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  1. interesting article on the BB box...JUST A PARTIAL post of the article http://www.manilatimes.net/balikbayan-boxes-used-in-smuggling/210476/ The balikbayan-box concept was approved by then-President Ferdinand Marcos, who had noted a surge in the number of Filipinos working overseas. The privilege though carried restrictions. “The contents of a balikbayan box must not exceed $500 in value. Canned goods, grocery items and other household effects must not exceed a dozen a kind, while apparels whether used or new must not exceed 3 yards per cut. Only one [1] consignment per sender during a one-month period is allowed,” Lina explained. Banned and/or regulated are firearms and ammunition, prohibited drugs, pornographic materials and gambling materials/ apparatus. “Home appliances are not allowed unless these are consigned to returning Filipino residents and overseas contract workers. Don’t let any forwarder tell you otherwise. We will seize these prohibited shipments and revoke registrations of forwarders or consolidators if we find any violations,” Lina said.
  2. No i didnt have plans, could you tell us more of what this FEAST is about?
  3. #1 if you was blacklisted you should have been given NOTICE # 2 you dont need a 100k peso lawyer, look at this site read and review, its a lot less than 100k, but the advice is NOT FREE http://www.philippines-expats.com/forum/137-emergency-expat-assistance/ or #3. change your name.... as XYZ will be on the blacklist not ABC.. i post that as on a recent RYAN AIR FLIGHT a man was to be charged a FEE instead he cnahged his name a lot less than the FEE that RYAN AIR wanted to change
  4. may I add that some of the American NGO here in the philippines has a US TAX EXEMPT STATUS, meaning that if you donate that you may be able to claim the "donation" on your US Tax . also the goods that you donate would help others/ both Philippines child/families and expats that may have had a unexpected emergency, why do I bring this up or promote this?? i will soon be departing the PI and the household goods that I have,,Will be donated to them, with the proceeds being help to help my children until I can set up a reliable means to send back support to them that will be USED ONLY for them and NOT the parasitic family members, as this is why I donating , to eliminate any hassles of my items being sold or given away at less than a fair price, as every peso of-the goods will be deposited into a trust account to support my children
  5. is the value of the items you want to send back worth the cost of shipping? have you considered donating these items to an American back ngo to help others as they would have a auction to sell these items to fund their support activities
  6. here is the latest. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/fingerprints-found-condom-wrapper-not-000000396.html OLONGAPO CITY – The visible latent print on a condom wrapper taken from a motel room where transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude was found dead does not match the standard finger and palm prints chart of US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton in the possession of police investigators. This is contained in a document that The STAR has obtained. It is based on a laboratory examination by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Fingerprint Division on the condom wrapper. The laboratory examination was conducted last July 29 upon the request of Judge Roline Ginez-Jabalde of Olongapo City Regional Trial Court Branch 74. In the report, the PNP identified the specimen submitted as “S” for the standard finger and palm print chart of one Joseph S. Pemberton and “EEEEEE-3” on the visible latent print appearing on condom wrapper mentioned in Dactyloscopy Report No. F-181-2015. Police Officer 3 Fernando Amaro, a latent print examiner, conducted the examination, which Supt. Ariel Ayusup, Fingerprint Identification Division chief, had approved. The laboratory report bears the signature of the two police officers. The murder trial of Laude resumed yesterday, but defense lawyers have to wait till Monday next week to start their presentation of evidence and witnesses as few issues remain unresolved. Judge Jabalde had denied admission of some exhibits that public prosecutors had submitted on grounds that these were not properly identified and the persons who prepared or identified the exhibits were not presented. Some exhibits were admitted only for the purpose with which they are being offered. Prosecutors will file a motion for reconsideration on the prosecution exhibits that were denied and defense counsels on the exhibits that were admitted, according to sources. as usual the comments that follow the story is always interesting
  7. bet you that he was not a member of this forum or any others, AND that he didnt do his "homework" (plannning) I am sure he didnt have a "back up "plan either.
