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  1. http://www.ef.co.uk/__/~/media/efcom/epi/2014/full-reports/ef-epi-2013-report-master-new.pdf The reason that I quoted the above, was to show that China is increasing it's standards for Native English Teachers. In the past, perhaps someone who was a Native of an English speaking country, such as UK, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, was 'white', fair haired, blue or green eyes (ie looked like a Foreigner from these countries), could perhaps get a job with no previous teaching experience and teaching qualifications /Certification. In China, these days, to obtain a 'FEC' (Foreign Expert Certificate) one needs as a minimum, a Bachelors or Honors Degree, and have at leasty 2 years post graduate experience. Holding DELTA / CELTA / TESOL /TEFL (in that order), improves the chances of getting hired and what salary you might receive. I read this before I went to China:- http://middlekingdomlife.com/guide/qualifications-in-practice.htm If you want to be sure of being hired, as a Native English Teacher, in China, and don't have a Degree, then your options are limited, I would suggest (from my limited experience of working in China in Sichuan, and Hunan Provinces, and will be returning to China for a Contract in Changsha, Hunan on 21st August). Limited to Northern and Western parts of China, and Third Tier Cities, and Private Schools and Teaching Establishments and 'Training Schools'. Universities tend to want to see 'Teaching Certificates' as well as 'Bachelors or Honors Degree' and some relevant Teaching experience (preferably Chinese) of at least 2 years. The advantage of Colleges and Universities however, being that one typically only teaches 14-16 x 45 minute sessions and most Classes are 2 x 45 min Sessions with 10-15 min break in-between (ie just 7 or 8 Classes per week). This means plenty of spare time (for Private Tutoring for example). As for Salary, the Private Schools and Teaching Establishments and 'Training Schools' may pay more than Colleges and Universities, but inevitably this is due to teaching more classes. I gained some experience as a 'Substitute Teacher' for Aston English in Mianyang, Sichuan on some Saturdays and Sundays, and getting paid CNY100 per hour. This is what I liked about such Training Schools:- Modern Facilities - electronic interactive WhiteBoards Full Curriculum to be followed, including approved 'Games' and teaching aids, flash cards etc Small Classes of 1/2/4/8 students and all 'graded' to be of similar Oral English abilities regardless of age. Laid down methods for English Language Assessment Tests (typically 5 Tests/10 min) Teacher Training often provided. There may be a few negatives, like an allowance for accommodation or shared accommodation provided. Perhaps no free or allowance for 'Utilities'? Often working in Evenings and at weekends. Perhaps getting seconded out to to Kindergartens, and possibly lot of travelling between schools? This was more than the CNY65 per hour that Recruitment Agency 'Sunny's English Club/InFee Placement' was paying us Foreign Teachers. We learned that the School was paying the Agency that hired us CNY120/Class. However this Agency based in Chengdu did provide help and support. Arranging a car to meet me @ Chengdu Airport and take me to 'Sams Guest House'. Ok so I was not going to teach at the School to the South of Chengdu as I had expected, but to Miangyang to the North. I did not go to the School within 10-15 minutes walk of this filthy apartment that took a team of 8 women nearly 3 hours to clean and had no electricity or telephone/internet and no bed linen either! But the next day, I was moved to another School, where I did end up teaching to the 1,250 Students of Junior 2 (Grade 8) over 24 Classes per week of 50 min each. The school wanted to pay only for classes taught and not for Classes cancelled die to Sports Day, Exams, or extensions to Holidays beyond Public Holidays. However the Contract with 'Sunny's English Club/InFee Placement' stated we get paid for all scheduled Classes. We also did get our Z Visa and Fllght to Hong Kong to submit such application and wait 2 days to receive. Provided one traveled to Chengdu at the weekends, FREE Mandarin Training was given also (but one had to pay for the books and overnight accommodation as finished too late to travel back to Mianyang that same day. However the Contract only said CNY1,000 would be paid for the 4 weeks that the School was closed for the Spring Break, In practice the School laid us off on 30th December and we never even received that months salary until 14th January (but no salary for any of January) and expected us to return on 27th January. The Contract also stated it was until the end of July, but in practice, the School stopped paying from 6th June 2013. So we only actually got paid, for just 7 months and 1 week, not the 10 months we expected from Terms of the Contract.
