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    The Real Phills will be where most of the general population lives. Unless you are wealthy, a politician, or have vacation money to spend. Just visit anywhere..If you are a friendly type of person you will have a good time. Just pointing out that the vacation places are not typical of daily life.
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    I believe you are correct. My inference was that Hong Kong would shut the boarding gates and allow enough time to deplane luggage from no-shows and still leave on time.
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    We built with an engineer about 5 years ago. Recently have been experiencing very high water bills. After considerable expense and inconvenience we understand the whole house was built wit has secondhand water pipes. Tommy eyes open at all times.We have to remember plumb the entire house to ensure its sorted.
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    So what made you decide to leave your home country and live out your days in the Philippines? ...and what city did you choose and why? For me and my wife, it would be to stretch our retirement funds and be closer to her family. Still looking at the outskirts of Cebu (will visit there next year) as Hawaii was way too expensive. Obligatory pic of the wife and I....
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    So I bought a PlayStation thinking it might help pass the time away in the Philippines, what a mistake, when did video games get so complicated? I downloaded "call of Duty WWII" and I can't even get off the beach at Normandy, how can I get shot to pieces when I'm running behind a tank for crying out loud, and Madden NFL plays the most annoying music, I would take it back but it's already packed, only 3 weeks until departure, to do list growing instead of shrinking, bank account shrinking.
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    Just got my xbox out of the balikbayan box that's been here 3 years and the thing wont work
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    Again they have invested in dredging the sea bed. They remove the contaminated soil and the rest is dried then put through a sifting machine to remove and tiny bits of trash.
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    Another option would be to withdraw NZ dollars from an ATM, using my BPI peso ATM card. I'm guessing that would be expensive.
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    Bring back the Mario brothers!!! And Donkey Kong!!
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    Good looking couple. You guys will probably be happy wherever and whenever you retire.
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    It will be cheaper to exchange US dollars at one of the money changers along Queen Street in Auckland’s CBD than at the airport (although you can exchange at the airport). This assumes you’re flying into Auckland Airport. I’ve no idea about exchanging when flying into Christchurch though.
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    Not if it is anything like Manila. I just left there last week and the Captain announced: "We will be leaving 2 minutes late due to the groung crew removing the luggage from passengers who did not clear security in time. Please bear with us." We left exactly 2 minutes late. That was fantastic for the Philippines but I bet a flight from Hong Kong would not even be 2 minutes late. You no show, you no go!
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    Thanks for the info and please let me in on the Real Phills destinations to visit.I will return early next year and would like to vist some of the nicest areas the Phillipines has to offer.....
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    But if you are up to date you might know of how much effort is going into cleaning the bay and rivers including huge new machinery purchases and as well smaller things like netting off points to prevent going into the sea. Every week volunteers from goverment and private sector are there cleaning.
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    I do the same, and also photograph and keep as image files, saved in different places, including 'cloud' storage, such as 'Dropbox'. They can easily be accessed on my phone, etc.
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    I photo copy all the important stuff including passport, acr, and drivers license etc. I carry the photocopies and keep the originals in a safe place.
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    Yes, the debit card is. When BPI rolled out their new debit cards with chip last year, they touted that fact. My U.S. credit card is good everywhere.
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    Thanks, I will advise them to source some pesos before their trip.
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    Me no Grinch... Bah...Humbug!!! Except....maybe I can get into the spirit with a Santa helper?
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    Tommy T. A Grinch? Who woulda thunk it?
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    It’s cheaper (and faster) to do it at the airport. Plus no round trip FedEx or UPS fees to pay nor do you pay an express fee (so it’s actually about 500-800 pesos less then going to an immigration office) or have to fill out any forms and provide photos. Simply give them your passport and the roughly 2,700 to 3k fee (it’s never been the same amount, lol; and they will need to have pesos) and that’s it. Over the years I’ve done it often and the longest I had to wait was about 15-20 minutes. And every time I’ve been escorted to the front of the line (usually lane 1; which is for crew and diplomats).
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    Fastest way to get NZ dollars is to rob a NZ bank when you get there. It's not my recommendation however!
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    But what IS fair is that there has been increasing traffic law enforcement here compared to the past three years. L tells me that it is on the local news that traffic laws will be enforced. I am happy to see it, flawed as it may be.
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    To be fair, here in Iloilo I haven't seen anything as yet but it won't be long I'm sure!
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    I guess that now we're in the 'ber months they are starting to save up for the festivities - it's an expensive time of year!
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    Yes. Provided there is an Immigration Official in the airport office who is authorized to do it. @AlwaysRt does it quite frequently.
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    I’m sure that’s true but I’m led to believe that in most large airports that luggage from non boarded passengers has to be deplaned because it is regarded as an increased security risk.
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    As will we look forward to yours too! Salamat ka ayo!
