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    Proud? Yep Darned Proud Of My Little Girl Not so Little any more and all dressed up for the Uni - Christmas Ball. . Love her to Bits
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    Hi everyone, I have not been on this forum for some time and by chance was browsing through today and suddenly realized I have not updated things for some time. For those of you who remember I am one of those expats that needs to work while living here. About 5 years ago I was teaching in a local English language school here in Angeles and then moved to teaching from home online through a platform called Verbling. I am still teaching on this platform and currently teach about 35 sessions per week, which earns me about 450 to 500 USD per week. This is enough for me and I earn enough to pay my rent on a two bedroom house with garden and covered driveway for both cars. We have a smallish garden where Siobhan (9 year old girl) and Saimus (15 month old boy) can play, along with the dog and cats. My rent is 4,000 pesos a month, electric is about 2,500 pesos a month, (with one A/C in our bedroom). I have garden LCD lights that surround the house and come on when it gets dark. I have a covered back area attached to the house with a wet kitchen, and a large work and storage area. There is an 8 foot brick wall around the house with gated entrance for the car. Internet is 1,500 pesos a month, water is from our own well. Food costs are about 4,500 pesos per week, and my daughter goes to a private English teaching school. Her tuition is about 40K pesos per year and the transport about 4K pesos per month for 10 months, school uniform, books etc are another 20K per year. Life is good, we live about 3 miles outside of the city of Angeles towards Porac, so have easy access to everything if required. Generally life is good, unable to save much, but can work more each week if I want to save money for anything. Hope this helps for those of you in the same position, wondering if you can live here on what you earn. I have no other income, however at 64 years of age will hopefully also receive pensions from Canada and the UK towards the end of next year.
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    Hello everyone, now this is not going to be a short post but there is a reason, thanks for your patience. In a recent post, about a week ago I reckon I mentioned in a thread that I was going to Australia and was seeking advice about isolation etc. This is what happened:- Before I arrived in Australia I booked a cabin in a caravan park that I have frequented very often, so they knew me personally, they took the reservation after I informed them that for personal reasons I will be going into self isolation for a week so as not to cause any concerns with anyone, as I had only been out of the country for 3 days and in that 3 days had no contact with anyone, apart from the airport. No problems they said we will get you to do your own linen changes etc. No problems I agreed to that. On the day of arrival the government here imposed a 14 day isolation period on all arrivals into the country, so I received an email from the owners of the park saying that they were not willing to allow me to stay, so reservation cancelled. So I called a few hotels and they said the same thing, no bookings for arrivals seeking doing isolation. What to do, I am really in a bind here, looks as though park benches for me. Go back a couple of days when I was talking to a member of this forum, about what was happening in Australia and this member was keeping me informed of what was happening here with the lockdowns, lockouts, Quarintine periods the works. He even mentioned that should I get in a bind he can help me out. So I gave him a call and he said "No problems we will sort you out" He met me at the train station and took me to the place where I had stored my car, and then we went to the house he had for sale, where I could stay for 14 days to do my isolation that the government had imposed, now this house is fully furnished and is very comfortable in a quiet town, I can go to the shops and get my supplies and alcohol, nothing is a problem. Of course I am here by myself as the rules dictate, nothings a problem. So I am into day six of this and all is going well. So in ending this long story, I would like to express my gratitude to GeoffH for looking after me the way he has. Without his intervention I don't know what I would have done, it is something you read out of the bible, and I haven't even read it. The end. But once more thanks GeoffH
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    Philippines is not noted for its food. There is food here. Thats all I have to say about that. Well one more thing, going to the Philippines for the food would be a bit like going to Alaska for the weather. They got some, but you're not gonna like it.
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    Hi All, hope all is well, Got a recent nice birthday greeting email, from Kuya John, and I thought I'd stop by and post some pics of my orchids (mostly vandas) blooming right now. It has been six years now that I've been living out here here in Cebu, and I'd just like to say hi again after a long hiatus, and I hope to be less lazy and post once in a while. I hope that you enjoy seeing these orchids in bloom right now in my front yard..
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    I moved to the PI in 2011 intending to probably stay permanently. I lasted 13 months. Drove me nuts. The little things just ground me down until I couldn’t take any more. So now I visit several times a year, I stay 2 or 3 months, then retreat back to my fortress of solitude in Canada. Best of both worlds.