  2. David.R.Whittall_2014.ID.Photo.jpg Working in China can help one lose weight Looking good there teacher. The first question comes to mind is your observation between Chinese, Filipino or Korean students. Is there a significant difference in their learning process? Which group seems to excel faster? Respectfully -- Jake First off I have a lot of respect for these Filipino English Teachers like those at the Winter & Summer Camps that I meet workingh for HelloCebu.com. Their spoken English is very good as is their grammar and teaching skills. Many of thjme do make the effdoret to learn the language of the students - Korean in this case , but some can also speak Putonghua - Mandarin or maybe Cantoneese also. Yet they get paid like 1/2, 1/3 or even 1/4 of what I get paid for being a native English speaker. The Korean Students I have taught have been those attending Summer & Winter Camps here in Cebu, and I would say they are generally better at spoken English than Chinese Students of the same age, generally speaking. But I am not comparing them with Chinese Students who attend Winter/Summer Camps, so not a fair comparison perhaps. Generally those attending English Camps, or Training Schools, want to improve their English, so are properly motivated and keen The only Filipino student I have taught is my granddaughter, Anzhelica-Kate whose 1st Language is English (as that is what I spoke to her from 19th March 2010 when she was born 6 weeks premature, weighing 1.6kg and just 42 cm.) Her mother Ana-Katrina and her grandma Sha-Sha, also speak English to her. But she is now learning Tagalog and picking up Visayan. Sometimes she speaks a mixture of the language as I often hear 'ako' instead of I/me/mine
  3. This morning I was composing another Post, explaining how I got into becoming an ESL Teacher here in Cebu, back in December 2011, by responding to a Post by Paul (AncianRocka) on another forum on behalf of John (who was Head Teacher for AITIN WELTS School over on Punto Egano, Mactan. Some 30+ minutes later, when I had mentioned about having enjoyed that Korean Winter Camp for Korean Teenager, and how there was not a lot of opportuities for Full Time work paying decent (USD1,000 pm or more), which is why I decided to try Full time work in China as a Native English Speaker. My first Contract was with Sunny Engish Club (InFee Placement) based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The job was not to the South of Chengdu, in some mountains, but in Mianyang to the North, about 1 hour Bus Ride. I hit 'SEND' to discover the Internet had gone down and I lost the LOT! I am going to install 'Firefox' om this Desktop PC with replaced under Warrant 1.5TB Seagate HDD, before I start again, so one can hit back and find it is still there in a 'buffer'! In the meantime, I have being posting to "another forum" Forums under "living-working-in-china" I know this Forum does not allow URL Links to other Forums but I am sure if interested parties, try a 'Google' search, they should find it, hopefully. David (aka Britster) David & Sha-Sha (Hong Kong Dec1998 Working in China can help one lose weight
  4. Britster

    From China, With Love

    Forum get together March 18 2011 013.JPG - Size 130.71KB This was a Photo posted by Buddy of my Step-daughter Ana-Katrina, my wife Salome (Sha-Sha) and my son Paul who was on a Cebu Pacific Flight that afternoon to Hong Kong (which is why we had to leave that Philippines-Expats - Forum get together March 18 2011 early. Jack (LordBlacknail) suggested to Jake, that I be invited to add some information and experiences, from my 2 years of Living and working in China.
