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    Way, way back in the 60's there was a film call "The days of the Triffids" where Plants stole all the Electricity and everything came to a Standstill, anything that used electrical Power. It is therefore my belief that they have come back and thus we are getting these 503's. Joking here of course But................... hey come on Guys & gal's, what if
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    Its pretty much a baseless fear. With modern nerve deadeners, there's less feeling than getting an innoculation or when you have blood drawn. I've had needles stuck in both eyes for wet macular degeneration cures, and over 100 micro laser welds to heal a small tear (a bit more irritating than the painless needle inserts into my eyeballs) and drove the seven miles home each time.... carefully. Since your eyes are a primary survival mechanism, your body gives the healing a top priority. I've had bug bites here that bothered me far longer than my eye repair normalization. Took a nap when I got home and when I awoke, it was like I had never been to the opthomologist . Sure better than living with impaired vision and not being able to make out all the pretty faces and figures waltzing by, that your sharp eyed mates are calling attention to while sitting at the mall coffee shop or restos.
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    What makes you think he was invited. So negative even when progess is going somewhere.
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    Part of the problem is that many cars are surplus that originated from countries where they drive on the other side of the road. The headlights are aimed the opposite, hence the blinding of oncoming traffic...
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    Thanks again or the replies, been a little busy with the holidays, etc. Mr. Moderator thank you for editing my post. I was/ am a car aficionado and when in a car forum I was asked to do a search before I posted and in doing so here the previous thread appeared. Anyway will see what my gf's father wants to do. Salamat.
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    The problem with wall construction is you can't place it exactly at the border. The border is the Rio Grande and the soil at the river bank is unstable. So in some areas of the USA/Mexico border, the wall has to be build north of the official demarcation line. I think this is what happened in this situation. The Mexican Federal police sees armed American solders south of the wall. The Americans were on US territory, but it is confusing because Mexicans now think the border is the wall. Another future problem is immigrants can cross the river into the United States right before the wall barricade. They can petition for asylum because they are technically inside US territory. Now what?
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    Same time as they boil the chicken. Saves heating water twice.
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    As a senior it could be free. https://www.cebu.gov.ph/news/pho-offers-free-cataract-surgery-helps-elderly-regain-better-eyesight/ Even if not free Philhealth will pay the majority of cost for cataract surgery. Google "cataract surgery cebu city" and "cataract surgery philhealth" and "cataract surgery seniors" to find additional info. There are a large number of clinics and hospitals that do cataract surgery. Interestingly enough it seems the hospitals that do it free have the best results. The reason is that they have the most experience because they do so many. Sometime cheap, or even free, can be better.
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    I've been living in Antique for 2 years which is more provincial than most. I like it overall but some bad points: Hardly any decent food, barely any entertainment, if you want anything out of the ordinary you have to wait atleast a week ordering online, they speak less English than Manila, you'll get stared at a lot more, there's only maybe 30 foreigners living in the whole province I think.
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    Turned out I wasn't the father... Another reason I'm gone...
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    Not sure I'm posting this in the right way.... but here goes... We have a get together every 2nd Thurs of the month at Ching Loong resturant on the boulevard in Duma. Some of the group have mentioned meeting at the red tables in Valcencia on the last Thurs of the month as well. How about a trial run this coming Thurs 25th April at Valencia? usual time 1pm onward. I submit this for the groups consideration. Cheers
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