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  1. You know Queenie the old saying, "If you want something done right, then do it yourself." This has been my experience over the years and I can do mot repairs myself. However, I have also learned when it pays someone else to do the hard stuff that I just don't like for feel safe doing at my age. Roofing and gutters are just one example for me. Nice to hear your husband has learned the self satisfaction of diy.
  2. Your welcome Tommy. But remember they have trained technicians for most other appliances as well.
  3. Many have told stories of bad products and services around the Philippines including myself. However, sometimes we get lucky and find a good one. This time I want to share another good service experience we have had. https://teko.ph/ They are a service company who do installs, service, repair, and cleaning of most all appliances. We had a bad experience with a local guy to clean a aircon and thought we would save a little using and helping out a local guy. While cleaning he damaged and was unable to repair our unit. With Teko you book very easy on line any time and pick the service yo
  4. In San Carlos City they are referred to as pedicabs. Many more there than any other city I visited. When my daughter was younger and if she got bored we would have the local guy take her a ride with her Tita around the subdivision. It made her happy and us as well for a while.
  5. We had the same issue Tommy. As impressed as I was with our construction and details I still cannot get over the fact how lazy the workers are with their garbage and scraps. Even as the construction was winding down and only a few workers left they still continued to eat on the new new tile floors and leave food scraps laying around for the cats and what else? They did pick up and larger construction scraps but like you, a month or so later we were still picking up all kinds of garbage and whatnot. Then we hired landscapers to bring in some topsoil and plant grass in some areas. I asked t
  6. I have told this story many times and at least once before on this forum. When we were looking for an architect/builder the first one that was recommended to us listened carefully to what we wanted. We gave him a list of rooms we wanted in our home and the minimum sizes of each plus a couple pictures of what we would like the outside of the home to like similar. After the third drawing attempt he it was pretty much what we wanted but the price was a little higher than we wanted. It was at this point I asked him if it would be possible to maybe visit a couple construction sites he had
  7. But, when on the hook the bow is always into the wind and those deck hatches are like wind scoops so usually you had air blowing across you. Some of the best sleeping I've ever had was like that in a protected cove with a light breeze.
  8. Yes, they both have an adjustable pressure switch. The main difference is that the bladder tank can supply more volume between motor pump runs given the same physical size tank. Therefore, the bladder tank can be much smaller in physical size.
  9. Never fear the Pfizer vaccine, maker of Viagra. It they can raise the dead they can surely heal the sick!
  10. Tommy, I have an apartment above my garage back in Maryland. That room is 512 sq ft and has a 12’ high cathedral ceiling. The whole place is super insulated. Since I need both heat and aircon I decided to install a split unit, non-invertor heat-pump. The calculator called for 13K+ BTU for heat and 12K BTU for Cooling. I was worried about the high ceiling and sometimes colder winters. I thought a 12K BTU Heat Pump may be a little shy doing the job and decided to step up to the next available 18K BTU. What a mistake. It’s okay in the winters but in the summers the room stays so damp
  11. We went to Sta Rosa City Hall to pay property taxes about 8:45 am this morning. While my wife paid taxes I went to the BI Office. A couple people setting around but no one at the three windows. Handed my passport and ACR card and told to have a seat. Moments later called to window to pay p310. They handed back card, passport, and receipt. Total time 3-5 minutes! Sometimes you get lucky.
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