  5. Geoff,I ama Granddad (Lolo) to my Granddaughter, Anzhelica Kate, who will be 2 years old, 1 months before my Birthday. on 19th April. I intend to stay her Lolo, for many years to come.We do not go on very 'Technical' Off Road Rides like some Motorcycle Groups.We have had some pinnoy Riders join in our Green Trail Rides becuse they were getting injured and their motorcles damaged on these Technical Off Roading.Sure there have been a few spills occasionally (slippery track conditions mainly), but no injuries and very little damage to the motorcycles either (cracked Indicator Lens etc)If it stars looking bad, we turn around and go somewhere else.We have Video of all the Green Trail Rides we have ridden from GTR#7 onwards on the Wiki Blog, so you can see the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!Some Rides (Like GTR#1 have been suitable for any Bike (even a Trike - converted Multicab).Matt tackles these Green Trail Rides with his XRM125.Dennis rides his TMX155Some rides are OK for your wife/Girlfriend to come along as your Back Rider.Others with more rough Off-Road content, perhaps better off not doing so unless it has been ridden before and determined suitable for Back Riders.Because I have been working Since just after Christmas, no Rides being organised currently but that likely to change from next weekend.
  6. You don't say where you are now or when you might be in Cebu to be able to join in a Green Trail Ride with us?Have you read our Wiki Blog:-We are a Group of like minded 'Bikers' who are doing just that, Green Trail Riding in Cebu, since January of last Year.http://greentrails4cebubikers.wetpaint.com/We have a page related to Suitable Motorcycles for Off-Roading? If I had not spent Php160k on a Yamaha XT225 from Norkis in December 2007, I would give serious consideration to the TRLAX 200 Enduro from aMotostar / EastWorld DealerOk so it is only 200cc rather than 225cc (but you will find it is lot better than an XRM 125cc, costing about the same price), and only 5 Speed Gearbox, rather than the XT225's 6 Speed.It does have very good ground clearance, Disc Brakes Front and Back, and Inverted Front Forks and Monoshock Rear suspension Motorstar TRLAX 200 enduro Php55,000 cash! (Php61,000 in Cebu)The Specifications of the TRLAX 200 Enduro on the Motostar webpage, are clearly wrong!They give Displacement as 196.40cc but Bore X Stroke of 56.5mm x 49.5mm, which is that of a 125cc, Rated Power/Corresponding Rev 7.2kw/(8500±850)r/min Max. Torque/Corresponding Rev 8.6N.m/(7500±750)r/min This quoted Power 7.2 kw and Torque of 8.6N.m8.6N.m is therefore likely to be for whatever 125cc they mis-quoted against?MotoX 155 Max. Power/Corresponding Rev 8.8kw/(8500±5%)r/min Max. Torque/Corresponding Rev 10.0N.m/(7500±5%)r/min Some posted that it is the same engine as in theXplorer z200 This Forum prohibits Links to other Forums, so try a Google Search on Xplorer z200 to learn more about reliability of this 200cc engine, spare availability etchttp://en.wikipedia....ance_statisticsThe Zongshen 200GS push-rod engine uses early Honda technology.Owners in the Philippines discovered that many engine parts are compatible or interchangeable with the parts of a Honda TMX-155 engine. Max power 15 hp (10.8 kW) @ 8000 rpm Max Torque 13 Nm @ 6500 rpm That is more realistic Power/Torque Figures for a 200cc 4 Stroke engine and double the power of what Motostar have put up under the Specifications for the TRLAXYou could buy 3 x TRLAX 200 Enduro almost, for the price I paid for my Yamaha XT225 (and I doubt if I will get 3 x the life out of my XT225).So those who dismiss such 200cc Dual Sport Motorcycle, just because engine made by 'Zongshen', would rather pay Php130K (more than Double) for new Honda XR200, even though it has Drum rear Brake and does not have Inverted Front Forks, and a taller seat height probably! These Motostar motorcyles, are imported in bits and assembled here in the Philippines to considerably reduce the Import/Customs Duty.Ask the Dealer for 1 x TRLAX Assembled and tested, with Registration etc another still in disassembled state as Spares (you then can replace anything if it gets damaged or goes faulty, have the engine repaired and then switch it back, so it ties in with Reg Docs).
