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    Everyone here speaks english, very few understand english.
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    We have been spared from the worst. You will probably see downpours and wind around 6 pm, if not before. https://www.windy.com/14.843/120.476?13.307,120.489,8,m:d3TajvW
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    We started to experience the outer bands of the storm around 7am. Just light winds and rain with some short breaks in between. I too noticed it appears to be moving slower that first predicted. With all the rain it is holding there is sure to be some flooding. Second day no school and maybe tomorrow as well if there is flooding. Stay safe everyone!
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    Anything for an advantage,,,or perceived advantage. Before going on patrol in Iraq, we would line up and gulp down 3 or 4 red bulls (which were given out free). Just made me jittery and had to pee a lot
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    That's how they check tbere brakes here, piss on them and if they hiss they've been working.
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    Here in Bataan it's breezy with one or two spots of rain, can't decide what it wants to do. The builder and roofers have not turned up today but unless things change suddenly not a bad day.
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    Just a perceived advantage, since it sounds much more like a serious disadvantage in a combat situation.
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    Actually, each county on both sides of WWII used methamphetamines. -snip- During World War II, German pharmaceutical company Temmler marketed methamphetamine tablets as a nonprescription drug under the brand name Pervitin. Methamphetamine triggers a response in the body that’s similar to adrenaline, heightening alertness and a willingness to take risks. Japanese, U.S., British and German military personnel are reported to have used the stimulant to enhance endurance and ward off fatigue on long campaigns. Kamikaze pilots received high doses of Pervitin before suicide flight missions. Japanese factory workers also used methamphetamine to work longer hours. The German army ordered front-line soldiers and fighter pilots to take military-issued stimulants that contained a combination of methamphetamine and cocaine. -snip- https://www.history.com/topics/crime/history-of-meth
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    Well after 4 years of breathing in Fresh crisp air from many parts of the world , I had my first trike ride, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, benzene, soot and anything else that they put in there engine I was breathing in, let’s try a Jeepney tomorrow I been told, it’s more fun in the Philippines.
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    According Windy.com, the track will be more south, which is good for me in Subic Bay and also Manila. It has slowed a lot too, about a day later to get here compared to earlier forecasts. I went to bed around 1 am and it was sitting on Legaspi. They probably have a lot of damage. This is the 2 PM prediction, with the eye right over the northern part of Mindoro. Stay safe!
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    Slightly drifting here but we found out very early on in our house building project that if you want or need something delivered in a timely fashion only use COD, as once they have your money you are at their mercy.
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    Just piss down his leg ,that will get him out of the way
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    I've avoided all that by opening an HSBC account here which is globally liked to my UK account
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    That sounds like lengua, ox tongue in cream sauce. And that's a shame because that is one of my favorite dishes. Thanks for taking one for the Davao Foodie team, Tommy!
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    I was watching a series on netflix last night called ww2 in colour I was surprised to learn that the German army was on shabu when they attacked france in 1940 Methamphetamine was available over the counter in.germany It was given out to the soldiers in order to make them more aggressive and to help them stay alert for the first 3 days, it also removes some of your mental barriers for killing
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    Depends where. Where I am I pay P20000 but a friend in Mandaue pays P12000
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    How do they buy them if they can not own the land?
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    Here in Manila the high end casinos are packed with Chinese tourists. My wife still has connections with her department of tourism batchmates who say that large number of Chinese tourist go direct from the airport to high end resorts so us mediocre types might not see them. I do know I met an American (married to a Filipina) who was looking to buy a house in an upscale subdivision who told me the prices are high right now due to Chinese flooding the housing market.
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    Moalboal attracts many tourists who want to snorkel and scuba. There is quite a mix and I don't think any one country really dominates in terms of numbers.
