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  1. Memories of my mum's homemade ginger beer. A modern western woman would not know how to make it.
  2. Yes break the bad news to your partner. Tell her it will only be about 5 years and you can return with her.
  3. Probably self promoting their site by putting news out there to gain more members or spark interest.
  4. JGF used to earn money here but since covid has earned nothing but never had a reason to move money out of the country as this is my home.
  5. lol, no the original poster was not Intrepid but since they both start with "I" we dont recommend new glasses just yet.
  6. This is where most mistakes are made. Not resting the steak to allow the juices to absorb back into the meat. Also avoid cutting to test if cooked.
  7. I think this subject is floating in the coronavirus topics. Perhaps have a look there.
  8. "Unlike sexual workers, sugar babies are not forced into labour" I didn't say that. That is part of the story from the article.
  9. I was skeptical in Cebu city when they lifted it then not long after reverted back to a higher lockdown which I thought would bring back a liquor ban but it didn't and still hasn't. I still keep a bit of stock just in case. Trust me the day it was lifted I had the big shopping trolly and loaded it up.
  10. Might be only a few airlines left by then and the risk of losing the money to a bankrupt airline just to save a few dollars which might cost everything for nothing. Look at a large travel agent that went bust in Australia. Must be many of them everywhere so everything is a risk.
  11. Interesting although sounds about normal to me. So for you who have money to burn and want to earn a Sugar Daddy badge it's the time Now what was my password again Sugar dating is on the rise in the Philippines amid COVID-19 pandemic A surge in sugar dating was seen in the Philippines by an online dating brand amid the community quarantine brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Sugarbook noted that it saw a “staggering” 65% online traffic surge in the country from March to August 2020, where 79% of them were sugar babies. The dating site registered the most number of Filipino users in the National Capital Region, where 12,450 of them are sugar babies and 4,507 are sugar daddies. Calabarzon recorded the second-highest number of users, with 4,822 sugar babies and 1,442 sugar daddies. It was followed by Central Visayas with 3,646 sugar babies and 1,086 sugar daddies. Central Luzon ranked the fourth Philippine region where there were 2,391 sugar babies and 270 sugar daddies. Meanwhile, Davao Region placed fifth with 1,799 registered sugar babies and 103 sugar daddies. All in all, the country logged a total of 28,310 sugar baby users and 7,526 sugar daddy users. The critically-acclaimed dating brand said that Filipino sugar babies had the age range between 18 to 34-years-old and earned an average monthly allowance of P49,700. Majority of the registered sugar babies are students, which comprise 46%. Others come from the entertainment industry and from the fields of hospitality, education and childcare. Five percent are freelancers while the other five percent listed their occupation as “others.” The platform noted that the surge of sugar babies in the country was a result of the lockdown imposed by the government amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “Driven by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more users are signing up to Sugarbook due to unemployment and gender pay gaps,” Darren Chan, founder and chief executive officer of Sugarbook, said in a release. “Unlike sexual workers, sugar babies are not forced into labour. Sugar babies have the freedom of choice and they do not sell their bodies. They are single mothers, divorcees, housewives or students who are driven, successful and goal-empowered to date financially secured people,” he added. Sugar dating or sugaring is set-up where a well-to-do man, usually older, supports or spends lavishly on a girlfriend, who is usually younger. The man is called sugar daddy while the one being supported is the sugar baby. Metro’s high unemployment rate The national unemployment rate of the country went down last July when strict community quarantine measures were lifted. However, the figures went up in Metro Manila, the economic center of the country, where around 929,000 people became jobless. The percentage of unemployment in NCR went from 12.3% in April to 15.8% in July. Acting Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Kendrick Chua attributed the unemployment to the lack of public transport available to the working class at that time. He added that the Duterte administration sees the unemployment rate worsening between six to eight percent this year, before sliding down to four to five percent in 2022. https://interaksyon.philstar.com/trends-spotlights/2020/09/15/176885/pucker-up-sugar-dating-is-on-the-rise-in-the-philippines-amid-covid-19-pandemic/
  12. The design you showed was a grill pan. You can also get flat bottom for many uses. Even what was called a dutch oven is cast iron.
  13. Cast iron pans come with flat base as well as grill. Grill pans are no good for things like eggs.
  14. For Tommy Davao City to lift liquor ban on September 21 The Davao City government is set to lift its liquor ban on September 21 to help business owners and employees in the liquor industry. Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte will issue an executive order next week to lift the city’s liquor ban that was imposed in April. Duterte also clarified she is not lifting the liquor ban to accommodate people’s clamor for alcohol. The Davao mayor also reiterated that beer pubs are still prohibited from operating since it is included in the negative list of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). “We did not lift the liquor ban for you. We lifted the liquor ban for the businesses and for the people who are working in the liquor business,” she said. AAC https://www.untvweb.com/news/davao-city-to-lift-liquor-ban-on-september-21/
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