  7. Yeh that GoPro960 that Brett ( govoner100 on Youtube) bought when he went back to New Zealand is sure nice HD Video (comes with Waterproof Housing, so can film underwater also. Wish I could afford to buy one (US$ 179.99)! Price seems to be getting more affordable however $299.99 HD Helmet HERO $299.99 HD Motorsports HERO However it little too Ultra Wide Angle of View (Fish Eye) for my liking (170º ultra wide angle) but everything from 2' to infinity isi n focus (even if the horizon is curved, if not in center of Camera screen, same with vertical posts/trees, as you pass them).Being that he mounts it on his helmet, above his eyes, the GoPro960 getting different angle, than his eyeballs also. I suggested that Brett tries it on the side of his helmet, so it level with his eyes?If I was to buy one, I might consider Contour GPS as it only 135 Degrees Angle of View rather than 170 Degrees (like GoPro and Contour+)What the ContourGPS offers, that the GoPro does not, is GPS mapping (although Software from DashWare for $49.99 can address that)This is the feature that would have me consider ContourGPS rather than GoPro however:-Ability to use an Android Mobile phone /Tablet as camera Control and Remote viewfinder via Bluetooth Supports Android OS v 2.2.1 and above*I will read more since what I would like is to frame and take 'Stills' - Photo shots, as well as video or pause and shoot, if at all possible. CAMERA SETTINGS With the new Contour app you can change your settings wirelessly in real-time. Select your video mode, adjust your microphone volume, change your lighting conditions, or configure your GPS, whether you're on the side of a mountain, on top of a dune, or deep in the woods. Having built in GPS log Track so one can show ones position on a GPS MAP, would be really cool. Dash Ware can achieve GPS mapping on a GoPro (and Contour and ChaseCam) however, with a GPX track log (Garmin GPS etc) but adds $50 Mobile Connection With the new Bluetooth® capability of the ContourGPS we've made it possible to check your angle on a smartphone screen before dropping in or taking off. The Contour App creates a wireless handheld viewfinder that enables you to align your shot to make sure you have the right angle and eliminate guesswork. Made for both iOS and Android, the ContourGPS connection also allows users to tweak settings via phone on the hill or at home. Learn more
  8. Please NOTE, they are NOT my Video's, they were shot by Brett (govoner100 on YouTube ) a guy from New Zealand who bought his GoPro960 on his last visit together with his Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx hand held navigator. So you need to be thanking him, not me.Post to Govoner100 on YouTubeThere are 3 other Parts to that GTR #12 - I just showed the ones Brett himself enjoyed the most, as they were up in the Hills and offered the best views - both sides of the road/track I just helped Brett submit his GPS logs to RoadGuide.ph so he also now achieved Contributor Status. I then helped him downlaod, install and unlock RoadGuide.ph Contributors maop V1.26 that has the Contributions he submitted already on the Map. In return Brett helps me explore and map some Trails not on RoadGuide.ph so we can get familiar with them and see if suitable for taking others on.Some are not for 'newbies', like the path of Ronnie Muring we were trying to find on GTR#7 |a motor bike trip in he hills behind talisay by govoner100 | 2 months ago | 55 views further in to the trail getting up into the hills behind MINGLANILLIA by govoner100 | 2 months ago | 34 views by govoner100 | 2 months ago | 34 views Having said that 'newbie. Matt, showed up, without letting us know he intended to join in on his XRM 125, but he coped just fine and I guess having small light XRM is easier to turn around on a narrow footpath when you determine you on the wrong path! (I now have my Garmin 255 Nuvi mounted on my XT225, and have RoadGuide.ph map installed, along with 10M Contour Map of the Philippines (and OpenStreetMap) so woud have seen we should have looked for path 20m higher before heading West). Will try and find Ronnie muring Trail one day, now we are better equipped to have a better go at finding it, particularly with Brett having that Garmin 60CSx as it has built in Electronic Compass and Altimeter/ barometer, so you know where you are, even if you can.t get 3D Satellite Fix hopefully).I helped another guy Andy (a Brit) obtain a Garmin Nuvi 265W and waterproof handlebar mount, and again obtain submit and become a Contributor so he too has the latest RoadGuide.ph map to follow whilst we out on these Green Trail Rides up in the hills and Mountains of Cebu.There are still many tracks and paths not on RoadGuide.ph yet, as well as Sub-Divisions to be mapped and new WayPoints with new Fuel Stations cropping up, almost monthly or more, it seems.
