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    Well the Mrs was half my age, a lot fitter, and better looking than me. She had more money than me, and had a good brain. She was also great at gardening, clothes laundering, and childcare. On balance, I thought that life as a lonely, poverty-stricken old age pensioner in miserable UK, might possibly be second best.
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    I became quite ill after having dinner at a fast food type restaurant in Iloilo City.Although I did not have diarrhea the vomiting was really bad .My friends went to the pharmacy to get something that might help but they recommended that I go to the ER.It was nearby so we went to the Iloilo Mission Hospital.I got checked in and a doctor attended to me within a few minutes.They put me a room and gave me fluids intravenously and anti nausa medicine.Even after a couple of hours there I could not hold down a sip of water.After about 24 hrs I felt better and could eat some fruits but still really weak.I eventually recovered and the doctor released me after 2.5 days.I can't say enough good things about the staff attending to me and my Doctor.They were just great.And the cost including the doctor? $650.00 Usd.They could not file this on my Medicare ins.so I paid with my credit card.Here locally in the US It cost $1250.00 just to enter the ER.And the total cost at $4000.00 minimum.They made sure to give me all the paperwork and receipts so I could file a claim with my secondary health ins co.I was able to make my scheduled flight home 2 days after I was released from the Hospital.I really Enjoyed my 3 week vacation in the Philipines and I will return next year.....
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    I retired to the Philippines for the third and hopefully final time, just under 2 years ago. After living here with my first Filipina gf and her two wonderful children who I helped raise we eventually moved to live in Australia....where they are very happy and my ex step children have done well for themselves and are both now married. We remain very close and even though it didn't work out with their mum, she and I remain mates. I then retired here again (with my finances significantly reduced) and eventually met a lovely Filipina (no children) and... yep you've guessed it... after 4 years here took her to live in Oz... 3 years later she left me sadly for a younger wealthier Aussie....and I wish her happiness. So....I have retired to the Philippines for the third and at 72 for the last hurrah After one wrong gf I have settled in Dumaguete with a lovely lady who is almost 33 never been married (CENOMAR verified) with a great little lad turning 6.....and we are coming up to our first year together. To answer the original poster's question... I retired here because of finding a wonderful future wife, cheap cost of living, nice warm weather, many expat friends and the friendly happy Filipinos in this colourful country which I love. So here's hoping this is my final retirement to the Phillipines
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    We're retiring to the Philippines, yes dear.
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    As we get older our bodies get weaker. It just happens. My GF and my son still like the street food once in awhile but I won't touch it. 99% of the food I eat is cooked at home. The rest is at the fast food places where the meat is imported from the US, like Mcdo Shakeys, or Burger King. Glad you are ok.
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    Happy to hear you are alive. I believe most people find that as the number of visits increase, then the amount of 'illness' decreases, through tolerance and immunity build-up. Your body learns, remembers, and adjusts accordingly...if allowed to do so... if you're not dead already.
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    I believe the OP was saying it cost $650, and IF if had happened in the USA, it would be a minimum of $4,000.
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    Married to a Filipina woman says it all really, they may be small and Petite and beautiful, but just tell them you want to retire to anywhere but the Philippines and see what happens !👹 Seriously though for me it was because of love.
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    So what made you decide to leave your home country and live out your days in the Philippines? ...and what city did you choose and why? For me and my wife, it would be to stretch our retirement funds and be closer to her family. Still looking at the outskirts of Cebu (will visit there next year) as Hawaii was way too expensive. Obligatory pic of the wife and I....
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    I am trying to think how you would do that. Hmmmm, half hour to the airport, an hour until flight leaves, 40 minute flight, an hour waiting for a cab, hopefully only a half hour drive to the city. I can see how it is possible to be in Cebu in 4 hours but an hour? Are you hiding your own private helicopter out there? With a helipad in the city?
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    Ditto. Did that for more than a decade with no ill effect from brushing. Shaving in tap water is a different matter though. If there is any amount of Staphylococcus (staph) bacteria in the water then it gets in through the tiniest of cuts from shaving. Fortunately it is rare, but it happens and causes skin infections from boils to more severe damage. Just a suggestion, but if anyone is getting boils when shaving then do not wash any freshly shaved areas with unboiled tap water.