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    All Just an update to my earlier post regarding iVF treatment. It was confirmed today that we have a little girl due in July/Aug 2020. Well worth the expense!! Paul
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    I thought I was last year, then after coming back home after six weeks tripping and not feeling well over there I went to the doc. Bowel cancer, full of old sh--, the Professor told me and within a few months the polyps were gone and so was most my bowel. Along with the diagnoses of bowel cancer the old Pro had picked up, a bit of lung cancer as well, and I went off to see the specialist, only a floater, we have to wait until it attaches itself to part of the lung before we can do anything with-it. I'd already had lung cancer and they'd cut the effected lob out, about 8 years earlier, technology had moved on, they'd caught it early enough this time and said it would be only Radiation. On the 4 Th, I on was on my way ( 5 ) hr drive to get the final health clearance for the end of the months trip, 4 weeks over there, spend a bit of time with a few blokes I'd meet up with previous. Old Oscar decided I wasn't going, he'd pulled the plug on the ticker and out of the blue I had a massive heart attack. From time of first feeling something wrong to time of last heart procedure was 5/12 hours, they also had to fly me 300 km. Now I know a fare bit about the PI hospital system and you wouldn't even have made it to a hospital, so before you go over full time, it might be wise to check the ticker out.
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    Hello to all! Now back in the US after my awesome 3 week trip to the Philipines. Arrived in Manila and injoyed a 5 day stay there.We stayed at the Casablanca Hotel directly across from the large Robinson Mall which was a great location for quality shoping ,dining,and fun activities.The hotel had a small apartment type layout and was reasonably clean but no warm water or microwave available.Its a bit expensive but if you are just staying for one or two nights I can recommend the Golden Phoenix...as we stayed there one night before I retured to the USA.Visiting the Manila Aquatics center was great fun complete with a water show with Seals.This is a huge facility that has all things aquatic and more.Really enjoyed viewing the various fish tanks and actually walking through a huge fish tank.So many interesting things to see an do there.We also visited the Mall of Asia.If you want to shop till you drop or have a endless choice of restaurants this might be for you. Then went to Iloilo for four days.Stayed at the Injap Tower which I can highly recommend.Its directly across from the huge SM Mall.We also went to see a beautiful Mansion once belonging to a government official and now open to the public.You can view exotic artwork and shop for souvenirs.There is also a very nice coffee / snack shop on the property Left Iloilo by car and traveled about 5 hours to Boracay.This was really a nice ride to see the Phillipines country side.It is truly very beautiful with strong overtones of a tropical climate.Lots of greenery including banana and Palm trees everywhere.I think we passed through abought 8 towns along the way along the way..a couple of them fairly large.The roads are ok but where they are working on them you almost need a truck to pass through.When nearing Boracay we crossed over a large mountain and arrived on the other side to find a somewhat busy small town and a nice airport that can handle the large jets should you want to fly directly to Boracay.We put the car in storage and snagged a large boat to travel to the island which took just a few minutes.From there we took a taxi through the Boracay shopping district /mall / town to reach our mountain top hotel - Alta Vista.This is a 4 star hotel located about 8 minutes from Puka Beach.The view from our balcony was incredible.So it was 6 days of sun and fun at Boracay- swimming,snorkeling on the reefs,cliff jumping,boat rides and more.I was one of the only americans anywhere around.I would say around 85% Japanese staying at our hotel.I knew that Boracay had a infrastructure revamp last summer and its complete for the most partI think.But they are still doing quite a bit of work on the roads.Even if your traveling in your hotels shuttle van you could spend a lot of time in traffic.The beaches are clean and the ocean is the beautiful turquoise color.It was truly the best vacation resort I have ever been to. We got our car out of storage and returned to a province of Iloilo which I don't know the name of.We stayed there one night and the next day traveled about 3 hours to San Joaquim Iloilo.There we visited Garin Farm Resort which is a Christian Pilgrimage / journey.Its located on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean and has a very nice resterant along with accommodations if you want to stay overnight.- Loved it! And then returning to Iloilo City to just relax with my filipino partner...But sadly after drinking some toxic water I became very ill and had to spend 2.5 days in the Iloilo Mission Hospital - I will write a post on this very soon. I could close this synopsis with one of many pertinent subjects but I would just like to say that I was very impressed with what I saw and heard from the Filipino people.Overall they seem to be very down to earth and simple natured.Also It was refreshing to see friends openly showing their affection for each other.Anyway ,It was truly a pleasure to visit with them here in the Philipines
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    Well after a few cups of tea and quite a few slices of toast I am ready to say ,I am back in the uk . Traveling from Manila Wednesday evening and onwards to Hong Kong there was no mention of the corona virus , there was lots of folk wearing face masks and even a few wearing around there neck is that for fashion I wonder, we did have the temperature gauge put on our foreheads as we went through immigration, and when we landed in Hong Kong nothing at all even landing in Manchester there was nothing other then a leaflet saying if you feel unwell stay indoors and call 111 for more information . Anyway like I said back home and a nice drive through the countryside through the snow to get to our Cosy home where I am king of that castle , hang about Emma’s here ‘We are king off our castle ‘.
