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    This was my very first non-stop flight (14 & 1/2 hours) to the Philippines, and my wife and I slept through most of it. Philippine Airlines is OK, except for their food. Upon arrival in Cebu, my wife and I were tested for COVID-19 with swabs used on our mouths and noses, which was quick and not too painful. While we wait for the results, we are imprisoned in a government-approved quarantine hotel in Lapu-Lapu. Getting the results, which we both expect to be negative, will take 2 -4 days, and if we pass, we'll be issued certificates showing that we're both negative for COVID-19. At that point, we can quarantine at any place of our choosing. The hotel has air-con and Sky TV, plus 3 rice meals each day... not too bad for 2,700 PHP per day,
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    Here is an update regarding PRA here in Davao: I went there this morning and the director of the local field office here was the one to help me with renewing my SRRV that technically expired on April 24 this year. He told me that the office had reopened for business on June 6. I mentioned that I did not know that and perhaps his office might send out an e-mail or text message to inform "members" of the reopening? He said that a notification had already been sent out, so I told him that I did not receive any... He told me that he would look into that. Apparently they have staggered shift days so, instead of three people being there every day, only one or two are there. They are quite helpful and efficient. They accepted my payment, gave me the proper, legal receipt and I was thus saved from having to go to the Land Bank myself...they did that before and will do that again. That's what I call service! I learned two new things today. First, I was not previously aware that I could pay the annual fee in advance for up to three years. I only had enough cash for two years, but readily paid that. It was P36,720 for the two year payment. They told me the new card would be available in about one month. But, meanwhile, I have a receipt to prove the continuation and payment. Secondly, the director asked where I lived and I told him about the rented apartment and also mentioned that my partner and I were building a new home and showed him some photos. He was very interested. He told me to let him know when it was completed and he would then process some paperwork that will do two things: It will guarantee that I maintain ownership of the constructed building and any improvements on the leased land, regardless about my relationship with my partner. It will also free up my US$10,000 deposit for the visa and allow me to withdraw all of that, in the same manner that foreigners can do if leasing or owning a condo or apartment. So, the real estate will replace the cash deposit as "collateral" for the visa. I asked him further questions and he said this was totally legal and above board and common practice. However he said that not all directors would necessarily go through the drill to do this always because it took some work and time on their part to deal with it. I have always been impressed with this PRA office and today's experience supported those feelings.
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    Went for a short drive yesterday to Don Salvador as decided to visit the above after 4 year. Its much cooler here with temps around 25 during day time at moment. There is no problem here being out and about regardless of age, just best to have a mask if in public areas. Many small coffee chops have sprouted and most were busy, something akin to a sari sari shop, one opens next dozens in area. Anyway, I remembered the track down which was noticeably improved with the addition of concrete steps, at least in the beginning. The hike down is around 45 minutes with a few areas being difficult, at least for me! My partner had no such problem. Met by a local guy about halfway whom offered to join us, sure no problem, was expecting a demand for money at conclusion....Pity I am so suspicion as all he wanted was to sell us a lot of 100Sq for P150,000 so we could have a garden.....My partner is garden mad and always stopping to examine plants, (stole a few also) The falls would be around 70 meters at a guess, pretty nice and spotlessly clean, very swim able how ever not for these old bones as extremely cold...... We enjoyed lunch amid the spray, and was a welcome break from being semi locked up last months. Oh we were informed that charges apply like in pretty much every national park area. As we went down the old track nobody saw us, normally its P50 for a local and....(which i hate) P150 for a long nose. Includes a guide that is not required. Much as I dislike this one must think well lets hope it goes to people in need.... Nice afternoon entertainment.
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    I have to ask Edrigo if you have ever visited the Philippines before. It would help to phrase our answers. But to you questions. Most land is privately owned here so most likely if you just camped out you would run the risk of trespassing. 2nd unless you were really in the middle of no where you would be drawing attention to your self big time. 3rd you would need a industrial strength mosquito net, there are all sorts of creepie crawlers here, not counting the two legged kind. But let me give you my personal answer. I spent 33 years in the military, most of it in combat units. I have slept outdoors all over the world in all weather. There is NO WAY on gods green earth I would sleep outdoors here unless I was fully armed had my platoon at my back, was surrounded by barbed wire, claymore mines and had on call artillery targets ready to fire on my position.
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    Did it ever occur to you they were working girls? If I go to Ayala alone I get approached to but its not because they like me its because they are freelancers.
