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    We gave away all our things ending up with a 5' x 5' locker containing family photographs, momentous, boys' trophies, etc. You learn to become minimalists. For example, cooking with one 2-quarts pot and one frying pan. (The RV has a convection/microwave.) Clothes are purchased and discarded throughout the year. You end with the same number. The RV parks have laundry rooms which we use once a week. How much "stuff" do you really need?
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    Our 500 meter Lot was purchased as a 2nd Sale from a much Larger leased Lot of some 2,500 meters. This larger Lot is inhabited by 3/4 families with something like 13 Houses to house all the kids and the like. Whist some do work ( construction, DOA, ,Lee Plaza and Chin Loong)) they have a very enterprising community. The main activity is a Chicharon Frying Area ( which can be a bind if the wind changes) A motorcycle Repair Area and a take in washing ( laundy) Area, The Community will never be Rich but neither do or will they starve We have been here for 7 years now and apart from Wakes and the like, I personally have had little to do with them ( My bad). I took my wifes older Red Kawasaki around earlier Today to have the Brakes cleaned out, while I was there the Elder of the community showed me around and as the Topic Title portrays, I was Both Surprised and enamoured at what really goes on round there, at the time the teenage Boys were roasting a Pig for lechon in the Open area at the Bottom of the Lot ( they do this for the Locals for pennies) In this day and age given the severity of Living for the people. My hat goes off to these neighbours we have and I Can see now why they can but don't always do, walk with their heads held High as being part of a community that will pull together and meet the Hardships that other communities I have seen don't seem to do Kevin (sonjack) and others have seen and met on occasions some of these people and I am sure will agree they are Really nice people. Ok it is a little bit of Trivia from Jack but it is nice when I or any of us can say Well done to our neighbours who are probably richer than we are in Humility/ humanity and family togetherness
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    my motto is and has always been while here, "If in DOUBT, DONT" on anything that concerns cash Jack Morning All
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    We were visiting friends in Randers, Denmark located in the Jutland peninsula. At the time, my wife and I were the only persons with black hair and brown eyes. Everyone else had blond hair and blue eyes. Now, the adults tried to be polite and not stare. But the children, especially the younger ones, would open their mouths and stare while pointing their fingers at us. Our hosts explained the children thought we were Inuits or Eskimos from Greenland which is governed by Denmark. So we played along by rubbing our noses much to the delight of the children. The children were taught it is a common greeting among the natives from the artic region. A few wanted to rub noses with us as a welcome to their town. After the Vietnam war, there were lots of black haired children during our visit. Some were adopted. Others were from Vietnamese refugee families who were now residents. Gone were the days of our rubbing noses.
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    On the other hand, how many hotel suites can you stay in if you saved the cost of those road beasts. Prices start at about $100,000 and go to a million or more for deluxe or custom models. And then you have the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, camp spot fees, parking/storage fees when not in use, etc. I am reminded of the old saying about owning a boat; "The two best days of my life were the day I bought my boat, and the day I was finally able to sell the damn thing."
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    So if your Doc tells you you should have had it done 15 years ago. you're in trouble!
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    I have experience with "losing" papers that are then found in the printer/scanner! I'm absent minded, as I have mentioned before. They say many geniuses are absent minded. Jack, I think my most recent "lost an found" story has yours beat! I'll try to make it brief. Tues, withdrew p10k from ATM and put in wallet. Wednesday noon went to pay for something and wallet was empty! Looked for money (10k + small bills maybe 1k) all over cars and house. We/I ended up with a few theories: 1. I had only taken the wallet out once during that time, at a 7-11 we don't usually go to. There were a lot of local factory workers having lunch. My wife was convinced that one of them had snatched my cash while I was paying. It didn't really add up in my mind. 2. I had done something really stupid and left the cash somewhere or dropped it. Absent minded me was thinking I did something stupid. 3. Kids. I asked the kids, almost 3, and 5, if they played with the money. Both said no. Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, I looked around some more, but no cash. My wife had me 80% convinced about 7-11. She was also pissed off that I lost 10K+ plus, as was I. Friday rolls around and my wife excitedly calls me into the guest room / play room. My 5 year old had found the money in their playhouse! Strange thing was, I had looked in there twice, I think, and there was a lot of play money on the floor. I think I looked close enough to see only play money. So perhaps it was neatly buried underneath the play money, or moved there at some point. The almost 3 year old was the culprit and readily said she played with my wallet. She didn't really understand when we first asked. My bad for leaving my wallet where she could get it. I keep on a high shelf now. The guilty party!