  8. much has been said in past topics about hospitals holding someone if they cant pay... here is another VERY INTERESTING and of course helpful article regarding hospital care and if unable to pay Can the hospital hold you"hostage/detain '? the KEY WORD . did you have a PRIVATE ROOM? if you have a PRIVATE ROOM then. this "RA 9439 "may not apply. Dear PAO, My mother-in-law has been in the hospital for three weeks and the doctor already gave a go signal that she can go home. However, we are unable to pay the hospital bill in full and the hospital won’t let us leave. Is it legal to detain a patient even if he/she has already recovered? Please guide us. Cristine Dear Cristine, To curb the practice of some hospitals in detaining their patients or preventing them from leaving the hospital premises for their failure to pay their hospital bills, Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9439, entitled “An Act Prohibiting the Detention of Patients in Hospitals and Medical Clinics on Grounds of Non-payment of Hospital Bills or Medical Expenses,” came into being. From the title itself, this law is aimed at discouraging hospitals and preventing them from detaining their patients just because they failed to settle their hospital bills. The law declares illegal the detention of patients who have fully or partially recovered or have been adequately attended to or who may have died for reasons of non-payment in part or in full of hospital bills or medical expenses (Section 1, R.A. No. 9439). According to the said law, a patient who wishes to leave the hospital but is incapable of paying in full his/her hospital bills shall be allowed to leave by the hospital provided that he/she shall execute a promissory note for the unsettled or unpaid bills. This is particularly provided under Section 2 thereof, which provides: SEC. 2. Patients who have fully or partially recovered and who already wish to leave the hospital or medical clinic but are financially incapable to settle, in part or in full, their hospitalization expenses, including professional fees and medicines, shall be allowed to leave the hospital or medical clinic, with a right to demand the issuance of the corresponding medical certificate and other pertinent papers required for the release of the patient from the hospital or medical clinic upon the execution of a promissory note covering the unpaid obligation. The promissory note shall be secured by either a mortgage or by a guarantee of a co-maker, who will be jointly and severally liable with the patient for the unpaid obligation. In the case of a deceased patient, the corresponding death certificate and other documents required for interment and other purposes shall be released to any of his surviving relatives requesting for the same: Provided, however, THAT patients who stayed in private rooms shall not be covered by this act. As defined, a Private room is a single occupancy room or a ward type room divided by either a permanent or semi-permanent partition (except curtains) not to exceed four patients per room who are admitted for diagnosis, treatment and other forms of health care maintenance (Implementing Rules and Regulations of R. A. No. 9439). Applying the foregoing to your mother-in law’s situation, since you failed to mention in your letter what type of room she occupied, assuming that it was not a private room, the above provisions, therefore, apply to her. On the other hand, if it was a private room as defined above, the aforementioned law is not applicable . But still, the hospital cannot prevent her from leaving, as this will give rise to illegal detention. In such a case, a Petition for Habeas Corpus may be filed in court to compel the hospital to produce the person of your mother-in-law in court and justify her continued stay in their premises. Otherwise, the court will order the discharge or release of your mother-in-law. Section 1, Rule 102 of the Rules of Court of the Philippines provides: “Sec. 1. To what habeas corpus extends.—Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, the writ of habeas corpus shall extend to all cases of illegal confinement or detention by which any person is deprived of his liberty, or by which the rightful custody of any person is withheld from the person entitled thereto.” A criminal complaint for illegal detention against the hospital personnel/officials for your mother-in law’s continued detention in the hospital may likewise be filed. Again, we find it necessary to mention that this opinion is solely based on the facts you have narrated and our appreciation of the same. The opinion may vary when the facts are changed or elaborated. We hope that we were able to enlighten you on the matter. Editor’s note: Dear PAO is a daily column of the Public Attorney’s Office. Questions for Chief Acosta may be sent to dearpao@manilatimes.net http://www.manilatimes.net/hospitals-not-allowed-to-detain-patients/204980/ thanks to PAO office and manila times for this helpful article
  9. This is a story that is NOT made up.another amazing yet true pinoy story MANILA - A 59-year-old woman has been arrested in Mangaldan town in Pangasinan for selling dishes made with dog meat. Authorities conducted a raid on the woman's stall in Barangay Amansabina accompanied by the Animal Kingdom Foundation following surveillance operations. The suspect admitted selling dog meat, saying it was being demanded by her customers. She is now facing charges for violations of the Animal Welfare Act and the National Meat Inspection Service Code. Authorities warn that aside from being illegal, the consumption of dog meat poses a health risk due to rabies. - http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/07/29/15/woman-arrested-selling-dog-meat
  10. take a look a HMR(?) thats a SM surplus store, have seen a "juicer" there before , Market Market dept store have seen one there too but cost?? didnt look. why not try 1 of the import/surplus stores , they have at times some of the most amazing,,,,, :unsure: ,,,,,,,,,,,, stock....
