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  1. Here is another to beware of; Two beautiful girls will approach you. Usually in the parking lot of Target Malls or Waltermart. While you’re putting your groceries away they’ll ask you for a ride to McDonald’s or some other place. They are very convincing and very hot! Once they are in your car, one of them takes her clothes off and starts climbing all over you. While she keeps you busy, the other one takes your wallet. I’ve had mine taken on the 12th, 14th, 15th, and twice yesterday and probably two more times tomorrow. Waltermart has wallets for P125, but I found some at the Cheap Store for p95 so I bought all they had. These two harlets not only take your wallet, but you never even make it to McDonald’s so I’ve already lost 10 lbs. Keep a lookout for them. I find that at lunch time and at around 5:30 p.m. are the best times.
  2. Most of our outdoor LEDs are for accent and only 3 watts. No issue with them. I don't feel the wattage is the issue.
  3. My 1968 Dodge R/T 440 cu in. Photo take 1978 age 17. Worked at a garage since age 15 and did a total rebuild including new paint on the car. Side note: Photo was taken at a friends house who's father worked at Mack Trucks assembly plant. His mailbox post seen on the right is a crankshaft from a Mack Truck. Like many of you, sure had some good memories in my car.
  4. This is a great idea. Just remember to follow through. Even if they get ahead of you don't be afraid to take some screws out here and there to inspect. It will give you a piece of mind. I had shipped a lot of wire nuts when we moved. However, I have seem them here and there in some stores since we located here. Good luck with you project.
  5. My electrical system is grounded about like in the US. An actual 8' ground rod under the meter. #2 copper to the panel box and grounds were run to most of the outlets. The ones not grounded, I had them come back and pull grounds. Guess they were lazy at some point. Have to keep an eye on everything. As far as 3 phase I cannot answer that. I'm sure a call to your power company here would find an answer. Back home I had several pieces of equipment with 3 phase motors. I don't care for the phase converters due to loss of power or the rotart phase converters because of the noise. Since VFD's have dropped down in price over the years, that is the way to go. A little over $100. for a VFD which could run up to 5hp three phase. Can't beat it.
  6. In our subdivision I did not know until we built we have like in the US, two 115 volt lines. I had heard they also have this system around Subic. I am sure there are other places as well.
  7. The main reason I I decided to install the AVR was before we moved I had already decided to ship my tools build a workshop. Most are 115 volt but some 220 volt. Table saw, milling machine, and lathe, and many had power tools. I knew I was going to need a step down transformer so after some research I started learning about the AVR. Then after building the house I found we have 115 volts as well as the 230. So at least the AVRs were still needed. Glad I had them installed. The larger one is in the utility room near the panel box which handles most of all the house loads. A smaller one in an added entertainment room. And dedicated one in my workshop for the 115 volt tools I shipped.
  8. I neglected to mention that our incoming voltage is 247. The AVR shows the input and output voltages and regulates at 230.
  9. I can assure you that there are rarely more than 10 lights at any given time. Otherwise I take action. Meaning I sneak around offing switches. I think the only time all those outdoor lights were on like the below was when I took the photo.
  10. when we built a few years ago I installed all LEDs. Out of almost 300 bulbs only 3 have failed. There are several brands with between 3-5 year warranty. All of mine have been replaced by Ace Hardware with no charge showing the original receipt.
  11. I brought mine from the US but I have seen them in some hardware stores. However only up to say 3000 watts. Most are listed as transformer/AVR. If I remember the 3000 w was ~p6000. Of course price increases with output.
  12. This is the one I brought from the US and has worked well for me. I also have a 2500 watt unit and a 5000 watt unit. The 5000 watt I haven even taken from the box. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078XKKM1H/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B078XKKM1H&pd_rd_w=ikWhG&pf_rd_p=8a8f3917-7900-4ce8-ad90-adf0d53c0985&pd_rd_wg=DWqra&pf_rd_r=RY15EWJYCY76D4A8E8YF&pd_rd_r=35b8b449-a37c-11e9-ae22-ada3503c77e4&smid=A3BCQW2YNLP692
  13. This is what I have been using without any issues. The larger ones can be placed before the panel box to handle the whole house loads. What is an AVR? An AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulator is a device that is used to regulate voltage automatically—it takes the fluctuating voltage levels of a current and turns it into a constant voltage level. In most cases, the voltage levels fluctuate in a range of -25% to +20%– with AVRs, the range in which these voltage levels fluctuate become smaller, usually around the +/-3% range which is significantly more precise. The fluctuation in the voltage mainly occurs due to the variation in load from its supply system. This variation can be controlled by installing some equipment that is specialized to control voltage at specific places such as near transformers, generators, feeders, etc. AVRs are provided in more than one point in the power system in order to control the voltage variations. The basic functions of AVRs are the following: It stabilizes the output voltage of a generator or any supply system. It divides the reactive load between the supply system in parallel operation. It maintains the excitation of the system under fault conditions. It reduces overvoltage which occurs because of the sudden load of a system. There are three types of AVRs that are worth mentioning. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses—but all of them still do the basic functions and sometimes even more. In order to fully understand the three kinds of AVRs, you must know its inner workings as well as what makes it stand out from the rest. With that being said, here are the three types of AVRs, namely: The relay type AVR, the servo-motor AVR, and the static voltage regulator.
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