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    Maybe this video should be in a different forum but for those who says nothing gets done/
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    This might be a long one so sorry in advance. UNINTENDED consequences? Back ground. I live in Metro Manila in an older area of the sity. I am a 2 minutes walk from our pelenke and wet market, 3 minutes from a cathedral and 2 minutes from our "village" square. I live just off Quirino Blvd which is an alternate route for folk commuting daily south to north. Along Quirino blvd they are not strictly enforcing a 24 hour no parking (and it works as long as the enforcers are around ) Result? No cars, but now the traffic now goes almost twice as fast, even in school zones, and when jeepney or trikes stop cars and scooters swerve both inside and outside to pass. Now the folks who used to park along the road park their cars at the local SM Mall about 3 clicks away which has free parking...(for now anyway until SM figures out why their lot is full 24/7 and they decide to make some extra money lol) Like most older towns we have a secondary road. Ours runs from the wet market to our Barangay town square and chapel. All the illegal vendors were cleared out and now it is almost a pleasure to browse the stall with out dodging random buckets of fish or onions and dodging guys pushing karts of tabo tabo's. Unintended results? In the evenings folks would set up tables and sell food or snacks to kids getting out of school or cool drinks to people leaving the chapel. It was almost a village square where locals would gather in the evenings share a meal or a drink and chat about their day. Now the street is empty in the evenings. It almost like the guts were torn out of the community. Like most knee jerk government programs all over the world it was implemented with little local input, common sense or means and methods of controlling the unintended outcomes (speeding etc)
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    We can thank DILG chief Eduardo Año and Mayor Isko for this. Let's hope it keeps going as it is definitely some progress for the Philippines! Related articles: https://news.mb.com.ph/2019/10/23/mayor-isko-to-suspend-99-village-officials-for-failing-to-enforce-road-clearing-ops/ https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1181511/iskos-birthday-wish-of-citywide-cleanup-comes-true
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    I agree in most cases Where there is a sidewalk. Again, this is only an observation about my little slice of paradise . My area is the original "downtown" of the stop over between Manila and Cavite so the infrastructure is not that developed or just plain outdated. Along our sidewalks (just wide enough for one person) over the years the city has installed huge light posts making a pedestrian step into the gutter. Now that the "gutters" are cleared of parked cars scooters run in the area that a person is forced to walk on Don't get me wrong, I approve of the improvements, its just that some of the improvements were implemented with out measures to control some of the side effects.
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    I erected a nice wide spiral staircase to the up stairs patio. Thrilled with it and have zero problems. Was painted in epoxy enamel some 5 years ago and still looks like new. As said a huge space saver.
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    Despite the BI rule that Gary posted and some experiences at other airports, I think you should be prepared for any situation at the UK counter when coming home. The farther you get from Philippines, the less likely it is that a ticket agent will know exceptions to the rules. 1. Get to the airport early when coming back to the Philippines. 2. Print the rule Gary posted and bring it with you. 3. If the agent and supervisors and manager will not accept it and insist you need an onward ticket, be prepared. Be familiar with how to buy an onward ticket on your phone, right there at the airport. Buy any fully refundable ticket. When you arrive in the Philippines, refund it. 4. Bring you marriage license for the BI guys at arrival. Or, save yourself all that trouble and just buy a cheapie onward ticket. Subscribe to the low cost airlines mailing lists and wait for a sale.
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    I can feel it myself , the gloomy feeling of winter , its Saturday morning and it's best described as grey , cold and miserable It's an emotional rollercoaster our seasons , when I commuted into London on the train , i would hear other commuters say things like " i dont know if i have another winter in me " The journey to london would be in the dark every day for about 6 months These days driving to work , I take the country lanes , the feelings of happiness increase as the spring arrives , driving past fields with crops growing and wild life running around is pleasurable compared to dull grey cold winters on the motorway
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    After the first few months of living here, when I was still car-less, a thought occurred to me. For a culture that is so heavily 'walking intensive', its amazing so little effort is given to pedestrian access. This seems systemic all the way up and down: sidewalks (if they exist) are too narrow and are situated on top of stinky storm drains. Until recently, people were often forced to walk around parked cars, out in the roadway itself. On rural roads, there is no shoulder on which to walk, so people are forced to walk on the road...which itself is only two lanes wide with NO extra margin. We would all have a gazillion examples of uncovered holes, low hanging wires, and other hazards to pedestrians. Enforcing these roadway ordinances is a great first step, but I don't know what the second step would be without ripping it all up and starting over.
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    Our builder calls it putty that is applied to get a smooth finish.
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    To coin a phrase "Pay peanuts, get monkeys". C'mon guys - whilst I'm as grumpy as any of us about poor service experiences here, I also recognise one of the fundemental reasons as per my opening comment. At the end of the day, it is what it is - warts and all. We will not be able to make one iota of difference as foreigners, and guests, here in how the place works. Damn tiring to swim against the tide always.
