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  1. Speaking of cheese. The other day I made a pizza. Imported mozzarella and decided to put some Philippines shredded cheddar cheese on top as well. The cheddar didn't even melt. What sort of fake cheese is that?
  2. Here in Cebu now days I find many imported cheeses and cold cuts so easy to find including steak. As for savings by doing your way it might be fine this shipment and loose the lot next?
  3. why a STD clinic when a general practice doctor could sort your problem?
  4. This article states spouse traveling with a Filipino. https://mb.com.ph/2020/11/27/dot-welcomes-iatf-decision-to-allow-balikbayans-to-return-from-abroad/ Best to have a copy of the order with you incase they dont know but probably be a clarification on the whole thing in a few days.
  5. You might have notice rent has come down quite a bit because of covid or at least condos have. Many still trying for pre covid prices though. In my condo building a studio usually is around 20k. Now going for between 12 and 15 k including dues paid by landlord. I talked to my landlord about the current market price and reduced my own rent to market value taking 5k off a month.
  6. They announced that their website and all goverment websites will be down for maintenance but you probably would not find the answer there anyway. Up to date info is often placed on their Facebook page.
  7. Since its being returned it sounds like the Address is incorrect. What does the return message say?
  8. Girl 'launches' 42 riders to bring her chicken fillet November 26, 2020 A SCHOOL-AGED girl’s single tap on a food delivery app to order a box of chicken fillet became multiple taps, thanks to a snail-paced internet connection and the app’s reported erratic behavior. In a narrow street in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City past 11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020, around 42 Foodpanda riders arrived at the place to deliver boxes of two-piece chicken fillet accidentally ordered by a seven-year-old girl. A neighbor, Dann Kayne Suarez, narrated the incident on his Facebook Live.
  9. Although Jack that is good, but not good if you and the family are on an outing 2 hours from home. Who knows where a medical emergency will come from, car accident, shooting, heart attack but more importantly it's a good chance you wont be at home when it happens so even if a hospital is over the road it may not help on the day. Yes I know, being negative and if there was an emergency while at home you may be OK so plan is good for that. Personally I have no plans, I say bury me in the backyard, she says we dont have one so I give up
  10. You dont seem to get the point of themes. I bet your looking at basic free themes and expect to find one you are looking for but it wont happen. As I said a good theme such as Betheme have built in page builders, editors and now also come with Elementor website builder. Also from your first post try to remember that more people use phones to view websites these days so need to be mobile friendly. If you clutter it then the viewer will be scrolling until they get sick of it and are gone.
  11. I had one back in Australia. Seemed to me no matter what I cooked it all tasted the same.
  12. Unless you purchase a licence to use a theme/template then you are limited to what a template is. I use licensed wordpress theme which come with in built content builders so its easy to change the look or how the site works simply by drag and drop its elements you want to use. Plugins can do most other if what you want is not available with the theme. So a theme is just that, a starting point which can be changed however you want but also save time by using parts you do like. I good theme usually does not require any self writing of code so hard to mess things up and no way would l bother
  13. Facebook listings require a price or listed as Free so people who dont want to tell you the price put in the 123.......
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