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  1. I just checked with my friend and it was the pneumonia shot we had, sorry for the mis-information guys.The shot I had is 5 years and was just under 1k at watsons. So now maybe I will get a flu shot as well my daughter is also going to get a flu shot but that is at the doctors and is 3k.
  2. Watsons,actually I think it was the Pneumonia I had without the flu or it could have been the other way round.
  3. They don`t let me sit at their table I am 2 tables away.
  4. I have not drank that for a while now as it`s too heavy still like it though.
  5. Here is a picture of yesterdays meet for all of you.
  6. I paid just under 1k but that is a 5 year shot they also do Pneumonia.
  7. If they are doing it in your area you can pre pay and then they will have your shot when the time comes plus you get a discount and can be seen by a doc almost straight away. It took me 10 minutes when I had mine as I had already paid.
  8. Watsons pharmacy do a lot of different shots here at certain times maybe they do them in your area as well. I would go in one and ask maybe you can get the information you want.
  9. Put your recipe on here so we can try it.
  10. This month`s topic of conversation is "do you want a puppy"
  11. I remember those days when I had globe.2 1/2 years I was telling them there was something wrong, basically they told me I was mad, 2 weeks before we moved they changed the line as it had too many splices. So when we moved we opted for PLDT instead and that hiccup we had has been the only problem.
  12. I was reading about this on Saturday and it was mentioned in the article that they may have been kidnapped because of a grudge.
  13. I check my speed each day and I am getting around 4 ping 27 down and 27 up so happy camper here.
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