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  1. I have new respect for you Mike. That score is the perfect balance. You are the perfect man. Smart, logical, trustworthy, honest, sarcastic and handsome, Yet with enough creativity to have a good sense of humor and take great photos! Oh, hey, I just noticed that is the same exact score I got! :thumbsup: Hummmm ..... some think about "great minds think alike" ...... :hystery: :hystery: ...... man that is scary ..... :mocking: :cheersty:
  2. Everything ......... I am presently eating a delicious bowl of macaroni soup .... I have gained way to much weight .... :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: :cheersty:
  3. I went to National Bookstore (all over the Phils) and had them make a copy of first and last used page and put in sealed plastic and carry it in my bag .... never in 9 years have I been asked for it but then I carry a Phil drivers license and ACR I card with me ..... as Dave said they will ask for it at hotels .... or places like banks if you go to open a bank account and of course the BI ..... :tiphat: :cheersty:
  4. We were living in Cebu when these guys brought several WW II mortar rounds to a junk shop .... the guy used an tourch to try and cut them in two .... some people living there might remember this incident it was all over the news .... he blew up his shop and several buildings around him ... sometimes I am simply amazed at the train of thought some people go through .... unbelievable .... :unsure: :cheersty:
  5. Hey RBM .... it would be nice if you could do a trip report or perhaps some of the better places you stayed at ..... J and I are looking to spend a day or two away from home now that the weather is better and before school gets out .... we travel around mostly during the week days .... thanks in advance .... :thumbsup: :cheersty:
  6. Makes sense to me but some of my answers could go either way .... but I came out with the following score and i agree totally ....
  7. The Kanlaon Volcano in Negros Occidental is still smoking I believe .... started several months ago but no eruption ..... thank god :cheersty:
  8. Simple solution .... do like I did put ALL bank accounts in your asawa's name (or partner's) .... easy as pie .... never have to comply with any of the US stupid regulations .... or put cash in a safety deposit box in the bank .... or in a home safe or a sock under your pillow .... :hystery: :hystery: :cheersty:
  9. Unfortunately I haven't heard of any work around at this time .... just don't try the fixers hanging around the LTO offices .... there have been quite a few horror stories about those that have and found out later that when stopped .... had an accident or license taken for getting a ticket .... they were caught with a fake license .... even if never caught when you renew each time you will have to get another fake license from another fixer as it definitely won't go through the system ..... remember you are a foreigner and it will deffinately not go well for you .... Now I know you didn't hint at this but just thought I would warn you in advance .... JMHO .... :tiphat: :cheersty:
  10. We went to Sm today to buy a new 3in1 printer after mine crapped out .... we bought a Brother DCP T500W .... has WiFi and refillable ink tanks anyway after a scoop of sugar-free ice cream from Bob's Cafe we headed home only to be stopped by a barricade manned by 3 guys in jungle fatigues telling us the road going to our place was closed .... so we turned down the next road again seeing groups of same clad men with barricades blocking our way to make any left turns ..... Finally we stopped and asked what was going on and more important how the hell to get back to the road going to our house home .... seems Duterte was going to our Brgy hall for a rally .... he told us to try the next street as they weren't set up yet ..... he was right and we met the 2 guys coming to set up the road block ..... they just looked at us and we kept going .... Tonight on the news we learned that Duterte went to SM convention center for a rally also but no mention of the one near us .... but then the Governor here is a very strong Roxas supporter so he didn't visit the mayor or governor .... so I guess the news team didn't follow him around .... as ABS-CBN supports Roxas also .... Don't know what happened at the rally cause I stayed at home (was time for my nap) .... :hystery: :hystery: :cheersty:
  11. He actually did survive as they showed him on the news last night in a hospital bed talking to news reporters (ABS_CBN).... they said his helmet saved him ....