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    Hope those being battered by this storm are in safety
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    You had better get used to scottish tea steve ( Lipton) is all i could find in the Philippines
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    Wow Steve, are you missing Yorkshire's, clean air , although it's a bit damp and cold right now
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    So what am I expecting as I have never seen or been in a typhoon before. Here is another great local view on Windy.com. I never found this excellent grid on the bottom before. https://www.windy.com/14.647/121.105?2019-12-03-15,14.041,121.102,8,m:d3zajwZ
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    You may not be aware, but it is perfectly acceptable here to ask to try the toilet you are interested in. After all, you will be paying a lot for it and using it for many hours over the years. You need to makes sure your puwet is comfortable. The larger stores have a special room for trials and you can bring in your own reading material. Just tell the salesperson you want the free 1 hour in-store trial.
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    I use a Halifax credit card , i get the midnight rate and im charged 250 peso to withdraw 10k
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    I agree a lot with tommy on this one , the flood waters are full of bad stuff My buddy had to go to the doc to get antibiotics to clear up the rash on his legs ,the doc told him , "do not walk in our water ,its full of industrial crap and diseases " Big set of rubber boots required
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    I don't have good enough balance for kite surfing ,but i have done a fair bit of monohull sailing ,id love to have a go on a hobie
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    Only 30 years , mostly expat, for me. No, I live on the coast in Pangasinan (near Dagupan). Baguio is just to the north of us of course, and visited there a few times.... and years ago I'd often spend time up in the Bicol mountains, with my first Mrs, who was from there. Drops to around 15C or so at night, at those heights. Here I am up in the Bicol mountains, with some small visitors:
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    That's all backwards friend. You gotta push in there and stand behind the guy while he's at the urinal to guarantee your spot.
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    It seems there is some scientific evidence for inverting them. But nothing that comes to mind about constantly flipping them. The rational thing to do, according to this scientific blog, is to put the eggs in the carton with the wide end up. You can read the article if you want to learn why they say to do this.
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    Sorry Jake, the Windsurfing event for the games has been cancelled / postponed, but you are welcome to stay at my place if you want to give it a shot! https://www.windy.com/?12.180,128.536,6
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    Reverse queuing dilemma : waiting for the exiting men from the men’s room at the mall, like a trail of ants. Just when I think I have a slot another man exits, then another, and then another etc. Just when the line comes to an end, of course a guy pushes past me . Why didn’t I think of that?
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    Thanks for the kind thoughts, Viking. I neglected to mention before that, even though this looks like an interesting and great alternative to the "standard" building practices here, I would not necessarily use it in our home construction, at least not at this time. I am hesitant to use new (although I see this has been around a while) technologies or systems until I see them used elsewhere first. I would want to see it actually installed in a few homes and hear local feedback. I would not want to be the first - or only - guy in this area to try it. However, if I saw that it was being used I would seriously consider it. I like the idea and I also realized my first impression was inaccurate about it being complex or requiring special tools and training. I really only skimmed a few of those articles you referenced and should have read more. We are maybe going to improve or re-build the "small house" on the property where some materials are stored and the workers sleep, relax, cook and eat. If we haven't totally depleted our budget, that's on the list and I will definitely take another look at this method.
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    Queueing in Hell A man dies and goes to Hell. There he finds that there is a different Hell for each country. He goes to the German Hell and asks, "What do they do there?" He’s told, "First they put you in an electric chair♨ for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. Then the German devil comes in and beats you for the rest of the day." The man doesn't like it, so he moves on and checks out the American Hell, the Russian Hell and Hells of other countries. He finds that they're all more or less the same as the German Hell. Then he comes to the Philippines Hell and finds that there is a long queue of people waiting to get in. Amazed, he asks, "What do they do here?" He told, "First they put you in an electric chair for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. Then the Filipino devil comes in and beats you for the rest of the day." "But that is exactly the same as all the other Hells; so why are so many people waiting to get in here?" wonders the man. He is told, "Because the maintenance here is so bad that the electric chair does not work. Someone has stolen all the nails from the bed and the Filipino devil is a former government servant, so he just comes, signs the attendance register and then goes off to Jollibee."
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    Not into alcohol much , just waiting for my tee bags to arrive then all will be well.
