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  1. You could always by a cheap monitor at CDR King and just plug it into your laptop but then you wouldn't be able to travel with your LT .... cheapest way out .... you could just remove the LT screen if you get a monitor as you said your keyboard comes off anyway just follow the wires back from the LT screen and disconnect them ... but not sure about that so ask someone who knows .... good luck

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  2. It was reported that when Marcos was president he found or rather confiscated a large quantity of the Japanese stolen loot .... look it up n the internet and enjoy many hours of fascinating reading ....

    Never been bit by the treasure hunting bug here but when I lived in Florida I spent more than a few weekends on the out-laying islands around Charlotte Harbor searching for pirate treasure as well as countless hours in libraries pouring over old books and manuscripts .... met many a colorful character including L. Frank Hudson an author of 4 books on Florida treasures .... also a diver who worked for Treasure Salvors (owned by Mel Fisher) who had to resign due to a busted ear drum before they found the Atocha .... and a few more .... it was fun but definitely a young mans game .... no fun sleeping on a 20ft high shell mound in the middle of no-where ..... miles from civilization and only reachable by boat .... ahhhhhhhh ... those were the days

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  3. Don't know if it is real or not but there is a store that is called LZ Boys which advertises Lazy-boy recliners on Lacson near Uratex foam .... but like I said not sure if they are legit or not .... if you check it out please let us know what you find .... :cheersty:

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  4. On 6/3/2016 at 7:26 PM, Larry45 said:

    we surely don't want to be the center of attention, like most of you guys crave

    I certainty hope you are not including me in the (most of you guys) as I keep my private life just that private ..... I don't associate with other ex-pats or my neighbors except to wave or say hi to my neighbors .... I have no social media accounts and never allow my picture to be taken let alone posted except for official purposes

    I was only pointing out MY experiences with the Brgy as pertaining to the registration .... so if my reply upset you than so be it .... I replied to your concern about your passport info being required .... for me it was not and I guess it was not for Jack ....

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  5. 6 hours ago, Jack Peterson said:

    One of the many things we can need here is a Barangay Clearance That should I think, speak for it's self.:popcorn:

    Exactly ..... the first time I applied for my annual 13a registration I was required to go to the brgy in person to fill out a Brgy clearance .... no big deal and NO PASSPORT or passport info was required .... just a simple form with our address a picture of me and other simple questions .... am I concerned .... no not really because as many have mentioned most tricycle drivers know were you live as well as your neighbors even if you THINK you are anonymous ..... you really aren't .... 

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  6. Sorry Guys but I have been using Win 8.1 (came on my computer) for almost a year now and I don't see any problems with it .... none what so ever .... I upgraded (definitely not a correct term) to Win 10 for about 2 weeks and promptly went back to 8.1 .... BUT .... I have not installed any windows updates since I went back to 8.1 more 7 months ago .... and guess what ... no problems but then I don't use any of M$'s programs except 8.1 with all programs from M$ deleted except the naked OS .... 

    I know people bitched about the charms menu popping up all the time on 8.1 but I don't run my cursor along the far right side of my screen anyway (don't know why someone would) and if I need the charms menu I hit Win + C and it pops up so it is not a problem for me .... and if you want 8.1 to look and act a lot like Win 7 there are tons of tips and tricks to do that on the web ...... you just have to search for them ...... still run Win 7 on my desktop with updates turned off .... same reason ....

    I personally feel 8.1 got and continues to get a bad rap .... 10 is much much worse in terms of stability etc. ..... but again JMHO .... 


    Here is the first page of a search for making 8.1 more like Win 7 .....




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  7. Com'on guys you've been here long enough to know that every little Podunk store isn't going to carry an item that would take 10 years to sell nor would you or I if we owned the store .... I ordered a processor for my computer 4 years ago that wasn't even available in all of the Philippines but had been out for more than 6 months in the US but the supplier in Manila ordered me one just took 3 weeks to get it ... supply and demand is what it is called in Business 101 .... best to call first (if you know the number) and bring a picture of what you want ... it really helps ....

