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    Somwtimes it has to be done
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    Well, it is only a memory of high school for Jake, but I will put it here in schools. By chance I stopped in the former George Dewey High School today and took some pics. This was a high school on the Subic Bay Navy Base. I posted some pics a few years ago and it seems like the abandoned section has gone downhill even more. Back then, the abandoned section was all green with overgrowth and I did not venture in there. Now that it is dry it looks like they cleared out some of the dried up brush, uncovering all the decay and filth. Sad to see what was probably a very nice facility neglected like this. I can't remember if this landmark was here before, but it has a fresh coat of paint. I couldn't get a good shot of the plaque due to the sun. A company called ASI occupies part of the old school and is very well maintained. This is where they company ends, on the left, and total decay begins, on the right. Looking down the parking lot to the abandoned portion of the school. Looking down a hallway to the ASI property. Looking down the hallway the other way towards the gym. This looks like an old lunch area. Outside the gym bathrooms, where I'm sure Jake spent many hours. I did not see the door for the bathroom he frequented the most. A look inside the gym. It is full of dried mud. Perhaps this was part of the damage from the volcano? A view from the gym to another building that appeared to be a restaurant at some time. Jake ate well and had time for putting his homework on the walls! I love these huge Acacia trees! My girls waiting in the car!
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    Warning, THIS IS A RANT ABOUT MY FRUSTRATION. I am getting so annoyed at the poor quality of work done here and the TF (Talent Fee or Wage). I designed and built our home in the US and spent the extra time and money to do things the right way to help with future maintenance. Its been 20 years since I finished building and all is good. My wife and I are currently here in the Philippines for 3 weeks and she decided it would be good for me to spend a week doing maintenance at her/our Motel so I get a taste of retirement. It was probably a bad idea on her part as now I want nothing to do with this place. The motel is new construction and a nice place but some things need fixing. I do not have my own tools and trying to work with what I have here is making things worse. I am sometimes labeled as a perfectionist. The materials I have access to at the hardware stores are limited, quality is poor and prices are expensive. It has taken me a week to do what would have taken me a day in the US and I am not happy with the quality of the work I have done due to the limited supplies and tools. So now on to the TF rant. Our staff called in an electrician because the light on our sign was out. The lazy bastard showed up spent some time out there and cut off the connector on the light and said "this is your problem you need one of these" P600. He didn't fix the problem he just said this is your problem. So this is a task on my wife's list. Long story short, the connector wasn't bad, it was the connection feeding the connector but now I needed to buy a new connector because he cut the old one. It's fixed but WTF. I am an Electrical engineer and the way they do electrical work here makes me cringe. Half of our hotel is done well and half not so much. The fire Marshall came yesterday and said we need to install a fire alarm system with pull handles and bells. Long story shortened, we had to get the wired in version because we need heat/smoke detectors. Now I am trying to figure out how to get the wires run so it looks ok. The building is finished and looks really good. I am worried someone is going to do hack work when I am not here and I have decided I am not doing the work because it is to frustrating for me......first TF price is P30,000 estimate for 14 rooms and "maybe" more.....Its only a 2 story building and made of brick, its not going to burn! waste of money. Thanks for listening I will stop complaining for a few minutes and go drink a beer.
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    "It's more fun in the Philippines" I feel your pain but your problems are far from over unless you have connections, and can pay for them. Soon the mayors will start looking for their cut. A beer won't help. Better start drinking the hard stuff!
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    I think we've all been there! Several times. Beer does help.
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    Totally agree with the sentiments expressed here. Life as a single retired guy is excellent. I had many years of being married to an Asia lady but eventually the fights, the nagging , the lack of shared interests after kids left told, and we went our separate ways. I live in my own condo in Makati and travel 50% of the time.. sometimes around Philippines sometimes internationally. Im only alone when I wish to be and spend most of my shared time with a nice lady who is quite a bit younger than myself. Im happily retired and whilst I watch my expenditure and defintely dont spend US$ 100 a day I have a good life and enjoy all my time. If I become old and inform will be easy enough to find a carer or two.. preferably two , one young and cute , one older more sensible and knowledgeable. dont need a wife for that. Will not be marrying ever again. We all make our own life choices and Im happy with mine.
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    Ok, when Annie Lennox was in her prime, was she sexy, or not? I never could decide. But man o man, she had a voice!
