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  1. Advertising rates have nothing to do with me but at a time the way I seen it is a member sells a house through the forum say for 6 million peso. If he uses an agent they take 10% so a fee of around 12k USD. The forum wanted from memory about 50 USD so small price to pay considering. As for bits and pieces like classified ads , no one wants to pay but usually someone has to edit, moderate or sort out the spam all for free so to me just a hassle. Jackub might think different. The other thing is when anyone wants to sell something someone always has to reply such as for example if selling a car, someone will say I had that model and piece of crap or not worth it bla bla and then away it goes where the ad is just a mess but un unpaid mod can fix it in his spare time.
  2. Only going by memory they provided expertise in combat for city type warfare plus drones ETC. Filipinos have more jungle type fighting experience. As for sticking their nose in, I'm sure every bit helped at the time. And no US are not allowed to engage in combat here like any other country.
  3. You seemed to have missed where the forum owner answered your support question on March 7th and you never replied to his question. Perhaps click on the Support button and you should see the reply there.
  4. They certainly tried in one now ruined city (Marawi) but with the help of US forces were defeated.
  5. Gas Please paste as plain text. Your second post cant even be partly copied due to all the html in it.
  6. Not sure what you are on about. I answerd your posts as you write it. OK, no problem. All I was saying if you want to bring up a subject that is not just about the Philippines then please let us know. I think the opening post is not your own words as seems a copy and paste from somewhere but all I was saying is that many of us "think" Philippines because we live here and this damn virus "here" and other factors is our main concern for most. "Here" in the Philippines, working from home, thats what I seen or thought in your opening post. All good, not arguing and really dont care.
  7. Im not saying its not but I guess it could have been worded differently in the opening post to reflect on a worldwide change for work at home so a few of us that live here only thoughts about that part I guess.
  8. I was in the mall today, after temp check and showed pass allowed to enter. The floors are marked with arrows so foot traffic separated while following the arrows. The elevators had feet painted on them to show where to stand, single file to one side and so much gap between each passenger. Not many shops open and not many people there but here no transport yet to get around and still need a pass to move from one area to the other. I can understand how difficult it is to get back to work, look at these requirements if you have to travel to work in a different area than home. QUOTE , https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1284410/lack-of-transport-toughens-gcq-transition-for-cebu-city-workers Col. Clarito Baja, director of the Lapu-Lapu City police, said non-essential workers must present these documents to pass through borders—a clearance from village officials, medical certificate from the city health department, travel pass from City Hall, authority to travel from police. “If they lack one of these requirements, they won’t be allowed to go to other localities,” he said. .............
  9. Well it is a Philippines forum so thats generally what we are thinking when posting.
  10. There are a couple of issues that I see for most part of working from home in the Philippines, one is obviously internet speed or reliability. But then you have the environment, for many of us sitting in a nice quite condo or house which is secure its easy to think how working at home would be easy. Many workers live in boarding houses or run down homes, no quiet areas, kids screaming, dogs barking etc which is not good for clients paying call centers to provide a service for them. There are other type of work from home that occurs such as accounting and office work which is perhaps just a bit easier but would depend on ones home environment.
  11. Not sure who you are replying to but anyway some have found it worthwhile. Quote PLDT Hernandez said the past few months had been so transformational that the company is looking to implement remote working until the end of the year for most of its 17,000 employees – becoming the first publicly listed firm in the Philippines to do so. Organisational processes have been expedited and the length of meetings cut in half, he said, with the HR team now studying which departments can work from home for good. https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/economics/article/3087028/philippines-months-long-lockdown-forces-firms-embrace-remote
  12. Depends I think. I live in a call center area and most are either working from home or not working at all. Some are transported by bus or vans to work here. There is hardly anyone around since the quarantine began and if companies find it worked out fine for these agents to work from home it might continue which would affect other business here in the IT park such as food outlets. Where my partner works they tried working from home only for a short time then was scrapped because of issues which l do not know. If some companies found working from home was better then I guess it would work out cheaper in the long run, for a start they could downsize their office space and save a heap in rental.
