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  1. Hey Joe ..... you obviously didn't see the interaction between the taxi we were riding in and the stupid motorcycle rider that smashed into the side of the cab ..... he leaped off his motorcycle screaming and yelling his head off that the taxi should have know he wanted to turn there .and wanted the cab driver to pay for his bike ..... the traffic enforcer just ignored his ranting and raving and told him to fix his own bike or he would give him a ticket ..... it has been my observation that the person who usually yells the loudest in a traffic dispute is usually the winner ...... :hystery: :h
  2. Thanks, I got the message "You have exceeded your thank quota for the day" so assumed that it was some kind of social control on those people who thank others all the time, but that's good isn't it. LOL
  3. Every Wednesday, but come most day and there are Expats around, Wednesday is the day we congregate, contact me on ccm,bannister@gmail.com when you are around and I will make sure there are a few people to meet
  4. Just a final thought, I have lived for long periods in LA, Sydney, London, Auckland, Brisbane. I feel safer here than I ever felt in those cities. I wanted to thank Joe At Manila for the wisdom in his post, but apparently I have exceeded my thank quota for the day. It is my first post. Si I hope you read this and know that I appreciate the considerable thought and effort that you put into it
  5. Another aspect that we sometimes fail to appreciate is that we can become part of the community in which we live or just live in it. I sit out on my front porch in the afternoon and talk to the kids as they pass and often have groups stop for impromptu singing or english lesson's, we have our family involved in all aspewcts of what is going on in the community, local events, sponsorships, talking at schools, clubs etc. This results in us being seen as community, still foreigner, but one who is involved. We have wall(6ft) around our property and a gate but so far 3 years, no breakins nothing st
  6. Whenever I see this topic I ask myself what I would do differently in Mindanao, Manila or Cebu to what I would do in Los Angeles, New York, London or Sydney. The answer is nothing. Intrinsically the dangers in any of those places is very similar, but we are used to taking precautions on our own turf. We don't drive through Compton or if we have to don't leave the car, we don't walk through Central Park at night, or try to pick up girls in Brockley, or West Sydney. Yet we are aghast when a foreigner is robbed beaten or even murdered in parts of Manila, Cebu or CDO where the police won't even go
  7. Thai Me Up recently celebrated its 3rd birthday putting on an "all you can eat" buffett that was enjoyed by hundreds of people. The celebration was built on providing Thai food and Thai fusion food of the highest quality. My favorites on my last visit were the Thai Spring Rolls, visually stunning and full of flavor, followed by the best battered Calamari that I have tasted in many years. Coupled with friendly staff who serve each course to the table together and in a timely Fashion and you have the reason why I think you should check this great restaurant out on your next visit to CDO. Dishe
  8. Be aware that this online store does not respond to customer service requests despite many emails and phone calls. I ordered a mobile phone and tablet for my wifes birthday, and took advantage of of their COD offer which applied to Cagayan de Oro and even to my suburb. They accepted the order and confirmed it, About three days later I got an email saying my order had been cancelled because they did not do COD to that address, I responded saying that was incorrect and asking to speak to someone. No response, I rang Manila and talked to their customer service number but the male I spoke to said
  9. This group has a weekly meeting at the Kingston Lodge Hotel, in Cagayan de Oro. Starting at 10am and running till 2pm there is the opportunity to meet others, have a really cold beer, and if you want a western style meal that tastes real good, it's available. But if you want to just visit and chill, you are welcome to do that. Oh and just as a thank you the hotel and a local European style bakery offer a free raffle ticket in a four prize draw on the purchase of your first drink, whatever that is
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