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  1. We have tried to contact two of the IPATA in Manila. One phone number reassigned and no answer at the other. Will keep trying to see the costs. For now I take the little queen to the vet for a good checkup and see if the vet recommends if she feels she would be safe to travel in cargo. After that I will consider the options. Thanks to all for the ideas.
  2. I read the article and it sure does seem simple enough. My mind is telling me through my wallet to go for it. However, I just don't think my conscience would allow me to do that. Sometimes I wish I could override my conscience.
  3. I think our dog is just a little too big to bring in the cabin. Although if it were allowed I would be willing to purchase her a seat. However, I don't think that would be allowed but I will now inquire.
  4. There are several IPATA companies in Manila . will be checking in the morning. Thanks.
  5. We are planing an extended trip to the US next year. Most likely will be at least a year. We want to take our pet dog along . I know others have written about traveling with a dog but I could not find anything using the search. I called the a few airlines and was told Ihasa Apsos were not accepted because they are considered snub nose dog. Our dog is a Lhasa Apsos mix. After doing some research I found the reason for not accepting snub nose dogs is most have breathing issues because of the short snout. Our dog is 3.5 years old and very healthy with no breathing issues. We do plan to see her vet soon and inquire about this issue. Formally known as brachycephalic breeds, snub nosed dogs are breeds that have a shorter than normal snouth. Pugs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Shih Tzus, Pit Bull Terriers, Chow Chows and Boxers are some of the most common examples. Although their unusual noses are their cutest feature, it’s also their most dangerous characteristic. Their compressed sinuses make it harder for them to breathe on a regular basis, as well as it takes them longer to cool down and catch their breath after having done physical movements. Therefore, snub nosed breeds must be taken care of when flying, but this doesn’t mean that they should not undergo air travel. Keep reading to learn about proper tips to follow when flying snub nosed dogs, as well as things to consider when determining health concerns. https://airpetsamerica.com/air-transportation-with-snub-nosed-breeds-all-you-need-to-know/ It seems there may be a way using private carrier but so far I have struck out. Does anyone know of dog/pet flight carriers or any suggestions?
  6. Really, CMI, (count me in), what rest restaurant would do that here?
  7. I do not speak Tagalog or any other foreign language. Actually I have a hard time with my English occasionally. But I understand your frustrations when they talk. Sometimes it seems like more confusion when they are done. Like you Tommy, I cannot figure why it takes so many words for them to explain something so basic and simple. I once was talking to a local fire chief and he joked how his department has such an outstanding record. He said, “In the past twenty plus years of serving with the fire department they have not lost a single foundation,….yet”. We laughed but in the back of my mind I wonder if there is confusion in the orders being relayed because of the observations I have had about the communication here. However, everything seems to usually/finally get completed and most of the time correctly. Makes me wonder what would happen in the states if there were many different languages in different regions and then those people wold start transplanting all over. Sorry for getting off topic and long winded. I suppose the best thing to do is get another tall glass and sip away as the others talk. Oh I said sip not gulp.
  8. Once you move in all that waited time will be a short memory as you quickly start enjoying the fruits of past frustrations.
  9. I agree that it does seem maybe treatments are getting better but also could be the ones now being infected and seeking treatment are younger and healthier. This is another reason I like the Deaths/1M Pop. It sorta gives the current/final overall end stat. Here again if they are not manipulated.
  10. The world average is 64.5 per 1M pop. Am I missing something here, how can that stat go down? I can understand the deaths can go down. But Unless there is a huge increase in population overnight it would seem to me that the stat of "Deaths/ 1M Population" can only ever go up. I never took a course while in college on Stats so my understanding is limited.
  11. I have been watching this chart for a while that someone posted a early on. There are many columns of stats which most here have discussed and find meaningless to which I agree. However, the one stat I am drawn to is near to the right, "Deaths/ 1M Population". Forget the testing and how many. Total cases, Recovered, serious, active, ect. ect. In the end I feel the Deaths/ 1M Population is what counts. Also being aware of the times there have been manipulation of the cause of death, I don’t think that factor is so large to change the overall picture. Anyway, looking down that column starting with the USA is high at 388. UK and Spain at over 600. Belgium 840! Then you have others all over the place and you come to the Philippines at 11? Yes 11 deaths per 1M Population. So I would like to believe this stat but it still begs the question, Is this stat being manipulated?
  12. Same here in Sta Rosa with an added requirement. After the feet washing, temp ck, and hand cleaning we have to fill out a form with name, address, ph #, email, and answer a list of about 10 questions and then you are allowed in the store. So on the way home I stopped at a Shell convenience store to buy a diet coke. Once in the door same thing. As I'm filling out the form I asked the clerk is all this necessary to buy just a Coke? No one else in the store and I walked to the cooler and ,....no diet Coke. Oh well, we all had a good laugh.
  13. RBM, where is the area your place is located in San Carlos? Do you still visit? We built a place in St Vincent in 2006 and visit 1-2 times a year. Traffic is less but many pedicabs which I don't mind so much as the tricycles when I'm driving. However, the traffic has grown over the years like most places in PI. On the good side there have been increasing number of shopping and eating places recently which helps. Dr and hospitals are basic and for advanced treatments a trip to Bacolod or Cebu will be needed.
  14. So here is another view on the movement.
  15. It is just a shame in my eyes that so many people are being hoodwinked by this movement,...driven by politics in my view. There are so many who are easily swayed from all the stuff on social media. Much of it is bad information with bad facts by people with good intentions but want to have their ??? minutes of fame and they don't have to check their facts before posting. I don't know where this will all end but at the current rate it will not be a good place when it is all settled.. I have another one I will post who explains hoe BLM is a religious move.
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