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  1. I paid 90k for a Suzuki multicab and spent 27k on it to get it to my standard. I have not really had to do much maintenance since.
  2. I can curse without any reason to so that point (for me) is mute. As somebody wrote before they could have been really chitty about it and the drunk guys there probably would have gotten arrested.
  3. I was thinking about % but it os mute as covid is not over yet.
  4. Snowy your friend seems hell bent on self destruction. How many chances is he going to take?
  5. It`s a shame they don`t enforce a few more rules with such vigor driving etc.
  6. There are places for that price but I don`t think it will have aircon and probably not in the most desirable area. She should try get get a flat share with maybe 2 other girls and share the cost.
  7. He has overstayed under a year it should be ok. My friend did overstay nearly 2 years he just had to pay a fine no blacklisting. But times might have changed.
  8. Mate put up how much she has to spend then people will know what to keep an eye out for.
  9. I used to use a trike quite often and that driver had a Yamaha 175. As other people have stated 125 is too small.
  10. I just looked and it shows 65.74 good news for some of us.
  11. I want to stream some channels from the internet. Can you give me recommends for a decent one which does not cost the earth, many thanks.
  12. I just did a speedtest I am getting 8 ping 33.59 download and upload is 32.91. That is the best I have had in the phills even when I lived in Cebu city is was not that fast. I will not hold my breath.
  13. I have found that when it buffers If I shut down the PC then restart it usually sorts it out. I am PLDT same as you mate
  14. No but he will lose out in the long run. I suppose I could do nothing. Builders ( term used lightly) here usually get treated better by expats than other locals so his loss. He did a job for an expat after mine and got 30% more than a local would have paid him. He now does not get so much especially if they ask me about him.
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