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  1. I dont think it will be a law disobeyed for long. If you watch youtube there are videos of hundreds getting fined every day and or vehicles confiscated. Slowly many are getting the message and even the bus drivers who were once ignoring officers are now complying according to what I see.
  2. I generally have no problem with Sky speed in IT park until recently. You might have noticed trucks have been pumping in water all over the park for about 3 weeks now.
  3. Did you ever tell them the situation as I dont recall any issues.
  4. My Sky came good about 5 pm yesterday and is no problem at the moment.
  5. Good for you. Just remember we have rules about advertising so do not mention any business names unless you wish to pay for space.
  6. I dont know if its just my area but the damn thing keeps going off and on over the past 2 days. Started to look like it was OK but then started again. Just typing this while up. Anyone else in Cebu have problems. Others are telling me the same issues so its not just me.
  7. Well the reply was about running a business so thats what I was referring too
  8. Seems to say he was granted citizenship so yes he could do anything that a Filipino can.
  9. Not really as the story said, all dogs are vaccinated. It's sort of weird as the dogs have collars and are looked after by this group so not really street dogs except they are allowed to roam which is weird in itself
  10. Hope you taught them about maintenance.
  11. My phone is a Lenovo. No matter how many times l look there is no option to block numbers on this phone.
  12. That's fine if there is a function to do so but certainly is not on my phone.
  13. Are you aware that the Philippines bank system will only guarantee you P500k if the bank should go bust. Probably OK in the big banks but risky is in one of the smaller ones.
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