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    I am an American but ANZAC day has been brought to my attention by a friend. Here it is just an hour or two but I know it is already ANZAC day in the Philippines for you expats. Many Aussies and Kiwis on this forum. I just saw how much you like your vegemite (I actually like it too on crackers). In the US we all appreciate your sacrifices and those of your fathers in the fight for good. May we all always stand together.
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    More to the point Kev, as we have all been listening to Steve Wool's plans for what seems like bloody years and he is now finally RETIRED...... why doesn't he just bring the sodding food with him?! Come on Steve, pull ya bloody finger out and get on with emigrating to the Phils.. after all, it is what you joined the forum for, huh?
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    I think I will just leave this here
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    Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die...
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    I heard that the French part of Canada has surrendered already.
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    Seems to me you know you shouldn't get involved and are seeking reinforcement for a "no". Here it is. There is no way you would ever be paid back. On top of that, they will keep asking for more and more money.
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    Thank you, I have made my mind up all ready , I cannot afford to lose that amount of money, a few hundred to help I could but not this amount. May be get the husband to work that may help the family out, but that has nothing to do with me.
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    It is important to formalize the relationship (i.e.) "This is a business loan with an interest payment of..." As already suggested, have a lawyer prepare the documents and have it notarized. The reason is your relatives might borrow elsewhere explaining they have a rich Kano as an investor. The documentation prevents being a target for any loan default from someone else. In loans to family, you have to consider complete loss with no recourse. Whether the amount is P20K, P50K or P100K, can you afford to walk away?
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    Means nothing to me, I found Vegemite in Dumaguete. Life is good. Just as an aside, since I've been with the AM (angry midget), I've reacquired a taste for spam and Peck's paste!! Both things I haven't tasted since my Irish heritage Australian childhood. Has anyone else found foodstuffs that they grew up with, but because Allied forces have spent significant time in PI are still readily available? You Poms and Aussies of UK/Irish extraction would appreciate this: Under the AM's mother's kitchen sink, there's a massive bowel of dripping... Dripping on white bread with pepper on top... Oh the memories as an after school snack. When we were feeling really fancy, crumpets with butter under the grill with cheese on top. When we visited the mad Irish grandmother, that would be topped off with blood sausage. Sheet, now I'm craving an instant heart attack! Sorry Kev, just a moment of nostalgia.
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    Then it is even easier. If you do not have the money it is that much easier to say no.
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    I wonder who got their pockets lined with the Canadian Dollars to allow for this in the first place. They are not sending it here for free. Follow the money and find out who is really responsible for the Canadian trash coming here.
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    Root canal on a baby tooth that will fall out in a few years? Doesn't make sense. If it is causing pain, you would pull it and wait for the adult tooth to come in.
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    Well Guy's, I have to say, I'm surprised that nobody here has mentioned the Suicide Bombings in Sri-Lanka yesterday Easter Sunday. As a practicing Christian, I was also shocked and appalled, that very little condemnation has been said by Sri-Lankan Government Officials, politicians or World Governments, considering the tragic events that took place in New Zealand recently and how widely that was condemed. This is a stark reminder of how we have become complacence to the loss of life, that is happening around the World almost everyday. Whatever you believe or don't believe, 290 lives and over 500 injured people ( latest count) is a horrific attack on Human Rights. To walk into a gathering of people and explode a bomb knowingly, that many will be killed is Inhuman, and can never be justified in the name of GOD, no matter who you consider GOD to be! My message Friday in Jack's Quotes and again yesterday " Easter 2019" was simply offering a message of peace, little did I know that while I was typing that message, across the world such horrific events were happening!
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    So on top of the 503 thing Today, I have a Dust problem. Had to have Polaris ( A/C Engineers) up because my 1 hp A/C unit is not coping at the Inverter. We had it Cleaned only February but with the dry arid dust the fans are clogged, appears that during the day they pick up the surrounding dust and at night there is enough condensation in the Unit to turn it into a mulch, this drys and the the Fans don't expel air properly. No big deal apart from the cost but the Room it is in is used all day and in this heat a stand fan just doesn't cut it Hey Ho ain't life Grand Still at 800 for the Clean worth every penny and only put us out for a while.Another Hour and I will be a happy Chappy again
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    It seems to be getting mentioned as a lead on most major networks now. This happened in our part of the world and the west was still asleep, channel news asia out of Singapore reported it almost immediately. This might be why it was not addressed quickly This will continue to happen, IMHO, until the politically correct segments of the worlds major powers come to realize that there is segment of one of the major religions that considers a human bomb as a religious experience and that the only way to stop it is to annihilate it root and branch like was done with histories other murderous ideologies.
