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  1. Hmm if Australia sent it it would be a cheque but since the US sent it; well its a check.
  2. I dont know and cars are not my specialty either. I've seen some here in Cebu that to me just look like plastic but who knows.
  3. And if you just put a link not only will covid disappear the post will too. If you have a story, news article or letter from your mum post it and not just a link. Said this many times and reason why but wont repeat from now on. Look at the editor while posting, options like quote, spoiler etc. All there for a reason. Long news stories can be but in a spoiler and that is the little eye icon. If article is not that long copy and paste and then the next post it is truncated theses days for the next reader meaning if the want to read the full story they just click it . Not hard to do but ma
  4. Email is much faster than years gone by, in most case click send and wont take much time. Sorry just in an idiot mood again.
  5. My thought are they all original and genuine or replicas made somewhere? Then who knows what percentage the bank owns of these vehicles. Personally they would not suit me if I was rich and more so here where there's a good chance of being targeted by thieves/ highjackers etc so show off what you have while your alive as tomorrow might be a different story.
  6. Here's a guide https://pra.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SRRV-Info-Guide-04.14.15.pdf
  7. 36 months but like in my case they would not give the last month. Go figure
  8. Guys We dont need another covid topic so post that in some other topic in the Covid forum. This topic is about a member thinking of a location to live.
  9. You probably know that the SRRV is on hold and no one knows when or if it will be active again. My opinion is if you are thinking of staying in Newtown or anywhere start by finding Airbnb units and stay a few weeks in different places. IT park have western style living and so do other places. As for Mactan island, once you leave Newtown you are in my opinion in a shitty area. Sorry to those who live there but its my opinion. You might change your mind once you hit the road in the first taxi. Driving here is not for everyone. I will let someone else comment on that. Yo
  10. Here in the IT park they have plastic bollards bolted to the road. Cant park there as they are close together so do work. In Manila on youtube I see operations targeting violations on bike lanes. They now have bike lane enforcers in the story below
  11. I would say one or two many beers. Bet he paid the price.
  12. My gf often would say things about her mum like she is old and needs looking after etc. She could never remember her age but still old. Anyway the other day was her mother's birthday and she turned 58. One year younger than me. I guess I need looking after
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