  12. We have been living on around $1,100 per month for the past 9 years but we don't entertain .... party ... drink or smoke .... but then if you do you can just shave your budget in other places ..... we rent a townhouse it was brand new when we moved in 3 years ago and our rent is still the same at p7000 per month .... we eat out once a week but not at fine dining places .... Kenny Rodgers .... Sbarro .... Bob's Cafe and pizza places .... we have a car (with all the expenses that go with it) but sometimes use a taxi ..... J travels by tricycle or jeepney when she goes out alone .... we have internet 2MBPS with local phone service ..... Sky Cable .... our groceries run about p3000 per week mostly local style cooking with plenty of meat bought at the local market down the street .... veggies are also bought at the market but at the central market downtown (better choices and cheaper prices) we generally spend between p1500 and p2000 each week at SM grocery and the rest of our food budget goes locally ..... I am on a 13a so no trips to the BI which is a big savings at only p310 per year ..... You can definitely live here on $1000 per month with a back up plan .... it may take you a while to learn all the tricks in living here cheaply especially housing we were paying p10,000 in Cebu City 3 years ago so you just have to keep searching till you find what you want or can afford ..... same with where to buy food stuff you just have to check around .... don't expect to eat the foods you are used to as they aren't available here ..... :thumbsup: :cheersty:
  13. Unbelievable ..... Saturday we went shopping .... nothing unusual or interesting about that but near the Gov. Mansion we were stopped by a cop on a motorcycle stopping traffic at the intersection .... shortly here comes 2 more motorcycle cops ... lights flashing and sirens blaring ... behind them comes a float with a king and queen waving to who knows who as there was no crowd .... next comes a stake-sided truck full of band members doing their thing .... now comes the most interesting part .... they were followed by 60 jeepneys .... yup 60 of those suckers filled with people ... conservatively some 1080 men women and kids .... each jeepney had a number taped to his windshield starting at 1 and going to 60 .... it was quite a sight .... no idea where they came from or where they were going but wasn't political as there were no posters or signs hanging on any of the vehicles .... wish I had my camera to take some pictures as that was a first for me and J said she hadn't seen that before either ... well at least that many .... At first I thought it was JGF arriving at the airport but were going in the wrong direction .... hummmm .... maybe they knew something I didn't .... :rolleyes: :hystery: :hystery: :cheersty:
  14. I can't see your picture the link is broken .... at least for me ..... not surprised that Leyte is still in shambles ..... while tons of money and supplies were sent to the Philippines the majority of which was to be used in Leyte the hardest hit .... the government there unfortunately is not for the Liberal Party so the biggest share of what was supposed to be sent there was withheld or so I was told ..... real shame but that is how politics works .... always the little people that suffer .... :angry: :th_unfair: .... JMHO
  15. Just for giggles try making meat-loaf in your rice cooker .... course you need one that has a removable coated liner ... tons of things you can cook in your rice-cooker ..... when you don't have an oven your rice-cooker is your best friend ..... and who doesn't have a rice cooker in the Philippines ... :dance:
  16. Don't see why not .... all the bread machine does is to keep you from having to nead and raise the dough by hand ..... it does that all for you and then bakes it ..... give it a try and tell us how it went .... you may have to experiment a bit but the bread should come out edible the first time .... then perfect it from there .... :thumbsup: :cheersty:
  17. Yeah Marine, I do want a bigger loaf. Can you pinch a loaf for me? GeeWiz Jake .... I pinched the bread several times like you would pinch a baby's cheek and even poked a hole in it for you but nothing happened .... J got pissed and called me a dirty ol' man and to keep my you know what skinners to myself ..... now see what you did .... last time I listen to you ..... :rolleyes: :hystery:
  18. I made a change for you at http://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/24181-bread-making-101/#entry170287 Please let me know if I screwed it up as recipes are not my thing :hystery: Hey Dave thanks but please change what you crossed out to read Flour -------- 3 1/3 cups ..... again thanks for your help .... Done - - - DH
