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  1. http://www.ef.co.uk/__/~/media/efcom/epi/2014/full-reports/ef-epi-2013-report-master-new.pdf The reason that I quoted the above, was to show that China is increasing it's standards for Native English Teachers. In the past, perhaps someone who was a Native of an English speaking country, such as UK, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, was 'white', fair haired, blue or green eyes (ie looked like a Foreigner from these countries), could perhaps get a job with no previous teaching experience and teaching qualifications /Certification. In China, these days, to obtain a 'FEC' (Forei
  2. David.R.Whittall_2014.ID.Photo.jpg Working in China can help one lose weight Looking good there teacher. The first question comes to mind is your observation between Chinese, Filipino or Korean students. Is there a significant difference in their learning process? Which group seems to excel faster? Respectfully -- Jake First off I have a lot of respect for these Filipino English Teachers like those at the Winter & Summer Camps that I meet workingh for HelloCebu.com. Their spoken English is very good as is their grammar and teaching skills. Many of thjme do make
  3. This morning I was composing another Post, explaining how I got into becoming an ESL Teacher here in Cebu, back in December 2011, by responding to a Post by Paul (AncianRocka) on another forum on behalf of John (who was Head Teacher for AITIN WELTS School over on Punto Egano, Mactan. Some 30+ minutes later, when I had mentioned about having enjoyed that Korean Winter Camp for Korean Teenager, and how there was not a lot of opportuities for Full Time work paying decent (USD1,000 pm or more), which is why I decided to try Full time work in China as a Native English Speaker. My first Cont
  4. Forum get together March 18 2011 013.JPG - Size 130.71KB This was a Photo posted by Buddy of my Step-daughter Ana-Katrina, my wife Salome (Sha-Sha) and my son Paul who was on a Cebu Pacific Flight that afternoon to Hong Kong (which is why we had to leave that Philippines-Expats - Forum get together March 18 2011 early. Jack (LordBlacknail) suggested to Jake, that I be invited to add some information and experiences, from my 2 years of Living and working in China.
  5. Geoff,I ama Granddad (Lolo) to my Granddaughter, Anzhelica Kate, who will be 2 years old, 1 months before my Birthday. on 19th April. I intend to stay her Lolo, for many years to come.We do not go on very 'Technical' Off Road Rides like some Motorcycle Groups.We have had some pinnoy Riders join in our Green Trail Rides becuse they were getting injured and their motorcles damaged on these Technical Off Roading.Sure there have been a few spills occasionally (slippery track conditions mainly), but no injuries and very little damage to the motorcycles either (cracked Indicator Lens etc)If it st
  6. You don't say where you are now or when you might be in Cebu to be able to join in a Green Trail Ride with us?Have you read our Wiki Blog:-We are a Group of like minded 'Bikers' who are doing just that, Green Trail Riding in Cebu, since January of last Year.http://greentrails4cebubikers.wetpaint.com/We have a page related to Suitable Motorcycles for Off-Roading? If I had not spent Php160k on a Yamaha XT225 from Norkis in December 2007, I would give serious consideration to the TRLAX 200 Enduro from aMotostar / EastWorld DealerOk so it is only 200cc rather than 225cc (but you will find it is lo
  7. Yeh that GoPro960 that Brett ( govoner100 on Youtube) bought when he went back to New Zealand is sure nice HD Video (comes with Waterproof Housing, so can film underwater also. Wish I could afford to buy one (US$ 179.99)! Price seems to be getting more affordable however $299.99 HD Helmet HERO $299.99 HD Motorsports HERO However it little too Ultra Wide Angle of View (Fish Eye) for my liking (170º ultra wide angle) but everything from 2' to infinity isi n focus (even if the horizon is curved, if not in center of Camera screen, same with vertical posts/trees, as you pass them)
