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  1. intrepid

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    Wow do I understand your pain and being perplexed in this situation. I have been there with this washing of cloths issue as well as several similar issues. As much as I would like to advise or comment in an effort to help you, I fear all I would do is muddy the wash water and put my feet in deeper along side of you. Well at least maybe you finally got some breakfast..
  2. Seems to me he they were a little hard on them him. Since these submarines work in the dark depths most of the time, maybe the commander just wanted to practice docking his submarine,.... 10 times before going out again. As you can never practice too much and practice makes perfect, I suspect he was just honing is skills so he could rise to the occasion. You know, to become your best, you need to be testing your limits and expanding your horizons.
  3. intrepid

    Free McD Breakfast For Chevy Owners

    Wow, this is cool. There are three participating McDonalds within 10 drive of my home and at least 4 others within 20 minute drive. Thanks Don. Now do you mind loaning me your Trailblazer on Jan 10th, 17th, and 24th? I'll be away on Jan 31- Feb 7th. Thanks again. PS when will Ford start this promo?
  4. intrepid

    Stressed Beyond Belief by Online Shopping

    Our local Dunkin Donuts moved from inside the WalterMart to one of the spaces which has its own entry. My wife likes their coffee but they do not open until 10AM. By this time she is already starting to prepare lunch. She sent me there before in the early evening to get some donuts for evening snack. I was there at six and they close at nine. The racks were empty but they tried to sell me coffee. The sales boy told me if I want donuts I should arrive before four when they sell out. WHAT? Why do they even open and stay in business? On topic: Dave, no issues here with online shopping. Wife and daughter purchase monthly and me sometimes too. I suppose part of your issue may be location.
  5. Perhaps he can update us on the outcome at school. We had a long offline conversation about this as I have a daughter of similar age and two young daughters who will go to school here. Although I did not start a post about my daughters incident a while back, I did comment on her situation in another post. Like many incidents this is a very long story and I’ll try to condense with the update. Daughter is almost 13 in the seventh grade. Good looking and taller than average student for her age. Of course mixed Phil-Am. First let me state there was nothing physical about her incident. Her group of friends started by teasing her about her American accent and then to calling her racial names. This was done by both boys and girls. Of course she is all girl and a little sensitive and I’m sure when they saw how easy they could effect her, they would continue. She finally reported it to her teacher/advisor on her own without us prepping her. The teacher listened to her but took no action. At this point we requested a meeting with the school principal. After a second request was made two days later it was a Friday and my daughter was so stressed out she refused to go to school. On Monday when she returned to school I sent along with her an absent excuse explaining she was not in school Friday because of harassment and bulling. That finally got some attention and we received a call for a meeting with the guidance councilor. *Note*- I’m still upset that to this date we have never heard a word from the school principal. So after the meeting we were assured the matter would be handled and the students involved would also be interviewed and meetings with their parents. She talked to our daughter later after we left. The next day they talked to several of the students who were involved. Things cooled down and for over a week we thought the issue had been resolved and things were getting back on track. Our daughter started spending more time with other students and avoiding the group causing problems when she could. Then it started again even worse. This was brought on by one of the girls leaving the bullies and confessing to our daughter everything and how they all conspired to lie to the councilor. After a few days the this girl had screenshots of conversations with the other bullies which she presented to us and the school administrators. (Oh, this girl is mixed Phil-Chinese and was also racially mocked and name called until she could no longer take it).This same girl also stated she was jealous because our daughter was so pretty and seemed to have many friends easily. At this point we learned the other parents had never been contacted because the school thought they could handle the issues. After a family friend who’s is a government lawyer made a few calls some action has been taken and the at this point things seemed to have settled down. Our daughter is able to focus on her studies and is doing well. I think everyone has learned some lessons here and especially our daughter.
  6. I think that would be a semister. http://enroll.dlsu.edu.ph/dlsu/view_fees_table
  7. How much is tuition at Ateneo? Give or take a little. Not sure of Ateneo but DLSU averages Php 115,000~
  8. And don't forget the cost factor? Not only the tuition but room and board. Unless you have grants and or scholarships, the costs in the states is substantially higher than the Philippines. As it stands now, our 13 year old daughter would like to attend college here and return to the states for work. Even not knowing for sure what she will major in. Of course at her age all that can change,...several times
  9. intrepid

    Filipino RV

    Convert it to a bunk bed and you may have something.
  10. intrepid

    Cataract Surgery/ Eye Exams

    B-I-L was just at a clinic in Laguna. They asked for Php 102,000. I'm not sure it that was one or both eyes. Doesn't really matter at this point because he said that is way to high and is searching for another eye clinic.
  11. intrepid

    Laws Are starting to be enforced Negros

    Hey Jack, How's the helmet enforcement going in Dumaguete? Here in Sta Rosa the LTO and PNP were hot and heavy on the motorcycle riders with no helmets, slippers, and multiple riders/ small children but slacked on end of September or early October. It appears here the enforcement date has gone by the wayside. About the only thing I notice different are if mom and pop have a helmet, the baby or little one will now be wearing a cotton or wool cap.
  12. intrepid

    The affluence of Manila

    Wow Jake, you have hit the nail on the head. Everything you stated is so true. The million peso question is when will the leaders get their act together? However, that is a discussion for another topic,...and not really for us expats.
  13. Some good local history from WWII and not far from where I live. This was an amazing raid/rescue and for anyone interested in WWII history its a must watch video.
  14. intrepid

    Cost For Braces For 14 year Old

    Seems way too high and I think she is trying to charge western prices to a westerner. Although I've had no experience with orthodontics, I did need to see a dentist last week to replace a crown/cap that had come off. No damage, only needed to be glued back in place. S-I-L recommended a neighbor who was a dentist and all her other recommendations had worked out well. So we go to visit his clinic. Talking with the dentist I learned he had family members in the US and he just returned for Boston the week before. Fee for 10 minutes time in the chair and gluing the undamaged crown was Php 5,000.00. Very nice gentleman but I suppose I will not see him again. Should have asked the fee first, my mistake. I'm sure it could have been done cheaper elsewhere.
  15. intrepid

    Update On Tipping

    This is the way to do it. Love it!