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  1. Unless I am misunderstanding this seems to go against what I thought was that a non resident could not fully own a business. Maybe it was his wife's business and they credited him? Of course like many things here, the court may also make they own requirements I suppose. All in all it seems like a fair and good idea which if still in effect should benefit others.
  2. You're a good friend and did the best you can do at this point. Hang with him and continue to give support. Not much else you can do. Good luck to the both of you.
  3. Thanks JFG, I did read the link. My comment was just hoping they don't decide to further extend this to more dates and also international flights. They do share the same runways and terminal.
  4. I too hope the international flights are not affected. We are booked form Manila to Tokyo May 13
  5. I understand this fully Jack. Almost every time we visit San Carlos City is usually over a holiday. We always hear "Outta Stock Sir" We have gotten to the point where my wife ships some food supplies and other things we may need from Laguna a few days before we leave. Even then we end up hand carry some additional. I agree with you, why can the managers or whoever in charge plan better for the busy times. Maybe someone could start a part-time business offering these items and services during holiday times.
  6. Just a follow up on shipping my passports and keys. We did use JRS as recommended by a couple members. All arrived safe without delay. Passports are now safely in my hands and will make sure I let my wife know at all times where they are located and packed for future trips! Thanks all
  7. As for me Jack, I hope it will be clapping!
  8. I could be wrong and most likely I am. I know this because my wife tells me this all the time. However, as nice as the cleanup can make things look nice, for a short while, there is a bigger issue. That is to get the citizens to stop polluting, littering, and otherwise not cause the cleanup to be need in the first place. I have seen private work crews as well as government roadside cleanup personal. Their work is good and when finished the area looks nice where they cleaned, for maybe five minutes. I see locals riding in their cars, jeepneys, or just walking right behind the cleanup area with trash being thrown out the vehicle windows, or the pedestrians drop their garbage as they walk and eat. To them it does not matter if glass or plastic bottle, plastic or paper wrap. Somehow this beautiful country needs to educate the citizens of the dangers of all this pollution. It starts on the land and then most all of it will eventually work its way to the waterways and then the sea. As I have said before, this type of pollution is a far greater risk to humans than the global warming/ climate change hysteria. Okay, off my soap box. Sorry if I have offended anyone but these are my thoughts and I truly think it is just a matter of time before it all catches up with everyone.
  9. That has been my practice for years and has worked,...until my wife decided that I should use a different bag going home and changed everything over while I was dead tired sleeping. She didn't think to check in the small outer pockets. Well, anyway, I bet she does not pull that one again.
  10. We had closed our BPI accounts except a dollar passbook account. Although we do not use for online banking, we do have access online to keep tabs on it.
  11. Thanks RBM, I relayed the info and she will ship it to me after lunch. Maybe next time we are in San Carlos we could get together. Our place is in St Vincent.
  12. Thanks RBM, Since others recommend as well I will tell our niece. Can you advise where the JRS is located in San Carlos? I checked there website and it had limited information
  13. I hadn't heard of Air 21. Are they located in all the Philippine cities? San Carlos City is small and the largest city is a few hours away. Maybe 2Go would be best. I seem to remember seeing a location there. For luggage I prefer canvas bags also, Actually I like duffels. My wife does not because she feels they are harder to pack. They are heavy duty, cheaper, and because they are so light you can easily pack more into them than hard luggage. I had found large wheeled duffels without a frame at Walmart for $19.95 made mostly of a heavyweight rip stop nylon and they easily last years even though I consider them disposable.
  14. Two weeks ago my wife had to make an emergency trip to San Carlos City Negros from Sta Rosa, Laguna because of a sick sister. She died a couple days later. As soon as school school was out our daughter and I made the trip for the viewing and funeral. I parked our car in the long term parking deck at terminal 3. Took along our passports for id travel. The next day after the funeral my wife started to pack thinks up for the travel home. Since we always keep extra things at this other house where mother in law lives, my wife decided to change my Carry bag since we will be flying to Tokyo mid May and she liked one of the other bags we had there. She did this while I was sleeping. She did not know the passports were in the small top outer pocket of the carry on I brought. The car and house keys were in the lower pocket. When we got to Bacolod airport is when I realized we did not have the passports. We were concerned that our daughter would not be allowed to board without ID. We had our niece send a photo of her ID page of the passport just in case. No problem with that, not once on the outbound or return flight did we ever have to show ID, just the boarding pass I printed at home before we left. Then when we arrived in Manila I realized the car keys were not with us. Again lucky my wife had her set with her. So now we need to have the passport and keys sent back to us here in Laguna. What is the safest and most reliable courier service. I only know LBC and 2Go, are there any others that may be better?
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