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    I have been here for six years. In that time I have met two, out of quite a few, where I enjoyed their company. It seems that many of the expats who move here have "issues" and expect to leave them behind. There also seems be to be rather high percentage of expats who drink a LOT. Another thing you will run into is the expat who can only bitch about how backward the Philippines is. As other posters have mentioned it pays to be cautious in being overly friendly with expats.
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    Tomorrow is the wife's birthday. Can't take her anywhere for dinner and nothing open to buy a gift. So I will surprise with a sketch. I hope it is good enough to get rid of any "social distance" tomorrow night.
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    Starting a new thread since I didn't want to sidetrack another one Last year on a 4 week holiday in PI I spent 8 days on Siargao and not only is it one of my favourite places in PI it's one of my favourite places in the world. Very clean with hardly any rubbish or plastic on the streets, beaches or in the sea. Anyway below is a 4 minute video I made which shows a lot of the island and surrounds including Magpapunka rock pools, Sugba lagoon and Sohoton Cove. I wanted to share some of these experiences which help to explain why I love the Philippines and Filipino people especially when you get away from the cities and tourist areas. The children on the beach I rode my scooter down to a place called Secret Beach to the south of General Luna with the intention of going for a swim. But it was low tide so I would have had to wade out several hundred metres whilst trying not to tread on any rocks so I just sat down on the beach to relax and soak it in. Soon after these local kids came over wanting to chat, maybe I was a novelty since I suspect they don't get too many foreigners there. Anyway they were lovely kids, all smiles and after a while one of their brothers who would have been about 12 came over. They told him I wanted to go swimming so he offered to take me out in his canoe. So I helped him drag it down to the water and we jumped in and paddled out far enough that I could slip over the side and go swimming. Then when we got back in and before I left I took them all across the road to a little shop and bought them a treat each. The dancing men One day I rode around the island and got a bit lost so pulled over to check my map. As luck would have it there were a group of 7 or 8 men having a party in their front yard and they saw me and motioned for me to come in. I ended up staying for a few hours It was a Sunday afternoon and they had music playing and I was offered beer, a few actually, and some freshly caught crab. And then a few started doing that dance you see and they wanted me to join them. Which I did and I did my best to copy that style of dancing I think it even has a name? Anyway they thought it was the best/funniest thing they'd ever seen Eventually I had to leave but it was a lot of fun, no scamming or ulterior motive just a bunch of men having a good time and sharing it with a stranger. I've had a lot of these types of experiences on my trips and I look forward to more in the future.
