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  1. JJ, My wife and I and a few friends were kicking this idea around a few months ago. Subject got started because of my aging parents in the states. As much as I enjoy it here I just don't think my parents could adjust very easily to the changes needed to live here. They have no ties here like I do with my wife's family. Anyway, we all thought the idea of a retirement nursing/assisted living community would be a good idea here and could be a good business. However, we all agreed it would be best to cater to "Balikbayans" and their spouse. I don't have the desire or capital to start such a venture but sure would like to see someone run with the idea.
  2. Correct. As Jack stated above, only if they come from a country where the license is not in English.
  3. Yes, this is correct. 3 Months on your home country drivers license. NOTE* If your home country license is not in English then you will need an international drivers license which is actually only a translation of your license. Also the law requires while driving on your foreign drivers license you must carry your passport. I was stopped once and showed a foreign license but was not asked for my passport. YMMV.
  4. That is interesting. How many years and times per year have you been spraying? Also do you know what they were spraying?
  5. Hi JJ; The below is from an old topic I was reading and now wondering if you can share the results on your trees from not spraying? Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JJReyes Posted April 10, 2014 The natural cycle for mango trees is to flower and fruit once every two years. The introduction of potassium nitrate spraying allows for an annual harvest because the chemical induces flowering. If you spray twice a year you can get two harvests. The problem is the trees become "senile" at an earlier age. What the University of the Philippines, College of Agriculture in Los Banos also discovered is that the amount of fruit (kilos harvested per tree) starts to go down from year after year of spraying. If you stop spraying, the trees may go into shock and they might stop producing fruits. Like addicts, the trees become chemical dependent. The thing is no one really knows because most growers will not take the risk. For 2014, I prohibited the spraying of the 200 mango trees on my property just to see what happens. I am not dependent on the harvest income so let's see after a couple of years of no spraying.
  6. Nice topic on health and now seems aircon also. Moved here early 2016. I'm 58, wife 52, daughter 13. I had one trip to the ER with high fever but treated and released within an hour and daughter one trip for cut food on broken tile in swimming pool. I think the temp setting of aircon is somewhat related to age. Just a few years back I needed it as cold as it would go. Then after moving into our house last year we usually had it set at 22-23. Now at 24 I sometimes feel cool. Even our daughter has move up from 21 to 23 in her bedroom. Other than the past few days with the milder weather and no aircon needed,(for us), it usually runs 24 hours a day in whatever room we are in. No way would I live here without it. Heck for that matter I would not be without aircon in the summer in my home in the states.
  7. Hmmm, seems to be working on my feed
  8. Look at the streets and water. Everything looks so nice and clean. Even in the later photos near the end with a lot of traffic and people you will have a hard time to see any litter. Oh how I wish we could see this again. Maybe some day with some good education and leadership.
  9. Okay, I've been following this from the start taking it all in. I had no good advise to offer but this has been good reading for my future reference. I really enjoy all the different opinions and strategies. All that said I did want to respond the the above quote because when there are many negative examples I like to give see some balance in positive example. At the time we have no house helper but out last one who was with us for about two years was in my opinion close to exceptional. My wife had her opinion but no one can cook or clean as well as her,…so she says. Now I must say I am forgetful and lazy at times with my belongings. I am of the idea if I cannot leave some small things laying around then we don’t need someone around we cannot trust. I did not use cameras, entrapment, bait, or anything the like. More than once when our helper was washing clothes, she would come to me with cash in hand, (20s, 50, or even 100s) saying ,”Kuya, found this in you pockets.” I would thank her and never give it a thought. Sometimes she would also find some small amounts in our daughters school uniform I suppose leftover for lunches. Now this helper was a very motivated 24 year old from a farm in the province and if her father didn’t want her home to help with other babies, she would hopefully still be with us. For the money she would find in my pockets, I would tell my wife and noted if she would have kept it, I would have never known or would not have missed. Call me careless I know but it happens. Most of that money she found I put in a jar. Before she returned to the province, and after paying her and also a small bonus, I got the jar out and explained what it was and gave it to her for being kind and honest with us. She wasn't the best helper of all time but I would be the first to stand with her if ever her honesty was questioned. There are some good honest ones around.
  10. Wow do I understand your pain and being perplexed in this situation. I have been there with this washing of cloths issue as well as several similar issues. As much as I would like to advise or comment in an effort to help you, I fear all I would do is muddy the wash water and put my feet in deeper along side of you. Well at least maybe you finally got some breakfast..
  11. Seems to me he they were a little hard on them him. Since these submarines work in the dark depths most of the time, maybe the commander just wanted to practice docking his submarine,.... 10 times before going out again. As you can never practice too much and practice makes perfect, I suspect he was just honing is skills so he could rise to the occasion. You know, to become your best, you need to be testing your limits and expanding your horizons.
  12. Wow, this is cool. There are three participating McDonalds within 10 drive of my home and at least 4 others within 20 minute drive. Thanks Don. Now do you mind loaning me your Trailblazer on Jan 10th, 17th, and 24th? I'll be away on Jan 31- Feb 7th. Thanks again. PS when will Ford start this promo?
  13. Our local Dunkin Donuts moved from inside the WalterMart to one of the spaces which has its own entry. My wife likes their coffee but they do not open until 10AM. By this time she is already starting to prepare lunch. She sent me there before in the early evening to get some donuts for evening snack. I was there at six and they close at nine. The racks were empty but they tried to sell me coffee. The sales boy told me if I want donuts I should arrive before four when they sell out. WHAT? Why do they even open and stay in business? On topic: Dave, no issues here with online shopping. Wife and daughter purchase monthly and me sometimes too. I suppose part of your issue may be location.
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