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  1. Thanks Jack.D this is great news. Later today with a little more time I will give it a try with my account.
  2. intrepid

    New Member

    Welcome Hebb. You can do it. The part above I quoted from you is a very good reason to make the move. I lived in a very comfortable place in the states. But could not put to words as well as you did above as a reason to make the move. We are going on three years now and about your age. There are places like you are looking for that are quiet. You may have to pay a little more but they are available. My wife also has a small home in San Pedro, (Carmon Homes). All the homes are small and very tight for me. We chose Sta Rosa Laguna. Good schools, hospitals, and shopping. Many good doctors also. You should not have a problem filling your wife's medical needs anywhere from Sta Rosa to Subic and parts in between. As Scott said above, stick around and ask away. Someone will have an answer or at least a good opinion.
  3. This story goes hand and hand with the topic Dirty fuel to make a comeback. https://www.wheninmanila.com/soon-the-city-will-destroy-manilas-last-lung-arroceros-forest-park-to-build-a-gym/
  4. intrepid


    Just curious, what was the weight of your package?
  5. intrepid


    Yes you are correct on both points. I is my thought that the traffic will only get worse, everywhere, before it gets better. With the population growing as well as income for many, not all, you will see more and more vehicles on the road. Added to that all the new construction almost everywhere where housing is squeezed together because land is limited and it all adds up to more traffic. In parts of Laguna and I'm sure many other places it is no longer unusual to see a car parked at a house. What is becoming more common is to see two and three cars at many homes. About the only time the traffic is a little lighter in Manila is Sundays, but not always. Now for garbage I have seen a little improvement since the early 2000's. This could get better with more education. Enforcement of the pollution laws would help also but good luck with that one.
  6. intrepid

    Early Christmas BB have arrived

    Well, for those interested in not using the services of the balikbayan box shipper we used, the company is SARANGANI SEAPORT, Package/freight Delivery. They are a smaller company but with many drop off locations around Maryland, PA, WV, and DC. Because of the way they rolled our boxes around I also would never use them for transporting anything if you have a choice. Today my wife called their office and spoke to the General Manager about our issue. When asked why the boxes had been opened, she said they were received that way. However, the delivery men had admitted the boxes we opened for ventilation when my wife asked them on the delivery date. Just as upsetting was the manager did not see anything wrong with the way they delivered the boxes by rolling them around. I am not really so concerned about our loss of the few broken pieces but it may have been avoided with a little careful handling. As I said before we are really happy nothing was stolen but the opening and handling of our boxes was just not professional. Next step is contacting our friend who is an agent for this company to let her know our experience.
  7. intrepid

    Early Christmas BB have arrived

    The company is not a large national company and there main office is in the Washington DC area. We are close friends with one their agents where we shop and ship from in Western Maryland. Until we talk with them and also the receiving office here in Philippines, I will wait to until we get some answers. If you are in the DC area and concerned you use them, send me a PM and I will offer the company name.
  8. intrepid

    Early Christmas BB have arrived

    We just finished an inventory of the other boxes. Everything accounted for, nothing missing. We did find two more broken items. Glass from picture frames. My wife shipped four picture frames which I asked her not to. Of course she knew better and two now have broken glass. At least the glass can be replaced here and the frames were otherwise not damaged. One bottle liquid soap leaked a few cc's No big deal just a little clean on the items it leaked on. Some cereal boxes got mashed but that was expected. Now what I can say is there is going to be some happy friends and family as we get to pass some of the goodies out over the next few days. Can't wait to see their faces.
  9. intrepid

    Early Christmas BB have arrived

    Was your box opened or just delayed?
  10. On our last visit to the states back in April-May we packed five boxes with the usual household stuff and food for ourselves along with items for friends and family. One box contained an older cast iron dismantled table saw which was very heavy. It was so heavy that I had the box strapped to help it from falling apart during shipment. So the boxes arrived today while I was out and my wife was home to take delivery. She video taped the men rolling the boxes from the front of the truck to the back! They then used a had dolly to move four boxes inside and left the one with the saw in the garage. All the boxes seemed to have been crushed. However, it may have looked that way if that is how they move them from rolling around. The other obvious thing we noticed was the four boxes had been opened. When we seal a box it is closed and taped with a commercial grade packing tape with the reinforced nylon thread. All sides, edges, and ends are taped. The tape had been cut and boxes opened and then reaped with the cheap clear packing tape. My wife asked why they had been opened and first he denied and tried to say they were not opened. When questioned further he told my wife they were opened because they thought there may be something inside that needed ventilation. My wife took photos of all the boxes and a video as they unloaded also. The first box has been checked and inventoried and although nothing is missing, one large pyrex cooking pot had broken and a bottle of soap leaked a little. The delivery guy and my wife both took photos of the broken piece. He advised my wife to call the office on Monday and report the broken piece and tell about the opened boxes. Because of other pressing issues the other three boxes will be opened later this evening or tomorrow. We have used this shipper before many times without incident and so have many of our friends back in the states. I’m not sure what to think just yet. I don’t think the boxes were opened by customs but I don’t believe their story. We are thinking since the shipper advised us not to list a complete inventory on the shipping documents but instead put a list inside the box as well as keep one for ourselves. Maybe someone opened the boxes and saw the list and decided not to go deeper afraid a complaint would be made if something was missing from the list. As far as the broken glass pot, that does not concern me near as much as the boxes being opened for no valid reason as of yet. In any event, just watching those guys rolling the boxes on the truck is enough for me to have a discussion with the business owner. If after opening the remaining boxes nothing else is missing or broken I will be much happier.
  11. WOW JGF, you got a keeper. My kind of girl. Good luck with the relationship and hope your feeling better soon.
  12. intrepid

    Stem cell Treatment

    Jack, This is a good track record and if it were me I would likely continue with the doctor as well.. Now maybe, just maybe, if this had a few years of proven results I may consider if my doctor agreed. But looks like a some years away.
  13. intrepid

    Manila Airport, NAIA, (MNL) Skyway

    I prefer to look at it as one for the working and retired and one for those aspiring to work and retire.
  14. For those who drive to the Manila Airport, NAIA, the new exits and roads have all now been opened for a few months. There are still a few small areas of construction to be finished. However, the major work is completed and a great improvement. Traveling to the airport from the south, Sta Rosa Laguna area would take as much as an hour and a half or longer with very heavy traffic. With the completed work we were at terminal #3 in less than 45 minutes. We left our home in Sta Rosa at 7:30 am. and the traffic was moderate. The return trip was even faster in just under 30 minutes. This was taking the SLEX to Skyway and reversed home. There is a p35 tole fee in and again out of the airport and the Skyway fee from the airport to Sta Rosa is p210 each way. For those living North of the airport I can only hope the travel is this easy for you. Now if only they could build a Bypass for Manila.
  15. intrepid

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    Welcome redfeather. It sounds like you are on the right track with this girl you have met as well as locating this friendly informative forum. Just take your time and get to know each other as well as her family. If you haven’t had much dealings with the filipinos you will soon learn you will become part of their family and with this comes responsibility . The members here are very knowledgeable and can explain or help with most questions you may have. Good luck and again welcome.