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    There was an earlier Corona virus... it made me pretty sick a few times
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    Steve, hate to be negative mate but I have never seen how it can work for you there in as much as I hope that it will. TimL puts it very clear ...Move away from her family! Since day one, even when you were in the UK, you have had issues with them, how much more so now that you are here? The family of my missus are on the next island over, 7 hours away by bus and ferry... that's close enough for my liking. We have the occasional visits to each other and that works out just fine, they also don't hit us up for money although we will help when I deem it necessary. I have been here a lot less time than many of the other members , I am now at 2 years 3 months, but apart from coming across the occasional expat who turns out to be a wanker I am loving it here, I wouldn't dream of going back to the UK. I have the occasional bad/gloomy day or two but in truth I am very happy, to use a Philippines expression 'I feel blessed to be living here'. You are the one providing all the cash for the numerous projects and improvements which they seem happy to let you do (no surprises there) but unless you have the genuine support and respect of her family they will be just as happy to milk you and let you get on your way, just my own opinion of course. Being careful not to offend you, your wife comes across as not really being considerate of your needs, it has always seemed to be about her and her family from what you have written over the years. Get away from them and come and see some other expats in other parts of this wonderful country, I think your appreciation and enjoyment levels will rise dramatically. Happy New Year fella!
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    My experience is somewhat unique. Me being a Filipino with an American accent gave me the luxury of incognito most of the time. It is me who usually initiates a greeting that is often met with a pleasant surprise. However, there are times when the expat is obviously an a$$hole -- usually drunk at 9AM or humiliating their wife or GF in public. Back then when I felt young and invincible, I would raise my voice (in a restaurant) and say -- HEY DOUCHEBAG, BACK OFF. He would stop immediately, wondering where that came from, among all the locals surrounding him. These days, stupid people will continue to do more stupid things in public. Since I'm old and worn out, I have to think twice about standing my ground. You never know these days what they are carrying, possibly a bladed weapon. In today's society, people are more sophisticated scam artists, gentle and nice with hidden agendas. Proceed with caution....... Respectfully Jake
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    Yeah, it was pretty exhilarating. I use to live in the Cavite area (south of Manila) along the coast of Manila Bay. It was interesting to see knee high brown water gushing in and out during low and high tides. I lost count on how many bio-hazards (diapers, dead animals) were running pass my elevated front yard. And with a couple shots of tequila, I use to go windsurfing during those times. Puerto Galera (south of Batangas) was one of the best place to scream across flat water, while holding on for dear life and not get airborne. Thinking back, I would never do that again.
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    OBSERVATION:::::::::::::::::::Most of us came here for peace and quite. Recommendation::::::::Have you wife sign over all rights to the property, sit back, open a beer and watch the show with a smile on your face and enjoy the peace and quite of retired life...….you deserve it
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    No you dont have permission and if you have a job opportunity then why are you posting from Nigeria ? Banned fuck wit.
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    I came here to live 8 years ago and have been here ever since.It has not been an easy transition as i had to get used to how things are done here which seem to be stacked against us. This now does not bother me as if I think something is going to be stressful I pay a local to do it. I was having problems a few years ago and I was pissed off, I then thought about it and realised that 95% of my problems were from the UK. The rules there can be more harder to follow than here when you are living here. After 5 years here I sold all I had left in the UK and decided to look out for my wife and Daughter and stuff , in many instances the UK. A lot of the problems I had were from government employees who don`t give a toss and you end up with the crap that follows because they did not do their job. I have on several occasions made an official complaint and 3 times have been compensated for the behavior of workers in the UK. We now have 4 rentals and so far 1 tenant who seems ok ,time will tell, and life is so much better now. Life is now settled and I only have to deal with idiots in the UK once or twice a year. So how was your transition moving here did it go smoothly or did you have problems, are you still having problems.
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    Elite Jet The only picture ever taken of Concorde flying at Mach 2 (1,350 mph). Taken from an RAF Tornado fighter jet, which only rendezvoused with Concorde for 4 minutes over the Irish Sea: The Tornado was rapidly running out of fuel, struggling to keep up with Concorde at Mach 2
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    I fired up the table saw and started building some tables out of our old mahogany deck boards and ceramic tile. This one is six feet by 2 feet.
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    I really didn't need a public thank you but it is appreciated never the less But honestly that's enough... you lot will give me a big head. (and I already take an XXL helmet... if it swells to XXXL I won't be able to buy a helmet to ride the motorbike!)
