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    Sorry my humour might be a bit too subtle. I was joking that the reason the dogs and cockerels are getting quieter is because they've been eaten. 😏
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    At my old house in Baston lincolshire ,i was in the return flight path for the lancaster of the battle of britain flight , i had many a good close view of the aircraft After it flew over london for william and kates wedding ,i grabbed my camera and stood out in my paddock after about 30 mins its came over and i started snapping ,the crew spotted me and bought the plane around and dipped their wings i could see the guys waving at me ,all 4 merlin engines roaring away
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    We are Aliens according to BoI.
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    My latest sketch. The title is "How bout I lock down ur @ss"
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    I am almost 70 and the wife is the only one who can go out. I am calling it marital law.
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    I wish him and anyone else who may have this virus a speedy recovery
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    Too many topics on the same subject so as they run there course I will lock them. Also info is changing all the time.
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    Eve just found some amongst the other stuff, panic station endex lol.
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    Jim don't you have a Sori Sori nearby, they normally have paracetamol albeit Bio Gesic by name. Just a thought, maybe give Eddie a text, he is nearest to you if you are in to much pain, I am sure he will help you out. @Eddie1
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    We sent money this morning, and we are in Iloilo. The ordinance I've seen allows money shops to be open (along with a lot of other businesses), but the issue seems to be a lot of shops don't want to stay open.
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    Here in Sta Rosa Laguna some were open with limited hours and limited number customers. The ones we attempted had hours 10am - 3pm. Lines were very long with an average of 20+ waiting. Then you may not be before the cutoff. My wife waited about two hours to send her mom some money. I was in the aircon car.
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    Lets all hope and pray somehow the Wuhan Virus will have little impact in Philippines.
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    I live on Boracay now. Just making a bad joke that the reason the dogs and cockerels are getting quieter is with food getting scarce for some maybe they've eaten then. 😏
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    I think that really would be a very bad idea. Investing is not for the faint of heart. I have been doing this for over 35 years. No one can really time the ups and downs accurately. Sometimes you can get close. But the long term view is that stocks have gone up historically forever... Now is the time to hang on and wait. I have a few investments and was lucky when I sold some about three weeks ago to finance the home build. First time I was ever really lucky with timing. If I were to consider my remaining investments now (which I do daily) I would be aghast at the losses - and I am... But it's only on paper, not realized losses. There's a big difference. If things don't improve over the long run, there will be a lot more problems than just stock valuations...we're talking possible famine (remember the locust plague right now in Africa???), incredible joblessness and more... But I don't think that will happen. Things will bounce back and eventually be better than before. As depressed as I feel right now, I see there will be massive improvement when all this virus issue is done and passed.
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    In my 26 years exposed to the Filipino culture and going on 8 years living here, I can make this "general observation". Filipinos in general are not very good at "thinking outside the box", taking initiative or accepting personal responsibility
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    Where I am at they take the arrestees to the stadium and have them sit a meter apart outside until the end of curfew. And that is around the track, not in any seats.
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    AND the Health Minister https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51827356
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    WHY would an over 65 want to be out and about ? Trying harder to catch the damned virus...or spread it ? STAY HOME ! Send somebody else out for your needs...and make sure they have a mask, and clean their hands properly, etc. PAY them if need be. This is life-threatening stuff guys, ffsake.
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    Morbid, but brilliant ! .
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    Jim, I have plenty of Paracetamol, I can drop some down to you and restock from the Pharmacies here in Dauin. Let me know if you want.
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    Ex wife got a ride in the back seat of an F-16 trainer one time. They give you a copy of the flight video recorder, which is pretty boring, with accompanying audio track. It sounded like she was having sex, all the ooooh's and aaaah's and heavy breathing, haha haha. We used to get a laugh about that every time she played it for someone. At least she told me it was the flight recorder....
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    I haven't been out since Saturday, but then all the pawn shops were open as usual but it may depend on local situation i.e. can staff get to the office etc. With restrictions on movement probably becoming more stringent I hope they don't lose sight of the fact that certain things need to operate to keep people safe - the financial system being one.
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    Curious where this info came from. I currently live in Bacolod and are over 65...out and about on a daily basis, often going through check points where just the temperature is checked. never has there been any mention of a senior, also been to many supermarkets, apart from a long line no issues. Several friends here also no issues.
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    If it was felt here...not by me - I slept right through it. L woke me to see if I felt it... and then I went back to sleep...
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    I was looking through a list of Executive Orders and directives issued by various government offices. It is amazing just how many ‘Clarifications’ to previous edicts have to be issued because no one thought through their consequences.
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    Just my opinion, but I think many are crediting our political leaders with way too much intelligence and forward thinking. I doubt we will see any significant changes in how we are governed due to this outbreak.
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    Piper also built a later incarnation of the Mustang in the early 70's called the Enforcer. The piston engine was replaced by a Lycoming T55 turbo-prop.
