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    Here is a picture of yesterdays meet for all of you.
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    The one taking the picture of course. Tom!
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    There are loads of pictures on the Internet of this couple. He looks white British and there does not seem to be a huge age gap.
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    Especially as a foreigner. Why not just put up a sign, "Wealthy foreigner lives here!" And remember that The Garden City - Samal Island - was the venue for the kidnapping of foreigners in the small marina there back in 2015. It won't happen there again because there is a small army contingent permanently located there since then. The horses are long gone, but the barn is now locked up tightly. Murders and attacks everywhere seem to be less than before, but that does not make everywhere safe. Like we have all been saying in different ways: Stay below the radar!
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    I think that is the intended purpose of imprisonment/incarceration - loss of liberty. The idea of rehabilitation is noble but seems to have got lost in the reality of the system.
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    You bunch of sly dogs you...
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    I'm not in favor of prisons being run like holiday camps but it shouldn't be a death sentence to be in one either (unless you've actually been sentenced to death ie).
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    With all due respect, Tom, I hear this often. The hotel rate doesn't include 24/7 security. all meals, etc etc etc. If it was that simple, governments would be renting hotel rooms rather than building prisons.
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    I agree with you, Baston... please read my comments here,. I value your opinion: I personally know three people who were directly involved in that kidnapping on Samal Island... One was a guy on another yacht on the far side of the marina from the attack. He observed and shouted for attention but could not do anything else. A second, and his wife, were on a yacht right where the kidnappers were attacking. They were beaten and bashed but resisted and did not go with the kidnappers. So the kidnappers went for other people aboard yachts down the dock. There is some speculation about whether one of the foreigners kidnapped (who had connections with mining operations in Philippines and elsewhere) was targeted... we may never know. But he and his Filipina girlfriend were taken. The last one taken was simply the marina manager who happened to come out to see what all the hoopla was about and he was taken also. He was the only foreigner who survived with his head attached and intact. He and the first ones were definitely not targets from the outset, but targets of opportunity... Think about it... foreigners aboard yachts in a nice marina? Nice, soft targets... That's how that one played out, I am sure... The kidnapped were whisked away on several boats which were never found or stopped. I just added this information to the thread here to fill in the possibilities and concerns regarding the most recent kidnappings. If the mods feel it necessary, I would be fine to transfer any further conversation to a new topic...
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    It seems to bear similarities to the samal kidnapping , in as much as the favourite method of transport is the boat , I saw photos of the guy and his wife, the age gap was not huge and she was not a beauty queen If she gets released then that does bring up the suspicions that her family is involved, who gets the money from all those businesses if both are killed ? It comes across as they are a wealthy couple
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    If they are doing it in your area you can pre pay and then they will have your shot when the time comes plus you get a discount and can be seen by a doc almost straight away. It took me 10 minutes when I had mine as I had already paid.
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    This shows an unfortunate lack of understanding on the part of the DOH. The adult booster is a lifetime protection - and the last 12 months is irrelevant.
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    I just had my flu shot. Local doctors here are recommending getting it before Oct 31. The pharmacist told me the flu shot is good for a year but the pneumonia shot is good for many years . I need to get me one of those pneumonia shots but he told me not to get both at the same time.
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    I think this message from Philippine Department of Health clears up the confusion. The original message should have said "entering" not "leaving" the Philippines. https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/10/12/19/doh-tells-travelers-entering-ph-to-be-vaccinated-amid-polio-outbreak MANILA - The Department of Health (DOH) on Thursday advised travelers entering the Philippines to be vaccinated in wake of re-emergence of polio in the country. "Foreign nationals and returning Filipinos of all ages who are intending to stay in the Philippines for 4 weeks and more, are encouraged to receive a single dose of inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) not later than 4 weeks before their scheduled travel to the Philippines. Given that the traveler has not received polio vaccination in the last 12 months," the DOH said in a statement. "Travelers undertaking urgent travel within 4 weeks are recommended to receive a single dose of IPV at least by the time of departure as this will still provide benefits, particularly for frequent travelers," it added. DOH also encouraged travelers leaving the Philippines to check immunization requirements of countries they are going to, and if required, receive a dose of IPV before departure and get a certificate from the Bureau of Quarantine to serve as proof of their vaccination. Last Sept. 19, DOH declared a polio outbreak in the Philippines after 2 cases of the virus were confirmed in the country.
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    Watsons,actually I think it was the Pneumonia I had without the flu or it could have been the other way round.
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    They don`t let me sit at their table I am 2 tables away.
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    In the past I bought some "gold nugget jewelry" in the Yukon. The plan was to have it for an investment which travelled with me wherever I went and was a hedge against inflation. You can easily sell it to a gold trader who would just melt it down. That may have been what the person who stole it from me did. Or maybe she/he just took it to a pawn shop. Very unsecure investment. Easily walks off.
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    There are gold chains specifically designed that individual links can be taken off or added. They come in many sizes. Geoff, I would think your suggestion is the safest. Known ingots or coins from recognized mints.