  13. Im sure you didnt but usually the idea is that no one sees what happens and they dont until they are caught. I'm not arguing about it and definitely not saying it's an excuse to do what some do, just saying what some counselors or so called experts say which is seen many times on documentaries or news reports. Just to add This topic is about internet crime and not farming out to predators so there is a difference Is internet available for such poor in Haiti ?
  14. I dont know how poor your extended family is but to me it's more to do with lack of education in the matter. Also I dont expect if someone in your family or up the road was doing this that you would know about it. How many know what others are doing behind closed nipa and waste timber and iron.
  15. It's not an excuse but seems to be like this which I have seen many times over the years in news reports so I guess it's part of the reason. QUOTE "Marcelo said parents or relatives engaged in this kind of abuse believe it is not harmful to their children as there is no physical contact between them and the predator. “Many of them think that since there is no sexual contact, it is permissible to just take videos or pictures of them,” Marcelo told UCA News. Authorities believe poverty is the main reason why parents are increasingly selling their children online as many have lost their jobs due to the economic impact caused by the pandemic. “You will see many of those who do it [online sexual abuse] are families who live below the poverty line. Maybe they really have no choice but to do this to their children. They need money to eat,” social worker Amanda Grajo told UCA News" https://www.ucanews.com/news/filipino-bishops-warn-against-online-sex-predators/88229
  16. Seem to be making great strides today in my area, first day of GCQ here as I look out my window and see nothing has changed at all. Still no people, jeepneys or taxi. Instead of 2 cars in the carpark down the road there was three so I guess some changes.
  17. Added Website for appointments, https://e-services.immigration.gov.ph/?fbclid=IwAR12T3D0N3n9_sCQWefSIgYaNQHhhjLRvoi-UPJHqBqASjDc_pnhZrcna7s
  18. Some might need to know that for Manila an appointment is needed. Also I notice permanent residents (foreigners) are not allowed back into the country yet. PRESS RELEASE 2020 June 01 BI launches Online Appointment Scheme for clients at Main Office MANILA, Philippines - the Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced that it is launching an Monday (01 June) an online appointment system for clients at the main office in Intramuros, Manila following the government’s decision to place Metro Manila and other areas of the country under General Community Quarantine (GCQ). BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said the BI decided to adapt the online appointment system as part of “New Normal” protocols designed to achieve social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19. “Henceforth, only clients with appointment code will be served during the specified date and time of their appointment,” Morente said. Also, clients will have to present government-issued or valid identification cards before they could enter the bureau’s premises. “Nonetheless, clients may still avail of the services of BI-accredited travel agencies and law offices if they wish so that the latter may secure the online appointment and transact business on their behalf”, he explained. The complete set of instructions and requirements needed for every BI transaction can be accessed thru the bureau’s website at www.immigration.gov. ph. And to further facilitate physical distancing, Morente urged those who have inquiries or complaints to course their concerns through the BI’s online social media platforms and telephone hotlines. The details of which can also be found in the said website. Meanwhile, BI OIC Spokesperson Melvin Mabulac clarified that the foreigners who are holders of Permanent Resident Visas are not allowed to enter the country under existing travel restrictions imposed by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Infections Diseases (IATF). He further stated that foreign crew members of airlines are allowed to enter the country aside from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), foreign spouses and dependents of Filipino citizens, and foreign diplomats. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/News/2020_Yr/06_Jun/2020Jun01_Press.pdf
  19. I know some like to discuss statistics and that so thought this is interesting. From Italy. 'Clinically no longer exists': Doctor claims coronavirus is losing potency
  20. Depends where you live. Rare for brownouts here except for the occasional planned outage. But thats another topic as this is international travel
  21. Of Course as long as you are sure of an illegal activities which are serious such as child exploitation sex offences. Same for locals doing the same thing.
  22. If anyone wants to see. This directs to Cebu City information FB page. To many images to download and hard to read here on the forum.
  23. True and soon we can hopefully go about our lives something like we used to do and then find new topics to discuss.
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