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  1. I checked on line for Wilcon Sta Rosa and currently shows; OPEN -closing 8PM
  2. That only works if they have a bank account. For some reason they will not keep an account.
  3. Yes, we do that often. However, none of the Xoom pick up locations were any longer open in San Carlos City. BDO and most other banks have been closed also. Only option available here and there was Palawan Express. Nothing else much to do but watch the people in line.
  4. I saw something on ABSCBN last week that trike & Jeepney drivers will receive P5000 to help them. Not sure if this was nation wide or just certain areas. Already the local governments have been passing out some food supplies and rice.
  5. Here in Sta Rosa Laguna some were open with limited hours and limited number customers. The ones we attempted had hours 10am - 3pm. Lines were very long with an average of 20+ waiting. Then you may not be before the cutoff. My wife waited about two hours to send her mom some money. I was in the aircon car.
  6. Tommy, I see they are available on Lazada . However, with the virus Lazada is no longer making deliveries. I shipped plenty and have some leftovers from our build that should last me with any projects that come up. I haven't seen them in any of the hardware stores but seem to remember seeing them at Wilcon. Even if Lazada was shipping I think it would take over a month because they are from China. In Laguna here everything is closed on lock down and no construction allowed in most all places. Good luck, danny
  7. All this talk about Mustangs got me to remembering the twin. A little late for the war but; https://www.boeing.com/history/products/p-82-twin-mustang.page
  8. Wow. Great story and history. Thanks!
  9. I think you could be right. More cost and more paperwork.
  10. I read this last night which states the virus is natural and not man made. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/researchers-say-covid-19-product-of-natural-evolution-not-a-laboratory-construct
  11. Along those lines, how long before airlines or governments will require a medical clearance to travel? Maybe a customer will have to aquire a medical examination clearance within 48 hours of flying.
  12. AK, for books try this link below. They have free shipping worldwide and the prices are not bad at all. I've ordered two times now without an issue. https://www.bookdepository.com/
  13. So, for those who don't remember this is not the first time there has been a shortage of toilet paper. From back in 1973;
  14. Modern Day Bartering IMG_2328.mov
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