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    Is this really true? During the Battle of Brittain, Hurricanes was used against the slower bombers and the Spits engaged the german fighters. This was because the Spitfires had better performance. The Spitfires continued their role as an excellent interceptor until the end of the war, while the Hurricanes were more used for ground attack and was then replaced in that role too, by the Hawker Typhoon. Production of the Hurricane ended in 1944. Hurricane was a great plane and during the Battle of Brittain they scored more victorys than Spitfires, but a great reason for that was that RAF had a lot more of them and they also engaged the slower and "easier" targets. Hurricane could take a lot of damage too and still keep on flying and it was very robust in harsh conditions.
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    If we can go to nearer the end of the war then I'd choose the Hurricane over the later Spitfire and by that time the Mustang had evolved into more of a multi purpose aircraft with significant ground attack capabilities. The hurricane was... more functional... at higher altitudes and height was safety. Speaking as an ex pilot... I've give my left arm for a decent fly in any of them :)
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    Fascinating stuff, eh. If any of you guys are interested, and need a good read during these trying 'lockdown' times, may I suggest having a look at this man's life story ? (Just learned that he lived to 97 years too. Happy for him ! ) . https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/eric-brown-unflappable-british-test-pilot-who-set-world-records-dies-at-97/2016/02/22/059d7a26-d974-11e5-925f-1d10062cc82d_story.html
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    This has been posted before but why not again!
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    BI info PRESS RELEASE 27 March 2020 BI temporarily allows immigrants, non-immigrants to depart sans ACR I-Card The Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced that they will temporarily be allowing foreign nationals with approved and implemented visas but awaiting release of their Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-Card) to depart the country. Said announcement was in light of the Enhanced Community Quarantine and Stringent Social Distancing Measures directive from Malacanang. Regular procedures require departing aliens with approved visas but pending ACR I-Card to secure a Waiver at the BI's main office. “We will no longer be requiring ACR I-Card Waiver Orders for departing foreign nationals. With the rapid spike in COVID-19 cases, we were prompted to make additional measures to lessen person to person contact,” said Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente. In lieu of the ACR I-Card Waiver Order, the requirements to be presented in the airport are as follows: Passport with valid visa, as indicated in the implementation stamp, official receipts of the ACR I-Card Waiver Application Fee and Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) with Returning Permit (RP) or Special Resident Certificate (SRC), whichever is applicable. Morente further advised departing foreign nationals to keep said requirements as the same will be needed for when they enter the country again under their respective visas.
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    Call which office? Main? Do you think they have someone answering the phones on a skeletal staffing? Got an email address for someone high enough in the BI in the main office to give a valid answer that will be applicable to every region? In the mean time, since you cannot extend you visa online and there is no BI office in my province and since my province is in extensive community lockdown where I can't even leave my city, I'm not going to worry about my visa.
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    Yeah... I hear you, HK. Perhaps I should have worded that a bit differently? I just see that we need to all distance ourselves as the mandates order. As much isolation as possible seems to be helping. I have no problem with quarantine. From what I have read, it will possibly prolong the duration of the contagion, but it might reduce the effects sooner... Certainly, I am far from an expert on this. But this is what I read and see... Honestly, I don't think we are really too far away from desperate measures being necessary... They may seem "draconian, " but they might stem the tide and stop this virus in its tracks? Anyway... let's hope it all goes away soon!
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    How would that work? Families live together and interact. Family members go to work in essential jobs (and I mean essential) and therefore interact with other people who may be infected. I understand desperate measure are needed for desperate times but it is pointless to set a goal that both cannot and will not be achieved. If we do reach the desperate stage, and in my opinion we are not there by any means, then desperate measure may be needed but I doubt we'll face that.
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    Yeah.. you are right... sorry... I lost my concentration... thanks for the correction!
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    Sadly , the lack of logic curse strikes again. Me, Im senior, with no househelp and fortunately Im still going to the supermarket when required and in Makati theres a great many seniors still shopping. But really, the people making these rules seem to make them in a mental vacuum. They never seem to get around to thinking " what if that person etc etc ...... Just one blanket rule. Then again the amount of rules that contradict one another from barangay to barangay is astonishing.. some will fine curfew breakers, some wont. Some will stop seniors some wont...some will ban alcohol others wont... and for some Senators the rules whatever they are wont apply....... lol......
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    I used an agent for several years with tourist visa... so easy and only maybe 250 pesos each go? No time for me at BI, no waiting, no lines, no BS... But I did have to go to their office - which is about 50 meters away from the BI. No home service...at least here in Davao...
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    I guess I am fortunate. Whenever anyone guesses my age, they always guess low - mid-50's-ish. But then, I have not needed to go out for a few days and will not need to for maybe at least two weeks or more. There are supposed to be baranguay passes required, but they have not figured out how to do it, so only ID's are required. I really don't know since I have not gone out. Even the dogs and roosters seem quieter than usual. And there is no karaoke... So there are some good things going on!