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    I think that depends upon where in the Philippines that you 'troll the malls'. The attitude I notice towards western men (well me) is very different in Manila than it is in Cagayan De Oro. Not that I'm looking but it's obvious sometimes. And the effect is even more pronounced if I visit Ozamiz. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the effect of 'mall trolling' is inversely proportional to the number of foreign guys in the area.
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    I used to live in Washington state and am familiar with the weather there. When Old55 says "short summer months" he is stretching the truth quite a bit. Last year in Seattle summer happened to fall on a Thursday and the people who had to work were really pissed.
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    Heeb, when you On a BB stamp you are undocumented so no one really knows you are here so there is no need for an ECC, You can't get a BB Stamp on your Return if your wife is Not with you, The Stamp is a one off so if you leave before the expiry of the current one, You will forfeit the remainder of time left, Sad to say, that things will be a long time before it all gets sorted but would say Best of Luck to you on this my friend
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    From what I see lately is to be an expat you must like discussing statistics and graphs and go over the same thing until the cows come home. Hope you fit in.
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    Hi TerryP welcome to the forum. Good luck with your future endevours but take things slowly and one step at a time. The Philippines at times defies logic to freshly landed Westerners and even some of the more seasoned veterans. There's legal law and laws of probability here. Each one can be interpretated depending on what day of the week, what side of the bed those involved in get out of and who is connected to who. Deal with the annulment first before spending a single peso in any business, write this out one thousand times and place it on the fridge, CR and above the TV. I had a partner for two years who is married with a daughter and abandoned by her partner, he is/was an Overseas Foreign Worker who only has enough contact with the daughter to keep his head above water. There are laws that fathers must pay maintenance and he pays the bare minimum as his visa depends on it. It's true that you can go to jail for adultery even though the husband has abandoned his wife but there are family courts the wife can go to where she can get a certificate of abandonment. This will give you and her some protection in law from accusations of adultery. It could save you in 99% of cases but if you get a religious judge you could still do time. Ensure your partner seeks advice on this, not being funny but get concrete evidence that she does it as many will say they will do something here but doing it is a whole new ball game. The reason why you "MUST" get an annulment before spending a peso is you are a foreigner ripe for the picking. You spend your Worldly savings on a business which won't be in your name and the husband appears crying adultery, or his family or a greedy family member get involved and you get reported, at best your visa will be cancelled, you blacklisted and kicked out of the country, never to return. Goodbye savings.
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    OK even though this info has been said many times that part is simple. Just arrive here and as a UK citizen you get a visa waivior for 30 days, then at some point you go to immigration or pay an agent and get another 29 days. Then before that is over you go again up until 36 months. That's a tourist visa in a nut shell. Don't forget you will need an ongoing ticket to anywhere which you wont normally use but you must have to say you will be leaving. If and when that happens other visa such as 13a become the next step. Hope you thought long and hard about that. You could lose it all before you get married or after. What documents are you asking about?
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    The CR renovation is finished, some minor alterations were made to the original design because we were working with an existing space but I'm happy with how it's ended up. We were going to change the door type but the frame was deeply embedded in the concrete so we just replaced the old brown door with a white version of the same type. And we were going to fit a cabinet under the sink but a lack of available ones in size and color to suit meant we went with just the suspended sink with small cabinet above. A built in dresser will be added to the bedroom later near the door going into the CR. NB The shower glass is slightly tinted and the reflections of the sink in one photo and the toilet in another photo are just that, reflections.
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    To be honest I'm not a party animal and neither are the Korean and Chinese. They tend to stay in the high end resorts and seam to come to a tropical paradise to hide away from the sun. They literally leave their resorts, walk along Dmall and a few of the other restaurant areas for food then back to their resorts. Even peak season you'll only see a few on the 4.5km of beach during the day. At 5:30pm they are like ants on the beach to watch the stunning sunsets and then they eat in the restaurants and go to bed. You can walk past Willy's rock to station one most days even in peak season and it's empty. The high end resorts there have nice pools and shade from the sun. I'm currently averaging about ten seconds face to face conversations daily. It's that quiet. I've enclose a couple of photos taken today and one with high tide taken the other day.