  11. just found a news article in todays philstar... interesting... MANILA, Philippines - Members of a criminal syndicate based in China are sneaking into the country to rob Chinese businessmen, police said yesterday. While they are quick to enter the country, the Chinese gang members are also quick to escape after transferring millions of yuan to a bank in China. The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) learned about the Chinese syndicate’s racket after one of the victims, a certain Sen Mao Zheng, 32, complained to the Manila Police District (MPD) about a P7.6-million robbery. According to Sen, he was alone in his rented condo unit in Binondo, Manila on May 25 when three men, armed with short firearms, entered through an unlocked door. The suspects, who were wearing black pants, long-sleeved shirts and carrying backpacks, ordered Sen, a native of Fujian, to transfer money to a bank in China through the Internet. When he refused, the suspects hurt him until he acceded to their demand to transfer 1.048 yuan (about P7.6 million) to the Chinese bank. They also allegedly took about P600,000 in cash, which Sen said he kept in a drawer. The police also reported that the suspects fled and left without being detected by the building’s security personnel. A police official claimed that the suspects were members of a crime ring in China who managed to surreptitiously enter the country to rob Chinese businessmen. “The Chinese crime syndicate members appear directly at the doors of their intended victims after arriving at the airport. They also leave for China upon the completion of their mission,” said a police official who requested anonymity. It is unclear what business Sen owns in the country. Police probers are also at a loss :1 (103): :89: :1 (103): on how the crime ring based in China managed to pick victims on the philippines,,,,,,,,, this statement above doesnt give me much confidence in the PNP now... :( http://www.philstar.com/metro/2015/07/27/1481321/chinese-gang-sneaking-philippines-rob-traders
  12. HUMM ? could it be that you wanted ta job done and done by someone who you can trust??? sure hire a local but,,,,, with any business transaction their is a risk.. #2, I am sure this isnt the 1st time that someone was on a vacation and did some extra work or sideline.. look at some of the unexplained deaths of Koreans or Chinese in the past few years. .. #3. look at how the law enforcement investigate crimes here. by the time the found the body or ID the victim, the "mechanic" could already be on his way home,, and dont they need statements from the victims family to prosecute the alleged "hit-man"?? off topic yet related to post, just look at the harry doyle case/
  13. SAD. ..................SCARY...... as a parent of children, I worry every-time they go out , THEY KNOW NOT TO BUY STREET FOOD or accept food from strangers, the best thing I can say about my children's school. IS THEY ALLOW NO BROUGHT IN FOOD for private events or small parties, how ever I recall at a Xmas party one was allowed to bring food ,small serving for ones self and they could share
  14. one of the UNIQUE features of the Philippine SSS is a death benefit, for those who have family members who are a member this benefit could be helpful...SHOULD,,,,,, A death occur.. and if they are not working yet still able to work they can still contribute to their SSS to help themselves prepare for the future and old age this can be a WIN WIN situation for us the "rich kano" when one dies(meaning the family or extended family) that we know that they will have some money incoming to pay for the funeral expense ,,, PROVIDED they have contributed TO THE PHILIPPINE SSS www,sss,gov,ph STATE-run Social Security System (SSS) will pay higher funeral benefits to its members starting next month. According to SSS, it will increase funeral benefits from “a fixed amount of P20,000 to a variable amount ranging from a minimum of P20,000 to a maximum of P40,000.” The increase will depend on the member’s number of contributions and average monthly salary credit (AMSC). The move came after President Benigno Aquino 3rd approved the benefit enhancement. SSS Vice President for Benefits Administration Agnes San Jose said the increase will apply to all funeral benefit claims with date of contingency of August 1, 2015 onward. San Jose added that new funeral benefits will be calculated using the fixed amount of P20,000 plus a percentage of a member’s total contributions