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  1. Bob, are we on the same page? What do you mean does not exist?
  2. Hypothetically one would be better off spending some time in person with a woman met on line or anywhere. Something's are not always as they seem.
  3. Bit like a right to own guns topic
  4. Your treading a fine line with the forum rules. Let me ask you, if you were born here in the province where education may not be the best or non existent that it's fair to call you dumb? If it's that bad use some of your profit from your business to help the future generations since you have these people working for you for a reason.
  5. I have to take a trip out this year and it would work out better to come back with a BB privilege. But l know convincing the GF that l need to take a trip with the wife is not going to be easy.
  6. The date of the exit ticket does not matter to. One month.in to the future or 2 or 7. Just as long as you have one or you won't be boarding a flight.
  7. I live in the IT park. Often a small group of us will meet in Shaka.
  8. If you guys want to argue then do it by PM but do not change the topic into something completely different than what it was started for.
  9. Last week having a beer or ten with an acquaintance who was a bit drunk, a ladyboy walking past and he waved her in to the resto. I said you do know it's a ladyboy? Anyway later they went to his place for a massage and when he woke up she was gone with what was in his wallet, a gold watch, new cell phone, 1000 US dollars and what ever else.
  10. How long is the lease and what are the contact conditions?
  11. As a matter of interest, why are dogs fed rice? Dogs are meat eaters.
  12. Should finger nails be removed and is marinated fingers a better option ?
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