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  8. Sorry but everyone knows there is but one cereal ...... cornflakes ...... :cornflakes::cornflakes::cornflakes::hystery::hystery:


    Just kidding ..... but I do eat Special K and I loved the shredded wheat biscuits (cereal) sold by Tesco when SM used to carry it .... but as usual it was sold out about 1 month after they got it so no need to order it again .... that was 6 months ago .... :SugarwareZ-004:

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  9. Hi Mark .... there are a few of us diabetics here on the board .... me I was just diagnosed with type 2 late last year but to me it was borderline .... 160 but still needed to be controlled .... in the US I controlled it with diet and limited carbs but here not so easy so I now am on medication ..... first thing is to find a good Internal medicine Doc. .... not sure where you are going to move to but they are around .... get ready for a sticker shock .... mine charges me p350 per visit and she is excellent ..... as far as price of medications go I can't say as I'm taking medication for Diabetes .... High BP and a Thyroid disorder .... all three run me about p10,000 per month or $215 per month (happy to say all are well under control) .... I have only seen 2 brands of glucometers here the most popular being OneTouch Select and can be found just about any drugstore .... strips also available as well as needles (you don't need a scrip for anything except the medication) .... if you take insulin needles and meds also available .... and the pen type applicator .... unlike the US you don't need a scrip for needles here (I used to by them for my printer ink refill) ..... 

    Anything else you may need just ask .... a lot will depend on where you are moving to ..... :cheersty:

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  10. Springfield products are generally pretty good and are made in the US and sent here (all except cornflakes .... sorry private joke) :cornflakes: their mayo is to me the best I have found here .... Heinz Ketchup is Heinz Ketchup and not sweet like the Filipino kind ..... I did find Vlasic pickles both the whole ones in gallon jars and the sliced ones as well as relish .... also found Jack Daniels mustard .... about 10 different flavors but all this was years ago in Ayala Cebu .... lot better food choices in Cebu than here .... Springfield brand was found in Ayala and Robinsons and they have lots of different items from peanut butter to horse radish .... have not found a bad product by them yet but like everything else here it is hit and miss .... one month the selves are filled with them and next 2 months wala .... even the Tesco products we were getting a while back in SM have depleted considerably .... no pickled beets in months now .... and the shredded wheat cereal I loved longer than that ....(Kriss Aquino needs to get out of the politics and start pushing Tesco products again .... would be a whole lot more productive) (JMHO of course) .....

    We were making our own bread (and still do occasionally) but we found no sugar wheat bread made by Bob's Cafe to be better than we could make and easier too ....

    I find here that it all depends on who asks for what from the manager as they may try it but if it sits on the shelves for very long they won't reorder and if sells out in a week they won't reorder either .... :hystery: .... so it is a challenge finding food you like ..... finally after almost 9 years I found hotdogs I am comfortable with .... Virginia's New Yorker hot dogs .... either I have lived here to long or they are equal to the hot dogs in the US .... :SugarwareZ-004::hystery:

    If I can think of anything else I'll let you know .... :cheersty:

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  11. 13 hours ago, Sander Martin said:

    If it wont start the engine, but unlocks the door, then i would say the only thing your missing is the immobiliser chip inside the key. The chip shouldnt cost you that much (then again its the Phillipines).

    Chips can be added to most car key blanks. I broke my Toyotas key once. Had a new one cut and the chip transfered (open up the key, take the chip out and put it into the new key). All done at a local "Mr Quickie type place".


    Put the cheap key in the ignition and the original key next to the ignition. That should start it.


    Wish it was that simple unfortunately it doesn't work that way for the Suzuki .... even when we had the new key programed by the tech they change the code of the new key which made our old keys not work .... he had to recode our other keys to match the code he put in the new one ..... he could not put the old code in the new key ..... I assume to prevent theft .... if you order new keys it does not come with a code for your car in them it is installed at the dealership by the tech with his device and programed for that car .... it is a pretty complicated process and takes a couple of hours .... we were there watching him the whole time .... they have to get the code from mother Suzuki by computer and each code for each car is different .... unlike some cars that use the same code for numerous cars but in different regions .....