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    Sure, I'll go for it. I'll give you feedback and my honest opinion. You come across as a complete arsehole in my honest opinion, very crass as well. Ever since you started posting on here you have always tried to drop money and insinuate your worth into your posts, very tacky. Regarding posting your net worth of $2.6 million dollars... are you really sure that was necessary? I know you have been in the Phils for a while now, Rule number 1... don't tell anybody what you are worth, it's dangerous and to be honest, very stupid. People here get kidnapped, sad but true. People get blown away for a few thousand pesos. Shouting your mouth off about your wealth (even on a forum) is very likely to get you into serious trouble at some point here in the Phils. Anyway, for what it was worth, that was my honest opinion and feedback just as you asked for.
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    Dear Members Well I retuned to Abu Dhabi this morning after a wonderful 2 weeks at home in the Philippines. High points where: Delayed Christmas but had it on the 29th Dec New Year Parties Heard and saw Babies Heartbeat Visited local beauty spots Using my gym Going for a run every other day (8km) and not being kidnapped! Please see below some of the highlights. Cant wait until May when I return again! Paul
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    That was not too bad, my wife Evelyn's family (well some of them) visited us over Christmas, 9 all together. We had a great time, took them up the mountain to swim in the hot springs also we packed a picnic lunch and booked a cottage. Then at night we had a B-B-Q Lechon Turkey, yes another one. I got a 3 cases of red horse for the boys and some Tanduay and some flavored beer for the girls, I drank some Pilsen. The next day we had another visit, a couple of friends from England and their three relatives. We went into town at night (Dumaguete) ended up in a nightclub (WHY-NOT BAR). Watching the pretty girls dancing and the old expats trying their luck with the girls. All in all we had a fantastic Christmas. Good job I have a big house and a guest house. 16 of us altogether. Roll on next Christmas time.
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    One thing I always do if I'm drinking in places like Makati where it's full of foreigners, if they come over drunk and suddenly they want to be my best mate, they get blanked, but then again met some nice guys, so it's a mix, but I'm always careful who I invite in to my world, 2 expats I know here, we chat now and again, and I used to have a beer with them, I even went to one's wedding, both have asked me to lend them money, one wanted $20,000 the other $800, both got the Same answer.... 2 words, ends in Off...
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    My wife decided that when we worked with youth that I would teach them art. Painting and sketch were all new to me but I find that I enjoy it and love working the kids. I also do some woodworking and enjoy doing yard work.
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    All the complaints that frustrate me about the philippines, tend to have the same root cause as the things I love about the Philippines. 1. - the govt here is too poor and disorganized to have created a 24/7 police state like we have in the US. Most of my fellow expats on here may disagree with that assertion, but i stand by it. I love freedom. In PH I don't have to put up with facial recognition cameras, spy drones, or my car sending a data stream to the govt. They probably don't have the resources to store my phone calls, messages, and text data either, although I have no way to confirm. 2. - I love the happy people in general, and I second your observation about kids and playing. I attribute this to a foundational morality rooted in the Christian faith which has not evaporated yet; and a general lack of affluence that has kept materialsm to a minimum. Filipinos are happy in the simple things of life, and I love that. 3. - I love the big extended family unit, which we have kind of lost in the US culture. We are working on my wife's Filipino family tree, and there are 79 first cousins! Holy guacamole! In the US we have been career-minded and materialist for a couple generations already, perhaps to our detriment. 4. - I love the availability of locally grown food, and locally made products. Sure, we have organic stuff in the US. But in PH i can hear the pig squealing just a few doors down the block. The chickens are still small and tasty. The eggs have huge yolks. When I want a mattress or a piece of furniture, I can just have one made. If I really want to live cheaply, we can just knock together a bamboo hut. 5. - Despite the prevalence of ladyboys here, I love the fact that filipina women expect their men to be men. They don't mind being soft and feminine, and for the most part they expect a man to know what to do. Its very traditional in that regard, and I love it.
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    Damn Clermont, you're like a cat with 12 lives! I'm not going to get religious on you but those are actual miracles -- you have been "declared" not ready to check out yet. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal struggles of your life and how you dealt with it like a tasmanian devil. We are also grateful that you made us seriously think about our own mortality and the diminishing qualities of life during our golden years. Respectfully Jake
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    When people ask me about health care I always tell them that if medical care was a major concern - I would stay in my home country. Even living next door to a hospital here, is too far away. I live an hour from the city. In any emergency, I am dead. I know this, and accept the risk.
