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  1. sonjack2847

    Decisions Decisions?

    Yes he had your picture in his wallet.
  2. sonjack2847

    Decisions Decisions?

    That is not what they said at the rugby club.
  3. sonjack2847

    Very sick wife

    Maybe in our countries that would ring true,but here it is very family oriented,sometimes, to the point of total obedience.
  4. sonjack2847

    Decisions Decisions?

    My daughter would rather be where the first picture is.I think that would change after a very short time,I know where I would rather be.
  5. sonjack2847

    Being used

    I have never been asked for money but I have sent it.Each persons experience may be similar but are all different.When somebody is tugging with your emotions it may be hard to see a scam at first.Actually the last time I gave money for hospital treatment, for my niece, my wife told me it was too much.I suppose it is easier when you are here full time to see what is actually happening,if you are 1000s of miles away then the emotion to help becomes even stronger especially when it is somebody very close and dear to you.
  6. sonjack2847

    Online Sales to supplement income

    My friend tried it a few years ago and it turned out more trouble than it`s worth.There are many many online sellers here.
  7. sonjack2847

    Very sick wife

    Could you share your method so we can learn
  8. sonjack2847

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    Not a chance in hell as we don`t do it properly according to the better half.
  9. sonjack2847

    Building a Garden

    Yes it cost me quite a few peso at the Barangay hall.
  10. sonjack2847

    Building a Garden

    Never seen a mask for fish?where do you get them?
  11. sonjack2847

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    My wife does the laundry by hand or gets her friend to do it.We have a laundry shop 150 yards away which is 25 kilo or 35 for larger items.100 peso a week would probably be the cost for us.You have to ignore the handwash have a beer and keep your nose out haha
  12. I always found Clark to Malaysia to be the cheapest for a throwaway ticket.
  13. sonjack2847

    Home schooling

    Yes with the outcome being another unemployable person.
  14. sonjack2847

    Very sick wife

    What a crock of chit.Sounds like you stifle your wife because you cannot trust her.
  15. sonjack2847

    Very sick wife

    That is how the world works now always blame the victim.