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    Back Again...Here's a tale of the "new guy" on the forum. I kept getting email notices about this conversation thread, and I kept following the link only to see the same thread I'd been reading for the last couple weeks. Then yesterday I had an "ah ha" moment - I did not know this thread was up to 4 pages. Never noticed the "page" indicator on the bottom. So I kept looking at page 1, and y'all have moved along way past that. Duh. Anyway...to respond to a couple statements. I was in Boracay the first week of March. I thought that was Malay Province, and Aklan was actually south of there, so I may have mis-spoke about my exploration there. My purpose was to cruise up and down between Caticlan and Kalibo and see how it compared as a contender for moving to the Philippines. I stayed in Boracay partly because that was where all the hotels and Air BnBs were, and partly because my brother was tagging along with some of his adult kids, so thought it would be a fun place for them. Boracay tourism was really down at that point - the South Korea version of COVID-19 was just hitting its stride. My wife and I ate brunch one morning at one of the upscale resorts and the waiter told me out of 200 rooms, they only had 11 occupied.. The van company I used to get from Kalibo up to Boracay had a great guy who really knew his way around and we used him for a day with one of their drivers to repeat the trip between Kalibo and Boracay - but off the beaten path and all over the boonies for about 8 hours. My mother in law is from a farm up in the hills above Kalibo and I had been there before. Was kind of impressed with how clean and laid out the city is. We were also looking at things around Nabas. We were on some wide open beaches in between Kalibo and Nabas - nice area. I had mentioned earlier that I have some specific criteria we're seeking. That area meets some of it, but some of would be a bit bothersome to work out. We've moved it to third on our "preference" list. (One thing I came away with was the surprise at the changes in Boracay. I had first visited there about 20 some years ago. At that time, there were no departure/docking terminals at either end of the boat trip. You just went down to the dock, there was a guy there directing people to boats like they were taxis, you paid, you went. When you got to the island, there was no jetty. The boat stopped off shore and dropped a ramp, you went down into knee deep water, and you waded ashore. Then when you got across the beach, there you were - in front of mult-bazillion dollar Hilton. Typical Philippine schizophrenic experience.) We left Caticlan after a couple days, and spent five days roaming around Dumaguete. Liked it, though I liked the area around Dauin best. Then flew up to Manila and got there 36 hours before the Manila airport quarantine kicked in that stopped all domestic flights from landing there. Dodged that bullet. We flew back to the US two days later. Of course, haven't been able to go back since. We had planned on going back in April to check out the greater Subic City/Olongapo/Freeport zone area. Right now, the virus is causing us problems at both ends. My wife retires next February, so we can't deal with a 14 day quarantine to spend a week looking at more potential places to live. Meanwhile, my application for a 13A visa is on hold (my wife is a dual citizen) - the Pierce County Sheriff Dept that has police jurisdiction over where I've lived the last 22 years is not fielding any requests for things like Police Clearance until the County goes to "phase 3" of moving past the lock down policies. At the rate the whole damn US is going, we may never get past where we are. My Plan B is that we might just end up flying in March, get a Balikbayan visa at the airport, go into the 14 day quarantine (since we'll both be retired at the point, we won't care much), then go up to Subic for a while and finish the exploration we wanted to do this year. We'll have our world packed into two suitcases and two balikbayan boxes. so we'll be mobile and fairly flexible to sort it out . But still hoping we can get to a better place before the year is out and get the visa in place, at the least. Another quirk to interject into the journey - dealing with the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA). As my wife was setting up things for her dual citizenship and new passport, the consulate wanted the new PSA birth certificate. She has birth certificates printed back in the 80s and 90s from the Mabalacat courthouse. Since they were in a transition period, they took those. But we ordered her new one form PSA. It came back with a different birth year! Only way to fix that is petition the court to correct the birth year. So we had done that and had a court date (finally) of March 31 (which is why were going to do a Subic tour in April). The virus blew that away, and that whole fiasco is also hanging - though we luckily got all her paperwork done using her old birth certificates. Still - it's something we want to fix. Feels like something that will just come back and be a hassle some day. Glad I started this whole immigration thing 2 years early.
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    I was having lunch at Ayala while my wife shopped and a young lady offered to "join me for lunch". I told her the last time my wife saw me with someone else she chased her with a bolo.
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    I don't think we should lie to ourselves boss, there's plenty of great looking women in their 20s/30s from the west but they aren't interested in the majority of expats living in the Philippines. Good looking Filipinas in their 20s/30s are though
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    That's not the 1st word that comes to mind!
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    I think the word you're looking for there is 'up-skirters'
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    I wonder if these "Mall Trolls" are the same guys who sit at the strategically placed coffee stalls next to escalators/stairways?
