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  1. I dont have an answer but probably best to take your own form if you dont already have it. https://pra.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Medical-Certificate.pdf Just wondering if there is a reason you are doing it in Makati rather than through a satellite office?
  2. I've been here for 6 years, never been mugged or know anyone personally who has been. I think you are reading the place wrong. If you were in the wrong place at the wrong time maybe but its more safer here than most places unless you do silly things like flash big money around, wear expensive things but thats the same the world over. The idea is pay attention to your surrounding's and act on your gut feeling. Don't show off and dont cause issues for your self. Yes you can keep cash to a minimum as most places have ATMs these days but if you go traveling to some places like small towns you might find only one ATM in the town and out of cash. if your worried about being mugged keep some cash in a hidden pocket or in your shoe so if you were robbed you have something to get you out of the area. Also you might want to carry your wallet in your front pocket so to not get pickpocketed, takes awhile to get used to it but you do. I doubt it. Not room staff or hotel staff but if you bring girls from the street they might be tempted to take a look while your in the bathroom. If and only if your room has a safe which is usually bigger hotels in cities and not smaller 2 star places dont allow a visitor to ever see you open it. As Dave was saying, you can test a girl by leaving a bit of change around to see if she takes it. I was suspicious once so left my wallet in a pre planned position and then took a shower while the girl was in the unit. Sure enough my wallet was not in the exact place I had left it when l retuned. Trap worked.
  3. I read many Local government's do free vax at times. No I dont mean covid vaccinations but shots for animals but might not in your area. Probably would not help if the dog is afraid as will pick up on what's going on even if done in an outdoor setting.
  4. I live in the IT Park and renting but have seen the rule book that owners get. Very thick and detailed. Tenants or owners can go to the admin office to check rules before buying or renting. Since covid rules here changed but relaxed mostly now. We used to get package's or food delivered to the door but now must be picked up out side the lobby or there's a table to leave packages. Water once again is delivered to our door. In a way its better than having unknown people roaming through the building. Who knows if someone is pretending to deliver a package but really coming to shoot you dead. Condo living is more secure and thats why some prefer a condo. Pool always charged for non guests or visitors. Covid rules were and are enforced as to what ever the rules of the day are. In another post you complained about a new security guard asking if you live there. Not sure why its a bid deal as he would not know who you are and besides bet you would not like if they let in terrorist's with bombs so they are only doing their job.. As soon as you begin living here they soon get to know you and Dave believes it has to do with what price you pay but I doubt it as they remember faces going through the lobby. As for guest visiting, always been the rule here they must register and leave ID to get a visitor pass. Overall I have no problem how most things are run here, all staff are friendly but I have lived here almost 6 years so they know me. Actually one thing I recall when moving from one tower to the other or leaving for good is you must fill out a form for release. The unit owner signs and you fill in details as to what you are removing from the building. This is to ensure no one just skips town and leaves with debts owing or steal the owners things. And to answer how to start a poll, you have to do it when you create a new topic, at the top of the editor it says content or poll. Edited Just to add. It depends on the management of a condo building and how they operate. Here the board meets every 3 months I think in normal times. A notice is put up so if anyone wants to attend they can and voice their complaints or suggestion's. Where I live it appears to be well maintained. Always doing something such as painting walkways at the entrance etc so if buying best to check out the companies other projects to see how they went.
  5. As I've said before, its usually the first time out that the will question the Filipina. Almost a requirement but if people do their homework before heading to the airport there usually wont be any problems. Soon I will take my GF out for the second time but as with the first we will be ready with, Photos of us together Lease in both names to prove we are together Certificate of work for her proving she has a job to come back to. And anything else we think of to show she is comming back. Last time she was taken for interrogation, basically answer questions on a form then get asked the same questions. Shown immigration photos, return ticket, whatever. Then they allowed her through after warning her to come back, the officer actually said something like, l better see you here on (Date). The routine is to intimidate the Filipino to see if they can break them in case they have other plans. I understand the human trafficking issue, illegal overseas job issues and criminals recruiting issues but dont know if other countries stop or question their own citizens free right to come and go as they please.
  6. But its when you stop for a pee the danger gets you.
  7. Yes I know and I was just making a point that there may not be certain natural disasters out to get us there but there is at least one. Great time to go to one of the tourist islands and buy up a few closed business. People slowly coming back but I think it will take a long time to for Thailand to recover.
  8. I dont see any problem. Yes some might look at you because of the age gap but who cares? Where are you intending on going while there?
  9. Yes but video I watched is only a few days old. The guy said it cost the equivalent to $15 USD extra to fill his tank this time and food cost have gone up just like it has here. Even Jeepneys increased the fare yesterday but my point was someone said its cheaper but may not be at the moment and for a long time.