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    ....and don't forget to ASK for the Balikbayan stamp ! Check it (the stamp) before you leave Immigration too.
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    I think you meant "they are strictly enforcing"? I think one of the main points was to increase the speed of traffic, since Manila has such bad traffic. Your unintended consequences seem like a small trade off to me, considering the benefits for most people. Cars may be going faster but at least people have a chance to walk on the sidewalk instead of in the street. This is not really a new government program. It is enforcement of current laws. Enforcement is something we know is lacking so I view these changes as very positive.
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    Funny! The happy people here in PH probably don't have load to take the call...
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    I always appreciate it when actual facts and/or data are posted in discussions like this as it provides valuable information to those seeking answers to questions about law or government processes.
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    If it were me, i'd not take the chance and buy the throwaway ticket - I'm a worrier by nature and the extra few bucks would give me peace of mind regardless of the mood of the immigration officer on duty at the time of arrival.
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    I had a series of strokes this am. At first I thought I was having a medical emergency, but then I realized it was just my GF stroking me.
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    It's your pizza and you can cry if you want to, cry if you want to, cry if you want to... You would cry too if it happened to you!!! (New lyrics to an old song...) Try their new mango and sardine pizza...yummm...
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    Scary stuff. He was on the narco list, so I wonder if he was killed by others to keep him quiet? https://www.manilatimes.net/2019/10/26/news/regions/clarin-mayor-killed-in-cebu/650928/ The mayor of Clarin town in Occidental Mindoro was killed in an ambush on Friday in Cebu City. Mayor David Navarro succumbed to multiple gunshots, while his five police bodyguards sustained minor gunshot wounds. The victims were aboard a Mahindra Police Patrol car when it was blocked by a van, the plate number of which is still unknown, at about 2 p.m. in Barangay Guadalupe. The motive of the murder is still unclear, but initial investigation showed that Navarro had a spat inside a spa outlet where the mayor allegedly mauled a male attendant and molested a female attendant. Cebu City Police Station 2 Commander Maj. Eduard Sanchez said Navarro was seated at the back portion of the Mahindra and was on his way to the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office. The gunmen’s car blocked and assaulted the Mahindra upon reaching M. Velez Street. Sanchez reported that he was with the spa attendants on another police vehicle on their way to file charges of physical injury, usurpation of authority and acts of lasciviousness against Navarro before the City Prosecutor’s Office when he learned of the ambush incident involving the mayor. Navarro arrived in Cebu City on Tuesday to attend a seminar together with his town’s Sangguniang Bayan (City Council) members. A document obtained by The Manila Times revealed that Navarro was affiliated with the Parojinog and Francisco Group and was facing robbery charges. The document also revealed that Navarro was a member of the Kuratong Baleleng and the Martilyo Gangs. When asked about the background of Navarro, Sanchez said they have yet to confirm the details of the said document. He said Navarro was drunk when he went to a spa in a hotel in uptown Cebu at about 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday. “He (Navarro) asked for a female massage attendant and was angry that a male spa attendant handled him [instead]. So, he punched the male spa attendant’s stomach. He requested for special service and asked a female spa attendant to masturbate his genitalia, but the female spa attendant refused,” Sanchez told The Times in Visayan.
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    It's skimcoat, applied for a smooth finish.
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    Exactly, and save yourself the hassle of points 1, 2 and 3.
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    I think to a large extent, it just comes down to training. We have visited the occasional nice hotel restaurant with exemplary wait staff, here in PH. The only explanation I have for the behavior of most wait-staff is, their customers don't mind the service and that is the way they were shown. Will never forget a caribbean B&B i stayed in, with a very picky owner/manager from New England. The wait staff was mostly teenage girls and boys, and they were exact in every detail. It was amazing. Standing back to watch when your glass was getting low, but never hovering or bothering you about it. Crumb sweepers, knowing exactly how to pour and where to stand, etc. I thought at the time, what a valuable skill that lady was teaching to her staff.
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    AK... You are still a very sick puppy! As I said before - you have a one-track mind, and it's derailed!!!
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    Thanks for your reply, Jim. I am totally ignorant about all of this - that's why I rely on the intelligent L! The term she is referring to is plaster - the cement-like filling and covering for walls and columns that makes them smooth and finishes straight and flat. So, what she mentioned is a brand name, I believe, that she is familiar with. It could, indeed, be "skimcoat" but I really don't know... According to her, plastering is done with cement of different mixture than used for concrete. There are no stones, of course, and it is essentially cement, sand and water - and mostly cement... Does this help?
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    Coming on well Tommy, never heard of that plaster before. Heard of skimcoat . I'm confused what you ask, or you asking for the best plaster or cement? Skimcoat is what they use for plaster, Cement for concrete.
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    A picture would be nice...cost, material used, etc ? I too am just deciding what route to take (pardon pun) as regards access to my new roof patio.
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    What metal did you use?