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    Thanks, Tommy Sounds like you are well sorted with regards to professional advice and oversight. We are in Cagayan de Oro. Uptown. Very fortunate to have a ridge lot with far reaching views and a great breeze! I take onboard your comments about typhoons and earthquakes! We did think about also buying a lot at the bottom of the cliff.........just in case! I will look forward to updates on your house build progress.
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    In transit passengers stay inside the secure area, do not pass customs, do not see protestors, they just change gates . . change planes . . and continue their journey. There are exceptions for some airlines who do not have a reception desk inside the secure area, such as Cebu Pacific. When changing planes to a Cebu Pacific flight you are S.O.L. so when transiting in Hong Kong, avoid transferring to a Cebu Pacific flight.
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    Here's some good news in Davao... Late yesterday afternoon I was driving L and me home from her work. As we approached an intersection with stoplight and right turn and left turn (only) lanes, a big white Fortuner came alongside our left in the left turn only lane. I was already sort of tucked up to the car in front of me so the Fortuner driver eased in behind me as we went straight through the intersection. Hahaha... one of several CTTMO boys who were there walked into the road and flagged down the Fortuner driver and waved him over to the JolliBee parking lot - presumably to write him a ticket. I was very pleased to see some traffic law enforcement. Sure, maybe the guy slipped him some pesos to let it slide, but I know it at least got his attention and he lost whatever advantage he thought he had from cutting through traffic and cheating. No, I don't really get joy from another's troubles, but it did feel good to see some enforcement - put me in a great mood all night! There is much more police and CTTMO presence now than even just six months ago...
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    Absolutely. Or else you go through this: Tom: "Hello, US Embassy? I've lost my passport. I'm not sure if I lost it or it was stolen but its gone." US Embassy: "Did you report it to the police? We cannot issue a replacement passport unless we have a police report" Tom: "Not yet but I'll do it now. . . (new call) . . Hello Police? I've lost my passport and I need a police report." Philippine Police: "Yes sir. We will need 4 copies of each page of your lost passport and then we can file a report" Tom: "No, you don't understand. I have LOST my passport and I cannot give you copies of something I do not have." Philippine Police: "No sir, YOU do not understand. If you want the police report you will somehow find 4 copies of each page." Fortunately Tom had some photos of his computer or his laptop and managed to figure out a way. He got a replacement passport and then found his old one in the bottom of a closet, months later. Silly old bugger, May he R.I.P.
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    Possibly not but it can’t hurt having the copies.
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    You can buy a refillable k cup and buy whatever beans you like. Saves Money over time. i can’t be the only curry pot.
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    Steve we always book direct flights, no hassle missing connecting flights, only one custom stop at end of journey, maybe a little dearer but weigh the odds up. Sweetness of cheapness never overcomes the grief of low quality.
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    I used KLM from Amsterdam 12 hours direct to Manila, only problem was the 23 KG allowance.
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    I'd say why take the chance and be worrying about whether it will be OK or not? I'd choose an alternative route.
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    Steve, it would be a no for me.I won't transit HK again. The first flight I took through there went pretty badly wrong. Flight delayed, missed connecting flight, all airline desks closed, I had to arrange my own connection, no porters. I was trying to help a US serviceman (he had 5 large crates) and both of us just wanted to stay and watch our stuff 6 hours until the desks opened in the morning but it wasn't allowed. Had to take our luggage to the hotel and room provided. Which also meant getting it back to the airport ourselves. Shower drain in the room was plugged,.Luckily the wifi was good enough I could make the hours of internet calls necessary. HK might be a destination in the future but I will never transit there again. Doubly so at this time.
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    Steve... If it were only me, I would go via a different route. Sure, there was a bit of a breakthrough yesterday with the Hong Kong government stating they were going to shelve the original proposed law about extradition that really kicked off the protests. It seems to be viewed generally as a concession...but is it enough? Well, the dissidents have a list of something like four more "demands" that - at this time - may not necessarily be met. Meanwhile, China has been rattling their sabers and there is a threat of military intervention. The airlines have cancelled a number of flights, but every day is different. I personally prefer sure things or at least try to make decisions with a high likelihood of success. I imagine there will be opinions on both sides of this... So that happens to be mine. If you do decide to go via HK and you have the option to choose the day, perhaps stopping there on a week day rather than a weekend might be a way to hedge your bet, since weekends tend to be the most unruly? I wish you good luck, Steve, whichever your decision.
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    Yes I have read this thread, but I seem to have forgotten most of it, I'm old well that's my excuse. I have been here for just over a year. I also try to avoid driving here, I would probably drive more if I knew that there was some chance finding parking when I arrived. I make the wife take a tricycle to go shopping, its amazing how much stuff they get on a tricycle, I had 5 X 35feet bamboo poles delivered by tricycle, I bet that was fun going through the town, no flag on the back. One of the best ones I saw was a load of rebar on a tricycle with the back dragging on the ground sparks everywhere, probably a foot shorter by the time he got home. Traffic enforcement would probably help to improve driving standards.
