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  1. Must not be the only place JGF. A few months back we had unexpected company with kids arrive just before dinner with nothing to serve. Go to McDonalds for burgers and get sundaes for the kids. I place the order and asked them to make the sundaes after the burgers were ready because they said it would be 15 minutes plus I had a 10+ min. ride back to the house. I watched the girl make the sundaes as soon as she yelled the order to the cooks. Thinking they would be a melted a mess I was about to say something to her. But just then she placed the 5 sundaes in the same ice box as the drink ice. Maybe they were clean plastic cups but at least two girls handled them before they were placed in the ice. No more drinks for me if I ever were to eat at McDonalds again. Oh well can keep the hospital staff employed.
  2. intrepid


    Adding to that is the fact most either will not or can not buy the better ingredients to prepare a good dish. I cannot count how many times my wife's friends ask how to make a dish they enjoy of hers after a party or get-together. Later after attempting to make it she gets another call saying they used her recipes and directions, but the dish just did not taste as good. Seems they try to substitute some ingredients for cheaper ones.
  3. I think it would be wiser for them to try to obtain some pesos at their US bank before arriving than hope for the immigration escort to a terminal bank and back. Besides I'm fairly sure they are arriving around midnight. So this may all be out the window anyway.
  4. I never had to do extensions and thought all that was taken care of at an immigration office. So, I have some friends arriving mid October and their visit requires an extension of one day which they understand. If I am understanding this correctly, they can get their extension at the airport upon arrival thus avoiding an immigration office all together?
  5. A few more details but still the real story remains to be heard...... The investigation bureau said Talbot presented an affidavit at the airport, allegedly from the baby's mother – identified Maricris Dulap – giving consent for the baby to travel to the U.S., but it had not been signed by the mother. Talbot reportedly claimed to be the child's aunt. The baby is now under the Social Welfare Department’s care. NBI official Manuel Dimaano said Dulap gave her baby to Talbot in southern Davao city. He said investigators will try to determine how Talbot brought the baby out of Davao, which requires a city clearance for infants to be transported by a foreigner. He said Dulap told the officers that she wanted to offer her baby for adoption, and there was no indication that she had sold the baby. https://www.foxnews.com/world/american-woman-charged-phillipines-newborn-airport
  6. Yes Pelican now makes luggage size cases as well as rifle cases and foot locker sizes. They are heavy. The one larger size I lifted was empty but felt more than half full. A couple pair of jeans and I think would be at the airlines limit. Of cours nothing would get damaged inside a Pelican case.
  7. conveyerI was considering the hard shell luggage a while back. About the same time I started seeing hard shell luggage cracked while at the airport since they have become popular. After a closer look I decided to stay with my old standbys and just replace them as needed. Canvas and/or ripstop nylon duffels. I started using military duffels years ago. However, since they are loaded from the end, or top, my wife did not like them. So I started buying they ones zippered long ways. It does make it much easier to load. The reason I went with the duffels was back when they lowered the weight from 70lbs to 50 lbs. The duffels are much lighter allowing just that little extra space for all those give aways we brought to the Philippines. Another plus was that the return trip was easier because the empty duffels went into another bag. Now if you have breakables or something that needs more protection, when wrap those items in cardboard. I've once packed several glass framed pictures in a duffel without breakage. Packed face to face with cardboard between and then between layers of clothing. Worked the first time. Second time we had broke glass. Now we just remove glass and buy glass after arriving. Another nice feature of the duffels is they are flexible and will fit where hard cases will not. The only damage I have had with a duffel is when it get hung up on one of the conveyer at the airport and will rub marks or even a small hole. But that can happen with any piece of luggage. I now prefer the cheaper ones like linked below with the wheels and without the a frame which adds additional weight. I consider these disposable but they have lasted for years now. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Protege-32-Compactible-Rolling-Duffel/324160937
  8. Don, What type of rides were available? Suitable for teenagers?
  9. Mike J, As I read your post it seems you took the words from my mind. This is my feelings and experiences here with just slight difference I will add. My wife lived in the US for 10 years before we retired and moved here. I have many family members back in the states. Mom, Dad, Brother, sisters, son, daughter, and four grandchildren. I miss them all and we are all very close. We talk, video chat, email, whatever, weekly. We also travel back every other year for a month long visit. We have a 14 year old daughter whom was 10 when we moved here. She plans to return to the states after college for her working life but that could always change. After next year we plan to visit once a year. After 3+ years I would not change a thing.
  10. You are so right Jack. I have some friends coming from the states in October and one of the places they really want to see is the street markets and vendors. Sadly the city supervisor explained many of the local people were the ones complaining that they cannot get to these street markets in this area without very long walks because the vendors had the streets so blocked that hardly a tricycle could get through let alone the many jeepneys. We talked about how both of us felt sad for these vendors loosing their incomes. The only thing comes to mind is over population,(maybe), and/or poor planing by the city to establish safe areas for the vendors. Hopefully in the near future someone will wise up and make changes which could benefit most of the people. Add: Oh, on a side note, After the street vendors had been removed from the sidewalks and streets I was surprised to see many legal business behind them that I never knew were there before. I wonder how their business is doing now with better visibility from the street.
  11. The same is going on here in Sta Rosa. Like you said most likely all over the country. Last week I watched as city workers removed hundreds of street vendors with the assistance of PNP and the military as protection. They had large dump trucks filled with the wares of the vendors as well as the frames and tarps used to make their shops on the streets and shops. I chatted with a supervisor and he explained it was a nation order to open the streets and sidewalks. So now the vendors are off the sidewalks and the tricycles line up on the sidewalks of both sides of the streets. Pedestrians still have to walk in the streets blocking the traffic because the tricycles block the sidewalks. Meanwhile there is very few places to park a vehicle to make a quick stop in the market.
  12. She developed all her singing on her own. She went to college with a major in Mass Communication/Media. I suppose she took some classes for singing also. She later performed with and had support from her Aunt Elizabeth Ramsey. Seems to run in the family. My daughter has a beautiful voice but after watching first hand what goes into the entertainment business, she has already said she wants no part of it. I hope she does not change her mind. However, I will say Ana is a well grounded and very humble person. If you were to meet her off stage she is like a shy little girl until she gets to know you.
  13. I think it was several years back a member started a topic asking if any members were related or friends with any celebrities here in the Philippines. My wife’s family has been in the spotlight here for many years. However, until now I had decided to keep that private for many reasons but now I would like to share one of the family’s newcomer, Ana Ramsey. She is the niece of my wife’s brother. I have watched her growing up since 10 years old and saw how she has developed into a great singer. She has won many contests over the years including the 2014 EuroPop Festival in Germany. We are so proud of her. Most recently she has been a weekend DJ for MOR radio 101.9 radio station. She has released a couple singles but below is the launch of her first Music Video, linked below. Although it is in Tagalog, you should be able to get the understanding from watching the video. I also Linked one of my favorites of her singing one of Adeles songs. It's in English so a little easier for us guys. Hope you enjoy it and if so, you can easily see more of her on you YouTube or check her out on Facebook. Thanks JGF for the okay to post.
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