  9. Anyone with a Motorcycle, here in Cebu, who likes to get off the main roads with the traffic, noise, danger, and pollution, and prefers riding the back roads and exploring tracks and trails and even footpaths, up in the hills and mountains?Well there is a Group of like minded 'Bikers' who are doing just that, Green Trail Riding in Cebu, since January of this Year.http://greentrails4cebubikers.wetpaint.com/Originally it was discussed as a Thread on another Forum - until I got banned (for having posted on the Private Yahoo Group - Cebu_BritClub) .I started a Wetpaint Wiki Blog to continue the interest shown in that Thread, and continue going out on these Green Trail Rides.This was the Green Trail Ride we did last Friday Green Trail Ride #12 http://greentrails4cebubikers.wetpaint.com/page/Green Trail Ride #12Here is some of the Video, that Brett (govoner100) took with his GoPro960 camera on GTR #12:-Part 2 Part 5 If the rain stays away this SUNDAY (24th July) we may go out on GTR#13 - so those with a suitable motorcycle (Matt copes well with his XRM125), come along to Lagtang Grill @10am to find out if its on, and where we might be heading?Lagtang GrillRafael Rabaya Road, Lagtang, Talisay, Philippines 6045http://www.click2map.com/maps/dwhittall/PRMCCmap
  10. I/We moved from Hong Kong to live in Cebu on 1st May 2001.We got married on 16th June 2002 after my Divorce was finalised later in 2001.My asawa had paid 30% Down Payment, with 8% Cash Discount (her life savings from working as a Domestic Helper) on a small Camella Homes Lot of 120 sq m (10m x 12m) with a 30 sq m house (5m x 6m) sitting on 1/4 of that lot on the left hand side. The 70% Balance was payable Interest Free over 24 months, which I paid and was about Php18Kpm. This was not a lot more than renting a place and no rent past that 24 months ever since.Back then I was still getting paid US$1,000pm as a 'Retainer' plus 'expenses'. Since the Exchange Rate back then was US$1 = Php56, this was Php56,000pm.We had bought a used Toyota Tamaraw FX 2.0 Diesel and fuel was Php14/liter back then.I had been promoted to Engineering Manager - Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong for an American Company that was producing Telecommunications LAN and WAN equipment (X.25, Frame Relay, and ATM Switches, together with Packetized Voice products, VoIP, and LAN products). I moved from the UK, in September 1977, having spent a month in Asia, around the time of the handover of Hong Kong, to get a feel for the place and determine the real cost of living there. I rented a small 2 bedroom apartment in 'Kennedy Town' for US$1,200pm.Cebu, Philippines was a whole lot cheaper than living in Hong Kong, believe me. Also cheaper than living in the UK.Php18,000pm was about £170 per month for Rent. After 2 years no rent to pay. OK so 30sq m for a 2 bedroom hom might sound small to many of you, bit anyone who has lived in Hong Kong, and had to pay their own rent, will think that to be large!10 years on, living in Cebu is no longer cheap place to live. What with the Exchange Rate down to GBP1 = Php70 approx (from 101-107) is 35% devaluation. Then you factor in the increase in the cost of living here, what with 12% VAT added, and rising prices of Electricity, Water, Gas, and food. I figure the 'purchasing power' of GBP is only 50% of what it was 10 Years ago. In other words you need twice the money to live off that you did 10 years ago or so.I am sure it is not cheap to live in the UK and although property prices dropped in Hong Kong after the Handover (and with them the Rents), I am reliably informed they are now back up and higher than what they fell to! But unless one has a Job in Hong Kong, or savvy with investments, no one would choose to retire there unless they had a small fortune to live off?What made Cebu 'affordable' to live, without having to work, was these Rural Banks paying 20%pa that I 'discovered in 2004. I/We (myself, my wife and her adult daughter) placed Deposits in 5 x Rural Banks and were receiving Php142,000pm to live off. Trouble is all that stopped in December 2008 when the Monetary Board closed these 5 Banks we had funds in and 7 others of 'The Legacy Group'. The good news was these Bank Deposits were 'Insured' by the PDIC. the bad news is that the PDIC took 3 months to