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    Better days are surely ahead, buddy. Remember that tried-and-true saying: When it rains, we drink!
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    TUT TUT steve, A Photographer that did not Rotate his Photos before Posting, Bad Steve Bad as my Coffee just fell of the PC Table when I tried turn the PC to view your hard Work Just pulling your leg Steve.
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    We have been in Auckland for a few days now and are enjoying very nice summer weather! When we were here 4 years ago in December, it was not so nice. We went to Mount Victoria and I should have worn sunscreen. I got a nice burn! My girls on Mt. Victoria Takapuna Beach was warm and had lots of people on Saturday.
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    Looks like locally made. They are very creative like that, here. Possibly a development of this one
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    Just make sure he is not shaking it to look like it’s alive.
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    As long as the crab is still alive it should be ok.
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    This is how us poor folks' kids play.... my son yesterday: . Geoffflying kite.mp4
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    The first quake this weekend was 6.9 and then revised to 6.8... the second was 5.something... 5.9..? I forget now... All of the quakes over the last few months have been shallow and inland... Just 2 plates mildly bumping against each other, thus no need to worry about tsunamis... Which is good as my fiancee lives beside the big plywood factory in Toril... Right by the water..! (I'm just over a mile from her and inland... Just across the MacArthur Hwy...). It's been interesting but not all that bad... Aftershocks are continuous and probably will be for a few days...
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    They are too poor around here to afford windows, at least until they have paid off the karaoke.
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    Yes marrying us for our money is just a myth put around by filipinas so as not to upset the the Philippine men. They tend to be on average a bit bit smaller in the trouser department than us westerners.
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    Steve - you want a serious treat my friend? Buy some dried mango, some dark chocolate, and a good merlot (does not have to be expensive). Melt the chocolate and dip the dried mango in the chocolate and let it cool. Chocolate dipped dried mango and a nice merlot - now we are talking top tier. You could be on "Masterchef" next week. Warning - If your spouse is into chocolate and wine, this could be hazardous to your health.
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    Its beeping because of others had said you are trying to use the wrong pan. I know someone who threw away a brand new induction cooker as nothing he did would heat the pan. After I told him what the problem was I could not stop laughing all night.
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    Welcome Jerry, like others have said, a fresh young insight and a long term knowledge of Philippine life, makes you more than welcome.
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    Hi everybody, I couldn't find a suitable area specifically for introductions, so I just post it here into the "Wo wants to meet" thread (@Admins: please move if wrong and bear with me). I'm brand new to this forum and I'd like to introduce myself to all of you because after reading a bunch of your topics on this board I'm planning to stay for a while... :) My name is Gery, to this day I'm 38 years old (born in 1981), I'm originally from Austria and I'm living in Davao City for around 10 years now. I have a Pinay-wife and 3 kids and I work as a self-employed programmer in automation and sw-engineering, mainly in the Asia-region. I think this board here offers a vast variety of different threads and the post-counter is impressive(!), which is why I decided to join. I can contribute info about life in the Philippines of course, but also about life in China, Singapore and Malaysia. I hope that you and me will be having a great time here and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! Gery 0_x :)
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    good will only pack my metric pipe and crescent wrenches then..........are left handed hammers available in cebu
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    I am guessing that that the apartment will be constructed on the same land as your house? Steve, my gut feeling is that you are storing up a heap of trouble for yourself and Ems in the future. You are making that piece of land more attractive, and valuable, to the 'family' as time goes on. Be careful all this investment doesn't come back to haunt you!
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    I remember my mate at school making his own bike from a BSA bantam he bought for 4 pounds. Plank of wood for a seat...and it would only do about 15 mph. lol Happy days. . Here's another carpentry masterpiece....
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    Welcome Gary, hope your not too badly affected by the earthquake
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    The condo people cheered me up today, they forgot to tell me that the warranty on the building has run out at the end of the month Between taxes ,charges and now insurance ,I've been hit for 160,000 peso in Bill's , I could save on the insurance at 90,000 ,but that would be insane after all these earthquakes I've had a really shit day today The machinery that I hired for a job ,did not turn up and I got a late email cancelling the order ,I wasted 3 hours The condo problem And now my fecking van has broken down
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    Have you seen the price? Edit to Add - they do have them in my local SM Supermarket - sometimes Waitrose brand (I think) sometimes Tesco. Too pricey for a simple, plain biscuit IMO.
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    Sorry , we have the chaps in 6 days a week doing all the house from plastering the walls ( sort off) the roof , tiling the bathroom and all the flooring and fixing in false ceilings in the rooms , if it helps we pay 700 peso per person per day.
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    Rich tea doesn't have enough sugar for them - you will see they really go for very sweet snacks
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    According to the apps I use, there have been more than 25 aftershocks of 4.0 or greater. Dropping the threshold to 3.0 or greater shows more than 60 aftershocks. If you're a praying person, say a few words for the people close to the epicenter who surely must be under the tremendous stress of feeling every aftershock.
