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  1. They have cross dressers I mean walking machines in Hypermart 8k.
  2. You should check if you need a vets certificate. My friend ships rabbits all over the Phills and he has to get one for each animal.
  3. Personally, I would take my time and get to know the lady as well as you can. There are many success stories but there also many which didn`t work out. I would also read Big Macs thread on here as that will give you some insight into what can happen in some circumstances. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. OK but here in Dumaguete, I know 2 people who bought vehicles in Mindanao and have to get there each year to register Maybe it is just a Mindanao thing.
  5. They are having a debate in all the parliaments around the world and the vote has been passed You either like rugby union or you are wrong. OK so make your adjustments now or get left out.
  6. A Suzuki is easy to find parts for. If you buy any vehicle be aware that they can only be re-registered in the region that they were first registered in and if you buy one in another region other than where you live each year you will have to go back there or get someone to go back and register it for you.
  7. Rugby league should only be played by women.
  8. I think it will take a little longer, maybe we just have to be patient as they may be on their way.
  9. It would probably get bigger. Apparently, they have not upgraded the system since the 80s even with the significant rise in population.
  10. I have spoken to quite a few German and Dutch expats here and they have all said that they do not like the EU as it is now. They also say that if they had a referendum they would vote leave. One German asked me why the UK does not take more refugees and I told him we have enough and after all, it was your chancellor who invited them.
  11. Just squeezed through then. Just for your information, I found this For anyone who wasn't aware, the first Filipino-Brit has been selected for the England squad to play Scotland today in the final round of the 6 Nations. Marcus Smith (20)
  12. There is a good aircon gym opposite the bell tower in town. Robinson's hardware has reasonably priced exercise machines.
  13. How did England women do ?
  14. You sure you have the right day and group?
  15. The government stops more than enough taxes over your lifetime in the UK to pay for healthcare without getting you to spend all your money first.
  16. The bunch from yesterday and no snowflakes. As per usual a nice afternoon.
  17. His hat was tailor-made Mick
  18. I use powdered egg shells to get rid of the white spot on the plants it works very well. Just crush them as small as possible and sprinkle on the soil it will wash in and get rid of the white spot.
  19. @ jimeve I have been using the device for a week now and yes it does work on the next doors dogs who are the most problem. I will move the location next week so they don`t get used to where the sound comes from and avoid that area.
  20. I must be a racist because I don`t like some brown people and after what my friends who have visited here have told me I would have voted leave. The brown people I don`t like are 1, The pedophile rape gangs. 2, The ones who bombed Manchester arena or drove into crowds at Westminster bridge. 3, The ones who are killing people all over the UK. Now, this here is where the problem is because I don`t like white people who do these things either. To label people as racist just because you did not get your own way is very wrong.
  21. Hourly rates already went down in the construction industry with the influx of cheap east European labour
  22. When I get seeds from the UK I put them in the ref for a few months. It is quite cool here where I live and I am having differing results. I keep all the seedlings out of the sun. Local seeds are just as hit and miss.
  23. Yes very sad. I read that they have 3 men in custody I hope(if they are guilty) that they suffer for a very long time in prison.
  24. On a 13a we have to report 1 time per year and it takes less than an hour so I hardly call that difficult. You mentioned that your wife had leave to stay in the UK and she did not have to do anything else. That is not retirement she came as your wife. Here you can do the same thing and become a Philippino citizen but you would have to renounce your UK citizenship. I would not recommend that.
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