announce 'Claims Acceptance' rather then under 2 weeks - 9 x working days or less they used to 'boast' of. Instead of payout the same day or within 2 days that the PDIC promised @ Depositors Forum @ Mandaue Sports Centre in February 2009, it took between 3 and 21 months for 95% of our claims.I have never been good with investing in Stocks/Shares.I did start learning about using Trading Stations but that was with FOREX rather than shares. After paying for some FOREX Training, I was making money (virtually at least using a 'Practice Account). Think I need some sound practical, hands on, training from experience FOREX Trader like Steve Matrix, before risking REAL money?I lost money with Legacy consolidated Plans Inc. The Senate inquiry into the Pre-Needs industry declared they operated illegally as they were offiring Securities to the Public without having obtained an SEC 'Secondary Licence'. Celso G. de Los Angeles Jr was charged with 'Syndicated Estafa', a non-bailable offence, but has he/is he actually in Jail yet?I also lost money with 'V8 Motorcycles & Spare Parts'. We filed a case of Syndicated Estafa against Catherine L. Soronio. 15 months later Cebu City Prosecutors Office, down turns it to just Eatafa, and now over 2 years since filing such Case, no 'Notice of Hearing'! Those who did have the case against her reach a hearing, she did not turn up in court - how much Bail did she lose - just Php60K, which is virtually nothing, when she allegedly took in Php350M!Finally I seemed to find an investment that was working - until that is, the 59 year old CEO of a Php50M capitalized company, registered with the SEC, died on November 24th (following complications after routine surgery - gallstones?). The 'Executor' of her Estate is taking long time to sort out payments under the legal and financial obligations of those MOA contracts she signed as CEO. It took 2 years after the death of her Father, for his Executor to hand over land titles to her and her mother (his widow),If you want to live/retire in the Philippines you better have Double the money you need right now, from Private Pension/Annuity Fund or equivalent, if you want to survive >10 years
  11. I have been living here in the Philippines (Cebu) for over 10 Years.I transferred Php3M+ in 2004 when the Exchange rate was GBP1 = Php107I was earning 20%pa on such funds placed in Peso Time Deposits (until December 2008) I transferred more funds in 2005, when Exchange Rate was GBP1 = Php104. In 2004 I placed Php3M in an HSBC 5 Year Peso Term Deposit paying 8.3%pa Nett income, paid monthly.When you look at the cost of buying a Garmin Nuvi 265W, here in the Philippines for Php6,800http://roadguide.ph/forums/showthread.php?t=4162That is not a bad price to pay for a Gamin Nuvi 265WHowever by buying same unit @ Amazon.com (along with Waterproof Handlebar Mount - to use on a Motorcycle) New but factory refurbished Garmin Nuvi 265W from Amazon.com (along with Waterproof Handlebar mount), and using USA2Pilipinas.com to ship to me in Cebu, it cost about $140 or Php6,000 approx.Either way - pay $140 or Php6,000. it still cheaper buying a Garmin Nuvi 265W and a Waterproof Handlebar Mount from Amazon.com in USA, and includes cost of being shipped to me here in Cebu, for less than buying a Garmin Nuvi 265W in Manila for Php6,800 and pay for it to be shipped to Cebu.With USA2Pilipinas.com, the Items are insured for loss or damage or theft, for up to $100 valueWith UMy-ShappingBox.com, the Items are insured for loss or damage or theft, for up to $100 value (Option of additional Cover for Premium of 4% ie additional $4, increases Cover to $200).I am not selling anything on Amazon.com (just sharing what I recently bought from them), and giving details on what Shipping Companies I used, or could have used, to get the purchased Items shipped to USA Address, then to my Cebu, Philippines Address.Cetainly USA2Pilipinas.com provides good service in terms of detailing package Size/Weight and chance to reduce Service Fee from $7 per Box to $2, by providing details of the Order prior to arrival, and details of the Tracking No. once known ie on its way to USA2Pilipinas.comI have an Order being shipped via Sea Freight with MyShoppingBox.com and all I know is it left USA on its way to the Philippines, and little more.
