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  1. The topic is really about what they did and what I seen. Bottles of San Mig placed into the same ice that others eventually drink. Fine for me as I drink out of the bottle.
  2. My god, this is the Philippines so why the f would they care or know and or look into affairs outside the Philippines? My GF applied twice for a loan and credit card, she has almost 5 years of working experience in the same company and the answer is no. So how do foreigners get credit ?
  3. Well it's often said do not have a drink with ice in it which may be good advice but I see now why this might be true in some cases. The other night I said to the bar supervisor that some beers are cold and some not. He says that because of late delivery not all were in freezer early but will fix it for Sir Toms drinks. Yes he did and behind the counter is an icebox which they use for ice in drinks and there he put 3 San Migs. So who knows how many people have handled those bottles, whether rats have peed on them or whatever and not to forget dust etc but straight into the same ice they serve others in their drinks.
  4. Personally from what I see online many things have changed. And not just online I see establishments abiding by the law. Example of this is which I did not know is that certain days they can give you plastic bags but nit the other. I knew in supermarkets but now found out that it also applies to fast food or restaurants. I also know its more of a city thing but as someone said, slowly but surely. Thing is I bet many complaints when it starts to feel like a western country so how can Expats win other than perhaps see some good things for our beloved Philippines.
  5. Reminds me of, I will tan your arse
  6. It took about 3 months just for a tourist ARC so I would imagine its the same with ARC-I and no matter where you are.
  7. Im a San Mig light drinker. Last week ran out of stock at the bar so tired Superdry. To me tastes just like Pilsen so glad stock arrived the next night.
  8. Also easy not to quote a very long post in full.
  9. Supermarkets usually have single style razor blades. We buy them so not hard to find. GF uses to trim around eyebrows. These type? As for the rest of the list I think all is available in Cebu city. Rustans S&R Landers and Robison supermarkets for most.
  10. Jollygoodfellow


    Cebu city has all of that. Live in the IT Park and you can walk there.
  11. Sounds like its best for you to go home. Nothing is good enough for you here
  12. Glad you like it here. What is your country of birth?
  13. I think there is a huge effort to sort this out. I watch a vlogger who follows the crews and for one, shows the demolition and relocation of squatter areas on rivers and a wall has been erected to prevent trash from ending up in the river and into the sea. Yes long process, costly and educating the people is a huge task but in the end the education is getting through slowly.
  14. But then again debri, trash and all sorts of stuff wash up all over the world. What about those international cruise ships dumping waste and who knows where it will drift. And also I think almost anywhere trash will wash through the drains and find its way out to sea so I dont think its only a Philippines problem but also see your point.
  15. I found that out using my electric shaver. Always considered myself a Bright spark.
  16. This could also be dependent on where one is. Here in Cebu city I brush my teeth with tap water and no problem. For all the times I visited I did the same and as far as I know never had a problem but like I say it will depend where you are. Often I hear dont have ice in drinks but this might be so for some places but not entirely true for others. Now back to the OP. Normally illness from water will cause more than just vomiting so might be more to it.
  17. Since 2016 the limit was raised to P50k Travelers now allowed to bring out up to P50K MANILA, Philippines - Travelers to and from the Philippines would be allowed to bring in and out as much as P50,000 worth of legal tenders starting next month, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said yesterday. BSP officer-in-charge Vicente Aquino issued Circular 922 series of 2016 announcing the amendment of the rules on cross-border transfer of local currency. “A person may import or export, or bring with him into or take out of the country, or electronically transfer, legal tender Philippine notes and coins, checks, money order and other bills of exchange drawn in pesos against banks operating in the Philippines in an amount not exceeding P50,000 without prior authorization from the BSP,” Aquino said. According to Aquino, amounts in excess of the limit would require prior written authorization from the BSP. The circular is set to take effect 15 days from publication in a newspaper of general circulation. The higher limit also applies to electronic transfer or the system where the authority to debit or credit an account whether bank, business or individual is provided by wire, with or without a source document being mailed to evidence the authority. Likewise, the peso amount of the International Passenger Service Charge (IPSC) refunded to outbound exempt passengers is not included in the limit during the implementation of the refund of travel, airport, and other trade related taxes. The BSP has been implementing a series of foreign exchange liberalization measures in an effort to bring the public back to the banking system. Aside from the increase in the limit for travellers, the central bank also raised the ceiling wherein Philippine residents could purchase up to $500,000 in foreign exchange instead of the previous limit of $120,000 without supporting documents. For companies, the limit was higher at $1 million. Likewise, the Monetary Board has approved the lifting of prior BSP approval and registration requirements for loans to be obtained by (NBQBs) from offshore sources, offshore banking units, and foreign currency deposit units (FCDUs) of banks. BSP Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo earlier said the new policy would facilitate borrowing transactions of NBQBs to fund their operations and projects and better contribute to economic growth. The BSP has been adopting measures to ease foreign exchange and documentary requirements on sending money abroad to lure depositors back to the banks. Read more at https://www.philstar.com/business/2016/08/27/1617514/travelers-now-allowed-bring-out-p50k#8ijPE4pgMfAp16Pp.99
  18. Again they have invested in dredging the sea bed. They remove the contaminated soil and the rest is dried then put through a sifting machine to remove and tiny bits of trash.
  19. But if you are up to date you might know of how much effort is going into cleaning the bay and rivers including huge new machinery purchases and as well smaller things like netting off points to prevent going into the sea. Every week volunteers from goverment and private sector are there cleaning.
  20. What we need to remember is some are on one type of visa and others on another. Can make a difference to one's experiences.
  21. I imagine no matter what angle without a passport and correct documents the baby wont be going anywhere.
  22. I guess this sort of goes with this topic. Last few days I have had man flu, we know man flu is worse than other peoples flu dont we. Anyway GF says why you going out drinking when your sick and taken medication. Drinking alcohol cant be good for you says. So I explained her that alcohol kills germs just like what you use for hand sanitiser, alcohol rub. So by digesting alcohol that should kill of anything in the body and I will be better sooner. Makes sense to me
  23. You might be right . Even at my age I enjoy a fair
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