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    Each subway car will be enclosed in a large plastic bag. Also passengers will given individual life preserver plastic bags in case of LBR (large bag rupture).
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    Whoever it was earlier this year that recommended the Kawasaki Versys 650 to me as a good bike for a tall person in the Philippines, thank you. I looked at the KTM 790 Adventure and 1290 super adventure and they were both about $8k more than in the states, I just couldn't do it. the 2019 Versys 650 I purchased was actually cheaper than stateside prices, no it doesn't have the horsepower or the bells and whistles but here in the Philippines it feels like it has plenty of power and I don't need the cruise control or cornering traction, I love it. I had my baptism of fire after purchasing the bike in Manila last week, I left the dealership at rush hour following my brother in-law through the city and onto the EDSA traffic jam, of course he kept changing lanes and I had to split traffic and weave around while getting used to a new bike clutch and throttle, I couldn't imaging doing it on my big Beemer, it felt light and very balanced, I was able to crawl at a very slow pace and come to a complete stop for a a second or so without putting my foot down, I still need to get the pegs lowered to be comfortable and maybe take the seat to an upholstery shop but I'm very pleased with the bike, if only I could convince the wife to let me disappear for a few days with it.
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    Yeah, Jim... that's the interesting question. As JD suggests, it may be just to stretch it a bit and increase profits? ...And deaths... But perhaps JD is correct and it was just a deadly error on the part of the distiller? I thought one produced methanol by distilling wood and some other things and that was what produced "wood alcohol" or methanol? I'll stick to my Tanduay or the "pure" lambanog that comes straight from the plants and into the bottle without an intermediary. I am not so fond of the taste, but the kick is substantial! At least enough for me...
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    I don't drive here - at first it was because i wanted to familiarise myself with the driving system but once I realised the 'system' I decided not to drive. Where we live it's not a problem as taxis abound and in an emergency I'd fancy them to do a better job than I. I don't think things are as bad as this thread makes them seem, at least not where I am but there is a certain organised chaos that applies - they get it and many of us don't. There are rules and then there is how it's done - often not the same thing. I can honestly say I see fewer accidents here than in the UK but then again I'm not on the road as much so who knows? I'm happy I don't need to drive.
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    I used to have a salt water aquarium when I was station in the Philippines, it was fun to catch my own fish, many time I saw local Filipinos squirting tubes of cyanide in the water to catch them and sell to dealers, of course they would die in about six months because of the harm it caused. Anyway, I got complacent and didn't clean the filters and check the PH levels, one day I woke up and all the fish were dead, once the balance was gone it was a cataclysmic event. What I fear most is upsetting that balance in our oceans because our lives on land depend on it, our oxygen and food source, it could happen so fast and it won't be just the inconvenience of dealing with storms, hot weather and rising sea levels. The ocean is absorbing most of the Co2 that we are producing and it causes the acidity to rise and if we reach the point where it's not habitable to marine life we are screwed.
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    Get the mirror in the right place and you could have a shit, shave and a hair cut.
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    Trying not to be pessimistic but rather realistic: before this project will be 50% done, the money and funds will be "empty". Well at least then they have a new drainage system...