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    I suspect that gold from a recognised mint would be easiest to sell in the event of some sort of global crash. It’s available in various sizes with the originating mint and the purity stamped on it. Or you can buy coins which can be used as currency also. Or just as a collectible. The fees related to buying and selling favour larger ingots over smaller ones because with small ones the fee is a larger percentage of the cost of the ingot. Sizes between a gram and a kilogram (or 50 Oz) are common (larger sizes are available but not common). I’m not sure about the Philippines gold laws but there are gold depositories where you can store your gold after buying in various countries, however that won’t work if you want the gold with you because the gold remains in the depository (think if it as a bank just for gold or mini Fort Knox places). Silver bullion and Platinum bullion are also available, silver is cheaper per gram but otherwise is available in similar size bars and ingots. Platinum is also traded but I don’t know much about it. I’ve used Perth mint in the past but there are a number of recognised mints (NB Perth don’t send to the Philippines I was just using them as an example). It is a complicated area and I would suggest careful research before jumping in.
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    Not according to this. " DRE (digital rectal exam) is less effective than the PSA blood test in finding prostate cancer, but it can sometimes find cancers in men with normal PSA levels. For this reason, it may be included as a part of prostate cancer screening."
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    The flu shot is just a best guess what the next strain will be, the effectiveness varies year to year depending on how good their ( WHO I believe) guess was. There are also different strains of pneumonia and there are different shots that cover broader strains than others.
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    That is good news! I've not made any real progress sad to say but you've motivated me. I'm going to email PARA next week (I've been putting it off for no good reason) and ask to join so I can start the process of obtaining a Philippines license and find out what's involved in bringing in a Transceiver.
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    He's not there, can't be... There's no black beer on the table
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    Yeah... That's exactly what I was thinking. I was just reading an article online about it and the strains are constantly mutating - even within one season. Flu is very scary to me. I got pneumonia and was super ill from it the last time I had it long ago. I couldn't do work or anything for almost three weeks...
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    I wonder how effective it would be. Tom - Flu strains tend to change?
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    Okay... I give up... which one is you, Sonjack?
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    I paid just under 1k but that is a 5 year shot they also do Pneumonia.
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    PSA is not a good indicator, finger up the bum is far more accurate.
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    And started in June. The shot should cost about 700p
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    Good news!!! I was poking around in some old files and found the serial numbers of my two HF rigs that are in storage in USA! So my next step will be to contact PARA and see about that reciprocal license and see about what I will need to do to import the radios. It will still be another year, maybe two, until I actually get them here. But I am excited to set them both up - one at our home and the other for interested students.
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    Something to consider, if you are ex-military. I checked my shot records and found that in boot camp I did receive the adult polio booster (1988). So I am covered. Any of you vets might also have had it already.
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    Until they give out more info, if ever everything is speculation I probably watch to many crime shows on TV but this is what I noticed. As far as I have seen they have not released the age of the wife..and there was no mention of children..strange? Younger wife?. The kidnappers escaped in two boats, not typical. If what i read is right the man is a dual citizen but has only lived here for 7 years, it takes 10 years residence to apply for citizenship. So is he Filipino or British born? Did I read that the wife has been released?....if so...……...IMHO if the property is in the wife's name and is younger with no kids...………………………………………….
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    Actually that is a great price for USDA steaks!
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    From reading various news articles , the couple seem to have been living a bit flashy , there was also mention of a grudge , in an area that is known to be a bit dodgy, it seems to me that it's a bit on the stupid side to invite attention by being known to have many businesses Just how dangerous in comparison to other areas of the Philippines is Zamboanga? How many murders of ex Pat's take place in other areas My gf gets intelligence reports as part of her job , two years ago it was to dangerous to visit kadawan, last june it was considered safe Imho Zamboanga is getting too close to the south west tip of mindanao and the Abu Sayyaf
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    First off....if you read it on the internet, take it with a modicum of salt - especially with inoculations. I was advised years ago to get the "adult polio booster" at The Tropical Medical Center at University of Washington - one of the best such clinics in the country. It was a shock to me that I needed that because I was told as a teenager that drinking that small cup of pink liquid was all I needed for life. If you have not already done so, try reading the topic about Polio in the Davao River, it might give you more info...
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    That's an interesting and sad story ultimately. The rate for "beds" is higher than some decent hotels. I won't even start listing the inefficiencies and waste I saw when I worked in several different government jobs over the years - federal and state. We would need to open a new topic and I honestly now would rather forget it all that I haven't already forgotten.
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    We're 6 miles from the beach, up here near Dagupan,...but only maybe 20 minutes away on our quiet country road. It's pretty nice, and this is about as crowded as it gets . .
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    This site is fairly easy to Navigate but sometimes we can get too clever with ourselves, Odd really but every now and then even a PC savvy person can fall foul of certain things such as this issue and getting Photos on Line properly, but we are here to help each Other WOT!
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    I went to a gold shop in Portugal where i am at the moment, i wanted to buy a gold chain, i saw what they had and compared a few, what caught my eye was a 60cm chain, 20 grams, 19.2 ct for €1630 (php 92,737.00) i was tempted to buy it but i held off, something told me it was a bad deal, i have bought many gold chains in Thailand where the gold there is 22 carat and the prices are good, i saw the same 60cm chain, 20 grams, but 18 carat for sale in Australia for the same price, if anyone on this forum can contribute to my conundrum, for future investment, should i buy gold chains or gold coins, which would be easier to sell if we ended up in a new economic crisis, i'm not sure in which direction to go. Also has anyone bought gold in Dubai, any feedback please. Yamashita's gold, let's go find it.
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    April? Rainy season ends in about a month.
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