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    By the way, for OnMyWay. I realize I may have been a bit disparaging about living in the Freeport Zone. Hope you didn't take it as a personal affront that you decided to live there. I'll apologize for any off the cuff comment about the area, especially from someone who hasn't yet been there (and I do intend to tour it, too). I just happen to enjoy the bustle and "going native" feel of the country - seems like it's cheating if you don't hear a rooster crowing nearby. Perhaps after a year or so of wallowing in it, I might be at your door step wondering if you have a room to rent. Gotta give it a try and find out.
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    Good. This is an Expat forum. The coronavirus topics are only meant for advice on what we can do, do we need a pass, what flights are happening ETC but we are not a dedicated Corona forum so start a Facebook group and enjoy.
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    It's been pretty much standard practice for savvy ex-pats in any country that they reside in not to get involved in local politics period. I refuse to talk politics or criticise even if I'm just talking to relatives and that includes talking about U.S. politics as it invites comparisons. Keep your head down. Always a wise policy.
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    Not a recipe, but.... As mentioned in several topics, many people are baking during this quarantine time. Growing up and until she met me, my wife had never had an oven, so never baked like we do in the U.S. She still didn't use the oven much, but now she is really getting into it. She has made some nice carrot cake, banana bread, cakes and cupcakes. The kids and I have baked cookies a few times. She made a double layer chocolate cake from scratch, for my daughter's birthday. My oldest daughter helped her with the icing and decoration. She got the recipe online some place, and the cake was excellent! It stayed super moist for the whole week it took us to finish it and it's sister, a single layer square cake (that would have been a third layer if we choose that route). Only one small problem. There is currently a shortage of vanilla extract and vanilla flavor. Same in your area? The recipe called for it in the cake and icing, and I read that you could substitute almond extract. My wife found some, and put about 1/3 in, of what was called for vanilla extract. The cake had a distinct almond aroma to it, but was still very good! Does anyone know where to find vanilla extract? A friend gave my wife some vanilla flavor, but that is not as good, from what I read. There is also a shortage of dry yeast because so many people are baking breads and rolls. We just got access to Olongapo last Monday, and my wife found some at All About Baking. They did not have vanilla extract in stock and he said the yeast just arrived after being out since the quarantines started and they reopened. All About Baking is my wife's new favorite store!
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    Not to worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to break down once you move here and start dealing with the Philippine bureaucracy
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    Hi there mate and welcome. Annulment can be an expensive and convoluted exercise in PI, there are some on these forums that have gone through the process that can comment on that. Just remember, unlike most western countries, there is no "no fault divorce" in PI, so unless certain relatively extreme circumstances can be proven, it's not going to happen. As Eddie said, be careful of vengeful or ex's attempting to extort money; you could find yourself on the wrong end of PI's adultery laws which do carry prison terms. I was married in PI in February, so I can tell you to documents required: Certified copies of birth certificates for both of you. Certified copies of valid ID for both of you - we used passports A Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) - Issued by your embassy in PI, it's an affadavit that you're no longer married in your country of origin. You'll need to take originals of any proof of dissolution of previous marriages. PI will not accept a CNI issued outside of PI under any circumstances, this is not negotiable, you must have this processed by your embassy in PI. A CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record) for both of you - This is issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) proving that neither of you are married within PI. In our case, a death certificate of The Angry Midget's (my wife) first husband, also issued by PSA. Proof that one of you permanently resides in the barangay you wish to be married in. If neither of you has ID stating proof of that residence, you can obtain an affadivit from the local barangay captain in person. Your mileage may vary as to the cost of the "donation" or his/her attitude towards westerners. In the case of a civil marriage, a certificate from the local city hall that you've both been through a day long group counselling session - the content of which has to be seen to be believed. I assume that there's a similar document that can be issued by a priest/minister in the case of church wedding. Either way, you're going to need it to obtain: Marriage licence - that is issued by the local town hall 10 days after you've filed and paid for the application with all the above paperwork. Fees for the licence will vary by location, but the PSA fees are set. All up we spent approximately 7k PHP wtih the actual marriage fee at the Hall of Justice. In the case of Dumaguete, agents/fixers are not allowed, the licence phase must be completed in person, no clue about anywhere else. Also of note, we had to present licence and all the above documents at the local Hall of Justice when organising the date and judge to conduct the ceremony, the licence alone is not enough. Personally, I'd allow about 2 weeks for the entire process. Once you're married, register the marriage at PSA. Also helpful: The patience of Job. A sense of humour. A good playlist on a music streaming service for the interminable waiting at various stages. Beer. Remember, it's their country, their laws and rules, you're the visitor. I made a series of posts in the relevant forum going into more detail on our specific experiences, if I can find them, I'll link them. I hope this has helped and good luck!! Edit: In the case of a civil wedding, as @Jack Peterson witnessed at my ceromony, you may also be good naturedly "cross-examined" by the presiding judge as to your motivations. Make no mistake, the questions are quite probing and asked in all seriousness in their intent. Nod, smile and be polite, friendly and respectful is the best advice I can give.
