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  1. There is a joke going around at the moment which is very apt for this kind of situation whereas when you get a snotty customer near you ask them where something is and when they say they don`t know you say Oh sorry I thought you worked here, that would take the wind out of there sails.
  2. I try to contact the hotel directly which is not always easy. I have found that using booking sites, although very easy to do most times, does cost a considerable amount extra. As an example we paid nearly 1250 pesos per night to an agent/booking site recently when the booking site quoted 998, I have found that they always have add ons which you don`t see until you go to pay by which time you are becoming anxious.
  3. Yes how quickly they forget their roots. There is a Woman here who spent many years in Germany and she is always saying I got this blouse in Hawaii etc. She has an air of superiority about her which she should not have as her German husband is 70 years old and he is still working. I wonder if any of the super-rich people have ever eaten Baked beans on toast or maybe poached eggs or cheese oh well their loss.
  4. It takes a long time t get them used to the fact that this is not your last meal and we have money for more food. It`s the same when going shopping it has taken me years to get my wife to buy for food a month even now her instincts cut in and she only buys for a few days until I say I aint going shopping again for a can of sardines(example) so get what you need. Don`t forget there years of going without that they remember. Oh and @ Steve Wool if her shorts are shrinking obviously you are using the wrong washing powder get it sorted.
  5. Maybe that is pre school classes you should have got lynn to take her name and report her.
  6. Does it say block by address as that is how I block numbers from nuisance calls you know like when you are in the pub and your partner calls and says when are you coming home.
  7. I have an old model phone and I can block numbers.
  8. Liquid or are your habits changing?
  9. An SM Mall is being built around the corner in the near future and 25 minutes from a city so I think it should be ok but only time will tell. Good advice though Snowy.
  10. Not sure if it was the same program Steve but I saw something like that and came to the same conclusion as you. To a certain extent, I think kids should be allowed to be kids and play with their friends.
  11. I think that is true anywhere and not just in the water. A person got fined 400pounds in the UK for illegally dumping rubbish they saved money by doing this as to dump it legally would have cost around 600 pounds. In reality, the law encourages illegal dumping by giving out small fines no matter where you are. As for the trash here look at the money that should tell you who is at fault.
  12. Having done this as a long distance LL in the past I would say that one thing you have to be certain of is that the agent you get to manage it is honest and reliable. I paid way over the top for maintenance when I rented out my house in the UK. Also, the agent has to make sure that there is no damage left by the tenants who are leaving as they missed quite a bit of this as well. If you can get these two things sorted then you have a chance of making money. I have told my wife that we should also buy some more rentable properties here so as they have plenty when I pop my clogs. Good luck Paul I hope it works for you.
  13. My wife told me she wanted to visit Apolong, well the first thing we had to do is ask where it was. We got quite near the place and asked again and were guided by a local for a fee. After climbing the side of a steep hill we made to the place which has a small restaurant where we bought a coke as we needed it after that climb. The place reminds me of Tops in Cebu. It has a very good view of the city of Dumaguete. The drive is very steep so if you visit make sure your car is up to it as my engine was smoking when we parked.
  14. I would call it sexual exploitation of a minor,
  15. My two fill a bucket with water from the shower heater and then use the tabo.
  16. Part pooper you have to embrace the culture don`t you know!
  17. There were lots of people there but it was not overwhelming, we only had an hour there as it was the end of the day but I would go and spend more time there if we go again next time I will have swimwear. My friend and I decided it was the best beach we had ever been on except for 2 small islands I have been to in Greece.
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