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  1. i care less about you and your forum, you are one sick son of a bitch, and most will see that sooner or later, if someone at BOI tells me something i don't think is right i ask for the proof, they will show you, if not blow them off.
  2. does anyone have in writing this requirement, no hear say from some one in Boi, the statue and date it was inacted by the BOI, it is worthless with out that and should be treated as such, this kind of rambling does no good and could cause harm to some one taking it serious, my brother in law is in the process right now and no requirement of FBI clearance has been required.
  3. if anyone has the statute on this requirement post it, that should not be hard do, it has a number and date it was put in place. Jolley Good Fellow says he has it if so post it place the statute and date easy right put up or shut up
  4. The problem with these kind of Forums is they contain a lot of bull sh&t, go to your local BOI for information or use the Immigration web site if it is requirement it will be posted, a lot of this informaion is passed on from individuals who do not live here or heard it on a news report we are still waiting on the 30 day visa
  5. Where did you get this information about the requirement for an FBI Clearance, i was at Immigration a few weeks ago in Davao City and ask about that , they said never heard of it and to go by the requirements posted on BOI site if there are any changes it will be posted there
  6. this is a problem, if you have not been in the Phlippines very long, you don't know what a problem this is, why do you think they have security on Jollybee or Mcdonalds it is not that they are afraid of NPA, it is because if not for security when you took your nice western family out to eat there would be hordes of street people there watching you eat and when you dropped a piece they would grab it up, it is the real world and there are millions, if you want to help don't look outside your family i am sure there are many there you can help, show me a family who does not have members you can help, you don't have to go looking for them ,or start a fund , give me the name and location i will give you a list of your family that needs help
  7. still on the books at the Philippine consulate Sydney as of today
  8. most expats i know go back because the wife wants to go to USA or their country, i have a friend a retired Marine Captain who is leaving to the USA with his wife because she wants to see life in the USA, he can afford it and why not they can always come back and if they stay 5 years she can draw on his social security , very few leave because they cannot afford living here, most find that out in the first year, it is the woman who think they can work and send money to the family in the Phil.,,
  9. I guess the Philippines requires you to have exit clearance after six months and thinks the rest of the world does also, if you are wanted by the FBI you wont be able to fly out of your home country, i don't think this will fly here, if you order your own background check (why would you) someone in Philippine authority would have to be incharge to make sure it is not forged, they would have to take the fingerprints and send it to the FBI and also receive the report direct, it is like the consent to marry from the US, there are no records that the Government collect so you have an affidaved instead, http://www.fbi.gov/hq/cjisd/fprequest.ht…
  10. The following common items are classified as prohibited items and are not allowed to be brought into the Philippines: Onions, potatoes, garlic and cabbages Coffee Used clothing and rags Toy guns
  11. I also found out if required FBI you need the fingerprint card and be printed at police or who ever, then it is sent to the FBI then and there with required postage, i think this is another way for BOI to make a little money doing fingerprints the cost is about $18 and takes 3 or 4 weeks depending where you are, they have FBI office in Manila maybe they can do it there, or in Guam the bank statement has always been required
  12. updated news CEBU CITY (Updated 9:10 a.m.) -- Two persons were killed while another was wounded in a gun attack inside the Palace of Justice in Cebu City Tuesday morning, a radio report said. The fatalities were identified as Dr. Rene Rafols and his lawyer Atty. Julian Atias. According to the report, the victims who were complainants were set for a court hearing against a certain John H. Pope, a retired Canadian journalist, inside the sala of Branch 6 of the Regional Trial Court in the fourth floor of the Palace of Justice. Pope reportedly shot and killed the complainants using a .38 caliber pistol and went outside. He also shot Prosecutor Maria Theresa Calibogan Casiño who happened to be in his way. The suspect also shot himself in the third floor of the building. As of this posting, Pope is still breathing however medical emergency response is yet to arrive. The Canadian was set for inquest proceedings today for five counts of malicious mischief against Dr. Rafols. Police are still investigating how Pope was able to enter the premises with a gun amid the tight security. The radio report, however, said that there are no metal detectors inside the Palace of Justice. (Sunnex)
  13. CEBU CITY -- A US national shot a fiscal inside the Palace of Justice at the Provincial Capitol Tuesday morning, a radio report said. Hours before his inquest, a certain American man named John Pope (full name still to be verified) shot Fiscal Maria Theresa Calibogan Casiño in the third floor of the Palace of Justice around 8 a.m. Casiño was immediately rushed to the hospital while the shooter, although still breathing, is still inside the Palace of Justice. Cariño is less than a year serving as fiscal in Cebu. The suspect allegedly shot himself after shooting the fiscal with a .38 caliber revolver. As of this posting, the shooter is still inside the Palace of Justice while emergency response is on their way. It was reported that the foreigner is set for inquest for charges of illegal possesion of firearms today. Police are still investigating how the foreigner was able to enter the premises with a firearm amid tight security. (Sunnex)
  14. The problem with the Clearance in the USA, depends on if they want state police clearance or FBI, state no problem they go in Computer and run your name and number , now FBI requires fingerprints and a lot more trouble and if sent to an individual would not state it is accurate or has not been altered, i don't see the reason for a Police Clearance, in the USA you cannot get a passport if wanted or warrant for your arrest, the only way a background check would be good is if the Philippine Gov requested it and was delivered to them.
