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  1. Even with the long drive I think end the end you will have less troubles and worry. Take the drive and find a place to spend the night.
  2. Do you only mentioned buying the parts from this guy. Is he close enough to have him do the work? I'm sure others locally could do the repair. However, even if its a long drive it may be worth it to have the parts supplier repair it also if they do the work. Might be worth it in the end.
  3. Had the same experience with the added bloodwork. Did all the required tests in the states the Philippine Embassy requested so could be inserted into the packet for immigration but still had to go to local lab for another test. Well, long done and passed.
  4. Looks like the target arrival time is late Wed night- early Thursday morning. Praying all stay safe.
  5. Get well soon Jake! Meanwhile until you can get out roam about may I suggest to go lightly on the beer & crabs, dairy products, and beans!
  6. And of course we all know the next time you are away and there is a leak the joints will be cemented again.
  7. What pipe did you use in your construction Tommy? The plastic pipe which the joints are glued or the PPR which has the heat bonded/welded joints? I just cannot think how the heat bonded joint would have leaked if installed properly. The PPR is rated at 360 PSI/25 Bars with a 50 year life span at temp of 70*C The one thing I don't like about the PPR is that there are times where it requires 2 people to connect joints because of the fussion/heating tool being operated by one in confined spaces.
  8. We are still experiencing some strong gusts but the steady wind seems around 40 kph. If that track is correct I would think we will experience the hardest winds between 8-10 this evening as it passes the closest to our south. Just praying for no loss of electric so my wife can watch her horror movies.
  9. Here in Sta Rosa we have had rain all day on and off. Heavy now. Same with the wind, but slowly building gusts. It has gotten much stronger the past hour. Hope everyone stays safe.
  10. Tommy, I am sure you know know when owning a home it is never done. Also, many know if you want something done correctly you must do it yourself. I would grade my woodworkers here maybe 85%. I think they could do better with better tools. Finish was really good including the stair treads. However, the movers placed a few small scratches and our dogs nails added many more while excited and trying to fly up or down when she was younger. The finish was sprayed and was nice. I plan clean the scratches and lay few coats with a brush soon. You too will keep busy fixing and upgrading after y
  11. Agreed, and this was the case of my aunt's family as I mentioned. However, too many have found a way to abuse our system, just like many citizens. Not just Cubans but many different nationals. During the my last 15 years working I met many. And yes of course I met many who also work good jobs and owned business as well.
  12. Those A10s were built in my hometown, Fairchild Aircraft, Hagerstown, Md. My grandfather and father both worked there. Enjoyed watching them flying overhead on their test runs as they came off the line. Also the flying boxcar C119. Loved to hear those engines warmed up during testing after rebuilds.
  13. Not always. I had an uncle who was in the navy and was stationed in Key West, Florida and later decided to make that his home. In the the mid ‘60s he married a lady from Cuba who had fled with her parents shortly after Castro took over. For many years she had little contact with her family left behind. I remember she was always afraid to visit Cuba for fear Castro would force her to stay. Finally in the early ‘80s she made several trips and also was able to sponsor several family members to come to the US. She did this several times. In the late ‘90s a friend and I were staying
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