  10. Did you forget the tsunamis that killed many?
  11. You will in most parts here like the mall otherwise you wont get in.
  12. Strange, I was watching a vlogger just yesterday and he said prices are skyrocketing in Thailand.
  13. I printed out mine awhile ago without problem. Are you going to the vax site and filling in details? then you download and print. Having said that I am still waiting for them to update since I had a booster so I can download a new certificate. If your certificate has is not showing shots then there is a part at the bottom of the site that says something like click here and you have to upload a copy of vax card. Site being upgraded at this time https://vaxcert.doh.gov.ph/
  14. I don't know about that. I read a lot of news and there does seem to be a lot of Asian related verbal or physical assaults' more recently from all walks of life.
  15. Bit off topic but you might know. If I wanted to run 380V machines such as fryers would it be easy to do so in commercial premises in a city.
  16. I think all banks charge a fee to use ATMs from other banks. 15 or 20 peso don't seem much but adds up.
  17. I think same issue as here. They may send them back to the province here but what is there for them if they are still homeless? By living on the street they have more beggar opportunity's in a city compared to province. Probably hope for a break from the big city like someone will give them a job or at least a handout when needed.
  18. 12% is only payable for goods with a value of 10k peso and over so not sure why you would pay it for $40 USD?
  19. This is one I found for 72 hours and probably will use. I have cleared my cache and browser history so have not found the other. You can Google rent a ticket or anything like that. https://rentonwardticket.com/ FAQ How long the tickets are valid before they got cancelled ? After the ticket is booked and sent to you, you will have 72 hours to use it, it will be automatically cancelled by us. If your ticket is for for your visa application, we can offer for 14days valid. Email us for this case. When should I purchase my onward ticket ? There are 2 options to make the booking : You can make the booking 6-10 hours before leaving , Ticket is 72 hours valid begins from the moment ticket is sent. You make the booking in advance, by choosing function "I want to get my ticket later " and set the time you want to receive it. Ticket will be sent at the time you set and valid is 72hours from the time you set. With a timer ticket, we will book in time, no delay! How can I check if this is real? There are some factors that can say your ticket is valid: -Ticket is sent or forwarded by the airline. -Ticket is manageable on the website of the airline and shows paid/confirmed status. After you have received your ticket, go to the airline's website, select booking management tool which usually reads as "Manage My Booking", "My Trip", "My Booking", etc... and use your booking code & your last name to login. Our reservation can be used for visa application or onward travel, however be aware that we don’t provide e-ticket number. There’s a mistake in my flight reservation? If you want to make any change you should send us an email before we process your order. If your booking has been confirmed and your ticket has already been sent to you, we can’t make any modification. Is this website secure? Yes, https://rentonwardticket.com/ is secure. It runs on a HTTPS protocol, with an SSL certificate verified by Comodo. You can test and see the certificate at https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html?hostname=rentonwardticket.com. That means, all the data comes from, and goes to https://rentonwardticket.com is encrypted. This website uses Paypal to process payments, and the website of https://paypal.com is secure too.
  20. From the sites I read they teamed up with travel agents so they actually buy the ticket and the agents can refund when cancelled from my understanding. As I said at least one site says you can log into your actual booking with the airline but I will try it when I go out next.
  21. I wont answer all your posts but I think location is important. Your location is probably back woods type so you will have brownouts etc. Infrastructure, again its where you live. We have bike lanes, modern jeepneys, buses and everything else but I live in the second largest city. Hardly ever a brownout or water issues. Food cost probably higher since you arrived at a time when cost are increasing world wide. You talk about visa cost, since you are married you can get a 13a which once done is cheap for a small yearly fee. Why your on a tourist visa I do not know. Anyway both countries have for and against, I have never been to Thailand but follow a few vloggers so know what its like for most and in fact why many pack up and come to the Philippines is because of Thailand's limited visa options or hassles. Stick it out for a year, move somewhere decent and enjoy.
  22. This is how ours is set but it can go to 100k. From another bank they told us we can send an application for higher amounts or do it in the bank.
  23. Many were eliminated and replaced with the modern jeepney. The government said they must be removed and phased out. The old ones had until l think it was this year but might have been extended since covid. Anyway in my area you hardly see any old jeepney now, all modern jeepneys or buses. But there are not enough at peak times now or in the past during covid lock downs. I see long queues' in the terminal over the road every morning and late afternoon even though probably only about half as many people working in the IT park now. Other areas are like this https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/449509/cebu-city-mulls-free-transport-for-stranded-workers-during-rush-hours
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