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    Its one, small step for man..... One giant leap for mankind! I wonder if they can transition to asphalt roadways at some point instead of concrete :)
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    The system here definitely has a way of taking care of its own problems. In the US, this guy would have had connections, and been arrested and let go probably. We were just in Cebu city the day before this, and the family response about it was "well thats what happens to narcos".
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    The suicide rate amongst young men innthe nordic countries is very high During winter the days are very short and this causes a problem called seasonal adjustment disorder , we also suffer from it in the UK Norway is the only country that i know of where your doctor can prescribe a two week holiday in the sun as part of your trearment
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    I think you answered your own question! If your not happy, pop the pill and get really happy! Especially if you are competitive and know the happiness survey will be coming up soon!
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    Yes you are correct. I got confused with her 5 year UK visa.
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    It doesn't surprise me in the least - they really are such a miserable group of people. Is you sister-in-law a Hong Konger?
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    Didn't he say they live here in the Philippines?
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    Sort of on the same subject, one thing that p's me off is when they bring the main meal with the starters, I always tell them to take the main away until we are ready, then if it comes back cold if gets sent back again, the wife hates me doing it, so now I have to make a point to them not to serve the main until we have finished the starters, does not always work, and they seem confused as to why.
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    Maybe they're happy because they get the care they need.
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    Mine drives and very well. Both in Philippines and Abu Dhabi. Works well for us as I drive to the places sober and she drives home. Cant understand why you wouldn't want that! Don't forget Steve you won't be around forever so whats best for her should count too. Just my view.
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    The "top consumers of antidepressants drugs" also includes countries that are on the top of the happiest country list (e.g., Australia, Canada, and the UK). https://www.indy100.com/article/these-are-the-countries-that-consume-the-most-antidepressants--WJvJPf5WFx
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    Well, we are but guests in their country so I guess suck it up is about all we can do, Tom!
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    These ranking are complete crap, if people in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland are so happy, why these countries are top consumers of antidepressants drugs? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_antidepressant_consumption
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    There is a massage place in the Seaside Mall in Cebu City on the second floor. Only been there once, Swedish style, and I enjoyed it.
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    Probably one of the issues is that some prefer fawning staff as it makes them feel important whilst others (most of us here in the forum I'd bet) prefer to be left alone and will ask for help when we need it. Perhaps staff are genuinely perplexed when faced with us western folks as they don't know what to do.
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    Actually, AK, I have found that much of the time, if I tell them that I am just looking, they tend to leave me alone. Sometimes I can be nice... There is also this practice where waiters/waitresses will stand by our table as soon as we sit down and wait for us to give them our food orders. It drives L and me nuts to have someone standing there waiting. So we will sometimes ask for them to bring us some water, or fruit shakes or something else. And sometimes we politely ask them to just give us some time to read the menu and think about our order and they usually give us the time and space. Maybe we are helping to train them? At least they don't do what I really hate in USA - it seems like, after the food has been served and we are maybe 1/3 through the meal and a waiter/waitress will stop by and ask, "And how's your meal?" They are, of course, being polite and doing what they should, I guess... But it always seems to happen when I have a mouth full of food - so I feel like spewing the food out onto the table and blurting, "Oh... I think it's wonderful!"
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    Yes, when you are on 13a you have to pay the ECC-B at the airport (p2880 last October at Clark) and as a permanent resident you also have to pay the travel tax of p1620 per adult and p810 for child. It is a big ripoff. If you are going to travel with your wife a lot and also on your own, you are probably better off to use Balikbayan and tourist visa. When you are with your wife, Balikbayan, on your own, tourist. Later, when your travels slow down, you can consider a permanent resident visa. I'm not real sure what fees apply if you are on an SRRV but I think the same because you are a permanent resident.
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    He should have just closed his eyes. Who cares who is wacking you off if it feels good!
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    L and I agree that customer service here is just not really "customer service". She has only been outside P.I. a couple of times but has already experienced real customer service elsewhere. We think that it is just a matter of training and experience. A food service or other service person should experience customer service from the customer's point of view. I have seen videos of this and it can be startling. Just so see someone taken care of in a way that never happened to them before is an awakening... We both refer to the old adage, "Treat people as you would like to be treated." But here in the P.I. so many people have never been treated well or politely or efficiently, so they don't know where to start. And the businesses or company managements have no clue either because they may be wealthy and catered to always, or they simply don't care or are just ignorant about customer service? I have no answer... just these comments... Both L and I treat service people nicely and politely, even though we might be biting our tongues due to poor service. We try to show them a bit how to treat us properly with our questions and reactions... Maybe it is just a tiny effort in a huge population, but we give it a try...
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    I think S&R has a new peach and bacon choice. Holy crap! Please excuse my revulsion while I go throw up just thinking about it.
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    The norm here is definitely standing at the table to wait for the order... L and I are just "different." But when we want service, we ask or wave politely for it and they fall all over themselves to come over and finally take our orders... Reminds me of the movie "Pretty Woman." "More sucking up..."
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