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    I was going to put this in the Filipina Forum but it is not just the ladies at all, We sat down for Lunch yesterday and as the Food arrived so did a couple of Youngsters on the next table to ours which was very Close, So we began to eat when the Girl takes out her comb and starts to comb her hair, Dropping stands about the Table and some on ours, I just looked at her and she said Problema? yep I said, I did not order Human hair or any hair for Lunch, Right over her head it went, Then F....k me if the Boy borrowed her Comb and did the Same, I called the Staff and to my surprise they were asked to leave having been told we have CR's here. Of course there were words said But.......................... Table manners are just not taught here at all in my view
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    Yesterday was like something out a grade B horror movie. I was riding my scooter over to the in laws house not too far away. This is about 10:00 AM, hardly any traffic, clear roads, nice sunny day. A good day for a ride. I am not going fast, maybe 35-40 km and I pass under some large trees that overhang the road. Suddenly a dark object falls from the tree and lands on my right shoulder and STAY THERE! It is an (expletive deleted) bat! Holy (expletive deleted), those things carry rabies! I try to swat the thing off and the little (expletive deleted) has got his claws hooked into my shirt. Finally get him loose and manage to get stopped without crashing. Makes me wonder if he would have bitten my ear or neck had I not been wearing a helmet? Kind of funny now when I think of it now, but scary as hell at time. Took about 10 minutes for the adrenaline rush to pass. If someone had caught it on a cell phone, I could have been a star on Top Ten Funny Videos. In case anyone is wondering, my pants did stay clean and dry, but it was a close call. For those with tender ears, I have replaced some the thoughts with the words "expletive deleted" that went through my brain as this was happening.
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    I was a single dad for 16 years. My kids were both in college and in other cities. I quit work at 48 and moved over here. I "should" have worked a few more years. I 'could' have looked into Mexico or South America, and been closer to the old country... But, yes I would do it again. If not - I would go back now. I did not come all this way to be unhappy. If I did not like it I would look elsewhere, or go back. 6 1/2 years and still loving it. Every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast ha ha (an old Navy saying)
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    This member Mark and his other persona"Kyua M"have been removed. Often members think that we dont know when they hve multiple accounts and we do. This Mark is a TROLL. He asked a moderator for his account to be removed but I dont do that as it wipes out content that others have replied too. Now here is a warning since too many members are going over the top and becoming disruptive lately "some of which you guys have not got to see" but I will be comming down hard on members to get things back to how they once were as it appears to me that things have gone haywire. So its like this, stop political rants, stop attacking members and stop disrupting the forum whether you are a new member or one who has been here for years. Again this forum will be getting back to what it was designed for and if you have something against the forum police as some call it then best to bugger off now to save my time.
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    Here is another one. This is a coffee table, four feet by two feet. The repurchased mahogany gives them a nice sort of rustic "slightly worn" look.
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    I think if anyone has watched the complete video they will see the guy got the treatment he fully deserved. The short version is the police had been called out by the President of the residents committee following lots of complaints of breaking the ECQ rules. The police saw the maid standing on the public road and warned her about her mask and a possible 1k fine. The foreigners wife came out to talk to the policeman who said he'd just make a note of it, at that the foreigner came out and he'd been drinking and started getting abbusive to the policemen who radioed for assistance. His senior was there and explained if there was an issue take it up with the Barangay. The policeman's senior actually told his junior just to write it in his blotters book but not as a charge. The foreigner kept approaching the policeman and getting abbusive while not wearing a mask and a few times he went onto the public road and the policeman had to keep backing away to keep a safe distance. Eventually the policeman got fed up being sworn at and called stupid so he attempted to arrest the guy who put up a struggle then eventually ran into his house. It would have stopped there but the next morning the foreigner posted on social media a cut down version saying the police invaded his private property without a warrant and physically assaulted him and that they were going to sue the police. He threw in a few bits about them being stupid etc. Due to the social media uproar the policeman and his senior felt they had to defend the policeman's action so they put a formal request in to have the foreigner charged, they also released a full video which showed the foreigner being a dick basically.
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    Yes, I do. Stop quoting the whole long post which is not necessary.