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    I think the price is definitely what makes it so popular - it does a solid job and I suspect for most people we wouldn't really know the difference between it and high-end models - especially given the internet environment here
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    Vista Verde Executive village, Cainta
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    Ok lets transpose the word " blame " to the USA and replace it by " incentivised " It still comes down to the fact that many innocent travellers who have gone through the numerous hoops required to get a Philippines passport, are denied being allowed to leave their own country because of a government policy whereby stopping innocent travellers ( plus some who are being genuinely trafficked ) is provided with a monetary reward by USAID for said practice. Lets also consider the strange but true practice of "self tafficking" whereby a geneuine Filipino/Filipina who may want to visit HK or BKK or Singapore is denied boarding despite having ticket/ passport/hotel or accommodation booked because a guy behind a desk says she might be trafficking herself. And the reason for this... ah yes USAID money. Yes there are and have been dreadful traffickings in the past but before you go all woke here, theatricles you quoted are from the last century. Things have changed a lot, including the ability to stop forged passports forged visas and many attempts to eliminate the Customs and Immigration guys who allow access to airport areas for a fee. Thats how a lot of trafficking occurred. Meanwhile, as recently as yesterday, two ladies both over 30, both professionals of my acquaintance were denied boarding on a Cebu Pacific flight to HK yesterday morning. Reason.. not given..the Immigration guy just let the clock run down till he advised Sorry , doors closed now. here were apparently another 12 people denied boarding on same flight.
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    i bought a 55 inch Skyworth from SM appliance as it fitted my price budget.. I think was less than 30- 33 K. Includes Youtube and Netflix as standard as i have no interest in getting local channel or a subscriptions. Been working fine for past year and no problems..
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    Very nice milk for my cornflakes , but to creamy for my mug of tea
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    Not much to report about the build , the bathroom walls are finished now it’s the start of the floor, it’s been raised and I think it’s ready for the tiles , the bedroom has nearly all been smoothed so that should be ready for paint and floor tiles , one of the biggest things it the roof terrace has been cleaned and ready for the new layer of concrete and sealant . I have been asking around for a price for windowing door bars and plus a carport for the side of the house, this was coming up blank so I tried on Facebook sales , and I have had 3 replies so far the first was way to much just for the carport , but ones come back with a price for everything fitted which is what I thought it would cost , so they are coming to view the place and to see if it’s something they could do for the budget they said, I will hide upstairs until they have done the talking and worked out the price before I show myself , here’s to another busy week.
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    I bought a TCL 4k TV from Abensons, but not a fan of smart TVs. I brought over Amazon Firestick 4k and use that instead.
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    I have a TCL 4k on the way from Lazada. Best bang for the buck I was able to find. Cost-wise I would have had to pay almost double for a Sony or LG. I would recommend to stay away from Sharp based on personal experience.
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    News article from Al Jazeera. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/12/deadly-earthquake-strikes-southern-philippines-191215085405295.html Deadly earthquake strikes southern Philippines Magnitude 6.8 earthquake southwest of Davao on Mindanao island kills at least four and injures several others A powerful earthquake has struck near the Philippine city of Davao, killing at least one person and causing several injuries. This was the latest in a series of tremors to strike the southern part of the country recently. The magnitude 6.8 earthquake on Sunday was centred 60 kilometres (38 miles) southwest of Davao on the island of Mindanao at a depth of 30km (18 miles), the US Geological Survey said, revising it down from an earlier 6.9. More: Deaths reported as magnitude 6.3 quake hits southern Philippines At least eight killed, scores injured as quake hits Philippines Churches rebuilt six years after earthquake A three-storey supermarket collapsed in Padada town in Davao Del Sur province, 1,000km (621 miles) south of Manila, killing at least three people, according to Superintendent Samuel Tadeo, the Bureau of Fire Protection operations chief. An undetermined number of people were believed trapped under the rubble and six were rescued from the collapsed building, he said. In nearby Matanao town, a six-year-old girl was killed when she was hit by a falling concrete wall in their house, said Vincent Fernandez, the municipality's mayor.The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was no tsunami threat from the earthquake. Anthony Allada, public information officer of Magsaysay near the epicentre, said 14 people were injured but none seriously. Roads and buildings, including the local government office, were damaged and power was out in the town, he said. The region was shaken by four powerful quakes in October and November, which together killed at least 20 people. "We don't know what to do anymore. Do we respond first or attend to our families first?" Allada told DZMM radio. President Rodrigo Duterte, who is from Davao, was in the city when the earthquake struck. "He is ok. He and his daughter Kitty were in their house when the quake struck," presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said. "First Lady Honeylet was on her way home when the ground trembled. She said her car was swaying. She is unhurt." The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said damage and aftershocks could be expected. Several strong aftershocks were recorded after the earthquake, the strongest a magnitude 5.7 centred north of General Santos City. Radio DZMM reported power was out in General Santos City, where patients at a local hospital were being evacuated. Video footage of the earthquake posted by users on Twitter showed electrical wires swaying and erupting in a shower of sparks. Another video showed water sloshing out of a hotel swimming pool. The Philippine archipelago lies on the so-called Pacific "Ring of fire" - an arc of faults around the Pacific Ocean where most of the world's earthquakes occur.
