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  1. Another thing when buying property, if you use an agent the price can go up by 1/3 around here so be ready to negotiate as the seller or agent might drop the price.
  2. We looked at a few new build properties to rent out and found the same thing, the internal finish was very basic and would take quite a bit of time and money to finish. Some things, roof vents etc, you might want to install would be done as a basic install in the UK but here an optional extra.
  3. Well that makes all the sellers around here delusional then. Prices have been stable/ rising here since the pandemic started. You might get lucky and buy some land which the owner has to have fast cash.
  4. Lets hope it does open up then all the couples/families which are apart can get together. Also it will help many parts of the economy which are in need of income.
  5. I took the Sinovac as I have no plans to travel outside of the Philippines.
  6. I answered you on FB here is what I put and they took it down as offensive. I had sinovac I don`t see what the problem is grasshopper.
  7. I watched Captain pugwash as a kid, seaman stains, Roger the cabin boy. Yeh pull the other one Clermont.
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