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  1. Holy sheep sh** batman ..... I sure hope Judy .... our beloved swabby's wife doesn't see this or he will be in deep dog doo doo ..... Jake just as a preventive measure please start carrying a bottle of "Beano" :merrychristmas: :28:
  2. Our APV is 3 months old now and we have a temp. plate number on the car which came from the dealer .... not sure just where you got your info but I have seen cars that were 6-7 months old (like my next door neighbor) and still driving ..... it is not the dealers fault that the LTO won't pay their bill to the plate manufacture so they will produce more plates ..... same with the driver's licenses ..... my brother-in-law bought his motorcycle almost a year ago and still doesn't have his new plate ..... :merrychristmas:
  3. Larry I agree 100% ..... both of my doctors are women and have excellent personalities where as my surgeon was male and just the opposite .... trying to get info from him was like trying to pull teeth ..... such as when I asked him when I could drive he just said "when I tell you you can" ..... both the female doctors describe in great length the reasons for and why they are giving me certain medication and treatments ..... a world of difference ..... and they don't have the "I am god" complex ..... even when dealing with workers in the hospital ..... in fact I mentioned several times while I was hospitalized to some of the nurses that doctors have a really different attitude when dealing with hospital staff here in the Philippines as compared to the US and I worked in various hospitals in the US for almost 15 years ... they may not have the most up to date equipment but their attitude is much much better ..... JMHO ..... :merrychristmas: :frosty:
  4. If this vaccine really works it could definitely be a game changer for hundreds of people here in the Phils ..... but I am curious why other Asian countries haven't jumped on the band wagon and also the US as there have been cases of dengue there also ..... :merrychristmas:
  5. WOW ..... don't hold back Scott .....come on tell us how you really feel ..... :28: .... me I feel just the opposite ..... I love'um .... their pets .... their jewelry ..... their school ..... perfume or cologne or part their hair or trim their beards ..... in fact I can't wait for J to go to the dentist get my teeth fixed and bring'um back to me ..... :lol: :lol: :lol: ...... :merrychristmas:
  6. That is an excellent tip for people that use PayPall ..... however I closed my account with them years ago when I found out they knew more about me than I knew myself ..... and they kept asking for more and more info or they would close my account ..... :unsure: :merrychristmas: .......... :cheersty:
  7. Well we haven't found any pre-mix on-line anywhere but buying the ingredients and adding them to the bread maker is a snap and takes about 10mins .... just a tip .... use flour that has at least 12-13% protein in it other wise your bread will come out like crap ... (before you eat it) ..... we have only found SM Bonus All Purpose Flour to be 13% ..... almost all others are 4% ..... the reason is because you need gluten to hold the bread together (that's the protein) ..... if you can find gluten you can use any old flour just add some gluten to it ...... we can't find gluten here so I'm sure glad we found the SM Bonus Flour ..... here is a pic using Bonus Flour ..... This model bread maker has a fruit and nut dispenser so next time we are going to try cranberry/raisin bread ..... there are a ton of info on the web as to how and what ingredients to use ..... we only make the small loaf as there is just the 2 of us and because it has no preservatives it will spoil faster ..... however we have kept it for a week with no problem ..... bon apeitit :merrychristmas:
  8. We have had Uber here in Bacolod for about 3 months now but we have never tried them .... they usually have their cell phones mounted on the dashboard :merrychristmas:
  9. Not sure just what type of neighborhood you guys live in or walk through but if my partner was being called a prostitute I would move to a higher classed neighborhood ..... I personally have had more problems with foreigners than I have with locals ..... but then I don't drink or party with locals for many good reasons ..... as for loosing face luckily I have never had to encounter that in going on 9 years ..... but then as mentioned above I don't raise my voice ..... stare .... use profanity (out in public) or act like I'm better than the locals so I kinda feel like that might be a good start to getting along with others ..... some times when we venture out into a world we are not totally comfortable with we tend to throw up barriers ..... many times we don't see this or realize that it is happening I do this with foreigners because of bad experiences with them but equality cautious of local strangers ..... As far as demanding respect there is no such thing .... you earn it ..... I love the saying used by some folks ..... "don't dis me" ..... how the hell can I "dis" you if I don't even know you ..... what have you done for or to me to show that I should respect you ..... you put your pants on the same way I do ..... one leg at a time ..... so you deserve no special treatment from me .... and you won't get it ..... and I feel the same way about your treatment of me ..... JMHO :28: :merrychristmas:
  10. Contact this guy ....... JOHNNY M. PANE, MSMTCP# 0928-4283028/ 0932-5568115/0916-6457892Email ad: negros4nvest@gmail.comFB: johnp_06@yahoo.comWebsite: www.negros4nvest.com We have known Johnny for more than 3 years as he found our townhouse for us ..... we continue to stay in contact with him as when ever a townhouse near us comes available for rent we call him so he can find a good tenant for the landlord ...... no we don't get any kind of commission it's just when we find a Filipino that is hard working and honest we will go out of our way to help him or her ..... check out his website and also call or text him as he has many properties for sale or rent .... :merrychristmas: :cheersty:
  11. Kev ...... just be sure if you do you DON'T dress up in drag when you meet ..... we just had an incident of that when someone tried to flush him/her's head down the toilet ..... at least take Jack with you as added protection ..... :28: :merrychristmas:
  12. I'm kinda curious ..... don't they have to attach a wire to your power cable so they can transfer electricity from your line to theirs ?????? ...... so if they do the wire can be traced back to their residents ..... unless of course they bury the cord ..... but then with the mess of wires I've seen going into squatters areas there is no way to untangle that crap ..... luckily we won't have that problem as our cable from the meter runs down inside a concrete pole and underground in conduit to the house ..... the pole sits on the property line between the two townhouses ..... with a wall between the two ..... The only time we were robbed when it comes to electricity was with our former landlord .... we had a sub-meter with them and even now 3 years later we don't spend near as much even with us using a small aircon at night in the bedroom (funny how old age makes you seek more creature comforts) ...... :28: :merrychristmas:
  13. Right now Uber and Grab Taxi is suspended waiting the out come through the courts of a complaint filed by the Transport Group in Manila ..... the group claims that Uber and Grab are foreign owned and should not be allowed to operate here in the Philippines ..... Uber and Grab filed a TRO but as far as I know it didn't work ...... just more of the crab mentality showing through .... :unsure: :merrychristmas:
  14. Last year we decorated the Cereza tree out front but decided to cut it down this year do to those damn berries falling on everything and the birds sitting in it and craping everywhere .... only thing I liked was at night the bats would come and get the insects in the tree .... fun to watch them darting silently about making little noises ..... So I guess this year we will just enjoy the neighbors lights .... :hohoho_smiley: :merrychristmas:
  15. Sorry the below is wrong ..... was listening to the news here and they were showing all the preparation for the storm so I posted the below in error ..... seems it is going across the southern part of the Phils ..... mt bad ..... sorry for the false info ...... god .... please don't send me to the reactor room with Jake ..... :unsure: :unsure: Well looks like it is the central part of the Phils to get wet and possibly some wind ..... Onyok seems to be going to pay us a visit so batten down the hatches and prepare accordingly ..... not sure just how strong the wind will get to but please don't take any chances .... I'm sure we will loose power and support services for a while .... a couple of years ago we lost power but had it restored in 2 days .... we bought ice at 7-11 and put the bags in the frig didn't loose anything ... we were lucky .... :merrychristmas:
  16. And he ain't kidding guys .... I've heard he even puts San Magoo on his corn flakes ..... :merrychristmas: :cheersty:
  17. For insect bites of all kinds including ants we use the good ol' Filipino stand by Tiger Balm red or white the (red smells better) .... sold here in the Phils by the truck load ..... :merrychristmas: :xmas_girl (1):
  18. Yup I'm back up and running also .... crazy thing is I could type in some IP addresses and get on line to that site only but next time I tried that it wouldn't work ....... couldn't even go and click on a link in history to open any sites ..... it was just so sporadic with everything ..... knew it wasn't any type of virus as it effected all the computers ..... thought it could have been the Linksys router but never heard of one acting that way ..... As no one else in the neighborhood has Globe so I was at a loss as to do next ..... Thanks for all the replies .... :merrychristmas: :28:
  19. Is anyone else have internet problems using Globe ..... can't connect with any of my computers J's or my two ..... sometimes if I copy and paste an address (like I did with this site) it will work but next time it won't just says server not found .... sometimes Windows connection says connection and next time it shows disconnected .... we took a hit last night and the power went out but came back on in about 15 mins ..... and when I got up this morning this is what I found ..... Disconnected both my Globe router and my Linksys router and plugged them back in .... as it is effecting all three computers I suspect either my Linksys or Globe connection ..... all 4 lights on my Globe router are lit so that leaves my Linksys .... As this is only the 2nd time I've been able to get back to philippines-expats not sure just when I can get back here to read any replies ..... :thumbsup: :cheersty:
  20. I guess I was one of the lucky ones as all my doctors gave me receipts for all their charges ..... we did however pay cash although we weren't asked to ..... the surgeon did ask us to pay for the pacemaker the day after it was put in as he had to pay the company that manufactures it .... so that was p180,000 ..... Also just some additional advise that helped us is we put up p20,000 security with the pharmacy so J didn't have to keep going down and paying for and picking up my meds ..... they just sent them to the nurses station :thumbsup: :cheersty:
  21. MM but I`m not I will get used to it when I am 90ish HUH ..... what'ch say Kev .... HUH HUH .... I can't hear you .... :santa laugh: :cheersty:
  22. The question was brought up about should these kids be punished .... will I'll answer it this way .... if there was no punishment for crimes would we be crime free ..... absolutely not ..... the reason these kids and their handlers keep stealing is because they know there is not a single law to stop them or punishment they will receive .... the good old DSWD has seen to it that these little darlings are protected and even the police can't do anything to stop them ..... and god help you if you do anything like push or grab one .... you will be arrested ..... thrown in jail and deported .... It isn't near as bad here in Bacolod as it was in Cebu ..... especially around the circle .... I used to get accosted everytime we went there with some brat trying to put his hand in my pocket or steal the watch off my wrist ..... :santa laugh: :cheersty:
  23. I have an APC APV 650CS battery back-up that my desktop and monitor plug into I like this model because it has a replaceable battery but I have had this unit for 4 years and it is still working ..... it not only keeps my equipment on battery back-up power for 15mins. it also has a built in surge protector for both high voltage and low voltage ..... by the way APC company has an excellent repair service shop in Cebu City .... before I bought this model I had the one with the sealed battery .... 2 months before my warranty ran out the damn thing gave up the ghost .... the repair guy came to my house and replaced the unit with a new one .... next time it craped out I bought the 650CS and been a happy camper ever since .... :santa_trumpet: I also have numerous surge protector power strips for my other electrical appliances but you need to read the instructions carefully before you buy them as some are only good for one good hit with high voltage after that they may work but not protect you from spikes .... and of coarse the good ones cost a bit more ..... JMHO .... :merrychristmas: :cheersty:
  24. Candidates are cashing in all their dollars getting ready for the elections .... lots of p200 notes to pass out ..... :hohoho_smiley: :cheersty:
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