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    Why do expats buy anything in the philippines other than a red horse? Point being, i have only visited once, but there is no way in heck, I would build or buy a house there. If I was a dieing man, and had a good girl that was loyal for several years, then maybe, just so she had a place to stay. But other than that, you rent there, don't buy. There is no upside to a foreigner buying there, Especially with the way property laws are there.
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    If your wife paid for the property and put it in her parents' name, it is their's. You are acutely aware of the Inheritance laws and what will eventually transpire. She is in denial or over estimating the moral civility of the other family inheritors. Despite the fact that it was her filial generosity that provided her father with decent housing in his later years, they will see it as having been her duty since she was the 'lucky one', who got to emigrate and gain the wealth for it. The thinking is that anyone of them would have done the same, had they the same opportunity. ( Imaginary self virtue in hypothetical situations is the norm.) So when the father passes, they will have no moral qualms about claiming their legal and rightfully deserved inheritance portion. You know this. She probably knows it as well, but like Blanche Duboise in 'A Street Car Named Desire', she optimistically prefers to see the world as a civil and kind place where, ".... I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." , people do the right thing. Blanche's faith in others (family) proves misplaced. Her law-of-the-jungle , brother-in-law (Stanley) rapes her in the end. It is an acclaimed classic for variety of reasons. But one take-away is..... don't depend on blood or in-laws to do the right thing by you. Almost without fail, all I ever hear from Filipina's husbands when back in the states, is how the relatives here are ripping them off, deceiving and preying upon the good and saintly natures of their self-martyr wives. Maybe the Mrs. will be content and satisfied with her partial share of the inheritance when the day arrives. You might ask her if she could accept and live with that with no rancor..... bearing no ill-will. If not..... (assuming she paid for father's property), she might ask him to sell it back to her so she retains sole legal ownership. Reason: To avoid fratricidal wars, family fracturing, and family disharmony. Most parents would prefer their children to live together harmoniously when they are gone. He could sell it to her for 'P 100 plus other considerations' (remains undisclosed, unspecified and only privately known to parties involved). Just few random thoughts on the matter. Maybe the two of you will just wash your hands clean and walk away from the matter...... off to a better place and simpler life.
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    I have invested only enough that I'd be able to walk (or be carried) away from. If the Mrs has got bigger ideas, she can pay for them with her own funds (ie...get a job).
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    He also needs to be aware that if he has started the process and has the probationary 13G visa he would need special permission to leave the country. Without that permission the whole process would have to start over. At least that is how is was a few years back and I assume it has not changed.
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    Thanks for the replies! I got in touch with my lawyer finally, and he said it would be 1-4 weeks; so looks like I will just tack another 2 months on my visa and let work know I will be abroad for longer. Been waiting 8 months so far since filing the petition, whats a few more months haha.
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    yepper,,,took me 3, but either way it will still be cheaper for him to just extend his tourist visa.....thanks Jack
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    Scott, you can convert a BB to a 9a at any BI office But a BB can Only be given at a point of Entry, did you mean converting a BB to a 9a ( Tourist?)
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    It will almost be like you left the country... we got a crazy good deal at the Makati Shangri La once... it was as goods any hotel I've been to anywhere. Right now booking around $150/nite... easily 4 X that for comparable place in US.
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    Everyone is pretty much spot on.....we take visitors there to show them that the Phil is not completely a backwards country. There is very little there that you can not find in any large USA metropolis, but very little cultural or historical points of interest.
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    I adhere to the Three Island Rule. We are on one island, they are on another island and there is a third island between the first two. With that much distance the risk of overnight visits is increased, but in my case those have been rare. It could also be called the Two Province Rule.
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    Well let's talk because you have said nothing. You like the beach maybe ? you want a condo? you might like night life and many things so how can we answer your questions without knowing what you are looking for in this country ? Please enlighten us.
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    Nice link... and if it was this "simple", it would almost be manageable... but it's compounded by compulsory heirs never consolidating... and an exponential increase in compulsory heirs to the estate as each generation passes.
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    I'm confused - Eden and Edam cheeses both exist
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    I'll have to let you know if it's easier to Davao or not... Tomorrow we go for the marriage license... 🥺
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    I was waiting outside the place where my GF was getting a massage. A girl walked up to me and said that she would do anything I wanted for P2,000..I said OK paint my house!
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    Let's not forget for our part in this topic, how many of us have the ability to speak a second language, let alone write or read it? I was waiting for my wife to finish her massage session in a local Thai Massage Parlour. The young Thai Lady when answering the phone spoke very good English, when I complemented her on her phone manners she replied "it is English spelling I have difficulty with" none the less to be applauded.
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    We have the California cheeses at Royal here. I like the pepper jack on top of a burger patty for a keto meal. Royal also has two other lines of U.S. cheese that are good and the price is not too bad. S&R has one I really like. It is a bacon cheddar and it also goes really well on a burger patty. It might be Joseph Farms or another brand they carry. I don't eat the Eden cheese, with one exception that usually involves beer. Sometimes my wife or family make the "Shanghai" rolls without the "Shanghai", but with Eden cheese. Or with Eden and peppers. Love those piping hot with cold beer! Here is what I picked up just now at Royal, for my keto days.
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    Interestingly, L does not like the Joseph Farms cheddar so much - she claims it is too mild and I have to agree with her. She prefers the bite of the Ozzie cheeses. But the pepper jack is always a winner here! I used to love Tillamook cheese years ago but now find it is bland compared to the Ozzie or Kiwi cheeses. I like to use the Extra Tasty sometimes but it is actually a bit too sharp. It goes well instead of Parmesan or Romano - which are not always easy to find and tend to be a bit pricey. Just be careful who you are around when you cut the cheese, JD....
