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  1. Did you ever tell them the situation as I dont recall any issues.
  2. My Sky came good about 5 pm yesterday and is no problem at the moment.
  3. Good for you. Just remember we have rules about advertising so do not mention any business names unless you wish to pay for space.
  4. I dont know if its just my area but the damn thing keeps going off and on over the past 2 days. Started to look like it was OK but then started again. Just typing this while up. Anyone else in Cebu have problems. Others are telling me the same issues so its not just me.
  5. Well the reply was about running a business so thats what I was referring too
  6. Seems to say he was granted citizenship so yes he could do anything that a Filipino can.
  7. Not really as the story said, all dogs are vaccinated. It's sort of weird as the dogs have collars and are looked after by this group so not really street dogs except they are allowed to roam which is weird in itself
  8. My phone is a Lenovo. No matter how many times l look there is no option to block numbers on this phone.
  9. That's fine if there is a function to do so but certainly is not on my phone.
  10. Are you aware that the Philippines bank system will only guarantee you P500k if the bank should go bust. Probably OK in the big banks but risky is in one of the smaller ones.
  11. I did have a brochure for Avida Riala but cant find it. I can get another one tomorrow.
  12. Maybe but mine does not. High end phones might.
  13. Why not allow only some sort of accredited white taxis to operate from the airport. Drivers and owners are registered which should put a stop to rogue drivers .
  14. Personally only the very first time here many moons ago did I receive anything that should not happen and that was arriving at the hotel for an agreed price and the no change sir reply. One other almost 3 years ago I noticed the meter was not on but at the time I traveled that route several times and when l got back to my hotel l just handed what l knew was the price and got out. No drama.
  15. The whole point of the matter is most know that those areas are risky but also consider if you have travel insurance as it will be void. And all members take note. The site in the OP post link is not allowed here as that site just harvest news from other sources and passes it off as it own. So any Phil lixx style links will be removed which has been explained before. .
  16. I dont have that feature but another member said there are apps to do it but like you say, the person can change sims everyday.
  17. It's not practical for me to do so and besides my number is on my business website and this person knows my business name so could easily find a new number. On another note we are starting to think its not the person we first thought it was. Seems everyone is against me
  18. So here is the short version Awhile ago my GF had a falling out with one of her friends. Her friend seems anti foreigner and does not like me and I feel the same way so anyway as I said their friendship ended. Then came yesterday a text message to me, hi babe, can we meet tonight? this is from an unknown number . I asked who it was and everything and she came up with a name of Trish. She says we met at the Shaka restaurant and went to a hotel 2 months ago. This is all crap and the babe, baby stuff kept comming. I think its her ex friend trying to break us up as she knows my GF uses my phone. Eventually I told her to get lost for the fourth time and she said she is comming to my unit, I said I will call security and police and it started. She says she will bring the police as my GF is a mistress ( Im married but separated from wife) and threatens to have me jailed etc. So today my GF started texting her back and another argument went on and she wouldn't admit it is the ex friend but everything points to her. Anyway is it jealousy as I am in my GF life and she is not or is she just plain nuts?
  19. I pay 20k, units in new Riala are going for around 25 so near Ayala I would think that is about what you pay depending on how well its fitted out and furnished.
  20. What was it we were meant to remember
  21. Hmm some take capsules to get a stiff so are you making your joints softer or stiffer
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