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  1. I guess it depends on how many tourists or expats are in your area.
  2. It was my first time at the new airport for international departures. Firstly nice building and when I was there hardly anyone around and no waiting. As we had printed our own boarding passes and had no check in luggage we proceeded directly to immigration but of course were told to pay airport tax so off we go to find where which is not clearly marked but next to immigration. But they could not process our tax because they can only do it with the airline cardboard boarding pass so waste of time printing your own. So now to airasia to get boarding passes and Joy then had to pay departure tax at the desk just nearby. I think it was 1800 peso. The airport tax was P850 each. So now to immigration again. As we had researched what will happen for a Filipina traveling with a foreigner for the first time we knew she would be sent for an interview which is what happened. First she had to fill out a form with my details and where we are going bla bla then interview. She had everything covered such as copy of employment certificate and copies of everything she could think of but immigration did not look at any of it. They basically asked her the same questions on the form she filled out but asked how do they know we are in a relationship so Joy pulled out the phone which has a lot of photos of us together so rubber stamped. Back to where you get your passport stamped with form and allowed to go. Then of course as we are having something to eat which was burger king , incidentally prices are about 3 times higher than outside. Anyway announcement of our flight delayed for 1.5 hours so longer to wait. Airasia flight fine but not much space, no TV so OK for short trips.
  3. Thanks John I think I will be OK and will find out before my 30 days is up.
  4. Yes we were told 3pm. Don't wait if others are at the pick up window as they just keep calling names and it seems unless you ask they bypass it and you stand there for nothing.
  5. I think if you say that you are a tourist and never thought it would take so long to visit the over 7000 islands then maybe they will see the logic.
  6. No you dont have permission and if you have a job opportunity then why are you posting from Nigeria ? Banned fuck wit.
  7. I think their discretion would be only at the airport. Once they allow someone in then the law should apply from that point.
  8. Facebook has been playing up on my home connection so that might not be a Smart issue ?
  9. I had some smart data the other day and seemed to be working normal.
  10. Who knows Mike but puts a lot of stress on me. Seems they forget the Express fees they get.
  11. I disagree in the point that there is no reason not to continue my extensions because everyone else has been doing it for years. I followed the rules and did everything per book for the last 35 months and expect to do it again and pay their fees. I dont believe there is anything in the immigration rules to stop me. I can not afford a SSRV and the only other visa I could get is a 13a but my wife and GF dont get along so might be hard. At this point I think all I can do is front up for the next extension and hope for the best. A few months ago I posted where a friend comes and goes and immigration told him he should apply for a different visa. Could be that I got the wrong immigration desk at the airport.
  12. HSBC also have Cebu and Davao. Citibank have Cebu and Manila
  13. First I had to do a visa run a month early because they would not give me my last month which made a few things difficult for me but anyway it's done and arrived back in Cebu about 4pm yesterday. After a long wait in the immigration queue it was my turn. The female immigration officer questioned me for being here so long as a tourist. It was very hard to hear what she was saying but she said I must convert to permanent visa as l am not a tourist. She then left and came back with a piece of paper and ticked visa conversion and gave to me. I got my thirty days but now dont know if I can extend. I didn't see her enter anything into the computer but who knows. Has this happened to anyone else?
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