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    This is spot on!!!! Wonder if they had Philippine relatives in mind when they (Eurythmics) wrote that song?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeMFqkcPYcg
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    Well thanks for the advice and I will take it all in my stride , the forum entertainer well if the pays good I may think on that, been here a few times on holiday but in the holiday mode where money as no object and seeing the family for a few hours , this time I am living with the family , and before we came we spoke about this and that and the lazy brother who just needs a push to get him motivated I thought, how wrong I was on that one. Even with my moaning I am enjoying it here and I can see myself being here for a good few months each year too, the family thing will never go away and I understand how Emma is with them , but I don’t have to be like that, the brother in law I just don’t speak to him and I am quite happily doing that now, he is a waste of space in my eyes . I still have the house in England thank you for asking . Just over 5 weeks still to be in the Philippines and we have done a lot of work and now it’s time for some our time which we have a break coming in the next few days ,hopefully travelling to Bicol . Again thanks for listening to me and those who have replied I thank you again.
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    We all have our own ways of coping. I am happy to maintain my 'that crazy old kano' status, now established within my local community. The old man who climbs up trees and bamboo poles, builds stuff, does his own washing and gardening, rides around on an old pushbike with his small son on the home-made crossbar seat. The old man who actually WALKS to town ! The old man who entertains the whole family and village with his epic karaoke performances and 'disco dancing'.... when Black Sabbath or Bob Marley isn't pounding out of his own windows. Best thing is...they know I've got no money. You're a long time dead.
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    Two island rule my friend. We know you love Em’s very much and she loves you. Take the family out of your day to day life and start enjoying Philippines and a happy marriage.
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    Quality is not a word I would associate with building works here. Generally the approach is shoddy and from my experience most tradesmen get away with whatever they can , if and when they can. No one seems to inspect their own work with an eye for keeping their work area tidy, neat or to the standard that was agreed. Most seem to want to skip skive and take short cuts. Its been like this for the past 30 years that Ive known the country. Sometimes I can accept and laugh about it and other times its frustrating as I know it can be done so much better.r Ive worked with many Filipinos in other countries and there, they follow the rules, the standards and can do good work when properly supervised. But here......watch every worker and repeat the instructions and never take a break because something might not be done as expected
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    I think we have the political situation all set. My Father in-law owns a motels and many other businesses in the area and is good friends with the Mayor. Not the best picture but this is the motel. We will be finishing the area above the office next year for our own use. Right now we are staying in one of the rooms.
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    Reminds me of the guys in the poor neighborhoods of the big cities in the early 70's. Driving around with Cadillac's wearing Superfly suits, gold chains, and Afros. I pity the fool!
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    We all have our crosses to bear , letting of steam here helps loads , after a good talk to Emma after she had finished all the cleaning inside the house and outside the house which should be her lazy brothers job as he don’t like work and that was my point why are you cleaning there mess. Anyway I am back on course , happy , until next time.
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    One other thing that is great with a UPS for PC/Monitor and router, because the UPS is always plugged in and trickle charging the batteries while running the PC/Monitor/router thru its inverter. Here I've noticed power surges in the lights. Sometimes lower voltage then back to normal 220V. These power fluctuations are not good for any appliance especially a PC. Causes premature deterioration of the appliance(PC, TV/Monitor etc). If plugged into a UPS, the built in invertor smooths out the fluctuations nicely. The output of the UPS using the built in invertor will always stay at a proper voltage!
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    I let the gf do all of the driving, saves on arguments The family side is different, gf will critises one of her sisters for under achievement shes the brightest of her siblings yet needs help.from the others, I took her mama papa and son to a restaurant for lunch , her son texted his sister and as we finished our meal 5 of them turned up ,I felt telling the 5 to eff off would be a bad idea , so I pulled 500 peso and sent them to the food court I'm trying to establish boundaries and accommodate both cultures, Theres no way she would agree to the two island rule lol
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    When I bought the car I said to the wife that I don't want to see the family in the back every time I look in. the rear view mirror, your next fight perhaps.
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    The problem was resolved at SM mall , she was most delighted that the second largest dress size fitted her " must be girls bigger than me in the Phil's dad " Did not want to tell her that they were probably lady boys
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    Don’t skip grabbing my crotch, I need to keep doing this to get my sweaty pants from sticking to my ball bag.
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    How about the Michael Jackson moon walk? But skip the part where he keeps grabbing his crotch.
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    Hmmm.... Steve's original post described a communication problem with his wife, something most of us experience. How did it turn into family, two island rule, if he has been here before, etc., etc. Steve is Steve, whether he is in England or the Philippines. I do appreciate his consistency!
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    83 years old! I think I will side with the wife and also hope he hires a driver!
