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    Well now that Bigmac has found out the unfortunate truth and heard all the words of wisdom, the only thing to consider for him is where to go from here. And of course Bigmac, I have to say how sorry I am for you. We all know how it must hurt. Let's consider the directions you might go: "They are all scammers." I have known several people who have gone from naive love of a Filipina, gotten hurt, and then globalised the problem by stating that everyone is bad. It's not true. There are many good women here; and plenty of bad ones. And like most things in life, most people are somewhere in the middle. "I'm gonna get revenge." Yep, you could try to do that. Waste more years; waste more money. Potentially make it so that you can never return to the Philippines. You're too old (so am I) to waste your time; move on! "Old + young doesn't work." Not true. Most of the Fil-Am couples I knew in the US had significant age gaps. Most of the couples I know here in the Philippines have even larger gaps. It still comes down to the woman you choose and it still comes down to using good common sense. "I'll find another Filipina." Yep, you can definitely do that. I did. Most of us have. The question you have to ask yourself is - what did I learn and what will I do differently? In the Philippines it's often a matter of degree. We accept the reality that the kid on the street asking for 5 pesos may or may not be legit; but who cares its 5 pesos. But in a country where almost no one has big money when someone (even a wife) asks for big money, an alarm should go off. You have to question, investigate, and question again. Now I am not just trying to blame the victim. But when someone (even a wife) asks for big money (and $2000/month is big money in the Philippines) assume it's a bad situation. Long Distance Relationships: I've done it and many of us have. But it's fraught with dangers. Are you looking for a vacation gf or another wife? If the latter, are you going to bring her to the US, retire in the Philippines, or a little bit of both (that's what I did)? In any of the scenarios there are dangers - but a hell of a lot of fun too. Enjoy the ride if you decide to saddle up again - but keep your hand clenched to your wallet.
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    My 2 pesos : sever all ties, get the divorce, never communicate again. Forget revenge, you will be wasting time , money, and energy and you probably will not succeed. Stay far away from her and her family. You will be safe on another island if they can never know where u are. Happines is possible, there are lots of nice gals out there. Maybe try Cebu or Bohol or Luzon. Best of luck to you Mac.
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    MAC.......Thanks for sharing part of your life with us, even as painful as it must be for you. I know personally it will be hard for you to completely move on until you know there's a wooden stake through this blood suckers heart, but trust me, karma is alive and well in her world. Ignore the cold heartless comments, and know you've got a lot of friends and supporters here who wish and want the best for you. Time is the ultimate healer and I assure you there's a great lady and partner waiting for you......just be patient my friend. Good luck to you MAC and please keep us posted on your progress....... Most of us are always here...... day by day...... Peace to you and God Bless.
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    Yup... same here, bought a new twin tub washing machine and it gets used and then the clothes are washed again (and scrubbed) in big plastic tubs. When I first noticed this I was confused, I glanced at the father in law, he shook his head slightly and was asked if I'd like to go out the front for a beer (which isn't common for us in the middle of the day), once there he subtly suggested that we 'not get involved with the women and the washing'. It sounds like that was very good advice
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    Yes that is true if you are traveling together. The rules say you must have marriage certificate with you and I know some will say no one asked but to make life easy follow the rules.
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    Many of us have commented on this thread and let it be a warning to everyone that follows there heart or what ever to the Philippines, it’s nothing like going out with a girl from your own town and yes they can be worst too. We have no idea about how this started , was it a need for food and care for the wife , was it rent to be paid , what sort of budget was she given to support herself or was it a big con and on and on it goes. This should have been nipped in the bud straight away, if my wife had started wanting more cash for what ever I would want to know the reasons why, and if it was a illness I would have been on the first plane out there to care for her and to get the best I could get. We are all different in how we are and how we deal with things . It’s time to walk away and stay away from the family, that’s what I would do if it was me .
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    Safety in Mindanao: you kind of learn a lot about it living there and doing things in the provinces. There's a lot of misconceptions and most of them are peddled by people who have never been here. Remember last year there was a time when Abu Sayyef held a couple of towns on Bohol, opposite Cebu. They specialise in sea attacks, and we can only imagine what could have happened next. Their first attack was on Palawan. All of these places are closer to the dangerous areas than Bislig. Thankfully the army put them down pretty quickly. Also - the dangerous areas don't tend to have much spillover, in my experience. I wouldn't go to Tacurong in Sultan Kudarat (in the south), but Koronadal/Marbel is 50km away and totally fine. Iligan is only 30km from Marawi, but plenty of expats live there and it's generally OK (if a bit creepy). Like I said, your biggest worry in Bislig is the NPA, and they aren't after an expat who doesn't tromp on their ground. What does Mindanao have for it that the other places don't? Less tourists, lower prices, more tribal culture, more mountains to climb... don't write off the country's second largest island because a few areas are bad.