  8. Please NOTE, they are NOT my Video's, they were shot by Brett (govoner100 on YouTube ) a guy from New Zealand who bought his GoPro960 on his last visit together with his Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx hand held navigator. So you need to be thanking him, not me.Post to Govoner100 on YouTubeThere are 3 other Parts to that GTR #12 - I just showed the ones Brett himself enjoyed the most, as they were up in the Hills and offered the best views - both sides of the road/track I just helped Brett submit his GPS logs to RoadGuide.ph so he also now achieved Contributor Status. I then helped him
  9. Anyone with a Motorcycle, here in Cebu, who likes to get off the main roads with the traffic, noise, danger, and pollution, and prefers riding the back roads and exploring tracks and trails and even footpaths, up in the hills and mountains?Well there is a Group of like minded 'Bikers' who are doing just that, Green Trail Riding in Cebu, since January of this Year.http://greentrails4cebubikers.wetpaint.com/Originally it was discussed as a Thread on another Forum - until I got banned (for having posted on the Private Yahoo Group - Cebu_BritClub) .I started a Wetpaint Wiki Blog to continue the
  10. I/We moved from Hong Kong to live in Cebu on 1st May 2001.We got married on 16th June 2002 after my Divorce was finalised later in 2001.My asawa had paid 30% Down Payment, with 8% Cash Discount (her life savings from working as a Domestic Helper) on a small Camella Homes Lot of 120 sq m (10m x 12m) with a 30 sq m house (5m x 6m) sitting on 1/4 of that lot on the left hand side. The 70% Balance was payable Interest Free over 24 months, which I paid and was about Php18Kpm. This was not a lot more than renting a place and no rent past that 24 months ever since.Back then I was still getting paid
  11. I have been living here in the Philippines (Cebu) for over 10 Years.I transferred Php3M+ in 2004 when the Exchange rate was GBP1 = Php107I was earning 20%pa on such funds placed in Peso Time Deposits (until December 2008) I transferred more funds in 2005, when Exchange Rate was GBP1 = Php104. In 2004 I placed Php3M in an HSBC 5 Year Peso Term Deposit paying 8.3%pa Nett income, paid monthly.When you look at the cost of buying a Garmin Nuvi 265W, here in the Philippines for Php6,800http://roadguide.ph/forums/showthread.php?t=4162That is not a bad price to pay for a Gamin Nuvi 265WHowever by bu
  12. Yes it seems they offer similar Service to the Philippines.Could not find any details of what they actually charge on those website however so unable to directly compare with the ones I mentioned.Johnny air cargo charges $7.50 per pound plus a $5.00 service charge. That was the information I found on their webstie. Amazon.com quoted the individual Item Shipping Weights as 2lbs + 1lb + 2lb + 2lb + 1.6oz + 4.3oz = 7.5lbs Total However the actual weight of the Shipped Carton (Dimensions = 26.00 x 17.00 x 20.20), was found to be:- Actual Weight (kg) 1.56KgChargeable Weight
  13. Yes it seems they offer similar Service to the Philippines.Could not find any details of what they actually charge on those website however so unable to directly compare with the ones I mentioned.
  14. Ever wanted to buy something in USA on the Internet, then it says they will only ship to Mainland USA State?With the US$ effectively getting cheaper against the Peso (from 56, down to 43), buying items can produce considerable savings, especially when companies like Amazon.com have special offers and give FREE Shipping (within the USA).That is fine if you have a friend in the USA, planning on visiting the Philippines and you know and trust them to receive the Goods you order on line and bring them out to the Philippines with them and will hand them over.What if you have a lot of items to buy -
  15. I decided to buy a Studio Unit in Ultima Residences - Ramos Tower for the following reasons:- 70% Discount off Club Ultima Membership (Saving of Php210,659.80) Payment via 30/40/30 Scheme. Down payment of 30% - less the Php50,000 Reservation Fee (over 3 months), 40% Amortization (over 14 months), final30% Balance on Turnover (Dec 2011) Option to sign up to Condotel Leaseback Program (income potential and 30 Days 'Accommodation Vouchers - use in any Crown Regency Hotel/Resort or Affiliates in Asia, or sell confirmed Bookings) 28 sq m Condo Unit, was originally Php1.5M, price had risen t
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