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  1. 9 points
    I think Stevewool will confirm that copper wire was invented by two Yorkshire men fighting over a penny.
  2. 8 points
    My fellow retired Master Chief, who is a master jet mechanic explained the stages of combustion: Works for me.......
  3. 8 points
    Well I’m back home since last night, landed in Manila at almost 4am and had my Covid results back by 2:30pm the same day, 3 hours in EDSA traffic and another 1.5 home. We have a new maid, I think my wife searched the whole Philippines for the ugliest woman and asked her if she wanted to be our maid, no other qualifications required. It’s good to be back anyway.
  4. 8 points
    It's because you are now Canadian, eh? Remember the old joke about : What is the difference between a canoe and a Canadian, eh? The canoe tips... eh?
  5. 8 points
    I get all I need at home I don`t need my other ear chewed off each day as well. LOL
  6. 8 points
    I can barely afford a wife, much less a sugar baby at 50K a month. Maybe this is why she keeps me poor but happy.
  7. 7 points
    This is the upgraded F-18 HORNET with an unauthorized hard on: Actually.....fuel tank became loose upon launch and was safely jettisoned.
  8. 7 points
    The "daddies" are setting the bar pretty high. They are paying insane prices for the low hanging fruit that could be had for nothing. Stupid old men and their money are soon parted.
  9. 7 points
    Today, we both could travel so we went to our new home - approaching completion. Only one photo since the changes and improvements are getting smaller and how many more ditches or holes in the ground do you guys really want to see? Today was also an important and a bit distressing milestone... We started the build exactly one year ago today... In case you haven't followed along, are new to the forum or just lazy...this was day one last year. Now... here's today. A bit of a change to the neighbourhood, I would venture. You might not see without magnifying the view, but the chief welder has been polishing the stainless handrail on the second floor terrace - and it is brilliant! Much of the mild steel has been treated and primered, but more needs to be done. They have been sanding and filling the stair railings and these are looking nice. We are very eager to see them with maybe a bit of stain but then some nice varnish. I have now had two loads of "stuff" delivered to the place and, already, the library, because that's how it will function, with books, computers, CCTV, internet... is getting filled up. Three boxes of my tools already and there might be two more. Plus soon will be my cold weather clothes (really? Yeah... for next trip to Seattle, if it hasn't burned down or been destroyed by virus or insurrection?) Of course L's clothes will fill up their own room... On Monday or Tuesday, I (since L is so busy with school) will shop for beds and mattresses, curtain hardware, curtains, blinds. And on Monday, the new and improved kitchen cabinets are scheduled to be installed - I won't miss that! About half the fence has been painted with the rust converter then the first epoxy primer coat. The three rows of barbed wire have already been installed on the lowest part of the fence at the back of the property. Gates are still "under construction." I learned today online that I can pay the PLDT postpaid service using PNB, pay DCWD (water) with a BDO account and also the Davao Power and Light with BDO - all online! Next week we must pick out a refrigerator. The foreman and a small crew (on our time on Sundays) will soon construct a small lanai off the living room and also make a support for the last and smallest air/con compressor installation. The sparky continues to impress with his attention to detail and very neat work. We are still waiting for a few bits to complete the installation of mozzie screens on all opening windows by the supplier. We are a bit underwhelmed with their performance. The work looks good as does the quality of materials, but it has taken them a lot longer than originally promised to complete their work. I would say the most common issue with the build is that many suppliers and contractors do not do well regarding time management.... Sure... some of it is due to the virus... But some required hardware was not ordered until last week - that was needed "last week!!!" Okay okay... time for a beer and more Tanduay...
