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  1. He said he was offering 400 a day for a gardening job. Not sure of my tone in written text.
  2. A waiter or similar gets now 400 peso in Cebu city depending on the number of employees. So a factory worker I can not imagine getting any more. Why would anyone pay above what is the law?
  3. What city? Is the WIFI comming from a modem in the rented place?
  4. I would tell the brother in law that I am going to hire a cleaner and his services are no longer required therefor if he wishes to stay in the house he will have to pay rent. Might solve the problem
  5. https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2020/01/25/1987627/tacloban-man-philippines-second-suspected-case-coronavirus
  6. Here in the IT Park Cebu they have been trucking in water for a year. Often they dont turn up at the restaurants in the garden block so they have to find bottled water. The condo and call center buildings pump up the water to storage tanks from the tankers. Don't know why there is always a shortage of water.
  7. I think it was longer than that but as someone said many would not know the rules at immigration.
  8. From what I read over the years he will be fined a lot on top of his normal visa fees. There will be an application to consider his situation. Probably if he can pay all that is owed he might be OK but things are changing and why someone got into that situation who knows. Also seems suspicious as to why he did not want to travel. How well do you know him?
  9. Dave H used to rent his out. Not sure if he still does.
  10. I had one unlock my condo door once. Took about 10 seconds and P500.
  11. Smoke from burning furniture can kill. I dont know why it was not in the original plans. Depends on where your is hotel but the hardware stores in the city such as Cebu have good stock.
  12. Schedule power outages can not be an issue in the sense maintenance has to be done . I worked with power companies in my own country for years so have an idea what goes on.
  13. I call it time to go back to the UK as you dont seem to enjoy it here at all
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