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    Made some Yorkshire puddings earlier they came out quite well. ingredients 1/2 cup of flour 2 eggs 100ml milk seasoning to taste. Add the eggs to the flour and beat when the mix is smooth slowly add the milk stirring as you do. Cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 220-250f until brown. Next time I will use only 1 egg as they tasted a bit eggy. .
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    No idea, also no idea if they have laws here
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    Well I guess it is no strange thing that as we get older, we do tend to Forget things, Misplace things and just generally get mixed up at times. When I got home from the last monthly meet, Put my Change in my Drawer with the exception of a 100 & 20 peso notes that I would need in the Morning. The next Lunchtime I wanted to go to the Store and YEP! No 100 note just a 20. I knew it was there the night before and We trust our helper explicitly. When Azon came home from work that night I asked smiling, Hey. were you 100 short in your accounting last night and borrow my 100 was the Reply. OK, now this was well over a week ago and not really missing the 100 ( just a nuisance not knowing) I never gave it a thought. Today as my wife is at home she was helping our helper to clean and she decided to clean Our bedroom. Ok, I thought. Now each week I print something, anything, to keep the printer inks/head free and flowing I should be annoyed really but it seems that a duster or cloth has passed over my Scanner printer for this period of time, when my wife lifted the Lid of the scanner to wipe the Glass, There was my 100 that I had forgotten I photocopied and forgot to remove. While Retirement is Great it has its Downsides as we age.
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    After I retired from the USN I worked for a short time at a hotel in San Diego. The General Manager was a very nice, but strict Filipino. We would eat lunch together almost every day that I worked there, the best part..he paid for the lunch. He had just got back from a vacation road trip with his family while we were eating lunch one day, and told me that he thought that the people in Montana are prejudice. He stopped at a restaurant there to eat with his family and said that everyone was staring at them. I asked him if he and his family were the only Filipinos there, and he said yes, everybody else was caucasian. I explained to him that whenever I, or other foreigners travel to the far parts of the Philippines provinces we get the same thing. Everybody stares at us because we are not a common sight. Nothing disrespectful..just curiosity.
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    There are, from time to time, ads in the Philippines offering the sale of new RVs at a 20% to 30% premium over the list price in the United States. Most are Class B which are the smaller units. I also met someone during my last trip to Manila who does van conversions. Her market are senior executives who need a bed, television or toilet during their commute to work. Nice to have a toilet handy when stuck in Metro Manila traffic for 3 hours. The US retirement rate is 10,000 per day! Some have elected to purchase RVs to see the world (USA, Canada and Mexico). The number of RV parks have not increased which means their daily fees have skyrocketed because they now operate at near full capacity. We use to get full hookups (water, electricity, sewage plus WiFi and cable television) for around $20 per day. Now it is closer to $40 in remote areas. We have reservations at a California casino resort in Temecula and their weekday rates are $60, and for weekends it is $100. That's for a Deluxe site which is a small back-in site. The big RVs may opt for a Chairman's Premium site which is over $200. This includes a barbecue pit and lawn furniture. The unit in the photograph is a motorhome, probably in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 range. It could also be one of those customized units for the "rich and famous" so the price tag could be $2.5 million. Lucky if you can get 5 miles to the gallon on the open road. So they are equipped with 100 gallons or more tanks. Each time you fill up, it could cost you $400. More common are 5th Wheelers which are pulled by a large pick-up or semi-truck. The 5th Wheeler remains at the campsite and you drive around in the large pick-up. You can't take the larger motorhomes into the city so the owners tow a car to drive around. By the way, those large American motorhomes are illegal in many European countries because of their width. The same for most of Asia. You will notice that the deluxe buses used in the Philippines are narrower because the roads are smaller. More later.
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    I can’t say for sure but I wanna think folks like you speak of are much more common. We simply don’t see it. What we see are misbehaving Filipinos who are far more obvious and we are more likely to comment about the negative. I am guilty of this myself. The opposite is true as well. Filipinos are more likely to notice Foreigners behaving badly than those of us living quiet lifestyles.
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    I remember the first time I came to Philippines, children especially, would stare at me, I guess some kids had never seen a long nose white person before! Life is changing so fast these days, but "Prejudice" is something brought out of fear or ignorance in a lot of cases. It's not anything I have found in my travels in Philippines so far, as you say it's more out of "Curiosity" most places.
