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  1. Looks like you found the reason in the first few words. Then you are still hanging around with the wrong type by the sound of it.
  2. Make sure you inform your card company you will be using the card overseas otherwise you might find you have issues. Depending on where you go ATMs are not always available or maybe out of cash. When in larger cities ensure you have back up cash if traveling out of the city.
  3. If you dont climatized to some germs you will end up sick all your life. Think when you were a kid of the fingers in your mouth and who knows where they have been. Sometimes I think this germ thing is overrated.
  4. No different than the handrails on escalators or even elevator buttons.
  5. I think everyone should lighten up and not read too much into others posts.
  6. You have me confused also. Nothing much is changing here and immigration is the same as normal as its handled by the Philippines. The closing of US immigration offices does not affect anyone traveling to the Philippines and services from US immigration offices that they provide are just handled differently after the closing.
  7. Sure, I took in 9% of your post for a small margin of doubt
  8. What did they use for fuel in the steamroller, coconut husks?
  9. I would just buy a license online. https://www.nortonsecurityonline.com/ns-ph/
  10. Anyway I'm told it can be done at city hall for P150
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