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  1. Easy to get adapters but as long as things can work OK on 50 Hz rather than the Philippines 60 Hz then OK. I recall reading somewhere that some appliance's will wear out quicker as they will be spinning faster.
  2. You dont get it and I give up. Anywhere in the world has runoff from rivers or storm damage. So why give up? OK let's' close Boracay for a couple of years to see if the water gets cleaner. Worked once did it not?
  3. But in the Philippines Dengue has dropped about 90 percent so probably because most people dont go outside in the last 12 months. I would think people have immune systems for flu or hangover and its a case of dealing with it.
  4. The SRRV is not a BI visa so you deal with SRRV people. I dont believe you can do it out of country.
  5. No these visas are not on hold and it's not a BI thing. Check the website to proceeded.
  6. So how do you know the so called official stats are true or perhaps it was reported by the media. Anyway we all know the world is flat so no point debating it.
  7. I think you are wrong as I seen many projects all over Manila to reduce waste and also remove housing from waterways. Waste taps set up in waterways to help stop it from moving on but in conditions such as hard rain, wind etc then very hard to control. Did you ever see the amount of people who would turn up every weekend to volunteer their time in getting the bay area cleaned up?
  8. Well maybe but what do we believe? I see the word allegedly used in your quote.
  9. I guess love for your kids makes some people do things they would not normally do.
  10. Very rare do I hear of anyone shipping a container but you might get an idea here, https://www.icontainers.com/ship-container/philippines/
  11. SRRV EXPANDED COURTESY For foreign nationals, 50 years old & above, who are retired Armed Force officers of foreign countries with existing military ties and/or agreement with the Philippine Government. A monthly pension of at least US$1,000.00 and an SRR Visa deposit of US$1,500.00 are required. The SRR Visa deposit includes the principal applicant and 2 dependents. Additional dependent, entails additional SRR Visa deposit of US$15,000 each (except for former Filipinos). CHILDREN must be legitimate or legally adopted by the Principal Retiree, unmarried and below 21 years old upon joinin
  12. This is what it says for aussies, If you are in a city or province where stay-at-home orders are in place, or there are restrictions preventing travel, you may apply for a temporary limited validity passport (LVP) (valid for up to 12 months) by mail. Please send us an email for further information. If there are no stay-at-home orders or travel restrictions in your location, please make an appointment at our office to lodge your application in person. Please note this does not replace the process to renew a passport. If you choose to apply for a LVP, you pay the full costs up front
  13. Due to pandemic conditions this forum sentences you to four years quarantine. We punish anyone very hard that make mistakes.
  14. You people are stuck on this corruption train aren't you. Many things have changed in the past 5 years so get over it.
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