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  1. I bought a phone booster from Lazada because our Globe signal was very weak and always dropping. The better ones are two piece units. A small outdoor antenna and a small indoor antenna that needs an ac power supply. Cost was about P1700,.... https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/codhot-salegsm-lte-1800-lcd-70db-2g-3g-4g-cell-phone-signal-repeater-dcs-1800-mobile-amplifier-gsm-signal-booster-panel-antenna-for-smart-globe-telecom-i3049246987-s15028799597.html?search=1&spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.i40.16d2217atEruLn My case was we had signal on the second floor but nothing on the first. We had mixed results with the one I installed. A couple things to be aware of. 1st you have to receive a signal to be boosted. 2nd you need a clear line of sight from the tower to your receiver antenna for best performance. 3rd you need to mount the transmitter antenna high as possible inside your home. 4th this is only for cell phone signal. It has nothing to do with wi-fi or data.
  2. Got me thinking. If it really could work on their nose, could it maybe work on other parts of the body? Asking for a friend. Or maybe they could use this on their nose. It claims proven results. https://www.amazon.com/Xpanse-Penile-Health-Cream-Formula/dp/B07F2KY6GB
  3. Yes you are correct scott. Our first time there was 2014 and when we moved there in 2016 we ate there several times a year. Wooden Horse Steakhouse. Can not be beat. Great angus beef. https://www.whsteakhouse.com/
  4. You lucky guy! I was wondering if SWMBO might just have another brother who would like to borrow my old Honda scooter?
  5. The national carrier of the Philippines had filed for bankruptcy in the United States in September, seeking relief from creditors as it tried to survive the devastation unleashed on the airline industry by the coronavirus pandemic. Its court-approved reorganisation plan includes a $2 billion debt reduction and additional liquidity of $505 million from its main shareholder, PAL said in a statement Friday.It also has the option to obtain up to $150 million in additional financing from new investors. "PAL has streamlined operations with a reorganised fleet and is now better capitalised for future growth," the airline added. https://www.yahoo.com/news/philippine-airlines-exits-us-bankruptcy-050911982.html
  6. This is 100% correct Mike J. That was how it worked with my wife and then with my daughter who was born in the USA. Once we moved to the Philippines we/she never had an issue with any of the documents at any government agency including registering her as a Philippine citizen for school. Both my wife and daughter are dual citizens.
  7. Could I please have an employment application?
  8. Does anyone remember this PSA I think from the 1970s in the USA? It had a big impact on me at the time and I have never forgotten it. I would think something like this would be a good place to start in the Philippines.
  9. Interesting. When we departed Manila June 2 at he airport I handed the immigration officer my passport and waited as he checked it. He then asked for my ACR-I card. He stamped my passport and held up a small sign with large numbers on it and nothing else. P2880. Handed over the cash and were on our way
  10. One way or the other they get your money,...always. No big deal now. I think we have everything in order. Thanks all
  11. Looks I am will be good to go. My friend gave me information for his contact at BI who has assured me my card will be ready for pickup on Friday. Wow! Another close call averted.
  12. Yes I have the receipt and was thinking that might work but then I remembered them telling me if the card did not release in time I could get a waver. However, I like I mentioned, the waver takes 7 days. I'm running out of time. I contacted a friend at the local BI office who used to work at the main office and he seems to think he can speed up the release for me. He is going to let me know later this morning. Hoping!
  13. So as mentioned before in other posts we are going back to the states with a departure date of June 2 @ 8am. After purchasing our tickets I realized my ACR car expires May 27. So a few weeks back we went to BI for renewal. The time frame was close but the officer said if it did not get issued by end of May I could get a waiver. Nice. Today I checked and found it has not been issued and the waiver process takes a week to process. So, may I exit without the ACR card/ waiver, or am I stuck and have to cancel our plans and wait for the waiver or card to be issued to re-book?
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