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  1. Jollygoodfellow

    Expats Club Or Meeting In Cebu

    Do you know where it is?
  2. Jollygoodfellow

    My experince with Airb&b and Booking.com

    In my case we have mainly Filipinos. Also in my case only a few messy guests, some demanding types who all want early check in but overall most are very nice. Here's what I got today left behind after a 3 day stay
  3. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    What he is trying to say is that there is a better chance of a good woman that wont scam you if she has a job and her own money. These people are generally better educated and are helping themselves.
  4. Jollygoodfellow

    Decisions Decisions?

    Well they are not all like that and the good part of condo living is people must wear proper swim wear by the rules so no shorts orT Shirts in the pool.
  5. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    The next issue is there is a child mixed in the middle of this. I can assume bigmac has feelings for the child so what happens there.
  6. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    Steve. Pull your head in. Not everyone had the so called task of seeing their wife more often. I know because I had the same problem. It's easy when you are both together in the same country but for some including me issues can cause people to be apart. How many OFW are there who are not together? What about the amount of kids that Lola takes care of while a family member is not there? Its happens and usually not by choice .
  7. Jollygoodfellow

    Online Sales to supplement income

    I have an online store and the only time I gots sales is when I used Facebook advertising. So if you have a budget for that then it can work. If anyone wants to buy a fully set up online store which I dont have the time for PM me.
  8. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    Easy to be suspicious. It's a matter of you say something then I recall something else you said so I went back to confirm.
  9. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    This is what you said on page 3. So did Philhealth pay or not?
  10. Yes that is true if you are traveling together. The rules say you must have marriage certificate with you and I know some will say no one asked but to make life easy follow the rules.
  11. Jollygoodfellow

    My experince with Airb&b and Booking.com

    Hard to say without knowing the area. Generally location is what people want for whatever their particular needs are.
  12. Jollygoodfellow

    My experince with Airb&b and Booking.com

    I run a condo management business for airbnb clients. Airbnb is a good platform but could do with a few improvements that third party systems offer but overall quite good. After spending like an hour setting up a booking dot com listing it told me I was fake and lost all the work l had done so stuff them. https://cebucondoservices.com/
  13. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    So did philhealth really pay anything ?
  14. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    How did they manage the above if nothing was wrong with her?
  15. Jollygoodfellow

    Transfer US Social Security to Philippines?

    Secret coded post