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  1. On the subject of issuing aid packs from the local governments I think one has to think about how big of a task this is. It's not like you can go down all the nice wide tree lined streets and knock on the door of a house to do so. I would assume the only way it would work is the people come to them at designated distribution centers with ID but even that is hard with lockdowns and not wanting people to gather and no public transport. There is no easy way to do this.
  2. Luckily I dont have that problem as a bank or ATM about every 150 meters apart but when the first talk about a lockdown began to circulate I went out and withdrew 10k just to put aside incase. Haven't needed to touch it.
  3. In Cebu you can either apply online through, PassApp.ph which require a Photo ID and two other IDs uploaded. In my case the barangay are issuing it to us through our condo building without the need for ID.
  4. Well maybe the people in charge of the money should send someone from their department to oversee distribution in each area. Yes I know its not ideal.
  5. I believe they were rounded up and taken somewhere to be taken care of or at least in the cities. In manila they got the homeless and housed them in tents.
  6. Live in a Condo and cant do that. Previously I just walked around for a short time in what's called the garden bloc and whatever cat I seen got a small handful.
  7. This will give you an idea for the whole of Cebu https://www.philstar.com/the-freeman/cebu-news/2020/03/23/2002875/cebu-city-seniors-minors-stay-home-order-issued
  8. There is one problem dog at the moment. Twice it barked at me and other people, rather savage. When me and another person walked past this dog the other day it growled with teeth showing and hair standing up. I turned toward it and yelled. It backed off. Normally the dogs here are friendly but this one is not, maybe hunger is causing it.
  9. The story does not say how it will be distributed. Easy to make a big announcement but details are scarce.
  10. Not much point looking for much at all here now. Can't believe how deserted the place is. This one I just dropped the food and took off fast
  11. Considering the OP said he is in the province I dont think that would be possible anyway at this time.
  12. Exercise is not in the list of permitted things allowed here.
  13. Last week I went out each night with a small amount of dried cat food and fed some of the cats in the IT Park. These cats and dogs normally survive on the restaurants etc like scraps on the ground or patrons giving some food but since nothing is open there is nothing to eat. By now they must be very hungry. Not sure If I will get into trouble if I go out to feed them. Should I try it or let them starve?
  14. Yes but how do you get there with no transport anywhere ?
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