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  1. According to sources I read or view it will impact the global economy so just another life issue facing us all.
  2. Where it all confusing is the first page of the order. Basically it says pay all fees, fines and express lane and gain a IARC (Immigration arrears release certificate). Which I think is for those who have not been to extend their stay at all or since March 20, 2020. Page two states that foreigner's past their 36 months can extend every two months but as I have said before that this appears to be for 12 months only past the 36 months. No one has corrected me so I guess it reads that way. I misunderstood RBM s post but who ever posted on FB I would guess is correct that if you are just coming up to your final renewal then you will get a normal 2 month extension with the normal fees at this stage.
  3. Why would anyone pay anything other than what the BI has announced on their official page? Member RBM has posted he renewed after 36 months, no questions asked and I'm sure at only the fees that are normally required. If they were paying big fees then it was before the 21st of September 2021
  4. This is the link you need, https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/ This has been the case since at least 2019 as the copyright of the website is that year. Added: It actually started in 2015 , https://www.rappler.com/nation/online-application-nbi-clearance
  5. You did not know there has been no face to face school for a long time but soon to trial again? Also easier to understand posts when you quote who you are replying too.
  6. That's a good way of doing business. Why an application rather than information to help make a decision for purchase? I guess the wife or someone should have asked.
  7. I think it's exactly the same as they recommend lemon for colds. Calamansi spelt with a C is the same family as lime and lemons.
  8. We have already posted the official BI directive. Yes you can extend past the 36 months but from my reading for 12 months only, then you are given 15 days to leave. That's my understanding but anything can change at any time so Facebook post from the official BI page are what is the facts at the time . The ones who dont renew will still have to pay overstay fees.
  9. There has been topics sometime back on other satellite providers in the Philippines. Maybe one of them might be better than you have or might have to pay.
  10. My computer security says nothing and works for me without problems.
  11. Could be phones they are after as well. Anything of value during the current times.
  12. Gf was at country mall Cebu the other day when a commotion broke out. In a new store having a sale and quite crowded a man with some sort of a bag slung over his shoulder was trying to go forward down an isle but a woman was blocking his movement. He sort of moved his bag to the other side when his GF noticed another woman opening the bag behind his back. Some yelling broke out and 3 women plus the one blocking the isle ran from the store. The one blocking the way was well dressed and not what one might expect for pickpocketing gang.
  13. Also I see one off topic post. The rest were trying to help you. Ease up as many of us are not having a good time either. NOTE: The one off topic post has been deleted. Poster has "grown up".
  14. What are you looking at sending? Babalikan boxes? I used Forexworld from Brisbane with no problem and rather quick delivery but that was about 5 years ago. Australia post for a package of clothes delivered to my condo, no problem in Cebu city. The company you mention I would expect would be fine since they have offices in other countries but best to search reviews. Google. Some here are not happy, some are, https://www.facebook.com/BM-Express-Balikbayan-Box-1754506574803982/reviews As with all logistics and more so in the current state of affairs Im sure could run into problems at times.
  15. I would report it as its a scam and illegal. Are you working, no. Do you have a company sponsoring you, no. If you got a stamp there's a good chance one day it will bite you on the backside
  16. Plenty of peppers in the supermarkets and probably more in local markets. I'm pretty sure Rustan's used to have refried beans. Green salsa and refried beans if you cant find is available on Lazada or shopee.
  17. I read a few days ago Mandaue was set to buy radar guns but the money wasn't allocated in this years budget so they will wait until next year the story says. Found story Speed limit measure likely to be implemented next year yet – Mandaue City dad MANDAUE CITY, Philippines — An ordinance setting different speed limits for all vehicles passing along Mandaue City’s roads will likely be implemented next year yet. This developed after Mandaue City Councilor Jimmy Lumpas, who sponsored the proposed ordinance, since the P2 million budget for the procurement of speed guns was not included in this year’s budget. The proposed ordinance, however, was passed on third and final reading at the City Council on Wednesday, September 15. This will also only need the signature of Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes for it to become an ordinance. Under the ordinance, motorcycles, tricycles, cars, and all kinds of motor vehicles may run up to 80 kilometers per hour (kph) on national primary roads, 70 kph when on national secondary roads, and 60 kph for national tertiary roads while buses and trucks can run only up to 50 kph. For provincial roads the speed limit is 40 kph for motor vehicles and 30 kph for buses and trucks while for barangay roads, the limit is 20 kph. Lumapas said he proposed the ordinance because he wanted to reduce the number of road crashes in the city. He said that speed had been a big factor in car crashes in the city. “Nakita man nato nga nag-anam ka daghan ang mga sakyanan karun, so nag expect gyud ta nga kung dili nato mabuhatan og ordinansa, musamot ka daghan ang aksidente nga mahitabo. Mao nay nakaencourage nato,” said Lumapas. (We saw that vehicles have slowly increased, so we expect that if we will not make an ordinance, then the accidents will grow worse. That is what encouraged us to do this.) In 2020, Mandaue recorded around 2,400 road accidents with 20 fatalities and 500 injured individuals. Violators of the speed limit ordinance will be fined P1,000 and shall undergo one hour seminar on road safety. Though, the vehicle will not be impounded considering that no accident has occurred. Read more: https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/400592/speed-limit-measure-likely-to-be-implemented-next-year-yet-mandaue-city-dad#ixzz76iWeR9tq
  18. Well they must of been sort of working legally as they were registered with The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the first year. Not sure what happened or how they could register to conduct business.
  19. It is not fake news thank you. Yes if her passport shows she has been back and forth many times then she wont be questioned plus you are married. I believe it was not always like this for first or second timers leaving the country but it is these days. As for fake news then I guess I made it up while waiting for her to be interview and handing over my phone so she can prove we are together.
  20. I would think the motion to reconsider part (expensive one from Manila) only comes into effect of Section 6 of the order posted by yourself. That states overstay of more than one year then given 15 days to leave so thats where you would need to ask for consideration and cost much more. Didn't we have a member who had this issue awhile back and cost him a lot at the time? Those who are less than a year overstaying would just be given and extension with fees. That's how I see it and again I have not watched the video.
  21. Yep I hate immigration. Too many crazy foreigner's there arguing. In the early days I used to do it myself but travel to Mactan where there was usually no wait.
  22. I recently seen posts on FB offering huge interest rates. I commented that its a scam.The amount of people who posted replies with "HOW" was surprising
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