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  1. They are probably only talking about the fittings. I cant see why anything else would be different.
  2. I can vouch for that as I have one in a condo I manage here in Cebu. Reliable 20 mbp but I dont know where the OP,s girl is which may not work as well. She should have an idea of what works best in her area.
  3. It does say anyone with good standing in the community so I would think a doctor would be fine.
  4. What is a certificate of good conduct UK? I would say they are same thing. A Police Certificate will show all convictions, warnings, reprimands and cautions recorded on UK. An individual can also apply for a basic disclosure which provides information on unspent convictions. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/656598/CERTIFICATES_OF_GOOD_CONDUCT_IN_THE_UK.pdf
  5. I haven't used it to that much but cooked pizza and lasagna a couple of time plus roast chicken and all good. Mine is convection which means has a fan. I haven't used the rotisserie as I put the rod clips in the cupboard but now cant find them. The GF says never seen them and did not know what they looked like so showed her on the box. I think she threw them out not knowing what they were.
  6. Exactly the same as what I bought in SM department store a month ago. No problem with it.
  7. Since most are recommending Makati why not get a condo through airbnb.
  8. Maybe peso but we can convert it to any currency
  9. Yes my phone alert went off. Same area I think. Magnitude 5
  10. Unfortunately the Burger King in IT Park closed down.
  11. Glad to see someone new comming to the Philippines. Please try to read topics as many questions have been answered before. Basics as which was already said you can extend your visa. Up until about 3 years. As a tourist you need an onward ticket to anywhere and not necessarily dated within 30 days but please read the topics as not all airlines understand this.
  12. Here in Cebu they are like mini buses. In the IT Park they stop at designated places.There are different new types in Manila I have seen in videos.
  13. I dont believe thats correct. The age of the Jeepney comes into play. They wont be registering them or renewing franchises if the Jeepney is over a certain age.
  14. Probably not what you would call customer service but last week the wife was visiting to bring my boy to visit me but anyway we were out and I asked her to go across the road and withdraw some money while I did something else. I was waiting for them to come back and as they were about to cross the road a Marshall walked with them putting his hand up to stop traffic as it approached. To me it was good of him.
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