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    English man retiring to Philippines, can work?

    Well now we are talking about more than your first post. Generally foreigners can not own a business unless its a corporation. 60/40 rule of ownership. Are you married to a Filipina? That gives you other options. I assume you are talking about photography business? You can talk directly with SRRV with this link, https://www.srrv.com.ph/?gclid=CjwKCAiArK_fBRABEiwA0gOOcwoJVU6TlsHLJPnTU03ju2kTIqcDSFq0959YqKPNWNdpGbb1b2GQeBoChKoQAvD_BwE#FAQ
  2. Jollygoodfellow

    English man retiring to Philippines, can work?

    Welcome Your talking about a SRRV I assume? This visa says you can study but nothing is mentioned about working. https://pra.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SRRV-Info-Guide-04.14.15.pdf Added But when asked the question and got an answer in minutes, Dear Mr Thomas, Thank you for reaching out. Yes that is certainly possible, but subject to some constitutional restrictions. Best regards, James S. Biron, J.D., M.B.A., R.E.B., C.I.S. PRA Accredited Marketer
  3. This topic is covered by our very own forum owner who is qualified to answer. Everyone should re visit this topic, https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/26818-succession-estate-law-in-the-philippines/
  4. Jollygoodfellow

    Pest Control Service

    Idiot pest control, thats the name I choose since your Email just happened to be the same as the service you were promoting. Spam
  5. Yes she does have to be with you but when you come here next time it gives you a year to sort out the SRRV without having to do visa extensions as a tourist.
  6. If I recall a lot of your answers are here, Nah, plenty of fish in the Philippines
  7. Although I was here over a year and for some unknown reason the BI wanted my old passport even though I came here with a new one and had not been here for about 5 years before that.
  8. I think we had the same situation just a few weeks ago. Maybe the answer is in this particular forum unless I have topics mixed in my head.
  9. Jollygoodfellow

    The Car Service!

    Please, all opinions must be quoted in peso
  10. Jollygoodfellow

    Medical cost

    No I dont believe its for expats but I was replying to the post about a Filipino.
  11. Jollygoodfellow

    Medical cost

    There is also help for many medical problems through the Philippines Sweepstakes. There is more assistance on their website under programs tab. https://www.pcso.gov.ph/ProgramsAndServices/CAD/IMAP.aspx
  12. OK believe what you will. Now anyway lets get back to the topic as we are all off in another direction. What are the reasons immigration can kick me out is what this topic is.
  13. Best to read some news. Last year or maybe it was this year, foreigner complains over noise. Bang, ended. Talisay, guy shot dead when drunk local came back to Mc Donalds to sort foreigners out and the dead guy was not even part of the group that was targeted. This year, foreigner refuses to buy local a beer. Bang. The list goes on.
  14. Jollygoodfellow

    Boy with cancer

    Guys Does anyone know of some charitable group or someone who could help this boy in some way.. Its some sort of eye cancer. I can only imagine how painful that is. He lives on the island of Batbatan, Culasi, Antique? I know its a long shot but must be someone out there who could be approached. This is the fathers number I believe, #09488824866
  15. Jollygoodfellow

    Vlogger cleared

    I looked at the video and I think they are not cleared at all. All it means that an application has been looked at but does not explain the past does it? Does not cover if money went to the wrong people but if they can get a permit is what its about now.. Does not cover the immigration issues either such as working on a tourist visa.
  16. Jollygoodfellow

    Vlogger cleared

    Yes well there is a topic about the person pr couple but I will check as of a day ago there was no clearing but in many senses means nothing.
  17. It sounded to me they are here visiting or vacation, yes she is Filipino married to the American and since she came here a week early means she has been in the states and should be able to return
  18. Jack mate. They are all from the US so is there a problem for her to go home? If she was living in the US with him then she must have the visa and from the OP who said friends were to visit so unless there is other information I dont see what the issue is with her going home to the US.
  19. I thought they were just coming here for a visit?
  20. Jollygoodfellow

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Very nice looking beach in the post. Whats it like on the waters edge, sand or rocks?
  21. Jollygoodfellow

    knife crime in England

    Are these the only dedicated stabbing days or at certain times of the year they have special stabbing days?
  22. Jollygoodfellow

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    I dont see anyone there young . Are we looking at the same picture?
  23. Yes but this is to do with someone entering the country. The computer system must of flagged something and it wont be hearsay. Yes there is a difference in deed.
  24. Jollygoodfellow

    Boy with cancer

    I really meant for info on some of these medical missions or groups that will take something like this on. I dont have a lot of time just now but will do some research when I can.