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    Slowly slowly to catch a monkey - do not accept things on face value - spend time here to gain an overview before any major decisions
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    Took my wife out for her first foray into post covid Manila. She wanted to do some banking. PNB- I have been to our bank before while under enhanced quarantine, not that we are under General the requirements are even more strict. First hand washing station, then a foot bath, then a temp check then she had to fill out a contact tracing form in case a customer or employee tests positive in the near future. Other than that (oh and naturally a face mask) business as normal. PAL- Our bank branch shares the building with the main Manila office of PAL. While waiting I just went in and asked some questions. The young lady there (I was the only customer) Informed me that flights to Los Angeles USA will resume starting 15 June. There will be five flights a week as is stands now. She also said that they are filling up fast. Naturally everything is subject to change, just thought I would pass it on
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    The rules keep changing daily, even on a hourly basis. It might be best to wait. This global Covid-19 lockdown is a first in history so there are many contradictory paths being proposed. We need to be reminded that the quarantine is meant to slowdown the spread of the virus until there is sufficient medical capacity to take care of those who contract it; a cure is found; a vaccine becomes available; or a combination of all three. Deaths from Covid-19 will continue, but hopefully at a slower pace.
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    Well... if your family is there and you aren't (like a lot of OFW) and you're jobs gone why wouldn't you want to come back. And there are plenty of couples who've ended up separated (I'm one of them) because they got caught overseas when lockdowns started. In theory I'm entitled to a spouse visa to bring SWMBO here, in practice the government aren't granting many of them even for married couples let along De Facto ones. If I could go there then I'd consider it (subject to the difficulties, safety and expense of getting there). I find the airport procedures updates useful.
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    There are an alloted amount of motorcycles allowed on the island and I'm fortunate enough to have one. Still plenty of tricycles about and I also have a mountain bike. Personally I like to walk the beach to get to where I want. 4.5km of lovely white sand and aquamarine seas. The island is just over 7km long and 600m wide in places. Probably 1km at it's widest.
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    or.... they could simply just ask my wife and my IL's.... they seem to know every step I've ever taken
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    Seems to be a popular pastime right now ! .
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    There are two Malls although both are small and easily ten hardware places including an ACE hardware. There's even a cinema. Grocery wise there's two main markets with a great selection of produce plus ample roadside vendors. Fresh fish daily, you can even buy on the beach as the boats come in. A couple of Western Delis and Artisan bakers. If you are bored pop off the island and go to Kalibo the next main City which is about 1 1/2 to 2hrs away and that will have everything you'll need. A port on your doorstep plus an International airport. A second International airport in Kalibo. The island is only about 7.5km long and very narrow. There's even decent wifi and cable TV. I can live here comfortably on about 500 peso per day as I don't smoke or drink and own my condo. Noise wise all the decent resorts are well away from the locals. Definitely no roosters, dogs and videoke is well away in the distance. My only issue is I have a troop of about 30 monkeys that have taken a shine to my apartment. The best sunsets and sunrises I've seen.
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    Time, patience and a realistic idea why the person may be attracted to you is the main thing you will require. Use social media to your advantage. More than one Facebook account sets alarm bells ringing and lots of drama and foreigner likes. They just can't help themselves when it comes to Facebook and you'll see a more accurate version of them if you do your homework. I've learned a lot from Filipino partners as they could put Sherlock Holmes to shame with their detective skills. Previously I've talked to some allegedly nice girls until I've started researching. Thirty minutes on Facebook checking them and their friends out then linking one or two accounts together you may find they have a few personalities. If they don't share a link to a Facebook account showing family, school friends etc they are hiding something. I've found nice Province girls with seperate accounts showing them travelling around the usual tourists sites and living in nice hotels yet they have no money for a load for their phone. Others their Facebook is littered with non stop love quotes and drama. Saying they will sort out x, y and z for causing trouble in their relationship.
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    I guess you've answered all of JDDavao's questions right there!
  38. 5 points
    I think the secret is not be too aggressive, just go to the mall and try on a shirt in the men's department or something, I've been flirted on even with my wife with me, I'm not allowed out to the mall by myself anymore. That being said, who knows the story of the girls flirting on me, my niece works in an SM store in Laguna, and she is late thirties but has three kids and a granddaughter, her husband is awol, not the ideal women to date for sure.