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    Perhaps they are on the verge or renaming. The Hysteria Channel might be an apt one.
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    This could also be dependent on where one is. Here in Cebu city I brush my teeth with tap water and no problem. For all the times I visited I did the same and as far as I know never had a problem but like I say it will depend where you are. Often I hear dont have ice in drinks but this might be so for some places but not entirely true for others. Now back to the OP. Normally illness from water will cause more than just vomiting so might be more to it.
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    I use tap water here for brushing but I am careful not to swallow and I always use antibacterial mouth wash right after brushing. Haven't had a problem doing that so far.
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    Don't worry, starting next week it's the search for "Lost Confederate Gold". I'd never realised people were so careless with their gold until I started watching History/Discovery channels. Of course for all their faults and hype the "Lost Gold/Treasure" programmes still aren't a patch on "Ancient Aliens". However in a bid to up the ante the History channel is now combining the two - one of the guys from "The Curse of Oak Island" is now joining the search for "Ancient Aliens". The hyperbole will be unmatched in all of recorded history*. * See what I did there?
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    WRONG!! It belong to the Marcos clan.
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    Judging by your attitude on this forum, I have no doubt you will still be friends with the contractor. It is in your nature.
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    Good progress on the house in the past few days... Scaffolding in place and holes for foundations being finished. Huge rocks that may stay in place next to foundations. Bunkhouse just built for the 10-12 workers so far.
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    Hello to all! Now back in the US after my awesome 3 week trip to the Philipines. Arrived in Manila and injoyed a 5 day stay there.We stayed at the Casablanca Hotel directly across from the large Robinson Mall which was a great location for quality shoping ,dining,and fun activities.The hotel had a small apartment type layout and was reasonably clean but no warm water or microwave available.Its a bit expensive but if you are just staying for one or two nights I can recommend the Golden Phoenix...as we stayed there one night before I retured to the USA.Visiting the Manila Aquatics center was great fun complete with a water show with Seals.This is a huge facility that has all things aquatic and more.Really enjoyed viewing the various fish tanks and actually walking through a huge fish tank.So many interesting things to see an do there.We also visited the Mall of Asia.If you want to shop till you drop or have a endless choice of restaurants this might be for you. Then went to Iloilo for four days.Stayed at the Injap Tower which I can highly recommend.Its directly across from the huge SM Mall.We also went to see a beautiful Mansion once belonging to a government official and now open to the public.You can view exotic artwork and shop for souvenirs.There is also a very nice coffee / snack shop on the property Left Iloilo by car and traveled about 5 hours to Boracay.This was really a nice ride to see the Phillipines country side.It is truly very beautiful with strong overtones of a tropical climate.Lots of greenery including banana and Palm trees everywhere.I think we passed through abought 8 towns along the way along the way..a couple of them fairly large.The roads are ok but where they are working on them you almost need a truck to pass through.When nearing Boracay we crossed over a large mountain and arrived on the other side to find a somewhat busy small town and a nice airport that can handle the large jets should you want to fly directly to Boracay.We put the car in storage and snagged a large boat to travel to the island which took just a few minutes.From there we took a taxi through the Boracay shopping district /mall / town to reach our mountain top hotel - Alta Vista.This is a 4 star hotel located about 8 minutes from Puka Beach.The view from our balcony was incredible.So it was 6 days of sun and fun at Boracay- swimming,snorkeling on the reefs,cliff jumping,boat rides and more.I was one of the only americans anywhere around.I would say around 85% Japanese staying at our hotel.I knew that Boracay had a infrastructure revamp last summer and its complete for the most partI think.But they are still doing quite a bit of work on the roads.Even if your traveling in your hotels shuttle van you could spend a lot of time in traffic.The beaches are clean and the ocean is the beautiful turquoise color.It was truly the best vacation resort I have ever been to. We got our car out of storage and returned to a province of Iloilo which I don't know the name of.We stayed there one night and the next day traveled about 3 hours to San Joaquim Iloilo.There we visited Garin Farm Resort which is a Christian Pilgrimage / journey.Its located on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean and has a very nice resterant along with accommodations if you want to stay overnight.- Loved it! And then returning to Iloilo City to just relax with my filipino partner...But sadly after drinking some toxic water I became very ill and had to spend 2.5 days in the Iloilo Mission Hospital - I will write a post on this very soon. I could close this synopsis with one of many pertinent subjects but I would just like to say that I was very impressed with what I saw and heard from the Filipino people.Overall they seem to be very down to earth and simple natured.Also It was refreshing to see friends openly showing their affection for each other.Anyway ,It was truly a pleasure to visit with them here in the Philipines
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    So we here in Moaboal are almost neighbors, except for the 80 km swim.