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    Early this morning the wife told me she wanted to hire a washing woman since her back was paining her lately. "What.... for P 100 ?", I innocently asked. "No. P 300." was the snapped reply. I was apparently unaware of my state of ignorance in this particular matter... and ignoring the tone of her response, foolishly pursued the matter further. Apparently I had unintentionally ventured into a literal 'No Man's Land', where neither my male opinion or outsider cultural viewpoint on the matter was needed or wanted. The laundry thing must be a sacred women's domain thing with her I would soon discover because the issue didn't seem open to discussion.... she defended it like a Greek Amazon warrior defended their sacred temple of Isis. "Why so much?", I politely inquired. "After all, you soaked the clothes overnight.... we have an agitator washing machine to wash them. Won't the woman just have to rinse them in the tub, wring them out and hang them? You have a hose with running water. There aren't many clothes to wash. We don't really get them very dirty a'tall." "They have to be scrubbed." she curtly replied with furrowed brow. I could now sense that she uncharacteristically upset with me. I was now perplexed by her bizarre and unusually aggressive response .... what sort of button had I accidentally pushed that turned my sweet, always agreeable wife into something akin to a picketing women's Libber ? "Why do they have to be scrubbed ?.... I mean, they're not stained nor have any visible dirt and grit embedded in them? ... can't she just run them through two wash cycles instead of hand scrubbing everything as well? Now a days, most women in my country don't use scrub brushes and scrubbing boards for their entire loads.... that why we have machines with electric motors doing the work." I was trying to offer reason, but was just putting my foot in deeper now it seemed because she said, "OK. I'll just do it myself." Then she went silent on me and stopped responding. Realizing the error of my ways (sort of.... maybe she thought I didn't love her enough to alleviate her aching back by hiring help), I now began to apologize and exclaimed a new-found eagerness to hire a washer woman for her. I wasn't sure, but maybe it was too late. Maybe the damage was done. Seemed that way at the moment. "By the way, honey.... what's for breakfast?" I now cheerily asked, hoping I had defused the issue. "Rice and dried fish." she told me. She let it sink in for effect I guess...... finally after an eternity of scowling at me... she broke out into a laugh. Think I'll keep my mouth shut on this matter in the future. Only a fool picks arguments with the cook. I still remain in ignorance as to the Filipinas' steadfast fixation on arduously scrubbing all the clothes.
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    Follow up on this post from Ed's Netflix topic. See below.... I finally installed this MXQ Pro Android TV Box on our older TV, a 6 year old LG which is not so smart anymore. It was easy to install. You need an HDMI port free and a power outlet nearby. I connected to the internet via wireless but it has a wired port too. The one I bought comes with a regular remote control and as an add-on, a little keyboard remote control. The little keyboard can be used with any TV that has a USB. Switch your TV to the correct source and turn the box on; it takes about 10-15 seconds to boot up. We have only tried the one movie app that was pre-installed and so far we like it a lot. It is called My Family Cinema and it has hundreds of streaming movies. My BIL insists his came with a 2 year free trial! Ours appears to be 2 months. It even has Netflix content. So far, the quality of the movies has been excellent, even though this 6 year old LG does not have the resolution that the new TVs have. If you want to pay for the My Family Cinema, it seems relatively cheap. I don't understand how they legally have all this content. Another good thing is that almost everything has good sub-titles if you want them. https://www.myfamilycinema.com/en/plan/ The only problem is that the LG has very weak sound, so I might get a sound bar for it. You can download other Android movie apps and all types of apps. If I get some good ones, I will post a review. So far, I think this box is great and a bargain. I paid p1578 with the little keyboard but you can get it for less by itself. Make sure you get Android 7.1. They had the box only with old Android at a gadget store in the mall, for p2295, so Lazada has better deals. Here are some pictures. Box Little Keyboard Box Main Screen My Family Cinema App My Family Cinema - Movies - In Theater My Family Cinema - Movies - Frequent Use My Family Cinema - Movies Menu By Genre
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    Bought a Chevy Sail brand new in 2016. 5 year warranty as long as you get the periodic checks done at the dealership. (Alabang in my case) 3 year LTO. Insurance is reasonable. P32k for the first year. My GF dented the front left of the car while she was backing out of a place somewhere and the damage was around 60k . Paid the deductible which was about 4k and the car was brand new again. If you buy a new car at a branded dealership you should have no problems.
