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  1. It seems to me as you are not quite happy in your daily life living in PI. I tjink you should do some reflection and make of list of things that you would like to do on a more regular basis and see out filipinos who have those interests. Yes coming from another culture can have a lot of missed connections as far as a good long dialog is concerned but I think if you find people with similar interest this would be lessened. Also you could look into things that seem so popular in thier culture and learn the ones that you find interesting. Well I hope this feedback does not seem rude and best of luck.
  2. I don't really think it's the US that is hiding it, more like BP. It is definitly likely and I do beleave it. but really the think I did not see in the article unless I missed it was the effect that the Gulf stream has on the worlds eco system. The gulf has very warm waters and it is an essential part of all the worlds oceans as the current travels almost all the way to the north pole. It's like a key motor in a drive belt system and it's water will affect all oceans. We can only hope that thier efforts to plug up the fissures are scucessful in preventing a major break in to the surface od the seafloor.
  3. I definitly see Travelers point of all those people who abuse the system and collect benifits from SSI & other goverment programs, who did not pay that much into it and are not really in need of is as they are healthy enough to live a decent life working like the rest of us. It was not aimed at those who actually need it like you and deserve a happy life too. I am working really hard to be one of those young guys walking around the malls making Traveler wonder, but my funds will come from my own hard work, smart planning & luck.
  4. I have read about more than 1 person having this same problem with the financial problems of family’s becoming a huge mental/emotional pressure and burden on Filipina’s who have a BF or husband with a little bit of extra money. Even those that are married to other Filipinos generally have to move a good deal away to ease the burden so they don’t have to live unhappy. Thanks so much for you personal experience this does make me think about things and provides many with the ability to learn from it and try to head of the situation before it manifests it’s self into a very unpleasant situation.
  5. I think it will really boil down to your personality, your interests and hobbies. I would say that for most expats being older is a challenge to live and enjoy PI without women being a factor. I say this because then a large part of it depends on your ability to adapt and find people with common interests witch will be harder to find in PI. Where a younger person will most likely be more outgoing, adaptable and able to find people who share similar interests. Having and building meaningful relationships including friendships is a major part of being happy and for some doing so in a foreign country can be more difficult and this greatly affects your quality of life.
  6. Price for me is always a factor so adding that and the amenities that it offers would be nice for those of you that post recommendations. Thanx
  7. Looks amazing definitly going on my list of things I want to do THANX
  8. Panserhansen any update on how things with the wife or her family are going?
  9. Hey I think you got off a bit easy on this one although I do not know the workings over there in PI. You were doing multiple things wrong No license, registration and turning on a red light. I wish I could bribe my way out of speeding tickes over here they are so expensive.
  10. Thanks so much for the post Roy. I find it helpful info that could benifit me and will make me safely question more things in my mind. Although I do not think this is a funny haha issue kida scarry. I do wonder how the situation would have progressed if you had not dropped the p1000 Hmmm.
  11. Maybe we should start 3 new threads naming them each for their region ie. Central Cebu social club, Northern Cebu social club and Southern Cebu social club. I think that way members can meet with others that are close buy and discuss what they like to do and what is in there area to do for activities.
  12. @ Spike that sounds great where do you write about your night out????I would love to attend this when I get over there.Also I found this on another site is this what you are talking about?Every Wednesday. Bowling at Country Mall bowling Center Time: 12.45pm - 3.30 pmLocation: Rear of Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad, Cebu CityNotes: A group of foreigners and their filipina companions (wife, girlfriends) bowl every Wednesday afternoon at Country Mall Bowling Center. We currently have about 30 bowlers each week.We bowl every Wednesday at Country Mall Bowling Center starting at 1:00 PM. Please turn up a little earlier to register. This is a social event that focuses more on people enjoying themselves and having a good time than on competition. Cost is 150 Pesos for 3 games and 25 pesos to rent shoes.
  13. This sounds great does anyone have a better way to contact Bob Ward or Carlos?
  14. Wow Mr. Lee Thank Paol for me I really got a lot out of reading about his story and the replies here from members. I try to judge each person indvidually and from what he writes she seems like a fine lady. PI can be an extreeme eviroment to live in for ladies IMO and their is nothing wrong with her past. Many people there will judge her and Paol harshly for it, but it's their loss I would have no problem with them as friends. It seems as thou Paol has moved passed some of his own mental hang ups about the past and they are doing well together, I wish them well. As is any realtionship FULL disclosure is a bad idea as no one really wants specific details ruining thier relationship. I wonder if Paol ever considered telling her his specific details on his sexual encounters. No woman even an ex bar girl would ever want to hear that and that would pernamently damage the relationship. I look forward to hearing more of Paol's story, and I just wish he would come to the forum and make friends.
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