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  1. I usually say if I need your help I will ask as I want to compare things and that is not easy when eyes are burning holes in the back of my head.
  2. I copied that so I am not sure if the figure is 5k or 500. The main point I think is that they will no longer do transfers according to the post. As for it saying 500 on the website how many times is the information we get here, online out of date .
  3. This might be of interest to some Brits BPI EUROPE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Effective 23December2019, we will no longer be providing remittance services through our Earl's Court Branch and the BPI online banking platform. Furthermore, if you wish to retain your deposit account with us, please top up your account for the new minimum amount requirement of GBP5,000.00 to be maintained to keep your account open.
  4. What you have told us about your travel plans I would say no way to buying a car. You will have 2 sat there for months on end and still paying all the costs which go with it.
  5. I went to Watsons in Dumaguete this morning and they were giving flu shots yesterday as well. They don`t know when they will do it again so I will keep on checking there.
  6. It is now before he just tried to cut corners and got caught. I also had him crawling around in the roof space putting in Ground cables. He told me it was very hot up there tough I said if you had done what I paid before you would not be here now. Some of these so called tradesmen are their own worst enemies.
  7. That would be unethical. And we don`t like Irn brew
  8. That sounds familiar was it CITI hardware?
  9. I was in a hardware store the other day and the assistant said to me maybe I should come around the back with you, she meant to help me collect my purchase.Well I along with the 2 ladies at the till started smiling and then she realised what she had said haha. I said I didn`t come here for a date but that is the best offer I`ve had in a long time.
  10. Well Ireland and Australia are going home it`s a shame but at the end of the day not every team can win.
  11. Ah yes I had the same problem. First thing in the morning I take a shower and if my wife puts the kettle on and the fridge kicked in then it would trip. I got the electrician to put the shower on a separate trip fuse and now it is fine. He had to do it FOC and that kissed him off, I told him if you did it correctly the first time you would not have to come back and I taught him a few swear words about himself.
  12. That is also about my budget when you take into account schooling for Diana
  13. And breath in all the fumes caused by traffic.
  14. I agree with you but as he is from the US he might have enough contributions to qualify for a US pension and does he have money in the 401 scheme. This will give him extra cash in about 22 years time. I personally think he can do it as long as he sticks to his budget which as we all know is very hard to do.
  15. The best thing to do is come here and look as that way you can see the area the property is in.Some of the ads online are years old. Boots on the ground mate also look closer to the time you want to come as things change here and they don`t take the ads down.
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