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    With respect to Bigmac Clint Eastwood ? Arizona Kid is entitled to his opinion. It has crossed my mind that Bigmac is either a sucker for love, yes I've been there, or this could well be another type of scam, by person or persons unknown to gain sympathy and money from members of the forum from the outset. Without disrespect Bigmac has opened up to us all, but how do we know it's the truth? It's a sad fact of the world we live in today, when you have to try to decide what is true and what isn't, because of how low some people stoop to obtain money or property......JB Foot note: O/P states " We have a fundraiser on F/B if anyone is interested" If this Lady has conned Bigmac out of a lot money, how many other goodhearted people have contributed to this scam ?....
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    It must be a real sickening feeling to have someone that you are married too behave in such a manner If watched you tube vids where relationships have been broken up because of the familly wanting support from the kanu Unfortunately love can blind our ability to see through the scam , in some ways the best thing that bigmac has done is to come on this forum , there is a mine of i formation here , people who have been scammed them selves and people who have friends who were victims Id stay away from her part of the world , my personal view point us that it could have been much worse for bigmac , if you had got her to the states ,it woukd have ended in a very expensive divorce with american attorney's sucking you dry In some ways you got off a lot lighter than might have been the case
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    I have said this many many times here on this Forum and other places I visit and it it is true 99/100 times, Friends, fellow members "It is not what we say it is the way that we SAY it"
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    Come on, your talking to friends on this site, I'm a bit like you, suspicious of people and my surroundings, but I can't honestly say I've never been scammed, diddled yes, scammed ?.
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    Thanks for your reply. I have gleaned lots of good information from many of the members here. I am so Happy that I joined. Thanks for the kind words.....
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    I don't really have anything to add to this interesting topic, but I did want to be the 400th reply! Bigmac, thanks for sharing and I hope sharing helps you deal with the situation. Sometimes it helps to talk about stressful stuff, even if it is with semi-strangers on this forum.
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    I suppose you mean that you most likely had to pay a little more than a Filipino has to pay for something as being diddled? I'll have to google diddle. I don't want to make any enemies on the site..but holy crap...if you have your wits about you how can you get scammed out of large amounts of money with no vetting? The first thing I would have asked for was the hospital bill with letterhead..notarized. If I would have got it within 24 hours I might think it was real. If it took 3 or 4 days that gives them time to go get fakes. I'm not trying to be an A-Hole. Just want people to be cautious.
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    Safety equipment checklist: sunglasses, flip flops, and a du rag to keep hair from catching fire.
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    So far. Probably not done with him but, he did a lot in a short time and he is still doing things to enhance this case. Yeah, I would recommend him.
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    You ever watch how these bad boys virtually park themselves? Of course in many cases, there are tugs that are attached to the hull, just in case one of the love boat's side thruster malfunctions and the harbor pilot has a fall back plan. First time I gazed upon a cruise liner out in the open sea, I was in shock and awe. I was up in CIC (combat information center or more appropriately.....christ - I'm - confused) monitoring my surface radar. Didn't realize how far out they could be "painted" well beyond the horizon. As she finally appeared on the horizon (about 12-15 miles), there was already a line of horndog sailors waiting to view the babes using the "big eyes". We were so horny that any babes for that matter, including the WalFart double-triple wide version, would give us some lasting/lusting memories.....he, he.
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    I think I'm impervious to scams because I think everybody is trying to scam me. I'm suspicious of everybody from my my mechanic to the guy who came and put in our new screens for the windows. It's not that I can't afford to lose a few extra bucks, I just don't like the idea that someone thinks they can get over on me.
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    I think scams should be compulsory reading for all newbies. The old dogs can sit back and shake their heads but they've probably only ran into amateur scammers. Some girls here are so slick even with a tracker you'd struggle to catch them out. The language barrier doesn't help. I've known street wise guys that keep their partners on a short lead being used. Guys married years suddenly finding their loving wife has been loving someone else also. All good church going women and pillars of the community. The last you'd expect as they all say. The only ones getting out semi ok are the ones living in rented property as they just grab their bags and move on. My mate who I am off to Manila with is a prime example. He's lived here over 20 years, married 15 and his wife even has picked his accent up. He works for an international company one month on one month off. He returned from his last job unannounced and caught her with the caretaker of the property. He took it surprisingly well. Just grabbed his documents, all his money is in a UK bank and his vehicles and motorbikes were in friends garages. Went online and cancelled her cards and moved into new digs. Fortunately he has no kids. She can go from moving being no problem to skint.
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    I love driving and riding motorbikes but I don’t drive much here, only when we need to use the Innova and the Wigo at the same time, otherwise the father in law drives. I ride the little Honda 125 more than I drive. Driving on the other side of the road takes a lot of practice and rules on the road are very different to western countries.
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    My Mrs is the same (and the live-in niece). Waste my money buying a washing machine, when they still spend half the day scrubbing clothes in a bowl ... that were probably worn for an hour. We won't change them... and water is cheap here, thank goodness.
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