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  1. The below is from the Transparency Report. I high lighted the key words which caught my attention. I have always said there is corruption in the public sector of every country. Some countries are just better at hiding than others. Thus "perceived perceptions". Just MHO. The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) scores 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, according to experts and business people.
  2. Off topic but reference photos. I had trouble for years with my photos appearing rotated when inserting but they were straight/correct before hand. When I tried to rotate it back one before inserting it was still wrong. Then by chance, I had the photo on my desktop and rotated 4 times back to the original upright position and then inserted it. That was the answer. I don't know why but it works for me every time now.
  3. When we moved into our new home the only choice was PLDT. We had the same problems and more. Our biggest issue other than speed was coverage throughout the house. With all the steel and concrete and two floors it signal was just not getting out far. The tech suggested a secondary router. I had just purchased a TP Link before we moved here and had brought it along. Plugged it directly into the PLDT router and presto. No more problems and I have full access. Plus the TP Link works great throughout the house. Also when some family/friends visit I only give the password to the PLDT. They both now seem to work fine with the TP Link a little faster and farther. I know it is recommended they be spaced farther apart but they work fine for us as they are. Almost 3 years now without issue.
  4. Steve, for your hardware needs of screws, nuts and bolts and the like, search for a store near you such as Screwtech. They sell in bulk or by the piece. Also have many hard to locate tools. They do have 4" screws and longer.
  5. Steve, I have a close friend(83 years old), living here from the states now about 5 years. He has said recently more than once that he is going to have to give up driving and hire a driver before they end up divorced!
  6. Never a truer statement has been made!!!
  7. Welcome Brian, From your opening it sounds like you may be a good fit on the forum here. A lot of friendly guys with a lot of helpful information to be gained. Like others have said, just ask. How are things in Key West now? I spent a lot of winters at my uncles on Riviera Drive from the mid 60s thru 2000. Last visit was 2010. Enjoyed the fishing and diving near Sand Key and Fort Jefferson. There are some other nice sites in the Philippines close to Cebu. Check out Bohol also. Again welcome, danny
  8. All these haircuts remind me of this,....
  9. Because of the Skyway expansion the North bound SLEX is a bear almost any time heading toward Alabang with backups of 1-2 hours. South bound is usually open most of the way with traffic slowing around Alabang due to the construction. You don't need to go to the Sta Rosa exit now because a portion of the CALEX is now open and free for the time being. Once you get on there is only one exit which comes out on the Tagaytay Rd just above the S&R. Its a little back tracking but worth it to avoid the other traffic.
  10. Do you have a friend or family outside California to whom you could email them what you need faxed? I did that once when needed for something with my retirement when I could not locate a location here to send a fax for me.
  11. Hard decision but at least it's a good situation where you have income from both countries. I agree with others and would not want to give up the green card unless as last resort. Find a good CPA who knows the tax laws of both US and international. It will not be cheap but will be the best advise you can get to help make your decision. Good luck!
  12. Beautiful pictures and looks like you had a great time and did a lot in just two weeks. Time to retire and do it everyday. Thanks for sharing your photos
  13. I purchase Spar Varnish at Ace Hardware at SM Sta Rosa. When they are out of stock usually one of the other Ace in the area has it. If you don't want the expense and for indoor use Ace has their own brand of varnish in gloss, semi-gloss and satin. Its about p1200 a quart and I have had good luck with it.
  14. From my observations of rule/traffic enforcement it appears there are none,...only suggestions.
  15. Sounds very good and already asked the wife to make it. She said if we substitute the baked beans for kidney beans and would make a heck of a good chili. Maybe, but I want to try with baked beans first! Thanks Tommy
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