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  1. intrepid

    Pest Control Service

    Just when I needed a good laugh!! Thanks JGF
  2. intrepid

    The Long Wait Is Over!

    Congratulations Don! You do know that BPI offers online banking and you could watch the accounts from home. My wife still has a passbook savings only at BPI and I check it at least monthly for her. Very convenient.
  3. We living here in the Philippines are always aware and concerned about our security, safety, and property. Don’t go here or there because it could be unsafe. Lock this and that. Put bars on windows and hid things we don’t want others to know we have cause it might disappear. Well, recently I had a couple incidents where it has restored my faith in man. Not all are out to get us and take advantage of us. The first incident. I go to to our local shopping area which has some pay parking under the small mall area. Its p20 first hour and p10 each additional hour. I go there at the most two times a month and sometimes skip a month or two such as this case. It had been almost two months since my last visit and upon leaving one of the garage checkers told me the cashier at the exit had my change from last visit almost six weeks before. As I drove to the exit and pay, the cashier gave me an old ticket with a wade of cash stapled to it. He said,” Sir, here’s the change (p480) from your last visit you forgot to get before leaving.” WOW! Now I rarely carry much cash but thinking back I remember I was going to buy some meds and groceries. Later I did think I was short but then again maybe I spent it or didn’t have that much. I told the cashier to keep it and buy pizza for himself and co-workers for being so kind. He refused. But being it was almost dinner time, I went and got two pizzas and took them to the garage attendants. Second incident I had a local electrician helping me do some wiring in my new workshop. He did more than I expected and I told my wife to make sure to pay him extra. Before leaving he asked for p600 and my wife handed him p800. He said that was too much because I was helping him. After refusing two times to take the tip I told him I had more work for him and if he refuses to take the tip I would hire someone else. After a few laughs he finally agreed to accept the tip. I’m sure there are many more stories like these but these just made me feel really good after some bad times the week before.
  4. Enforcing the helmet law could save them. Enforcing traffic laws could save others.
  5. intrepid

    Securty Door Lock

    Jake, thanks for the kind comments. I have been building scale boats and ships since the age of ten. I got interested in the US Coast Guard back then instead of navel ships due to the more colors than plane gray. I have stuck with coast guard models ever since. For a while I focused on their rescue boats and then onto versions used in the wars. Once I get back into swing of things and major projects out of the way I plan to finish a Wind class icebreaker. WWII version. A lot of history. The closest thing to an America's Cup I have built were several of the Revenue Cutters, the forerunner of the USCG. The Joe Lane is one example. As far as home security/defense, I taught and organized many seminars over the years. We even offered home surveys during construction where many times uninformed or lazy builders, just did not know how to install safe secure doors. With the jambs and frames being the weakest link in many installations. I am surely no expert in all the locks and doors available but I feel safe in my selections and installs. Everybody has an opinion but each has to make the best decisions based on their experience and budget. As far as security cameras,(CCTV), I can remember only a small percentage where the video captured an image good enough to use to identify the suspect. Most were either too burry or to dark. The sometimes did show the correct time and even show the crime, but without being able to see car tag numbers and id the suspect they are useless otherwise. Some improvements have been made with the more expensive ones. But again a lot has to do with the install. We all feel safe until we are invaded. After talking to several of the engineers at some of the worlds largest lock companies, they all seemed to agree that they only sure way to guarantee a lock/door will not fail is to guard it with the military. Every lock and door has a weakness and if someone wants what is on the other side of the door bad enough, they will take the risks and do what ever they need to get it. Just some of my thoughts FWIW.
  6. intrepid

    Securty Door Lock

    Not related to the Home Depot chain in the states but a large building supply store none the less.
  7. intrepid

    Securty Door Lock

    And along with that I have learned that locks only keep the honest people out.
  8. intrepid

    Time Value Mail Question

    I twice had to have a letter overnighted to me FedEx was used. From the US East coast to me the next day. Both times arrived on time with no issues. I am in Laguna however. Cannot tell you the cost because the sender shouldered that expense.
  9. I'm building a workshop behind the house where I will be doing my wood working/machining and model boat building. Since I'll be building all kinds of projects including furniture, I wanted a wide entry door. I found a steel prehung at CW Williams Home Depot that fit the bill. Cost was about P10,000. It is one meter wide and included the jamb and outside trim. What I did not know until it was delivered is that it included the handle latch, deadbolt, and security locks. It installed easily with included hardware and everything works smooth and when locked seems very secure. I'm very happy with it and as soon as I get the aircon installed I will be as happy as Penguins In Antarctica. 0-02-06-62f83e2fdeda650252b2049053303e408426d67c7d5227446ccd9c1edab34dfe_1c6d949a185fda.mp4
  10. intrepid

    Electric Fan Rant

    Which model do you have?
  11. intrepid

    Hurricane Michael

    Try this one Video link: https://video.foxnews.com/v/5847592824001/.
  12. intrepid

    Hurricane Michael

    Here's drone footage of some of the damage .
  13. intrepid

    WIFI Repeater

    I'm not computer smart and have no idea. However, lets us know how it works once you get it connecting. I have been needing one also but not sure which one to get.
  14. I don't know if its a great idea or not but along with photo copies I have pictures of our driver's license, passports, and my acr card on my smart phone. I usually never home without it.
  15. Haha,...yes those three lawyers can get you out of a lot of trouble I've been told. I haven't had to use them yet but keep on retainer,... in my wallet.