  10. 6 points
    So yesterday the kitchen cabinets were installed. Well... not totally. They still need to install some fascia pieces and a few other things - like some doors... But they look better than before and NO PINK!!! So we were right - not all marine ply has pink veneer. Told them so... Today yet another team was out there installing the granite counter tops. Other work is proceeding. L made another nastygram call to the window company asking when they would finish their work? It appears the window screen guys yesterday just showed up, looked around and then left again??? WTF? Sorry for the blurry photo. It may look a bit pink in this shot, but it really is light grey on the doors. Interiors are white. The kitchen is small but very functional and should work fine for us. The island will be the literal center of cooking and the home itself. Of course, we have the dirty kitchen outside for more adventurous (and smelly) cooking. The new range is in place just for locating things. I forget if I mentioned before, but it is a GasTek unit with four gas burners, gas oven and gas broiler. I am eager to put it to use! The counter tops are also just in place for final measuring (twice) and cutting (once). We were patting each other on the back as we really like the contrast of white walls and black granite with the light grey cabinets themselves. We reckon there are lots of colours outside the windows to give us greens, reds and others from the trees and flowers (now and in the future). We have started some seedlings for a (yellow) lemon tree, date palm (really!) and L has all kinds of plants to transfer over too. Here's the back car gate currently under construction. It is not our first choice for design, but it is what was budgeted in the contract. We can live with it, but it will need some sort of steel mesh or sheet down low to minimize critter intrusions and also around the latch area to slow down two legged critters. And my friend Tuko yelled at me from somewhere out back...life is good!
  11. 6 points
    Your right Tom . We have two maids and it was insensitive of me to leave her out. She is also a real winner,,,,She is so ugly she has to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink
  12. 6 points
    Me thinks you use too broad a brush my friend. The self-righteous, do-gooder NGOs and religious folks are primarily concerned with child prostitution. And while some people try to use religion to make a buck, I think the majority are sincere in their efforts to protect these kids. Just my opinion of course.
  13. 6 points
    Just visit my house then,,,,I wont worry about you overstaying your welcome Our maid is so ugly I need to tie a bone around her neck so the dog will play with her.
  14. 6 points
    I would venture to say that there is very little 'forced' prostitution in the Phils. Naturally, there are many self-righteous, do-gooder NGOs and religious money-making organisations who would have the world believe that there is.
  15. 6 points
    An oldie but a goody, I still get a chuckle:
  16. 6 points
    It took me awhile but I just retrieved your password for SUGARBOOK. I can see that you are a premium member so I took advantage of the discounts they offered. Thank you Boss Man!
  17. 6 points
    Conversation with the Angry Midget the other day: Me: "Love, do we need a maid?" AM: "Why do we need a maid??!!!???" Me: "To help out around the house?" AM: "Why do you want a maid??!!??" Me: "To help you with all the kids..." She's currently looking after a brood of nieces and nephews 24/7 while their parents are away for work. AM: "Oh... Ok, only until you get here though!!" Me: "..... " Interviews are currently being conducted with the same single criteria as your wife's
  18. 6 points
    Only up until you get married.
  19. 6 points
    I think Jake, this is the cycle of many things in life.
  20. 6 points
    I'm sure the Filipinas' local boyfriends appreciate their share of the money.
  21. 6 points
    Personally if I checked out any hotel, cottage and no hot shower I am out of there.
  22. 6 points
  23. 6 points
    About the QR scanner, I overheard a girl tell the flight attendant that her phone couldn’t scan the QR code, the flight attendant said there was a manual way to do it but anything to make the process easier imo helps. I’m at my quarantine hotel now, about half way through the flight they handed everyone around seven documents to fill out, you’ll have your passport number memorized by the time you’re done because it’s very redundant and the same stuff you entered into the Red Cross QR scanner form before you set out, they are all of different sizes with some being small which makes it hard to keep all together, on top of the immigration stuff I had and the barcode for the covid test. I’m the guy that can manage to lose my movie theater ticket while waiting in line to get in so it was pretty nerve racking, there were various stations and I didn’t know what paper went where. You also have to verify you have a hotel so have the confirmation letter ready, they will ask for your mode of transportation also. FYI, make sure you go to the bathroom before landing because they give no opportunity to do so once departing the plane. The swab test was the worst part because she does both nostril and just when you think she can’t go in any further she does, and then some, the throat swab will make you gag. I will post when I get my results and the check out process, just waiting for an email and trying to wind down.
