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  1. Thank you for your reply NO I was not questioning your post as in true or false. The only thing which came to my mind is your comment that more or less the horror was not newsworthy worldwide. This was not the case at all so sorry if you did not see my point. Nothing more to say. Just a note for all members. Keep the religion stuff out of posts as it never ends well just like the horror that causes it.
  2. Hmm again it depends where one lives. Also online shopping has grasped the consumers.
  3. Often it's a case of where one lives. For me, plenty of beer, ATMS with no shortages of peso and nothing to complain about. Pay most bills online so no need to visit an overcrowded office. So yes , what's a problem for one is not for another here in the Philippines.
  4. I can not understand your view? It's been pointed out that coverage is getting out at the time which will depend on where you live or what media you are using. But to say you wont comment anymore is rather ridiculous to me because what's the point of having discussions no matter where you are in the world if one decides that they wont participate in something they started.
  5. Anybody had hip replacement surgery? Yep I did Once I found out the true cost of her that was it. Amazing how much a Filipina could spend.
  6. My news sources are far wider than the TV. BBC I have no idea about but the point is that his disaster is being shown world wide and commented on. Perhaps look at other media to see what is said world wide.
  7. Last I seen was 5 dead. Many injuries .
  8. I disagree as I seen many world leaders condemning this terrorism including the Philippines.
  9. Some sources are quoting 6.4
  10. No idea, also no idea if they have laws here
  11. Same time as they boil the chicken. Saves heating water twice.
  12. A lot of the vehicles I see here have tint on the windscreen. Probably cant see much at night.
  13. I dont see anything there to do with senior discounts?
  14. Business are meant to pay for advertising on this forum.
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