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  1. Ooh get him talking all posh, just joking mate.
  2. Good for you mate it cost you a bit but better to be safe than sorry.
  3. I read Mandaue has lifted the curfew. Maybe some common sense is prevailing at last. Nah just a dream.
  4. Just to clarify that Eddie1 came up with this topic and I stole it from him.
  5. With the country finally opening up to tourists will they also lift the curfew. I cannot see many people (purely tourist) coming if they have to be home by 10 or 11 pm. By the time you come back from your daytrip have a shower and eat it may well be time to stay in your hotel. I for one would avoid this as there would be no nightlife.
  6. But what they do spend is welcome in that area of tourism, the area where mama and papa rent out a room in their house. My Belgian friend had such a place and there were a few more around Dalaguete in Cebu.
  7. I have travelled with Eva air many times in the past and if they are as good now as they were 10 years ago then there is nothing to worry about.
  8. Yes Jim I am covered on my wife`s as well. If you have been enrolled/registered before a certain date you are covered but if you start now you would have to have your own cover with Phillhealth. I have been included since 2012, it is well worth having even if you have to pay the higher rate of 17k.
  9. 17K is correct as that is what Chris pays. As for srrv I have no idea.
  10. I believe the location has changed to a place up my way.
  11. I know of a Suzuki nulticab in good nick
  12. I wouldn`t count on it mate, you could be in line at an immigration entry point here and the rules change then you would be sent back. They make rules but don`t allow for different circumstances of individual people, 1 rule 1 line no divergence.
  13. I bought a smartphone 2-3 weeks ago my oh my wish I had done it before then, banking and a few other things are so much easier now with an app. I wonder will they ever start charging for using their apps when we have no other choice but to use them in the future?
  14. I seem to remember that there was plenty of money in the pot until the government spent it. I am not sure which political party it was but I am sure that happened. I have taken steps to make sure my wife and daughter will live well if and when I die. That is the best I could do.
  15. In my case I paid in for 29 years, one year short of a full pension and at the time I could not afford to pay the extra year. I don`t collect my pension for another 5.5 years, so is it fair that if I die my wife gets no pension, even if I start colecting is it fair that she still gets nothing except a one time payout. I don`t think one glove fits all and some re-thinking by the government needs to be done, 29 years for potentially no payout mmm.
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