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  1. No, only the required deposit of the type of SRRV. https://pra.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/SRRV-Info-Guide-04.14.15.pdf
  2. I was reading a day or two back that manyvacinated people have ended up with the virus but I think no one dies. Mild symptoms or none at all so it's like a flu shot which does the job. This was from different vaccines not just one brand. If I find the story I will post it but it's out there if anyone want to find.
  3. Sacks of rice, cows, even a house: Prizes await lucky vaccinated Filipinos Well in a sense some are and this idea will probably spread. Not cash but a chance to win a prize. In the Philippines, vaccine hesitancy is real: A survey shows that two in every three Filipinos are either uncertain or unwilling to have themselves inoculated against the novel coronavirus. That is why the private sector, local government units (LGUs), and at least one congresswoman have resorted to promoting COVID-19 vaccines through unconventional means. Here are some of the interesting rewards that
  4. What do you mean by that? Before covid I know of two people who made a profit once deciding to sell. Depends where you buy and probably best not to buy from a developer but rather a second hand unit.
  5. I will step in here as some just are causing a fuss and a confronting forum. I exposed the bickering posts so you can all see. If anyone does not like how the forum is run you just sign out and be gone. Do you all understand? This covid thing brings out things many people and I starting to think that all covid topics should end. I will open this topic again and any arguing will cause it to be closed and possibility of members being removed or moderated. The forum should not need to be moderated if you all do your own and some pull their heads in.
  6. Trust me you have succeeded. Honestly what is your point as really no one cares as much as you? Why dont you go ahead and start your own site which you said you were working on as this is not what we want here. We want covid conspiracy and crap like that. Not some fish name.
  7. I dont see that in the news story. It said people on the ground which could be anyone, airport staff etc.
  8. Sometimes they organise clean ups. Cebu City to lead province-wide clean-up on Saturday CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Cebu City Coastal Management Task Force (CMTF) will be leading a province-wide coastal and riverways clean-up on Saturday, June 19, 2021. According to Reymar Hijarra, the subcommittee chairperson of the CMTF, the participation of the Archdiocese of Cebu has increased the scope of the regular clean-up of Cebu City. “Ang mga parishes sa atong Archdiocese of Cebu moparticipate sila sa ilang areas as one Cebu island,” said Hijarra. The clean
  9. I knew it all along. The truth would come out eventually. How they managed to convince us that the world is round is beyond me when we know it is flat. What a lot of cocky shit in the OP post. Not worth the time to read it.
  10. Not everywhere in this country. I watched a youtube video of one Island here and no trash anywhere as the small population learnt not to drop it. Also for example where I live it's rare to see trash probably because their are trash bins, not like in most places. When many gather in the park area the bins get full so they do use them.
  11. Well if 49 people were well enough to go to work with covid I dont think the president is correct. 49 construction workers in Cebu City test positive for COVID-19 CEBU CITY––At least 49 construction workers employed to complete a building in this city tested positive for COVID-19. Councilor Joel Garganera, deputy chief implementer of the city’s Emergency Operations Center, said this was the first time in several months, where many people in the same workplace contracted the virus. All 49 workers, he said, had been taken out from the construction site and brought to i
  12. Post are not deleted by moderators as they can not delete, only hide until I review it. You started a topic in the chatterbox, I will answer there. PS. I allowed your post.
  13. OK OK. send me her info. NO need to worry , life is good
  14. I dont mind dying. Will i get some sort of rebate or discount ?
  15. I believe its only for exporting business and has nothing to do with anything else. Tax breaks etc.
  16. From what I read and dont know if its true but the guy was also teaching Filipinos how to cook. Again this is only hearsay and I dont know but obviously someone had to make a complaint about something. Could be even his wife wanting to take over and get rid of him. But yes it's a no thanks society for all the work he has done and staff that he helped feed their kids by employment. Website of restaurant, https://www.swiss-italian-restaurant.com/ Facebook group but you have to be a group member, https://www.facebook.com/groups/WhereToEatinCebu Food looks really good
  17. What nonsense. This guy has ran a family restaurant here for 25 years. He was found to be doing things legally but then they want to deport him anyway. In a news report they say he is taking Filipinos hobs but he is employing Filipinos. I've given up on the smallest amount of common sense in this country. PRESS RELEASE 10 June 2021 Aliens cleared of criminal cases can still be deported - BI MANILA, Philippines—The Bureau of Immigration (BI) said an alien’s acquittal on a criminal case does not mean he can no longer be deported for violation of Philippine immigration laws. This w
  18. 08 June 2021 PRESS RELEASE Aliens with BI-approved visas can still leave sans ACR I-Card The Bureau of Immigration (BI) said it will continue to allow the departure of foreign nationals with approved immigrant and non-immigrant visas even if they have not yet been issued their alien certificate of registration identity card (ACR I-Card). In an advisory, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said the Bureau extended until December 31 this year its policy temporarily allowing foreigners with approved and implemented visas to leave pending release of their ACR I-Card. He explained that in lieu
  19. Its actually named Fil Products Services TV Inc https://filprod-dgte.ph/
  20. Information posted on BI Facebook 4 hours ago, https://www.facebook.com/officialbureauofimmigration/ As they are images best to view on FB.
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