and AMSC. “The proposal to increase funeral benefits came about after our study revealed that the costs of burial services have climbed to an average of more than P40,000 or twice the current fixed amount of benefit SSS disburses for funeral claims,” she said. SSS funeral benefit is a cash grant given to whoever defrayed the cost of funeral expenses of the deceased SSS member. At present, the amount of benefit is pegged at P20,000 regardless of the member’s number of contributions. The new computation, which was formulated by the SSS Actuarial Department, will give due credit to members who are paying more number of contributions and with higher monthly salary credits, the official stated. A member who has paid one to 19 contributions with an AMSC of P10,000 would receive a benefit ranging from P20,000 to P20,999. A member with at least 267 contributions and an AMSC of at least P15,000 would be entitled to a maximum benefit of P40,000. As a result of the increase, funeral claims are projected to go up by almost 12 percent or P332 million per year. SSS estimates that 50 percent of total funeral claims will be greater than P20,000 per claim. SSS funeral benefit payouts as of April 2015 totaled P1.01 billion, 2.4 percent higher than P987 million paid during the same period in 2014. San Jose, however, clarified that the increase will not impair the viability of the SSS funds and will not require a contribution rate hike. “Funeral benefit disbursements account for only three percent of the total annual benefit payouts of the SSS, so its impact will be minimal,” she said, citing the recent actuarial study conducted by the SSS. http://www.manilatimes.net/sss-to-pay-higher-funeral-benefits/203192/
  15. :hystery: You just can't make these things up can you? I wonder when the film will be released? :mocking: JP. :tiphat: Morning all :morning1: I believe I have found their photos
  16. at least 5 copies on hand should suffice,, and have a few in safekeeping back in the home country, I never needed my BIRTH CERTIFICATE to be ""STAMPED:" but,, as we know, seems to have different rules for different procedures . when I do leave this beautiful well loved country (note the sarcasm )) I plan to take at least 10 copies of my children's NSO and the mothers CENMOR 4 copy so i have enough that I hope i will ever have to order again, here 140-160 order outside the RP i believe $20 and then thats postal mail sent.. i have heard of horror stories if NSO being locked or unavailable at a later date,
  17. i read this part on the 500peso bill A FILIPINO IS WORTH DIEING FOR ..... ( but what was recently posted elsewhere) IT IT WORTH FOR A FILIPINO TO DIE FOR THE PHILIPPINES excuse if this is too close for a political comment
  18. Never needed a web site to find someone. when i 1st came here, it was boots on the ground. NO ONE slowly over a few weeks I found that someone... just look around, market? store? salesladies? the little booths selling XXXXX stuff? your bound to meet a quality person.
  19. DAVE I totally agree,, not news,.. yet in other countries these women have some type of social system/support to help them. in the Philippines . IT IS ZERO unless its election time. as a father of children I worry a "what if" (sometimes happiness to me) will my children be taken care of/??? have i lost sleep in the past thinking of this YES. have I CRIED, YES>. these are my children and I dont want any hurt to come to them. my solution , is to provide the mother with a education and skill that she can use to successfully support herself and my children in case....of my death or removal from their lives
  20. in response to your 1st question. YES ,,in most countries the police and military are snap shot or representative of ones society... is a equalizer to have a fair balance why are they quiting or asking for transfer? #1 look at the leadership and the roles that the leadership played in this event... like a Forum owner and his forum support or members. if you dont like my way, you can leave... #2. benefits, money was raised to support the FALLEN MEN families and children , where is that money ??? has it been FULLY DISPERSED ? in most civilized countries men who lay down their lives for their country, the family will have some post death support. where is this support? are these men "skirting" the danger that they once wanted to FIGHT? who really knows... IN MY OPINION it comes down to FAMILY FIRST. lack of support or trust in the LEADERSHIP.