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    Thanks boys for all your replies, ain’t life simple when you have the answers, anyway I was going crazy with just the rise cooker working .
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    Agree. I recall reading where someone went to a squatter area and ask young ladies if they would marry for romance or for security. The vast majority said the would choose security over love or romance. Hopefully we are able to give our asawa both, and receive the same in return.
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    When I arrived here in 2002 to retire, It took about an hour and a half to travel from Cavite, going thru Manila to get to the RAO office in Angeles City. That was leaving at about 4am. Haven't tried it lately though.
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    You just bought an electronic drum set. maybe you can cook with it while you burn it in the fireplace.
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    Hi Gery... and welcome. I first came to the Philippines when I was your age, but the years have flown past , and now I'm an old man, with my second Filipina wife and family. Do contribute, whenever you can.
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    A couple of kids along our road the other day were throwing one of their slippers in front of passing cars to see if it would be run over. I guess we did similar things but on the local branch line. Got some really flat pennies somewhere at home.
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    Once watched young boys using a coconut palm frond as a sled. They would take turns pulling each other across the ground.
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    My 4 year-old... though he does get taken to the family farm every day, to run around a big grassy pasture, with the other kids. .
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    No thanks Tom, change of mind AGAIN, the stairs are going to be tiled , well today they are , tomorrow the stairs could be open tread with glass walls, and then the next day it could be a spiral staircase .
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    Aah the Filipino woman ! They may be small in stature in the UK her fav weekend treat was boot fairs ! And the only way i could see her when i was half way round was her umbrella ! A nice sunny day and she was the only one with an umbralla ! Well untill she told her Filipino friends about bootfairs ! And yes when back in the Philippines its the slow crawl walking, and her showing her friends her Kano ! And the never ending furniture re-arranging and everything in its place ! But we love them !
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    In another dimension? Don't forget about the alter reality of Filipino Time dimension.
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    Be careful, though, about Magnolia butter - it has at least one ingredient (besides salt) so it is not pure butter (check the ingredients on the package). It's the same with other non-Kiwi butters that I have checked. I don't remember what that other ingredient is - I am sure not dangerous, but I want only the pure stuff. I only buy Anchor butter.
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    Gfs telling me that there was another a few minutes past the farms good these little piggies are going to the market in December lol
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    I visited the house construction site this morning. The boys there said the morning quake was fairly mild and so no problems there so I am fairly confident that your farmhouse was not affected this time. Looking at the Philvolcs records just now, it seems like a lot of the Philippines seems to be waking up tectonically lately or is it just that we are more sensitive to the activity now? There was another quake - I don't think it would be an aftershock? - 20 minutes ago at 3 pm - 4.2 in Lupon, Davao Oriental.
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    The stuff that I like about the Philippines is the stuff that reminds me of the way that it used to be in Scotland Relatives would drop in unannounced, they would turn up and there would be drinks and food and a song or two , this was before karaoke, so of you played an I instrument you were most welcome Family gatherings of thirty to forty people , at the beach , games of football with just jackets as goal posts , we kids would make our own fun , a phone was something that was in a big red box My dad and his brothers did not use banks, they borrowed when necessary from each other and paid it back , families supported each other
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    All the complaints that frustrate me about the philippines, tend to have the same root cause as the things I love about the Philippines. 1. - the govt here is too poor and disorganized to have created a 24/7 police state like we have in the US. Most of my fellow expats on here may disagree with that assertion, but i stand by it. I love freedom. In PH I don't have to put up with facial recognition cameras, spy drones, or my car sending a data stream to the govt. They probably don't have the resources to store my phone calls, messages, and text data either, although I have no way to confirm. 2. - I love the happy people in general, and I second your observation about kids and playing. I attribute this to a foundational morality rooted in the Christian faith which has not evaporated yet; and a general lack of affluence that has kept materialsm to a minimum. Filipinos are happy in the simple things of life, and I love that. 3. - I love the big extended family unit, which we have kind of lost in the US culture. We are working on my wife's Filipino family tree, and there are 79 first cousins! Holy guacamole! In the US we have been career-minded and materialist for a couple generations already, perhaps to our detriment. 4. - I love the availability of locally grown food, and locally made products. Sure, we have organic stuff in the US. But in PH i can hear the pig squealing just a few doors down the block. The chickens are still small and tasty. The eggs have huge yolks. When I want a mattress or a piece of furniture, I can just have one made. If I really want to live cheaply, we can just knock together a bamboo hut. 5. - Despite the prevalence of ladyboys here, I love the fact that filipina women expect their men to be men. They don't mind being soft and feminine, and for the most part they expect a man to know what to do. Its very traditional in that regard, and I love it.
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    Been doing that the last 3 years! Leave early morning from Cebu to Hong Kong, spend a couple hours eat lunch there and return same day(afternoon thru manila).
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