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  1. I read on Wikipedia that people who live in a state of confusion are a little slow on the up take so that could explain that. Post has been sanitised and I am wearing full body suit with a built in air purifier.
  2. The people I know who went through it said the PRA are very helpful.
  3. Yes there was a story that in a Cebu ( I think it was there) hospital all the ICU beds were taken and people were queing outside to get in, it showed a photo of a long queue outside the hospital. It was later explained that there were only 2 beds taken and the queue was people waiting for there test results who were not allowed to leave until they got the results. Now maybe even that was fake news. The media has a lot to answer for I hope some body takes them to task but that might be too close to taking away freedom of the press.
  4. Well most of the tested are workers so they would have been vaccinated, so it kind of makes sense that most of the cases are found in vaccinated people.
  5. The point is that it was near impossible even for the locals to get an annulment even if they had split up for 20 years. As long as they put a cap on the price I see less problems than complications.
  6. If you two get to gether drinking in Cebu city then I suggest we set up a go fund me post for Bail money.
  7. That would take not 1 but more like 100 years.
  8. Yes we did escape the worst of it we just had lots of trees down which caused the power outage. Up the coast both ways from here thay did no fare so well. Southern Cebu has been hit very badly tremendous amount of damage in Dalaguete. We wanted to send money to my in laws but cannot as nothing is working. I don`t do it very often but this time I will count my blessings. This is in Babayungen my wife`s hometown in Dalagutete, I think it`s the barangay hall. Poor farmers live up there and could do without this added hardship as a lot of other people could.
  9. I remember reading a story not so long ago that some of the senators here are saying that a foreign company should be allowed to fully own a company as opposed the the current situation where they can only own ( I think) 40%. If they were alowed to own it would encourage investment and create more meaningful employment, which would be good for the economy here. I saw Thailand allow this and in 20 years their economy improved greatly.
  10. I guess it`s hard to get too excited about a 6 month contract and low wages.
  11. Yes well you`re the one with short arms and deep pockets, when is the last time you shared your Calimansi.
  12. She just shows her flowers rarely does she post any wealthy items.
  13. My wife does not realise that when she posts pictures of the garden on FB she is showing what she has. Her cousin got jealous and gave her a hard time on FB about the pictures in her big house, my wife told her to pass off, her cousin sent a message that she never posts pictures of her hushand, my wife replied that`s because he is never here he is always out with other women. Very unlike my wife to say anything like that. I told her cousin that she never posts pictures of me as I am always naked that shut her up.
  14. Also as you know watch out when the carnival is about.
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