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    The Philippine dating scened has changed so much in the last decade that any tips I have to offer are no longer valid. In fact, much of the advice about dating that you will hear is outdated. I would encourage you to ask specific questions if you are looking for specific advice.
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    Thanks to "On my Way" for taking the time to cruise through my post and respond with some great insights. I might mention, I was on a different ex-pat forum for a while and all I saw was a lot of pissed off people arguing politics, complaining about everything on the planet, and chucking rocks at one another. Never got any decent information flow going. I was reminded of a line I heard: "some people aren't happy unless they're mad". This forum has been just the opposite, so kudos to any members reading this. It's been refreshing to find some people willing to help with good info. To address some of your thoughts, we do intend to rent rather than buy (I sold my house as a first step to leaving the US, and prefer to just not get tied down...we are going into this with more of an "extended vacation" mentality, so want the flexibility to bounce if we feel like it). I'm a bit adverse to the free port zone - seems more like living in San Diego than the Philippines, which kind of undercuts some of the general reason we're moving to the Philippines in the first place. We will have a decent income stream, so willing to pay a bit more for rent if we find just the right thing. Our general plan is to just hole up in a monthly rental some place for a month or two, and then use that to chase down a longer term lease/rental arrangement. Appreciate the insight on the extra driving time. It lends a bit more credence to the idea of maybe living more to the east, but that is based entirely on me looking at Google Earth. Gotta get out there and drive around and see if it is somewhere I want to live. In that regard, would love to get your van contact info. I'll file it for now, until we can put our return trip together. My current understanding is if we flew into Clark today, we'd have to go through 14 days of quarantine, and since my wife still works, that eats her vacation up right there. I'm hoping that lets up before end of year, but at the worst, we'll just immigrate in March, hole up for the two weeks (maybe at my mother in law's house), and go from there. Regardless, I'd love the van owner contract info, and I can work with him to set up transportation for us before we get there. Might even consider having him meet us at Clark. If you happen to think of something additional to pass my way, I'd appreciate you dropping me a note. If anyone else on the forum has inputs on this discussion, also love to hear from them. My next near term big event is to get my 13A visa going. Thanks again.
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    I have just been out on the Terrace and had a smoke and watched a snail for 10/15 mins Climbing a Plant Branch, then all of a sudden I realised that i had spent 10/15 mins watching a snail going about it's business I guess one of us was really bored.
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    The thing is it gets very boring and old fast to answer the same questions over and over every time a new member joins up. Most new members dont read anything in previous threads related to their questions and go straight to ask a question as if its something never asked before. So if someone suggests they use the search box to try to find an answer first I dont think thats a bad thing.
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    All who decide to move from their home countries must realize and accept that they are, "not in Kansas any more..." So many things are different here than back "home." Sorry if that sounds cold, but that is fact.
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    Well, my foil backed insulation is double walled ie foil backed on both sides. It stops the heat from the sun penetrating through much better. Worth paying a bit more.
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    MY ex wife actually changed species. She turned into a right cow.
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    Welcome to Philippines Expat Forum Kingcoil. We would be pleased to answer any Expat related living in Philippines questions and we have a host of ccp virus experts on hand as well. However we don't answer homework questions you have to do your own economics homework. Sorry.
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    Riot by day......and then come home for mamma's dinner and play video games and commando keyboard (troll) all night. They believe they are invincible and strong in solidarity. They believe in hate. Is that emotion just as powerful as love and willing to die for? As for me, I'm always civic minded. My neighborhood is pretty clean. I pick up all my brass.....he, he.
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    The strategy is to have multiple pharmaceutical companies develop a vaccine. The Gates Foundation and the US government through the CDC are examples of entities involved in funding research. The amount is in the hundreds of millions. If the initial trials appear promising, the pharmaceuticals begin the manufacturing process while waiting for the clinical trials to be completed. If determined to be ineffective, then the promising vaccine is destroyed. Hopefully, one vaccine will be effective and available before the end of the year. AstraZeneca is one such company. I believe the White House is already bragging they have 2 million doses manufactured. Another researcher is the University of Oxford in England, which to me sounds the most promising.
  49. 5 points
    Well yesterday we went out swimming. No masks, but life jackets were worn by the non-swimmers. .
  50. 5 points
    Just thought I'd leave this here Australia Agrees To Send Troops To Support America’s Invasion Of America
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