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    I really don't want Subway flooded... it's one of my favorite Fast Foods
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    I did read the article you posted. I also took note of the extremely strong conservative bias in the articles that are published by the site. I realize that what I have posted will not change your mind, just as what you have posted will not change mine. Anyone is capable of finding "facts" on the internet that will support their beliefs no matter how extreme or rediculous those beliefs might be. Just consider all the published articles that say the earth is flat and there is no gravity. However there is one set of numbers that deserves careful consideration and that is 97% of scientists agree that humans are contributing to global warming and climate change. You do have a right to your opinion, but scolding the rest of us for "automatically imbibing whatever the latest fake news, junk science, or pseudo-babble" is an insulting to our intelligence as well as yours. https://www.skeptic.com/reading_room/how-we-know-global-warming-is-real/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA6IHwBRCJARIsALNjViU2lZlGxulMXQp8jmpQLNHieaGHdha1-GH96zCql7GaWfhoZIct5wcaAubBEALw_wcB The sea level has risen and continues to rise. https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/sealevel.html <snip> Global sea level has been rising over the past century, and the rate has increased in recent decades. In 2014, global sea level was 2.6 inches above the 1993 average—the highest annual average in the satellite record (1993-present). Sea level continues to rise at a rate of about one-eighth of an inch per year.Oct 9, 2019 <end snip) The ozone hole has stabilized and started to shrink since fluorocarbons were banned by most countries. https://www.noaa.gov/news/2019-ozone-hole-is-smallest-ever-recorded <snip> Oct 21, 2019 - Scientists expect the ozone hole to shrink back to the size it was in 1980 by approximately 2070, as ozone-depleting chemicals banned by the Montreal Protocol but still in the atmosphere continue to decline. There is no identified connection between these weather patterns and climate change. <end snip> Ice caps are shrinking at an all time historical rate. http://www.softschools.com/facts/environmental_science/polar_ice_caps_facts/2894/ <snip> NASA has estimated that the polar ice caps are melting 9% every ten years, which is an extremely alarming rate. If the temperature on earth continues to rise at its current rate the Arctic will have no ice by 2040. The Arctic ice cap has decreased since the 1960s by as much as 40%. <end snip>
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    Yes, it´s amazing that they still sell the first models, but I guess they do as long as there is a demand for them. And if there is a demand they must be good. It´s true they have Zeiss lenses, but I dont expect to get the same quality and look as from a DSLR or mirrorless with a Zeiss lens. Some of the other high end compact cameras use lenses from Leica. I guess this is more a way to promote their products than any actual benefits. Both Zeiss and Leica lenses cost more than the entire cameras that we are looking on here. Remember also that the depth of field and bokeh has a lot to do with the sensor you got. Compacts are generally not the best choice if that´s your priority, but RX100 and similar models are among the better ones in their class. If your set on a RX100, I think you get most value from model III
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    A good lesson might be learned here by buying from trusted sources? But maybe people with not so much money in their pockets will buy the cheaper stuff. I feel bad for them. Wanting to have a good time and then paying the ultimate price.
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    It's distilled coconut sap and about 80% proof, why would anybody put Methanol in? Edit, Answer my own question... Probably never distilled the coconut sap but added Methanol short supply in demand xmas drinks .
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    Pretty sure Lambanog is distilled tuba. It isn't wine any longer. Without care and testing equipment, they're making moonshine. It's the distillation process that creates methanol. Edit: there's also a penchant to make extra profit by "cutting" a distilled product with methanol. Even an "approved" distiller can do that to make more money when sales increase at Christmas. There was the same media misinformation after Crow's gin was linked to methanol poisoning. They kept calling it 'brewed" because Crow's is also a beer maker. Many people were then afraid to drink locally made craft beer. You can brew beer all day and not create enough methanol to hurt someone.
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    The step-daughter just started in a call centre in Mactan. Starting money is 11k a month, but that goes up pretty quickly I'm told. How much does it go up? No idea yet. <mutters something about 3 years at university and now working in a call centre>
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    So somebody doctored it with the methanol? Lambanog, itself, is simply fermented coconut sap and, though I am not so partial to its taste, it can have quite a kick if fermented for several days. Enough kick, for this old fart, that I don't need any extra boost. How sad for those who drank this and got sick...
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    So NASA is is putting out junk science now?
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    I still believe it is the newby's that settle for the bar girls. After spending some time here, I eventually graduated from bar fining girls. Don't get me wrong, I still go to the bars to blow some money, but it's strictly just for fun. But I'm afraid it's now a habit that a future Filipina girlfriend would not approve of. Maybe that's why elect to stay single - life is so much easier than way.
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    I've been using this rugged and versatile point and shoot FZ70 for a few years now. The upgraded FZ80 sold at Amazon is around $250 with 4k, 18 megapixels, also with 60x optical zoom and image stabilizer. For shooting on the beach and underwater, these GoPro type cameras are perfect for family outings. Accessories like remote control selfie stick, wi-fi downloads and all kinds of attachments, even your children can use these cameras that can take a lot of abuse:
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    That’s my problem too, when you add all the lenses , batteries and filters it’s a tidy fortune, but I wanted a lightweight walkabout camera and a friend introduced me to the Fuji , and it’s a fun camera.
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    Steve mate.... for p175, 000, I'd expect to have a small house included with the carport.
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    If I was to start over I think I would go with a Fuji system. I like their analog feeling and they have some amazing glass too I am a Nikon guy and it would cost me too much to switch system, so I have to be content with what I got. To be hounest, it´s not the equipment that makes the Pictures, it´s up to the photographer
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    Great choices and great prices too, we went to the debut the other evening and I took both my cameras , the Nikon with a 18-270 lens and the Fuji with a 18-55 lens f2.8. I may have just taken the Fuji , low light was amazing , face recognition amazing , this picture I gave to our 15 year old nephew , showed him what to press and to look through the screen and then I ran to get myself in the picture, lucky shot or just a great camera. Plus one I had taken.
