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    How can you call that racism? It originated from Wuhan, so I se nothing strange with calling it the Wuhan virus. Thats how it has been done before, Hongkong flu, Spanish flu etc. Maybe we should change names on those too so nobody gets offended I am fine with calling it just Covid-19, but I am also very tired of people being so sensitive and trying to make rasism out of everything, sorry for my rant.
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    I am almost 70 and the wife is the only one who can go out. I am calling it marital law.
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    He must have caught it eating an old bat.
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    I get distressed with the never ending virus news. I keep hoping that when I wake up tomorrow, it will all have just been a vivid nightmare rather than vivid daymare... On that note, I take solace in cooking and eating (along with my Tanduay). This recipe is basically the same as kung pao chicken with which some of you may be familiar? 2 whole chicken breasts, boned and diced 2 slices ginger root, minced 1 teaspoon cornstarch (I actually use more to make a thicker sauce) 2 teaspoons soy sauce (I use low salt version) 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup peanut oil (any oil will do, but the peanut oil gives it a bit better flavour) 1 cup skinless peanuts (unsalted - raw work great) 3-4 dried red chili peppers (I usually use 6-10) 1/2 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon rice vinegar Optional: 2-3 cloves garlic, crushed and minced but not tiny bits add it to the chicken mixture 1 tablespoon - more or less - hoisin sauce Combine the chicken, ginger, cornstarch, soy sauce and salt. Mix well and set aside. Heat the peanut oil in a wok or skillet and stir-fry the peanuts about 2 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove with slotted spoon leaving remaining oil in pan. Add chili peppers to oil and stir-fry about 1 minute until brown and pungent. Do not over do it because they do burn rather easily. Remove these with slotted spoon. Add chicken mixture to pan and stir-fry about 2 minutes or until cooked and white throughout. Add sugar, vinegar, reserved peanuts and chilis and hoisin (if desired). Heat this through, then serve and enjoy. The thing I like about this dish is that you can make it as hot as you please just by eating the chilis with the rest - or not. So if you like spice and the Asawa or others do not, well the dish, itself, is not really all that spicy. I love the smoky hot taste of the chilis so eat a lot. Of course, I pay for that the next morning... Chicken mixture, chilis, raw peanuts (available usually at SM) Stir-frying the peanuts - about half done in this photo Peanuts done - almost too done! Wonderful on rice - and I had four chilis with my serving last night
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    This has been posted before but why not again!
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    So I gave L P7,500 a few days ago and she prepared care packages for a few, gave some cash to some more and there's still more left over for more distributions. It's not a lot, but maybe it's a start? I think if everyone who can spare a centavo can help, it is worthwhile. I wish I could afford to give much more.
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    Not much point looking for much at all here now. Can't believe how deserted the place is. This one I just dropped the food and took off fast
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    We put off some of the non-critical, late Dec. typhoon Ursula damage repairs at our house until repair material prices normalized in March. Had new bamboo fencing and access bridge repairs done 2 or 3 weeks ago but had to wait for the household budget to provide funding for the painting and now is the time. Not spending much money right now, and the locals are mostly out of work, so we decided to go ahead with some of the long postponed improvements as well. Since Ate's carpenter nephews need survival money and my government is giving us an emergency relief disbursement to keep the economy moving, we will be good global citizens...... and like the uber-wealthy, let it trickle down to the needy in times of economic hardship... ( I am being sarcastic, so don't pillory me ). But rather than upgrade my yacht or estate mansion like they do, I will fix the terrace roof leaks, paint things that need it, replace some weathered house cladding, etc. Our repairmen and materials depots are within the barangay and are permitted travel and survival functioning at this time, so it is still legal as far as I am aware. They work alone, separated. Just 2 adult nephews with families to support along with Cuya, their uncle, who with his trike and household pass, is allowed family trike use. I wanted to help anyway with some rice assistance, so I will make it a point to give them a substantial bonus. They painted yesterday and today, and the new fence (8' bamboo splits atop 3' cinder wall) is eye-blinding white now. The lads wanted to work, so we had them paint the other 2 lot sides that had 10' unpainted concrete walls for the last 4 years, with the appropriate white paint type, and now its like living in a poor man's Taj Mahal in terms of blinding white spiritual up-liftment. I should have done this years ago. I wish I had more work for them, since I have a little 'extra money'..... or will have if my government delivers that $1200 peasant bribe they promised to keep us from getting our the torches and pitchforks and marching on the castle of those who created and released Frankenstein. Ha-Ha. The Panay News, on March 28th, listed Region 6 (Western Visayas) as having 13 cases of Covid 19, but its 16 today. Region 6 has an approximate pop. of 8 million souls. It includes all of Panay, Guimaras, and Negros Occidental with Iloilo City and Bacolod as its dominant centers. Right now they are taking Covid patients all to Iloilo medical centers..... the newspaper said that not everyone is happy with this. NIMBY exists globally.
