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    I guess it is no surprise with the world's media outlets being controlled by a handful of companies, that they all march in lock-step toward whatever the latest crisis is. Thank you George Soros, but thats getting off topic. As I sit here in my breezy house listening to the birds chirp, my sweet asawa bringing me a second cup of coffee, I can't help but reflect how much better life is in the Philippines. We still have not built our own farmstead on the island, but things are headed in the right direction. Philippines grows most of its own food, and I know that even if Chinese industry collapses or the US breaks apart in civil war, or the Hordes conquer Europe -- not much will change here. Watching the panic spread in the West gives me peace of mind that moving here was the right choice. So I'll continue to complain about the little annoyances, and we will all continue to watch the ebb and flow of the daily amusing experiences, and still crack open a San Mig at the end of the day. God Bless the Philippines!
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    We haven't seen how Corona Virus will impact us here yet, Marvin.
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    Sorry to burst your bubble Marvin......but no man is an island so forgive the pun. As Corona starts to take it's grip here in UK (apparently in 4 weeks after Italy) we will probably be in lockdown! The chances are with so many islands in Philippines, that provided travel limitations are imposed, it will slow down the spread. I wish the good people of Philippines Gods mighty protection, but don't under estimate the seriousness of this virus.
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    That would explain the sudden rush for toilet paper!
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    Hmmm.. I guess the quarantine of Manila, Dinagat, and Bohol, schools suspended in Cebu, shoppers making runs on supermarkets, hoarders buying up medical alcohol and other health supplies, potential bans on church masses, movies and other public gatherings, etc. doesn’t count. 🤷‍♂️ As the tourism dollars or peso’s start drying up, food stocks start running low and people that have money start clamping down on their spending, sit back and watch what shakes loose.
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    Stand by Philippines.....here we come!
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    Western world has lost its' mind? Nah, not here in Las Vegas. Well, at least from my perspective. I can still go back to old school ways of wiping my ass. The Filipino tabo-tabo method is the way to go. However, in my own morbid perspective.....this is my attitude against stupid people. Whoever is hoarding ALL the shit paper in Las Vegas, whatcha gonna do when your toilet is plugged up? I have ALL the toilet plungers......he, he.
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    Let's all hope the banks don't close so you can withdraw your 5 peso or you may end up on the 5/6 EH?
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    Couldn't agree more. We don't need to import food, we live in a balmy climate that is not friendly to the virus, and a lot of islands who can self quarantine as you say. All in all, not a bad place to be.
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    This is true, it is barely getting started in most western countries.
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    I took a huge hit yesterday. I mentioned that I was down 5.5% last week. Now it is 18%. I did make a few buys yesterday but they are losers so far. No worries. I don't need that money any time soon and all of these investments are good dividends payers with good track records. It may take a year or two or three, but they will come back.
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    Advice from a country with regular shortages: stop hoarding toilet paper, get ready for boredom. https://www.theguardian.com/world/commentisfree/2020/mar/12/advice-from-a-country-with-regular-shortages-stop-hoarding-toilet-paper-get-ready-for-boredom
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    Response to the alcohol in hand sanitizer posts: Reminder that hand washing is better than hand sanitizer. Washing is better at physically removing germs and viruses. The weak point of the vius is a fatty layer in its shell. Soap is the better way to break down that fatty layer and kill the virus.
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    Yes, but it was just a trick from him, to get all the flight stewardesses for himself
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    Why don't we send the Cambodians in to eat them? It'll save a fortune.
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    If the banks have run out of money then we are in such deep you know what that there will be nothing to buy with the money we don't have. I don't keep anything like 6 months in cash on hand - maybe 1 month max. It's not keeping me awake at night!
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    Most UK pensions are set up via an autopay system - once it's up and running there is nothing to be done. It would require a collapse of the UK government and insurance companies to lead to a problem with pensions - possible but unlikely. Banks are simply the conduit for payments, not the provider.
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    Right you are! My point gents, is I'd rather be here riding it out then just about anywhere else.
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    I always feel you are waiting in the wings here....ready to pounce! But that's okay... you are polite and gentlemanly (mostly) about that. And, besides, my last was not so much doomsday... It was Fried-Day!
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    I second that - anything to keep him off the Corona Virus thread!