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    Unimaginably cheap prices compared to the West and Geoff made a nice post about turning it into part of your day- not to spin it into a negative but bring alcohol or even your own small private mani pedi personal kit. (About $15 US). I am in Geoff’s happy camp too- but received a severe infection once from a manicure. Most of us might agree hygiene laws are not stressed here. I add an extra P20-P50 tip to acknowledge their inconvenience for not using their own tools because surely they prefer the feel of what they normally use daily. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00XCEW8E2/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_inactive_ship_o1_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1&th=1
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    I would have put this in "Quotes of the day" but it seemed very apt here for those with empty heads; Jack Morning All
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    The locals I have come across will cut their nose to spite their face. I have had one man making it difficult for me to buy land because the land he wanted to sell me was not suitable for me. He is stupid as I was going to buy his lot as an investment but not to live there, now he has nothing from me and I have purchased the land we want to live on. He is still trying to sell his land after 5 years. Grudges are for small minded silly people I never hold grudges I just remember what the person is like and treat my relationship with them accordingly. Grudges are not productive and stifle any dealings/relationship.
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    Steve Wool just told me on FB that I could have gotten all that in Sainsbury`s UK for 238 peso, I was about to block him when he offered to send a BB with UK goodies in so we are best buddies again.
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    A root canal is required when there is an infection in the pulp of the tooth and the tooth cannot be saved. An opening in the surface is drilled, the pulp is removed and replaced with filler, then the hole is filled or a crown cemented to the surface of the tooth. For baby teeth a root canal, to maintain space, is done if the tooth is not scheduled to fall out on its own in the near future. If simply removed the teeth around the space will begin to shift, the bite changes, and a whole slew of future problems can result. In the case being described it seems odd that they would "create a mold for when the baby tooth goes." Makes more sense if the mold was to be used for a crown on the baby tooth. Could it be the dentist meant to say "create a mold for WHERE the baby tooth goes" instead of WHEN?
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    Steve I mean no disrespect to your Filipino family members but it seems some see you as a free ATM machine. Three island 🌴 rule is the distance best keep from those folks.
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    Bird's custard is actually very good. Difficult choice between putting that or ice cream on the wife's apple pie.
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    I know this is a serious topic but you have left yourself wide open and I gotta say it: Too much money on payday in your right-hand pocket. Takes you 3 days to spend it and then your hips are not out of alignment and the pain goes away. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19544148/why-fat-wallet-causes-bad-back/
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    People add so much sugar to everything here. Even the street bbq guys add it to their sauce. It's in the bread..it's everywhere.
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    That is along the lines of what I was thinking. Someone is the previous administration is involved in this. In civilized countries (I'll assume Canada is one, despite Hounddriver's rep) you can't just export something like this without an export permit and an import permit from the destination country. Was it all just an issue because the public found out and started protesting?
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    I think they just let the back teeth rot out. And not just poor people. Of course, they will pay to have the front ones fixed because people can see them.
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    Supermarket collapse in Porac worst damage reported so far.
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    Don't know why so many restrictions are put on relatively harmless vehicles, and if OAPs... their occupants. Even the ones the size of a bus. Plenty of buses on our roads, and parked up here and there. What about the millions of 'semi' trucks, with living accomo' behind the cab ? Do they get victimised too ? As a young lad of 18 I lived in a 'motorhome', while also pulling a mobile shop trailer behind it... and got paid for it. Going around motor race meetings and other outside events all over the UK. . This was always my dream home: .
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    Same time as they boil the chicken. Saves heating water twice.
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    I thought this might go well on this thread.
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    As a senior it could be free. https://www.cebu.gov.ph/news/pho-offers-free-cataract-surgery-helps-elderly-regain-better-eyesight/ Even if not free Philhealth will pay the majority of cost for cataract surgery. Google "cataract surgery cebu city" and "cataract surgery philhealth" and "cataract surgery seniors" to find additional info. There are a large number of clinics and hospitals that do cataract surgery. Interestingly enough it seems the hospitals that do it free have the best results. The reason is that they have the most experience because they do so many. Sometime cheap, or even free, can be better.
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    My niece (who is my age, 62) and her husband had one when we visited 2 years ago. It was similar to the one pictured and had 2 sections that pulled out, and the thing was huge. All the nice stuff. So, after we left, they traded it in for a nicer one which I have never seen. I think the got a deal because they had some issues with the first one. I think it takes some planning when you take long trips because many cities / areas will not let you park them anywhere. The RV parks can be very expensive in popular areas. I'm sure JJR can speak about specifics. Strange thing is, my niece and her husband are now going through an amicable separation. They are still living together but planning to sell their current house and buy their own places. They are not planning on divorce because she said it would kill them financially.
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    If they wait until the last minute it gives us less time to think of a reason to say no. At least that is my understanding of it.
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    I wouldn't have thought there would be enough meat on a bird like that for eating let alone swapping. Oh you meant meet
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