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    Steve, is this your first time in the Philippines? From the sound of things, it really seems like your years of dreaming of retirement in the Philippines never included visiting the Philippines.... maybe you have?... but it sure seems like this is your very first trip to the Philippines. Take my word for it, the novelty of everything that you've described will wear off after a while. How long of a while?... it all depends on the person. For your sake, I surely hope that you haven't given up your residence in England.
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    Steve, I have a close friend(83 years old), living here from the states now about 5 years. He has said recently more than once that he is going to have to give up driving and hire a driver before they end up divorced!
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    You are finding what many of us living here have discovered - you are expected to take whatever comes your way but how dare you bite back! It's actually not as bad as it sometimes seems, but I have learnt to bite my tongue on the basis i'd prefer an easy life and won't win any reasoned argument anyway!
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    Update: Well its mission-abort on this property. The mother title ended up needing far too much work -- and in this case, complication means time. Even though all parties were willing and eager, the attorney said we are really looking at about a 3 year process to sort it all out. Way too risky, since we would want to build asap. Shucks.
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    When a friend of the wife got married to a British guy he wore a suit and jelled his hair which proceeded to run down his face in the heat.
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    I finally found a leather recliner that is large enough to be comfortable. I drape a beach towel over the back and seat, otherwise perspiration builds up on the leather and makes is feel kind of yucky. There always seems to be a lot of dust anywhere you go in the Philippines. Leather is easier to keep clean than fabric which seems to really hold onto dust even if you have a good vacuum.
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    We've got a good quality leather coach with 2 armchairs that came with the house when we bought it 'partly furnished' plus a medium quality cloth 'sala set' (ditto couch and arm chairs). The leather couch and chairs have better padding and are more suited in size to western bodies but the leather is a bit hot unless the AC is going in the sala and I don't run it much. The cloth set is less comfortable but less... sticky. I'm not 100% happy with either... but if I could find a good quality cloth sala set sized as per the leather one I would be.
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    Or they look and think. He will have a heart attack soon..... Money in the bank..... 😂
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    No, they said to me. Filipinos penis too small, black mans penis too big and the white man's penis is just right. Not sure they meant porridge.
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    The Filipino with the black man’s penis and the white dudes sperm. They want it all.
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    Sad to say but It's all about Money NO? well I am afraid people are misguided, if it was not about money Filipinas would be Not be Looking for Older Foreigners and instead Look on an Older ( mature Filipino) and as with a Post or two ago, anyone that would consider a new Lady if all went wrong are to me, Not in a very strong Relationship and BTW I have never considered a Divorced man a Bachelor but Just Single And playing the Field as it seems the OP is
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    Since we've defined Paradise as just relating to the girl situation, I'll address that. I think it's still sort of a paradise. I base that on a couple factors: 1. As a mid to late 50s guy in the US I was divorced and most of the time single. This despite a good job, decent money, nice house, car. etc. Almost all my divorced peers were in the same boat and I am sure most of them still are alone. 2. Now that I live in the Philippines I have observed a number of my friends change partners. None of them, despite advancing years, have had a problem getting another girl, and often did so quickly. I can think of only one guy who has chosen to remain single and focus on other aspects of his retired life. But I'm confident he wouldn't have a problem if and when he wants another girl. A couple of interesting (to me) dynamics. Since I live in Dumaguete with a big foreigner population, it's certainly different than a small provincial area. That said, based on #2 above I feel confident that if something happened to my marriage I could find someone else, if I wanted to. But guess what; my wife knows the same thing. There's enough foreigners here that I think she knows she would not be alone. I actually think this equality is a good thing. The other dynamic I find interesting is the attitude not of Filipinas toward age but of most expats. Most believe that their younger wife/partner is a good Filipina interested in more than just his money. Yet most of them also say that most Filipinas are only interested in the money. IOW, their thought process is "I have a good one - my friends are with gold diggers." It's a funny dynamic.
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    What a great idea. The wife and I do a lot of work with youth and we always try to have some kind of fun game for them. We will have to try something like that. Break them into teams and have them pick up coins and drop them in a cup.