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    I had a carport built last year... 6x3 meters....labour 4,000 pesos...Materials about 10,000. nothing fancy 4 galvanized post, metal struts, corrogated roof. and sand n cement for the post. Mind you everything is cheaper down here (Dumaguete) Plus I know the guy.
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    This has been on the news in the UK, The lambanog must have been distilled to contain high levels of methanol , this happens when the fluid has been exposed to the wrong temperature It's a narrow window between the two different types of alcohol and they are produced by boiling the mash and draining it off , the temperature of the distillation process is critical , get it wrong and you get high levels of methanol in your booze
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    A strong car port ? Add up the (approximate) materials costs . Shouldn't be too hard on such a simple structure. Then add in the labour costs per day, for say 3 workers at most. If it took them more than 3 or 4 days, I'd be amazed.
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    Let me correct myself: the gin I was mis-remembering was NOT produced by Crows but by Juan Brew, another craft brewery. It was called Cosmic Carabao Gin. After the two deaths in June, Juan Brew claimed to be performing their own in-house investigation. I've not seen the reports of that investigation if it did, indeed, take place. As far as I know, methanol is produced in tiny amounts during fermentation (beer and wine making) but higher amounts during distillation. I haven't found out what "higher" means. From what I've read, distillation has fermentation as a first step ("mash"). A whole lot of stuff can be fermented. Fruit, veggies, milk, wood, underwear (maybe). Methanol is a byproduct of fermentation but distillation concentrates it just like it concentrates the safer ethanol that gets you hammered. I homebrew beer, I don't distill at all but it's my understanding that it would take more methanol than is present in a single distillation run to kill people. Others say that ain't so. It's hard to find a definitive answer about it because of so much misreporting surrounding methanol deaths. Methanol gets you drunk before it kills you, though. Cutting your expensive-to-make, highly taxed ethanol with a less expensive, untaxed, odorless industrial solvent that acts like ethanol will make you more money. If you don't mind killing people. What's surprising (or not, given where we are), is that there are a few dozen deaths every year here in the Philippines from methanol poisoning but I've not been able to find news reports of their cause. Last December, 20 people died in Quezon City and Laguna from methanol poisoning. The PFDA found high levels of the chemical in the lambanog they all drank. There was no reporting on who made or sold the stuff or whether it was accidental bad distilling or intentional adulterating.
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    I has been mentioned a time or two by many of us.
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    I worked for NOAA on a ship for a spell. I can attest that the science studied there was honest and productive. When NOAA speaks, people should listen. I think a lot of NASA and NOAA scientists have more background, learning and expertise than me or most others on the forum - so I tend to trust a lot of what they say. They say that this planet is in trouble... What is perhaps most alarming to me is the CO2 level in the atmosphere. This is scientifically factually measured. It is a fact that this level has climbed a lot since the advent of the industrial revolution. What is not completely factual is what, exactly, this means for the planet...but my gut tells me it cannot be good. Take a look at this website, for example: https://climate.nasa.gov/climate_resources/24/graphic-the-relentless-rise-of-carbon-dioxide/ Today's children and their children will see what happens. And right now, they have no say, no input into today's culture and industry right - they're just kids? Instead, we should follow what politicians and fossil fuel industrialists suggest, that this is all a hoax and "fake" science, "fake" news? Michael Crighton wrote a book several years ago called "State of Fear." It was a sort of historical novel... In it he quoted a number of scientists and experts of that time (2004) stating that the global warming scenario was a hoax. I wonder sometimes if some of the doubters in politics and elsewhere read that book (or watched the movie) for their "education?" At the time I read it, I was convinced he was right and that it all was just made up science. I changed my mind a few years later as I watched and learned about the melting ice caps, melting glaciers, destruction of tropical forests in the Amazon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines. Think about this... can any of these activities actually be beneficial for our home? Sorry... that approached being a rant, so I will stop there. Just more of my thoughts and opinions for your consideration.
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    Huh. I thought STOP stood for Spin Tires On Pavement.
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    What's a stop sign? Not seen any in Dumaguete, in fact the only road sign I have seen is....No parking, That's where all the motorbikes park on the sidewalk so people walking have to walk on the road.