  24. 5 points
    I would add WA State to the list (if not already; haven't looked at all replies), But not the Seattle metro area. No state income tax so far and I've mostly lived here since '92, and besides the 5 blue counties that tell rest of us what to do, rest of it is fairly conservative to very conservative in some. We love Bellingham/Whatcom County as good mix and still 80 mi or so from Seattle and even closer to Vancouver, BC. LOTS of Filipinos here all over Western WA especially, with a lot of Navy bases, plus Army/USAF down south of Tacoma. Also Pierce county isn't bad. Real estate still going up and will continue to do so as more flee Seattle and are coming up here, as well as other cheaper and more sane towns/cities...I think we all know Seattle is not way behind Portland in craziness. The scenery of the PacNW is Incredible and "free" to enjoy most of it. Outdoor recreation here is Big year round (all water sports, skiing, hiking, camping, hunting, on and on) and in Western WA, rarely ever gets real hot and if does, not for long. Most homes do not have A/C, as would only need it 1 month per yr...low power bills for most part. Go east of Cascades and more alpine dry with colder winters and hot summers, but dry heat. I grew up in NC and lived there as an adult, but would choose WA over NC/South/East Coast any day. There's quite a few on this site from WA area. If ya ever wanna come check it out, you and family are welcome to our place anytime...live up on mountain overlooking a 10 mi Lake Whatcom and surrounded by true Old Growth forest. If we weren't looking to try the PI for a few yrs, then return, I'd never leave.
  25. 5 points
    Just posted to sort out the men from the boys. Don't worry. there won't be any 'guests' booking in anywhere for a long time yet. Keep your money in your pocket.
  26. 5 points
    I am considered weird in a few ways... I'll admit that right away. I also have rarely eaten on a schedule that most people advocate. I rarely eat before noon. When I wake up, I simply want coffee - black. Unlike L and most people, I just do not wake up hungry. Sometimes I will cook and eat a lunch, but I really am not hungry then. I prefer to eat one large meal in the late afternoon - say 3 pm or so? I know it is healthier to eat more, small meals in a day, especially early...but... What I sometimes do, but try to avoid, is eating a big meal after 6 pm... I know that is unhealthy and then I feel uncomfortable nearing bedtime. I always thought the Germans and other Europeans had it figured out right - eat the big meal of the day at or near noon and then take a nap. Eat smaller meals, if desired for breakfast and at "dinner" time... Beer? Hmmm maybe any time you are thirsty? I watched construction workers in Germany guzzling beer from noon onwards and the buildings somehow went up straight and are still standing... Here?..... No comment... So back to your original comment and question... I do not eat as regularly as when I was younger, living in USA and working. So retirement and living in the tropics have affected my eating habits - and not in a bad way! I will add these comments too: L is hungry from lunchtime onwards... She wants to eat something substantial for lunch. Then, at about 3 pm or so, she wants "snacks" which can be a fairly big meal with rice and whatever else is available. Then it's dinnertime at about 6 pm or so. I resist the snacks and risk her wrath about why I don't eat...but I just don't want to eat all day. I have thin arms and legs and a growing midsection... she wants to see the arms and legs get bigger and it just won't happen - never did my entire life and won't happen now...
  27. 5 points
    For me it is not so much the tropics, it is retirement coffee in the morning, eat Lunch at noon, Dinner 8ish
  28. 5 points
    Part of me says if it's between consenting adults and each knows what they are getting/giving then fair enough. But. isn't there a risk of exploitation from either party? Also, money = power so the arrangement is hardly equal from the outset. That said, it's just formalising something that has been around as long as we have.
  29. 5 points
    I think you are correct in your thinking . . and it ain't a bad thing. Keeps me in the black. Not that I was ever in the red . . but maybe just a little in the pink.
  30. 5 points
    This could end up in a Bitter Sweet situation or a spike in Diabetes.
  31. 5 points
    Brand new wall that needs breaking in? I would sell tickets to the trike drivers. p20? There will be a long line.