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    This news report supports some of HK's and Marvin's posts about not going too far with prognostications. Another interesting - and short article that might be of interest: A new study in The Lancet medical journal published Wednesday found that the novel coronavirus lived in the respiratory tracts of some patients for more than five weeks. Some of the patients received antiviral medications but the drugs did not appear to shorten the virus's lifespan. The 19 doctors who authored the study analyzed the medical records of 191 patients in China (135 from Jinyintan Hospital and 56 from Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital), including the demographic, clinical, treatment and laboratory data of 137 coronavirus patients who were discharged and 54 patients who died in the hospital. They found that the virus was present in the bodies of patients with severe disease status for an average of 19 days, and inside the bodies of patients with critical disease status for an average of 24 days. Overall, the virus was detected for an average of 20 days in patients who were eventually discharged from the hospital. In the respiratory tracts of patients who died, coronavirus was detectable until death. The shortest length of time the virus lived in the respiratory tract of a survivor was eight days. And perhaps most shocking of all, in some cases, the virus persisted for as long as 37 days. "This has important implications for both patient isolation decision making and guidance around the length of antiviral treatment," the authors of the study concluded. For weeks, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been advising Americans who traveled to one of the virus's epicenters or who may have been otherwise exposed to self-quarantine for 14 days. Does this study suggest the risk could persist longer? Well, not necessarily. CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus says using this study's findings to extrapolate how long a person might be contagious is probably taking it a step too far. "This is an important study to understand the medical course of patients who have symptomatic cases of Covid-19 infection," he said in an email. "I would be very cautious to use these data to quantify periods of being infectious. This information has yet to be determined definitively." In other words, the professionals still really do not know s*** about this virus. That is the scariest part to me. And yet another interesting article just found actually seems to be the most informative and answers a lot of my questions. But it is too long to copy here. But the link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/you-asked-us-tons-of-questions-about-the-coronavirus-we-answered-them/ar-BB1165Sh?li=BBnba9O
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    https://www.femalenetwork.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/coronavirus-code-red-meaning-20200309 What does "Code Red" mean? The DOH has clarified that Code Red (Alert Level 4), Sublevel-1 "is a preemptive call to ensure that national and local governments and public and private health care providers can prepare for [the] possible increase in suspected and confirmed cases." The government adds, "With Code Red, the DOH has recommended to the Office of the President for the declaration of a State of Public Health Emergency which will facilitate mobilization of resources, ease processes, including procurement of critical logistics and supplies, and intensifying reporting." Code Red Sublevel-1 means that it's important to postpone any unnecessary travel and to reschedule any even or mass gathering to a later date. Health Secretary Francisco Duque III also noted in a previous bulletin that "it is our individual responsibility to protect ourselves and the people around us." The Code Red level will be raised to Sublevel-2 if "there are established community transmissions and unlinked clusters of cases," according to Health Secretary Francisco Duque III in a report by ABS-CBN. Sublevel-2 can trigger suspension of classes and work, as well as community quarantines.
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    "The jungle" was from the traffic circle to the SBMA gate by Gordon Hospital. The gate by Gordon Hospital wasn't there when the base was open, I'm not sure when they erected it, Magsaysay drive wasn't one way back then but their wasn't much traffic. Just about every building you see now on both Rizal ave and Magsaysay and the streets between up until the traffic circle were bars or clubs back then and also Gordon ave, at the Victory liner circle going out to the market there were some Filipino clubs. My station dito friends and I liked to go out to Barrio Baretto especially when the fleet was in because it was quiet, imagine what the town would be like with 10,000 Arizona Kids running around drinking mojo and sam miguel.
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    The problem is not the lack of rules but rather that rules are ignored and/or not enforced.
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    Personally i was thinking of digging out my old commercial diver gear, think it might upset the neighbour's though
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    Another upgrade.
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    If you live on a pension from somewhere other than the Philippines system, you might need to worry. If not, keep feeling safe!
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    In the words of Private Fraser Were doomed ! Were all doomed ! Wonder if the colonials will get that lol
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    Watching the news and tv debates about the virus and what the government is doing and what others saying we should be doing and accusing the government of not doing enough to protect the people, like closing down schools, stopping large gatherings and travel plans. Now being a responsible adult I am taking my own advice , no holidays abroad , no going to gatherings in fact no going out if I don’t want too, yes I am lucky I don’t work so I am not mixing with lots of other people . Common sense many of us have so it’s down to each of us to use it, just my own thoughts.
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    I glanced through it, but no mention of stop lights or U turns that I could see. Looks like you're up, Tommy...
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    Though I am sure they will survive, I had an email from Emirates this morning regarding our flight from Manila to London on the 18th April, offering an upgrade to business class for £278. I have often had these before, but invariably about 24 hours before travel, not more than a month prior to travel. I am tempted to write back saying I will accept a free upgrade otherwise I will cancel the booking. I wonder if it might work? With the announcement yesterday that domestic air and sea travel to/from Manila shut down for 30 days I guess all MNL international flights will have to route via Cebu or Clark for at least the next month?
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    Well, that's certainly good news for us here in Davao... Let's just hope there aren't any asymptomatic carriers wandering around here spreading it about. I will continue to sequester myself as much as possible - costs me nothing and makes me relax a bit. However, I did have to go out today to get more internal medication (Tanduay) to help prevent infection... So far it seems to be working! I am not sick yet (physically).
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    Tom, none of us are experts (as far as I know) and even the experts are not so expert which is why I have not commented much on this topic other than to swat you down with your doomsday scenarios!