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    Every time I’ve bought a small vehicle I’ve regretted it, someday you might want to bring some family or buy something big and put it in the back, we bought a used diesel Fortuner and I’m happy with it, just have to leave alone with the wife and not even tell anyone before you go, the look on their faces as we walk out is priceless
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    We have a Wigo as a second car, mainly used for shopping trips to the market and to go into the city. It's nice and easy to park because it's small and there is enough room for 4 average size adults. It's not the best on the highway, it manages at 80 kph ok but the wind from passing trucks and buses moves it around a bit and it's pretty noisy. I'd happily recommend one if your primary use is in a town or city but not if you're going to be doing a lot of highway driving. We've got an Innova 2.8 diesel which is more comfortable, has much better overtaking performance and carries more people. It's much better on the highway but it's a bit hard to park in the city. We used to use an Avanza (the family in Ozamiz use it mostly now) and I reckon if you're only having one car then it's hard to go past one of these. They can carry almost as many people as an Innova (or as much stuff with the seats folded) but they're shorter and narrower so they're a lot easier to park. They're a bit quieter and have better highway performance (nothing like the diesel Innova but still a step up from the Wigo). There are plenty of good second hand ones around if you don't want to buy new and parts are really easy because it's a Toyota.
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    Is this a milk topic or a tea topic?
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    Tin Tin is shooting blanks since I saw Dr Snip Snip some years back... so not a problem More seriously... there is some evidence of persistent changes to brain electrical function with extended exposure to low levels of non-ionizing RF in some recent studies. There's no evidence that it's permanent, or that it's harmful (yet) but avoiding long term near field exposure near the brain just means using speaker phone or ear pods and is something that some people might want to do. Me... I'm exposed to much higher RF levels than that on a semi-regular basis and I'm comfortable with that (given RF exposure standards in common use).
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    The Baguio Dairy milk probably goes bad fast, but if you keep it really cold, milk will last a bit longer. The Karlen's fresh milk we have delivered twice a week has guidelines on the bottle and a use by date stamped on the top, which I think is about 7 days from production.
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    My father had an annual test (Canada - circa 1970s and 80s) with the finger in the bum for decades. When he was found to have prostate cancer it had progressed to the point where it was in his lymph nodes. His new doctor said it had probably been growing for 10 years. He died 3 years later. Before he died he asked his old doctor how he could have stuck his finger up his ass for 10 years without noticing he had prostate cancer. The doctor said: "We're not Gods". So I strongly disagree with your statement and I prefer a PSA test.
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    I was given a craft beer by my neighbour who works for a Norwegian brewery one Christmas. If that is a sample of what those beers taste like you can keep it. Tasted worse than Earl gray tea.
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    Good to clean old dried paint brushes.
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    What a shame .... I have lots of pictures I downloaded from the net of the base in it's hay day .... never had the privilege of visiting or serving there .... thanks for the pictures and narration ....
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    Well its been 4 months since I have been using this air purifier, and I have had no bronchitis at all. And have had no running nose to speak of and no yellow junk coming out of my nose. I clean the pre-filter once a week and wash the blue filter once a month. I'm still in shock of how much dust etc., it gets out of the air.I also recently purchased from Ace Hardward: Filtrete Microparticle Aircon Filter, its made by 3M and comes in a red box. It has electrostatic fibers in this filter. I put this filter over the filter in my aircons, and this also helps to get dust etc., out of the air. If it was not for this air purifier, I think I would be sick as a dog....
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    Here is a update on this subject. I went to Ace Hardware a few weeks ago and purchased an Air Purifier. Its called Air Wellness Power 5. Its not the new Power 5 Pro version, so if you look this up on the internet you will find the Power 5 Pro version more than the Power 5 version, but the system they both use are similar.This is the only one that I could find with the proper filtering system. It has 4 filters:First filter is the filter frame/prefilterSecond is catalytic filterThird is carbon filterFourth is the antiallergenic/hepa filterI must say that I’m very happy with it. I use to have a soreness in the back of my throat for months and after I started to use this air purifier that sensation when away. Since I have moved to the Philippines I have had bronchitis or sinus problems at least 10 times. The last time I had an chest x-ray and the dx was slightly hyperaerated lungs which is:Basically this occurs when air is trapped in the lungs and you can't "catch your breath" because the air that is in your lungs won't expell, allowing you to inhale fresh air. This is basically asthmatic in nature and in adults can be caused by smoking or other respitory irritants or diseases. The doctor gave me some meds and it cleared up...mild form of bronchitis.The key words here are “other respitory irritants” that cause me to have problems. Dust in the air is doing this to me. There is a cement plant just down the road from me and a electrical plant in Naga which uses coal, so put 2 and 2 together….and lets not talk about the pollution from the vehicles here either. Very dirty air!!! And just plane road dust that is kicked up when vehicles drive on the roads. We would keep our windows open almost all the time, but now we keep them closed all the time and turn on the aircon more. So with doing this and using this air purifier things are better now for me.This Air purifier sure does take the dust and junk out of the air in my house and I feel its well worth the money. So if anyone else has similar problems like I have been having and if you can afford this, by all means you will not be disappointed.
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