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    Someone should tell the authorities to be on the lookout for a gorilla. ============= A fellow wakes up one morning to a terrible noise on his roof. He goes outside to find it's a gorilla! So he Googles and sure enough, there's an ad for "Gorilla Removers". He calls the number, and the gorilla remover says he"ll be there in 30 minutes. The gorilla remover arrives and gets out of his van. He's got a ladder, a baseball bat, a shotgun and a huge, ferocious-looking dog. "What are you going to do?", the homeowner asks. "I'm going to put up this ladder against the roof, then I'm going to go up there and knock the gorilla off the roof with the bat. When the gorilla falls off, the dog is trained to grab the gorilla's testicles and squeeze. The gorilla will be subdued enough for me to lock him in the cage in the back of the van.", says the gorilla remover and hands him the shotgun. "What's the shotgun for?", asks the homeowner. "If the gorilla knocks ME off the roof, shoot the dog."
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    Using that rumor is a good way to get free labor if you need a new septic pit dug.
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    No, I was born in the states. Lived in PI for 4 years back in the 80'S, But definitely not Filipino. He'll I'm so white I have to put sun screen on to grab a beer out of the fridge. That 15 watt bulb can burn......lol
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    Anvaya Cove is a large golf and beach resort in Morong, Bataan, about 45 minutes from the main Subic Bay Freeport. It was/is developed by Ayala. There are single family residential lots and there are some condos. We only saw a few of the single family homes up on a ridge overlooking the cover. They were very large and expensive looking homes. It is private so there are only a few ways for the general public to get access to the resort area. If you know a member, they can sponsor you to visit alone on a weekday. On weekends, the member must be with you. Or, if you rent a condo, you get access to the resort. In any case, the guests pay 600 pesos per head no matter the age, and 300 of that is consumable in the resort. We rented a condo through AirBnb to try the place out. That was quite expensive and I will write more about that in another thread. If you rent a condo and don't want access to the resort area, you can use the pool area at the condo for free. If you want access to the resort, it starts on the day of arrival, before you check into your lodging. You can arrive as early as 7 am. We made it around 0830 and our condo checking was at 3 pm. You can stay in the resort beach area until around 10 pm, but the pool and other things close at 7 pm. The restos and bar are open later. We really enjoyed the resort area. Top notch all the way. Now we have to figure out how to get a member to sponsor us so we can just do day trips. The day trip price of p600 with 300 consumable is more than fair, when you see what you get. Gorgeous pools, super clean beach, friendly staff, etc., etc. I have a friend from my daughter's school who had mentioned that his friend is a member and gets them in, and he might do it for us. Fingers crossed! By coincidence, this friend was there when we were so we chatted a bit. His father's construction company does large infrastructure projects; roads, bridges, etc., and they have a contract to build the roads for an expansion of the resort. Here are some pictures... Pool area when we first arrived. Our condo living area. Condo pool area, view from the condo Beach area just before sunset Our condo building from the pool area Sunset on the cover
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    Well after 29 years of living and working in the states we made the move back to the Philippines. We will be staying in cebu for a few months then up to Lipa city. Funny thing is my wife is the one who is having a hard time adjusting. Well wish me luck. We have been waiting for this for a long time.
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    My money is on it being a Sausage dog.
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    Took your advice mate ,it worked
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    Willing to bet there is much more to this story that none of us care to know.
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    Supply and demand and a lot of the market is from Manila where they want to get out of there for a short period to relax. Tourists as well. When I drive south from La Union, I pass many vehicles with Surf Boards on the roof, all heading north to San Juan & it's frequented with famous actors/actresses from Manila. When I drive north on the TPLEX I see many with surf boards on the roof driving south returning to Manila, especially on a Sunday. The major project below is being built now in San Juan. Many other projects being built because of demand. Gerry's grille just opened in Bauang. Years ago one would see mostly tourists at resorts, now I see mostly locals. Same with Boracay it's mostly locals now. A Middle class is rapidly growing here and they have expendable cash.