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    What ever happened to the original concept of the history channel? As seen in this 1994 TV ad, they originally seemed to be focused on reporting history instead of promoting silly and ridiculous fantasies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE4VdLfFERE
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    No problem Old55 .I took my time choosing the best all round plan for me.But the good thing is that these ins companies offering the medigap policies have to follow government guidelines and are really good about processing your claims as they should.One thing to note - All the ins companies offer the same group of policies but the price will vary for the same policy.So contact an agent that sells these policies and they will tell you the best price for the policy you want....
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    Well stated. I could say the same, but things change and I have not yet had your learning experiences of packing off a couple of wives to my home country. I should expect a similar result, and yet some people have reported success from doing that. So I can only surmise it is another case of Your mileage may vary. As such, there is a very good chance that I shall follow in your footstep, a few years behind you. Time will tell.
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    Thankyou Steve....and the total of my Philippines hospital visit was $650.00 Usd.Our good health is probably our greatest asset .
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    I agree with you and I hope to stay well on my next visit to the Philippines
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    I think it's called the Bohol sea, There's a fish sanctuary where I snorkel a place called Dauin on Negros Oriental. For me it's a great location It's possible to be in Cebu in 1 hour. Love it.
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    Glad you are better, so the total for the stay in hospital plus medicine was 4000 dollars, sounds like so much money but our health comes first.
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    My understanding is that USA Medicare only covers you in-country. I file with my secondary when I have a medical bill incurred in the PI if the amount is worth the trouble. FYI
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    And I am having great difficulties with this website today - only this one. That's why there was a double posting - I hit submit and then the site "froze". I have rebooted the computer, my wifi too... nothing is fixing this... Thank you so much for your help!
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    It's all handled by the contractor. They are bringing everything in. I am glad of this - up to them to supply it all and the guys and I just have to sign the checks... I am too old to organize a project like this and too ignorant to source everything here. I am really pleased with the professionalism of the contractor. I just drive out to the site every few days with some chicharon, Tanduay, Cokes... If this goes like the house my ex and I had built back in USA in '83, L and I will still be friends with the contractor when the house is done... stay tuned! So far, so good...
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    I did just that albeit for 12 years, then she said I wants to go back home permanently. We planned to retire in the Philippines anyhow so weren't a big deal, already built a large house near the sea.
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    Yes correction The curse of oak island.
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    I’m sure that’s true but I’m led to believe that in most large airports that luggage from non boarded passengers has to be deplaned because it is regarded as an increased security risk.
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    I'm in Iloilo ice Patrol, nice to hear you had a good time here. I know all the places you mentioned - we often spend a few nights in San Joaquim at a nice resort hotel there. As for Iloilo, It's a very nice area to be in and has enough of everything we need without being overly busy or overly expensive.
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    If you don't mind saying. What sea did you build your house near? I've been driving around in the Cavite area and have yet to witness any seaside homes built near any beach that is not polluted with plastic and other crap including dead pigs and dogs washed up on the shore by the wave action. This might sound like I don't like it here. But I do love living here.
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    I believe ANY gold found (and illegally mined) in the Phils belongs to the government anyway....and can you even imagine them giving any sort of reward or share to the finder ?
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    You mean the driver will expect the foreigner pick up the fines, even had a taxi in manila ask us to pay the 200 peso fine for a makebelieve infraction.
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