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    Depends on what company and what accounts that company holds. Also the person's experience. Beginners get around P15k a month, my GF last job take home was around P22k and her new job now around P25k but next year when she starts at JP Morgan probably P35k. The more experience they have when switching companies gives them the power to say they want x amount and the company's offer what they can.
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    First... and I am really not kidding... most Filipinos ignore most traffic rules. Here, the first vehicle anywhere will proceed through without even pausing and often without even looking. Secondly... do not trust any vehicle indicators - they often mean nothing. They will turn on their left indicator to show that they are pulling to the curb on the right. They will indicate right while in the right lane and then turn left. If they have their hazards flashing, you have no idea what they might do - including stopping dead in the middle of the road or even backing up. If they flash their lights at you we are not really sure what that means but it can often mean that they intend to cut in front of you, so keep your foot hovering over the brake... I have an unconscious habit of checking the front wheels of cars next to me or, especially, when they are stopped or pulled over. Doing this can give an indication if they are about to turn into you or just start rolling forward. It can be a good early warning sign about what they might do. Lastly... try to expect the unexpected. I have written this many times - try to think of the stupidest thing a driver or pedestrian might do and expect them to do it. Defensive driving here is a joke - not nearly safe enough. Taxis and jeepneys will pull out right in front of you if they are one millimeter ahead of you - usually without warning or signal. Try searching here in the forum and you will find tales of experiences and behaviour that might help you. Good luck and stay safe!
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    Maybe gotten a little harder but I doubt you'll find a country where it's easier for a foreigner to get a woman. Even a 70 year old guy can literally just go on a dating site, message 20 girls in their 20s-30s and you'll definitely get a date for the night. Try it in the US or UK and you'll probably have the police round.
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    Because the partners are inside the stores spending their money
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    If I was single there is no better place then being here for sure, but being married there is no better place to be for looking from behind those dark glasses I am wearing, but never ever turn your head around as you past a pretty girl while walking with the wife.
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    Ok mate. Just don't get your leg lifted, eh. A few quick materials prices and figures added up on paper, will give you a good idea of where the 'ballpark' needs to be.
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    My wife used to work for them in Manila, they pay well to be fair. Used to get free healthcare at St Lukes, even had her teeth whitened there for free.
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    Sounds like you are young enough to go out and enjoy it. More than 2 hours on the saddle in this heat is too much for me. I only drive cages now!
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    and of course theres an occasional roundabout /traffic circle and that seems to throw everyone into a loop......you see the weirdest things happening there.. including the guy taking the short cut to nearest lane instead of going all the way round.......im happy not driving here anymore.. except renting motorbikes when I travel on the islands..and then for sure I and everyone else forgets every rule there might be.....
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    This is not Filipino bashing, it is just my experience when I was out and about this morning, where there was a line of traffic and the tricycle drivers were impatient as usual, so they overtook the already bumper to bumper traffic and when nobody would let them back in they started yelling at the other drivers, meanwhile while this was going other tricycles were overtaking on the right hand side, seriously you need eyes in the back and sides of your head to keep track of what is happening, it is like the Indy 500. So there I was doing 30kph in third gear of the four speed box and that is how the trip went, so I suppose I will save on fuel, if nothing else.
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    I believe in climate change and man's contribution to it, that being said I don't think we can "Save the Planet" there's too many people and it's too late to reverse it, we don't have the will, time or tools to do it at this point. Windmills and solar panels can't support our power grids even with battery backups, because we gave up on nuclear fission except for a few countries we're still dependent on coal. Up until 6 months ago when I retired and moved to the Philippines I was a grid operator in the pacific northwest, I know first hand how often wind generation is stagnant, especially when it's needed most during hot summer days. We're shutting down coal plants without anything significant to replace the reliable energy that they supply. Even hydro-generation which was the backbone of our system, we were seeing low snow pack events in the cascades even in British Columbia for several years in a row, which is bad for Californians that are reliant on PNW power especially in the summer. The left and the right need to come together to solve the problem, we need to develop safe nuclear options like France or nuclear fusion if possible and augment it with solar and wind but it ain't gonna happen. I don't have any kids so I don't really have a big stake in the game, at 58 I can't live without my creature comforts, I run the A/C on in the bedroom at night, get yours while you still can I say, in some ways I feel fortunate to be on the downside.
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    Hong Kong suffers from flooding regularly. It has a subway system but it doesn't flood...maybe the engineers here could get some tips?
