, American, Chinese with some of the old tribal customs mixed in. Usually in our view they took all the bad parts from each and left the rest Bottom line: IT IS WHAT IT IS.
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    So DON'T! The Phils isn't for everybody and it certainly doesn't sound like it is the right place for you. It's a big world, look for another place that falls in line with your expectations.
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    I do not see it that way. You just took one situation and applied it to every situation in the culture. If either of these people were having a birthday party then they would be the ones paying for everything and their guests would just show up and eat. It is not the same as in the USA. There are cultural rules about who pays for what. Not everyone obeys these rules. Some of the cultural rules have become outdated. For example, old school Filipinos will invite you to share their meal, all the time. But the first offer is politeness. If they ask again it is to show that they will share if you are hungry so dig in. If they ask a third time then they really do mean they would like you to join them and it would be rude to refuse to have at least one bite (unless you can come up with a face-saving refusal) Anyway, it's cultural whether you agree or not.
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    1. Mentality of Pinoys "Foreigners are rich". Blanket statement, kind of like saying "All foreigners are arrogant, or rude, or condescending, or kuripot" 2. They are your guests - True, but you are applying American rules of etiquette to Pinoys. 3. Philippines not any cheaper - simply not true 4. Cheaper here is hogwash. The only reason it would be more expensive would be if you tried to recreate your USA lifestyle with food, cars, housing, clothing, etc. So for a given individual it might be hogwash. For the vast majority of expats it is cheaper to retire here. You have every right to be upset about having to pay for the dinner. However, that does not make your hosts "wrong", just as your resentment at having to pay does not make you "wrong". The culture here is that the one who can best afford to pay for the outing is expected to pay. My opinions of course.
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    You're the rich foreigner, why are you complaining. I think we all get caught by that one at first, not being caught the second time is the trick.
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    Sounds like your traffic is much worse than around us. In the actual town it is slow and crowded. This is where the above incidents occurred. Once you leave town you can almost always do 50+ up to whatever the rider is comfortable with.
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    Similar how ever when it eventually comes out at least I know with 100% certainty whose fault it always is. Now when something is coming up, like a rain storm, sorry dear it's my fault.
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    I should also count my lucky stars, since my Filipino family also treated me to meals in the Philippines. Plus, my Filipino family has always loaned money to me whenever I hit a rough patch.
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