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  1. What is worse about this, is that people and Governments want to do the same to other planets! Simply for profit, the moon, and mars is littered with Gold, platinum and other precious metals we are running out of here on Earth. We need to learn how to live on this planet before going to another. Some might believe that the earth creates things like Pandemics to get rid of a few humans who are destroying the earth, so controlling the population of the earth in much the same way people do with wars to do the same. Just my opinion, Papa Carl
  2. We don't need to save the planet, it will survive without us. However we need to save ourselves, we can not survive without our planet. Our planet will do much better after we are long gone. Just my opinion. Papa Carl
  3. I have always said there are two things to invest in here in the Philippines. Births and Deaths. There are about 4,500 births every day, and around 2,500 deaths every day. So anything to do with babies, and anything to do with funerals or cemeteries. I hope this relates to pensions or investments. Papa Carl
  4. My view was that if I can get 500 USD a month out of the UK Government, and another 500 USD a month out of the Canadian Government and attach it to my Philippines payments for the past 10 years, then this would be an additional 1,000 USD on top of the 2,000 USD a month I earn from teaching on line. If I can work another 10 years teaching I could have saved 120,000 USD which would provide for my wife and children after I am gone. I absolutely enjoy teaching on line. I only teach adult professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, ex Presidents of a European Country, senior VP of one of the top companies in Korea etc. Some of my students I have been teaching for almost 5 years. At first they booked two or three sessions per week, once they finished my curriculum, they booked one lesson a week for maintenance as they do no live in an English speaking environment. They really want to learn and work hard at doing so, I do not like teaching young people, primarily because they usually have no desire to learn, it is their parents or relatives that want them to learn. I do not have the patience to teach them!!! Therefore I have no young students. My time is just as important to me, and their time is important to them. I work when I want, teach who I want, I teach what I want and charge as much as I want..., and I do it all from the comfort of my home. The only thing left is for me to find a nice house by the Ocean and teach from the front porch of my home.... Not a Bad life style...., kind of my idea of Utopia when I was younger. Both the UK and Canadian Governments have extended my application by just over 1 year, so I can not collect until I am 66. However once this is done, I can claim a one off payment from my Philippines pension, which would be nice. Maybe take a short holiday. I do not live like a King, but I want for very little and live in a western style built house. So many people have asked could they survive here on less than 2,000 USD per month. Well we have for the past 10 years. There are five of us, including my wife's mother who lives with us, and we live quite well, better than we would in Canada or the UK. I turn 65 this year, so just a little longer and it may all happen as planned. Papa Carl
  5. Thanks, I will make the effort to try and keep in touch here.
  6. So far I am told I can apply for CPP but not OAS unless I live in Canada for 2 years before applying and must reside in Canada for more than 6 months of the year. However who really knows for sure. I know I do not know for sure yet.
  7. I was afraid of that, but I think have decided to just take less and stay here, the costs of having a place in both countries and flying back and forth, and the school years have different start and end times in the Philippines than they do in Canada, so working out coming and going would be a nightmare. Canada, the UK and the Philippines of agreements between them to combine SSS payments (CIP, OAS) I worked 9 years in Canada, 15 years in the UK and 10 years here in the Philippines.
  8. Hi everyone, I have not been on this forum for some time and by chance was browsing through today and suddenly realized I have not updated things for some time. For those of you who remember I am one of those expats that needs to work while living here. About 5 years ago I was teaching in a local English language school here in Angeles and then moved to teaching from home online through a platform called Verbling. I am still teaching on this platform and currently teach about 35 sessions per week, which earns me about 450 to 500 USD per week. This is enough for me and I earn enough to pay my rent on a two bedroom house with garden and covered driveway for both cars. We have a smallish garden where Siobhan (9 year old girl) and Saimus (15 month old boy) can play, along with the dog and cats. My rent is 4,000 pesos a month, electric is about 2,500 pesos a month, (with one A/C in our bedroom). I have garden LCD lights that surround the house and come on when it gets dark. I have a covered back area attached to the house with a wet kitchen, and a large work and storage area. There is an 8 foot brick wall around the house with gated entrance for the car. Internet is 1,500 pesos a month, water is from our own well. Food costs are about 4,500 pesos per week, and my daughter goes to a private English teaching school. Her tuition is about 40K pesos per year and the transport about 4K pesos per month for 10 months, school uniform, books etc are another 20K per year. Life is good, we live about 3 miles outside of the city of Angeles towards Porac, so have easy access to everything if required. Generally life is good, unable to save much, but can work more each week if I want to save money for anything. Hope this helps for those of you in the same position, wondering if you can live here on what you earn. I have no other income, however at 64 years of age will hopefully also receive pensions from Canada and the UK towards the end of next year.
  9. Have done as requested, let me know if you need more specific information. Papa Carl
  10. Triple LIKE Papa Carl! Glad to see on board again. Stay for awhile, OK? My oral skills needs drastic improvement.....he, he. Hi Jake, glad you are back, and I will try to do better at checking in more regularly. I must admit as thing go bad, I tend to stay away, and the reverse appears to be true as well, when things are going well! Just need to find the balance and be more dedicated. Papa Carl
  11. How many hours are you averaging a week now? (if you don't mind saying) What would you guess a Filipina with a TESOL certificate and good enough English I actually wondered if she was western back when we first started messaging. I am averaging between 36 and 40 hours per week. My low week was 24 hours and my peak week was 52 hours. I do believe I could teach 45 to 50 hours per week, if I wanted to, but I generally try to restrict my hours per day at 10. I also take Sunday and Monday off, so do not teach any classes other than specific requests sometimes from my regular students. I know several Filipinos who speak English fluently, (with very few Filipino sounds), and they are working online teaching earning as much as I do. Others are earning less, simply because they are Filipino (and I think this is unfair), but the reason that the expats get as much money as they do is their Neutral Accent, or Accent Reduction, because they have no certificates. Papa Carl
  12. It helps tremendous, I'm sure, and I see no broken rules. I do wonder about one thing. When things got a bit tight for me I went to Qualfon and inquired if they would hire a foreigner and they said the foreigner must be less than 60 years old. That did not work for me. Do you find that other companies have similar age restrictions for new hires? Yes, many organizations within the BPO industry have age restrictions. However in regards to teaching, no, especially the online teaching, they don't seem to care how old you are so long as you are making them money. I am enjoying the teaching from home, and I have no teaching degree etc. I did teach while living in the UK and Canada, but not as a registered teacher. The freedom of working from home is amazing and I wish I had done this many years ago. I get to say good bye to my little girl every day when she goes to school and I am the first person she sees when she comes home. I tell all my students why I work from home and that my daughter is my first priority, so they are not surprised or annoyed when she comes home and gives me a hug and tells me she loves me! I get to eat lunch with her and I am here when she needs me. I charge what I want to charge, work when I want to work, teach what I want to teach, teach who I want to teach...., it is the best job I have ever had! I save money on transport, not to mention the time and traffic headaches. I have not had any problems with my age (60) from any of the organizations who have contacted me and asked if I would like to teach for them, and there have been dozens who have done this. Ironic really because I know the difficulties I had in finding work, and now I sit at home an turn it away! Papa Carl
  13. Yes, I think some use sex instead of saying sorry. Personally I prefer it that way! Papa Carl
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