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  1. I have been here 8 years and the only regret I have is that I was laid off from work and not able to save for 2 more years apart from that no regrets.
  2. What amazes me is the people on MBs who drive stupidly with young kids on board. Don`t they even think of the safety of their children, seems not but they would be the first to crucify an expat who got into an accident with them even though it was their own fault.
  3. I would not get one if it is not needed because if you lose it then it is a hassle to get it replaced.
  4. I rented my place to people in the UK and it worked but was not easy, all the rules favour the renters and not the landlord. In the end I sold as it had become not cost efficient in that they were breaking things and I was not there to say it was their fault and make them pay.
  5. Somebody on here said they paid paypal and he had no refund when he didn`t receive the goods. I have just come across this on FB so this is one to watch out for. We have had a report of crime where a victim has bought items from an online buying and selling page and made payment through PayPal. As the victim had been in regular friendly contact with the suspect, when they were asked to tick the ‘friends and family’ box on PayPal (to avoid fees for the vendor) they didn’t hesitate to do so. In doing this the seller was telling PayPal that they trusted the vendor. When the items purchased did not appear the vendor also disappeared. They contacted PayPal who said that they were not covered as they had ticked this box. Always click the Paying for an item or service button unless you really do know and trust the person you are buying from as PayPal will not reimburse you. This notice was issued by Whiltshire police.
  6. I cannot compare the UK as I have not been there in a long time, I rarely read uk news.
  7. Selfishness is what I find drives a lot of the people here it`s all about me. But the 2 in the original post by JP should have known better.
  8. I had the same experience when my card got blocked I had to go to the branch where the card was issued. Apart from that very happy with PNB.
  9. I have heard other people talking who have had this said to them and they continued staying here with no problem.
  10. Manners are lacking with most people here, it`s all about the self and stuff everybody else.
  11. I just had a text message that they will be delivered today, so that email must have been a blanket one sent to all customers regardless. Oh well softer walking from now on for my tired feet.
  12. I would go and see the mayor and if that does not work then I would call 8888 and report it to the DU30 hotline. This is what I have heard a lot of people do when they get no answers from local government utilities. Another alternative is the utilities commission or DTI.
  13. Yes AK that`s what I thought but they say the liners are dangerous. Just saw on the news that flights have resumed from Hong Kong.
  14. The bad thing about it was that they were only paid 100 pesos per day anyway.
  15. I ordered some shoe liners/foot pads from Lazada and now the delivery date has been changed. Please be advised that some of your item(s) under Order No. has been reshipped due to airline restrictions. Orders of high capacity powered items (i.e. battery bank) and items with liquid content (i.e. perfume, ink cartridges) will be shipped via sea. In line with this, the estimated delivery lead time of the item/s may be adjusted. Please allow our logistic partner to deliver your order within additional 15 days on top of the maximum delivery time. Watch out for them shoe liners they must be dangerous, must be odour eaters.
  16. There was a bar in Dalaguete where the owners kept 100% of the tips. So we started giving the servers it ourselves.
  17. Well they didn`t listen as they still drive like fools. The people who will be most adverse to the changes are probably the poorer ones up the mountain.
  18. I think when this happens they will have to up their game, sadly I doubt it. REAKING: Duterte signs service charge bill By: Neil Arwin Mercado - Reporter / @NAMercadoINQ INQUIRER.net / 05:47 PM August 13, 2019 MANILA, Philippines —President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a bill that would allow workers in hotels, restaurants and other related establishments to receive 100 percent of the service charge collected from customers Under Republic Act No. 11360, which was signed August 7, all rank-and-file and supervisory employees should receive 100 percent of the service charge collected. ADVERTISEMENT The law amends the Article 96 of the Labor Code of the Philippines, which states that the employees are only entitled to 85 percent of the service charge in hotels, restaurants and similar establishments. READ: Bicam panel OKs giving 100 percent service tip to workers Those who are classified as managers or those “who lay down and execute management policies or to effectively recommend such managerial actions” are not included among those who will receive share in the service charge. Senator Joel Villanueva, who chairs the Senate committee on labor, said that with the signing of the law, the government put an end to the 40-year struggle of hospitality workers. “Sa wakas, natapos na rin po natin ang laban ng ating mga manggagawa sa services sector na matagal nang hinihiling ang buong pagbabahagi ng service charge sa mga nagbibigay ng serbisyo sa mga restaurant, hotel, at mga katulad na establisyimento,” Villanueva said in a statement. Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1153397/breaking-duterte-signs-service-charge-bill#ixzz5wX21Pq7P Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook
  19. And face the wrath of an irate Filipino lady, No thanks. Scott you are own your own.
  20. I have just come across this. MANILA, Philippines — Despite concerns over the increasing number of Chinese nationals in the Philippines, the government does not see any reason to scrap the visa-upon-arrival (VUA) privilege granted to them, but eyes to tighten the process of its issuance instead. A Malacañang source told The STAR that government agencies that deal with the activities of foreigners in the country have agreed to tighten the VUA privilege to Chinese tourists instead of scrapping it. The source said the Department of Justice (DOJ), through the Bureau of Immigration (BI), is crafting guidelines for tightening the process of VUA issuance. “We’ve decided to tighten the process instead of scrapping it so that the people will feel safe (amid the influx of Chinese visitors),” the source said. Calls for the scrapping of the VUA privilege have gained ground in the wake of National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr.’s raising concerns over security issues spawned by the rising number of Chinese nationals in the Philippines. Reacting to Esperon’s statement, Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. tweeted that the visas granted to Chinese travelers should undergo vetting process by consular offices. BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval said they are awaiting further instructions from the DOJ. She said BI “will readily implement should there be any changes in procedures.” The VUA privilege for Chinese started in 2017 after then Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Teo asked the DOJ – then headed by Vitaliano Aguirre II – to accord Chinese nationals special privilege. In a related development, tourism chief Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said VUA is not a big factor in the influx of Chinese nationals in the Philippines. Puyat said that only 91,261 Chinese tourists were granted VUA privilege in 2018, or only nine percent of the total 1,023,824 Chinese who received their visas from DFA consular offices in China. She also said that only 55,739 Chinese tourists have availed of VUA privilege from January to July 2019. Puyat explained that the process of VUA issuance does not begin in the Philippines. She said VUA is only granted to Chinese tourists who passed the screening process of DOT-accredited tour operators in China and to the vetting process of the BI, in a process that usually lasted for 10 days. “Pupunta sila sa accredited tour operators tapos titignan ng BI yung records nila, ibabalik ng immigration ang kanilang documents kung may problemang nakita at hindi mabibigyan ng VUA (They go to accredited tour operators and the BI will check their records. The immigration will return their documents if a problem is spotted, and they’ll not be issued VUA),” Puyat said. Read more at https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2019/08/11/1942349/visa-arrival-policy-stays-rules-be-tightened?fbclid=IwAR01ngSSFNXERSzr8z3-kIrFKVARtugScCxO7MAGRMpaKA1v0k3ND9e2J20#lDdh1kiHrrbqdVRe.99
  21. Yep no t bags or brown sauce for you matey.
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