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    Adherance to traffic signs is, at best, optional for some locals, the remainder either do not see road signs or just ignore them! As for roundabouts, as we brits call them, otherwise known as circles or rotundas, they are a complete mystery to the vast majority of filipino drivers. Two good maxims that has stood me in good stead driving here over the years, is EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and SEE AND AVOID!
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    Your first clue that they don't know what they are talking about should have been the big 'whoopsie' 40 years ago when all of a sudden the global cooling alarmism turned into global warming alarmism. Your second clue should have been within the last 20 years, when they realized their skewed 'warming' numbers weren't really lining up with the more recent cooling trend, and changed the mantra to 'climate change'. IN other words, we don't really know what's happening folks, but it must be something bad, and it must be because of humans. Your third clue should have been ice age correlation to solar activity. Your fourth clue should have been that none of the alarmist predictions have come true. Not the sea level rise, not the ozone hole, not the ice caps. In fact, climate modeling is one of THE most complex systems to understand and therefore attempt to model or predict. If the PHD 'consensus' economists and math experts cannot even accurately model the global economy, what makes us think a scientific model could ever use the intricacies of the global environment to predict an outcome? Your FIFTH clue should have been that these 'consensus' scientists seem to agree at all, which is itself a statistical myth. Scientific method should be a pursuit of empirical data, when in reality one needs to look at the funding and endorsements of those promoting this load of bollocks. Your SIXTH clue should have been the so-called experts own admission, that even if ALL the countries abided by the 2016 Paris accord, the total human impact net difference by the end of the century would be less than 1 degree Celsius. At what total cost of untold Trillions, and losses of human liberty? Before automatically imbibing whatever the latest fake news, junk science, or pseudo-babble that the mainstream media or even NASA want you to believe, at least understand the bigger picture of what it is you think you know about the climate. Here is a good start: https://www.city-journal.org/global-warming This is far from a settled topic, folks. I have been following it myself for 30 years. I have to remind myself often that the world is full of people who don't question anything. Use the brain that God gave you. By all means, lets do our part to keep the planet that we were given, but not worship the creation over the Creator. I'm all for improvements in efficiency, reduction in pollution, etc. But I am not about to hand over my life willingly to a UN world agenda that wants to use the climate as an excuse to control everything we do.
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    Well not really but I was meaning that I have a live in GF for over 2 years who is not after money. Another girl wants to be my GF but will put her on the waiting list But anyway easy to find here if your looking but I just flirt
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    I agree with you, but I am also pretty sure that human impact does NOT improve the situation for the Earth.
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    As an add on to my previous post fortunately although there are more foreigners many aren't the sharpest tools in the box. The amount that I've met who have settled for bar girls is frightening. One pays his girlfriend 2k peso per day as he thinks he is preventing her from working, she hit every branch on the ugly tree when she fell out of it. Seriously she would struggle to get a bar fine. Another friend found out his long term partner had two other boyfriends, one of whom she classed as a fiance. He had just got her a passport to the UK when he found out. He finished with her, called her all the names under the sun and two months later he was back with her. Seriously in a country where any average foreigner could have a choice of 100s of decent girls every week they still opt for bar girls. Don't get me wrong, some of the bar girls are good friends and lovely to talk to but once you get to know them you realise you can't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. They are hardened to life and will use every bit of female charm to seperate you from your money.
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    Am a bachelor and a long time visitor/resident. Im also mid 60s living in Makati. And thankfully I know most of the " ropes" and havent been scammed for over 10 years. And most of the ladies that I date/ meet with /travel with around these great islands are all under 30. So yes for me its still a paradise of sorts. And way better than Thailand where they really are money hungry sharks. I have a live in , who is about 25, great attitude to money, non jealous and is happy and funny, and looks good. And not interested in babies which is fine as those days are well over for me. Ive always enjoyed my time here, speak a little Tagalog and I find a confident happy kind attitude to ladies goes a long way. And hopefully the radar on watching /seeing/observing what a lady says and does will always help separate the diggers from the more real ladies. I stay in reasonable shape but I also see that the ladies dont really care how a guy looks , more how he is.
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    As Geoff said the Sony RX100 series can be a good choice, their picture quality and auto focus is probably unmatched in pocket size cameras. What many people don´t like with them is tiny knobs and complicated menus. If you can accept something a Little bit bigger, Panasonic LX100 II is a really nice camera too and it have an even bigger sensor than the RX100. Decisions decisions
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    Poor infrastructure, pollution, poverty, corruption, expats who can only seem to bitch and complain about the Philippines and the Philippine people.
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