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    Not talking about what he said but as soon as someone starts going down the Trump banter then it's time to close as these things always end up in arguments.
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    My house sold and the closing was today. Just under the wire. Tomorrow at 8AM the city/county where I live is going into lockdown. It was supposed to close yesterday but the woman buying it for cash is a foreign international from china and the bank wouldn't release the funds. I was worried that we wouldn't reach close but she worked it out with her bank last night. That was close, I didn't want to get stuck holding on to it during all this economic turmoil. She came back after the inspection last week wanting a discount because of "problems" found during the inspection. She didn't ask for much so we just went with it instead of negotiating because the most important thing from my perspective was to get the sale closed.
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    Notice the timing is about the same time as Dave's arrival in Canada! @Dave Hounddriver https://604now.com/sex-toy-sales-135-canada-social-isolation/?fbclid=IwAR3RG0mpiCMyJlzPia9QQLph-iVxmtXj1nUL-ukheBBS1-kckL5Q8CTptNw
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    I really have not seen that here. SM is closed, except for essential services, and SM has waived rent for this month. The city has almost 250 community kitchens cooking for people. Our barangay has delivered multiple food parcel door to door. There is discussion of a cash disbursement to jeepney drivers... I am impressed with how they are putting the people first.
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    Well one man's 'starvation' is another's regular food intake, of course. Many of the expats I've encountered would appear to be clad in several months 'emergency supplies' .
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    I'm sure that we are all aware of the consequences of any persons working on the front-line in any hospital is at risk of catching this virus. Unless key workers are tested and given the appropriate protection, the chances are they are going to get this infection. The tragic loss of those Doctors who were trying to help others, gives rise to the fact that their families could now be suffering from the virus also. As this virus snowballs it's time to start praying for miracles..........respectfully JB
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    Different countries are doing different things... Australia has chosen to double the amount of the unemployment benefit (yes a 100% increase, reduce to the waiting period to 1 week, remove the asset test provision and provide a $750 one off cash payment on top of that). I'm guessing that the Philippines will implement 'Food package' support, but I worry that it won't be enough or get to enough people.
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    Just my opinion, but I think many are crediting our political leaders with way too much intelligence and forward thinking. I doubt we will see any significant changes in how we are governed due to this outbreak.
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    My guess (and that's all it can be now) is that over time as the population gradually acquires herd immunity, both via a future vaccine and people who've had the virus and recovered, that this will come to be treated like a more serious version of the flu. Older people and people with comorbidities and immune deficiency will have to get a vaccine booster periodically with the latest strains in a similar way to the way we do with the flu. But international travel will take a long time to recover to anything close to the levels we're seeing now, people will be spooked. Expect flights to be more expensive, less available, borders to be more difficult to cross and foreigners less welcome. The world will become more... insular. Well that's my 2 cents guess anyway.
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    My house has sold also (the buyer did eventually get finance approval), there is only the final bank inspection and settlement is supposed to be on 3 April. The solicitor (attourney) office are closed but working from home and the bank will do the settlement electronically. The issue is going to be timing, the RE are insisting upon a professional clean and disinfect before the bank will do the final inspection because I've had a 'person in self-isolation' staying there *sigh*. I told them I was ok with them organizing a cleaner but they'd have to add it to the house sale expense costs, honestly with moving all the stuff in the sheds and getting my other house clear so the Maldon furniture can go in is taking all my time. I think I've sold just in time, I'm hearing that Real Estate sales are falling off a cliff. Although I won't sleep easy until the money is in my bank, I've got almost all my spare cash tied up in the new house and I need to sell the old one. If the sale doesn't finalize then I'm renting one of the houses for income or applying for benefits if I can't rent it.