  21. sad story indeed. all children should have a father and mother and the father help to raise or if not just to support, ,, as a father who supports his children this story sadness me these men make me ..... NO further comment Australian sex tourists taking advantage of young women in the Philippines Peter, 8, and his mother Grace, 35, with a picture of Peter's Australian father, Max, who stuck around and provided for the family but recently stopped his payments. IN tiny houses a stone’s throw from the red light district in one of the Philippines’ most heavily-populated regions, young boys and girls are growing up without their Australian fathers. The children, born to young prostitutes, will never know their dads. They stopped through like thousands of other Australian men do, looking for cheap sex with young Asian women. They found it, but when the women fell pregnant, the men fled. Others don’t even know their children exist. It’s no surprise the offspring of Australians are growing up in Angeles City, the entertainment capital of the Philippines. It’s practically a home away from home for many Australians, with hotel names like the Boomerang, the Swagman, the Eureka and the Walkabout. They attract hordes of Australian men, thirsty for a drink and something else: A young woman for the night. Described as “blow row” and a “supermarket of sex”, the red light district 85km north west of Manila is a hotbed of debauchery and fantasies fulfilled. Money changes hands quickly and sex is a commodity. Nights out on the infamous Fields Avenue are sold as innocent fun for tourists. But beneath it all is an undercurrent of sadness and heartbreak and crime. It’s sex tourism targeted at and propagated by lonely, rich Australian men, and the consequences are long lasting for families left behind. Journalist Margaret Simons toured Balibago recently. She wrote in The Monthly that she was one of the only western women in a city of tens of thousands of people. More concerning still was her discovery that Australian men were fathering children to prostitutes and leaving them behind, either with knowledge of their birth or otherwise. “Some of the fathers paid to support their children, then stopped. Some never paid at all. Some don’t even know they have children,” she wrote. On her visit, she met Kevin, 10, who wants to be a pilot, and Francine, 7, who she says wants to be a teacher. Kevin’s father, she said, was a paedophile in his 50s who groomed his victim from Australia using social media. Francine, 7, doesn’t know her Australian father. She lives in a slum with her mother and the rest of her family. “Kevin lives ... in a 9-metre-square shed patched together with scraps of building refuse,” she wrote. She also met Judith, 19, who recently gave birth to three-month-old Jaden. His father picked her up in a bar and, according to the Monthly, doesn’t know he has a son. The story paints a picture of a poverty perpetuated by Australian men and a sex industry dominated by them. “In the front bar of the Walkabout Hotel on Fields Avenue, you sit elbow-to-elbow with middle-aged, board-short-wearing Australian men who could have been plucked from any suburban shopping mall,” Simons said. “More of them are on the street, surrounded by women, moving like lords of creation.” Tourism figures support what she saw first hand. Of the almost five million foreign tourists who enter the Philippines each year, Australians are the third biggest spenders. They’re not buying T-shirts and fridge magnets. Dr Caroline Norma visited the Philippines in 1998, where she worked with an outreach program going bar-to-bar. She told underage women they had other choices and prostitution wasn’t the only way. Seventeen years later, she says little has changed, and that Australian men are the biggest problem. “Australian men were everywhere then,” she told news.com.au. Dr Norma, who teaches global and social studies at RMIT University, says Australian men are “taking advantage” of a sex industry driven by poverty and corruption. “I did an internship with a women’s organisation and we did outreach to bars in 1998. By that stage, Australian men were everywhere, even as bar owners,” she said. “Back then I was surprised because Australia didn’t have a military presence in the Philippines like America. There were Americans over there but that was slightly more understandable.” She said she was not surprised to learn Australian men are still flocking to the Philippines because the attraction to Asian women in prostitution is stronger than ever. “Prostitution of Asian women has become almost the model for prostitution in Australia,” she said. “Rates of Asian women in Australian brothels are about 50 per cent. The research that’s been done in Australia all points towards increasing numbers of Asian women in Australian brothels.” Margaret Simons wrote that in Angeles City, “the entire town — with a population of about 350,000 — is a brothel, and its support system”. Al Jazeera reported earlier this year that $400m is spent on prostitution in the Philippines each year, a large chunk of that from the pockets of Australian sex tourists. A website promoting Balibago (balibago.com) makes it easy to see why. It promotes young women as sexual slaves. “In a city that never sleeps, these women are desperate to show you a good time and are known for their love of recreational sex,” the website declares. “Praised for