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  1. A job that small would be priced on how long it will take and how much the materials cost. A price per meter is useless as it is so small a job.
  2. Ranting or not I agree with this post. You told them you would be here for a short visit. They took it upon themselves to organise a meal at a restaurant. Then they made you pay by not offering to pay part. I would take them off of your friend list because there are users who abused your wallet. In the past, I have been asked by locals who would not let me pay, they asked you to go for a meal but would not pay. If I asked my family out here I would pay.
  3. Ah ok but he should have put it in the joke section, never mind I get it now.
  4. I have caught a few rats using flypaper it works really well, the more they struggle the more they get stuck.
  5. 10% sounds feasible for a casino. I have a friend who has invested in payday loans and gets 20k on 100k per month and has been doing so for years. 30% will always ring alarm bells with me.
  6. That sounds like Kapa which du30 is trying to shut down.
  7. In 2011 I got 64-65 now I get about the same to the UK pound, it has spiked a few times but has been pretty stable.
  8. Yes, Gary but I would like options to consider to see which is the best deal.
  9. Can you give me recommendations for building insurance for rental properties, who do you use? I do not want to self insure. Many thanks in advance for your replies.
  10. I paid 2100 for each fire extinguisher, 950 for each light, 2300 for the fire alarm the papers will be processed Monday and we have to attach all the receipts for the purchases. I have no idea about student accommodation which is why you should check. Better safe than sorry mate.
  11. I have banned people from touching my tools for exactly that reason. Yes, it looks untidy but I know where everything is and now we have shelves in the storage room they will be put in there.
  12. Try a lawyer most of them are notaries, there must be one by immigration.
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