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  1. We have been doing that in Greece more than 40 years now. There are advantages and disadvantages. The only big plus is you do not need a building permit (which in Greece was difficult and costed fortunes) and slowly slowly you were transforming it to a house. By the time is a home....no one will bother you, it's a container after all. Everything else is a disadvantage. Transforming it to a house, isolate it from the heat (do not forget, it is like living in a tin can under the sun) etc etc will end up costing you way much more than a proper house.
  2. What about this military facility from canadian and americans inside the mountain that watches each and every flight on earth ( i forget their acronym)...they do not have this record?
  3. Filipinas make good wifes? What statement is that? Are you talking about people or certain breed of cows?
  4. 5 years ago 35.000p each door complete with installation and high quality spray varnish. You can get cheaper solid wood door for about 8.000p/piece (frame included but not varnishing or installation). Varnish it nice and will look great.
  5. Exists whatever you like, for as long as you pay for it. I made all my doors in my house from mahogany, custom made doors with zen design. It did not come cheap!!! Damn expensive doors but I love them.
  6. MikeB If your needs include schools, sad to say but your best options are Manila and Cebu.
  7. Few and simple words. If the marriage took place in Philippines, forget about divorce from Philippines if she is not having a divorce from Italy. If the marriage has never been recognized in Italy, forget of having a divorce in Philippines since cannot get one from Italy, even if she gets a certificate from Italy saying he is single. If the husband is not Italian but Filipino living in Italy forget of getting divorce in Philippines even is she gets it from Italy (from Filipino citizen) If the Italian is found, he has recognized the marriage in Italy and agrees to get a divorce th
  8. I travel a lot and with every airline on this world. Korean air is a decent one but not the best. Their planes are not different than the others. Depends from where you fly then accordingly goes the airline. When I choose the ticket (and not my company, in which I can hardly change anything) I always book from skyscanner with price accent order. Then I look the time stop over at the airports and accordingly decide. Airlines I avoid and wouldn't hesitate to pay 100-200$ not flying with them are: All European airlines with exception of PAT (Portugal Air lines) and Aegean Air Lines which both gi
  9. I totally agree with MikeB. Almost daily I drive the killer avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, which is perhaps the widest road in Philippines. The way these buses drive is unbelievable. They overpass you on a turn, with half inch distance and 100km/h, I can write a book mentioning all the dangerous/criminal driving they do. All that due to the profit since the driver is getting paid with commission on the tickets and therefore is driving like hell to reach first and load as many passengers as possible. As for maintenance...some of them their suspension is broken and have a 5degrees inclination, s
  10. I really do not understand why people freak out to the word Muslims. Yes there are muslims rebels far south, not even 100km close to Dipolog, who do kidnappings for ransom etc, but there are way many more criminal groups here in manila who do the same and more. But the tag of muslim frightens us? There are more muslims live at manila (and perhaps Cebu as the entire city) than in small cities such as Dipolog. Iligan is closer to Cagayan De Oro than to Dipolog, it is a rather muslim town, what bad have you heard from it? What kind of misconceptions are fueling our minds disturbing our peace?
  11. Dipolog is a safe heaven to live there. As for muslims, they are people as all of us. If you mean muslim rebels, kidnapping cases etc...do not let the bad press kill your peace in mind. Simply all the mass media (which are not Muslim owned/controlled, totally the opposite) whenever something happens and muslims involved they exploited beyond any limit. Their basic purpose is not to inform but to brain wash that muslims are bad etc. Anyway, I have been many times to Dipolog, I even own a nice residential lot of 1000m2 overlooking etc. There is a nice hospital in the area, just outside of the
  12. Ok Ok enough about the condoms!!! I haven't use them long time now since I do not need them in a monogamous relation with my wife. But I guess we all can find them.
  13. Thomas, I agree with you totally in all that you say. I personally have a helper, paying her 4000p/month and nothing else no SSS and other requirements according to the law. Ok, on special occasions she gets a gift of 1000p...from time to time...say her salary is 5000p all in all. and she is extremely happy since she is the most well paid helper in the entire subdivision. She has her own room 9m2, her own toilet, her own kitchen (and that's where she cooks even for us) , after 8-9pm and before 6-6:30 am no one calls her name. She has HEAVEN compared to others. My wife's cousin lives in a condo
  14. Filipinas and if they know about sex? As a fellow stated above 104 million population testifies they do!!! How many of you know the "spiderwoman" position, I had no idea until I learned it here. So leave that subject in the closet, we know less than them._ As for pregnancies etc...What do you think would happen in our countries if 1) the law wouldn't put us in jail if we wouldn't pay child support 2)The church would brainwash us with no to contraception or any family control, throw everything in...it is God's blessing to have a kid (who will feed, educate etc they reply God will provide an
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