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  1. Jollygoodfellow

    Laws Are starting to be enforced Negros

    I'm still having a cackle when I think of those who laugh at me at some time when I said that laws will be enforced. Eventually the average person will get the message.. Here is a video from maybe 2 or so goes a day in Manila.
  2. Jollygoodfellow

    Why Dumaguete?

    lol. we can all call the kettle black at times. Yes it's hard to be on topic and would be good if members started new ones as to what the want to discuss but its life. Look at Facebook comments to some post, goes from subject to, hello aunty Jane, long time no see.
  3. Jollygoodfellow

    coming for 29 days in February. Gameplan?

    Only if I am with you and you are paying for drinks Quality women obviously have been found all over just the same as disasters I see and hear in the making. My only advice is sometimes all is not what it seems.
  4. I do know but do not quote me on anything that in certain circumstances someone can represent you. You will need the medical statements to say your one leg in the ground and I think thats what your inquiries are saying. Although this is anal reporting and not just visa extensions so might be different. Now, where is your neck brace and oxygen tank?
  5. Jollygoodfellow

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    OK, let's see now
  6. Jollygoodfellow

    Our(well her) new house

    I dont think comments were negative only asking about the security of bolts on the outside. But I will give some constructive negativity when it comes to fire escaping.
  7. Jollygoodfellow

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    I was under the impression that foreigner kids were a novelty here in schools etc in a way like popular with other kids. Obviously schools here dont have an anti bully policy. Is there another school she can go to?
  8. Jollygoodfellow

    Why Dumaguete?

    Since its the OPs birthday is today it looks like belated drinks will be in order. Do you want to tell him who is paying or do I have to explain the custom
  9. Jollygoodfellow

    Why Dumaguete?

    Shhhh, not exactly. I found a hole in the wall which lead to a tunnel and the rest is run run run.
  10. Jollygoodfellow

    Why Dumaguete?

    This is my plan for free custodial care
  11. Jollygoodfellow

    Our(well her) new house

    Might depend on if someone is on the inside with a spanner holding the nut tight.
  12. Nothing on the application form says anything other than A NBI clearance from the Philippines and from my understanding if you stay here more than 6 months before applying you dont need it. Anyone on a 13a have to get a police clearance from their own country?
  13. Jollygoodfellow

    Why Dumaguete?

    But is this not from your last meeting