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  1. Sometimes as with most things here it would be easier to tell you when they are working or what is available.
  2. I brought a set of chef`s carving knives from the UK with no problems at either end.
  3. I am always thinking a head.
  4. Sandwich days are on of their favourites.We were told Tuesday and Wednesday are holidays so Monday,being after Sunday is a sandwich day so we (the school)will be closed.
  5. As this is about holidays I thought I would add this
  6. sonjack2847

    So She Said Yes!!

    Nobody who is sane would say that @hk blues
  7. sonjack2847

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    I wanted to leave the UK for many years..I went back to the uk,after being away for less than 6 months,and it felt like I didn`t fit in.The Philippines is my comfort zone
  8. sonjack2847

    So She Said Yes!!

    Have you told her that you are a Tottenham fan yet? That might change things.Haha.
  9. sonjack2847

    Forieners targeted in San Carlos City

    Maybe something which stands that much is too much hassle to get rid of or they just did not know what they were looking at.
  10. sonjack2847

    So She Said Yes!!

    Good for you mate.Congratulations.
  11. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    That`s it mate delegate haha
  12. I don`t remember this advice ever not being given,the last time I visited my wife`s family I was told by the embassy warden that I should not have gone.They live in Babayungen which is in the hills of Dalaguete.I doubt any of these people giving advice have ever even been here.
  13. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    Yes that is one way to reduce costs if you get good discounts.I had and don`t have any desire to start working in construction again so I let the agent do the logistics.Having said that each to their own and one size cap does not fit all.
  14. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    One problem I did come across is that the temperature in the shower was scolding hot even when I cut the power.I found that the water coming into the house was red hot.This was before the main water pipe was buried it was part done but not all the way,now the shower works as it should.
  15. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    @bastonjockIt may be more in the hills as the transport costs may be higher and workers have to travel further.