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  1. I believe san mig pilsen is better icy cold,I believe that cheese on toast is better with onions, not sure if I believe a doctor who thinks that some people are half alien.
  2. To answer you and Old55. It is called fermented but it actually is salt water. Haha not like beer. I have had some sprouts from Germany done the same way and it makes the taste stronger in fact so much so that instead of the 8 or 10 I used to eat in the UK I only need 3 or 4 here.
  3. I like mashed Swede with a little butter and roasted parsnips with my roast dinner. Of course I have mint sauce also. Yeh i would have eaten you share of the veg mate.
  4. Every couple of months my friend in the UK sends me and another member a BB box. This time I asked him to do some fermented swede and parsnip. If it fails then it is only a few pennies. I have not had Parsnip or swede for 9 years and am looking forward to it. I have now decided to try to do some of the local veg like broccoli and cauliflower. Does anybody else ferment vegetables, do you have any tips.
  5. My experience with different BI offices tells me that they make their own interpretations of how things are done. It is better if he goes to a BI near him or get an agent to do it. If you go ahead with the 13a make sure you have a valid visa or pay a fine. Good luck.
  6. I bought 6 ceiling fans from Lazada, they also have lights, they cost 1800 pesos ish each and after 1 .5 years they are still working. I looked locally and figured that even if 2 out of the 6 work I will not have lost money. They send enough air out to decrease the temp. At the end of the day a floor fan is far superior. It seems that they have gone up in price
  7. Citi hardware sells them so not hard to find here. I have them at my place.
  8. 1 of my tenants has had the same problem his was really bad but everyone else was getting a good signal with an upload speed of 15-30 mbps. I told him it was his equipment and he poo pood it. Then ha found he had a download which was slowing his computer, he took that off and hey presto it was all good again. Perhaps he will stop winging now.
  9. Contact them on their FB page that usually works for me.
  10. When I did the address change on my 13a I was 6 weeks at the new address and I also got a fine.As you say just suck it up as confrontation with any government office here will get you nowhere.
  11. I usually say if I need your help I will ask as I want to compare things and that is not easy when eyes are burning holes in the back of my head.
  12. I copied that so I am not sure if the figure is 5k or 500. The main point I think is that they will no longer do transfers according to the post. As for it saying 500 on the website how many times is the information we get here, online out of date .
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