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  1. It sure looks nice and hope it can stay that way. Hopefully the government will continue to support and continue to clean the area. It's not perfect but much better than it was in the not so far past.
  2. Jake, you are welcome to give it a try blessing. May I recommend the wall nearby and not the steel gate. I have it set with one of the parameters to act as a bowling alley lane sweeper. When someone stands close to the gate and the area around it gets wet, it automatically sweeps the bystander away toward the street.
  3. Yes, I bought it through Lazada. However, before I purchased I asked a few questions and without charge they sent a rep to my home to look over my gates and made a recommendation as to which was best for my application. I may have been lucky on this because they store is located only about 10 km from me. Maybe they have reps throughout the Philippines. Also after reading the instructions I had a few questions regarding the the angles of the mounts and again with the programing after I completed the install. I was just amazed how they were able to give concise instructions that made each
  4. I hate to ask this but,....What does it mean if your feet get wet?
  5. The big issue with the jump boxes is the power/Amps provided. Most work well with a gasoline engine. However, diesels are much higher compression motors requiring more amps/starting power which the battery pack jumper just cannot handle. These packs handle power in capacitors. I was considering one a couple years back and only found one in the US that was recommended for diesel. I ended up buying an actual electric battery charger which has a higher amp jump feature. I don't feel comfortable using wrenches for a jump and I have a nice set of heavy copper cables. We have only one vehicle
  6. Reading on the Worldometers there have now been over 31M confirmed case worldwide to date and over 22M recovered. The Philippines is now 21 on the world list of cases. 286K+ cases and almost 330K recovered. Agreed it is not going to be over for a long while. However, it seems that the serious/critical cases are not as many as the early months of the pandemic. Maybe all the early news coverage has had a small impact on the population being more careful with such things as had washing and social distancing. I think the Philippines as well as other countries are starting to get tired of all
  7. Tommy, Altech is the company I purchased my swing gate openers from. They sell them through Lazada with a lower price. Their service is top notch. I installed my openers myself and had a few questions and either on the phone or email/chat were able to answer my questions clearly as though they were from the western world. I cannot say enough good about this company. One of the few here I could easily recommend. You will be happy with their product and service.
  8. First I saw this video. Some really good shots showing the power of tornado. 2017-06-13-VIDEO-000009511.mp4
  9. I can't spell most of those words correctly forward!
  10. I have no idea. So as an example. A citizen from a country transfers P5M to buy land and house. Several years later after some improvements, sells the house for P10M. Now that citizen wants to transfer P10M to their home country. Is there a capital gains tax or something like that since the money has now doubled?
  11. Agree on this that PI would not be involved. But I'm just wondering if the receiving country would require documents or taxes.
  12. I know this is for hand carry. Over 10K is allowed as long as it is declared. But may be for transfer also. A question to our local bank manager may be able to answer some of these questions.
  13. I see several questions here; 1) Is there a restriction/law or formal document/procedure to send earned money from the Philippines to another country? 2) Is there a limit on the amount that can be transferred? 3) Does the receiving country have authority over the incoming transfer. Ie; tax? Maybe 7~ years ago I talked to a person who moved to the Philippines and built a large house in Negros. They were here about 8 years and sold the house and moved back to the states. I vaguely remember him telling me since they had proof of sending those building funds to the Philippine
  14. I think Jake, this is the cycle of many things in life.
  15. Haha Jake, You may be the first but surely not the last. Of course it may take a while to get fully soaked until more lots are developed and more people arrive to do mark their spot. Just hope it is not on the side of the dirty kitchen.
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