their tolerance to western culture, these girls are hungry to meet you regardless of your age, weight, physical appearance, interpersonal skills, wealth or social class.” Another website explains how a typical night on Fields Avenue might go and offers tips for visitors. It describes how to procure a lady for the night. Men there pay bar fines — an amount of money to a bar owner to secure a prostitute for the night or longer. The money buys them sex and even the “girlfriend experience”. Margaret Simons said Australian men are looking for underage women. That’s the reason they go. Others don’t ask the age of the prostitute, but are equally complicit in keeping the sex trafficking industry thriving. “Australians are also one of the groups most active in child sex tourism, although in Angeles City, it seems, most of this is not “preferential” but situational — men who have sex with prostitutes and simply don’t care about their age,” she wrote. Judith, 19, and her three-month-old son, Jaden. Picture: Dave Tacon directl Source: Supplied Dr Norma agrees. “This idea that western men don’t know the age of Asian women because they look the same (as other Asian woman) is false,” she told news.com.au. “Even in western counties, the average age of entry into prostitution is 16, 15, 14. Men who seek to prostitute girls are looking for younger girls. Any pimp will tell you ‘the younger the better’.” The Philippines, sadly, is the not the only Asian country where sex tourism has taken hold. It has been happening in Thailand for generations. Disturbingly, it has also increased in Nepal following the deadly earthquake that killed more than 9000 people in April this year. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), children who lost their families when entire villages were destroyed have been trafficked into the sex industry. Tomoo Hozumi, working with UNICEF in Nepal, said he feared a surge in trafficking during the chaos of April and May and his fears were realised. “Loss of livelihoods and worsening living conditions may allow traffickers to easily convince parents to give their children up for what they are made to believe will be a better life,” he said. “The traffickers promise education, meals and a better future. But the reality is that many of those children could end up being horrendously exploited and abused.” Trafficking in the Philippines happens for similar reasons. Dr Norma said much of the problem is generational — a young girls’ mother is a prostitute and her daughter follows in her footsteps. It’s mostly driven by poverty but she said Australian men can’t shy away from their part in the problem. “Poverty is one thing, but it’s also lax laws on foreign ownership of businesses, there’s lax laws in relation to employing children and having them on the bar plus corruption on top of that. Having said that, Australian men are taking advantage of the whole thing.” This investigation examines how children in the Philippines are exploited when Western child sex predators pay them to perform sex acts online. http://mobile.news.com.au/lifestyle/relationships/australian-sex-tourists-taking-advantage-of-young-women-in-the-philippines/story-fnet0gt3-1227451022673
  22. Inquire with BPI that have offices in the UK. .. and its safer,, DEPOSITED DIRECTLY IN THE BANK ACCOUNT https://www.bpieuropeplc.com/
  23. Try a mixture of brown and white rice.. 80% white 20% brown . after a week then a 60% 40% mix. still gets the white rice "fix" with some healthy brown rice mixed it, after a while she should not notice the difference,. We would eat more brown rice if we could get it down here. Good tip from you. here is a past topic i had a few years back, i post the link so the new members can read and the old ones get a refresher on BROWN RICE http://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/13311-brown-rice-health-information-news-article/ I will add this article as its relevant to the BROWN RICE benefits Science City of Munoz — A food scientist says many Filipinos are unaware of the nutritional superiority of brown, pigmented and iron-dense rice. Dr. Marissa Romero, of the Philippine Rice Research Institute, said that unpolished rice is more beneficial than white grains. Romero said research showed that eating brown rice may reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart disease and stroke. Citing the same study, she said that polishing Brown rice to obtain white rice Removes 15% of proteins, 85% of fats, 80% of thiamine, 70% of riboflavin, 68% of niacin, 90% of calcium, 75% of phosphorus, 60% of other minerals. “Indeed, Whiter does not always mean better. Brown rice even makes delectable porridge such as goto, lugaw,” Romewro said. Romero also said that if brown rice is more nutritious than white rice, sprouting brown rice is even more desirable. She said sprouted brown rice has gamma-aminobutyric acid, about 10 times the level in white rice, which is anticancer and good for brain metabolism. “It also contains Fiber, which is good in managing Constipation and in fighting colon cancer plus loads of other nutrients,” Romero noted. A poster health-promoting antioxidants from pigmented rice published in the Philippine Journal of Crop Science in 2009 by PhilRice experts shows that pigmented rice has more anthocyanins, which act as powerful antioxidants. http://manilastandar...ier-than-white/
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