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    I think Enhanced Quarantine is just about perfect for me. No school run Monday to Fridays. No trips to town and bloody Robinson's, lol. We are fortunate that the house we live in backs directly onto the beach. At the moment I am doing a half mile swim each morning, then a 30 minute speed walk along the beach. After lunch I take an hour or two sunbathing. About 4pm the missus comes out to the beach cottage with our 8 year old son and our 14 month old son. Then we spend a nice family hour together swimming or just playing on the sand with the boys. After playing, if the oldest boy is in the mood I give him an hour of tuition in Jujitsu. Boy isn't it just great to be retired in this wonderful country.
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    Wanted to give everyone the latest update on my situation. I consulted with an attorney who is a former prosecutor and judge. I told him my situation about my wife possibly filing abandonment or deportation cases against me. He told me she has no evidence or case against me and live my life here now that we are separated. He said I have a stronger case against her with evidence of "financial and psychological abuse of an elder/adult with disabilities". Between my medical report stating with my disability I should have an adult caregiver looking out for me, which my wife wasn't. While it's good to hear that from a former prosecutor and judge, I will always be looking over my shoulder for my physical safety. I've been using my former training to leave a false trail of breadcrumbs and keep a low profile in area with a lot of foreigners to blend in easier.
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    First up, a cautionary: Eating laksa (Malaysian curry soup for those that don’t know) from TJ Wang’s at Changi T2 in Singapore causes explosive pharmacy profits particularly if you have to board a 5-hour flight in the next 2 hours…. Nothing changed at NAIA with immigration; long lines, supervisor’s office is still in the same place. As some of you took delight in laughing at on my Facebook profile, I was moved to the senior’s line so it was much quicker than it normally is for foreign passport holders. I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but it did cut my wait time down from about an hour to 20 mins. We grabbed a Grab from the airport to the motel on Rufina in Makati, 206PHP pre-set price. I’m really liking this Grab thing, no surprises at the end of the journey. It’s appropriate that I provide full disclosure here; I do not like Manila, I never have, since my first visit there in 1990. I’d rather be in Madras or Jakarta, both particularly dirty and annoying cities. So, anything I opine with regards to Manila should be viewed through that lens. On the ride from the airport, what really stuck me is how much things had changed in the 2 years since I’d been in Manila. I knew that El Presidente had promised to clean up Manila, but so had many of his predecessors. The thing I noticed most was although still not great, how much better traffic was flowing even in the more built up areas. Then I noticed a distinct lack of street vendors and cars parked illegally. Seems the orders issued are being enforced and followed. Overall, on the ride from Pasay to Makati at least, everything appeared cleaner. As Guijo was booked out, we stayed at the Eton Mini-Suites. Great location, awesome staff, very clean, actual hot water and reasonable WiFi. Only downside was the room was tiny. Good for an over-nighter but if there’s more than one of you for more than one night - we had three - I’d recommend paying more for a bigger room or staying at another venue. Did the walk to Greenbelt in about 10 mins on the Skywalk, had a look around the shops and for the first time in a long time I found something actually cheaper there than it is in Australia. I now have a new pair of UK made 8-up Dr Marten boots to replace the much loved and abused pair I bought about 15 years ago that are finally reaching the end of their life rather than showing character. Assuming they’re genuine, the price was just over half of what I’d pay in Australia. Resto’s are still generally good in the Makati area, expensive by Filipino standards but cheap as a Westerner and if you know where to go pretty tasty too. T3 domestic is still the same but the smoking area is gone so it’s gone the way of T3 international. I don’t smoke, I vape. Flight out of NAIA actually left only 20 mins late – a first for me.
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    I have to rant! I see a topic that I have not read yet, and it says "controversial" in the title. So I am intrigued and open the topic, but there is nothing! I feel like I have gone to a movie theater to see an action flick and instead they played "Bambi!". I want my money back!
  43. 12 points
    That is why it is said if a person last 5 years here, they can last forever. At first everything is a novelty, lax rules and regulations, different cultural norms etc etc etc At one year it becomes …..WTF! Why don't they do.....???? that's when true acclimatization begins. Only 4 years 10 months to go Steve
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    Impressed how people help each other here. The other night I was watching the jeepneys come and go from the new terminal when 2 blind guys appeared, first one had a cane and the other hand on the firsts shoulder to follow him. Security guard came along and first blind guy puts hand on shoulder and guard takes him to where to get the jeepney. Then last night 3 blind appear but another guy at the front of the group was the eyes and not blind but had a disability. He was short because his legs are severely bowed but I guess his job is caretaker of the blind so has a purpose and job in life. It must be so hard to be blind in this country but at least some help is around.