  19. I first off need to apologize as my last recipe was wrong it should read 3 1/3 cups of flour and not 1 1/3 cups .... sorry to late to change it now but maybe form support can .... title was Bread Making 101 .... This time we made cheesey jalapeño bread and it is so good it is unbelievable .... I combined 2 different recipes to make my own .... a bit surprised it actually came out great .... if you want a bigger loaf you will have to do your own configurations ..... :thumbsup: Add ingredients in the following order ...... we also put a little hole in the mound of flour to put the yeast in to keep it from mixing with the sugar or salt to soon ...... this bread was done using the following settings .... Dark ..... 750g Size Loaf .... Add Fruit & Nuts Water ---------------- 1 1/3 cups Oil -------------------- 1 Tablespoon Salt ------------------- 1 1/4 Teaspoon Sugar ---------------- 1 Tablespoon Flour ----------------- 3 Cups --------------------- Changed from last recipe Milk Powder -------- 1 1/2 Tablespoon --------- Changed from last recipe Yeast ----------------- 1 1/4 Teaspoon ------------ Changed from last recipe To be added during at the beeps or at the add nut and fruit dispenser time .... do not add it to the actual dispenser as the grated cheese will gum it up .... open the lid to the bread maker and sprinkle it over the dough Cheddar cheese --- 1/2 Cup ----- Grated Parmesan " ------ 1 1/2 Tablespoon Jalapeño ------------- 1/3 cup ---- Chopped finely You can see some of the jalapeño in the crust and inside the bread ENJOY ........ :cheersty:
  20. Dear god ..... what a loser .... maybe the reason she doesn't need a man is because she is one ..... :mocking: :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: The sad part is is that there are lots of fendoms out there that totally agree with that YouTube video .... more power to them and as time goes on expect more and more men to head to the Philippines .... where the women are women and the men are glad .... :thumbsup: :cheersty:
  21. I'm curious about the 9 - 45 also .... seems I remember reading that the very young or very old were the most likely to die from dengue as their immune system was the most fragile .... :cheersty:
  22. Great post JGF and so very true .... there is no replacement for knowledge ..... :thumbsup: For a minute I thought you were giving away one of your cases of Hounddriver Cream .... :rolleyes: :cheersty:
  23. :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: ..... Your right Dave CitiBank uses a call center in Cebu ..... how do I know ..... cause I made a comment one time about the great weather we are having in the Phils (it was cold in the US at the time ... I thought that is where the call center was) and the guy said yea I know I am in Cebu .... it sure seems strange to have to call to the US using my MagicJack just to have the call transferred back here to the Phils ..... :hystery: :hystery: :cheersty:
  24. It even gets worst when done in person .... in Cebu we had a neighbor with a 1yo kid and had her sister (older than her) living with them as a yaya .... her partner was from Italy and visited several times a year .... while he was away "Kuya" would come by daily and take her out as well as stay over sometimes .... and to add insult to injury when the Italian showed up "Kuya" would come over sometimes and drive him and his partner around like one big happy family .... One night we were watching TV and heard one hell of a commotion with all kinds of cursing and yelling .... I opened the door and looked out and saw another male neighbor and the Italian going at it verbally in the parking lot ..... I called him the next morning and asked what had happened he said he tried to tell the guy what was going on and the guy pitched a fit at him not his partner .... I asked him did he know for sure and he said "definitely" as sometimes when the"Kuya" would bring her home they would sit in the car outside his living room window and make out .... he said that was the last time he would ever tell someone his partner was cheating on him .... good advise I personally saw him twice put his hands on her butt wile with her walking toward her door ... but I thought he was just being friendly .... :rolleyes: :hystery: :hystery: Many a great friendship has been broken by a dumb-ass because he postivit;y knew that his one and only would never cheat on him ... oh yea???? :cheersty:
  25. We started out an Island away for the first 5 years ..... I came to realize that it would be a real hardship on J if I passed away and she was left with all our crap to dispose of and with out help from her family during this time so we moved about 60k away from them in the same island .... this we considered after I found out that the family (immediate family ONLY .... all others need to get a job) never asked for anything and what we gave them they appreciated immensely .... we both felt good about this move and after 3+ years it has proven to be ideal .... ex. we just found out last week that her younger brother has diabetes and J was able to go down there and show him how to use his glucometer and what he should and should eat as well as taking his meds ... we also go down and bring a bag of rice and other items that we no longer use ... VCR ..... bunches of CD's .... clothes ... pots & Pans etc. ..... we also wired their house a couple of years ago and plan on paying for a new well during the dry season .... all these things we did and not one did they ask for anything .... Point being it has worked out for us but may not work in every case .... to each his own .... :tiphat: :cheersty:
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