    When I said the key you buy and have cut from Mr. Quickie type store would unlock the door I meant put your key in the door and turn it manually .... there is no electronic gadgetry involved using that key ... just opens mechanically like in the good old days .... of course when using the Suzuki electronic key it will lock and unlock electronically ..... and I was told if the battery goes bad in the key (you can change the battery yourself) you can unlock your door but not start the car .... the reason we both care a key .... with a spare at home that we can retrieve by taxi .... will we ever need it .... probably not but like insurance you may never need it but you are sure glad when you do .... :hystery:

    Great suggestion on putting the old key with the chip in it next to the new one if the key is broke off .... you could just put them on the same key ring .... :AddEmoticons04230:      :cornflakes:

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  12. Yup we love ours .... had it for about 5 months .... we got the automatic with overdrive .... peppy little thing .... we also got the roof rack with free seat covers and floor mats from the dealer ..... BE ADVISED .... should you want an extra key made as we did it will take you 2 months to get it (ordered from India) .... then you have to get it cut as the key alone is about p5000 and Mr. Quickie usually won't do them because if they make a mistake it will ruin their day as they will have to buy you a new one .... after getting it cut you wait for the Suzuki computer tech to come and program the key (p1200) .... that took about 2 weeks .... 

    So why did we need another key when you get 2 with the car.... simple I carry one J caries one and the spare is for emergencies should we loose both ... slim chance but with the length of time it takes to get another one you will wait about 4-5 months with no car ....

    OH and you can have a new key made in Mr. Quickie but it will only unlock the door manually .... not electronically and it will not start the car (ain't modern technology great) ..... so don't loose your key .... :SugarwareZ-004:

    So enjoy your new APV .... we do .... :cornflakes:

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  13. Just my $.02 worth .... never send anything important like CC's and such through the postal service here in the Phils ..... I have a mail service also but they send everything through DHL even one letter but usually I have them send up to one pound .... they just save it for a month or two until I tell them to send it as it costs me about $20+ to have one letter to 1 pound of mail sent .... 

    I hope you get it .... just my experience ....

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  14. It's not just kids also grown-ups that should know better .... just last week J found our next door neighbors fc book page online by just searching her name and there it was all her info including tons of pictures of where she lives ... where she works and her whole life history ..... people just don't realize just how unsecured these social media sites are .....

    As to the younger generation thinking that we old codgers worry to much about privacy (and security goes right along with that) that is what is one of the major problems in the US right now .... no one is worried about who is stealing your info and doing god knows what with it ..... companies like US government ..... google .... microsoft .... facebook .... twitter and others have distilled in our young folks that the info they steal (yes steal) is perfectly safe and no one will have access to it ..... yea right and I have an island in the south china sea I will sell you real cheap .... after you get China to leave .... :SugarwareZ-004::cornflakes:

  15. 2 hours ago, Old55 said:

    If I'm asked my opinion while in Philippines I say something like "I honestly don't know I'm just a visitor". Smiles all around. I keep my thoughts to myself we have enough problems here in the States I'm not gonna start stressing about stuff in another country I have no control of anyway.

    I just tell them "I'm not allowed by law to have an opinion about any goings on here in the PI" ..... :hystery::hystery::cornflakes:

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  16. None at all .... J says it makes no difference to her as the ones with the most money will bribe ... cheat and lie their way in anyway .... plus there is always the vote rigging at and after the polls close .....

    Me .... I'll be glad when all the whoopla ..... kissing babies ... empty promises and TV commercials is over and may he or she with the most money and empty promises win ..... :cornflakes::hystery::hystery:

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  17. I love the statement he made about if a Filipino made a statement like that in the US they would throw him out of the country ..... guess he doesn't know anything about the US and apparently has never been there ... guess he missed all the Filipinos marching in Calif. protesting for the wage increase and numerous other times .... just try and do that here .... you'll be in the BI detention before the rally gets started good .... definitely a double standard ..... but then we know that so we (normal people) keep our moth shut and just grin and bare it .... :cornflakes:

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