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  1. Jollygoodfellow

    Transfer US Social Security to Philippines?

    Secret coded post
  2. Jollygoodfellow

    affordable apartments in cities

    Please quote who you are replying too each time as this is not a Facebook chat Yes the bigger the house the more people who will be happy to share with you.
  3. Jollygoodfellow

    affordable apartments in cities

    If it's just you then why do you need one or two bedrooms?
  4. Jollygoodfellow

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    This is not really true. There are only certain areas that are not safe in Mindanao. Its a big area and probably some of the nicest mountains and countryside. If you view youtube you will see a Canadian traveling in many areas of Mindanao and the people are friendly. Of Course no one goes into terrorist or war torn areas but most people just get an opinion that the whole island is unsafe.
  5. Jollygoodfellow

    Newbie question

    No longer required but best to have plenty of pages left.
  6. Jollygoodfellow

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    I dont see where you intend to be. This will make a difference. I doubt if your budget is enough. If you were to rent a 2 bedroom for a start prices will be higher and you have one month in advance plus usually 2 months security deposit. Lets talk about the location you are thinking of?
  7. Jollygoodfellow

    2 weeks and counting

    Nothing to be nervous about . I must say I recall my first trip to the Philippines. Researched it, the country and people culture ETC but still there was a culture shock for the first day or so but your mileage may differ. Just be aware of your surroundings and take things slow.
  8. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    Yes this is true. Everyone has different circumstances in life and it's not for others to judge what should be done.
  9. Jollygoodfellow

    Expats Club Or Meeting In Cebu

    Big city. If you find yourself in the IT park I may be able to meet up some time.
  10. Jollygoodfellow

    Expats Club Or Meeting In Cebu

    Where will you be staying?
  11. Jollygoodfellow

    Foreigner living on the streets

    The cheek of some people. They have removed all the bench seating where this guys sleeps and a few others so is this forcing the homeless to be homeless. I think they did it to push these people away.
  12. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    Thank you. Yes I know its a difficult time. Hang in there. What more you can you tell me is up to you, Everyone has a different idea and we do not know your wife or her family but I will give my thoughts. Yes make her life hard if possible but also keep yourself at a distance. Don't let it consume you as it will eat your life away with the end result basically nothing gained. Members have said, plenty of fish in the sea here which is true but in your case let them swim while until your head i clear .
  13. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    I have a gut feeling this topic is going no where now. If You Big Mac want to add some meaningful discussion since you were and are the OP I will leave it open but if not its a waste of time. For the sake of others in the future I would have like to read how the scam unraveled but it seems to me bigmac is clamming up so where do we go from here?
  14. Jollygoodfellow

    Very sick wife

    The PI is American and not that is a guarantee for anything but is well known so if he was out to rip people off then his ass would have been history years ago.
  15. Jollygoodfellow

    Expats Club Or Meeting In Cebu

    Yes, what would you like to know?