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    Here we are... hiking in the Bicol mountains: The bag is still going strong.... but not sure about the owner. lol .
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    We have two large hard "plastic" shell suitcases and one small carry-on hard shell. We bought the first large one before our 2016 trip to NZ. On the way home, it got a big crack in it. I mended it with epoxy and duct tape, and it held up on the next trip to the U.S. in 2017. The other big one bought for the U.S. trip is still intact but the handle broke. We used the small carry-on hard shell for our trip to Cebu this past week. On the way to Cebu we carried it on, but on the way back today, we checked it as it was light and we had some extra check-in kilos available. Air Asia had me sign a special baggage tag that said the bag was "received damaged" and I'm asking "what is this?". She said that they now do this for all hard shell cases, and she put "Fragile" tape on it. WTF? I didn't say anything more, but thinking about it later, this tells me that these cases are breaking and people are making claims on them. Later, when recovering our bags, I noticed other customers with the "Fragile" tape on their big hard shell bags. Remember the bullet scam? That is when these hard shell cases became the rage here in PH. No outside pockets, etc., etc. That is around the time we bought ours, because we thought they were durable and lightweight. Of course, there are many types, and you get what you pay for. I don't like to spend too much for luggage but look for decent quality and value. This past May, we needed another medium bag, so I bought a 2 piece set of Samsonite canvas bags (medium check-in and carry-on) for p6999 at S&R. 10 year warranty although I'm not sure how I would claim it. I think we are done with that type of hard shell suitcase and will continue with canvas. Thoughts?
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    Very little (1/4" ply or MDF). Maybe a kilo ? You're only bringing the weight up to that of a very expensive 'hard-shell' , anyway, but done PROPERLY . Saw, tape measure, and screwdriver needed. Here's one of the bags I've used in the past...the largest size of 'holdall' on the market, and within airline size regs, but with wheels at one end and a pull-out handle at the other. 36"x15"x15", plus pockets. It will easily accommodate 30 kilos, and I have put MDF inserts in there too. The bag still only weighs around 4 kilos. I put my very expensive amplifier in there last trip ! Works fine, and the bag is now under my bed, (that I also constructed myself ) as a useful 'storage unit'.
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    conveyerI was considering the hard shell luggage a while back. About the same time I started seeing hard shell luggage cracked while at the airport since they have become popular. After a closer look I decided to stay with my old standbys and just replace them as needed. Canvas and/or ripstop nylon duffels. I started using military duffels years ago. However, since they are loaded from the end, or top, my wife did not like them. So I started buying they ones zippered long ways. It does make it much easier to load. The reason I went with the duffels was back when they lowered the weight from 70lbs to 50 lbs. The duffels are much lighter allowing just that little extra space for all those give aways we brought to the Philippines. Another plus was that the return trip was easier because the empty duffels went into another bag. Now if you have breakables or something that needs more protection, when wrap those items in cardboard. I've once packed several glass framed pictures in a duffel without breakage. Packed face to face with cardboard between and then between layers of clothing. Worked the first time. Second time we had broke glass. Now we just remove glass and buy glass after arriving. Another nice feature of the duffels is they are flexible and will fit where hard cases will not. The only damage I have had with a duffel is when it get hung up on one of the conveyer at the airport and will rub marks or even a small hole. But that can happen with any piece of luggage. I now prefer the cheaper ones like linked below with the wheels and without the a frame which adds additional weight. I consider these disposable but they have lasted for years now. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Protege-32-Compactible-Rolling-Duffel/324160937
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    I have two Samsonite 'Cosmolite' hard shell cases They are made of very light weight material and have lasted well. I was long haul aircrew myself and the smaller one (75 litres) I bought nearly ten years ago has seen a great deal of use on a daily basis. Apart from the inevitable scuffs and scratches it is still as good now as when I bought it. Three years ago I bought the larger, (123 litres) into which the smaller one fits perfectly, for when we travel to the UK each year. We travel light to the UK, putting the smaller into the larger, so we can use both on our return to Phils to max out our baggage allowance. You should never check in an empty hard shell case. That is asking for damage to be done as, when empty, they are not designed to absorb heavy weights of other bags placed on top when loaded in the aircraft hold. They are certainly not cheap, but they have certainly lasted extremely well. And being so light, you can carry more within your allowance. Ken
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    How is it safer if the same no lights and drunk drivers are sharing the road with a trike you are sitting in which has stuff all protection from impact?
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    Yeah... especially now that Christmas music is playing in the malls and decorations are already springing up in homes... I am already so tired of it all...left over from last year!
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    I've seen them deplane luggage, the guy in the hold just throws the cases from the cargo bay door onto the runway below. must be 15-20 feet.
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