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  1. Normally when using remittance services the only fee you pay is from the service itself. When using worldremit to deposit in the Union bank and PS bank I got the exact amount that was sent without the bank adding fees.
  2. Depends on amount. I use worldremit and charges are reasonable but sometimes have issues with them holding the transfer but if I do a cash pick up seems to be no issues.
  3. What's your definition of a fly? My definition would be a zipper but who would want that in underwear? My boxers bought online have a button but never open it as just to easy to pull hose out through the top.
  4. I'm surprised the feathers minced in a way they were not seen.
  5. I would think here called flip flops here
  6. The things you do when hungry. Philippines man reportedly beheads woman, eats brain with rice ‘because he was hungry’ A man has reportedly been arrested in the Philippines for beheading a woman and eating her brain with rice — because he was hungry. The Daily Tribune has reported that the woman’s corpse was found in the Misamis Oriental province of Northern Mindanao with her head cut off and both hands tied. Her body was found naked from the waist up. According to the Daily Tribune, the man saw the woman near a cemetery and hit her on the head with a metal object, before cutting it off with a ‘sanggot’ — a sickle-like tool for cutting grass. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that the man ate the woman’s brain because he was hungry, using it as a topping for the rice he cooked. He then threw the victim’s skull in a hole not far from his house. “The suspect said he killed the victim because she was speaking in English. This probably irritated him,” the Inquirer quoted Talisayan police chief Maribeth Ramoga as saying. Before the incident, witnesses reportedly saw the pair together. Police found a bloodstained piece of cloth they believe was used to carry the victim’s head from the crime scene to the man’s home. Authorities are yet to formally identify the woman. https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/asia/philippines-man-reportedly-beheads-woman-eats-brain-with-rice-because-he-was-hungry-ng-b881404508z
  7. If you set up a corporation its 60/40. 60 must be Filipino and the 40 can be foreigner but that is for a business. Now since you are considering building I doubt if that will help because of the land issue which will be in your wife's name. JMHO
  8. Let's think about it. In your home country do you nod and say hello to everyone walking past? I doubt it . So here it's really no different and remember many of us live here so why should we greet other westerns with a hello when we dont say hello to the thousands of Filipinos we cross paths with each day ?
  9. Department stores have them.
  10. I dont think its illegal at all. Netflix use algorithm to choose what to suggest to you which does not suggest everything available. Besides news sites wont be telling you how to do it if it's illegal. https://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/tv/netflix-genre-codes-to-defeat-boring-algorithm-recommendations/news-story/d04e2647aa7e62be80c0e90fd7dadc8c https://7news.com.au/technology/netflix-genre-codes-how-to-find-hidden-movies-and-tv-shows-c-590095 https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/revealed-hidden-netflix-codes-unlock-9759191
  11. Google says How to Enter Netflix’s Secret Codes To enter Netflix codes, just follow these simple step-by-step instructions: 1/ Open your browser. 2/ Go to Netflix and sign into your account. Edit -- go here and scroll down page to find how to do it, https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/enter-netflix-secret-codes/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1efqS8b8_To&app=desktop
  12. Might be of interest to any Netflix users. These 27,000 secret Netflix codes unlock hidden content https://au.yahoo.com/finance/news/secret-netflix-genre-code-041845285.html
  13. Is that what you really wanted to say? Thanks for coming out sweety
  14. It could be he has no idea or ever researched the Philippines through forums etc and thought its all no problem. Of Course now it's a big one.
  15. This guy would have been better off to go to immigration and pay for the months overstayed instead of turning up at the airport. (Video in link did not work for me.) Perth man jailed in the Philippines claims prisoners are kept in cell for 24 hours a day For the past five weeks, Jacob Johns Dwyer says he has been imprisoned in horrific conditions for 24 hours a day in a shared Philippines jail cell. The 31-year-old former bricklayer from Perth used his mobile phone to show 7NEWS the living conditions at the jail, approximately 1500 km away from the capital city of Manila. "There's no recreation, nothing like that," he said. "They keep us confined in the cell unless you, like, bribe them. 'They keep us confined in the cell unless you, like, bribe them.' "You have to buy your own food, you have to sort of pay the guards to do it for you." Johns Dwyer is in jail because he overstayed his visa by seven months after meeting a woman in the Philippines. He had gone for dental surgery, "but then I met a girl," he told 7NEWS. While admitting he had done the wrong thing, Johns Dwyer said the prison conditions were horrific, with jail cells full of trash and no running showers. He told 7NEWS he was detained at Zamboanga Airport, in an area the Australian government advises tourists to avoid because it is so dangerous. Travel advice Johns Dwyer has hired a lawyer and is hoping to be home before Christmas, although the deportation process can be lengthy. The advice from the Australian government is to keep your visa up to date or risk being detained. 7NEWS has not been able to confirm with Philippines officials what charges the West Australian man is facing, but the Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed it is offering assistance. https://7news.com.au/news/wa/perth-man-jailed-in-the-philippines-claims-prisoners-are-kept-in-cell-for-24-hours-a-day-c-585362
  16. Depends where. Where I am I pay P20000 but a friend in Mandaue pays P12000
  17. How do they buy them if they can not own the land?
  18. I would say no but might be area specific. Here where I am in Cebu city there are a lot of Japanese and Korean but hard to know if tourist or from a language school in my area. Check link , https://www.dti.gov.ph/resources/statistics/tourist-arrivals
  19. Yes that happened to me and a friend one time in Cebu. It was a female officer. Ticked a box on a form which said something like visa change and she suggested a 13a if married or srrv. Nothing ever happened when renewing the visa as a tourist.
  20. Same colors and design as "Bunnings" in Australia. No idea if related or just stole the look.
  21. This subject comes up every now and then and some succeed in opening an account as a tourist. I tried in a PS bank and was rejected but I know someone who opened an account easily at RCBC here in IT Park Cebu. I have meant to do the same but have not got there yet.
  22. As no one knows what the truth is I deleted the picture and will close the topic. Easy to make accusations and post on Facebook so unless anyone knows if there is an arrest warrant then the topic will stay closed.
  23. What is the reason for the question? Best to tell us rather than to send us to Facebook.
  24. I see in this topic confusion, customs are nothing to do with immigration. Customs make sure when you bring things into the county they are supposed to apply to the law. This topic is or was about leaving which is immigration no matter what country. Two separate departments and roles.
  25. This point proves no one reads much or does their homework before arriving at the airport. Go back 3 or so months and my experiences is posted here with first time traveling Filipina. Now our departure point was Cebu but same thing I bet. One must have every document. work, business or proof of relationship as well as photos of relationship they can find and after an interview with just GF, not me everything is fine and on our way. .
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