  32. 5 points
    So, Jake... You are a former Master Chief (currently Master Bater).... When will you stop by for your anointment and how much beer do I need to have on hand? And I will ask a special favour? Please...can you do your anointment and blessings on the outside of the fence????
  33. 5 points
    I did another solo visit this morning since L is so busy with school work as broadcast teaching and module distributions are underway or about to be.... Hahaha... she has even enlisted me to edit her teachers' modules for grammar and spelling. It's okay to do and not too difficult since most of her teachers are fairly proficient with English. I am pleased to be able to contribute at least a little something now to assist the teachers here during this challenging time. Tuko welcomed me with his F**** You! and a growl... So I reckoned all was well there... The floor and wall tiles are installed in the Master bedroom. We have limited electricity there right now so natural lighting is the order of the day. We love the stone-like floor tiles. They have a good texture, natural colour and feel rough on the feet. The walls are fairly simple and plain. The main purpose of the visit was that it was: Kitchen Cabinets...Take II! I looked carefully and there is nothing pink around!!!... Then - and this really irritated me - I had to explain several things to the crew (who were mostly the same guys who did the first install), regarding the range hood vent outlet, range size, locations of a few things. It seems like some of these guys have low memory retention? Anyway, they were moving along and it all looked good. I think they were being extra careful this time to ensure that nothing was amiss? But I learned something else new today... OTR uses their own manufacturing facilities to construct the cabinets. Then they use a subcontractor to install the cabinets (we knew this already). But then they use another subcontractor to install the granite counter tops. Can you imagine the finger pointing that might ensue if there are any issues between the three? So, anyway, no counter tops installed yet, as of today. A couple of boys were chipping original cement and applying a new layer to help support and fill in the area on each side of the sliding gate rail - which is simply a length of angle iron laid on it's belly with the angle facing up. The gate has rollers that have a matching angle so there is great stability, security and good function. Speaking of cement... I noticed a lot of cracks in the "masa" - cement mortar applied over the hollow blocks as a thick veneer - on the fence, recently. So I tapped my knuckles on those areas and many sound hollow. The foreman assured me that they would knock out the poorly adhered masa and redo those areas. Hmmm... So I, today, put my trusty hammer in the car and next time out will do lots more tapping with the wooden handle end and maybe breaking out some places with the business end. I already told the foreman about this and he seemed okay with it. L also thought it was a good idea.... After all, we are paying for at least decent quality work and the masa should stick to the hollow blocks... I already, today, noticed that they have patched up several places I have noted at random... Now I am going to get serious about it! Ahhh... the windows. I know they are not done yet (after a month!!!), but the initial install is sloppy in places, to say the least. In the master bedroom, on this window photo you may be able to see that the opening window is tilted down to the right maybe a degree or two, resulting in a horrible fit... This is the bottom... And this is the top. Note the air gap in the top right - the window is closed and latched. And the truly poor silicone sealant work in the upper left. I used to have a job using silicone sealant and there are many ways to do it wrong and really only one way to do it right. They need lessons and I could provide them, but I don't want to embarrass anyone. I will, however, complain to the company about the poor initial workmanship and slow delivery...but after it is all concluded and correct... I may be dumb, but I am (usually) not stupid... At least so I have been told...
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    I just finished the check in process at LAX, sitting here waiting for my flight on PAL. Make sure you have a phone with a barcode scanner with you and of course a pen, the paperwork has already started, plus even though you already have a Red Cross CR code you have to scan a barcode they give you for a post check in process, asking mostly the same questions as the Red Cross and the slip of paper they ask you to fill out after check in, not sure yet what to do with the paper yet, the only thing they asked for at the check in counter is your passport, they just look for the VISA. Check out counter at LAX opened at 5:30 pm for a 10:20 pm flight.
  35. 5 points
    What is safe today, might not be safe tomorrow. Know your surroundings, be alert.
