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  1. interesting article on the BB box...JUST A PARTIAL post of the article http://www.manilatimes.net/balikbayan-boxes-used-in-smuggling/210476/ The balikbayan-box concept was approved by then-President Ferdinand Marcos, who had noted a surge in the number of Filipinos working overseas. The privilege though carried restrictions. “The contents of a balikbayan box must not exceed $500 in value. Canned goods, grocery items and other household effects must not exceed a dozen a kind, while apparels whether used or new must not exceed 3 yards per cut. Only one [1] consignment per send
  2. No i didnt have plans, could you tell us more of what this FEAST is about?
  3. #1 if you was blacklisted you should have been given NOTICE # 2 you dont need a 100k peso lawyer, look at this site read and review, its a lot less than 100k, but the advice is NOT FREE http://www.philippines-expats.com/forum/137-emergency-expat-assistance/ or #3. change your name.... as XYZ will be on the blacklist not ABC.. i post that as on a recent RYAN AIR FLIGHT a man was to be charged a FEE instead he cnahged his name a lot less than the FEE that RYAN AIR wanted to change
  4. may I add that some of the American NGO here in the philippines has a US TAX EXEMPT STATUS, meaning that if you donate that you may be able to claim the "donation" on your US Tax . also the goods that you donate would help others/ both Philippines child/families and expats that may have had a unexpected emergency, why do I bring this up or promote this?? i will soon be departing the PI and the household goods that I have,,Will be donated to them, with the proceeds being help to help my children until I can set up a reliable means to send back support to them that will be
  5. is the value of the items you want to send back worth the cost of shipping? have you considered donating these items to an American back ngo to help others as they would have a auction to sell these items to fund their support activities
  6. here is the latest. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/fingerprints-found-condom-wrapper-not-000000396.html OLONGAPO CITY – The visible latent print on a condom wrapper taken from a motel room where transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude was found dead does not match the standard finger and palm prints chart of US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton in the possession of police investigators. This is contained in a document that The STAR has obtained. It is based on a laboratory examination by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Fingerprint Division on the condom wrapper. The
  7. bet you that he was not a member of this forum or any others, AND that he didnt do his "homework" (plannning) I am sure he didnt have a "back up "plan either.
  8. much has been said in past topics about hospitals holding someone if they cant pay... here is another VERY INTERESTING and of course helpful article regarding hospital care and if unable to pay Can the hospital hold you"hostage/detain '? the KEY WORD . did you have a PRIVATE ROOM? if you have a PRIVATE ROOM then. this "RA 9439 "may not apply. Dear PAO, My mother-in-law has been in the hospital for three weeks and the doctor already gave a go signal that she can go home. However, we are unable to pay the hospital bill in full and the hospital won’t let us leave. Is
  9. This is a story that is NOT made up.another amazing yet true pinoy story MANILA - A 59-year-old woman has been arrested in Mangaldan town in Pangasinan for selling dishes made with dog meat. Authorities conducted a raid on the woman's stall in Barangay Amansabina accompanied by the Animal Kingdom Foundation following surveillance operations. The suspect admitted selling dog meat, saying it was being demanded by her customers. She is now facing charges for violations of the Animal Welfare Act and the National Meat Inspection Service Code. Authorities warn that aside from being ill
  10. take a look a HMR(?) thats a SM surplus store, have seen a "juicer" there before , Market Market dept store have seen one there too but cost?? didnt look. why not try 1 of the import/surplus stores , they have at times some of the most amazing,,,,, :unsure: ,,,,,,,,,,,, stock....
  11. just found a news article in todays philstar... interesting... MANILA, Philippines - Members of a criminal syndicate based in China are sneaking into the country to rob Chinese businessmen, police said yesterday. While they are quick to enter the country, the Chinese gang members are also quick to escape after transferring millions of yuan to a bank in China. The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) learned about the Chinese syndicate’s racket after one of the victims, a certain Sen Mao Zheng, 32, complained to the Manila Police District (MPD) about a P7.6-million robbery.
  12. HUMM ? could it be that you wanted ta job done and done by someone who you can trust??? sure hire a local but,,,,, with any business transaction their is a risk.. #2, I am sure this isnt the 1st time that someone was on a vacation and did some extra work or sideline.. look at some of the unexplained deaths of Koreans or Chinese in the past few years. .. #3. look at how the law enforcement investigate crimes here. by the time the found the body or ID the victim, the "mechanic" could already be on his way home,, and dont they need statements from the victims family to prosecute
  13. SAD. ..................SCARY...... as a parent of children, I worry every-time they go out , THEY KNOW NOT TO BUY STREET FOOD or accept food from strangers, the best thing I can say about my children's school. IS THEY ALLOW NO BROUGHT IN FOOD for private events or small parties, how ever I recall at a Xmas party one was allowed to bring food ,small serving for ones self and they could share
  14. one of the UNIQUE features of the Philippine SSS is a death benefit, for those who have family members who are a member this benefit could be helpful...SHOULD,,,,,, A death occur.. and if they are not working yet still able to work they can still contribute to their SSS to help themselves prepare for the future and old age this can be a WIN WIN situation for us the "rich kano" when one dies(meaning the family or extended family) that we know that they will have some money incoming to pay for the funeral expense ,,, PROVIDED they have contributed TO THE PHILIPPINE SSS www,ss
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