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    Stacked Ritz crackers, sliced ham, colby jack together with a nice glass of Merlot. Sit on the deck and watch the sunset. Sometimes simple is good.
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    I think it is probably "processed cheese food." Three lies, like MRE's? And it probably has sugar in it... I tasted it once - never again. I love the Australian imported cheeses - Bega and several others. They look like, taste like and are REAL cheese! European cheeses are wonderful, but a bit of a luxury for me now and then due to budgetary constraints. L will try almost anything once. She can't past the smell of the stronger cheeses - like blue. But then I can't get past the taste or texture or smell of durian... She particularly loves mozzarella and cheddar. Think about how many Filipinos love pizza!!!
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    My hands are washed , just trying to wash Emma’s but she insisted on wearing marigolds , May have to put some pin holes in them sooner then later.
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    The property can and is still our base for how ever long we would like it to be, and as long as I keep my big mouth shut about not stopping there for more then 1 night each year or when ever then I can see no reason why the family should inherit the house , but I know stranger things do happen at sea. End of the day Emma will get her share of the lot when it comes up for sale , for the time being she has made a nice place for her dad , plus the most important thing is I know Marikina is not a place I want to call home . If it all backfires on Ems and her family do the dirty on her , well I would have been proven right all along in my thoughts on how they are , but if it turns out alright , then I was wrong .
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    My experience is similar to yours Jim. My wife's oldest sister works OFW as a nurse. She will insist on paying when going out to dinner and she insisted on paying her own way when she vacationed with us in Hong Kong. The inlaws added a large bedroom to their home for us to stay in when we visit and didn't ask anything from us. We do help from time to time or pitch in with my wife's other siblings to buy something nice for her parents. We have helped several of her siblings, but in all cases it resulted in them gaining long term employment so they can take care of themselves. Only problem I have is that their home in the mountains is a bit too remote for me and I get bored. No internet, not even a cell phone signal at their house. Plus I can only watch so much Vice Ganda!
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    Steve, from you OP, I'm reminded of the advice of Perry Gamsby, Aussie author of "Philippine Dreams back circa 2005+, and whom has since moved back to Oz for kids' best chances, schools, etc......something along the lines of "Rule # 1: Warning... Live a minimum of 3 hours away from your wife's family. Rule #2: You've been warned." Seems your experience drives that home. Now I say that knowing that when we move over next Fall, it'll only be an hour away in Antipolo most likely. Like you, hoping for the best, but my asawa Seems be on board and has forewarned all not to come unannounced or uninvited. We'll see how that holds, since she also wants to eventually come back here to Washington State in US, or not! Best of luck in your search as I continue to learn from your many posts and enjoy the reading.
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    I don't know - they seem to have "inherited" a property out of the situation.
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    Me thinks it was the family that made the mistake.
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    I feel bad for you, Steve. I thought it was going to be my wife and I and a helper until we got settled and then it would be just the wife and I. When we landed, it was the wife and I and mother-in-law brought the helper. And then MIL stayed. "You didn't say your mother was going to live with us." "You don't like my mother? You want her to leave?" "Gah!!" Then, for a while, when the sister was between houses, it was two sisters, a nephew, the estranged father, and two school-aged kids as well. Oh, they were surely plowing their millions of pesos into their own upkeep (joke, lang). "They're all staying?" "You want me to tell them to leave?" "Gah!!" It wasn't too bad. I like everyone. It was just too damn costly for us. And I would never say they were deadbeats like you have to deal with. But it's friction. I felt like I didn't have a say in my own house! It was "them" and "their language" and my wife making decisions with them like I wasn't present. Now they're all gone away and the house is empty except for my wife and I. I know of one but it might be farther from Marikina than you intend. In fact, I'm sitting in it right now in Davao.
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    I've experienced your situation here and in Mexico briefly. Mexicans and Filipinos can live in harmony in a house with all of their relatives. Bring in a foreigner that everybody thinks is rich..it changes the whole dynamic. You didn't ask for my advise, but here it comes. Move at least 2 days travel time to your nearest relative. Trust me my friend.
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    Hope it's not too immoral Tommy
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    Sorry that things are not working our for you with the family, Steve. I wish things were more positive for you. However, it is also good that now you recognize and see the issues so you can deal with them somewhat before you return to England. I can tell you about some land here in Davao area, but that may a bit too far afield for you. Good luck to you Mate! Let us know what sort of immoral support we might be able to offer you? And know that you are not alone...
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    Well I hold my hands up and will admit I have made a big mistake being here in the Philippines and trying to live with the in-laws our house family home, it has not worked out for me. I did my best to try and mix in at first and I even suggested things before we came here about helping family members because I thought they was misunderstood and again how wrong was I. Now don’t get me wrong the Philippines is a wonderful place I am sure and I am sure that there are some folk who lives with the in-laws and it’s fantastic but it’s not for me , the house that we built can be the fathers house or any member of the families house once I have given up the top floor and I am not telling any family member that I am giving it up but I shall make my stays here very short in Marikina but over many years, and there will not be a apartment built at the back of the house too. The brother in law is just a waste of space but he is blood not matter what he does or in my eyes doesn’t do and I am not prepared to feed him and treat him when he goes to the market, the father in law well he has let all this happen by not being stronger to his son but who am I to say so, there has been other issues that I have not liked and it seems like nothing is being done about it, it seems like I or both of us are causing a up evil and trouble in the house as before everything was ok but with all the changes we have made some folk don’t seem to like it . So it’s back to the drawing board and start making new plans for my or our future, Emma knows how I feel and I think she feels the same but what can she do ( it’s family ) as she says, so I am taking charge , the house will be finished off still and I am convinced it will be in a state when we come back in the near future , but I may be proved wrong . So anyone knows of any lots or homes a good few hours away from Marikina , must have electric, water and next to a road .
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