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    I am hoping that we can find someone
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    Doesn't there need to be a sign allowing right turns with caution on reds. So not in every case. Found out a few days ago from a very polite traffic officer that a flashing red light is a stop and go condition not a proceed with caution condition.
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    Several of the relations have tvplus so we tried it in the front apartment, sort of worked but froze and stuttered a bit. I think out the back with a 20 foot pipe and decent aerial it should do the job.
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    Tommy if I HAD and IRA I think I would have leveraged it at least 30% in gold about two years ago. The signs have been building for longer than that. Sucks being poor. A tip of the hat to local malls and businesses, who seem to be taking their own sanitization measures. I've been really impressed in the last two weeks. - Saw some mall girls at the bottom of each escalator applying sanitizer to the hand rails as they rolled by, continually - The temp checks and hand sanitizer available upon entry into the malls - McDonalds girl wiping down the order touch-screen with sanitizer between customers - A lot of businesses with sanitizer available as you walk in, etc. It occurs to me that jeepney's are naturally sanitized by all the noxious fumes they emit
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    Because he's the one who sneezed! Excellent way to get a seat in Business Class...
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    Late yesterday afternoon, City of Davao declared all schools to be closed, starting today. L went to work for certain errands but only some students who need to take exams. Fortunately, someone saw this coming and they scheduled exams earlier before end of school year in a few weeks, so little harm done to students. Also there were advisories similar to what I've read elsewhere - avoid crowds, stay home, don't go to church or mosque services. So I am laying low and will go out sometimes if I need something, but it's definitely full time mask time when anywhere but the apartment or inside the car. Glad I already had toilet paper (recent routine run to S & R), hand sanitizer, and I also stocked up on staple foods last week. Avoidance to exposure seems like the best bet. But I also read just the title of a news story - but not the entire thing - that says something to the effect of "new research" finds that the virus can be in the air for 3 hours and survive on plastic surfaces for "days." If true, that might go a long way toward explaining one reason how this bug is spreading so far and wide so quickly? And I am watching my IRA's and other investments dropping precipitously. I know they will eventually come back up... and I have no solvency issues for a long time, but.... hate to see those years of gains wiped out so suddenly and deeply...
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    Just read, first case confirmed in Mindanao.
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    Metro Manila quarantine from March 15- April 12. City wide lock down when there's more than 2 cases in 2 different barangays. I imagine that's all the cities in Metro Manila or will be soon. https://gulfnews.com/travel/duterte-places-metro-manila-under-lockdown-1.70342223 Dubai: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has placed the national capital region or Metro Manila, composed of 16 cities and one municipality, under lockdown for one month to contain the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Philippines. Duterte declared the suspension of domestic travel to and from Metro Manila from March 15 until April 14. At least 12 million Filipinos residing in Manila, Quezon City, Caloocan, Las Piñas, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Parañaque, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Taguig, and Valenzuela, as well as the municipality of Pateros will be affected by the lockdown. Duterte made the announcement via live social media broadcast on Thursday, after announcing the coronavirus alert level in the Philippines has been raised to Code Red Sublevel 2, where there is evidence of community transmission. Duterte also suspended classes in all school levels and government work in the executive branch for one month or until April 12. The move follows confirmation on Saturday of the Philippines’ first domestic transmission of the virus, which has killed two people there and infected 53. Duterte was tested for the new coronavirus on Thursday, officials said, as key government buildings were being disinfected over an exposure scare. The Philippines has seen a jump this week in cases, including people who recently attended events with Senate lawmakers and government officials, potentially exposing them. The Senate building and Philippine central bank were undergoing cleaning, and several officials announced they would isolate themselves as a precaution. Duterte, who at 74 is in a vulnerable age group for the virus, underwent testing because he has been in regular contact with some of those officials.
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    Try not to skimp on the coax, there are various types of 75ohm coax available and they have less or more loss of signal over a given distance (normally they're rated in db of loss per 100 feet or db of loss per 30 meters). Other things being equal a thicker coax will generally have lower loss (and probably cost more). RG6 TV coaxial cable will have lower loss than RG59 coaxial cable but either will work, I would suggest using RG6 if you can' find it but by all means keep the lengths of coax as short as needed to cover the distance. Whilst you won't break anything by buying pre made cables that are too long and coiling up the excess you will have more loss (might or might not be enough to matter). And you might come across other cable types, what you're looking for is 75 ohm coax not 50ohm coaxial cable.
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    This forum is full Americans so you'll surely find someone - they are great at speaking an English language!
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    Everything is legal unless you get caught. You got caught therefore it is not legal. I think that just about summarised how things work here visa ve road rules (and most other things).
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    Well they are enforced when someone sees an advantage.
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    Popular sales pitch, that.
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    A fancy new plaque eh... like the 10 commandments tablets
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