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  1. He gets offended by everything take no notice. I think it is a genuine question from somebody who wants to learn.
  2. I ordered this product but after several false delivery claims I decided not to buy it. I was fed up with the false information from PLDT. They are now charging me for cancelling even though they never had stock of the mesh system. I am not the only person who this has happened to.You cannot get the billing department to answer any questions. The other person went to their office waited 5 hours and got nowhere with them.Try to phone and it just keeps you on hold,email well I don`t think the employees can read as they don`t answer. I bought an ASUS router-repeater which was 15-1700 pesos and th
  3. Clear silicone will sort this problem.Apply a little at a time along the joints and when it sets put another line on until you can seal the gap, then you have little or no mess.
  4. They make more noise making these rules than enforcing them.
  5. When I read this post a few weeks ago I was skeptical about the price quoted. Having been out and (now) about I see that this price is under-quoted for what is available. Wow for what I had ten + years ago in the UK which cost me 400 quid is now 2k quid here. OK PH we can do online schooling yeh right.
  6. The water would have to be heated to something like 55c to kill any harmful bacteria so that would be too hot for a shower,then he would have to buy a mixer shower and have hot and cold feed.
  7. You should ask members on here who live in Cebu city if they would get you some and send via courier.
  8. There are a few things to consider 1, cost 2,availability of spare parts. It is probably easier to get parts for the bigger pump than the shower units. 3, installation,which is easier to install. 4, How much space do you have one against the other. If outside space is limited the go for the booster water heaters. As for where you can get these things it will probably be nearer a bigger town/city unless a local supplier can order it for you.
  9. I get all I need at home I don`t need my other ear chewed off each day as well. LOL
  10. Firstly ( if feasible) I would put a separate supply to the rentals. If you go for pressurized just remember that the plumbing pipework has to be able to withstand the pressure. Alternatively you can install separate gravity fed tanks to the rentals which would have to have the water outlet ( I think) 3 meters or 10 feet above the highest outlet. Depending on what make ,model of water heater, shower unit you buy will depend on manufacturers recommendation for installation. Hope this helps.
  11. I see no problem as long as all parties involved are honest.
  12. A few on Lazada form 549 peso upwards plus postage of course.
  13. 3 quotes seems reasonable to me but I will add that you have to ask how many roofs they have done before and could you see some of their work and talk to the ex customer. The reason I say this is that a lot of people here are chancers and will say they can do a job when they have no real experience. Either that or go to a company who do the complete package and keep some of the money until 1 month after installation. Good luck mate.
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