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    From my experience here this an exception not the rule. Congrats to them.
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    Actually AK, you couldn't be more wrong. I like animals, even at this moment I am caring for a very old dog that my neighbour has had to leave behind as he had to cut and run back to Europe a few days ago. What I don't like is the amount of stray dogs that roam around in packs, often giving trouble to pedestrians walking along narrow tracks to and from the highway. Most of them are busted up in one way or another, skin and bones and usually ridden with mange or some other skin complaint. I have always had pets in the UK, mainly dogs and ferrets. Now if you want to discuss my like or dislike of cats, gonna hold my hand up to that one, cant stand the bloody things.
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    Roger that, all STOP, maintain silence and set weapons free. For the past 10 years or so, my recovery from a simple cold or the flu takes longer than before. I'm type 2 diabetic, so I know I'm already compromised. Six feet apart or six feet under.....easy choice, right?
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    I wish him and anyone else who may have this virus a speedy recovery
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    Too many topics on the same subject so as they run there course I will lock them. Also info is changing all the time.
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    Jim, I have plenty of Paracetamol, I can drop some down to you and restock from the Pharmacies here in Dauin. Let me know if you want.
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    We sent money this morning, and we are in Iloilo. The ordinance I've seen allows money shops to be open (along with a lot of other businesses), but the issue seems to be a lot of shops don't want to stay open.
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    At my old house in Baston lincolshire ,i was in the return flight path for the lancaster of the battle of britain flight , i had many a good close view of the aircraft After it flew over london for william and kates wedding ,i grabbed my camera and stood out in my paddock after about 30 mins its came over and i started snapping ,the crew spotted me and bought the plane around and dipped their wings i could see the guys waving at me ,all 4 merlin engines roaring away
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    My latest sketch. The title is "How bout I lock down ur @ss"
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    Sorry my humour might be a bit too subtle. I was joking that the reason the dogs and cockerels are getting quieter is because they've been eaten. 😏
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    During this Lockdown, I have been sitting too long in the chair!
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    And here I was thinking I was doing such a good job of hiding that I had a maths/science based education
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    Nice word Geoff... Oft times when you post, I feel like I am back in a university class. And I mean that only in a good way!
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    Just think the stories that building could tell.
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    Spoke to a mosquito pilot many years ago ,he ended up flying f15s for the saudis , i asked him what was his favourite plane ,he said mosquito ,a real lady with both engines but a bitch to fly with one One if my biker buddies lives at the old pathfinder airfield at little staughton, his home is now the old control tower
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    One of my oldest friends fathers dropped the second stick of bombs on Berlin during WW2 He was bomb aimer navigator in a hampden designated no2 in line A few missions later on their return to england ,the airfield was coveredin fog , he informed the pilot that they were close to the airfield , they saw fires in front of them and landed ,in those days the raf would light 5 gallon drums of fuel around the landing field to lift the fog Unfortunately in this case the flames came from crashed aircraft , they themselves crashed and the following day returned to the wreck My friends father wresled the bomb aiming sight out of the plane ,i was allowed by my friend to read his dads log book and hold the piece of sight Real history
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    With all the people with no work it shouldn't be hard to find someone to do a little shopping. Just dont get much until you are sure they come back with the goods.
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    Please, people... it's Martial Law, not Marshall, meaning it's military law. The Sheriff of Los Angeles County has declared gun stores to be nonessential so they must close. What a bunch of bullshit! People will need guns to defend their toilet paper hoards from rioting mobs in another month or 2.
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    It will bring out the best in people, and the worst - same as every major event we have to face. Despite what some sections of the media want us to believe, there will be many more positive than negative examples. In terms of the Philippines - I am not so sure a great sense of society exists. The family is the only society most here care about so...