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    Cheaper televisions are the result of technological improvement. Flat screens are easier and most cost efficient to manufacture. The GATT agreement permits their importation on a duty free basis. Shipping is also cheaper for flat screens compared to Cathode Ray. Probably double the quantity inside a shipping container. The results are lower prices.
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    Well I've just spent a couple of days on Boracay and I can safely say you would be hard pushed to make as much of a shambles of rejuvenating an island if you tried. The roads are pretty impassable on lots of the island and completely blocked in a few areas. Drainage ditches are open and half finished. The majority of properties have ignored the rules hoping they would go away but the Government have initiated a process where booking are checked against compliant hotels before the tourist departs the main land. They're even using the main beach as a temporary jetty with vehicles driving along it. The sea was stunning but just covering a few hundred metres by road takes ages and that's before tourists arrived. I'll attach a couple of photos of the good and bad.
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    These breeds are responsible for the vast majority of canine on human attacks. That said, I bet he rubbed peanut butter on it and invited disaster.
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    Let me ask you a pertinent question. Picture yourself as the boss of a large company in USA. You come to the Philippines on vacation. Your staff calls you up with an urgent problem that only you can deal with. You deal with it via a conference call. So you were technically working while on vacation. Are you going to get deported for that? In my opinion, you are carrying the meaning of those websites you linked to much too literally. I do not believe for a minute that the BI is going to deport someone in the situation I just described but yep, he was working while here on a tourist visa. Thus it is my opinion that web links can justify any position you want but common sense and flying under the radar will keep you out of trouble, UNLESS someone has it in for you.
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    Eloi may never read this but I'm going to write it. On this site over the time I've followed it, we have had some curly questions asked, sometimes we try to read more into them than meets the eye, then there are other times when I suppose we are just rude to the posters question. I know some of us have had bad experiences with Filipinos using us as ATM's, but a lot of us have had partners in our own country that have done worse to us than a Filipino could. We all know their use of different phases are sometimes not exactly right but before answering, try and decipher out of the post what they want answered or at least write for a bit more clarity. Off the soap box.
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    Thanks for all added content. I don’t know why I posted the above. I guess I am venting my dismay at how some adults carry on with their life. As bad as humanity can get, in my fantasy world at least the children are spared. Stories like this continue. Local and expat. Nothing new. 🙂
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    I have given up looking for an Air BnB in the Philippines. The problem is the lack of logic when setting up prices. The owners throw out a number hopping someone would be willing to pay. It is the "rich kano" mentality. Another problem is the owners borrow photographs from a neighboring unit. You show up and it is nothing like the photos on the web. They won't give you a refund if you try to walk away.
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    Being from Davao where the Japanese tunnels are, I have a friend who sold me a map very cheaply as he needed to pay for the care of his sick child. If you are willing to fund the dig, I will split the proceeds with you 60/40. By the way, my real name is Masinga Mbeki and I am a Prince of the First Cast of Nigeria.
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    You may be the only person who lived in Philippines without hearing about it. Dang it. Now EVERYBODY knows
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    Always happy to be a part of today's whiners . . . er winners like you said
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    In looking at the photos it appears the electric service is in good shape.
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    I recall having discussions with friends about this story and the Rogelio Roxas claim. We thought it was a little bit suspicious that the treasure he found included a 1,000 kilogram Golden Buddha. That's 2,200 pounds and it would be difficult to bring into a jungle area and later carry it out. The religion in the Philippines is either Catholic or Muslim. There were no Buddhists. The explanation that the Golden Buddha was brought into the country from Burma also does not make sense. It would have been shipped directly to Japan where the population is a combination Shinto/Buddhist. Gold and silver coins I could believe. The coins in circulation at the time were silver. Gold bullion is unlikely because the only one who had them was the Central Bank. The entire Philippine treasury had been smuggled out using US submarines. The subs were ferrying ammunition to Bataan and later Corregidor. The ammo served as ballast. For the return journey to Australia, the ballast used was gold bullion and silver coins.
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