  36. 5 points
  37. 5 points
    From my understanding if she is already married in the Philippines she cant just divorce the husband overseas. If she was a naturalised citizen in another country and was able to marry while overseas the marriage could be called fraud as she had no annulment from the first marriage. I dont know of anywhere that allows someone already married to marry again without in this counties case annulment first. Yes if she got an annulment then moved overseas and married someone and divorced later then that would be recognized by the Philippines because she was not married here so just proving she is divorced and in that case if she wanted to marry again in the Philippines it would be OK. That's my understanding and reading of the link. Either way for what it's worth who would bother. I thought marriage went out of fashion anyway.
  38. 5 points
    Aim high from the off . Young, beautiful, single, wealthy orphan ?
  39. 5 points
  40. 5 points
    Not much behind us.... or to the one 'open' side....(no neighbour) the natural boundary to any squatters, being a small creek, and a lot of trees. Next door to us is a beautiful house...home of my wife's former high school teacher, and a good friend to us...so hopefully no incoming rocks from there. .
  41. 4 points
    If this doesn't impress you " gnihton " will ebc80efe-ad9f-4d7b-a46a-504044fe5e24.MP4
  42. 4 points
    Small world! My first home here was Redmond 1992...got 1800sq ft house on Education Hill for 154K if can believe that! Same probably $600K minimum now and Redmond not the horse town it was then with MSoft just taking off. Then moved to the orig No offense to Californians, but the Libs who moved up here in late 80's into 90's in first wave to "escape" costs, buy house and for cash and rid selves of Calif taxes unfortunately elected same type leadership up here as down there and Seattle metro has never been same...Komo News documentary "Seattle is Dying" avail online says it all. All things change and time came to move on as you note. As for weather, seems every year is different. When I stepped off plane here in May '92, ironically coming from Philippines, it was crystal blue skies, Mt Rainier looked majestic and breathtaking and it was a drought yr so never rained till Halloween except Maybe couple times. The next yr summer lasted all of 6 weeks. As the song goes, "I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end." This year it's the fire smoke smothering the whole west coast the past week or more. And Yes!...You are welcome anytime to come visit. No telling when or if we'll make the move to the RP as we had planned. Covid and few other things will determine that. Look forward to meeting you all and like the motel ad, "We'll leave the light on for ya!"
  43. 4 points
    Think so. Just one more onerous burden for all of us merry men to bear. Sad. But take heart in the thought that by Christmas of 2021 they will return... as surely as the typhoons to Luzon. There. Feel better now?
  44. 4 points
    Never been a big eater but for some reason I'll never be skinny, must be my genetics. I'm not hungry in the morning just grabbing a coffee then off for a run along the beach about 9km. Sometimes not eating until late afternoon. If I do have a proper meal it's usually late evening. Even in the UK I'd remember about 9pm that I've not eaten yet. My partner can't get her head around me as I'm always active, up about 5am and only sleeping 4 to 5hrs per day and she eats more than me. I'm 96kg she's about 45kg.
  45. 4 points
    Ugly maid, come-on, never seen one yet.
  46. 4 points
    Gotta love something that has multiple practical applications.
  47. 4 points
    Nothing to stop you running the cables for an electric shower and just leaving a banking plate hiding them. Fit one with all that's needed for a hot shower and see if it books out more if advertised with the hot shower. I was close to spending silly money updating my apartment until common sense kicked in and I realised I was pretty much fully booked as it stood.
  48. 4 points
    You're probably not alone, since I've become an extreme kuripot after my life in the PH. However, my Pinay spouse (who was a kuripot back in the PH) is now on an endless shopping spree in the US, because credit cards are given away like candy, plus everything that she ever wanted is much cheaper in the States. Glad that we have separate bank accounts.
  49. 4 points
    I think that all of your years in the Philippines has turned you into a kuripot.. Just joking.
  50. 4 points
    Ah yes . . the old "I can spend my money how I want" trick. It is why free love now costs money, why waiters who are paid to bring your food expect a huge tip for doing so, and why restaurants bring bottled water that you pay for instead of free water from the water cooler. I'm not likely to ever unstand that attitude. I was brought up to try and get maximum value for dollars spent. (Maybe not as tight as the Scottish but I like their reputation.)
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