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    If you have not heard for Americans, the money(stimulus checks/deposit) for the Corvid-19 problems has been approved by Congress. If you are retired and getting Soc. Security, you should see some money soon! $1200 for yourself and another $1200 for the wife if she has a SSN #. Also $500 per child under 17. I wanted to list it here to track when and if we receive it here in the Phils. It is estimated to be sent direct deposit around Apr 6. If the IRS has your bank info from 2018/2019 tax filings or from your SSA 1099 retirement, it should show in your bank acct then. I don't know about you, but an extra $2400 would do me fine. I would probably have to use most for BI for late visa extension here when the quarantine passes here in PI. There is still time to file an online 2019 tax form if you haven't filed yet! Its important that IRS see not only you, but wife and child are claimed. I don't think they will see wife/child just from your SSA1099 statement. I tried earlier to file online with TurboTax but if you are just getting Social Security benefits and nothing else, the program fails and you have to file a paper form( takes too much time/expense). Normally just getting SS, there is no need to file taxes statement, you don't make enough. Problem with the online and windows version is looking for an AGI that is not zero. If you just say you won a lottery for lets say $50, the is not an AGI that is not blank or zero, the program works and you still won't pay additional taxes. So important you get your taxes done like right now online or else you may not get all the amount due (for wife/child). Like I said, IRS will be sending it out in about 3 weeks! https://us.yahoo.com/finance/m/ec206692-1c6e-3743-864b-be999b7897dd/i’m-retired-and-claim-social.html
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    After WW2 there was the baby boomers... after this will come the virus babies (that's not a great name... we need to think of a better one) :)
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    Are you just feeding the big cats? I wondered if you were still going out looking for puss. . . . .
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    We are in a weird situation, with 3 family workers living with us in the new place. They came before the lockdown, with plans to stay for a month doing all the fixes and improvements. Only now they are stuck here, so we are making the most of it. Paint, landscaping, various repairs, etc. Finding open hardware stores has been a trick the last week or so. Those boys are hard workers, I've been impressed as hell.
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    I knocked a big hole in the wall from the kitchen through to my new 'man cave', to accommodate a connecting doorway. Busy making it look less like a hole in the wall at the moment. No extra help needed . I just sit down every so often, cos I'm getting old now.
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    Found the answer and it is yes. This is a VERY long article of FAQs. Hidden in case you do not want wade through all of it. <snip> Will U.S. citizens living abroad get a payment? Yes, as long as they meet the income requirements and have a Social Security number. <end snip>
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    We are Aliens according to BoI.
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    Well we have 3 confirmed cases on our sub division, 2 dead and one recovering in hospital, the dead are 80 and 46 years old, not sure the age of the recovering one, also an ambulance was called to house near me, old guy there who has problems with breathing all the time, they spent 30 Mins in the house then left, saying he did not have the right symptoms for the virus, we are staying put, which we have done for the last 10 days, just the maid goes out for essentials every few days or so, so that should be our only avenue to bringing it home, but what can you do, essentials are essentials, as you can't bulk buy in our hypermart, so one trip every 2 weeks like before is not possible,. But fridge is full of beer, chest freezer full of meat, spirits on stand by..... So all is not lost.... 🍺
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    Fascinating stuff, eh. If any of you guys are interested, and need a good read during these trying 'lockdown' times, may I suggest having a look at this man's life story ? (Just learned that he lived to 97 years too. Happy for him ! ) . https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/eric-brown-unflappable-british-test-pilot-who-set-world-records-dies-at-97/2016/02/22/059d7a26-d974-11e5-925f-1d10062cc82d_story.html
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    Exactly... Living in the same house? That is not easy to isolate. I am glad that your niece is recovered. But how can she be sure that she had this virus and how can she be sure she is clear of it, without testing? Please let us know how this proceeds, OMW? And let's all hope that your sister will not be affected or infected by this insidious virus...
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    no way are they finding all the cases. Nor the virus related deaths here. Seeing that anyone who dies at home is taken to a funeral parlor. An autopsy is only done (normally) if the family requests it and pays for it. I have not heard or read about this policy changing I think that it is safe to say that when this is all said and done that we will never really know how many were actually infected or died from it.
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