  12. Yes it seems they offer similar Service to the Philippines.Could not find any details of what they actually charge on those website however so unable to directly compare with the ones I mentioned.Johnny air cargo charges $7.50 per pound plus a $5.00 service charge. That was the information I found on their webstie. Amazon.com quoted the individual Item Shipping Weights as 2lbs + 1lb + 2lb + 2lb + 1.6oz + 4.3oz = 7.5lbs Total However the actual weight of the Shipped Carton (Dimensions = 26.00 x 17.00 x 20.20), was found to be:- Actual Weight (kg) 1.56KgChargeable Weight 2.00KgUSA2Pilipinas.com Invoice total (Airfreight/Delivery to my Home in Cebu):$ 39.34 (includes $4 to Ship to Cebu)http://www.usa2pilipinas.com/CostEstimator.aspxShipping via Johnny Cargo = (4x7.5)+5 = $35Shipping via My-ShoppingBox.com = (4x8.5) = $34 (Shipped to my BDO Account Address ie Cebu)http://my-shoppingbox.com/rates.phpDoes Johnny Cargo ship to anywhere in the Philippines for that price of "$7.50 per pound plus a $5.00 service charge"?(would have appreciated a URL Link to the page where it shows that.)This shows that Jonny Cargo is competitive, but MyShoppingBox was slightly cheaper (but factor in $25 Annual Fee - if not FREE from BDO) and you are not buying many things during such Membership period, then yes looks like Jonny Cargo might be worthy of consideration for sure.(But if one has to factor in additional costs for shipping to say Cebu, and this is factored in, then MyShippingBox.com is looking very good, provided you know the actual Weight of all the items in a Box and dimensions of said Box/Carton, to be sure)?
  13. Yes it seems they offer similar Service to the Philippines.Could not find any details of what they actually charge on those website however so unable to directly compare with the ones I mentioned.
  14. Ever wanted to buy something in USA on the Internet, then it says they will only ship to Mainland USA State?With the US$ effectively getting cheaper against the Peso (from 56, down to 43), buying items can produce considerable savings, especially when companies like Amazon.com have special offers and give FREE Shipping (within the USA).That is fine if you have a friend in the USA, planning on visiting the Philippines and you know and trust them to receive the Goods you order on line and bring them out to the Philippines with them and will hand them over.What if you have a lot of items to buy - I would not feel right asking someone to bring 4Kg+ worth of items.I have a Bank Account and Gold Credit Card with BDO.BDO then sent me a 'Virtual' Credit Card, specifically for use with Internet Shopping. It is connected to the real Credit Card, but has a lower Credit Limit than the main Card.Then BDO sent me this 1 year FREE Membership to My-ShoppingBox.com (worth $25)I fancied checking if some Mobil1 engine oil could be sent via this My-ShoppingBox.com, since it might be classified under Flamable Materials and this prohibited. The reply I recived back was they could ship such engine oil as a personal consignment. So I went ahead and bought a Case of 12 x Quart Bottles from , with my Account Address of My-ShoppingBox.comMobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40Then when received by My-ShoppingBox.com they diid a reversal and said such items cant be shipped as classified as Flamable! To cut a long story short - after I supplied them with the MSDS (Materiels Safety Data Sheet), that showed this to be Fully Synthetic Oil with Flash point >200 Degrees C (212 actually), there is NO Restrictions by Land / Air / Sea. After some delay My-ShippingBox found a Shipper willing to carry it, on a personal basis, but added it was a '1 off', so it now on its way. The cost of Shipping to my BDO Address in the Philippines with MyShoppingBox.com:- Air Freight (Class 1) - $5.50 per pound Air Freight (Class 2) - $8.50 per pound Sea Freight - $2.50 per poundSea Freight Handling ChargeElectrical appliances and other "Fragile" electrical devices that are packed below 30 pounds of chargeable shipping weight, shall be subject to a special handling charge of $1.25 per pound based on its chargeable shipping weight Packages exceeding 30 pounds by weight