  45. 12 points
    Yeah they again tried that bulldust on the wife and me last Christmas, we've been through the customs heaps of times, plenty off stamps to prove it. Nowadays I just sit down on my haunch blocking the passageway and tell them I'm too old to stand for to long. The wife chatters away and within a few minutes we were on our way. It's not the first time them custom people have had a crack at us, so now I squat down in the most inconvenient place to cause the most disruption, and when I finally get up, I give a little off balance wobble.
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    I see so many retirees, both here in the Philippines and in Thailand where I lived before for a number or years, resorting to drink to help pass the time. They sit at their regular bars, usually with the same faces. I see them there day after day. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional drink and socialising with fellow expats, as well as the locals, but not every day! I have a number of interests that keep me occupied and I used to enjoy building models, usually radio controlled scale model aircraft and ships. I have a couple of drones that I enjoy flying and filming places visited on our travels. I am currently in the early stages of building our house here and I plan to use the huge attic to build a large model railway layout, based in the late 50's era. Over the last few years I have been constructing numerous buildings for the layout, to date probably in excess of a hundred or so. So I plan to be keeping myself very busy well into the future.
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    Maybe this video should be in a different forum but for those who says nothing gets done/
  48. 12 points
    Trying to understand a culture is always fun. Peoples' mannerisms and their attitude toward those around them are something that fascinate me, so it is always a subject of observation or discussion whenever we go out. I find Filipinos in general to have much more of a 'me first' attitude than I would have expected, even though they don't seem overtly rude or pushy. The checkout line in food stores is one of the funniest places I visit, and always leaves me with a chuckle: - Person ahead of me, after emptying her basket contents onto the counter, will almost always leave the cart there blocking my way. Her part is done, the cart is now my problem to deal with. - Person behind me, lets say at a 7-11, is just DYING to get their purchase items onto the counter before I'm done my transaction. They are already next in line so I don't understand the compulsion. Its as if, they want to guarantee they are next in case someone ELSE puts their stuff on the counter. - Said person behind me will try to elbow their way up to the counter before the girl even prints my receipt, haha. Its like, give me a fricking second people. Cashier girl is as slow as molasses anyway, so you hulat lang there. - at the local grocery: customers in line see me, see my filipina wife, then immediately check out what we have in the basket. The responses are hilarious. Middle aged mom with the disapproving glance on something extravagant, or guys checking out what beer I have, etc. - being in line behind a girl, who has just a few items...but turns out to be holding her mom's place. Mom shows up with two loaded carts of stuff for the Sari Sari store to cut in front of us. Gotta love it. - the amazing composure of almost every single Filipino I see waiting in lines. In the west, customers would be having a meltdown at some of these 'offenses'. I've left the store fuming on a couple of occasions. But the Filipinos are cool as cucumbers, it wouldn't faze them if they waited in that line for a hour it seems.
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    Well the Mrs was half my age, a lot fitter, and better looking than me. She had more money than me, and had a good brain. She was also great at gardening, clothes laundering, and childcare. On balance, I thought that life as a lonely, poverty-stricken old age pensioner in miserable UK, might possibly be second best.
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    Here is another to beware of; Two beautiful girls will approach you. Usually in the parking lot of Target Malls or Waltermart. While you’re putting your groceries away they’ll ask you for a ride to McDonald’s or some other place. They are very convincing and very hot! Once they are in your car, one of them takes her clothes off and starts climbing all over you. While she keeps you busy, the other one takes your wallet. I’ve had mine taken on the 12th, 14th, 15th, and twice yesterday and probably two more times tomorrow. Waltermart has wallets for P125, but I found some at the Cheap Store for p95 so I bought all they had. These two harlets not only take your wallet, but you never even make it to McDonald’s so I’ve already lost 10 lbs. Keep a lookout for them. I find that at lunch time and at around 5:30 p.m. are the best times.
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