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  1. Time for the Monty Pythons song,spam spam spam.
  2. sonjack2847

    Brexit turmoil

    They bank for plenty of people some(allegedly) of dubious character
  3. sonjack2847

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    Must be different for Assies I only got 7 1/2 years bad luck the first time I got married.
  4. sonjack2847

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    7 years bad luck if you don`t type amen.
  5. sonjack2847

    Brexit turmoil

    Or keep voting, as they did in Ireland, until they get the vote they want.
  6. sonjack2847

    Brexit turmoil

    He got a bit of a blackeye with the vote then did a runner he started it he should have seen it through.I did hear that he is trying to get a gravy train job now.
  7. sonjack2847

    Brexit turmoil

    Yes and that is a two way street.The EU would not listen to our Prime ministers concern about certain things when we had a genuine gripe.They are a dictatorship of the worst kind.It is a gravy train for failed politicians who care nothing about the people who they are supposed to represent.Millions of pounds, Euros which cannot be accounted for have passed through and they always want more from the people in richer countries and make them as poor if not poorer than a country who has just joined.Then there is the refugee fiasco which was started by the leader of Germany then she tries to push them onto other countries. It is a very complex system of withdrawal which is not helped by any false news which is far too widespread. The UN is investigating the UK at the moment because of extreme poverty,austerity was introduced in the UK years ago and it was a political decision not a financial one just so as politicians could look good on the world stage by giving money to other countries whilst we have hundreds of foodbanks opening up in the UK. Apparently since austerity has been in the richest people in the UK have seen their fortunes/wealth double.And through all this the EU still wants more money which they cannot account for they have never published account books and probably never will.It should have been left as a trading group instead of backdoor moves to make it ruled by Brussels and the leaches there.Nothing personal JJ but there two sides to every story and I am sure other people can write their thoughts on here which are not in line with mine.
  8. sonjack2847

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    They have been brainwashed by the Catholic church and anybody who has been through system will know exactly what I mean.I was in the system for 5 years but had a hard time believing in something when I saw so much suffering around.I am afraid that practicality is not a big thing here.Enough of my preaching.
  9. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    It`s difficult to get a really accurate idea as many crimes are not reported in the media.What I can tell you is that one subdivision in Pallipinion Valencia saw 2 expats houses burgled in a couple of days.You will not stop professional criminals but you can discourage opportunists and(unfortunately) neighbours who are always watching and become tempted. Bacong seems to have a high rate but that might be because there are fewer houses so fewer eyes watching.I have some German friends who live in the hills in Valencia and they don`t even lock their doors and no incidents,but that does not mean that it will not happen. The last place I lived at for 2 1/2 years no incidents but my neighbour (a local) had his placed robbed.
  10. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    2/3 months maybe plus snagging.
  11. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    No offence taken and none deserved.
  12. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    When I have explained myself I don`t expect other people to try to put another obstacle up like, Watch out for kids with car jacks, Why don`t people ask what measures I have taken instead of seemingly trying to belittle my work.
  13. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    I call it people trying to teach their grandmothers how to suck eggs.I have been in construction since 1974 and I get a bit peed of with the negative comments from people who probably would not be allowed on a construction site in the UK.
  14. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    Best I sit in the house all day according to some people on here.
  15. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    I have seen it done this way many times.Some of my bolts have resin in so not easy just to take out.A burglar does not want to spend a long time getting in with the risk of being spotted and caught.