or volume dimensions are classified as "OVERSIZE PACKAGES". These are subject to an additional handling charge at a rate of 30% of its actual weight or volume dimensions, whichever is higher. BDO more recently sent details of another company offering similar service USA2Pilipinas.com The DIFFERENCES between USA2Pilipinas.com and My-Shopping Box.com, from my limited experience of now having used BOTH, are as follows:- USA2Pilipinas.com only offer AIR FREIGHT USA2Pilipinas.com don't offer 2 Tiers of Airfreight, unlike MyShippingBox.com with both 'Class 1' and 'Class 2' Air Freight as well as See Freight USA2Pilipinas.com have stated they can ship that Mobil1 engine oil (having seen the products MSDS) but will cost more than the $2.50/Kg of MyShoppingBox.com USA2Pilipinas.com Shipping costs are i) Transportation charges, ii) Package Management charges* $7/Box, ii) Beyond Area Delivery charge $2/KgEg 2 Boxes totalling 2Kg, to Cebu rather than Manila, is estimated to cost $51.34* This can be reduced by $5/Box, by providing my tracking number and package details/value.1 Box totalling 2Kg, collected in Manila, where tracking number and package details/value.is provided, has estimated cost $35.34 If you can get your supplier (ie Amazon.com) to ship all the ordered items together in 1 Box, the total weight is often very much lower than the sum of the individual Item shipping weights quoted. Here is a recent Order from Amazon.com, sent FREE SHIPPING to my USA2Pilipinas.com Account address:- + + + + + Order Total: $202.13FREE Super Saver Shipping on ALL these Items from Amazon.com (to USA mainland address)USA2Pilipinas.com Invoice total (Airfreight/Delivery to my Home in Cebu):$ 39.34Total is about Php10,432 - not bad at all!However the Shipping weight of all 6 Items, Quoted on Amazon.com, suggested 7Kg Total.Had I known this beforehand (from Amazon.com), I would have changed the 'Ship To' Address to be that of My-Shopping Box.com account.2Kg x $8.50/Kg =$17 ie a potential SAVING of $22.4
  15. I decided to buy a Studio Unit in Ultima Residences - Ramos Tower for the following reasons:- 70% Discount off Club Ultima Membership (Saving of Php210,659.80) Payment via 30/40/30 Scheme. Down payment of 30% - less the Php50,000 Reservation Fee (over 3 months), 40% Amortization (over 14 months), final30% Balance on Turnover (Dec 2011) Option to sign up to Condotel Leaseback Program (income potential and 30 Days 'Accommodation Vouchers - use in any Crown Regency Hotel/Resort or Affiliates in Asia, or sell confirmed Bookings) 28 sq m Condo Unit, was originally Php1.5M, price had risen to P2,063,609.08 by 2009. In August 2010 I was able to secure one of the last 2 x Condo Units at this price. No VAT to pay! Completion December 2011 (just 15 months from my 1st payment). All 33 floors completed now - Topping Off Ceremony was this May . Easy walking distance of Club Ultima and night life / entertainment of Fuente / Mango area I had advertised my 27.5 sq m Condo Unit 1502 of Ramos Tower for SALE but think my son Paul has decided to become a 50% partner in it with me? He has agreement from his Bank to increase his UK Mortgage, but they need letter from his Employer, confirming his promotion and new Salary details. His boss has been away and rather busy, but hopefully this will get sorted out soon. Just got a message from my son, Paul, in the UK, that his boss finally produced the letter his Bank wanted, detailing his Promotion, and new Salary. The Bank had approved his increased Mortgage in the UK, to buy into a 50% Share of my Ramos Tower Condo.So sorry, my Ramos Tower Condo is no longer available to buy from me, I hope! The contruction of Ramos Tower is complete as we went to the 'Topping Off' Ceremony on 16th May. Completion/Turnover is December 2011Ultima Residences Ramos Tower [120m|33F|res|u/c] Cebu City My views from the top of Ramos Tower:-See more here (removed) There may be other Condo Units in Ramos Tower being resold, but price likely to be around Php2.4M now! NB: You need to be a Member of Club Ultima to own such however! Current Membership is Php301,000 but can be paid over 24 months interest free.
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