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    I see the air around Davao City to be much cleaner than before. From our third floor apartment, the view is better than ever. Plus, the usual black dust that accumulates on surfaces is not building up as quickly as usual. So, now, wouldn't it be really cool if some of the powers that be (particularly some politicians) would take notice and suddenly get gee whiz moments, "Wow... The world's air is cleaner! Maybe we can figure out how to help reverse some of the scourge we humans have delivered upon our tiny planet!" Naaahhhh. Just wishful thinking on my part... That would be assuming intelligence from them... Oh well... Time for another shot of Tanduay...
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    That makes a nice story but the History Channel says: Perhaps the program you watched called upon their artistic license, or perhaps they have new information that others do not have. Perhaps the illness came from Ancient Aliens and now that I have mentioned it, there will undoubtedly be a documentary on that aspect.
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    During this Lockdown, I have been sitting too long in the chair!
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    Speaking of the current regional variances in age-limited activity...... My wife left to pay bills and shop today. The normal 3 hr. trip took 5 hours. First stop was at the nearby barangay hall to pick up a single trip use travel pass. Only adults, no children. She, along with our trike driver and his wife (regular helper and shopping trip helper) went in. Very long, social distance lines with spaced waiting chairs outside and limited number of entrants at one times. At our Robinson's only the side entrance of the grocery store, with its in-store pharmacy was open. 10 customers were allowed in at a time as a group unit, and everyone else waited outside the store entrance until all 10 came out. Then another 10 were allowed to enter. NOT 1 out, 1 in. Since the ate helper and her husband (our family service trike driver) are both over 59, they are NOT allowed entry. They will have to have ate's 53 year old sister do their shopping they were told. At the Gaisano mall both the Jolli Bee and Mag Inasol were closed today, but not three days ago. The G mall was open and my wife picked up some take-out. Dine-in not allowed. Unlimited entry into that mall but most everything was closed. Pharmacies and grocery open. Water stations are open. Some restos are still open along the the beach front, but limited to 10am -3pm. I don't know the details re dine in or only take-out and regulations. Ate usually gets my beer, 2 Kings at a time at the closest sari-sari for the new price of P95@, but today she found another barangay store that sold her a case of 6 for P75@, so at least something got a tiny bit better. I am obviously staying home and on my computer most of the day, but now since our co-madre's 4 year old can't go home in the adjoining province, I have to share my computer time with her and allow her some pre-K you tube vids..... she uses the mouse to delete pop-up banners, ads, expand the screen to max, and scroll wheels the side bar vids..... and I never showed her.... she must have picked it up from watching the other adult females using their phones and tablets. I am amazed at her speed and deftness.... she is a very tiny creature. Things could be a lot worse, and we are all still healthy, so I am not complaining one whit.
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    Kirkland is our backup coffee. We usually buy Seattle's Best Coffee. Walmart in the US had, I think, four bags that came to the same weight as two bags of the SBC in S&R for less than what we buy it here for. I didn't divide the shipping into it but we were shipping other things as well, so I figured I'd throw in the coffee at a slightly better price. We probably spent the same for the coffee but, like I said, S&R runs out of SBC all of the time. As for the costs, @OnMyWay started a good thread here on ShippingCart: https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/29045-shippingcartcom/ Basically, the sea cargo is charged by dimension and the air cargo by actual weight. The last sea box that we shipped had 12 items and was $28. In 2019, we air shipped 7 items once for $31.
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    I feel for you Tom, and anyone else who is in the middle of a construction project now. It must be really frustrating! On a lighter note, you could use the slowdown in progress to make any modifications you feel might be appropriate in the light of this experience. An example might be.....
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    I really love those sort of events... and I'm really appreciative of our American friends' efforts to keep these old aircraft (and other vehicles) beautifully preserved, and in use, where possible.
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    I read this last night which states the virus is natural and not man made. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/researchers-say-covid-19-product-of-natural-evolution-not-a-laboratory-construct
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    I guess it will be like the UK, and probably other countries, they will start to prioritise who stays and who gets kicked out. Only difference here is that ability to pay will be one of the criteria.
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    Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, now that some of the better hospitals in Manila are closing their doors to new patients how long will it be before they start transferring people to provincial hospitals?
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    Out of 552 confirmed positive cases, they reported 33 have died, and 19 have recovered. That is what was reported. If 33 are dead, 519 are still under care. 19 of them recovered. I would think that means they are in releasable and non-contagious health. I would think that all numbers are tentative and not fully indicative of the true scope since the number of infected carriers is unknown and in constant flux. I just read the news feeds and check on-line newspapers for the places that I live or have friends and relatives. Hope Canada and B.C is doing a good job to protect you.
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