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    Singaporeans were well-trained by the British colonists...as were the Hong Kongers. 'Manners Maketh Man' .
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    Chickens going, cheap cheap cheap.
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    No that’s different, going down some road in Marikina in this trike I notice a sign , it was quite big and very close to a school/ College and there was all cones on the road. The sign read No Smoking allowed in this area which is great I thought, but right under this writing was No Belching allowed in this area. I have never seen a sign like that before. It’s more fun in the Philippines.
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    Wishing everyone living in Kammuri's path a safe experience.
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    That's exactly what I'm planning on Gary. We get fresh eggs at the Palingke when we are on vacation but I'm always careful to cook them thoroughly. Don't like to takes chances with salmonella. Sometimes though you just have to have a nice runny yolk you can dip your bread into.
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    The sport of windsurfing and Hobie Cat sailing was very addictive for me. When you start to see whitecaps (around 12 knots of wind) dancing across some relatively flat water, especially around Puerto Galera island group to subdue the swells......I'm off for some speed and more speed. Do I crash and burn? Yep, many times but I get back up by using the sail to pull me up (water start) and then go screaming across that water once again. Of course I take a couple shots for antifreeze in my blood and to build up the courage to be stupid enough to go out during typhoon season. And of course, at my age now -- no more windsurfing. I might pull my back out, letting go of a "good one".
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    Thinking about it more now, could it be a human belching or the jeepneys belching out all that crap black smoke, now that’s a thought.
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    We avoid the taxi mafia at NAIA. We always use Grab! We usually arrive at Terminal 3. Once we see our bags on the carousel in the arrivals hall we use the app to search for a Grab taxi. By the time we get outside of the terminal our Grab is just about arriving. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes. Doesn't work in terminal 1 though, there you have to use the Grab booth to order the taxi. Not sure about Terminal 2 either as we never use PAL on principle!
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    Get some chickens.
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    Take comfort in the fact that Filipinos are downright polite compared to the Chinese
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    You got that right! What a mess here in Subic! All the preps last minute! And this storm is currently tracking right through Manila then through Bataan to Subic! I'm going outside now to make a list of things that need prep. @Gary D
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    Not a problem. ASEAN games preparations are already a disaster typical Filipino cluster……..
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    Emma’s father is a motorcycle driver ie taxi and the other day was just like a normal day waiting for passengers and going here and there but one passenger had left her purse behind when she got out.Well after finding this and returning it he is a star here with Ems friends and also in Marikina too, well done Rudy Sadyang napakarami parin ang may mabubuting loob at handang gumawa ng tama para sa kapwa. MARAMING SALAMAT PO KAY KUYA RODOLFO RAMOS na nagbalik ng nawawala/nahulog na pitaka ng mother ko. Nawa'y pagpalain kapa po ng Poong Maykapal sa kabutihan mo Sir!!!! SALUDO PO KAMI SAYO!! Maraming Salamat po Sir!! It's just a lot of people who have good inside and ready to do right for others. Thank you very much to brother Rodolfo Ramos who returned the lost / fell wallet of my mother. May Almighty God bless you with your goodness sir!!!! We salute you!! Thank you very much sir!!
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    You are lucky... she could have just returned with an empty martini glass and asked, "Dry enough for you sir?"
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    Any advice on emigrating to the Philippines? Hi this looks a great forum. My Filipina wife and I ( I am Brit) are going to emigrate to the Philippines. There are so many things to do and unknown. Like should we take our stuff in a 20 ft container or simply sell it and buy there? Can i bring a large car trailer (17 foot by 7 foot)- what would be the import duty on it - it is 4 years old and bought 3 old for 2500 GBP? Also what about petrol driven strimmer etc. - I guess we got to remove all the petrol vapour first else BOOM! We wish to buy some farm land - preferably high up. Some has Title, some just has "Rights" - what is the difference? WOW so many many things. If anyone would care to advise we would REALLY appreciate it!! Thanks ! 10Pints I know I cant bring my range rover... But I would like to bring my tools, trailer and some household goods
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