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  1. Bundy

    Where Are Good Police?

    Do you read the papers? If a policeman is "blown away" by the roadside as he waits for his bus to work because the day before he arrested a known drug dealer then maybe their job here should be classified as "hazadous duty" Where i live, they won't even stop a 7 year old from riding a motorbike for fear of reprisal. Police in the Philippines seem to have a very short lifespan, how would you like to do their job? In rural areas, perhaps some kind of rotational system of police officers could be worth trying,in other words, bring in officers from another part of the country for a few weeks only and then transfer them and replace with "new faces" on a continuous basis.Perhaps this may extend their lives somewhat.
  2. Bundy

    If You Could Do It All Over Again.

    Pretty happy with my lot and can't say that i'd change too much at all but perhaps i had a distinct advantage in that we were married over 10 years ago and also throw into the equation that i already knew most of what goes on in this place having made my first trip in '86' so knew full well what to expect. I don't believe there is any place which will be perfect and Philippines is certainly not perfect and for some could be extremely trying but in my case the good far outweighs the bad, plus if i remained in Australia i would most likely have ended up with heaps of medical issues (work related). The recent short trip to Australia has i believe done me a lot of good and enabled me to again see "the other side". I much rather be here with my two girls, relax and go with the flow. Regarding "extended family" issues if you have not put inplace ground rules right from the beginning then you can expect to be treated as a walking ATM but hey, who's fault is that? Life is good!
  3. Bundy

    Where In The Philippines Are You?

    Can-asujan Carcar, Cebu because it is just far enough AWAY from the in-laws :hystery: :hystery: :hystery:
  4. Bundy

    New Cebu Immigration Opens May 16Th - J Centre

    I really need to get out more :unsure:
  5. Bundy

    New Cebu Immigration Opens May 16Th - J Centre

    Pardon my ignorance but where the hell is the "J Centre"? i haven't heard of that one, are you meaning JY Square?
  6. Bundy

    Credit Where It's Due

    Everyone reads about horror stories when dealing with any Philippine bureaucracy, well here's a POSITIVE story for a change. I am going to apply for my permanent residence this year and have just started gathering the requirements. One piece of paper i need is a marriage certificate issued by the NSO. Having been married for nearly 11 years now can you believe that we have never seen our marriage certificate from the NSO nor have we ever needed it. Anyway i found a website called E-census which can issue you with this document among others after you apply online.The missus was a bit sceptical but for a cost of Php315 i thought i'd give it a go. Simple and easy to fill out and after handing over the money at BDO, within less than a week there was an LBC delivery rider in our street at night yelling "ayo, ayo, Mrs Bundy" So there ya go........easy as! Congrats Philippines, well done
  7. Bundy

    I'm Still Here

    Citizenship was easy, just applied at the Aussie VIA centre in Cebu. Two weeks later she had her citizenship by descent certificate. Funny thing we learned during the process was that even though Alison was born here and recognised as Filipino by birth, she was not eligible for a philippine passport because both parents are Australian citizens! Australian passport took a bit longer and we had to go to Manila for that.No real dramas apart from them telling us a week after the application that the photos we submitted were not good enough and we needed to re do them. All in all nowhere near as bad an experience as i was expecting. Ali is now also registered for medicare, not that we will need it but it's done. Next step is to get the "dual citizenship" for my two girls,and then the old bloke can apply for permanent residence. Travelling on a plane with a little baby was a bit of a nightmare for the two "old parents" but it's all good now.
  8. Bundy

    I'm Still Here

    Don't worry about that dig, it's all under control. I know how to operate a cannon!, the old man showed me.
  9. Bundy

    Australian Pension Rejected

    I have a mate who came to live here when he was 58. At age 65 he went back to Oz to claim the O/A pension which was given immediately. He had to remain in Australia for a period of two years. He is now back here and receiving his pension no worries. I believe this ties in with current centrelink rules.
  10. Bundy

    I'm Still Here

    You may have noticed that i haven't posted here for a long long time. Well ladies and gents, retirement is not what i was expecting and to be honest, i just don't have the spare time. The birth of our daughter is definitely the greatest thing that has happenned to us and she keeps us busy no end! Our days are full, there is always something happenning. We have only just come back from a short visit to Australia which was neccessary to get the little girl's paperwork in order (she's now a full fledged Aussie). After a few weeks in Oz i was glad to get out of the place and return here.Despite the many shortcommings of this place, i'd much rather be here. Now i gotta read up on what you guys have been up to. Here's a pic of our pride and joy Alison Bundy, She's now 6 months. Cheers, Bundy
  11. How are you fixed for insurance? :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: Stay away from "V Hire" they're an accident looking for a place to happen, ditto Sunrays, ditto.............errr, as I said , How are ya fixed for insurance?
  12. Bundy


    It's more fun in the Philippines? ........is it the same mongrel who also came up with........ "Life wasn't meant to be easy"? No wait a minute that was one of our beloved ex pollies :hystery: :hystery: :hystery:
  13. Bundy


    Hey Bundy, Perhaps keeping your mind occupied by planning ahead or taking action during imminent danger should get you mind at ease. May I suggest you start organizing a bug out bag and another bag containing food and water. Set up a safe meeting place (high ground) to count heads of family. You don't want to go into a burning house to save your love ones and they're already outside. Throughout the history of Australia, you guys have endured such hardships and hard work. I now realize that there are some similarities between the Filipino and the Aussie. It is so amazing about the resiliency to over come extreme hardships year after year, after year. While the Filipino smile about it, the Aussie will spit it out and then go have another beer.....he, he. Keep you family safe, OK? Respectfully -- Jake Hey Jake o'l mate, Draughts and floods I can deal with coz there's usually warning well in advance but these earthquakes are totally foreign to me. These bastards just come outa nowhere and strike anywhere they want. I can see now a good reason to up my intake of san magoo.And I always thought it was boredom which lead so many foreigners to drink here............or is it something else?
  14. Bundy


    Anyone feel it? just a short while ago. I'm getting a phobia about this now!
  15. Our Balikbayan runs out in January. We may need to extend for 4 months and then we intend to go to Australia for 6 weeks.