  15. Yes for sure and you wonder how a family can go into Jolly Bee and spend P300 on 3 burger meals on a banana plantation workers pay, they just open the new Jolly Bee in Calinan and you cannot get in the place, it will settle down later but the cost compaired to the income interesting for sure
  16. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS Temporary visitors are allowed to bring household goods, personal effects and vehicles provided they file a re-export bond good for six months or pay the levied Customs duties/taxes For immigrant/permanent resident, all used household goods and personal effects are allowed full tax and duty-free entry on one shipment (air or sea) Non-resident/retiree (first time to settle), all used household goods and personal effects not exceeding U.S. $7,800 are allowed entry tax and duty-free better check it out this may not be current
  17. And what will happen when they cannot borrow anymore money, how will they replace what they have taken, like social security with an IOU
  18. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the government has begun borrowing from the federal employee pension fund to keep operating without surpassing its debt limit. Geithner says in a letter to congressional leaders that the move will free up $156 billion in borrowing authority while Congress debates increasing the $16.4 trillion debt limit. The government reached its borrowing limit on Dec. 31, but began using bookkeeping maneuvers to keep from surpassing it. Geithner has told congressional leaders that Treasury expects to exhaust those measures by mid-February to early March. The latest action has been taken by other Treasury secretaries and will not put in jeopardy any monthly pension payments. Geithner said he will replace the funds removed from the pension account after the borrowing limit is raised. T they did the same thing with social security and it has not been replaced
  19. Another thing over here you will go to places that don't have lids, a lot of churches in the provience ,also some hospitals, and public toilets , and if lid no paper for sure, my son still sits on top without seat
  20. "WE WANTED to prove that beer isn't just for drinking, but can make a difference in food preparation." This, according to Norman de Cagalitan, San Miguel Brewery-Mindanao sales supervisor, as he boasts of their partnership with Kookel's, a chain of "lechon manok" outlets in Davao City in a bid to offer a new taste of roasted chicken to Dabawenyo diners. "We are the leading beer brand and we partnered with the leading lechon house in the city to come up with the 'beerinated' roasted chicken," Cagalitan said during a media launch at Kookel's Restaurant in Bangkal, Davao City. True enough, the beerinated lechon manok tastes different from the original one -- it's tastier and the meat becomes juicier and more tender. Using the Lemon-flavored San Miguel Beer product, the whole dressed chicken is marinated overnight including other ingredients. "When the chicken is roasted, it has a different smell as compared to the original lechon manok, maybe because of the lemon-content of the beer," said Maritess Nartatez who owns Kookel's. "Those who have tasted said are also one in saying that the chicken meat becomes more tender, as if it just melts in your mouth." She said the common perception is that when you mixed beer in food preparation, it becomes alcoholic. "Dami nagsasabi baka daw malasing sila," she said. But on the contrary, Cagalitan said that during the cooking process, the beer's alcohol content evaporates, leaving the lemon taste stuck in the meat," he said. "Hindi siya makakalasing. And it's a food that can bve prepared for the whole family, kids or adults," he added. Nartatez said since they started offering the "beerinated" roasted chicken in their Bangkal restaurant in Ocotber, they have increased their monthly sales by 10-20 percent. "Those who have tried it keep on coming back," she said. She said the "beerinated" product will soon be offered in Kookel's 14 other outlets all over Davao City and the nearby Island Garden City of Samal.
  21. you will not get a real hamburger untill they import Cerified Angus Brisket it is than double ground to make the patty
  22. some of the immigration laws must be designed by those never been out of the country, i have a friend who would like to take his filipina wife to the USA for a visit, immigration says he can get the K3 visa but has to stay in the USA he cannot go and just visit, we have an American Citizen married to a filipina who cannot vist the USA but they have 11 Million there that are not legal, living there receiving help from the USA, better he fly to Mexico and walk across.
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